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Don’t Starve Together Characters Ranked [+Tips] | DST Guide

I have to admit when playing Don’t Starve Together there really isn’t a character that isn’t worth playing as all characters give a very different player experience.

In most cases, except for the odd few, having one of each character is beneficial though some characters tend to be more selfishly powerful while others help support characters by supplying resources, armour and various gear.

At the end of the day, your choice in character is going to heavily rely on the playstyle of the character as no character is truly overpowered… no not even Wickerbottom!

The following post will give you a little taste of each character and when they would be beneficial in Don’t Starve Together. 

The list ranks characters for their usability in both solo and group play in Don’t Starve Together, though there is a bit more of a focus on characters that are useful in group play settings.

17. WES

Wes is the character that everyone chooses not to play simply due to the fact that he feels like a debuffed character that doesn’t receive many perks.

In my opinion, Wes is simply another way to play Don’t Starve Together and isn’t meant to be a character who provides the team with very much.

Honestly, playing Wes isn’t the worst experience ever, I would just recommend choosing him when you’re simply in for a challenge.


Wilson is considered to be the default character in Don’t Starve Together. Wilson has 150 Hunger, 200 Sanity and 150 Health.

The most notable part of choosing Wilson while playing Don’t Starve Together is being able to survive Winter with ease. Wilson can grow a Magnificent Beard that provides players with 135 seconds of insulation.

Players can also shave Wilson’s beard for Beard Hairs which are used for Meat Effigies. Meat Effigies are used to revive players and come in extremely helpful when playing single-player Don’t Starve, but really aren’t useful in Don’t Starve Together as players can use the Florid Postern (Endless), Life Giving Amulet and Touch Stone.

Wilson is my least favourite character simply because of how “default” he is and I just can’t get over it.


Webber is a character that is more useful in single-player than Don’t Starve Together. While training Spiders is always a fun thing to do, Spiders can get annoying or tricky to keep around players that are not Webber.

We’ve had a lot of Spider casualties as well as casualties from Spiders simply due to having too many Spider Dens nearby and the general impulse to smack Spiders.

Players can, however, benefit from Webber by using his Silky Smooth Beard. A full-grown Silky Smooth Beard will provide players with 6 Silk, making it so they don’t have to rely on the RNG of killing Spiders. While silk isn’t the hardest resource to farm, it can be pretty annoying when you run out of silk in the middle of Winter.

Who Webber should team up with? Eh… anyone.

As much as Webber can be powerful, he’s really annoying to deal with on Don’t Starve Together servers filled with new players. Expect lots of death if players place Spider Dens too close to your base.

Webber is a good character to play when you’re playing on “survive alone” kind of servers or on servers where players want to come in and out of helping each other.


If you’re a player who’s interested in getting a lot of resources quickly, I would recommend trying out Woodie.

Not only can Woodie chop down trees quickly with Lucy the Axe, but a player can also transform into a Werebeaver which can mine Boulders, chop down trees, hammer resources and dig up trees.

Woodie has a total of 3 transformations in Don’t Starve Together, unlike in single-player Don’t Starve (DS, SW, RoG & HAM). Woodie’s other transformations include the Weremoose and the Weregoose. Woodie’s Weremoose form allows players to deal damage to mobs while charging and Woodie’s Weregoose form allows him to scout around the map with extreme ease.

Woodie can be paired up with most other characters, however, I would recommend avoiding teaming up with Maxwell as both characters focus on collecting resources.

While Woodie can be extremely useful, the majority of his usefulness comes from his ability to grind out resources. I cannot deny how important it is to be able to have a great load of resources, but I think Maxwell is a bit more interesting… which leads me to:


When I first started playing Don’t Starve Together I was terrified of playing Maxwell. Maxwell has very low Health but makes up for it in so many other ways.

Players can use Maxwell to summon multiple Shadow Puppets to do his bidding in The Constant, creating Miners, Diggers, Duelists, and Loggers. While Duelists aren’t considered to be the most helpful kind of Shadow Puppets, having Miners and Loggers will allow Maxwell players to farm a ton of resources at night from early on without the need of burning down trees, building Camp Fires or Fire Pits.

Maxwell can have up to 4 Shadow Miner, Logger and/or Diggers out at a time, though I suggest having only 3 out if you are not ready to deal with Shadow Creatures since Shadow Puppets require Sanity.

Maxwell pairs extremely well with Wickerbottom as he can read her books and regain the Sanity back quickly, due to his 6.7 Sanity per minute buff. Maxwell and Wickerbottom, in my opinion, are a fairly broken pair that negate all the worries of food, Sanity loss, damage, etc. Players can use Maxwell to summon tentacles in various mob farms, during battles against Seasonal Giants and if teamed up with a Wortox they should never die!

Maxwell is a lot of fun to play and quite frankly, I love having him on my server, but he doesn’t make too much sense on his own.

Maxwell is the better Wes, essentially. Send Maxwell out for 15 minutes and you’re going to have all the resources you need for the whole season, I kid you not.

If I had the patience to transform into Maxwell every Autumn to get all the resources I needed, I would, but those Moon Rock Idols can get pricy if you don’t have the right tools.


Wormwood is a very interesting character to choose while playing Don’t Starve Together especially in the early games. When it comes time to basing, players should hand all of their seeds to Wormwood so he can plant them in the ground and produce lots of crops.

Since Wormwood’s plants take 4 days to grow, having multiple in one area can be useful, especially if you have a few different bases. When I play Wormwood, especially when on a large multi-player server, I make sure to plant lots of seeds next to any Fire Pits I find around the map. It might also be very helpful to plant seeds next to Pigs for easy access to veggies and fruits in hopes of getting Manure, especially on a Full Moon.

Wormwood players will have to learn how to heal themselves without using food since Wormwood cannot regain Health from eating Food. Instead, players will have to rely on Honey Poultice, Healing Salves or even Spider Glands. Well, that’s not completely honest, Wormwood comes with a set of equipment including the Bramble Vest and Compost Wraps, the latter which heals him.

Overall, Wormwood gives players enough of a difference in gameplay and can be teamed up extremely well with Wurt and Wickerbottom.

Wormwood players don’t really give much to their team beyond a few pieces of extra gear and unlimited food, so if you have a Wickerbottom you may not love Wormwood.


Wendy was the first character I vibed with when playing Don’t Starve Together because Abigail gave me the chance to still do damage while learning how to kite.

I would recommend players try Wendy if they are new to the game as her stats are fairly average, being 150 Hunger, 200 Sanity, and 150 Health. Wendy also receives a debuff on her damage, dealing 25% less than the default. As a perk, Wendy loses 25% less Sanity in many circumstances.

My favourite thing to do with Wendy is farm beehives to make Bee Boxes and kill Spiders.

Wendy is great for beginner players and in my opinion, should be one of the first characters try out as Abigail will help keep you alive while you’re still figuring out game mechanics.

Wendy doesn’t see much use when it comes to defeating seasonal giants, so maybe choose another character if you’re wanting to lend a helping hand.


Willow is a bit trickier to play than Wilson, especially in Winter. Willow has 150 Hunger, 120 Sanity, and 150 Health, meaning that her Sanity is significantly lower than the default. The reason Willow’s Sanity is lower than the default is attributed to the fact that she is a child and thus is “not as mentally stable” as an adult.

Willow also loses Sanity 1.1x faster, but that is quickly countered with her ability to gain up to 11 Sanity per minute when nearby Fires. Since Willow takes no fire damage in Don’t Starve Together, players can easily drop multiple resources on the floor to multiple the amount of Sanity she gains. Stacks count as one fire, so make sure you drop single items on the ground by hitting Control (CTRL).

Willow gains access to an exclusive recipe for Willow’s Lighter. Willow’s Lighter is amazing for the early game as players can both cook on it and stay safe from Charlie.

Willow also has access to her teddybear Bernie who gets a +50 damage buff, becoming BERNIE! when WIllow is under 15% Sanity.

I love Willow simply because of Bernie and her ability to protect allies with Bernie, especially with her extra smaller forms!


Walter is the newest character to enter The Constant and in my opinion, is the most interesting character to play.

The only reason I wouldn’t put Walter up higher on the list of best characters is that Walter doesn’t provide as much help or support to his teammates and can be quite difficult for newer players to get the hang of and manage due to his vast list of perks and disadvantages.

Walter comes with his own crafts, such as a portable Camper’s Tent, a full-time portable storage pet (who acts like a Beefalo–Chester hybrid) and in general provides a much more enjoyable, while still difficult, experience to playing Don’t Starve Together than Wes.

Walter’s most impressive aspect is his ranged weapon, the Trusty Slingshot, which deals some of the most powerful damage for a ranged weapon in all of Don’t Starve Together without the risk of stealing aggro from enemies that are already aggro’d friendly mobs or ally survivors.

Walter’s most difficult aspect of playing would be his low Health and the fact that his Sanity is directly connected to his Health, meaning new players may be up for some intense Nightmare Fuel farming very early on.


My heart and soul goes out to Wigfrid, I just wish that all of her skins didn’t feel so similar. Wigfrid is one of the easier characters players can choose while playing Don’t Starve Together as she has a bit of a “life-steal” mechanic when she attacks live mobs.

Wigfrid can provide herself and her team with decent headgear and a fairly powerful spear that will allow players to do more damage to mobs early on. Although Wigfrid’s Battle Spear does quite a bit of damage, players should trade them in for Tentacle Spikes, Ham Bats or even better weapons.

Wigfrid’s Battle Helm tends to be more useful for a Don’t Starve Together server as they are cheap and provide players with a good amount of armour without the worry of needing to repair them. As my server’s Wigfrid player, I tend to use Wigfrid’s Battle Helms when farming Spiders, Pigs and such. I do find the Battle Helm annoying in Winter and Spring because I tend to wear a Beefalo Hat. Realistically, I’m just too lazy to keep switching between gear.

Wigfrid also deals 25% more damage than the default player, making her extremely useful when taking down Seasonal Giants and other tough Mobs.

The only downside to Wigfrid is that she is a full-time carnivore, making foods like Trail Mix unavailable for healing. Wigfrid can chow down on other foods though and realistically with the help of Wickerbottom, Wigfrid can get easy Morsels.


Warly is an extremely beneficial character to have on your DST server as he can prepare many foods that help boost the stats of his fellow allies.

Warly is provided with a Portable Crock Pot and can also build a Portable Grinding Mill and Portable Seasoning Station to boost the stats of any Crock Pot dish.

Warly has access to exclusive recipes that provide high Health and Hunger.

There’s not really much more I can say about Warly, as his perks highly depend on what is accessible to players, but I can say… if a character can give all characters a damage buff… I’d use him!


Wurt players very similarly to Webber, though instead of being the ruler of Spiders you will be the ruler of Merms. In my opinion, Merms are much stronger than Spiders, but they take longer to farm out than Spiders do.

Wurt’s only “downfall” is that she is a vegetarian, but much like Wigfrid, players won’t really have to worry about this little fact, especially if paired with Wormwood or Wickerbottom.

Wurt is another character I wouldn’t necessarily start off with but would switch to a year or so in, as you will have to get to the Lunar Island to get some of the items needed for her Royal Tapestry.

Wurt is definitely more powerful than Webber and the reality is that Wurt’s Merms are less annoying to deal with than Spiders and their Spider Dens. 

5. WX-78

WX-78 is the tankiest character in Don’t Starve Together and can be upgraded by feeding him Gears. WX-78 starts off with 150 Hunger, Sanity and Health, but can end up with 200 Hunger, 300 Sanity and 400 Health.

WX-78 can eat all spoiled foods with no penalties making the game easier for new players, though this comes at the trade-off with low stats in the early game.

WX-78 can also gain a System Overload when struck by Lightning. Lightning Strikes cause WX-78 to move at 1.5x the speed, cause it to become a light source and allows WX-78 to be immune to freezing.

Having immunity to freezing is especially helpful for players who want to complete multiple hunts or kill MacTusk. Having immunity to freezing can also help players who are behind on collecting resources such as Boulders, Reeds or any other unmovable resources that must be travelled for. Even if players are stocked up on resources, having invulnerability to freezing is useful because it means that you don’t need Thermal Stones and you will always have access to both gear slots.

If you’re paired up with Wigfrid you can beg her for hundreds of Battle Helms for year-end safety! Though, make sure you have an Eyebrella or another tool to keep you safe from the rain! Alternatively, WX-78 players can also team up with Wickerbottom to force WX-78’s System Overload anytime it is needed.


By far the strongest character in Don’t Starve Together is Wolfgang, who when properly fed receives a maximum of 2x Damage. Wolfgang also receives maximum health of 300.

Wolfgang also receives a movement speed buff of 25% when fully fed, making him extra speedy when trying to kite.

Really, there’s not much more to Wolfgang other than he’s tanky, he needs lots of food, and he does a whole lot of damage.

Wolfgang is great for your team because of his high yields of damage, but once you look past that, Wolfgang kind of feels boring and blah. I’m not about to write off Wolfgang, I just prefer a more altered game-play style.


You know she’s powerful, I know she’s powerful, let’s not kid ourselves here. Wickerbottom is the meaning of overly easy Don’t Starve Together survival. Wickerbottom makes it so players can survive Winter easily. Use Wickerbottom’s books to make plants grow immediately, to force lightning at any point, call down birds, put mobs to sleep, and call upon tentacles. Did I pique your interest?

Honestly, there’s too much to talk about when it comes to Wickerbottom and she’s perfect for players of all experiences.

Wickerbottom gains access to all Science Machine recipes without building one, making her a terrific baser. Players can also avoid making the expensive Alchemy Engine until their team is ready to spend the resources.

I recommend reading my post about Wickerbottom because even if you don’t play her, knowing what she does can be game-breaking.

Wickerbottom will be the character that every server wants, though, against popular belief you do not need a Wickerbottom to have a successful server.


Winona is an underrated character in Don’t Starve Together and in reality, with enough resources Winona players can keep their whole team safe by using her contraptions.

Set up some Catapults next to Pigs, Bunnymen and Spiders and get to farming! Head to an empty area and set up a kill box for those Seasonal Giants, Hound waves and other various tough mobs. At the end of the day, Winona players can be useful in almost all situations whether it be in the Caves or across the Overworld.

While Winona’s contraptions can be pretty pricy players shouldn’t have too much difficulty collecting the resources required for them. Even if you don’t play Winona during your first year, I would recommend switching to her in later years to protect you in the future.

Winona also has the ability to craft Trusty Tape which is very similar to a Sewing Kit, however, Trusty Tape also gives access to the other Winona specific structures.

Winona is considered to be one of the biggest team players, especially when it comes to damage, dealing with hound waves and seasonal giants like the Deerclops or Moose/Goose.


Wortox is by far one of the most helpful characters to have on a DST server as he can rapidly heal everyone on your team.

Wortox collects souls that are dropped from living creatures and uses them both to feed himself and heal players in an AoE manner. Although Wortox does not have a damage modifier, Wortox can help the maximum output of your team’s damage by keeping everyone up.

Wortox is the ultimate support character.

If players are playing DST on their own, they may still want to choose to play Wortox as he is one of the easiest characters to keep alive. Yes, it sucks that you do not reap as many benefits from food items, but being able to AoE heal and feed yourself on butterflies alone is amazing!


At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter who you play in Don’t Starve Together as all the characters have some great qualities, of course, except for Wes. 

I have to say that my shout out favourite characters includes Wigfrid, Wurt and Wendy, but the majority of the time you will find me using Wortox, Winona or Wurt.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the already proclaimed holy trinity, WX-78, Wickerbottom or Wolfgang, but the reality is that the wide variety of characters and changes in gameplay really sell the characters of The Constant.

So I’m curious, who are your favourite characters? Do you think I was unfair to some? Let me know in the comments below!

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[Top 10] Don't Starve Together Best Beginner Characters


Wolfgang, The Strongman is, along with Wigfrid, the best fighter in the game.
He has 3 forms of mightiness which all depend on his Hunger. His starting form is his Regular form. He has 200 health and will stay in this form while his hunger is between 100 and 225. His stronger form is his Mighty form, which will be activated after his hunger exceeds 225 points. His maximum health will go from 200 to 300, his damage will increase between 1.25x to 2x and he will also receive a 25% movement speed boost. However, because of this state, his hunger will decrease quicker than in the regular state. The third and last state is Wolfgang’s Wimpy State, which occurs on 100 hunger and less. His maximum health goes down to 150 and his movement speed decreases by 10%. His damage will be 0.75x to 0.5x, depending on hunger. Wolfgang is afraid of the dark and the monsters and will get 10% more sanity drain during nighttime.
• Favorite food – Roasted Potato
• Birthday – October 2
Because of his forms, I wouldn’t recommend you to start off with Wolfgang as it can be kind of complicated, and his turning animations could cost you time and even an extra hit by a mob if nearby. However, if you do start with Wolfgang you would be good in combat.

9. Wendy

Wendy, The Bereaved, is one of the weakest combat players you can choose from. She has a 25% damage reduction, however, that is when her sister Abigail comes in hand. You see, Wendy enters the Constant with a flower in her inventory. After the flower opens up, Abigail is ready to spawn. Abigail will make you gain 15 points of sanity, per spawn. She deals 20 damage per hit. Abigail is amazing while fighting grouped mobs, such as spiders, bees, or hounds. Wendy has been through a lot in her life, so nothing really surprises her anymore. That’s why she has reduced sanity drain during nighttime and while fighting mobs.

• favorite food – banana pop
• Birthday - November 11

She has a special Ectoherbology tab that can be used to make various ghostly elixirs. These elixirs are:
• Revenant Restorative – triples Abigail’s health regeneration rate
• Spectral Cure-All – massively increases Abigail’s health regeneration
• Unyielding Draught – Extends Abigail’s shield
• Distilled Vengeance – Extends Abigail’s Shield and deals extra damage to the mobs
• Nightshade Nostrum – Increases Abigail’s damage output
• Vigor Mortis ‘ - Increases Abigail’s speed
All things considered, she is not the best character and definitely not my first choice, but hey, for a start, she’s pretty decent and gives you a unique way of gameplay

8. Wigfrid

Wigfrid, The Performance Artist, is one of the best fighters in the game. She enters the Constant with her own Battle Spear and Battle Helmet. Her Spear deals 42.5 damage per hit and her battle helmet absorbs 80% of damage. Since she only eats meat, you get 4 pieces in your inventory when starting the game. Her perks and quirks include:
• Excels in battle
• Absorbs the power of fallen foes
• Performs well under pressure
• Only eats meat
• Favorite food – Turkey Dinner
• Birthday - July 23
She does extra 25% damage to her enemies, and killing them gives her sanity and health. Health & sanity gain = Mob's damage × 0.25. For example, if she kills a Spider, she gains 5 Health and Sanity (20 × 0.25 = 5).
After her rework she can now eat food items classified as "goodies", such as Taffy, Jellybeans, and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid.
Wigfrid has a special Inspiration meter, which allows her to perform Battle Songs available in her special Stagecraft Tab. To gain Inspiration, Wigfrid needs to fight mobs.
There are five battle songs:
• The Weaponized Warble - makes weapons drain durability 25% slower
• The Heartrending Ballad - Provides extra 1 health point per hit for all the other nearby players, and an extra 0.5 for Wigfrid players
• The Clear minded Cadenza - Provides 1 sanity point per hit for nearby players
• The Bel Canto of Courage - reduces sanity drain by half for all the players nearby
• The Fireproof Falsetto - Provides 33% decrease in fire damage
• The Rude Interlude - gets enemies‘ focus to Wigfrid (costs 11.6 inspiration per use)
• The Startling Soliloquy - sends nearby enemies into panic for 4 seconds (costs 11.6 inspiration per use)
Note that neither of these effects impact bosses.

7. Willow

Willow, The Firestarter, is good with all things fire-related and we are loving it!!! Let’s start off with her sanity gain when near fire or the Star caller’s Dwarf Star. She is immune to fire damage! Yes! IMMUNE. She can literally stand in a burning forest and get out untouched. Speaking of which, she can also put out the fire more quickly than the other players and on the other hand, her fuel is 50% more effective. That means that adding only 1 board or 3 logs to the fire can put the fire to the max strength. In the summer, Willow takes longer to overheat, but she takes more damage and sanity drain when cold. 

Willow spawns in the constant with a lighter and her teddy bear, Bernie. The lighter can be used for an early game light source or to cook food items over it.
Bernie is a game changer! You can equip him for a sanity boost of 2.5 per 1% durability, you can use him as insulation during winter, but his biggest perk is fighting shadow creatures and mobs while you or any other player is insane. In that state, Bernie becomes bigger, has 2000HP, and does 50 damage per hit. If his durability drops down to 0%, it takes only one use of the sewing kit to fully repair it.
Here’s what the game itself has to say about Willow:
• has a fondness for fire but hates the cold
• protected by her cuddly bear, Bernie
• has a reliable lighter
• favorite food - spicy chili
• Birthday – May 7

6. Webber

Webber, The Indigestible, is a monster, therefore cannot befriend pigs or Bunnymen as they are hostile towards him. However, he can befriend spiders, and boy, oh boy, that can come in handy. Feeding 1 monster meat to a spider makes him and a few others in the range start following you. You can start a spider war by then hitting one spider which is not in your gang, and when it all ends, you can pick up an insane amount of loot. Befriend the cave spiders too, and you will get amazing protection down under as well. Being a spider himself, the spider queen won’t be hostile towards Webber. Webber can eat monster meat without any downsides, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally make monster lasagna. Stuff yourself with that monster lasagna all the way!

•Favorite Food – Ice Cream
•Birthday – April 30

Maybe one of the best Webber’s perks is that he can upgrade spider den tiers with only 5 silk for each tier, and that way go easily from tier 1 to tier 3.

Webber can grow a silky smooth beard. Let’s see how the beard grows and what are its perks:
      • 3 days beard – 11.25 insulation or 1 silk if shaved
      • 6 days beard – 33.75 insulation or 3 silk if shaved
      • 9 days beard – 101.5 insulation or 6 silk if shaved

5. Winona

Winona, The Handywoman, crafts everything faster than the other players, but it will cost her 5 hunger. However, when her hunger reaches 50 points, she becomes the slowest crafter of them all, so you want to make sure that she is always well fed. Let’s see what Klei has to say about her:
• is a skilled builder
• gets one free hit from the dark
• invents her own gadgets
• Favorite food: Vegetable Stinger
• Birthday – September 13

Winona is Charlie’s sister, therefore if she is in the complete dark, Charlie’s first hit doesn’t deal any damage to her. It can help a lot if you didn’t notice the dark is coming and you didn’t prepare that firepit yet.
She enters the Constant with her trusty tape which can come in handy for crafting and repairing various gadgets. Winona has her own Engineering tab and can craft a few additional items that other players can’t. These items include Trusty Tape, Winona’s Catapult, Winona’s Spotlight, Winona’s Generator, and Winona’s G.E.M.erator.

4. Walter

Walter, The Fearless, enters the Constant with his fluffy friend, Woby, who is a portable chest, similar to Chester. If you feed him 3 Monster meat, he becomes bigger and Walter can ride it. However, if hit by a mob, Walter falls down and is stunned for a couple of moments which can be tricky because the mobs can get their free hit and therefore deal damage to Walter. He has its own ranged weapon – a slingshot. You can craft your own preferred ammo and they all deal different damage, so here’s a quick break down of them all:
• pebbles – 17 damage
• gold rounds – 34 damage
• marbles – 51 damage
• poop pellets – deaggro mobs
• freeze rounds - freezes mobs
• slow-down rounds - 17 damage + reduces target‘s speed by 1/3, for 30 seconds
• cursed rounds – 51 damage + 50% chance of spawning a shadow tentacle which deals 34 additional damage
Walter has no extra sanity loss, except for when he deals damage, however, if his health is low then his sanity drain is greater. He cannot gain sanity from clothing items, so forget about the Top Hat or the Tam o’ Shanter as they’re no use for our Walter. Walter can cook things faster on the firepit and during nighttime he can tell various stories for extra sanity points for him and the other surrounding players. He can craft a portable tent, which is basically the same as a normal tent, apart from the fact that it can be picked up and put in the inventory. One of Walter's biggest downsides is his severe allergy to bees which makes him take 20 damage per hit from one.
He also comes with a Pioneer Hat that is the only clothing item that can give a sanity gain, with 2 sanity points per minute but its main perk is reducing Walter’s sanity drain by 50% when losing health.

• Favorite food – Trail Mix
• Birthday – March 31

3. WX78

WX78, The Soulless Automaton, is the only playable robot in the game and therefore can be upgraded via gears. For a full upgrade you will use a total of 15 gears and with that, updating WX78’s stats:
• Health from 150 to a whopping 400
• Hunger from 150 to 200
• Sanity from 150 to 300.
One of his biggest perks, apart from upgrading, is him being able to eat any kind of food, even spoiled.
One of his downsides is that he gets 0.5 damage per second from rain, however, if hit by lightning he reaches System Overload – it gives 50% more movement speed, WX78 becomes a light source and in this state, he is also immune to freezing. The System Overload state lasts for one full day. Here is what the compendium says about WX78:
• not a picky eater
• is charged by lightning, but damaged by water
• can upgrade with gears
• Buildday – November 28
• Favorite Food – Butter Muffin

2. Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom, The Librarian, is the oldest and therefore the wisest in the Constant. She comes with all the knowledge of a Science Machine, therefore you can make anything without it. You will only need an Alchemy Engine later on.

She enters the Constant with 2 papyrus. Papyrus is the most important item for Wickerbottom as her biggest perk is to craft various books in her Books tab. Here is the list of the books she can craft:
• Birds of the World – calls 20 to 30 birds
• Sleepytime stories – it causes animals and other players nearby to fall asleep
• On Tentacles – Creates 3 tentacles
• The End Is Nigh! - generates 16 consecutive lightning strikes
• The Horticulture, Abridged – grows up to 10 plants with edible harvest
• Applied Silviculture – it advances trees by one stage and grows grass tufts, saplings, and reeds

Wickerbottom’s downside is that she suffers from insomnia and therefore cannot sleep at all. So do not waste your resources for crafting tents or sleeping rolls. Her other downside is that she cannot eat spoiled food as it will drastically drain her sanity. All things considered, I think her disadvantages are not that drastic and that Wickerbottom can be a good choice for beginners, and her combat is decent as well.


Wilson, The Gentleman Scientist, is the very first playable character in Don’t Starve. It should give you a hint that it is the best one to start with. He has no downsides whatsoever, and therefore he can be extremely helpful while you get a hang out of the game. His only perk is that he can grow a beard which gives you insulation during winter but makes you overheat in summer, so you better shave it first thing when summer starts.
Here are the stages of the beard:
• 4 days – 15 seconds of insulation time or 1 beard hair if shaved
• 7 days – 45 seconds of insulation time or 3 beard hair if shaved
• 15 days – 135 seconds of insulation time or 9 beard hair if shaved.

As mentioned, shaving the beard off will drop beard hair, which is used to make a meat effigy which is a craftable effigy of Wilson that resurrects the player on death.

• Favorite food – Bacon and Eggs
• Birthday – April 23

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[Top 10] Don't Starve Together Best Characters

Ah, Don't Starve Together or better yet a game I love to call Don't Die and Be Scared. The base storyline is simple, Maxwell kidnaps all of the players and takes them to the constant. Why do I say kidnap instead of lure? Well because that is what he did. You, the player, have to survive the constant, be scared, and don't die!

We have a total of 19 characters you can choose from on DST. I am going to tell you the 10 best characters that you can or should play.

10. Wormwood

[The adorable living plant]

This cute little guy is great when in a team but harder to play solo. You need to make sure that you find loopholes to his love for plants because picking flowers, plant life, and cutting trees are a problem for him. I mean they are his friends.

What is Wormwood good at:

  • He can plant seeds ANYWHERE! This is great because you don’t. need to plow the ground or use a rigamagig, he just does it.
  • He can make his healing salves using beefalo poop.
  • He can make traps and armor that shoot out stingers.

Wormwood's Details and Stats:

  •  His health is 150
  •  His hunger 150
  • His sanity 200
  • He is a healer for the game, so he is great when playing in a group.
  • He does not like picking flowers, chopping trees, or being near a fire.

9. Willow

[The orphan pyro]

This little orphan is adorable, scared of the dark, and a little crazy with fire. My favorite pyromaniac gives me League of Legends Annie and Tibers vibes.

What is Willow good at:

  • She has a lighter that works as a torch, fire starter, and comfort tool.
  • She has a teddy named Bernie, he keeps her warm and sane.
  • Bernie can fight some of Willow’s battles.
  • She is almost fire-resistant, mainly while putting out smoldering fires.
  • She can light fires more efficiently than the other characters.​

Willow's Details and Stats:

  • Her health 150.
  • Her hunger 150.
  • Her sanity is 120.
  • When her sanity gets low be careful being by flammable objects. She gets nervous and poof there is a fire.

8. Wendy

[The lonely sister]

Wendy, who may or may not be Maxwell's niece, lost her sister before entering the constant. She is haunted by her sister, Abigail, and isn't afraid of the dark. She's weak but her twin sister's ghost hits harder.

What is Wendy good at:

  • She can call upon her dead twin sister using a flower.
  • She can stay in the dark a little longer than the other characters and loses 25% less sanity.
  • She gains sanity when summoning her sister (This is new since her workup which she used to lose 15 sanities).

Wendy's details and stats:

  • Her health is 150.
  • Her hunger is 150.
  • Her sanity is 200.
  • Wendy is a summoner character which means she needs her sister to do most of the fighting for her.

7. Wigfrid

[The little warrior]

The warrior of the bunch who can only eat meat. She was taken into the constant with promises of being in the headlines again.

What is Wigfrid good at:

  • She is a great fighter with a lot of strength, especially when it comes to her spear and helmet.
  • She can craft and spawn into the game with her spear and helmet.
  • She has an increased damage modifier and gains health and sanity from fighting.

Wilfrid’s details and stats:

  • Her health is 200
  • Her hunger is 120
  • Her sanity is 120
  • She can only eat meat; this is her flaw so when you are playing with her solo make sure to stock up on the meaty goodness.

6. Woodie

[The Were Canadian]

This woodsy Canadian has a deeply held secret and an obsession with his ax, affectionately named Lucy. There is no knowing how he ended in the constant, but we do know his secret deals with the full moon. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (The second Monday of October).

What is Woodie good at:

  • He has an ax and is a lumberjack, chopping wood is his passion. Quickly felling the trees with his ax or in Were beaver form.
  • He can turn into a Were beaver, Were moose, and Were goose. Which all have their perks. The downside is that when he turns back to a human, he has a hunger of zero and quickly drains health.
  • His beautiful full red beard grants him an advantage in staying warm during winter and spring.
  • Lucy talks to him and has infinite durability. She makes his love for chopping wood even better by bringing down the trees faster than a normal ax.

Woodie's details and stats:

  • His health is 150
  • His Hunger is 150
  • His sanity is 200
  • He can transform into were forms (beaver, moose, goose) even though they don't last long. All three have their perks, Moose: Attack speed/strength, Beaver: Night vision and immunity to weather, Goose: Night vision, speed, and can walk on water.

5. Winona

[The invalid inventor]

This "you can do it" woman can build, build, and build some more! Her reason for being in the constant is simple, Charlie, Maxwell's assistant is her sister. This gives her one free hit in the dark.

What is Winona good at:

  • She has duct tape that can fix items and aid in building her gadgets.
  • She can craft faster than other characters which make creating tools to survive a little easier. However, she does lose hunger faster because of it.
  • Her one free hit in the dark is a dodge, it only gives you a slight advantage, and still isn't a good idea to stay away from a light source at night.

Winona's details and stats:

  • Her health is 150
  • Her hunger is 150
  • Her sanity is 200
  • With her trusty duct tape, she can repair anything (as long as there are no hounds around).
  • Her gadgets/inventions are pretty useful when playing solo or in a group since they can create light sources, defense, and generators.

4. Webber

[The spider taming spider]

This adorable spider is a monster who can befriend spiders. The downside is that Pigmen and Bunnymen don't like him for his monster-self. I think they are just jealous of his glorious silk beard he can grow.

What is Webber good at:

  • He can eat regular food and monster food. This makes playing him easy when it comes to keeping his hunger up.
  • He can befriend spiders! He can also craft spider nests. The only downside to this is that when Chester the chest is with you the spiders will attack him.
  • His beard is the quickest and easiest way to create silk when you can't find a spider nest nearby. It takes a total of 9 days to grow a full beard, but you can see a short one every three days.

Webber's details and stats:

  • His health is 175
  • His hunger is 175
  • His sanity is 100
  • Though he may seem meek and scared, his spider friends are a great way to survive on your own, just feed them monster meat and you can build an army for roughly 20 minutes (2.5 days in-game).
  • His beard can be used to harvest silk or keep warm during the colder seasons.

3. Wortox

[The little imp]

Wortox the imp sidekick to Krampus, at least until he swallowed up Krampus's soul. This left him with a deep sense of guilt. He feels bad when he has to kill to gain more souls.

What is Wortox good at:

  • His souls can be eaten, used for health, and even used to teleport.
  • He is a group healer (souls).
  • He can gain souls from all living things (clockworks, WX-79, and shadow monsters not included).

Wortox details and stats:

  • His health is 200
  • His hunger is 175
  • His sanity is 150
  • He can only carry 20 souls at a time and if he takes more than he needs he will lose sanity on top of losing half of his souls.
  • He is known as the souls starved for a reason because he craves souls and prefers souls over anything else. You gain 18 points of hunger for each soul he eats.

2. Warly

[The chef]

This chef comes with his own crockpot and seasoning station. He was taken to the constant like many of the other characters after the gramophone in his and Maman Angeline's house started playing distorted music. He loves her dearly and wanted to always cook and care for her.

What is Warly good at:

  • With him coming with his own crockpot and seasoning station he cooks faster than other characters.
  • He comes with a hat that can be used as a backpack.
  • His crockpot has its own set of recipes on top of the usual ones you can make with the plain gray crockpot.

Warly's details and stats:

  • His health is 150
  • His hunger is 250
  • His sanity is 200
  • His hunger drain's 20% faster than the others, because he is always hungry and loves his food.
  • He can't eat anything that wasn't made from a crockpot.
  • He will gain fewer hunger points if he eats the same thing more than once.

1. WX-78

[My favorite little robot]

My favorite of all of the characters, the robot known as WX-78. He is strong and holds a special place in his little robot heart for the science machine. He however doesn't hold empathy for anything and hates eggs.

What is WX-78 good at:

  • He can gain health, strength, and hunger through eating gears.
  • He is a fighter character like Wigfrid but doesn't need much to gain more strength than her.
  • He will eat anything and still gain back stats even if the food is rotting.

WX-78 details and stats:

  • His health starts at 100/400
  • His huger is 100/200
  • His sanity is 100/300
  • The gears are the only way you can gain more stat points up to his max.
  • If you die with maxed-out stats you start from the begging.
  • He can be his own light source if struck by lightning and gains speed from it too.
  • He takes damage and loss of sanity when wet, so avoid the rain!

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Don’t Starve Together Tier List

Don’t Starve together is the second part of the Don’t Starve game which was released in 2016. This is a multiplayer adventure survival video game. Some new characters, features and enemies have been introduced in this part of the game. For example, if the character of any other player dies he will live again in the shape of a ghost. The game is presented in a dark kind of world, there is darkness everywhere.

You have to fight for your survival and explore this dark world. Collect the items that you find during the exploration and make new weapons and equipment with the help of these items. This would be very important for your survival. In addition to this you also have to find something to eat and drink because this is the basic necessity to stay alive. There are many dangerous monsters and animals out there, to deal with.

You have to protect yourself from them and do your best for survival. You can play the Don’t Starve together game online with your friends or other players all over the globe. Don’t Starve together game is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo switch.

The characters of Don’t Starve together game are categorized into four categories.

The most highlighted characters in group S are Wolfgang and WX-78. They are the best of the best, very easy to control and great team players. The leading heroes in the group A are Webber and Maxwell. These heroes will provide a real boost to your team.

The most prominent characters in group B are Woodie and Wilson. They are good characters, you can pick them up. The top heroes in group F are Wes and Willow. Players all around the world hesitate to pick these characters.

Tier S

Tier A


Tier B


Tier F



Wolfgang is a male hero who can attain a higher HP as compared to some other characters. The damage depends on his hunger, the more Wolfgang is hungry, the more damage he will cause. But when his hunger is low, he will deal less damage comparatively and will move a little slower. The special ability of Wolfgang is called Mightiness that allows him to move rapidly. Wolfgang will upgrade as you progress in the game, he will transform his body and will become a muscular hero in his mighty form. In this from, he will deal massive damage to the opponents. 


WX-78 is one of the earliest characters in the Don’t Starve Together game. The gears of WX-78 are considered very useful in the ruins situations and he is simply the best character for these kinds of situations. He also possesses the ability to heal. The special power of WX-78 is known as System Overload, this power gives him immunity from freezing and increases his moving speed. Additionally, this power also generated the light energy to damage the opponents. WX-78 can upgrade his healing ability, health and hunger when needed. 


Wickerbottom is known as the best character in the entire game. The special ability of Wickerbottom is called Books, she crafts different magic books using different ingredients. These magic books play a very important role in the game. Wickerbottom can force the plant fields to grow faster or she can also spawn some birds by just reading the magic books. There are also some other functions which can be performed by reading. Wickerbottom is not able to deal massive amounts of physical damage but her Book ability makes her a very great utility character. Wickerbottom also possesses the ability to restore her sanity, hunger and health.

More Tier List

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Best character dst

Don't Starve Together: Every Character You Can Play, Ranked Worst To Best

In the popular indie title, Don't Starve Together, each character has their positive and negative qualities. Well, some do. Others have zero redeeming qualities at all, giving the player a healthy challenge when attempting to survive. Those survivors are mostly disliked for their difficulty, but once you become a pro at Don't Starve Together, they may become your favorite characters to play.

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Whether you know how to work the game to your favor enough to play difficult characters or not, some just rise above the others with shining colors. Here's a ranking of every playable character in Don't Starve Together.

17 Wes

Wes is one of those guys with no redeeming qualities. No, he has many positive characteristics like his pretty makeup and fun balloons. Those just won't help him survive. Wes is made to be weak to almost everything with his stats draining faster than others and his damage being very low. The only thing he can do is cause damage by his balloons popping or distract mobs with them, but creating a balloon costs sanity.

16 Wigfrid

Wigfrid is a born warrior and champion, spawning with a helmet and battle spear on deck. This leaves you not to worry about any mobs or first night terrors. She also gains sanity and health whenever friends and foe alike die. She spawns with nice chunks of meat to consume as well. This all sounds dandy but where she gets hard is in the fact that she only eats meat. When you first spawn in it can be hard to get good amounts of meat quickly depending on what you're priorities are. The easiest food items to acquire are berries and seeds, so this is where a lot of people fail with her.

15 Wormwood DLC

Wormwood is a very cute plant creature. Whose pros and cons revolve around plants. He is friendly with plant-based mobs and will lose sanity if plants are killed around him, like teammates harvesting and eating crops. Food will only fill his stomach and not his health but that can be made up for in the fact that he can craft special things for healing.

14 Wolfgang

Wolfgang is an intricate player character. You have to manage his strength and if you don't it's game over. If his stomach is full he becomes stronger and faster, doing more damage to enemies. If it's low, all his states lower significantly and he can't do as much damage. He's also deathly afraid of monsters and the dark, making him lose way more sanity to them than others. If you can manage his hunger, he can be a very OP character to play.

13 Warly

This is a culinary artist on the hunt for some extraordinary ingredients. Warly is a chef who will only eat the most exquisite meals which can become a challenge if you don't know how to find and craft better food than toasted seeds and rabbit meat.

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His hunger drops constantly as a chef's appetite can never be quenched. Because of this whole hunger and food ordeal, he spawns with access to cookware and crafting dedicated to making the best food possible. He's also able to upgrade bland food.

12 Soul Starved Wortox DLC

It's demon time. Wortox's life revolves around consuming souls. Souls will heal his hunger and health at the cost of some sanity. Souls are dropped by every mob and character except Wx78, what with being a robot and all. Wortox can also expel souls on his own to heal himself or his friends. This is a management character where you'll have to watch your sanity that goes down every time you consume souls, even though you have to consume them.

11 Wurt DLC

Wurt is one with the merm-people. There are merm creatures in the game that most people take advantage of by playing nice with them and having them help take down bosses by bringing the bosses to them, much like with the pigs. Speaking of pigs, they will automatically attack Wurt. Wurt can summon a King Merm that will boost all the stats of any surrounding and newly spawned merm people. This is helpful for boss fights and general protection. She is the queen of all things marsh and swamp. She's also vegetarian, so meat will not heal her.

10 Willow

Willow is one of the main and first characters of the Don't Starve franchise. She comes with a handy lighter so there is no fear of immediately dying to darkness on your first few days. She spawns with a teddy bear that when idle, she starts to hug which will heal her sanity. The teddy bear can also protect willow and turn large and ward off beasts if placed next to her while she is insane. Willow has a fondness for fire so being near campfires and the like will heal sanity but because of this, can be damaged by cold and freezing more easily.

9 Woodie

This handsome woodsman spawns in with an axe already in hand. This axe is different from the regular one you can craft as it's stronger and way faster. This is a hefty bonus for playing as Woodie. His only issue is the forest hates him and he constantly turns into multiple creatures. Because the wood hates him for being such a good tree cutter, the Treeguard has a very high chance to spawn with Woodie. When he turns into were-creatures due to eating too much or a full moon, most things become inaccessible until the rage is over. But he has a mighty beard that keeps him warm!

8 Wilson

Wilson is the original Don't Starve character that you'd recognize most. He's just a regular dude with a regular chance of survival. He doesn't spawn with any neat tools but will grow a beard for warmth! He's best to use when figuring things out for the first time or to just have a casual experience without worrying about managing strange attributes.

7 WX78

This little robot is pretty cool. He can eat just about anything which is a positive because finding good food can be hard, especially if the character only favors a certain type. You're able to upgrade your parts and enhance yourself overtime. These enhancements raise his stats and make him faster. You can also emit light playing as him by charging with lightening. The only downside is rain will damage him a lot if he's not protected.

6 Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom is a snooty librarian with a big ole brain. Her knowledge is infinite, making her sanity base level high and allowing her to have special crafting early on. She's able to craft various different books that will give special abilities and aid the team when necessary. Spoiled food will do much more damage to her if eaten as she can only have fresh goods. Wickerbottom also suffers from insomnia so tents are useless. Overall she's very smart and capable, she just can't sleep.

5 Wendy

If you're too afraid to fight the good fight then maybe you'll want to try out Wendy. She is very weak in damage but makes up for it with her twin sister. She can summon her ghost sister who will attack and protect her.

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Wendy also has specialties in crafting with ghostly items. She's not afraid of the dark and ghastly creatures are neutral and do not make her lose sanity. Her dead sister, Abigail will give her more sanity upon being summoned but if she dies, Wendy will lose a hefty amount of sanity. Overall, Wendy is good for sanity and having someone else pick your battles for you but at the cost of being very weak at the beginning.

4 Webber

This spider boy spawns in with spider eggs and monster meat. He's very hairy which aids him in winter months and said hair is made out of silk which can be harvested or shaved for materials. Because he's very much a creature he has the ability to befriend mobs, especially other spiders. Being able to create silk from his beard and spawn spiders is highly useful for team players because spider glands can be used to heal players and Telltale Hearts can be used to revive players, which needs spider glands to craft. The whole spider and creatures business just might be inconvenient to human player characters.

3 Maxwell

Maxwell is a strong character so long as you watch his extremely low health. He comes equipped with a Codex Umbra which summons shadow-creatures to fight for him at the cost of sanity and Nightmare Fuel. He has high sanity for this reason, being able to split it off and use it where necessary for an efficient time spent.

2 Winona

Winona lives to build. She's handy and off the bat can craft special items to aid in creating a base and some protection. Winona spawns in with tape which can repair broken things. Her only downside is that crafting costs her her hunger.

1 Walter

This little boy scout was made for the wilderness. Who could be more equipped? Walter spawns in with a trusty little hat and a pet pal named Woby. Woby is a chest so you can automatically store goods before you're able to craft storage items. Woby also turns into a huge mountable ride once you feed him up to five pieces of monster meat. Walter comes equipped with a slingshot which at first does barely any damage, having only pebbles to use, but once you craft stronger ammo he's unstoppable. Because he as a slingshot you don't have to get in melee range of most enemies. His only downside is he's allergic to bees and this triples with the Queen Bee boss.

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Don't Starve Together Guide: Wigfrid [REWORKED] [NEW UPDATE]

Every Don’t Starve Character, Ranked

Don't Starve Together is the multiplayer version of the super unique and addictive game Don't Starve. This game involves teaming up with your friends in order to play different characters and try to survive in The Constant. Each of these characters has their own unique skills, strengths, and even weaknesses.

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Because of the fact that each of these characters is so different from one another, many players definitely have one character that they prefer over the others. But if you've always stuck to a single character when you join your friends in Don't Starve Together or you're just getting started, you might not know which characters are the best.

To see every character in Don't Starve Together, ranked from the worst to the best, keep reading!

Updated April 22, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Don't Starve Together is an insanely fun release in its own right but the base game has its own fair share of amazing characters that were omitted from the Don't Starve Together roster. A lot of these designs are pretty "overpowered" for the multiplayer romp so it's easy to understand why the developers opted to leave them out of the excursion. Still, with Don't Starve Together going strong and the original game still a blast to play through, we thought it would be fun to toss all the characters available into one updated list. It's important to note that most of the single-player-only survivors will rank much higher than their multiplayer brethren, mostly due to their immensely useful abilities. 

23 Wilson

When it comes to the characters, Wilson is more or less the "default." He's the original character from Don't Starve. While there's definitely nothing wrong with choosing to play as Wilson, he's far from the best character. He has no really unique abilities, other than growing a beard to stay warm in the winter. He's perfect for beginners, but not worth playing beyond then.

22 Wes

There are some characters that are really only good if you're looking for a challenge. Wes is one of those. If you want a tough character to play, Wes is great. But otherwise... Skip him.

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Wes does less damage and gets hungry faster than just about every other character. His special ability is creating balloons which can distract enemies and do a tiny bit of damage when they pop. But, he's weak and it's a struggle to survive as Wes.

21 Maxwell

Maxwell was originally the villain of Don't Starve before he found himself trapped in The Constant. While Maxwell can be a really fun character to play because he can spawn Shadow Puppets using his Codex Umbra and his sanity is incredibly easy to manage, he's not as strong as many other characters.

20 WX-78

WX-78 is a unique character because of the fact that he's not human, something that really impacts how he's played. He can eat gears to upgrade his stats, but gears aren't always easy to come across and could better be used in other structures, like an Ice Box. And if WX-78 is uncovered in the rain, he takes damage until he takes shelter.

19 Webber

Webber is a young boy that lives inside a spider that tried to eat him. Now, he's able to befriend the spiders that live throughout The Constant. But being a spider means that other mobs like pigs will be hostile toward him, making it difficult to make your way through the world at times.

18 Wolfgang

Wolfgang is an incredibly powerful character - as long as you're able to keep him well fed. The fuller his hunger is (which is higher than other characters), the more damage he's able to do. But as he gets hungry, he also gets weaker and weaker.

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Along with this, Wolfgang is afraid of the dark and, when he's around monsters, his sanity drops faster than other characters. Since food can be scarce, he can be a challenge, but he's totally worth it.

17 Wickerbottom

Wickerbottom is a really powerful character because of the fact that she can craft items with no Science Machine and she can create books. Although these books cost her quite a bit of sanity, reading them can be incredibly helpful for various different aspects of the game, like growing crops.

16 Willow

Willow starts the game with her teddy bear and a lighter. This lighter can be used to start fires which will help to slowly increase her sanity. And if you want to put those fires out, Willow never takes fire damage.

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But, when Willow's sanity starts to get low, she will randomly set fires in front of herself. While they won't hurt her, it can cause some serious problems, depending on what you're standing by.

15 Wormwood

Wormwood is a DLC character that originated in Hamlet before being added to Don't Starve Together. This unique character can plant seeds without the use of a farm and gains sanity when he plants things. Wormwood can also use manure in order to heal himself.

14 Wurt

Wurt is a DLC character and is a young Merm. She is able to craft Merm homes, marsh turf, and can summon the Merm King.

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Unlike other non-human characters like Wortox, Wurt isn't attacked by creatures like the Bunnymen. One of the main disadvantages for Wurt is the fact that she is a vegetarian, but she's able to eat durian without any side effects.

13 Wortox

Wortox is a DLC character who once worked with Krampus until his life took a terrible turn. Wortox is unique because of the fact that he primarily eats Souls, items dropped by other players or creatures upon their death. He can eat food but gains only half the health. Wortox can also use Souls to teleport short distances and doesn't lose as much sanity near monsters.

12 Winona

Before arriving in The Constant, Winona was a factory worker at the Voxola factory who was desperately searching for her sister, Charlie. Yes, that Charlie. Winona's history as a factory worker gives her the ability to create unique machines. And the fact that Charlie is her sister means she can go into the dark once without being hurt.

11 Warly

Before arriving in The Constant, Warly was a chef. In The Constant, Warly initially spawns with a Portable Crockpot and some ingredients to cook with. This is helpful because of the fact that Warly won't eat anything that hasn't been cooked. But, players don't have to craft a new crockpot and Warly can take his anywhere with him.

10 Wigfrid

Wigfrid was an actress before she arrived in The Constant and it's safe to say that she got really into her character of a valkyrie. But we're not going to complain about Wigfrid's dedication. She has the ability to craft a Battle Helm and deals a ton of damage. Her main downside is that she refuses to eat anything that doesn't have meat in it, but that's no big deal.

9 Woodie

Woodie starts out in The Constant with a really unique axe named Lucy. Lucy is constantly talking to Woodie and encouraging him to chop down trees. Not that this is a bad thing, though. Lucy can cut down trees faster than a normal axe and never breaks. On a full moon or after eating a Totem, Woodie can transform into one of three different creatures.

8 Woodlegs (Single Player Only)

Woodlegs is perhaps one of the most "stacked" characters from a starting standpoint. His inventory is filled with a bevy of useful items and his specialty-crafted item, the "Sea Legs," has the same durability as an Armored Boat and an infinite cannon to blast away at your enemies. His special headwear allows him to "see" nearby treasure spots and he will start the session with the closest treasure spot revealed. He can be a great resource for finding valuable items and his craftable ship is pretty powerful.

Unfortunately, Woodlegs will absolutely hemorrhage sanity when he is on land (or hovering near a coastline, for that matter). This makes him very difficult to use during the early game and players will need to keep up with his quickly-draining sanity in the first few days.

7 Wendy

If you've ever played Don't Starve Together but never tried playing Wendy, you might be a little confused about how she's the best character. She's not quite as strong as some of the other characters, which can be a little bit of a challenge. So, what makes Wendy so good? The fact that she brings her sister, Abigail with her.

Abigail is a ghost who Wendy can summon after setting down Abigail's Flower, an item that she enters The Constant with, and then having a mob die near her. Abigail can do a ton of damage and protects Wendy from enemies. This totally makes up for the fact that Wendy isn't quite as strong as some other characters and makes her among the best characters in the game.

6 Walani (Single Player Only)

Walani comes with her own unique exploration tool in the form of a surfboard. This will help players navigate the waters early on, without the need to build a boat. She also loses her sanity at a much slower rate, and she's a great character for beginners. That said, she has some caveats that can be frustrating for some.

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For one, her health pool is much lower than average and her hunger will deplete 10 percent faster than a normal character. It's great that her sanity drains slower but on the flip side, it takes a bit more to "fill it back up." Her surfboard is an excellent navigation tool but has less durability than a raft and it's a bit wasteful to repair (based on the materials needed). Thankfully, Walani can craft one whenever she feels like it.

5 Wilba (Single Player Only)

If you're tired of being attacked and bullied by Pigs when attempting to gather resources near them, considering using Wilba. This unique character is the daughter of the Pig Queen and therefore swine royalty. Her favor will allow her to pluck items from Pig Villages and the denizens will sometimes gift the Princess with basic resources and goodies. She's quite the ally to have if you plan on setting up near a Pig Homestead.

Unfortunately, she's afraid of the dark and will lose sanity at night (when not near a light source) much faster than a normal character. She has a small sanity pool, too, which makes it easy for her to transform into an insane state. She also comes equipped with a handy necklace that will "keep her from entering her Werepig form" but also causes her to slowly bleed sanity. She's unique and useful in her own right but it can be a chore to keep her sane.

4 Wilbur (Single Player Only)

This adorable little monkey is actually pretty useful in the right hands and comes equipped with two unique abilities that make him a cut above his human counterparts. Wilbur is fast, approximately 33 percent faster than other characters (when running, and players will need to keep moving for approximately 3 seconds for that run stance to take effect). He also produces his own manure every so often, which makes him a prime candidate for gardening and producing his own food early on.

Unfortunately, Wilbur can't speak, which makes communication a major roadblock. He's also a bit slower when not running, meaning he will struggle in areas where maneuverability is required. Still, penalties aside, his quick running speed and self-contained manure stockpile make him a stronger survivor than most.


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Don't Starve Together: 10 Best Starting Characters For Beginners, Ranked

The new multiplayer sequel to Don't Starve, which is Don't Starve Together, is exciting gamers everywhere. There are many new features in the game on which players are thriving in comparison to Don't Starve. Some of these new features have to do with the playable characters.

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Each character comes with their specific pros and cons and is unique in their own quirky way. However, some characters are much easier to start with than others in Don't Starve Together. It's important for players to feel out the game before pursuing anything too complicated. So, which characters are better and worse for players to start with?

Updated on May 30, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman: The very best characters have powerful unique perks as well as great base stats. Health, Hunger, and Sanity are all important to one's survival in this unrelenting game, so playable characters possessing higher values of these life commodities understandably begin their journeys with a reasonable advantage. Keep in mind that each playstyle has its positives and negatives, so be sure not to overextend oneself unless seeking disaster.

10 Wendy

Depressed, forlorn, and close to death, Wendy is one of the spookier human characters one can choose. She is forever accompanied by the ghost of her dead sister, Abigail, which brings an ominous yet familiar vibe to the gameplay.

The biggest boon to choosing Wendy is that she is not afraid of the dark, which vastly slows down the decrease of one's Sanity meter. The blonde youth does not hit very hard in combat, however, so be sure to only select her if one wants to brood in the dark as opposed to going on hunts.

9 Wickerbottom

Being able to craft magical books that literally allow the player to cast spells is a huge advantage in a game where magic usage is mostly unavailable for combat. Wickerbottom is a character that can craft five different books that each have five uses. They range from being able to summon a flock of birds as a shield to calling down lighting to devastating enemies.

Wickerbottom also comes with higher maximum Sanity than most characters, which offsets the fact that reading the spellbook will cost a big chunk of Sanity per reading. Furthermore, this elderly lady is a very picky eater, regaining fewer stat points from stale and spoiled food. The most challenging part of this character's mental health, however, is the fact that she cannot sleep, and therefore cannot recover Sanity in conventional ways.

8 Webber

Arachnophobic people should skip this one, as the character in question is a spider-like being. Webber, in addition to being able to grow a lovely beard made of silk, can befriend spiders and easy Monster Meat, as well as Spider Eggs and other hideous foods, with no ill effects.

However, mobs that are normally hostile to spiders will also treat poor Webber with the same aggression. On top of this, Webber has much lower maximum Sanity than most characters, so those who choose him should be wary of this trait.

7 Wortox

This red imp is a character exclusive to Don't Starve Together and has one of the most interesting playstyles. Wortox can consume Souls to regain Hunger at the cost of a little bit of Sanity. Being supernatural, this horned fellow possesses an arcane perk: when others around him die, they drop Souls, which the player can collect to become stronger.

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These Souls must stay on Wortox's person, as they cannot be stored in chests and other containers. The player also does not regain very many stat points from eating normal food, so they should always be on the lookout for dying creatures to harvest Souls from. In addition, Wortox is hated by all, and most creatures will be hostile toward him.

6 Wurt

Wurt, the Merm character, is an excellent choice for those seeking a pacifist playstyle. She is a vegetarian who gets along well with almost everyone, including mobs that are normally hostile. Since she is more aquatically inclined than most, she's able to suffer far fewer repercussions when drowning and has such great affinity for marine life that keeping a live fish in her inventory will cause her to gradually gain Sanity over time.

However, being exposed to dead sea creatures will cause her to lose Sanity. Wurt also cannot eat any kind of meat-based food and, for some reason, pigs hate her; making it impossible to spend time around them or trade with the Pig King.

5 Wilson

One of the most basic but beneficial characters for players to start with is Wilson. He might seem like nothing special, but for beginners, he's a given. Wilson does not require any experience to play with and is the main protagonist in the game.

Therefore, right off the bat, players can control him much easier than other characters. He does not have any extreme powers other than his trademarks. These trademarks are growing an eye-catching beard and being an average scientist. However, he is a character that players should snatch when they start playing Don't Starve Together.

4 Willow

Players cannot go wrong starting with the pyro Willow. Not only is she immune to fire, but she comes equipped with her own special lighter. This lighter is similar to the item Torch which helps guide characters through the darkness.

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With Willow in the group, players can count on her to lead the way without scrambling to find a Torch. Also, Willow can easily light things on fire which is beneficial when facing monsters. Players don't have to worry about damage from Willow's fires as she is very careful.

3 WX-78

Robots don't require the same necessities as humans. This is why WX-78 is beneficial for players to use when starting out. It takes a few days of survival to unlock WX-78, but it's well worth it. WX-78 does not need much food to survive. It can eat gears and trek along just fine; it can even eat rotten food.

Furthermore, lightning can strike WX-78 and it won't cause any damage. Lighting gives the robotic character more speed because it overloads its system. Players must be sure to keep WX-78 away from water including rain or else damage will occur. However, WX-78 is a great addition to the group, especially for starters.

2 Wormwood

Players should not let Wormwood scare them away. This plant-like being may look strange but he's a great addition for starters. First of all, he does not require any experience to play with; he just shows up ready to go.

Wormwood is the only character who has access to the Green Thumb Tab which allows him to craft exclusive items. He can also craft healing recipes and defense mechanisms that help the group across the board. On top of all this, he is a kind soul. Players should definitely take advantage of having this little plant-person in the wilderness.

1 Walter

Walter is a unique character who is only available in Don't Starve Together. Players better take advantage of him because he is very useful. Walter carries a slingshot which is an item exclusively for him. This slingshot comes with specific ammo that greatly damages enemies.

In the event that he loses the slingshot, or it breaks, Walter can simply craft another one. Moreover, his sanity does not decrease like other characters when facing threats such as monsters or darkness. Plus, Walter knows how to cook and can cook fast. Altogether, starters need this free character on their side.

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