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A blue Nintendo Switch Lite is coming in May — or is it purple?

Nintendo is sprucing up it hardware lineup for spring with a brand new color for its handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite console. The new hue is dubbed 'Blue' and it's pretty much what you're imagining. Unless you're the part of the internet that is insistent that it's actually purple.

Revealed on the official Nintendo Twitter account, the company is calling the new color blue, which you'd think would nip any speculation in the bud. But like the Indigo GameCube before it, fans are debating whether it's actually blue, or purple that's just feeling a little off.

The Switch Lite originally launched in three colors: turquoise, yellow, and gray. Coral was added a few months later. You'll be able to pick up the blue variant next month, although the exact date will vary, depending on your region.  

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The new blue Switch Lite will retail for the usual price of $199.99 / £199.99 / AU$329.95. It's set to release in the UK on May 7, and the US and Australia on May 21. Pre-orders don't seem to be available on Nintendo's website so it looks like you'll have to try your luck on launch day if it takes your fancy. 

The May 21 rollout is the same day that Miitopia makes its debut. The fantasy sim was announced in February's Nintendo Direct. There are a bunch of other titles to look forward to, that could have you reaching for your wallet if you haven't bought into the Nintendo ecosystem just yet. 

We'll see two Famicom Detective Club titles in May, a new Mario Gold game in June, as well as the arrival of Fall Guys and The Outer Wilds on the system. We may also see Mario Kart 9 land on the Nintendo Switch some time this year, if the recent rumors pan out.  

The good news for Nintendo fans is that the company is looking to develop more original IPs, rather than becoming too reliant on its bread and butter of Mario and Zelda titles. Earlier this week, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stressed that in order to stay competitive and keep their content fresh, the company will be looking to "focus on creating new game series as well as long-sellers such as Mario and Zelda."

With impending Nintendo Switch shortages creeping in later this year, the blue Switch Lite is the perfect excuse to nab the console before it becomes as difficult to find as the PS5 and Xbox Series X.   

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Sours: https://www.tomsguide.com/news/nintendo-switch-lite-announced-in-blue-heres-when-you-can-get-it

It’s been almost six years since The Dress went viral, but I feel like I’m experiencing the same phenomenon when I look at the latest iteration of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

For those that don’t remember, The Dress was an image that took the internet by storm one day back in 2015, as people were getting in heated debates about whether the garment was white and gold or blue and black. It turns out, there’s a long scientific explanation as to why people would perceive the exact same photograph as depicting different combinations of colors. But we’re not here to talk about the nuts and bolts of why are our eyes are such flawed creations. We’re here to talk about this Blue Switch Lite. Which is actually purple. Or, at least it looks it in some of the photos Nintendo posted.

See, if you look at the first image at the top of this blog, I can buy that thing is blue. A very nice, dark shade of blue. But definitely blue. But if you look at this one, where the light is less direct and there’s some shadows of the user’s hands on the device, that Nintendo Switch Lite is purple, actually.


Does it actually matter what color it is? Not to me, really. I’m satisfied with my Super Mario Odyssey Switch that came with dope red Joy-Cons. They’ve served me well since I bought it in 2017, and there’s no sign of Joy-Con drift yet. But I worry about the GameStop associate that is going to inevitably get in argument with a belligerent customer who insists upon their interpretation of the device’s color. I worry for the grandparent who goes to buy a Blue Nintendo Switch Lite during the holiday season, and is confused and worried when the Walmart Electronics associate hands them a handheld just a few shades away from repping the original 1988 Barney the Dinosaur. I worry that an unsuspecting Super Smash Bros. Melee fan will see the GameCube-adjacent color and think that Nintendo is dropping hints of a surprise remaster of the 20-year-old brawler.

In other news:

Anyway, the blue-but-actually-purple-probably Nintendo Switch Lite will launch next month on May 21, and will run you $199.99.

Sours: https://www.fanbyte.com/news/nintendo-announces-blue-switch-lite-that-is-actually-purple/
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I tried to apply this properly with this idea that every single cutout would fit perfectly where it was supposed to: face buttons, dpad, minus, plus.. but it turned out to be an exercise in frustration. I'm not happy with the final result, but I figured if I insisted on applying the skin, peeling it off and trying again for numerous times would result in a bad skin, ruining my experience. On top of that, if you rely on the "Installation instructions" that comes with the skin, you might want to stop reading it now and just avoid it because it mentions that you need to install the screen protector first in order to apply the skin. Now that may work for phones, but not for the Nintendo Switch. The area surrounding the screen (bezel) is also covered by this skin and if there's any screen protector already installed, it has to be removed. Speaking of skin, too bad DecalGirl doesn't make their own screen protector - nor does it provide a bundle to purchase their decal skin along with some third-party screen protector.

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Purchased Black Woodgrain

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The skin is very beautiful and looks great, but application was a little difficult I had to stretch certain areas if the skin to get it to fit correctly over all the buttons. I gave 4 stars because of the difficult application but end result was still amazing.

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some parts are blurry or zoomed in but looks marble lol, good quality. Nintendo case doesn’t fit with this skin.

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Purchased White Marble

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It fits perfect and it looks sooooo good on my switch! I absolutely love it!

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You used it a bit too much and it is fun

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I just got the skin today in the UK for my daughter's bday. I was instantly impressed by the quality of the product, even if the custom picture I provided was a little low res! It comes with some generic instructions but not specific for the Switch. I thought it would be best to peel the top half of the decal to line up the screen and all the controls first. I didn't press and smooth down the decal yet, especially the smaller bits that go around the sides. Then, still not pressing down too much, un-peeled the rest of the decal from the sheet and gently wrapped the remaining bottom half around the back of the device. Once I was more or less confident the main areas (e.g. vent/port/card areas) were all aligned front and back, then started to press and smooth the main areas, then stuck down the little bits e.g. flaps around the sides. I'm no way an expert, but if you're careful then it shouldn't take too much effort for a pretty good looking result! Anyway, awesome product and would be happy to order again!

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Purchased Blush Marble

Gorgeous on my NS lite... Easy to put on it without using hair dyer! Delivery was smooth and no hiccups... Love your service and the artworks! Hopefully next time have more options in Bright Pink artworks. Thanks!!

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Purchased Of Air And Sea

First skin ever bought on this site, I have eventually updated to another skin. Installation is simple and removal is very clean. I will always return to this site in the future.

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This is my favorite skin by far, just repurchased for my new switch console as well!

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Purchased Nebulosity

I love this skin! It was super easy to install. I like that it has little pieces to cover the game slot and MicroSD card cover so they don't stick out like a sore thumb. It didn't bubble or wrinkle at all like skins I've had for other electronics in the past. It looks great on my turquoise Switch Lite. I would definitely recommend! Thank you for making such a good product!??

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I ordered one when my switch was new a year ago. Absolutely loved the quality of the skins color wise! Last week my switch fell into my couch and smashed my screen a bit. Between my screen protector and having this skin on it they took about 90 precent of the damage. Where my skins were saved my whole system. So I am buying my replacement and wouldn't do any other ones but these!

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Bought it for my niece who my other family members think she is a goth. This skin was perfect for her nintendo switch lite. Design is girly yet not too dark. Now all the kids want skins for their devices.

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Purchased Custom

love the design and the colors!

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Purchased Babydoll Mermaids

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Purchased Custom

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Purchased Milky Way

Very pretty and unusual skin...love it!!

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Purchased Natural Garden

So pretty and matches a yellow console perfectly!

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Purchased Chicks Farm

I have been buying from Decal Girl for years, their skins are simply the best quality on the marked...always fit perfectly. This skin looks SO pretty on my Switch, I love it!

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My boyfriend loves this! We’re definitely ordering from here again!

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Amazing skin!!! Definitely gonna order from here again.

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Purchased Jelly Girl

At first I was a little nervous about putting it on, but it went on so easily and looks amazing!

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Purchased Dragonling

The shipping was faster than expected! I received the skin within less than 9 days (I live in The Netherlands). The material is of excellent quality and the already gorgeous artwork looks superb up close. I absolutely love the looks of it and it suits my grey Switch Lite very well.

about 1 year ago
Purchased Custom

about 1 year ago
Purchased Sonoran Desert

Super pretty and easy to apply. Can't wait to order different designs!

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Purchased Floral Pop

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Purchased Calliope

Good quality and easy to apply.

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I got this for my best friend since me and her just recently got switches and she couldn't be happier. She wanted it to match the skin i got her for her xbox for her birthday and it turned out so cute. The colors are vibrant and the detail is amazing. I talk highly about DecalGirl anytime someone talks about skins and this is the place i go for ALL my devices. If you're thinking about buying from here do it! It's worth the money and they hold up so well.

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I love the look of the skin! The feel is amazing I bought the matte one! But it was kind of hard to put on but that’s probably bc I suck at precision but I hope to buy more from here! Maybe next time I’ll put the skin on a little better :)

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So easy to apply!! So cute!! I got so many compliments!! Got my best friend to order a skin for her switch!

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Perfect addition to my Switch Lite

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Perfect fit love this skin!

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Nice looking skin...appeared to be of good quality

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This skin is beautiful and fits perfectly...love it!!

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The level of detail on the cut outs for the Nintendo Switch Lite skins is what really impressed me. There were a lot of moving peices here, and looking at the decal before peeling it off i was intimidated. Once i got it off though, and began applying to my device, it fit so perfectly that it was really simple to place in the right spots. I was able to pick up and replace parts ( as long as it was prior to me smoothing it out) The custom print turned out great, and I am in love with my new skin. It covers EVERYTHING that isnt a port/button and even the hatches for SD card and Game have their own stickers so they can blend in and be useful at same time. 10 out 5 stars, just a really really great job. I have used DecaLGirl over the years to skin multiple phones, kindles, laptops and numerous gaming devices (DS/PS4). They have yet to fail me, and they always impress me.

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Nintendo Addresses Blue vs. Purple Switch Debate

Nintendo announced a new color option for the Nintendo Switch Lite recently, a welcome addition to the already colorful lineup for the smaller Switch console. In its promotions for the new Switch Lite color, Nintendo called it a "fresh new blue," but not everyone agreed. Sides were formed where many said the Switch was indeed blue while just as many opposing that idea said it wasn't blue but was instead purple. The debate was then featured within a Nintendo Minute video where hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang discussed the color and compared the Switch to other things similar in color like Walugi's outfit and Mario's overalls.

You can check out the video below to see if the hosts are able to sway you one way or another regarding the color of the console. After talking about the new console and unboxing it, the color comparisons begin around three minutes into the video.

The pair appropriately started with Mario's overalls which most people can pretty safely agree are blue. Compared to the Switch, it's not the same blue, of course, but it's close enough to bolster the blue Switch argument.

Then comes Waluigi with his signature purple had and shirt. Again, you could make the case for some similarities, but Walugi and the Switch have less in common than Mario and the console.

The next two candidates, Marth and Captain Falcon, actually closer match the color than the ones before. Marth's described as having a "royal blue" which fits the look of the console while Captain Falcon's purple garb also closely resembles the color.


In the end, the comparisons were all essentially moot anyway since Nintendo officially refers to the console as blue and not purple. That's what you'll have to call it if you're selecting it from a store while you're browsing for the color you want, but once it's yours, we suppose you can call it whatever you want.

This particular Nintendo Switch Lite isn't available just yet. While it is listed on Nintendo's site among the other Switch Lite colors including Turquoise, Gray, Yellow, and Coral, it's not available to purchase right now. It'll start going on sale on May 21st and will be priced at $199.99 just like the other Switch Lite colors.

Sours: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/nintendo-switch-blue-vs-purple-debate/

Purple switch lite

Nintendo Fans Are Debating if the New Switch Lite Color is Blue or Purple

By Katelyn Mitchell Jewett


A newly revealed Nintendo Switch Lite color sparks debate on social media as fans argue whether it should be considered blue or purple.

Today, Nintendo took to Twitter to announce a brand new color for the Switch Lite console. The new design will release on May 21, 2021, in the United States, the same day as the adventure game Miitopia. The European version will debut two weeks earlier on May 7th. It will be sold online and at various retailers for a price of $199.99.

While fan response to the announcement has been generally positive, the new Switch Lite has already sparked some controversy. Some fans are upset that the announcement was related to the Lite, rather than the rumored upcoming new version typically referred to as the "Nintendo Switch Pro." Others started up a debate on social media regarding the nature of the newly announced color - specifically, whether it should be considered blue or purple.

RELATED: Rumor: Insider Reportedly Reveals Nintendo Switch Pro Name

According to a Tweet from Nintendo of America, the new Switch Lite is blue. However, some fans feel that the color is too different from that of the existing blue Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, and should be referred to as purple instead.

Fans have compared the new Switch Lite to several classic Nintendo consoles, including the GameBoy Advance and the GameCube, which featured similar colors that were typically marketed as purple. If that is the case, it would pair well with a fan-made GameCube inspired purple Switch controller.

A Twitter poll hosted by an account called "Nintendo Fans Complaining About Nintendo," which received around two thousand votes, was tied for most of the day before blue began to win out over purple. Others have labeled the color as "indigo," "slate," or "Irish purple." The debate has been compared to a dress that went viral on the Internet in 2015 due to an argument about whether its colors were blue and black or white and gold.

The Nintendo Switch Lite, which launched in September 2019, is a handheld-only version of the Nintendo Switch console. It is more lightweight and is typically available at a lower price when compared to a Switch. Unlike the Switch, which features mix-and-match JoyCon controllers in a variety of colors, the entire Switch Lite console is a single color. Previously released colors include grey, turquoise, yellow, coral, and a limited edition version inspired by the Legendary Pokemon Zacien and Zamazenta from Pokemon Sword and Shield. The console reported high sales throughout 2020.

Fans interested in purchasing a Nintendo Switch Lite should do so sooner rather than later, as there may be a console shortage later in 2021.

Regardless of whether the new Switch Lite is blue or purple, it will be available to purchase on March 21, 2021, for $199.99.

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To continue its anniversary festivities, Atlus announces a new Persona VS physical card game featuring the series' favorite characters.

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[Nintendo Switch Lite Blue] Unboxing and Color Comparison

How to pre-order Nintendo Switch Lite Blue: where to buy it and price

It’s a good time for fans of violet shades as not only has the purple iPhone 12 been released, but now a dark blue Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced – and it’s just about to be released.

Yes while fans are still waiting for any concrete news on the long-rumoured Switch Pro, the launch of the blue edition of the Switch Lite is upon us, delighting long-term Nintendo fans who remember the purple aesthetic of the GameCube and certain editions of the Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-only version of the wildly successful Nintendo Switch, sacrificing the TV dock in favour of a lower price and lightweight portability – but can play all Nintendo Switch games with a handheld mode.

However as with the launch of the Xbox Series X and the still hard-to-find PS5, the blue Nintendo Switch Lite is already sold out at few places – see below on all the info you need to find the console’s new colour, including, release date, price, pre-order links and stock updates.

When is the Nintendo Switch Lite blue version release date?

The Nintendo Switch Lite blue version’s release date is confirmed for 7th May 2021, with Nintendo listing this date on its official website and social media channels. It will join the previously available colours are yellow, coral, grey and turquoise.

Nintendo Switch Lite blue price: How much does it cost?

Nintendo confirmed in a press release and a Tweet (see below) that this new version of the Nintendo Switch Lite, with its snazzy blue look, will be priced at $199.99 USD at launch.

Other colours of the Switch Lite currently cost £199.99 GBP from the Nintendo UK website, with pre-orders later confirming that the UK blue edition will also match the £199.99 price point.  (Nope, Nintendo Switch prices do not seem to take currency exchange rates into account!)

How to pre-order Nintendo Switch Lite in blue

Pre-orders are now live at several retailers with a few places sold out already(!), so we suggest you get in fast. While the Nintendo UK website has been advertising the blue Nintendo Switch Lite there’s no pre-order page, so we expect sales of the console to go live there on the release date of 7th May.

Best places to buy Nintendo Switch Lite in Blue

The following retailers have the blue edition available however – incluing bundles with the likes of Miitopia and Pokemon Snap.

Smyths and Currys PC World also have a page listing for the Nintendo Switch Lite blue but are both already out of stock – it’s worth checking to see if they get any new stock around the launch period.

In the meantime, if you just can’t wait, you could always buy a Turquoise version of the Switch Lite instead. Very currently has them for the discounted price of £193.99, while Amazon has all of the current colours from £188.88. Make sure to check sellers if buying from Amazon!

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch Lite?

The main differences between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite come down to price and tv compatibility. The Nintendo Switch Lite does not come with a dock to let you play your games on your TV screen, and the controllers aren’t detachable to allow you for splitscreen multiplayer fun. However, you’re still able to play all the big Nintendo Switch games for under £200, and is easily portable due to being lightweight – perfect for those always on the move or on a budget. It also comes with more colour options, with five snazzy choices available.

The main Nintendo Switch often retails for about £80 more, but comes with a dock allowing the console to output to a TV in full HD resolution. The Switch’s controllers are also detachable joy-cons which are perfect for local multiplayer gaming at home, with joy-cons available in special Zelda and Fortnite editions. Ideal for those who prefer a big-screen experience, or intend to have friends round to play.

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Sours: https://www.radiotimes.com/technology/gaming/nintendo-switch-lite-blue-pre-order-price-where-to-buy/

Now discussing:

Wait, what colour is the new Nintendo Switch Lite?

Nintendo fans have been eagerly awaiting a new hardware announcement for a while now – but the company's latest release might not be quite when they were expecting. Rather than the anticipated Switch Pro, Ninty has gifted us a new colour for the Switch Lite. But users are torn over what said colour actually is.

Officially, it's blue. That's what Nintendo is calling it, anyway. Announced yesterday on Twitter (below), the blue Switch Lite is available on 7 May, and it joins the current line up of grey, yellow, turquoise and pink. (If you're ready to start gaming, check out our best Nintendo Switch deals.)

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But many fans have pointed out that the new colour looks rather similar to some past Nintendo products, namely the original Gamecube and Game Boy Advance. Both of which were, erm, purple. Indeed, many are suggesting that the 'blue' Switch Lite actually looks more like purple – and yep, we can see it.

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Others, meanwhile, disagree – particularly when it comes to the GameCube. While the new Switch does look pretty similar in colour to the original Game Boy Advance (above), the GameCube is arguably more purple.

See more

Anyway, back to the new Switch. Is it blue or is it purple? (Or is it really, like everyone's favourite dress, white and gold?) Thankfully, Nintendo Life has already taken it upon itself to run some highly scientific tests, aka exploring the hex code of the colour, and has concluded that the new Switch is in fact closer to indigo. Which, incidentally, is exactly what Nintendo called the colour of the original GameCube. (Coincidence? We think... maybe.)

Well, the new Switch Lite has certainly got people talking, and offered a welcome distraction while we wait for the Switch Pro (which sounds incredible) to finally drop. If you don't fancy waiting, check out today's best Nintendo Switch deals below.

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Sours: https://www.creativebloq.com/news/nintendo-switch-lite-blue

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