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What garage can hold the most cars in GTA 5?

What garage can hold the most cars in GTA 5?

How many can it hold? Your CEO executive garage can hold 20 vehicles per level purchased, and there’s 3 in total. You can also buy 6 apartments w 10 car garages at Eclipse Towers, giving you 60 spaces there.

Is the CEO garage worth it?

Definitely not worth the expense unless you’re really into vehicles. You’ll be paying for a pretty garage and that’s it. You also cannot trade in other apartments/garages to offset the cost of the CEO garage.

How many cars can a CEO garage hold?

60 vehicles

Can I sell my CEO garage?

UPDATE: You can’t get rid of the garages, even if you buy a new office. You actually want to sell a property and get back some of your hard earned money? Don’t be silly. Nope.

Is the custom auto shop worth it?

What are the advantages of them? Yes, they are worth it. You can have Benny’s and Los Santos customs without having to go on the garages. But if you don’t have good ways to grinding, you should wait until you have other stuff (a heli, an amoured car, etc.)

Can you sell garages in GTA 5?

While there is no explicit way of selling properties like Garages in GTA Online, players can indeed swap them out and buy others in their place. Only apartments and garages can be traded in, and businesses cannot be sold in GTA Online.

Do office garages transfer?

Yes they transfer. Arcadius has a prettier entrance/aesthetic but it’s a fidget spinner.

Are all office garages the same?

The garages are the same price for all offices. If a player decides to move to a new office, the garage(s) will become available at the new building.

What happens if I buy a new CEO office?

What you’ll lose: ALL office upgrades – accommodation, gun locker, safe and decor (50% rebate given upon trade-in, plus 50% trade in for the purchase price of your existing office)

Does the maze Bank West have a garage?

Office Garages are available to buy with the respective CEO Office. Option to purchase up to 3 garages with space for 20 Vehicles each (for up to 60 Vehicles).

How much money do you get from Maze Bank West?

Maze Bank West – $1,000,000. Arcadius Business Center – $2,250,000. Lombank West – 3,100,000.

Is maze Bank West a CEO office?

A player can become a CEO in GTA Online after they have purchased an Executive Office. Here are some of the offices that can be used to become a CEO in GTA 5 : Maze Bank West – $1,000,000. Arcadius Business Center – $2,250,000.

How many garages can you own in GTA 5?

3 Office Garages

How much does a 60 car garage cost in GTA 5?

They cost between 1,5$m-2,something$m. Go to the Dynasty Real Estate, click on your building then a garage icon will pop out to the side of the dot on the map.

What is the best garage in GTA?

Best garage to buy in GTA Online If you want a two-car garage to store a fast car and maybe even a motorcycle, Unit 124 on Popular Street is the game’s cheapest garage at $25,000. The nearby Unit 2 on Popular Street holds 10 cars, by contrast, and goes for $142,500 normally; it’s on sale for $85,500 as of this writing.

Can you move vehicles between garages?

Apart from calling your mechanic for a car outside the garage you want to transfer it to, no. But you can only do this in between driving them yourself (or simply waiting) due to the mechanic cool down timer. If you have access to a cargobob you can pick one up and fly it over to the new garage.

Can you sell property GTA V?

If you are looking to sell a property, the only way you can currently do it is by purchasing a different property to replace it. It may not be the most straightforward way to manage your assets, but GTA currently does not make it possible to directly sell any property.

Can you move your cars around in GTA 5?

User Info: 7101334. Just get them from your office assistant, then move them to the garage. Easy.

How do I change my personal vehicle in GTA V?

If you steal a vehicle and pay to have it modified, or just store it in your garage, the game attaches a little flag to it in the vehicles data. These vehicles becomes yours. They can be modified and if they get abandoned will (usually) appear in a police impound lot.

How do I get rid of cars in GTA 5?

4 Answers

  1. If your car is worth less than $50k you will be able to sell it to Los Santos Customs and get rid of it permanently that way.
  2. If the car exceeds that worth you can replace it with another car when your garage is filled completely.


Which GTA Online property has the biggest garage?

GTA Online's office garages are properties with the largest vehicle capacity in the garage.

Of course, that statement only applies to players who purchase all garage floors. Still, individual GTA Online office garage floors can have up to 20 vehicles. The closest competitor is the Nightclub, which has a vehicle capacity of 36. Otherwise, office garages dwarf all other properties when it comes to vehicle capacity.

These additional garages aren't cheap, either. The first floor costs $1,150,000, whereas the second and third cost $855,000 and $745,000, respectively. Players need to spend $2,750,000 to get the most extensive garage in GTA Online. If one purchases all three floors, they will find that they now have a vehicle capacity of 60 (20 per floor).

Which GTA Online property has the biggest garage?

A player purchasing an office garage in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Any office should suffice when it comes to buying additional garage floors in GTA Online. The maximum vehicle capacity of 60 is gargantuan compared to most other garages. By comparison, the best standalone garages have a capacity of 10. Here are the vehicle capacities of the other properties:

  • 36 (Nightclub)
  • 31 (Arena Workshop)
  • 12 (Facility)
  • 10 (Auto Shop)
  • 10 (Arcades)
  • 10 (Penthouse)
  • 10 motorcycles only (MC Clubhouse)
  • 10 (High-end apartments)

A few other properties have a vehicle capacity of less than 10.

How to purchase additional garages

Use a phone or a computer to open up the internet in GTA Online. Click the on-screen items in the following order:

  1. Dynasty 8 Executive
  2. Enter Site
  3. An office property (the one the player should own)
  4. Buy from: $1,150,000
  5. Office Garage 2
  6. Buy Garage
  7. Office Garage 3
  8. Buy Garage
  9. (Optional) Any Custom Auto Shop
  10. Buy $2,750,000 (more if the Custom Auto Shop is included)

The GTA Online player should now have the largest possible garage in the game. As individual garage floors have a vehicle capacity of 20, this garage has a maximum vehicle capacity of 60.

Minor notes about office garages

A player's office garage (Image via Rockstar Games)

Also Read

The bottom level of these garages stores six cars, whereas the following two levels store seven. All three garages feature the same layout. There is also a daily fee of $50 per garage ($150 in total).

The Custom Auto Shop doesn't store vehicles, but it allows GTA Online players to customize them. It's nigh identical to Benny's Original Motor Works and Los Santos Customs in this regard. The main difference is that players cannot sell vehicles or add explosives to them.

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One that can fit a Sandking and is in a good location. Thanks

4470-4377-8516 - Aiden

Are you serious? Is this a joke?
And if it's not a joke and you are serious then all the 10 car garages are the same and they all fit sandkings.

Eclipse Towers, and then the one at the airport are great to have as a setup. Covers both sides of the city, the view is nice at the towers and to have a high end heist apartment, and the garage by the airport is only a garage which makes it cheap, is next to the airport and the helipad and is milliseconds away from a mod shop

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All of the 10-car garages are exactly the same. Just pick out a nice location on the map and pick a 10-car garage.

A particularly convenient location is a 10-car garage near the Airport, the second cheapest 10-car garage in the game at a paltry $112,500.

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LivingInPapaya posted...
All of the 10-car garages are exactly the same. Just pick out a nice location on the map and pick a 10-car garage.

A particularly convenient location is a 10-car garage near the Airport, the second cheapest 10-car garage in the game at a paltry $112,500.

Inactully bought this purely for the location for my second apartment. Would highly recommend it if you have pegasus vehicles.

These minor spelling errors were brought to you by an ipad having no real feedback to enable me to know when i mistype and my own laziness.

Ghostman0n3rd posted...
Are you serious? Is this a joke?
And if it's not a joke and you are serious then all the 10 car garages are the same and they all fit sandkings.

The Sandking scrapes its roof on some garage entrances when exiting.


The best garage location is Alta Street #57.

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Ghostman0n3rd posted...

Are you serious? Is this a joke?
And if it's not a joke and you are serious then all the 10 car garages are the same and they all fit sandkings.

Del Perro doesnt fit a Sandking. Mother hits the roof HARD going into it. Scratches it all up when I drive it out, have to call for it.

Also location is a BIG thing. For example, I wouldnt EVER live in Eclipse. Location is awful and always crowded with jerks. Richards Majestic and Weazel are my favorite houses with 10 cars. As for 10 car garages theres 2 by the airport but I hate that location. Also theres three over by the Eastern LSC above the docks (around 130k-150k costs). Gonna trade in my second house at Del Perro for one of those three locations soon.

I love weazel tower specifically for the garage. I had one house with a garage that the sandkings roof scrapes then I got weazel tower n have been happy since.

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thanks ill get one at the airport. I already live in tinsel towers

4470-4377-8516 - Aiden


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