Light compatible iwb holster

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Raven Concealment Morrigan Light Compatible Iwb Holster MOR G17+

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Raven Concealment Morrigan Light Compatible G17+ Jacksonville Mall Max 42% OFF  Holster Iwb MOR


Raven Concealment Morrigan Light Compatible Iwb Holster MOR G17+

Raven Concealment Morrigan Light Compatible Iwb Holster MOR G17+


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MIE Productions Javelin IWB Light Bearing Holster w/ Concealment Claw


MIE Productions holsters are designed with minimum bulk and maximum concealment for concealed carry. Carry Comfortably, Covertly, and Confidently. Each Holster is handmade, made to order, and is molded specifically for your gun, rail and light.

  • Comes ready for Optic/Red Dot Sights (RDS) and Supports Suppressor Height Sights!
  • Tuckable IWB Belt Clip fits belts up to 1.5″ with Adjustable Ride Height and Retention for the perfect fit.
  • Made with slim, lightweight, 0.080 Kydex that is strong and durable. Holds its shape for safety and easy one hand re-holstering.
  • Fully covers the trigger and controls providing safety. Full Sweat Guard extends the Kydex to cover the body side rear of your gun and helps prevent sweat on your gun slide.

SKU: MIE-JAV-BUNDLECategories: Glock, Glock Compatible Accessories, Holsters, Holsters - new, OEMTags: Glock, OEM, S&W Shield, Sig P365, Sig Sauer, SW

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This product ships directly from the manufacturer, custom made to your order.


All MIE Production products are handmade in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

MIE Productions uses membrane-less vacuum forming using CNC cut molds! This process creates a holster with superior definition and will provide less wear and tear on your firearm and overall the best fit.

All Straton Tactical Line of Holsters by MIE Productions are designed with minimum bulk and maximum concealment for concealed carry. Carry Comfortably, Confidently, and Covertly. Allows for multiple carry positions while maintaining a full firing grip prior to draw.

SKU: MIE-JAV-BUNDLECategories: Glock, Glock Compatible Accessories, Holsters, Holsters - new, OEMTags: Glock, OEM, S&W Shield, Sig P365, Sig Sauer, SW

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RAVEN CONCEALMENT Morrigan SureFire XC1 Light Compatible IWB Holster

Morrigan SureFire XC1 Light Compatible IWB Holster

The Morrigan LC IWB Holster from Raven Concealment is made for pistols fitted with the popular Surefire XC-1 weapon light. Its slim, compact profile is designed for total concealment and is best-suited for inside-the-waistband (IWB) carry on or behind the blade of the hip, on either side of the body. The holster's full-height body shield simultaneously protects wearers from discomfort and the weapon from sweat. Moreover, the shield prevents rear sights from snagging on clothing while holstered. The Morrigan's smooth, contoured shape improves comfort and helps direct the grip into the body for a lower profile. A wrap-around, Velcro retention system delivers extremely fine tension adjustments without the need for special tools and retains weapons securely. Raven Concealment's ambidextrous holster adjusts for ride height and cant, guaranteeing a custom fit for every user. The holster attaches to belts using a pair of included inside-the-waistband soft loops.

Item Specs

Fits: Pistols with Surefire XC-1 weapon light
360-degree Velcro tourniquet retention system easily adjusts
Full-height body shield offers wearer comfort, firearm protection and prevents snagging on garments when holstered
Smooth exterior offers close-to-body wear, maximizing concealment
Adjustable ride-height and cant for a custom draw
Inside-the-waistband (IWB) soft loops for effortless, ambidextrous belt attachment
Warranty: Raven Concealment Lifetime
Made in USA



UPC: 810022110539
Glock 17/22/31 with Surefire XC1

UPC: 810022110522
Glock 19/23/32 with Surefire XC1

UPC: 810022110546
S&W M&P Full Size 9/.40 with Surefire XC1


outlet Raven Concealment Morrigan Light Compatible Iwb Holster MOR 856267006176 up to 42% off

outlet Raven Concealment Morrigan Light Compatible Iwb Holster MOR 856267006176 up to 42% off

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    outlet Raven Concealment Morrigan Light Compatible Iwb Holster MOR 856267006176 up to 42% off
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