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39 Beautiful DIY Canvas Painting Ideas for Your Home

You don’t have to be an art student or a famous painter to create beautiful wall art. Canvas painting is truly for all skill levels and the supply list is short too. From beach scenes to abstract designs, you can create pieces that look chic and professional.

To get you started, we’ve compiled the following list DIY canvas painting ideas. Look through the photos to determine which ones match the style of your room and home. Find inspiration to create your own custom canvas masterpiece. This unique wall art you create will be a stunning addition to your home’s wall decor.

1. Abstract Quote Canvas

Find a quote that speaks to you and stencil the letters on pieces of tape. Adhere the letters to your canvas. Choose a mix of paint colors and paint them on the canvas in large strokes. When you remove the tape, you&#;ll end up with a beautiful canvas that inspires you with its message.

2. Splash Art

Cover a canvas with paint so that it’s one solid color, then splatter vibrant colors across the surface. Create this DIY project outside to ensure the paint doesn’t splatter on anything valuable in your home.

3. Pixel Painting

Design a pixelated pattern by creating a grid of colors that are the same hue. Draw equal-sized squares across the surface of your canvas, then paint each square a slightly different tone. Your professional-looking painting can be hung in a living room, bedroom or office.

4. Geometric Canvas

Create a vertically lined canvas for your home or office. Use a pencil and yardstick to outline your design, then fill each space with complimentary paints like teal, aquamarine and white.

5. Puffy Paint Lettering

Make your DIY canvas a 3D art piece. Choose an inspiring phrase or quote and add it to your canvas with puffy paint. Make sure the paint has dried for 24 hours before hanging.

6. Cut-It-Out Canvas

Paint the surface of a blank canvas with watercolor or acrylic paints. Cut letters to a word or phrase out of contact paper, then adhere it to the canvas for a two-toned masterpiece.

7. Twinkling Canvas

Give your artwork extra flair by installing battery-operated lights. Your DIY canvas can twinkle during the holiday or throughout the whole year.

8. Simple Metallic Accent Art

Two-toned art is easy to create. Paint your canvas a solid color, like red or blue, then brush metallic paint on half of the canvas to create stylish, modern art.

9. DIY Ocean Painting

Bring the coastline right to your living room or bedroom. Brush your canvas evenly with blues and greens for a simple ocean painting.

Pinwheel Painting

For a trendy, modern look, create a pinwheel DIY canvas. Outline each triangular section first, then paint each portion a different color. Randomize the colors to make it appear natural.

Kid-friendly Love Art

Pull out the finger paints for this kid-friendly DIY canvas project. Stencil letters to spell the word &#;love&#; or &#;home&#; and let the creativity begin.

Farmhouse Flower

Floral images are some of the simplest objects to paint. Start with a flower such as a daisy or tulip. Add more to make a bouquet or keep it simplistic with just a few.

Hand Painted Monogram

Decorate a canvas with a festive design and a single letter for monogram art. Draw your design first with a pencil then choose a color of paint that will match the other decor in the room.

Yarn Art

Looking for creative canvas ideas? Consider making yarn art. Your pieces can be painted in multiple colors like yellow, blue and green. Create a collection and hang them in your living room or hallway for a gallery feel.

Gold Chevron Painting

Recreate this professional-looking artwork with painters&#; tape and acrylic paint. Make your chevron design in metallic paints or choose a rich color like navy or hunter green.

Simple Signature Art

DIY canvas art doesn&#;t have to be complicated. Cover a canvas with a single color, then paint on a quote and simple image, like mountains, trees or hearts.

DIY Herringbone Canvas

Add stylish decor to your bedroom or dining room with a colorful herringbone canvas. Create this piece in just a couple of hours with acrylic paint, sponges and painter&#;s tape.

Love-themed Watercolor

With pink and red as your color scheme, design watercolor art that bursts with love. Stencil on a quote or lyric from a favorite song for extra meaning.

Ombre Canvas Quotes

To create this look, paint the blank canvas gradually with more paint and color to create an ombre appearance. Add quotes about gratitude or love to personalize your piece.

Beach Inspired Art

Layer your canvas with blue tones to resemble flowing water. Paint on a phrase or keep it simply nautical.

Painted Roses

Choose a favorite flower, like roses or lilies, to paint on your canvas. Incorporate details like leaves and stems to make it as life-like as possible.

Holiday Canvas

Dress your home up for the holidays with a festive DIY canvas. Keep it simple with a single color background and contrasting letters.

Striped Canvas Art

Decorate your walls in simple and modern style with striped canvases. Choose colors that match your other decor, whether that&#;s green, blue or purple.

Spray Paint Art

Art should be enjoyable to create. Have fun filling the blank space on your canvas with spray paint. Mix traditional colors with metallics for a shiny finish.

DIY Kid Canvas

Involve the kids in a fun DIY canvas project on a rainy day or Saturday morning. Pull out a range of colored paints to form patterns of circles, stripes, and polka dots.

Ombre Art

By gradually intensifying the color across a canvas, you can create the ombre effect. Choose calming colors like green and blue for a relaxing ambience.

Abstract Fluid Painting

Boost the mood in your bedroom or guest room with stunning abstract art. Try fluid painting to recreate this piece that guests will mistake as professional.

Vintage Style Canvases

Find a photograph—like one of a childhood home or favorite outdoor spot—that you&#;d like to turn into a painting. Blur your lines and colors for a vintage feel.

State Canvas Art

Whether it&#;s your home state or the place you studied at in college, design artwork that sparks fond memories. Draw the outline for your state in advance, then paint a two-toned piece. Add dots or hearts to mark special towns and cities.

Stenciled Painting

Fill a canvas with stencil shapes—like circles and diamonds—then paint each piece in a random color. Build blank space into your design for balance.

All-white Art

DIY canvas paintings don&#;t need an overabundance of color. Try an all-white art piece, complete with an inspiring quote and image.

Dandelion Painting

Keep your DIY canvas project simple. Paint a dandelion on a pastel background of green or light pink. Hang your floral decor in your bathroom or guest bedroom.

Splatter Painting

Splash a canvas with bright colors like orange and pink. Throw on as much paint as you want. This DIY canvas can be hung in your living room, bedroom or basement.

Simple Quote Art

Incorporate several fonts for a lovely quote canvas. Choose a color scheme, like grey and white, for cohesion.

Wrapping Paper Artwork

Stretch pieces of wrapping paper across a canvas as the foundation for your artwork. Paint over the wrapping paper with metallic paints to accent your design.

Modern Contrast Canvas

If you want wall ideas that look professional, consider painting a canvas in a contemporary design. Use bright colors, like orange or red, to make the wall piece pop.

Large Canvas Art

Cover a large canvas with a neutral background color. Choose a simple, abstract design so you can be creative—without having to worry about minor details or perfect symmetry.

Inspirational Art

Brighten your walls with art that inspires you. Paint vibrant colors on a canvas, then add a simple image and phrase using black paint.

Cheery Sunflowers

Practice your painting skills with a simple floral design like a sunflower. Frame your artwork for your bathroom or bedroom.

Resources Related to DIY Canvas Painting Ideas

With a few canvas ideas in mind, create artwork that will look beautiful on your walls. Hand-painted pieces are often kept as keepsakes and handed down for generations. Design custom home decor to accent your new statement piece canvas painting.


The Best Painting Ideas for Kids to Try

This collection of painting ideas for kids will inspire fun and creativity! There are ideas for kids of all ages, seasonal projects, and holiday art, you are sure to find one (or more!) that your kids will want to try. 

Below you will find acrylic and watercolor painting projects that use fun and unique techniques kids will love to explore and create with. We have tried painting with q-tips, cotton balls, and forks, tried different types of easy watercolor techniques and they have all been a lot of fun to experiment with! 

If you are looking for more art projects to try, take a look at our ultimate collection of amazing art projects for kids!

Awesome painting ideas for kids of all ages! Click to find fun and unique painting techniques for holidays, seasons or any time that kids will love!

There are so many wonderful painting ideas below I hope you find lots of inspiration! I have separated the projects into seasons and holidays. The first section has painting ideas you can do any time of the year!

Simple Pointillism for Kids Art project

This pointillism for kids art project is fun for all ages! Try q-tip painting to create colorful art inspired by the famous artist Georges Seurat. Kids will love creating their own masterpiece!

The Best Beginner Watercolor Supplies for Kids

These beginner watercolor supplies will provide kids with everything they need to get started creating amazing watercolor paintings! Learn about everything you need to get started with watercolors.

Northern Lights Watercolor Painting for Kids

These easy watercolor techniques produce magical results! Using a few very simple watercolor techniques involving wet paper and salt was all it took to create these beautiful Northern Lights paintings.

Spring Painting Projects

Use all of the beautiful colors of spring with the painting ideas below! There are lots of flower painting ideas, spring landscapes, and more.

Easy Spring Trees Painting with Bundled Q-Tips

Bright green leaves on trees, light blue skies, and colorful wildflowers all come together to make this gorgeous spring trees painting! I love the texture the bundled q-tips create, it’s a great tool that makes creating this art project a breeze.

Field of Tulips Q-tip Painting

This field of tulips q-tip painting is such a fun art project for kids to create. If you have been lucky enough to visit a tulip festival, you will know how vibrant and colorful the endless fields of tulips are.

Easy Watercolor Flowers for Kids to Make

These easy watercolor flowers are a fun and colorful art project for kids of all ages! An excellent beginner watercolor project using easy techniques. Free printable template included.

Easter Art for Kids

Take a look below for fun Easter painting ideas! There are adorable bunny paintings using different techniques and creative easter egg art projects.

Process Art Scrape Painting with Bunny Silhouettes

We took scrape painting process art and turned it into a super fun (and messy!) bunny art project that is perfect for spring or Easter. It was fun to see the patterns that the paint made when we scraped our paper, each one turned out different.

Easy Painted Easter Egg Rocks for Kids

These Easter egg rocks were so easy to make and make such a fun painting project for kids! They would look beautiful as part of your Easter decor, in your garden or you could even hide them outside as part of a fun non-candy Easter egg hunt.

The Cutest Easter Bunny Painting for Kids to Make

I love the different perspective of the bunny on an angle and looking up at the colorful Easter eggs. A great multimedia art project that will have kids painting with acrylics, using a watercolor resist technique and drawing with sharpies. 

Colorful Q-tip Easter Egg Painting

A fun q-tip Easter egg painting idea! Kids of all ages will have fun dotting on different patterns with q-tips to make this colorful art project. Free printable template included.

Mother&#;s Day Painting Ideas

Make mom or grandma a special card or gift with the ideas below! There are great ideas for kids of all ages.

3D Flower Mother&#;s Day Card Craft

This Mother’s Day card craft is a beautiful art project kids can make for their moms or grandmas for Mother’s Day. These cards use coffee filters and a fun watercolor technique to create the background.

Summer Painting Projects for Kids

Take a look below for some great summer painting ideas that include rock painting, q-tip painting, watercolors, and more! Choose a project or two and spend a summer afternoon being creative and having fun.

Colorful Q-tip Painted Dragonfly Craft

We love q-tip painting and this dragonfly craft was so fun to make! Using q-tips is a very relaxing way to paint and it’s great for working on fine motor skills.

Orange Tree Cotton Ball Painting

We love cotton ball painting. It’s such a fun painting activity for kids of all ages, both my kids love it and so do I! This orange tree painting turned out great, I love the bright green colors and the pop of orange.

Easy Marbled Seashell Art for Kids

This seashell art is so fun and easy, kids will love creating gorgeous marbled seashells with their beach treasures. This summer craft will have kids engaged, using their creativity and having fun.

Spin Painting Canada Day Craft

Spin painting is probably one of my kid’s favorite art activities and this Canada Day craft using spin painting was so much fun to do! We had fun using different color combinations and squeezing out the paint in different ways to try and make unique patterns.

Father&#;s Day Painting ideas

Make dad or grandpa a thoughtful gift or card for Father's Day!

Fall Painting for Kids

Celebrate fall with all of the gorgeous colors of the season! Below you will find fun autumn painting ideas using creative techniques kids will love.

Autumn Tree Painting with Cotton Balls

I love fall and all of the gorgeous colors that come with the season and this autumn tree painting with cotton balls is a wonderful fall craft that kids of all ages will enjoy. The cotton balls give the leaves a fluffy texture and are a fun way for kids to paint.

Easy Leaf Printing on Rocks Autumn Craft

This leaf printing on rocks art project is such a fun and easy fall craft that kids will love. We used beautiful fall colors to paint our rocks and edged them in gold for an extra special touch.

Fall Tree Painting with Bundled Q-tips

Kids will have fun making this fall tree painting art project using bundled q-tips! Free printable tree template included making this fall craft perfect for kids of all ages.

Apple Tree Painting with Cotton Balls

Kids will love painting with cotton balls to create this apple tree painting that is adaptable for kids of all ages! Printable branch template is included.

Beautiful Watercolor Poppy Art Kids can Make

This watercolor poppy art is such a fun and easy art project for kids. This watercolor spider web art is so fun and colorful. Kids will love making this easy Halloween and fall art project!A great Remembrance Day craft or fall flower art project. Printable template included.

Easy Q-tip Painted Pumpkins for Kids

These q-tip painted pumpkins are absolutely adorable! They make such an easy and colorful fall craft for kids of all ages. A great Thanksgiving centerpiece idea that kids can make themselves.

Halloween Painting for Kids

There are lots of fun Halloween painting ideas below kids of all ages will enjoy! Try pumpkin spin painting or a spooky bat art project.

Spooky Halloween Silhouette Art Project for Kids

This Halloween silhouette art project is a fun and spooky idea that kids will love! Kids will learn easy watercolor techniques and add their own creative touches to make each painting unique.

Halloween Art Project with 3D Paper Bats

A full moon, spooky Halloween sky and flying bats come together to make this awesomely spooky Halloween art project! I just love how the bats pop off the paper in this painting to give it a 3D element.

Winter Painting for Kids

There are so many beautiful winter colors to use and creative painting techniques below for kids to try!

Winter Tree Painting with Cotton Balls

This winter tree painting with cotton balls is a fun and easy winter craft that kids of all ages can enjoy. I love the fluffy snow texture that the cotton balls create on the branches and the contrast of the black branch and white snow against the blue sky.

Winter Scrape Painting with Narwhal Printable

This winter scrape painting activity is so fun and a super easy process art activity that kids will have fun creating. Using a narwhal shape and icy winter colors put a new twist on one of our favorite process art activities.

Snowflake Watercolor Winter Art

I love how wintery and icy these watercolor winter art paintings turned out! We used simple and fun watercolor techniques that kids of all ages can do and get amazing results.

Christmas Art Projects for Kids

There are so many creative Christmas painting ideas below that kids will love to make! Try painting a multimedia Christmas tree or make some beautiful watercolor Christmas cards.

Mixed Media Christmas Tree Art Project

This Christmas tree painting was so fun! This is a wonderful art project for kids to create and explore blending colors and using some fun techniques, like painting with q-tips, which kids will love. 

Colorful Kid Made Christmas Cards with Coffee Filters

I love how colorful and sparkly these kid made Christmas cards turned out. Coffee filters are a fun craft supply to use because they are so versatile and using them with watercolors is a fun way for kids to explore mixing colors.

Valentine&#;s Day Art Projects

There are so many fun painting ideas for Valentine's Day! Take a look below to find painting ideas using acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media. There are also some Valentine's card ideas that kids will love!

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If you’re looking for easy things to paint, grab these canvas ideas for beginners. All of these are achievable for the newbie artist.

Skills Required: None. If you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before, these projects will be a great place to start. They are all canvases and leave a lot of room for error (ie., they will still look good).

Easy Things to Paint

When I was in second grade, I started taking painting classes (thank you mom!). I remember one of the first things I painted, and I was excited: my Cabbage Patch Kid named Sarah.

I remember sitting back from my first canvas and thinking, “that doesn’t like the doll at all.” I was 8. I was disappointed.

I’m pretty hard on myself when I start a new craft or hobby, and I bet a lot of you are too. So before we even get started, I want to encourage you not to do that.

That’s why we’re starting with easy things to paint . . . because you’re more than likely new to it. It’s more than okay to not like what you make, and to let the canvas dry and then paint right over it. Sure we all want to be successful the first time.

But sometimes we’re not.

So just keep that in mind as you move along in your journey. Don’t give up, and allow yourself room to make mistakes. Do it for me!

Simple Things to Paint

Before we dive into the projects for beginners, let me answer a few questions I always get about painting. If you’re ready to go to the ideas, just scroll past them. But perhaps the answers below will help you too.

What paint should I use?

If you’re asking for my advice, I definitely recommend craft paint. It’s inexpensive, it’s easy to use, and there’s just about every color of the rainbow available. My favorite brands are FolkArt or Martha Stewart.

You can graduated to the fine art section/acrylics and oil based paints later. Start in the craft section and you won’t worry as much about blowing your budget on supplies.

What objects can I paint on?

My philosophy is that anything is a canvas: paper, stone, metal, glass, wood, fabric, and of course actual canvas. If you’re not sure, do a test. Just a dab. You’ll know if it’s going to work or not, trust me.

What to paint when you don’t know what to paint?

Don’t stress out too much about this. Flowers are easy, as are abstracts. Honestly, that’s where I’d begin. Sometimes you just need to start, and then you get more inspired as you go.

What should a beginner painter buy?

There’s no need to go crazy out of the gate. I would start with decent brushes from Michaels, a palette, and a water basin. You can add to your supplies as you get more comfortable with your new hobby.

Are you ready to see the canvas ideas? Scroll down!

DIY Abstract Art Canvas

Photo Credit: Ashley Sturgill

Ashley shows you exactly how to blend the colors to achieve this abstract painting that anyone can make. The addition of gold takes it over the edge!

Gray Skies Paint Chip Canvas

Photo Credit:

I love the look of paint chips, and this trendy canvas incorporates the look! The hues of blues and gray is my fave.

DIY Birch Tree Art

Photo Credit: Alexis Middleton

Making your own beautiful DIY birch tree art is easy with this step by step tutorial. No special artistic skills or painting experience required! 

Simple Paint Scrape Art

Photo Credit: Holly Wade

This canvas art is so easy it's almost not even fair. You don't even need a paintbrush! All you need is a scraper. I'd try scraping, letting it dry, and then doing it again several times in the same design.

A Painted Bird's Nest

Photo Credit:

Learn how to create a simple, easy-to-paint bird’s nest and egg! The background looks complicated but guess what - it's Mod Podged.

White Cherry Blossom Tree

Photo Credit: Amanda Formaro

This is one of those projects where you get to use sponges to help you with the painting and fading. Amanda walks you completely through the process to layer your way to this tree on canvas.

Desert Golden Hour

Photo Credit: Tracie Kiernan

Learn to paint a simple sunset background with three different cacti in the landscape. This is a very easy beginner friendly painting!

How To Paint Clouds the Easy Way

Photo Credit: Jasmine Khinda

In this tutorial you'll learn how to paint clouds without a single paintbrush! This fool-proof technique uses cotton swabs and is relaxing to paint. Video included for visual learners.

15 Minute Ocean Scene

Photo Credit: Melanie Artz

if you’re super busy like me and are looking for a quick way to get your artistic juices flowing, here’s a super easy and fun DIY painting tutorial on how you can create your own ocean scene in about 15 minutes.

Create Painted Canvas

Photo Credit: Mandy Beyeler

I'll be honest - using vinyl as a stencil is one of the easiest ways to paint a canvas. And I'm completely in. You'll have fun with the brushstrokes on the edges of this project.

Bird and Birdhouse Dimensional Canvas

Photo Credit:

Sweet birds (made with a pattern) perch around a painted birdhouse with added dimension. The use of a decorative metal accent makes it interesting.

DIY Pixel Painting

Photo Credit: Amanda Wright

Feel like you can't paint something realistically? Why not try painting it in pixels? This is a great idea that can be scaled to wall art large and small.

Paint Chip from a Canvas

If you want to make sure you have a unique canvas project as part of your decor, check out this easy paint chip art made with Mod Podge.

DIY Pour Painting

Photo Credit: Kimberly Coffin

This project is just about foolproof. You'll use pour paint from Jo-Ann and a little creativity to get some very unique artwork.

Modern Number Art

Photo Credit: Anu

The simplicity of this art as well as the size make it a pretty cool customer. Pick a date, and colors, that jive with your decor.

Make Canvas Wall Art with Glue

Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls

This is the easiest canvas wall art project you’ll ever make – all you
need is some glue and your favorite paint color. Customize with any
saying you like!

DIY Herringbone Art

Photo Credit: Lexi

What if I told you that you could decorate a canvas by peeling painter's tape? You can, and it's probably one of the coolest effects I've seen for something so easy to paint.

Easy DIY Wall Art Painted Canvas

Photo Credit: Cristina Riches

If you want something big, abstract, and eye catching to hang as a focal point - this brushstroke technique is undeniably cool. I love thinking about this in a palette of blues for yours truly.

A Modern Sunflower

Photo Credit:

An easy-to-create graduated color background is a perfect backdrop for modern painted sunflowers.

DIY Acrylic Pouring Wall Art

Photo Credit: Stephanie Abbott

If you're looking for easy things to paint, this will be a fave. You get to use a hair dryer to make a really cool effect, and there's no right or wrong with the results.

Easy Watercolor Flowers

Photo Credit: Linda Smith

Ever wanted to learn how to make watercolor flowers? It’s easy! This video tutorial will show you how to make easy and gorgeous watercolor flowers.

Fall Canvas Stenciled with Leaves

Photo Credit: Jessica Anderson

I love unique autumn crafts, and this fall canvas project definitely
qualifies! Use spray paint and leaves to make fun, seasonal wall art.

'LOVE' Lit Canvas Sign

Photo Credit: Lindsay Viker

Guess what looks good with a painted canvas? Lighting the little bigger up! This is a fun way to add some pizzazz to a cool painting technique.

How to Paint a Butterfly

Photo Credit: Andreja Vu&#;ajnk

Learn how to paint an abstract butterfly on canvas with this step by step how to paint a butterfly acrylic painting lesson for kids, beginners and first time painters.

Anthropologie Pointillism Knock Off

Photo Credit: Holly Lengner

What costs $ from a popular store becomes less than $10 - and doesn't take any skill to paint! Looks great too.

Paint by Numbers From a Photo

Photo Credit: Lindsay Ponta

Learn how to create a custom paint by number template and transfer it to canvas to make your own DIY paint by numbers wall art — special app not required!

DIY Ombre Canvas Art

Photo Credit: Joanne Loh

A cool project for a blank canvas! Using basic craft supplies, you can create this ombre, faded look with geometric cut-outs. Great for kids’ rooms.

Paint a Galaxy Night Sky

Photo Credit: Jasmine Khinda

This tutorial (including a full length video) will show you, step-by-step, how to paint an easy galaxy night sky – zero painting skills required! And the secret is in a simple tool that Jasmine shares with you in the post.

Canvas Silhouettes the Easy Way

Photo Credit: Christina Williams

One thing that's always fun to create is silhouettes using a variety of colors. Christina has the way to do it while keeping those crisp edges on your lines.

Sunset with Hot Air Balloons

Photo Credit: Tracie Kiernan

Learn how to paint a sunset with hot air balloon silhouettes afloat in the sky over a tree line.

String Art on Canvas

Photo Credit: Angela Paris

If you like string art projects, you’ll love this creative twist for making a string art on canvas wall hanging. This is one of those easy things to paint that's great for adults and kids!

Lavender in Acrylics

Photo Credit: Jasmine Khinda

Learn how to paint lavender in acrylics using basic acrylic paints and cotton swabs! The background is especially easy peasy.

Stenciled Botanicals on Canvas

Photo Credit: Amanda Formaro

Add some pretty botanicals to your wall with this easy stenciled botanicals on canvas project! Use whichever colors you'd like to fit your decor.

Simple Flower Jar

Photo Credit: Cinnamon Cooney

This colorful canvas art is perfect for spring, and I love the loose nature of the mason jar and flowers.

Easy Spring Flowers on Canvas

Photo Credit: Cinnamon Cooney

Learn how to use a variety of brushes in this free art project from The Art Sherpa. I love the simple painted background, and creating the flowers is a matter of brushstrokes.

Heart Wall Art Made with Tiles

Photo Credit: Pretty Life Girls

Create this unique heart wall art with basic hexagon tiles found at the
hardware store. Make any design with your favorite colors. So easy!


Want to create something with a blank canvas? Try one of these easy canvas painting ideas, perfect for beginning artists and a great way to start with acrylics.

No need to feel intimidated, painting with acrylic paint is not scary at all! The paint is inexpensive and mostly washable. It blends and mixes nicely, and is a lot of fun to play with!

I’ve written an extensive post on how to get started painting with acrylics on canvas. I share all my supplies and links, plus all the tips I’ve learned along the way.

Self Taught Artists

I am definitely a self-taught artist. Back in college, a friend let me paint with her oil paints and I was hooked. I loved watching the colors mix and blend and morph into awesome abstract paintings.

Later, I learned that acrylic paints are just as fun, and a tiny fraction of the hassle. They dry in a reasonable amount of time, the brushes wash clean with just water and they cost a lot less.

Painting with acrylics is perfect for beginners and self taught artists.

ideas for painting on canvas

Step by Step Acrylic Painting Tutorials

Some people want a step by step tutorial, and other people just want ideas to get their juices flowing. I am definitely the latter, but sometimes it is nice to learn new techniques by watching someone.

Below, I have linked up over 20 EASY acrylic painting tutorials on YouTube. I picked beautiful projects, ones that I would (and plan to!) try to re-create to hang in my own home.

More Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

I thought I would also include examples of some of the easy canvas paintings I’ve created in the past. They’re all incredibly simple, and most of them were really quick (and satisfying!) projects.

Mark Rothko inspired

Mark Rothko was an influential American abstract painter in the ’s’s. His signature style is basically abstract rectangles of color. I fell in love with his art when I was in college, and only can dream about owning a real piece by him someday, as they run in the millions!

But his style is fun and relatively simple to replicate. Choose a few shades and paint some rectangles! The edges are never perfect, and the rectangles can butt right up to each other, or be spaced out, as I have done.

Sunrise/Sunset over ocean

Sunrise and sunset paintings are always fun, and painting them as an ocean scene makes for a lovely warm/cool color contrast. These are easy paintings to do, just do a gradient of warm colors for the sky, and then blues for the ocean.

I once heard in a painting tutorial that there is a barely visible red line at the edge of the horizon, so I made sure to add that in here, along with a dark, dark blue line directly below it.

Desert Sunset with black cactus

Silhouette paintings can be a lot of fun to create, and sunsets and the desert are perfect subjects for it! This painting is created by using yellow, red and blue acrylic paints, and blending them together to make a sunset. Once it has dried, using black paint, create a horizon with mountains, and a few cactus in the foreground and background. Easy!

Layered Mountains

To continue with the desert vibes, to create a painting similar to this, all you need to do is decide on a palette of colors. I chose red oxide for the mountains and yellow ochre for the sky. To create the layered mountain look, begin by painting the sky, then adding the mountain in the back with the lightest shade, and adding in layers of mountains in progressively darker shades.

Abstract Shapes

This painting was so much fun to create. I wanted a heart shape to be somewhat visible, but with lots of laters of abstract strokes and splotches of color. I used mostly warm colors on one side and cool colors on the other, to symbolize me and my husband and our marriage. It hung for awhile above our bed.

This was my first real painting that I sold. Maybe someday I’ll recreate it again.

Tape Resist

This type of painting is fun to do with kids, but also can be done in a cool, abstract way that can be hung in a living room, bedroom or bathroom as well. To create a tape resist painting, start with. a blank canvas, and using painters tape or washit tape, create a design, kind of like a crazy spiderweb. Then paint in the exposed areas, and remove the tape when partially dry.

Abstract Coral

I came up with the idea for this type of canvas painting as I was browsing a furniture store. I thought it would be awesome to paint coral in an abstract way, so I created the first one in a lovely reddish peachy coral. It was a little lonely on its own, so I added in more canvases with the other colors, and I love how it turned out. It is perfect for a bathroom!

To recreate these, begin at the bottom with the base stem and work your way up, with soft right angles and branches.

Match Decor Elements

Painting canvases for my kids nurseries was where it all started for me. I loved to paint matching prints to hand above their cribs. I have a whole tutorial about creating matching canvas decor here.

baby crib with matching art


My favorite style of art for easy canvas painting is ABSTRACT! Anything goes, and mixing colors and textures is so fun. Just pick a few colors, swipe your brush around the canvas and see what happens!

Hopefully this has been helpful for you! All you need to do now is get some paint on that canvas and PLAY!


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When you move into a new home, there’s always that moment when you stare at your blank walls, wondering how you’ll fill them and give them personality. And as fun as it is to track down wall art from retail stores, we’ll suggest another way to dress up your living room or bedroom walls: DIY artwork you can create yourself. It might sound kind of intimidating, but we’re here to tell you that lots of DIY paintings, embroidery pieces, and abstract artwork isn’t as hard to make as you think and can create a striking accent wall in your home. Actually, many of the projects we’re sharing here from some of our favorite DIY bloggers around can be made in a weekend, an afternoon, or even an hour! Handmade ideas are also the perfect solution for adding interest to a gallery wall.

Making DIY wall art can also be a lot easier on your wallet too. Instead of springing for that expensive piece you spied in a catalog, you can create an oh-so-similar version for a fraction of the price, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself. So block off some quality alone time, gather up your friends, or ask your little ones to join in on the fun, because it’s time to make some DIY wall art.

7 PINTEREST Aesthetic Minimalist Boho Painting - DIY Scandinavian Home Decor - Earth Tone Home Decor

36 DIY Canvas Painting Ideas

Need some cheap and easy ideas for decorating your blank walls? Think simple and quick DIY wall art and canvas painting ideas, then check out these 36 awesome ideas to learn how. From artistic modern canvases to rustic chic looks for your vintage farmhouse style, you are sure to find one or more cool projects to add to your weekend “to make” list. Don’t worry if you are not Bob Ross or Picasso, no special artistic talent is required for most of these, so even beginners can pull off impressively beautiful creations, ones you will be proud to sign your name to and proudly tell people you made them.

Some of these easy canvas paintings can be done in under an hour, and many of them are cheap, too. Having no time or no money as an excuse simply will not do. Check out the easy to follow step by step tutorials with instructions and photos to learn exactly how to make these cool artwork ideas for your walls. Decorate your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, all those blank walls in your house that have been begging you to add some artistic flair to them.

1. DIY Canvas Painting Anyone Can Make


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Canvas Painting Anyone Can Make - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

I love this geometric dot wall art, as it fits in just about any room in the house. Created with large and small dots in the colors of your choice, this DIY wall art idea is sure to match your decor. Make it with a few friends and have a party. No artistic talent required, so beginners are welcome. For easy painting ideas that don’t require previous art training, make this cool canvas art idea for your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Make a set to hang over your bed, even. Match your decor with complimentary colors. No one will ever know you did not spend tons of money on these.

2. Easy DIY Art Hi Painting



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Art Hi Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Cute, right? Make a statement with this cute and easy canvas painting idea. Paint the word hi or your favorite word over and over. They are sure not to miss the message. I think this is a cute Valentine’s Day gift idea with the word “love” or something for Mom. Speaking of, the word “mom” would be cute for Mother’s Day. If you need a cute DIY gift idea, we think this is it. Of all the cool painting ideas I’ve seen this year, this one is probably my favorite.

3. Abstract Flowers Canvas Painting



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Abstract Flowers Canvas Painting- Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Colorful, pretty, easy and inexpensive, how could you not love this creative canvas painting project. Perfect for your apartment, dorm room, bedroom or hall, these pretty painted flowers melt into one another in the most dreamy fashion. If you love florals and abstracts, here is your weekend DIY project.

Check out all of these DIY canvas ideas on YouTube, then come back to visit out favorite DIY blogs to see the complete step by step tutorials.

4. Song Lyric Wall Art


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Song Lyric Wall Art - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Music lyrics make some of the coolest wall art around, or at least we think so. Fortunately, our friends at A Beautiful Mess think so, too. Paint your favorite words and song lyrics using this cool step by step tutorial and how to. Make a few for Christmas gifts using the words of their favorite songs. You will be amazing how much people love these and think this is probably one of the best inexpensvie homemade holiday gifts you could make. This canvas can hang against a wall or sit tabletop. Makes a cute display on the bookshelf, too.

5. DIY Beach Scene – Easy Painting Idea



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Beach Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

When I went looking for easy canvas painting ideas and saw this cool DIY beach painting, I knew it belonged on my living room wall above the couch. Born near the ocean, I’ve grown up around the water and just the sight of it pleases me and gives me this calm, happy feeling. It looks like an expert painted it, but I can assure you this cool canvas painting tutorial works for beginners.

I bought a set of canvases on sale at Michaels crafts, so this was super inexpensive to make, too. Create an ocean for your walls with this quick and easy wall art idea.

6. Acrylic Birch Tree Canvas Painting DIY



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Acrylic Birch Tree Canvas Painting DIY - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

One of my favorite DIY canvas painting ideas ever, this do it yourself wall art is so much fun to make, you are going to want to make more than one. A fun project to make alone or with a friend or two, my boyfriend and I created one of these cool canvas paintings for our living room. People talk about it every time we have guests, the initials in the tree could not be any cuter. No special artistic talent required, and you will get what you see in this step by step tutorial. I love this acrylic painting tutorial, it makes a difficult looking piece of art totally doable.

Acrylic Painting Projects

7. DIY Herringbone Canvas Art


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Herringbone Canvas Art - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Here’s a painting idea for easy wall decor that is fun to make and looks great, even if you don’t have any artistic talent. Avoid another Pinterest fail with this simple painting idea for adults or even kids to help make. Complete with step by step tutorial and instructions, what you see is what you get.

8. DIY Abstract Heart Painting



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Abstract Heart Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

9. 15 Minute DIY Ocean Painting



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - 15 Minute DIY Ocean Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Quote Canvas Art



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Quote Canvas Art - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

DIY Mandala Painting



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Mandala Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

DIY Photo Canvas



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Photo Canvas - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

DIY Bubbles Art Painting


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Bubbles Art Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts


Agate Inspired Acrylic Painting



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Agate Inspired Acrylic Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Handpainted Daisy



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Handpainted Daisy - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Dumpster Texture Art



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Dumpster Texture Art - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Geometric Canvas Painting


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Geometric Canvas Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

DIY Octopus Art



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Octopus Art - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Dandelion Canvas Painting


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Dandelion Canvas Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts


Geometric DIY Art


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Geometric DIY art - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts


Paint A Cityscape



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Paint A Cityscape - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Wordy Wall Art



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Wordy Wall Art - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Cherry Blossoms In Moonlight


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Cherry Blossoms In Moonlight - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts



Simple And Easy Sunflowers



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Simple And Easy Sunflowers - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

DIY Canvas Painting With Scotch Tape


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Canvas Painting With Scotch Tape - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

DIY Chevron Heart


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Chevron Heart - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Ombre Canvas Painting DIY



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Ombre Canvas Painting DIY - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Easy Art Blocks


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Easy Art Blocks - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Dream Catcher Canvas Painting


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Dream Catcher Canvas Painting - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

DIY Herringbone Metallic Artwork


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Herringbone Metallic Artwork - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts


DIY Easy-Peasy Artwork



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - DIY Easy-Peasy Artwork - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Graceful Paintings Canvas



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Graceful Paintings Canvas - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Glue Art On Canvas With Watercolors



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Glue Art On Canvas With Watercolors - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Spring Bunny Canvas Art



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Spring Bunny Canvas Art - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Stencil Text on Fabric



DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Stencil Text on Fabric - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

Simple Gold and Solid Colored Canvas


DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Simple Gold and Solid Colored Canvas - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget #painting #diyart #diygifts

diy art ideas - DIY Canvas Painting Ideas - Cool and Easy Wall Art Ideas You Can Make On A Budget -Paint Canvas for Room Decor on a Budget - Simple Painting Tutorial for Homemade Artwork #painting #diyart #diygifts

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