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Level 4 Mining Mission Summary

What are mining missions? They are provided by mission agents, just like security and distribution missions and are rewarded with Loyalty Points and ISK just like any other mission. The general task is to warp to a mission deadspace location and mine out the ore, ice or gas there. The mined item will be given to the agent to complete the mission. If you’ve got an Alt Toon and are looking for an easy way to make some decent ISK in a fairly AFK manner then mining missions could be what you’re looking for. I’ve been at it on and off for the past little while and have a decent system down.

If you need a base guide to start from there is a good post on ore mining here [Guide] Ore Mining

You’ll need to build up standing to get access to the Level 4 Missions but you can start out doing the Level 1 Missions in a Venture and be training into the larger mining ships while you’re grinding away at those.

At minimum for the Level 4 Missions I’d recommend that you have and be able to pilot the following ships:
• a Venture for gas mining
• two Retrievers, one fit for ice mining one fit for ore mining
• a Miasmos for hauling ore out of the bulkier ore mining missions

If you’ve got the ISK to spare and want to get serious about it:
• a Hulk or Porpoise for the bulkier ore mining missions

The Missions, there are nine of them:

Arisite Envy
• 45,000 m3, use Gneiss crystal
• Ore Hulk or Ore Retriever, warp in, launch drones, position your ship within mining range of the 1 asteroid, jet can mine until it is mined out then return with a Miasmos and pick up all the ore ~ Using a Porpoise for this mission is a viable option

Cheap Chills
• 20,000 m3, Ice mining
• Ice Retriever, warp in, launch drones, orbit ice, AFK mine, can do in one load – you get a notice when the ice is mined out

Feeding the Giant
• 44,800 m3, use Dark Ochre crystal
• Ore Hulk or Ore Retriever, warp in, launch drones, position your ship within mining range of the 1 asteroid, jet can mine until it is mined out then return with a Miasmos and pick up all the ore ~ Using a Porpoise for this mission is a viable option

Gas Injections
• 4,250 m3, Gas Mining
• Gas Venture, warp in, launch drones, orbit gas, AFK mine, can do in one load – no notice is given when gas cloud runs out

Geodite and Gemology
• 44,800 m3, use Crokite crystal
• Ore Hulk or Ore Retriever, warp in , launch drones, position your ship within mining range of both asteroids, jet can mine until they are mined out then return with a Miasmos and pick up all the ore ~ Using a Porpoise for this mission is a viable option

Ice Installation
• 20,000 m3, Ice mining
• Ice Retriever, warp in, launch drones, orbit ice, AFK mine, can do in one load – you get a notice when the ice is mined out ~ This mission often spawns Drone Faction rats

Like Drones to a Cloud
• 4,250 m3, Gas Mining
• Gas Venture, warp in, launch drones, orbit gas, AFK mine, can do in one load – no notice is given when gas cloud runs out

Mother Lode
• 44,800 m3, use Arkonor crystal
• Ore Hulk or Ore Retriever, warp in, launch drones, position your ship within mining range of all 8 asteroids, jet can mine until they are mined out then return with a Miasmos and pick up all the ore – don’t get too close to the asteroids (keep 5,000m away) they explode while you are mining them ~ I would not use a Porpoise for this mission, your drones orbit the asteroids too close and will take damage from the explosions

Not Gneiss at All
• 21,000 m3, use Gneiss crystal
• Ore Retriever, warp in, launch drones, position your ship within mining range of the 1 asteroid, mine until it is mined out then return to station and turn it it.

Some notes:

• You will get the occasional rat spawn to shoot in your mission and they won’t be based on the level of mission your running, they will be System specific so just like you’d find in an asteroid belt in the System you’re doing the mission in. In High-Sec they will be mostly Frigates and rarely a Cruiser sized rat but if you’re running mining missions in Null-Sec then you’ll often see Cruiser and Battleship sized rats and I’d assume there would be a chance of getting a NPC capital spawn. The gas mining missions seem to spawn Drone Faction rats plus the ‘native’ rats. I’d recommend using a Procurer for running mining missions in Null-Sec.

• There is no such thing as mining without gankers but mining missions do give you a little bit of a buffer because you are mining in a deadspace pocket where gankers will need to scan you down. A Venture can earn its price tag in a single mission, the Retriever can do it in an hour.

• If you are near the keyboard and dock as soon as the ice/gas/ore is mined out, you can do about 3 missions an hour. In High-Sec, a mission gives 1.8M ISK and 4.5K LP on average and depending on whose Loyalty Points you’re getting this can convert into over 40M/hour. In NPC nullsec, working for a Pirate Faction you can get up to 80M/hour.

Storyline missions
• When you are doing Level 4 mining missions, you will get Level 4 storyline missions.
• Get a load of Kernite to the storyline mission station as the agent will often asks for Kernite.
• They will also have hauling missions, sometimes a small item and occasionally a load of 40K m3 cargo which you can complete in 2 loads with a T1 hauler.
• There are also combat storyline missions which you may be able to complete with your main? But there is a special one “Record Cleaning” which needs no combat, just a max-active-tanked battleship to fly over the acidic cloud.
• Complete every storyline mission that you can to get the faction standings over 5.0, which will allow you to decline the slower mining missions.

[Venture, Level 4 Gas Harvester]
Gas Cloud Harvester II
Core Probe Launcher I
Gas Cloud Harvester II

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Medium Shield Extender II

Damage Control II

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

Hobgoblin II x2

Core Scanner Probe I x8

[Retriever, Level 4 Ice Harvester]
Ice Harvester II
Ice Harvester II

Small Shield Extender II

Ice Harvester Upgrade II
Damage Control II
Ice Harvester Upgrade II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Warrior II x5

  • You could swap out one of the Medium Core Defense Field Extender I for a Medium Ice Harvester Accelerator I, which would give you a little boost to your mining speed.

[Retriever, Level 4 Ore Miner]
Modulated Strip Miner II
Modulated Strip Miner II

Small Shield Extender II

Mining Laser Upgrade II
Damage Control II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

Warrior II x5

[Miasmos, Level 4 Hauler]
Small Tractor Beam II
Small Tractor Beam II

Large Shield Extender II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Field II
Thermal Dissipation Field II

Damage Control II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I

[Hulk, Level 4 Ore Miner]
Modulated Strip Miner II
Modulated Strip Miner II

Small F-S9 Regolith Compact Shield Extender
Domination Explosive Deflection Field
Gistum C-Type Kinetic Deflection Amplifier
Survey Scanner II

Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Warrior II x5

[Porpoise, Level 4 Ore Miner]

Damage Control II
Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer II

Large Shield Extender II
Drone Navigation Computer II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Drone Navigation Computer II

Medium S95a Scoped Remote Shield Booster
Salvager II
Small Tractor Beam II
Drone Link Augmentor II

Medium Drone Mining Augmentor II
Medium Drone Mining Augmentor II
Medium Drone Mining Augmentor I

Mining Drone II x5


Sours: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/level-4-mining-mission-summary/13386

This page is being refocused. See Guides:Agents for a draft of what I'm thinking about. --Jacob Majestic 12:32, 15 Aug 2005 (PDT)

Choosing the NPC corporation[]

Okay, so you want to start doing agent missions. Well first off, you need to find yourself an agent. So where do you look?

To start off, you need to choose a NPC corporation you want to do missions for. There are a lot of them out there so it isn't easy to pick. Here are some pointers. (There is also a list of NPC corporations at the end of this guide)

It's always useful to run missions which benefit your own Corporation. This can help you and the corporation get a better standing towards that NPC corporation and will allow you to get more out of refining at stations that are owned by that specific corporation.

Let's say we want to do mission for Federal.

  1. In your menu, click on 'People and Places'.
  2. Change Search Type to 'corporation'
  3. In the Search String, type in the name of the corporation you want to run missions for. In this case, Federal. (You can of course type in the whole name if you know it. This would allow for a more accurate search.)
  4. Click search.

You will get a list of corporations. Several corporations on the list may not be NPC corporations. Right click on the Federal Intelligence Office corporation and select 'show info'.

When you get the information window for Federal Intelligence Office, click on the tab Agents. You will see that there are a variety of divisions to choose from. Depending on the division you are looking for, certain divisions give out certain missions. The Administration division most commonly provides courier or transport missions, while the Intelligence division provides more combat missions or fighting missions.

In this case I chose to do missions for Administration, so click on that one.

It will now list the agents that are available to you and those that aren't available to you. In this case you can see most agents under Administration are available, this must mean that the character who is looking at this has done missions for Federal before and therefor has a good standing towards them and can pick more agents.

If you're just starting to do missions you might just have a few to chose from, maybe none at all. If so, you have to try another division and see if you can work your way up to reach the standing you need against Federal to get the agent you want.

Let's say we want to do missions for Ormalon Gien.

  1. click on the info button or right click and chose show info.
  2. In the agent info window click on the tab Agent Info.

You can now see the agent's information, that it's a level 3 agent, and where it's located. In this case we would have to go to the system Aufay, and then to the station Federal Intelligence Office Testing Facilities.

  1. Once there and docked at the station where the agent is, look at the Stations menu (right side of the screen). You will see a tab called Agents. Click it.
  2. Now right click the agent, and chose communicate, talk to agent.
  3. The agent will now ask you what you want, in this case we want to do a mission.
  4. The agent will then give you a mission briefing, explain what the mission is and what you need to do to complete it.

If you get uncertain at any time of your missions run, you can check your Journal in the left side menu. There you have two tabs to choose from:

  1. Offered is for an agent briefing of the missions you just have been offered but not accepted.
  2. Active tab is for when you have accepted the mission. The mission briefing in Active window will stay until you have either finished the mission or the mission expires.

Not completing a mission will set your standings against the npc corporation back a little. But it's usually repaired within 2-3 missions.

There are so far 5 levels of agents in EVE.

As a starter of agent missions you will most likely have to start with a level 1 agent and work your way up.

When mission count of the same lvl reaches 16 a storyline mission unlocks. Completing a storyline mission increases standing value for agent's faction.

The higher the level the harder the missions get. You will be fine doing missions for a level 1 agent in a Frigate, you might even be well off doing missions for a level 2 agent in a frigate. But for level 3 missions, when it comes to fighting missions you might need a Cruiser to be able to take out the enemy. For doing Level 4 missions you usually need a Battleship or specalized Battlecruiser and sometimes some friends with you.

Your agent will pay you for doing missions for it, and also most of the time gives you a reward for completing the mission quickly. The reward can be anything from more money to Modules to an Implant.

When you've done a lot of missions for your agent and your standings towards both the agent and the npc corporation has grown you can move on to a higher level agent. When this is possible you just have to look at the next agent's info, and check what standings it says you need to be able to use it and then check what standing you have right now towards the npc corporation you're doing missions for.

Agent Division and type of missions[]

Agents of different divisions give a different mix of missions to run:

Accounting88% Courier, 12% Trade
Administration47% Kill, 47% Courier, 6% Trade
Advisory14% Kill, 58% Courier, 14% Trade, 14% Mining
Archives92% Courier, 8% Trade
Astrosurveying13% Kill, 25% Courier, 13% Trade, 50% Mining
Command88% Kill, 6% Courier, 6% Trade
Distribution5% Kill, 85% Courier, 5% Trade, 5% Mining
Financial12% Kill, 70% Courier, 18% Trade
Intelligence74% Kill, 21% Courier, 5% Trade
Internal Security98% Kill, 2% Courier
Legal67% Kill, 27% Courier, 6% Trade
Manufacturing48% Courier, 4% Trade, 48% Mining
Marketing17% Kill, 77% Courier, 6% Trade
Mining10% Courier, 5% Trade, 85% Mining
Personnel28% Kill, 66% Courier, 6% Trade
Production52% Courier, 13% Trade, 35% Mining
Public Relations28% Kill, 66% Courier, 6% Trade
R&D50% Courier, 50% Trade
Security94% Kill, 6% Courier
Storage6% Kill, 71% Courier, 6% Trade, 17% Mining
Surveillance84% Kill, 11% Courier, 5% Trade


Agent Quality[]

What about the agent quality?

The higher the quality of an Agent, the greater the reward.

For example Angel Extravaganza is worth approximately 1.2 Million ISK to a Quality -7 Agent and 2 Million ISK to a Quality 18 Agent.

Please note that this number is just in the reward of ISK per mission paid by the Agent.

As in the example above the mission reward is 2 Million ISK but you can also factor in how much bounty is on the Rats per mission. Not also counting the loot and salvage adding value to the mission.

If you don't "Power Run" through all the missions you can get substantially more ISK looting and salvaging in the mission but it will take longer.

Alternately you could bring a friend along in a salvage boat (See destroyer) or equip a bigger ship with tractor beams and salvagers in the high slots instead of turrets (Such as the Dominix which can use drones instead and salvage at the same time.)

Skills for Agent Runners[]

If you know you're going to do a lot of agent missions you might want to take time to invest in a few skills also.

  • Social - Skill at social interaction, 5% bonus to npc standing increase.
  • Connections - Skill at interacting with friendly npc's, 4% bonus to effective standing.
  • Negotiation - Skill at agent negotiation, 5% additional pay for agent missions.

If you're also looking to raise your personal security standings you might want to train the skill:

  • Fast Talk - Skill at interacting with CONCORD, 4% bonus to effective security rating increase.
  • Diplomacy - This skill can also be useful in the longer term, as the more Important Missions you complete, the more adjustments occur to the Faction standings. Some of these can be negative, for example, working exclusively for Caldari State will reduce standing with the Gallente Federation. When this standing reaches -5.0 or less, Gallente Navy ships will begin attacking you on sight, regardless of your overall Security Status with CONCORD. Eventually, work must be done for the Gallente to balance these effects out, but the Diplomacy skill can buy you more time. Alternatively, you can simply not go to Gallente space.

Note: These Faction standings should not be confused with Corporation standings. Only Important Missions alter Faction standings. Normal missions will only affect Corporation standing.

To what level should you train these skills then?

Well that's up to you, consider how much time you want to spend on those skills, how much mission running will you do?.

Research Agents[]

A research agent is a little different from your regular agent. They work for the R&D division of select corporations. Once an agent is working for you, you get Research Points (RP) from them which can be used to purchase Datacores. To use a research agent you must have the appropriate skills and standings (available in the Research Services information of that agent).

To do research you must have the following skills:
    * Science - Level 5
    * One or more of Mechanic, Electronics, and Engineering at level 5
    * The appropriate skill for the agent you are using (I.e. Caldari Starship Engineering or High Energy Physics)

The following corporations have R&D divisions:

    * Carthum Conglomerate
    * Viziam
    * Khanid Innovation
    * Nefantar Miner Association
    * Ishukone Corporation
    * Kaalakiota Corporation
    * Lai Dai Corporation
    * CreoDron
    * Duvolle Laboratories
    * Roden Shipyards
    * Boundless Creation
    * Core Complexion
    * Thukker Mix


Originally by: //Lord Leinad

Sours: https://eve.fandom.com/wiki/Guides:Agent_Missions
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  3. Johnson trolling motor thrust

The Ships

Mining missions are another subcategory of missions, which ask you to mine a certain amount of ore from a specific site in a system close to your mining agent of choice. The ores you need to mine, are not the standard ores you can find in asteroid belts and mining anomalies, but unique mining mission ores. These cannot be sold or bought on the market. To complete a mission, you have to go there yourself and mine whatever amount is needed. The mission sites always contain the exact amount the agent is asking for and you need to drop it at your agent’s home station in order to complete the mission. Similar to other missions, you are rewarded in ISK and loyalty points (LP) for your services and gain standings to the agent and his corporation.

Mining agents also come in four levels and you will need sufficient standings to the corporation in order to get access to the agent.  To learn more about agents and standings, check this previous post.

Mining sites may contain a few hostile NPCs and you will need to bring a flight of combat drones on your mining boat to deal with them. These NPCs are very weak regardless of the mission level and no special combat ship is needed to clear them.

Most mining missions are at the most one jump away from the agent, very often even in the same system.

Mining missions require you to mostly mine ore, but in the higher levels (3+) you might be asked to mine also ice or gas.

I don’t want to go over each level separately, but will summarize the amount of ore and the required time I needed to finish a mission in the following table:

LevelVolume in m3avg. Time
11K - 2K6 min
21.8K - 6K10 min
34K - 10K11 min
420K - 45K53 min

As you can see, the amount of ore is getting bigger with each level, as does the rewards and the time to finish it. The completion times pretty much depend on the amount of ore you can mine per second and were measured with my quite average mining skills and the fits below.

In the lower level missions, the asteroids in the sites are quite far away from the warp-in point of the mission and you will need to fly closer to get into mining laser range. These missions are better done in a ship that moves relatively fast to minimize the time required for the mission.

My character had most social skills trained to level four to increase the base payout, but no Mining Connections skill was trained.

For level one mission and some of the level two mission with low ore volume, you can use a pretty standard mining Venture fit.

If you want to know more about the different modules and skills to improve mining yield, just check this post about mining equipment.

This is basically a T2 fit, with maximum mining yield and some shield tank in the mid and rig slots. To fight hostile NPCs, it comes with two light scout drones. It has an afterburner fit, which gives you some speed tank against hostile NPCs and lets you get into mining laser range faster. With maxed out skills it pulls 8.52 m3 (2*4.26) of ore per second , which is the maximum amount for a solo venture. If your mining skills are not perfect and if you have to use T1 lasers and mining upgrades instead of T2, your amount will be lower. My pilot reached 7.2 m3 per second, which is not great but also not too bad.

The Venture has a ore hold that fits 5k m3 of ore, so you can finish the low ore volume missions without going back to station to drop off ore, which saves some time warping around.

For the missions with a larger amount of ore (>5k m3), I used the following Retriever fit:

This fit is very similar to the Venture, with Strip Miner Is instead of the frigate sized mining lasers, more Mining Laser Upgrades and more drones. The tank and drones are more than enough to fight the NPCs in the higher level missions. This fit pulls 16.86 m3 ore per second, which is a big upgrade to the Venture. The ore hold of the Retriever fits 28k m3 of ore, which allows you to finish most missions in one go. Only some level 4 missions with high volumes will require you to drop ore in station in between. This fit is slow as a turtle and not doing great in level one and two missions, because traveling times within the sites are too high. In level three and four missions the rocks are mostly within mining laser range of the Retriever.

For ice mining missions, I refitted my Retriever to an ice mining fit with spare modules that I always kept in my cargo bay:

This fit almost pulls the same volume of ice as the ore fit and all modules you need to swap easily fit into your cargo hold. I had no ice mining rigs fitted, since I wanted to use the same ship for both types of missions. You will get Ice mining missions from level three and four agents. The ice cubes are pretty close to each other, so no propulsion module is required for these missions.

I did not run any of the gas mining mission, but declined these when I got one, because gas mining cannot be done in a barge and I would had to bring a second Venture to run these. However, I only got two gas mining mission within several days and these were safely declined without standing loss. These are also only given out by level three and four agents.

I ran around a dozen missions of each level to get an idea of the average payout per level. The amount of ISK and LP within each level is pretty much proportional to the amount of ore you need to mine. So for a level 4 mission that requires you to mine 20k m3 of ore, you will get roughly half the payout than for a mission that asks for 40k m3 of ore.

I ran all missions in the above fits and got the following average payout per mission in each level:

Levelavg. payout
(in mill ISK)
avg. LP
(in mill ISK)
ISK / hour
20.37 346
30.5 722

With the average time per mission that I mentioned earlier, you will get the ISK / hour values in the above table. The payout even for level 4 missions is still not great, with level 3 mission strangely having the best payout with 8.6 million per hour.  This is caused by the fact that the amount of ore to mine in level four mission raises by more than 1000% in the worst case scenario – 4k m3 ore vs. 45k m3 – compared to level three missions. Additionally, you will sometimes need to drop off ore in station which can take quite a while in a slow aligning and warping Retriever. However, the rewards for level four missions increase by only between 3-4 times compared to level three rewards. This is much lower than the payout by level four distribution mission that was around 15 million per hour for level four missions.

Of course the ISK per hour could be raised by better mining skills and equipment, but even with maxed out skills and an exhumer you will hardly double these values. I think this is actually a very poor payout for quite a lot of skill points you need to invest to fly barges properly and ISK you need to spemd on the equipment. The only real advantage is that you can run many of these missions almost afk with minimal interaction during the mission. Especially level four missions can sometime be run with just activating your lasers twice in 40 minutes. So if you want to make some easy afk ISK, mining missions might be the right thing for you.  This also opens up a good opportunity to run several mining missions at the same time with multiple accounts. With this little interaction needed, you can easily run a dozen accounts at the same time running level fours.

Lastly, mining missions are quite an alpha account unfriendly activity because they cannot train into mining barges. With the venture being the only mining ship available to alphas, the higher level missions will take hours to complete for minimal payout.

Sours: http://www.evehowto.com/wordpress/2018/12/15/mission-running-mining-missions/

Mining missions

Mining missions are given by Mining agents and require you to mine an asteroid or set of asteroids in a mission pocket - usually until the asteroids are depleted - and bring the ore back to the agent's station.

There is a risk of combat in mining missions, though the hostiles that show up tend to be much weaker than hostiles found in security missions. It is advisable to have some offensive capability (like a set of combat drones) or have a strong enough tank that you can ignore any hostiles that show up and start shooting at you.

Higher level mining missions require you to mine larger amounts of ore:

  • Level 1 missions will require mining up to 2000 m3 of ore,
  • Level 2 up to 6 000 m3 of ore,
  • Level 3 up to 9 000 m3 of ore or 10 000 m3 of ice,
  • Level 4 up to 45 000 m3 of ore, 20 000 m3 of ice or 5 000 m3 gas.

Thus, you can do high level mining missions with a low level ship, but it begins to take more time than it is worth.

Ships and Fitting

The same ship that you use for regular mining should work fine for a mining mission:

  • Level 1 Venture
  • Level 2 Venture or Prospect
  • Level 3 Mining Barge
  • Level 4 Exhumer

If you have more than one mining ship available, first note the amount of ore required and make sure your ship has the capacity. Once that is settled, a more tanky ship will make NPC attacks less bothersome.

Of course, you do not need a mining ship to do mining missions. Any ship that can mount a mining unit will do, as will any ship that can carry mining drones. However, dedicated mining ships tend to work faster and carry more ore.

If you have room, you may want to carry a Salvage Drone to salvage the wrecks of the pirates that you kill. If you have a very large drone bay, you may want to carry a set of Mining Drones - however, these drones do not add a great deal to your mining capacity, so many miners do not use them at all.


Most mining missions provide both ISK and Loyalty Points. Higher level missions result in more of each.

Useful implants that can be purchased with Loyalty Points include mining yield, mining upgrade CPU penalty, ice harvester duration, gas cloud harvester duration, and reprocessing waste improvement.

Mining Mission Ores

Mining missions typically use unique ores. These are always an equivalent of the regular ores.

  • Augumene = Pyroxeres
  • Mercium = Omber
  • Banidine = Veldspar
  • Pithix = Jaspet
  • Arisite = Gneiss
  • Oeryl = Dark Ochre
  • Geodite = Crokite
  • Polygypsum = Arkonor
  • Lyavite = Kernite

Usually, the asteroids you are asked to mine will be entirely used up while gathering ore for the mission. That ore will be taken by the agent to complete the mission.

In Vanguard sites a site called the Nation Mining Colony can be found. To complete it, 255 units of Lyavite are needed. Thus, you can generate income by farming (= not completing) missions that require you to mine Lyavite and selling it to Incursion runners. Keep in mind that they are likely to have a good Lyavite stock built up, before you spend time mining it you should have organised a buyer.

Sours: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Mining_missions

Agents eve online mining

NoAverageJoe PiE

Posted - 2011.05.20 12:23:00 - [1]


Hi Guys

I just wanted some adivce (If you dont mind that is Very Happy). Im a mostly a solo miner, I never really showed much interest in agent missions up till now as it involved doing combat role missions that i was not really interested in.

Since the Last incursion update these Agents have been made alot more accessible and the missions restructured. I have been doing these missions now since the update yeterday as i just wanted industry releated tasks and they seem to just repeat the same little storey ark about dangerous minerals and an anitdote that you need to manufacture. I have repeated this numorous times but its the same mission just with different go to locations.

Im really looking to get BPOS at the end of this as the objective, Can any anyone tell me if im just going to waste time for minimal reward or will the missions/reward get better as my standing with the agents corp rises? or will this lead into level 2 agents?.

I apologise for my lack of knowledge on this after so long playing the game (guess i just got compy with what i was doing YARRRR!!).

The payout per mission is tiny but if i started to get bpos out of it i wouldent mind so much.

Thanks & Regards

Baljos Arnjak

Posted - 2011.05.20 13:00:00 - [2]


My experience with mining agents is quite limited, but I've done a couple. Agents in general don't give BPO's, but depending on what corp you're running for you can get BPC's for factional items (republic fleet 250mm arty for example). Keep in mind that level 1 agents of any kind give terrible rewards, but they go up a lot when you get up to level 4.

The problem with mining missions is that you rarely get any ore that you can sell for yourself, so the reward you get basically comes down to the mission isk payout and the LP. Another problem is that if the corp has combat agents, the LP's will be worth much less because combat missions can generate LP very quickly. With the new changes, there may be some corps that don't have combat agents in places people want to run them, so the LP will be worth more.

If you're in it for the isk, then you're probably better off mining in the belts. If you want standings, you're probably better off doing courier or combat missions as they complete much faster. If you're in it to get away from gankers or can flippers, then mining agents are the way to go. Other than that, they're pretty much a waste of space.

Lady Go Diveher
The Independent Troll Society

Posted - 2011.05.20 13:08:00 - [3]


Edited by: Lady Go Diveher on 20/05/2011 13:07:58
Originally by:Baljos Arnjak
If you're in it for the isk, then you're probably better off mining in the belts. If you want standings, you're probably better off doing courier or combat missions as they complete much faster. If you're in it to get away from gankers or can flippers, then mining agents are the way to go. Other than that, they're pretty much a waste of space.

Pretty much this.
Mining missions suck, as you would have mined more in a conventional way, than the mission rewards grant. Unlike other activities in eve, it scales TERRIBLY if you get help.

For rapid standings and storylines: Courier
For rapid ISK/LP gain: Combat missions

If you want to mine in a place where you're harder to find, keep roids on the overview when doing combat missions and return to the mission space to mine when you find a good one =)

Baljos Arnjak

Posted - 2011.05.20 13:31:00 - [4]


Originally by:Lady Go Diveher

If you want to mine in a place where you're harder to find, keep roids on the overview when doing combat missions and return to the mission space to mine when you find a good one =)

True Dat.

Some combat missions have HUGE amounts of ore in them of the type you can sell. I don't think they usually have the +5% or +10%, but the regular stuff is there.

Once nice thing about mining in combat missions is that you can chain them for a week. Just leave the mission uncompleted (don't kill the completion trigger) and come back after a down time. You'll have to kill the rats again, but you'll get a fresh set of asteroids to mine. Do that with a couple of agents in the same area, and you'll have a nice amount of roids to mine. There are even some level 1 missions you can do this with.

If this interest you, check out the "mining in missions" section of the eve-survival site.

Lady Go Diveher
The Independent Troll Society

Posted - 2011.05.20 13:42:00 - [5]


IIRC .. one of the noob tutorials gives you loads of ore in one of the missions. Google-FU will help you locate which one (unless it's been removed....)

FYI you can complete the tutorials an infinite number of times :)

NoAverageJoe PiE

Posted - 2011.05.20 14:36:00 - [6]


Thank you guys for the informed responses i appreciate it. Smile

I think i will look into the mission mining as per you adviceExclamation.

Thanks & Regards

Foralai Altrus

Posted - 2011.05.20 16:56:00 - [7]


Most mining missions now spawn special ores, rather than the ores from belts.

For instance you can go mine what amounts to veldspar at a deadspace location, but the ore itself is called something else and refines into worthless dust vs tritanium

Some will spawn rats still, but think they are more the belt rats that show up randomly (so drones are a good thing).

Higher level ones have higher m3 amounts to mine (most can be done in a covetor iirc with cargo expanders... though some you wind up with little rocks to pop and you want a battle cruiser for a bunch of mining lasers... had a hurricane set up for those because it was just insane to do them in a barge)


Posted - 2011.05.20 17:18:00 - [8]


Edited by: ShadowsTheater on 20/05/2011 17:21:33
Edited by: ShadowsTheater on 20/05/2011 17:20:31
This is something CCP will probably have to address in a future patch. Makes no sense that combat missions are being used to mine ore.

1)Remove ores from combat missions & get someone to design a dozen new minning missions.

2)Remove asteroid belts from high sec & have tougher rats trigger randomly during cycle times.

This would help eliminate the botters by forcing them to be more proactive, make mining missions usefull again & passively nudge folks into low sec or 0.0, the key is balance.

Foralai Altrus

Posted - 2011.05.20 17:35:00 - [9]


Originally by:ShadowsTheater
Edited by: ShadowsTheater on 20/05/2011 17:21:33
Edited by: ShadowsTheater on 20/05/2011 17:20:31
This is something CCP will probably have to address in a future patch. Makes no sense that combat missions are being used to mine ore.

1)Remove ores from combat missions & get someone to design a dozen new minning missions.

2)Remove asteroid belts from high sec & have tougher rats trigger randomly during cycle times.

This would help eliminate the botters by forcing them to be more proactive, make mining missions usefull again & passively nudge folks into low sec or 0.0, the key is balance.

1 - no, makes canflippers rage when miners have a nice safe deadspace to operate in

2 - mining missions should spawn more than just the mission rocks

And your changes would in effect raise the cost of minerals to the point people will be loathe to undock in anything but frigates.

Baljos Arnjak

Posted - 2011.05.21 03:08:00 - [10]


Originally by:Foralai Altrus

1 - no, makes canflippers rage when miners have a nice safe deadspace to operate in

2 - mining missions should spawn more than just the mission rocks

And your changes would in effect raise the cost of minerals to the point people will be loathe to undock in anything but frigates.

1. So let them rage. It's not exactly hard to grab a ship's identifier at a station and scan them down in their deadspace. Would work the same way that salvage thieves operate now.

2. I agree with you there. The rewards for mining missions are far surpassed by just going out to a regular belt and mining there. I think they should vastly reduce the +5% and +10% in normal belts and move them into missions. Then take the normal asteroids in combat missions and turn them into the worthless asteroids you see in normal mining missions now.

Toshiro GreyHawk

Posted - 2011.05.21 23:34:00 - [11]


Edited by: Toshiro GreyHawk on 21/05/2011 23:36:42
The mistake is thinking that mining missions have anything to do with making money by mining.

All you're doing is fulfilling a mission objective by mining - you are not usually given any usable ores.

Combat missions are the ones that have ore in them, though most don't.

The difference between mining in mission space and mining in the belts is one of tactics.

Mining in the belts, if you want to avoid being can flipped - you have the miner and hauler in close proximity to each other with a jet can in between. With a bookmark in the jet can to keep it open, the miner can dump his ore in the can and the hauler can fetch it out of there immediately. Then - if someone comes into your belt - you can do a Look at them and move your POV around to their stern so you can see which way they are going. If they head for your can - you can pull the book mark since nothing else is in the can, popping it, then just sit there until they go away. Seeing that you're alert - as long as you don't trash talk them - that is usually what they'll do.

The problem with doing this - especially with multiple miners/haulers using the same jet can - is that it makes you very vulnerable to a suicide smart booming attack. Gankers just love seeing that.

If you mine in mission space in a quiet system with no level IV agents to attract Ninja's - then your chances of anyone coming along and scanning you down are very slim.

This allows you to spread your miners out through the asteroid field, simply filling jet cans until they are full or until the the ore within reach of the miner runs out. Then, you put a tractor beam on your haulers and pull those cans to them to empty them. With a rigged Mammoth using ECH II's holding about as much as a jet can and a similarly fit Iteron V holding 38,000m3 you can pretty much take entire jet cans in one load. Of course - if you've got Orca support, with it's 70km tractor beam ... all the better.

The thing about doing this though - is it would be a tactic that would be very vulnerable in the belts. With all those relatively full jet can's sitting about one can flipper could come along and get several before you could do anything about it - except of course shoot him - which is what he really wants. One can flipper can only eject a new jet can every 3 minutes so ... that's a limitation on what he'll be able to flip but if he has some buddies they could cause you a real problem.

So - to spread out amongst the belts and be safe would require a 1:1 ratio between haulers and miners - where you're really better off having one hauler serve several miners.

Of course - the way a lot of miners look at it - they don't get can flipped that often if they're in a quiet system - so they just fill their cans and take their chances.

For someone who is a solo miner - you're pretty much stuck with either taking your chances jet canning in the belts, doing mine & return in your cargo fit Hulk - or mining mission space.

Your biggest problem with mining mission space is - coming up with a mission that has some asteroids in it. Thus the trick of leaving the mission objective uncompleted to keep that space spawning. If you are familiar with the missions that have ore in them - and you have a mining op - then you can have multiple characters start conversations with agents - then decline the missions that don't have asteroids in them. If you get more than one that does - you can do a Delay on one of them while you work the other. If you have several of these missions open at a time, respawning daily at down time - you can do a fair job of keeping yourself in rocks to mine.

The other alternative - is to mine grav sites if you can find them. You're problem there is that those are easier to scan down than ships so you do want a really quiet system or you'll get visitors.

As to what CCP should be doing Features and Ideas is the for that.


Telchin Dai

Posted - 2011.05.22 00:22:00 - [12]


I run mining missions only on this char, but it really isnt for the ISK, it is for the standing, and the fact that missions require less attention than combat ones (And because this char cannot fly combat ships for L4s).

L1s move fast enough into L2s, however, L2 - L3 can be a lot slower, L3-L4 doesnt seem so bad.

Distribution missions are also a way to do it, but I was running L2 Distribution missions tonight, and L4, and found that the L2 would very very often send me 6 jumps, for 30k reward, and a few LP, whereas L4 would send me 2 jumps for 120k isk.

If you want to get some BPOS quickly, I would run the rookie missions, running 1-2 of the 10 mission arcs will get you 5.8 standing or so with the rookie corp of your choice, then you have access to L4 agents, all distribution, so you can start piling up LPs faster.

Seminole Sun

Posted - 2011.05.23 03:51:00 - [13]


lvl 1 and 2 mining missions are by far the fastest way to get to lvl 3 stuff. I think they're probably even faster to get through lvl 3 (about .2 for a 10 minute mission is pretty nice).

Sours: https://oldforums.eveonline.com/?a=topic&threadID=1513919
Eve Online - Alpha clone Mining Venture worth it? - Max skills in 10 mins!

EVE Online Missions Guide


EVE Online Missions Guide

EVE Online's Complete Missions guide for beginners


The New Eden Star Cluster is full of opportunities for people willing to get their hands dirty. Influential Factions and Powerful Private Corporations will gladly hire Freelancers who will take care of some dirty work in their stead. Rewards offered for the said work differ greatly and depend mostly on the work's difficulty. Generally, more trustworthy "helpers" will be offered better paid, but also more difficult tasks. The best Freelancers are praised by New Eden's Factions and Corporations, that are willing to pay millions of ISK for their services. So if you want to become a Freelancer yourself, you have come to the right place. This guide will cover the basics of running missions in EVE Online, point you in right directions, and describe mission-related skills, mission types, difficulties, and Agents in detail.

Mission Types and Difficulty Levels

The most commonly acquired missions can be divided into three main categories, Distribution, Security and Mining. All missions that belong to these categories have the difficulty level of 1 to 5 assigned to them:

  • Level 1 Missions - The easiest tasks, that can be completed in a basic Frigate. Missions of this type usually do not offer high rewards. You need a Standing of at least -5.0 to be able to pick up a level 1 mission from a corresponding Faction/Corporation.
  • Level 2 Missions - These missions will require a properly fitted Ship, that is preferably bigger than a standard Frigate, and an appropriate set of Pilot skills. You need a Standing of at least 1.0 to be able to pick up a level 2 mission from a corresponding Faction/Corporation.
  • Level 3 Missions - Level three missions are doable in medium-sized ships - battlecruisers, mining barges etc. (depending on the mission type) At least some Tech 2 Modules are advised for increasing the mission completion process. You need a Standing of at least 3.0 to be able to pick up a level 3 mission from a corresponding Faction/Corporation.
  • Level 4 Missions - Difficult and time-consuming missions, that require Large Ships - Battleships, Exhumers, or Large Industrial Ships (depending on the mission type), but offer substantial rewards for completing them. You need a Standing of at least 5.0 to be able to pick up a level 4 mission from a corresponding Faction/Corporation.
  • Level 5 Missions - The most difficult missions, that require teams of cooperating players, preferably in Capital Ships for completion. Missions of this type offer the largest rewards and are located in Low-Security Space only. You need a Standing of at least 7.0 to be able to pick up a level 5 mission from a corresponding Faction/Corporation.

Odealo is a secure trading platform for MMO gamers. Here you can buy, sell, and trade EVE Online ISK. Skill Injectors, and Items with the use of real cash.



Alongside the common missions, there are some more unique and rare mission types. These special tasks often have very specific requirements or are a part of certain storylines. Both Common and Special mission types are described in more detail in the table below.

Mission TypeDescription
Common Missions
Distribution and Trade

Some Corporations just need a delivery boy... these missions require you to pick up something and then transport it to the appointed Station. The Cargo that needs to be moved is spawned in your personal hangar at the Station specified in mission details, so you don't have to pay for it.

Because of large amounts of Cargo that must be carried in a higher level Distribution missions, an Industrial ship with a lot of Cargo Hold space is advised for those, however, level 1 and 2 missions of this type can be completed easily in Tech I Frigates (Exploration Frigates are the best for this, as they have biggest Cargo Holds of all T I Frigates).

Trade missions are a special kind of Distribution missions, where you have to gather/buy materials required by the Agent yourself. They usually require a lot of Time or ISK investment for completion and are not worth the effort most of the time.


These like their name suggests, require you to dig up a set amount of mission-specific resources and deliver them to the appointed Station. This missions can prove to be a bit riskier than Distribution missions, as there is a risk of being attacked by hostile ships during mining.

This kind of missions requires you to have a dedicated mining ship with a proper module kit. Level 1 and 2's can be completed easily in a Venture, but higher ones may require a Mining Barge or even an Exhumer.

If you want to get more information about widely understood Mining, and Mining Ship Module Setups in EVE Online, click here.


Unlike other two common mission types, Security missions are guaranteed to involve Combat. These missions will often require you to eliminate ships of other factions, which will cause you to lose Standings with the said faction! Because of this, you should always pay careful attention to the Security mission's details before accepting it.

This type of missions requires you to have a solid, combat-worthy ship with appropriate Offensive and Defensive Modules. You should decide on your vessel's type and its Module layout based on the mission's description and difficulty level. It is a good idea to bring Salvager Drones or MTU (Mobile Tractor Unit), as salvaging Wrecked NPC Ships will increase your ISK gains from these missions. If salvaged loot is worth a large sum, you could also farm the mission without actually completing it, and profit more from Salvaged items (this is done by killing and Salvaging all NPC ships, except one, and then waiting for them to respawn, just to repeat the whole process).

Special Missions

These special missions are offered to you for completing a set amount of normal missions for a single Faction. You get 1 Storyline mission for every 16 normal missions of the same level completed for a given Faction. These mission offers will be transmitted to you directly by the Storyline Agent closest to the normal Faction Agent that you have recently completed a mission for.

Storyline missions provide you with a large Standing increase with Storyline Agent's faction and a moderate Standing increase with his corresponding faction, which makes chaining missions a great way to improve your Standings in order to gain access to the higher level missions. However, please note that some factions dislike each other very much, which means that completing a Storyline mission for one of them might result in a negative Standing change with the other.

Epic Arc

These are basically the in-game campaigns. They are very long, split into chapters, and their ending depends on Player's choices made throughout them. Currently, there are 7 Epic Arcs in the game, one for each empire Faction, two for Pirate factions (Guristas and Angels), and one for the Sisters of Eve. These Arcs offer substantial ISK rewards, but each of them can be completed just once per three months.

These may vary in difficulty and requirements greatly, so we recommend you to start by completing the Sisters of Eve arc, as it is the easiest, and the most accessible of the seven. You can pick it up in the following location: Arnon IX > Moon 3 > Sisters of Eve Bureau.


These special missions are a part of the Industry career path, that can be acquired from special Research Agents (these agents are Different than standard Agents, as they can be, basically, recruited, and used for Research Points generation). Completing them awards you with Research Points, which are used for purchasing Datacores from the corresponding Research Agents, and in the Invention (production of Tech 2 item and ship blueprints) process.

The following requirements have to be met before picking up Research missions: Science V, Power Grid Management/CPU Management/Mechanics V, a set Standing with the Research Agent's Corporation, and the initiation of the Research process, which is done by hiring the corresponding Research Agent.

Important note: there is a limit to the number of Research Agents with whom you can be conducting research at the same time.


These are the Introductory missions available after the Tutorial, that are supposed to institute you to the world of EVE Online. They are directed to new players and award valuable starting gear and vessels in addition to the much-needed Faction Standings.

Career missions can be done only once per Player Character. They will teach you how to conduct certain in-game activities, like Mining, Exploration, Combat, and Trade.


These are the special mission chains (from 3 to 5 missions each) that can be found on certain constellations. They offer very valuable blueprint copies of the storyline modules, and Standings boosts as rewards but can be completed just once.

COSMOS missions mostly consist of you searching for a quest item, taking something from point A to B, eliminating some Targets, or visiting a landmark or story-related complexes. They contain a substantial amount of New Eden's lore, so they are a great opportunity for players interested in EVE's setting.

Important note: Never talk to the COSMOS missions Agent if you do not intend to accept his mission, as talking to him will trigger a mission offer which will expire in seven days, and will not be available ever again.

Anomic (Burner)

These are the special kind of Security missions contracted by Level 4 Agents exclusively. Declining them gives no penalty, and challenges offered by these missions are substantially more difficult than those offered by common Security missions.

They will restrict your maximum ship size, and throw you against some very powerful hostile NPC ships. As you can imagine, completing Anomic Missions solo requires a lot of experience, specific Modules, and skills, and of course exceptional Player's abilities... but the hassle is worth it, as those missions have very valuable rewards, and beaten NPCs can be salvaged for additional high-grade loot.

Data Center

These missions consist of you handing in looted or bought pirate tags. They basically allow you to increase your Standings via spending ISK on specific items which are then turned in to NPCs.

There are two types of Data Center missions: Data/Certificate Transportation which is a basic type of Distribution missions and Keeping Crime in Check which is a hand-in mission. Each of the Data Center missions can be completed once only.

Important note: Failing these missions will result in a decrease of your Standing with the corresponding Faction and Corporation.

Note: each completed mission awards you with ISK, Status gain with the corresponding Faction/Corporation and a Loyalty Points gain with the corresponding Corporation.

Mission Agents

Agents are best compared to Questgivers from other MMORPGs. Every Agent has his own Name and Level (ranging from 1 to 5), he is also a part of a Division, and has a Quality assigned to him (the better the Agent's Quality, the better rewards he offers for accomplished missions). Agent's Level determines the difficulty of missions offered by him. It also shows you Personal/Faction/Corporation Standing that is required for getting missions from him (this was described in the "Mission Types and Difficulty Levels" chapter).

Division determines the field of expertise of an Agent and determines types of missions that can be acquired from him. All Agent's Divisions and types of missions assigned to each of them are described in the table below:

DivisionChance for a Mission Type

84% Security, 11% Distribution, 5% Trade

Storage71% Distribution, 17% Mining, 6% Security, 6% Trade
Security94% Security, 6% Distribution
Research and Development (R&D)50% Distribution, 50% Trade
PR (Public Relations)

66% Distribution, 28% Security, 6% Trade

Production52% Distribution, 35% Mining, 13% Trade
Personnel66% Distribution, 28% Security, 6% Trade
Mining85% Mining,10% Distribution, 5% Trade
Marketing77% Distribution, 17% Security, 6% Trade
Manufacturing48% Distribution, 48% Mining, 4% Trade
Legal67% Security, 27% Distribution, 6% Trade
Internal Security98% Security, 2% Distribution
Intelligence74% Security, 21% Distribution, 5% Trade
Financial70% Distribution, 18% Trade, 12% Security
Distribution85% Distribution, 5% Security, 5% Mining, 5% Trade
Command88% Security, 6% Distribution, 6% Trade
Astrosurveying50% Mining, 25% Distribution, 13% Security, 13% Trade
Archives92% Distribution, 8% Trade
Advisory58% Distribution, 14% Security, 15% Mining, 14% Trade
Administration47% Distribution, 47% Security, 6% Trade
Accounting88% Distribution, 12% Trade

You can find Agents easily in-game via the Agent Finder tool. This feature allows you to locate specific kinds of Agents, and when properly used, speed up your mission grinding process (by planning your route ahead of time). To access it you can either:

  • Go to NeoCam ⇒ People and Places ⇒ Agent Finder
  • Find it in the Station Services Menu ⇒ Agents page ⇒ Agent Finder (while docked)
  • Use the Coffee table in your Captains Quarters

Agent Finder allows you to narrow the search parameters by specifying things like:

  • Solar System in which you want to find an Agent,
  • Security Status of a system in which you want to find an Agent
  • Agent Type that you are interested in
  • Agent Level that you are interested in
  • Agent's Corporation that you wish to work for
  • Agent's Faction that you wish to work for
  • You can also further narrow your Search results, by choosing to Show Only Available Agents.

Search results always show available Agents arranged by your distance from them (from the lowest to the highest).

Important Note: if you decline a mission from an Agent more than once every 4 hours you will lose some of your Standings with that Agent, his Faction, and his Corporation. Hint: To avoid declining a second mission from the same Agent within the 4-hour period, you can use the Delay option, wait out the remaining Penalty Timer, and decline the mission later, without penalty.


If you want to become an accomplished Freelancer, able to complete all available types of missions, you will need a wide variety of skills. For Example, Mining missions will require Ming ship operation skills (Expedition Frigates, Mining Frigate, Exhumers, Mining Barge...), specific gathering skills (Mining, Ice Harvesting, Gas Harvesting), skills which will increase your mining yield (Astrogeology, Mining Upgrades...), and so on; you get the drift. We have described all of these, and more in our other EVE Online Guides (you can easily find them on our site, here), so in this Guide, we will focus on describing Skills related to Mission Running as a profession. These skills will improve your ISK, Standing, and Loyalty Point gains from missions, and enable you to gain access to higher level missions more quickly:

Skill NameDescription

This skill increases your mission payouts by 5% per its level. It will provide you with a nice profit increase from missions if trained high enough. Training Negotiation is not free, however, and its profitability depends on the number of missions completed. If you want to do, for example, 50 missions, it will not be worth it, but if you will grind closer to 5000 of them, it is a no brainer. This skill requires Social I.

SocialThis skill increases your social interaction abilities. It provides you with a 5% bonus to every Faction, Corporation, and Agent Standing increase per skill level. This will come in handy if you are an experienced Player who wants to start his Freelancer adventure, as it will boost Standing gains considerably (experienced players will not want to spend too much time doing level 1 missions...). This is a basic skill, and it does not have any prerequisites.
Connections / Criminal ConnectionsThese skills provide you with a 4% modifier to your effective Standingswithfriendly NPC Factions and Corporations (Connections) or with NPCs with low Concord standing (Criminal Connections). This will also come in handy if you are an experienced Player who wants to start his Freelancer adventure, as the boost to effective Standings will let you start higher level Missions more quickly. Both of these skills require Social III.
DiplomacyThis skill will increase your effective Standing with Hostile Agents by 4% per skill level. It is not cumulative with Connections/Criminal Connections. Diplomacy comes in handy when you want to reestablish relations with a Faction/Corporation that started hating you for completing missions for other, dissident Faction/Corporation. This skill requires Social III.
Fast Talk

This skill will boost your ability to interact with the Concord Faction. It will grant you a 5% bonus to your Effective Security Rating increase. Skill for those seeking redemption, or a faster Security Status recovery. This skill requires Social IV.

Note: besides the ISK and Standing rewards, completing missions also provides you with Loyalty Points for corresponding Corporations. These points can be exchanged for Ships and Modules in special Loyalty Stores. There are three skills that will let you improve your Loyalty Point gains for completing certain kinds of missions:
Security ConnectionsThis skill increases your understanding of the military culture, which improves your Loyalty Point gains from missions acquired from Agents working for Security divisions of Corporations by 10% per skill level. This skill requires Social III and Leadership III.
Distribution ConnectionsThis skill increases your understanding of Corporate-level trade, which improves your Loyalty Point gains from missions acquired from Agents working for Distribution divisions of Corporations by 10% per skill level. This skill requires Social III and Trade III.
Mining ConnectionsThis skill increases your understanding of Corporate-level industrial endeavors, which improves your Loyalty Point gains from missions acquired from Agents working for Mining divisions of Corporations by 10% per skill level. This skill requires Social III and Industry III.

Ships and Modules

Mission's objectives and difficulty levels vary greatly in EVE, so specifying a right ship and its layout for Mission Running as a whole is pointless. Instead, we can provide you with a piece of basic advice: always chose and fit your ship specifically for a mission that you have chosen, especially for high-level ones. Every Mission's description will provide you with information necessary for making the right Vessel and Module layout choice. You can also check outside sources, that will provide you with details for a lot of EVE's missions.

Note: low-level missions can be run easily with basic ships (Venture for Mining, Expedition Frigates for Distribution, etc.), and the ship choice is not that important but as the difficulty level rises, the right ship choice becomes more and more crucial.

VERY Important Note: the single most important rule of Mission Running (and EVE as a whole) is: never fly a ship that you can't afford to lose. If you have just gained access to level 4 missions, and you have just enough ISK to buy and fit ONE capable ship, hold your horses, and stick to lower level missions for some time. Accumulate more funds which will become your safety cushion, and start those high-level missions only with your wallet sorted out.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to avoid populated or heavily contested Systems when Running Missions. There is nothing more frustrating than Hostile players interfering with your peaceful PvE endeavors. It is always a good idea to stay away from the main Trade Routes, and have multiple Stargates close by.
  • Use Agent Finder, always plan your route ahead of time, establish what mission rewards are most important to you, and search for the appropriate mission offers. Running around like a headless chicken is never the right option.
  • Scout a region in which you wish to run Missions, and pick a Corporation that offers Loyalty rewards that are most important to you, and preferably the one with the highest number of Agents available in the said Region (higher number of Agents will enable you to decline more missions - one per Agent every 4 hours; this will let you avoid downtime caused by the 4-hour penalty timer triggered by declining a mission from an Agent).
  • Pick the Base of your Operations (preferably a single Station with the right Agents). During your Mission Runs you will gather a lot of stuff, and you'll need a place to store the said stuff. The best idea is to dump all the items you've gathered in one place, as it will spare you the effort of flying around and collecting your loot from every Station in the New Eden Star Cluster.
  • NPC Damage Type Charts (available on the official UNIWIKI) might come in handy when preparing for Security Mission runs. Use them in combination with the mission description to determine the best Offensive and Defensive Module fittings.


We hope that you have found this Guide useful and informative.  If we have missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know!

Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

On Odealo dozens of sellers compete for your attention. You are to expect the best quality of service and low prices.

Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of CCP Games


Sours: https://odealo.com/articles/eve-online-missions-guide

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