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[ dik-shuh-ner-eeuhv neymz ]

/ ˈdɪk ʃəˌnɛr i əv ˈneɪmz /

This shows grade level based on the word's complexity.


a dictionary of given names that indicates whether a name is usually associated with masculine or feminine gender identity, or whether it is common across genders, and that often includes origins as well as meanings; for example, as by indicating that Evangeline, a name usually given to girls, meaning “good news,” comes from Greek. Used primarily as an aid in selecting a name for a baby, dictionaries of names may also include lists of famous people who have shared a name and information about its current popularity ranking.



We could talk until we're blue in the face about this quiz on words for the color "blue," but we think you should take the quiz and find out if you're a whiz at these colorful terms.

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Which of the following words describes “sky blue”?

Also called names dic·tion·ar·y .

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dictionary and thesaurus, dictionary attack, dictionary catalog, dictionary catalogue,, dictionary of names, Dictograph, dictum, dicty, Dictynna, dictyoma Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

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  • Yazbek says no one takes names, and no one checks for weapons or other contraband.

    Ghost Ships of the Mediterranean|Barbie Latza Nadeau|January 6, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • “Metaphors have always been the best way of explaining things,” Senhor José says in All the Names.

    The Lost Novel of Nobel-Winner José Saramago|Charles Shafaieh|January 5, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • When he was first incarcerated, he says some sort of paperwork snafu had him imprisoned under two different, but similar, names.

    His First Day Out Of Jail After 40 Years: Adjusting To Life Outside|Justin Rohrlich|January 3, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • The region is marketed for visitors as “Aryan Valley,” and many citizens have taken to tacking on “Aryan” to their last names.

    The Himalayas’ Hidden Aryans|Nina Strochlic|January 3, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • The Dallas Cowboys sell out their state-of-the art football stadium.

    Will Texas Stay Texan?|David Fontana|December 29, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • He prepared a glossary of provincial and archological words, intended for a supplement to Johnson's Dictionary.

    The Every Day Book of History and Chronology|Joel Munsell

  • Some were even re-arrested for the same nefarious purpose, and the daily papers published their names on each occasion.

    The Philippine Islands|John Foreman

  • With some difficulty Jos explained his mother's disclaimer of the title of Senora, and the choice of names she offered to Ramona.

    Ramona|Helen Hunt Jackson

  • But he is as insolent as you could wish, and has a superb confidence in himself that his enemies call by the most offensive names.

    Ancestors|Gertrude Atherton

  • Who has patience for the recapitulation of a string of names, when a group of faces may be placed simultaneously before him?

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCXXXIX. January, 1844. Vol. LV.|Various


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This shows grade level based on the word's complexity.

This shows grade level based on the word's complexity.


a word or a combination of words by which a person, place, or thing, a body or class, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known.

mere designation, as distinguished from fact: He was a king in name only.

an appellation, title, or epithet, applied descriptively, in honor, abuse, etc.

a reputation of a particular kind given by common opinion: to protect one's good name.

a distinguished, famous, or great reputation; fame: to make a name for oneself.

a widely known or famous person; celebrity: She's a name in show business.

an unpleasant or derogatory appellation or expression: Don't call your brother names! Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

a personal or family name as exercising influence or bringing distinction: With that name they can get a loan at any bank in town.

a body of persons grouped under one name, as a family or clan.

the verbal or other symbolic representation of a thing, event, property, relation, or concept.

(initial capital letter) a symbol or vehicle of divinity: to take the Name in vain; the power of the Name.

verb (used with object),named,nam·ing.

to give a name to: to name a baby.

to accuse: He was named as the thief.

to call by an epithet: They named her speedy.

to identify, specify, or mention by name: Three persons were named in the report.

to designate for some duty or office; nominate or appoint: I have named you for the position.

to specify; suggest: Name a price.

to give the name of: Can you name the capital of Ohio?

to speak of.

British. (in the House of Commons) to cite (a member) for contempt.


famous; widely known: a name author.

designed for or carrying a name.

giving its name or title to a collection or anthology containing it: the name piece.


Why Are Our Names So Important?

In the classic Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, Romeo questioned, “What’s in a name?” Good question: Why are names so important to us?




We could talk until we're blue in the face about this quiz on words for the color "blue," but we think you should take the quiz and find out if you're a whiz at these colorful terms.

Question 1 of 8

Which of the following words describes “sky blue”?

Idioms about name

    by name,
    1. personally; individually: She was always careful to address every employee by name.
    2. not personally; by repute: I know him by name only.

    call names, to scold or speak abusively of or to a person: Better not to call names unless one is larger and considerably stronger than one's adversary.

    in the name of,
    1. with appeal to: In the name of mercy, stop that screaming!
    2. by the authority of: Open, in the name of the law!
    3. on behalf of: to purchase something in the name of another.
    4. under the name or possession of: money deposited in the name of a son.
    5. under the designation or excuse of: murder in the name of justice.

    name names, to specify people by name, especially those who have been accomplices in a misdeed: The witness in the bribery investigation threatened to name names.

    to one's name, in one's possession: I haven't a penny to my name.

Origin of name

First recorded before 900; Middle English; Old English nama; cognate with German Name, Gothic namô; akin to Old Norse nafn, Latin nōmen, Greek ónoma, Old Irish ainm, Polish imię, Czech jméno

synonym study for name

1. Name,title both refer to the label by which a person is known. Name is the simpler and more general word for appellation: The name is John. A title is an official or honorary term bestowed on a person or the specific designation of a book, article, etc.: He now has the title of Doctor.Treasure Island is the title of a book.


namer,nounre·name,verb (used with object),re·named,re·nam·ing.self-named,adjectiveun·der·name,noun


Words nearby name

namas kar, namaste, namaycush, namby-pamby, Nam Co, name, nameable, name after, nameboard, name-brand, name-caller Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Words related to name

term, brand, style, label, flag, signature, sign, nickname, note, reputation, character, star, personality, call, dub, identify, designate, appoint, elect, nominate

How to use name in a sentence

  • What they believe impacts economic policy, foreign policy, education policy, environmental policy, you name it.

    The Evangelical Apocalypse Is All Your Fault|Jay Michaelson|January 4, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • In pursuing his alchemical researches, he discovered Prussian blue, and the animal oil which bears his name.

    The Every Day Book of History and Chronology|Joel Munsell

  • Elyon is the name of an ancient Phœnician god, slain by his son El, no doubt the “first-born of death” in Job xviii.

    Solomon and Solomonic Literature|Moncure Daniel Conway

  • "It is ill-fated;" and Alessandro blamed himself for having forgotten her only association with the name.

    Ramona|Helen Hunt Jackson

  • "Garnache," came the other's crisp, metallic voice, and the name had a sound as of an oath on his lips.

    St. Martin's Summer|Rafael Sabatini

  • Children, and the building of a city shall establish a name, but a blameless wife shall be counted above them both.

    The Bible, Douay-Rheims Version|Various

British Dictionary definitions for name


a word or term by which a person or thing is commonly and distinctively knownRelated adjective: nominal

mere outward appearance or form as opposed to fact (esp in the phrase in name)he was a ruler in name only

a word, title, or phrase descriptive of character, usually abusive or derogatoryto call a person names

reputation, esp, if unspecified, good reputationhe's made quite a name for himself

  1. a famous person or thinga name in the advertising world
  2. mainlyUS and Canadian(as modifier)a name product

a member of Lloyd's who provides part of the capital of a syndicate and shares in its profits or losses but does not arrange its business

in the name oforunder the name ofusing as a name

in the name of
  1. for the sake of
  2. by the sanction or authority of

know by nameto have heard of without having met

name of the game
  1. anything that is essential, significant, or important
  2. expected or normal conditions, circumstances, etcin gambling, losing money's the name of the game

to one's namebelonging to oneI haven't a penny to my name


to give a name to; call by a nameshe named the child Edward

to refer to by name; citehe named three French poets

to determine, fix, or specifythey have named a date for the meeting

to appoint to or cite for a particular title, honour, or duty; nominatehe was named Journalist of the Year

to ban (an MP) from the House of Commons by mentioning him formally by name as being guilty of disorderly conduct

name and shameto reveal the identity of a person or organization guilty of illegal or unacceptable behaviour in order to embarrass them into not repeating the offence

name namesto cite people, esp in order to blame or accuse them

name the dayto choose the day for one's wedding

you name itwhatever you need, mention, etc

Derived forms of name

namableornameable, adjective

Word Origin for name

Old English nama, related to Latin nomen, Greek noma, Old High German namo, German Namen

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Other Idioms and Phrases with name

In addition to the idioms beginning with name

  • name after
  • name is mud, one's
  • name names
  • name of the game, the
  • name the day

also see:

  • call names
  • clear one's name
  • drop names
  • give a bad name
  • go by (the name of)
  • handle to one's name
  • in name only
  • in the name of
  • make a name for oneself
  • on a first-name basis
  • take someone's name in vain
  • to one's name
  • worthy of the name
  • you name it

The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.


A Dictionary of First Names (2 ed.)  

Over 6,000 names

‘I have returned to this dictionary again and again for sheer pleasure?’Financial Times

We all have a first name, but how many of us really know its origin and history? This dictionary covers over 6,000 names in common use in English, including the traditional and the very newest. It tells you the age, origin, and meaning of the name, as well as how it has fared in terms of popularity, and who the famous fictional or historical bearers of the name have been. It covers alternative spellings, short forms and pet forms, masculine and feminine forms, as well as help with pronunciation.

Bibliographic Information

Oxford University Press
Print Publication Date:
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Published online:
Current Online Version:

Dictionary name online meaning

\ ˈnāmHow to pronounce name (audio)\

1: a word or phrase that refers to or that can refer to a specific person"What's his (first) name?" "His name is Jacob."I took my husband's (last) name when we got married.See More ExamplesPlease write/sign your name on this line.State your name and occupation.I refused to give/tell them my name.She has one of the most famous names [=she is one of the most famous people] in show business.Can you give me the name of a good dentist? [=do you know a good dentist that I could use?]Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Clemens.She registered at the hotel under/using a false/assumed name.Samuel Clemens wrote under the name (of) Mark Twain.My full name is Susan Elaine Smith.Her name is Susan, but she goes by the name (of) Sue. [=people call her Sue]Do you know a man by the name of [=do you know a man named] James Smith?She now owns several restaurants that bear her name. [=that are named after her]Can I put your name down for a donation? [=can I write down your name on the list of people who are giving a donation?; would you like to make a donation?]Hide

2: a word or phrase that refers to a specific place or thingWe had to memorize the names of all the countries in Africa."What's your dog's name?" "His name is Sandy."See More ExamplesWhat was the name [=title] of that movie we saw last night?This is his song "Loving You" from the album of the same name.The ship's name was "Titanic."The band takes/gets its name from [=it is named after] its hometown.The company gives/lends its name to one of the biggest golf tournaments in the country. [=the golf tournament is named after the company]Hide

3: a word or phrase that refers to a type or group of thingsPsychologists have a name for this kind of behavior.Is there a name for the part of the leg behind the knee?See More ExamplesThe cougar is also known by the names "puma" and "mountain lion."The plant's botanical/scientific name is Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, but we know it by its common name "daisy."True to their name, killer bees have been known to kill people. = As their name implies/suggests, killer bees really do kill. = Killer bees really live up to their name. = Killer bees are known to kill people, hence the name.Hide

1a: a word or phrase that constitutes the distinctive designation of a person or thingThe boy's name is Brad.

b: a word or symbol used in logic to designate an entity

2: a descriptive often disparaging epithetcalled him names

3a: reputationgave the town a bad name

b: an illustrious record : famemade a name for himself in golf

c: a person or thing with a reputationone of the most detested names in history

5: appearance as opposed to realitya friend in name only

6: one referred to by a namepraise his holy name

in the name of

1: by authority ofopen in the name of the law

2: for the reason of : using the excuse ofcalled for reforms in the name of progress

transitive verb

1: to give a name to : call

2a: to mention or identify by namerefused to name a suspect

b: to accuse by name

3: to nominate for office : appoint

4: to decide on : choosename the day of the wedding

5: to mention explicitly : specifyunwilling to name a price

1: of, relating to, or bearing a namename tags

2: appearing in the name of a literary or theatrical production

3a: having an established reputation

b: featuring celebrities

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