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Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Sorine Jurard.
  2. Travel to the target location.
  3. Retrieve the requested schematics.
  4. Return to Sorine.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Find the Schematic[edit]

Speak to Sorine Jurard in Fort Dawnguard and ask 'What can I do to help?' to receive this quest. She will then instruct you to travel to a random Dwarven ruin or bandit hideout (this includes locations added by Dragonborn) and retrieve the Dwemer schematic specifying a new crossbow design. The schematics will be located in the boss level chest in the location. If it is a bandit area, the note Dwarven Haul will be found in the chest as well. Once you have the schematic in your inventory, return to Sorine to receive a minor reward. She will also teach you how to craft the new crossbow at a forge with the proper perks (e.g. Steel Smithing for the standard crossbow that all members of the Dawnguard carry).

The Rewards[edit]

Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow

This quest can be completed six times. She will give you random enchanted items each time. The first time, you get the schematics for an Enhanced Crossbow, then the schematics for the Exploding Steel Bolt of Fire, Ice and Shock. The Enhanced Crossbow can be created at a forge with two corundum ingots and a normal crossbow. The bolts can be created in lots of ten by using normal bolts combined with Fire, Frost, and Void Salts, respectively. After the bolts, she will send you to find the schematics for a Dwarven Crossbow. Returning it to her will unlock the ability to create Dwarven Crossbows with 5 Dwarven Metal Ingots and the Dwarven Smithing perk as well as Dwarven Bolts with a piece of firewood and a Dwarven Metal Ingot. She will also begin selling Exploding Dwarven Bolts of Fire, Ice, and Shock, and teaches you how to make them with 10 Dwarven Bolts and the respective salts. The last stage of this quest is to find the schematics for the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow. Giving her the schematics will allow her to sell the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow and let you make it.


  • This quest is not available if you sided with the Volkihar, or if you are currently a vampire.
  • With the Dragonborn add-on, if the item happens to be found on Solstheim, there will be no quest marker. Travelling to Solstheim will make the marker appear in the relevant location.
  • The rewards of this quest may trigger Calcelmo's quest Buy Dwarven artifact.


  • If you advance in the Dawnguard questline the quest marker may disappear off of the radiant location where the schematics are located. The quest marker will instead be back over Sorine's head and will remain there.
    • If you have the Dragonborn add-on, head to Solstheim and activate the quest. This may resolve the issue.[verification needed — Does this work for others? Worked for 1 other; failed for 1 other]
  • Rarely, after obtaining the first several upgrades, you will not be presented with the option to repeat the quest and retrieve further schematics. This may be caused by starting the quest Kindred Judgment.
    • PC It is possible to manually add the missing recipes with the following console commands (which add all the recipes from exploding fire bolts onwards—only the ones that are actually missing are required):
Set DLC1TechXbowBoltsExplodingFireChanceNone to 0 Set DLC1TechXbowBoltsExplodingIceChanceNone to 0 Set DLC1TechXbowBoltsExplodingShockChanceNone to 0 Set DLC1TechXbowDwarvenChanceNone to 0 Set DLC1TechXbowDwarvenEnhancedChanceNone to 0
  • You can get stuck with the "Help Sorine with her project to improve the crossbow" and the dialogue item "What can I do to help?" that gives the "Ancient Technology" doesn't appear on Sorine.
  • Sorine may request that you retrieve a recipe again. For example the Enhanced Crossbow Schematic from Broken Helm Hollow and then later from Hrodulf's House. Simply get the item again although it results in no new smithing capacity. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Ancient Technology (DLC1RH05)
StageFinishes QuestJournal Entry
10Sorine Jurard has sent me to retrieve the <Alias=Item> from <Alias=Dungeon>. She will be able to use it to master new technology to provide to the Dawnguard members.

Objective 10: Retrieve the <Alias=Item> from <Alias=Dungeon>


Objective 100: Return to Sorine Jurard

255☑Finishes questSorine Jurard sent me to retrieve the <Alias=Item> from <Alias=Dungeon>. She will be able to use it to master new technology to provide to the Dawnguard members.



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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wiki Guide

  1. 1st time
  2. 2nd time
  3. 3rd time
  4. 4th time
  5. 5th time
  6. **6th time**


  • Retrieve the Enhanced Crossbow Schematic from (random)
  • Retrieve the Dwemer Exploding Fire Bolt Schematic from (random)
  • Retrieve the Dwemer Exploding Ice Bolt Schematic from (random)
  • Retrieve the Dwemer Exploding Shock Bolt Schematic from (random)
  • Retrieve the Dwarven Crossbow Schematic from (random)
  • **Retrieve the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Schematic from (random)**
  • Return to Sorine Jurard


Inside Fort Dawnguard when you speak with the members inside they will say that you should see Sorine Jurard.  When you see her she tell you she needs you to pick up an Enhanced Crossbow Schematic.  She is going to master it to provide better crossbows and bolts.

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After having recruited Sorine Jurard to the reinstated Dawnguard, she sets to work researching weapons for the vampire hunters. If the Dragonborn asks about helping in any way, Sorine mentions that there are some dwarven schematics that she has located which would help in her research and requests that the Dragonborn fetch them.

Retrieve the <Schematic> from <Dungeon>[]

If the Dragonborn agrees, Sorine specifies a random bandit hideout or dwarven ruin where the schematic can be found. Possible schematics include:

  • Enhanced Crossbow Schematic, e.g. in chest in Swindler's Den, reward Ebony Bow of Annihilating.
  • Dwemer Exploding Fire Bolt Schematic, e.g. in Dwemer chest in Nchuand-Zel, reward Necklace of Extreme Haggling.
  • Dwemer Exploding Ice Bolt Schematic, e.g. in chest in Robber's Gorge, reward Ring of Waning Magic.
  • Dwemer Exploding Shock Bolt Schematic, e.g. in mechanical chest in Mzinchaleft, reward Iron Sword of Binding.
  • Dwarven Crossbow Schematic, e.g. in chest in Faldar's Tooth, reward Steel Mace of Fear.
  • Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Schematic, e.g. in chest in Gallows Rock, reward Ring of Extreme Deft Hands.

It is then simply a matter of travelling to the specified location and retrieving the schematic, fighting off any enemies along the way.

Return to Sorine Jurard[]

The schematics are all found in chests and accompanied by assorted bits of Dwemer scrap metal and a note. Once secured, the Dragonborn must then return to Fort Dawnguard, give them to Sorine and collect a reward.

This process can be repeated until all six schematics have been recovered.

I joined the DG instad of the vampires, and I started the quest to find the schematics for the crossbow, but I go into the cave and there's a waterfall that you have to get up, but I can't get up there. I feel like there should be a switch or lever or something but there isn't anything to activate any secret ways or anything. Anyone have the answer?
Would be better to post this on the Dawnguard forum rather than the Skyrim one?

Achievements/Trophies are for people who need a pat on their back because they managed to put a full spoon into their mouth without spilling its contents.

I tried that. No response so here I am :P

I am also stuck here. Bump.

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There are some unfinished rocks on the left of the waterfall. You can get up there that way. Just did.

Playing : Madden '13, Forza 4, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, GT:BIGChris454Zulu Clan

1st of all you can jump up the glitched/ unfinished rocks on the right of the waterfall. 2nd the quest is glitched so that the quest marker brings you to the exit instead of the entrance. the real place you are supposed to be sent to is called kagrenzel. it is east of stormy creek cave on the map. i think it is on the map when you get the quest because i had it. but if not just go strait east from stormy creek and when you see the dwarven ruin icon you know your there.

btw i found all of that on the wiki.


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