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Will jetta interior fit a golf?

The door cards arn't the same. I swapped out a four door jetta gli interior into my golf. The seat worked, the front door cards worked, the shifter worked, the e-brake cover worked but the rear door cards are different. I think the top black piece was longer to a point shape where as the golf was not. Like the one fella said you will need to swap the tops of the rear door cards. But get a plastic welder and life will be easy for this. Oh, and the rear 60/40 seats from the jetta to the golf? The only difference it the locking mechanism but you can swap that too.

p.s. On the driver door card there is a locking mechanism for locking the trunk. Be sure to swap for yours or your trunk is locked and you will need a key IIRC.

blizzard60 said:

I don't think so, but I'm not certain. I'm pretty sure that they wagon has unique door cars with the very pointy top part. The jetta/golf are the same... Worth checking though!

EDIT: I did just check ETKA and the jetta and 4-door golf share several p/n for rear door cards. This would lead me to believe they are the same. PLEASE VERIFY this, but that's my belief!

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    Vw jetta seats 2002

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