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Amazon Shoppers Say These Snap-Together Nesting Food Containers Are the Key to an Organized Kitchen

While your countertops may be spotless and your pantry closet hyper-organized, the one area of your kitchen that is probably a mess is that drawer where you stash your plastic food containers. No matter how hard you try to organize old takeout containers and food storage of all shapes and sizes, the mismatched containers never seem to fit inside each other, not to mention the lids tend to spill all over the place.

Tidying up this drawer may seem like an impossible task, but the Joseph Joseph 81009 Food Storage Container Set is here to solve that problem. Each set comes with six plastic food containers in various sizes that conveniently nest inside each other—meaning the entire set will take up the space of the largest-sized container.

But what really makes this set special is that its color-coded lids snap into each other, so you’ll never have to deal with stray lids slipping and sliding around your drawer again. The 12-piece set is also BPA-free and freezer- and microwave-safe, and it can even be cleaned in the dishwasher.

With details like that, it’s no wonder that more than 300 Amazon shoppers have given the innovative set of food containers a five-star review. “I don't have a very large kitchen and found the Joseph Joseph storage containers to be perfect,” raved one shopper. “Six containers and lids in one! They don't take up much space at all. I found the lids to snap on easily and keep my food fresh.”

“I never lose any lids and now can keep everything completely together and stored in one large container,” said another. “It is an awesome concept with lids and containers that are color-coded and fit nicely into my small cabinet space. No more opening the cabinet door and being attacked by flying lids that just pile up in a corner next to containers that they no longer fit.”

A set of food containers that is durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t take up a lot of space? That’s an unheard-of trifecta. And did we mention how affordable it is? For just $28 a set, you might want to find uses for them outside of the kitchen.

Joseph Joseph 81009 Food Storage Container

To buy: $28;


NYALENTERPRISE Plastic BPA-Free Airtight Leak Proof Easy Snap Lock Food Storage Kitchen Containers with Lids - 500 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml, 2300 ml, 3200 ml Plastic Fridge Container  (Pack of 5, Multicolor)

Make the most of your food budget with soaring grocery prices Your focus is on getting the most bang for your buck. NYALKARAN Food Containers help stretch your dollars further by packaging leftovers in sturdy, reusable containers that stack neatly in your freezer and lunch bag. With our innovative 4-hinge snap-lock system, you can confidently send last night's lasagna to work or school, saving money on fast food trips and processed lunch kits. Safe, durable and reliable Fullstar Food Containers are made in China from food-safe, FDA-approved polypropylene. They can be placed in your refrigerator, freezer, microwave (base only, NOT lid) without concern about BPA or other toxins leaching into your food. They are also impact-resistant so they won't split or crack with the least little bump or drop. With their corresponding snap-lock lids, you won't be let down by a floor full of spaghetti or a lunch bag awash in soup. Containers are suitable for organizing every room in your home. Airtight & Leak Proof The silicone seal keeps air out and keeps food fresh. So, no more worrying about dried rice and chicken leftovers or vegetables without a snap and crunch.

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Glasslock’s silicone gasket trapped quite a bit of moisture after we hand-washed the lids. Over time, this trapped moisture can lead to mold growth, which some customers noted in online reviews. You can remove the silicone gasket to dry it separately, but that makes the cleaning process a bit fussy. We also worry that removing the gasket repeatedly will eventually stretch it out and jeopardize the airtight seal. That being said, the mold issue seems to impact only customers who wash their storage containers by hand, so Glasslock is a great choice for households with dishwashers.

The 18-piece container set includes round and rectangular units with a range in volumes of 1.6 cups to six cups. Similar to Snapware, Glasslock also sells larger individual containers.

GlassLock Oven Safe Storage Containers (18-piece set)

The best plastic food storage container set

We love to reuse polypropylene deli containers for leftovers and pantry storage because they’re lightweight and easy to stack. But, with repeated use, they warp, deteriorate, and eventually need to be replaced. In this test, we limited our candidates to high-quality plastic storage containers you can reuse time and again.

Plastic winner: Rubbermaid Flex & Seal 26-Piece Set

High-quality plastic storage container sets overwhelmingly rely on snap-locking lids. But, instead of snaps on the side, these Rubbermaid containers are fitted with flexible silicone lids that you press onto the container. We were skeptical that this wouldn’t provide an effective spill-proof seal. But we were pleasantly surprised to find that in our drop test, the lids stayed on well enough to avoid major splatters, even when we dropped the container on its side. 

This set really excelled in the stain test, absorbing almost no color from our tomato and turmeric soup; the only visible stains appeared on the underside of the lid. We also love the Flex & Seal’s stacking scheme, which makes it easy to avoid the dreaded storage container cabinet clutter.  Speaking of that clutter (which usually means you can never find the right lid for the container you’re using): The Rubbermaid lids come in four different sizes and most are capable of doing double duty on containers of different volumes.

Rubbermaid Flex & Seal with Leak-Proof Lids (26-piece set)

Plastic runner-up: Joseph Joseph Nest Lock 8-Piece Storage Set

Joseph Joseph’s plastic container set exceeded our expectations (its glass counterpart underperformed in the same tests, which didn’t give us high hopes). However, the plastic did not leak, even when we dropped it on the ground several times. It was the only plastic set we tested that remained completely closed, drop after drop.

It also weathered our brightly colored soup with only minor discoloration. We enjoyed the vibrant lid colors and appreciated the space-saving modular stacking scheme. The set is a bit more expensive than other plastic container sets, but if you like the idea of having storage containers with lids that snap together into a colorful little pyramid, the Nest Lock set delivers.

Joseph Joseph Nest Lock Plastic Food Storage Containers (8-piece set)

Testing methods

We first tested each container set for three performance criteria: drippage, droppage, and stainage. We also took form factor, design, price, and organization scheme into account.

  • Drip Test: We filled both the glass and plastic containers with water and vigorously shook them over a dry paper towel to see how much water dripped out the sides, making sure to wipe the rims before each test.
  • Drop Test: We dropped empty glass containers from the counter onto our test kitchen floor to see how well they resisted shattering. We filled plastic containers with water and dropped them multiple times to see how well the lids stayed shut.
  • Stain Test: We made a “stain soup” containing several jars of garlic tomato sauce and half a jar of ground turmeric. We filled each container with the soup and stored each of them upside down in a fridge overnight. The next day we reheated each container in the microwave and rinsed the stain solution with water. Then we ran them through the dishwasher and subsequently rinsed them with dish soap by hand.

Other food storage containers we tested

Our test focused on containers meant for storing leftovers or for throwing packed lunch in your tote; we didn’t include Oxo Pop containers—which get their name from their easy-to-open lids—or other pantry storage canisters, which are better designed for storing dry food like flour and grains in your cupboard. We also excluded vacuum-sealing containers, which we consider to be better for fresh-food preservation. As for reusable storage bags, you can check out our test here.


Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Storage Containers

This set wins other reviews of the best storage containers, but the lids did not prove to be leakproof in our test.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers

The Brilliance containers have a nice design, but the glass shattered and the lids stained easily.

FineDine Airtight Glass Food Storage Containers

These containers leaked slightly from the hinges of the lids.

Joseph Joseph Nest Glass Food Storage Containers

Again, these containers were not leakproof at all.

Oxo Good Grips Smart Seal Glass Containers

We liked the Oxo containers, but they’re made of more expensive borosilicate glass, meaning they were the priciest containers we tested; we thought the Snapware set offered the same utility at a lower cost. 


Rubbermaid Brilliance Plastic Food Storage Containers

These hold on to stains like nobody’s business. Also, the locks snapped open when dropped them from counter level.

Snapware Total Solution Plastic Food Storage Containers

Snapware’s Total Solution lid locks did not hold well in our drop test.

Oxo Good Grips Smart Seal Plastic Containers

These kept a tight seal, but we found the lids to be somewhat difficult to close.

The takeaway

One of the biggest lessons we learned in testing and researching storage containers is that proper care makes all the difference. If you ignore directions to place plastic lids in the top rack of the dishwasher, don’t be upset when they come out warped. Also keep in mind that even the strongest glass containers will shatter under enough stress, so treat them with care and keep an eye out for chips and cracks.

We also learned that stains only become an issue when you are microwaving or reheating food in the storage container. If you think your leftovers might cause a stain, we suggest microwaving your food without the plastic lid, or in a separate vessel altogether. 

If you prefer glass containers, which are more eco-friendly and better for microwaving, we suggest the glass containers from Snapware. If you’re looking for a set that’s lightweight and portable and can really take a tumble, Rubbermaid’s plastic containers are the way to go.


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Snapware 8-Piece Mixed Glass \u0026 Plastic Storage Set on QVC

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