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University Square Four
W. Johnson Street
62 University Square Mall
Madison, WI

Inactive TheaterThis theater is marked as inactive in our records. Check the Journal Entriespage for more information.

Opened May 23, Theater demolished in June

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City:Madison, Wisconsin
Market Area:Madison WI

Handicapped Accessible?No

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Look Dine-In Cinemas University Mall 14

General Cinema opened University Square Cinemas in two stages. Cinemas I & II opened on October 18, with "The Longest Yard" and "The Way We Were." Cinemas III & IV followed on November 15th with "Gold" and "The Trial of Billy Jack." Cinemas 1 & II were located at the front side of the mall facing Fowler Avenue and Cinemas III & IV were at the rear of the mall. GCC had originally planned a two-screen cinema for this location but when another tenant at the rear of the mall backed out, the space was acquired by GCC and an additional two screens were added.

Capacity was 1, with cinema I seating , cinema II , and cinemas III & IV each. This four-screen complex was GCC’s third venue in Tampa, and that chain’s first brand new theatre built exclusively from the ground up following their acquisition of the Britton and Austin Cinemas. All four cinemas were managed by Tony Koudouna who was quoted on opening day as saying, "these theatres will show both first and second run movies depending on supply. Cinema I seats and will feature the movies expected to do the most business." Cinemas I & IV received Dolby Stereo installations sometime the mid’s.

These theatres were the standard GCC design of the ’s with blue lobby walls, white lettering, red carpeting, white pushback seats with red cushions, light grey panneling on auditorium walls, and bare screens. The free-standing box office for cinemas I & II sat a few feet from the theatre entrance in the mall. The lobby was small and cramped with barely any room for more than just a few patrons at a time. The large cinema I was on the left and the smaller cinema II on the right.

Cinemas III & IV at the rear had an indoor box office as well as a second concession stand. There were two or three steps at the entrance to each auditorium followed by a ramp leading down into the theatre. The screens in each of the four cinemas varied with the average width being about 35 feet wide.

Some films I saw in cinemas I & II: "The Longest Yard", "The Groove Tube", "Tommy", "The Boys From Brazil", "Capricorn One", "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", "Grease", "Back to the Future", and " The Year We Make Contact."

Management was expecting a big turnout on opening night for "" so the film was showing in the large cinema I in Dolby Stereo. There was also a midnight showing of the film that Friday night. I attended the final showing before the midnight show and the theatre was barely half-filled. So for the midnight showing the print was moved to the smaller cinema II which was not equipped with Dolby Stereo. Attendance for the midnight showing was approximately 20 to 25 people who had the misfortune of hearing the sound track in mono. I could never figure why the print was switched as there was no other feature showing at midnight in the larger cinema I.

These films I recall seeing in cinemas III & IV: "Halloween" "The Legend of Boggy Creek" "The Medicine Man" "Out of Africa" (I walked OUT on this one) "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever" (double feature) "Micki & Maude" "Airplane" "Hairspray" "Tales of Terror" ( re-release) "Creature from the Black Lagoon" in 3-D and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

During the ’s and through most of the ’s all four screens usually featured special midnight shows every weekend. These were popular second-run films, cult films, concert films, and off-the-wall films.

Cinemas III & IV achieved local fame as the original home of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" which ran for an astounding plus years every Friday & Saturday at midnight. Showings would alternate between the two cinemas during regular weekend shows. For Halloween and yearly anniversaries the film played in both cinemas to sold-out crowds. The long engagement began on April 21, and ran through February 11, when the film was unexpectedly pulled without warning.

Bob Ross, the Tribune’s film critic published an article on the abrupt cancellation (Bob, if you’re reading this I give you full credit for your story!!)


It’s gone. "Rocky Horror" the movie we took for granted for more than a decade has been pulled from its Bay area home screen. You knew it would be there. It’s always been there. Friday and Saturday, midnight, University Square. The movie’s full title is "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." When first released in , it didn’t do much. Somehow the audience lingered, grew, and recruited more audience members. Midnight screenings turned into a tradition. Groups formed to act out key characters roles in sync with the screen action.

Audience participation threatened to make these events too rowdy to continue. Theatre crews grew tired of cleaning up bread, rice, water and other debris scattered by ritual cultists. Reason has prevailed in recent years. Foreign substances have been kept to a minimum and audiences have continued to make the twice-weekly pilgrimage, singing with the sound track, making clever ritual responses to favorite bits of dialog.

But "Rocky Horror" has left us without warning. Saturday night was its unannounced finale. On Monday, word of the regional decision came down to Tony Koudouna, Tampa-based divisional manager for General Cinema, the giant chain of which University Square is a link. Koudouna, who was once the manager at University Square, has a certain fondness for "Rocky Horror." "I think I was the first manager to bring it in there" he recalled. "Here, I can check the records…well, last week was the th consecutive week. That’s more than 11 years."

For 11 years you could count on "Rocky Horror" playing midnight at University Square. Now it’s gone. Without notice. History. "It was a quick decision as far as we knew," Koudouna acknowledged. "It came from the regional office in Atlanta. The midnight movies were pulled in all the regional theatres. "Rocky Horror" was playing in a few other cities, I believe. We’d had no problems with it here. It was just a regional decision." Koudouna predicts that late-night screenings will be reinstated, but that "Rocky Horror" will not be part of it.

Will this incredibly durable cult classic return to a bay area screen any time soon? Remember, "Rocky Horror" remains among those rare old movies that are not available on videocassette. The midnight movie market made it worth 20th Century Fox’s while to keep the title strictly in theatrical release.

The film eventually found a new home at the Hillsboro Eight Cinemas where it played for several months in addition to showings at several other theatres.

University Square Cinemas were purchased by Cobb Theatres in the mid’s and the decision was made to expand the complex to 16 screens. The last day of operation for cinemas III & IV was on September 2, with the final features "Carpool" "Bordello of Blood" "A Time To Kill" and "Independence Day."

The expansion took place at the rear of the mall with a new building constructed next to the parking garage. During this construction phase cinemas I & II at the front of the mall remained open through December 12, The final features were " Dalmatians" and "Daylight." The building has since been renovated for a number of uses including a restaurant as well as various shops. No traces of the former cinemas remain visible.

The new screen building was joined with the lobby of the original cinemas III & IV which were absorbed into the new complex and completely renovated. The new Cobb Theatres University 16 opened on December 13, and was in operation until September 3, Entrance to the theatre is now in the food court on the second floor.

The larger cinemas in the complex were used occasionally for classes by the University of South Florida. Regal owns and operated the complex. It was taken over by Frank Theatres in It was closed on January 6, It was reopened by Studio Movie Grill in October using 14 screens. it was closed in March of and was taken over by Look Dine-In Cinema, reopening in September

Contributed by Nick DiMaggio

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University Mall Movies Tampa​

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Mall movies square university

Studio Movie Grill Tampa

  • Sam Spencer on Google

    (February 13, , pm)

    Cool concept and cheap tickets. But this particular location is plagued by poor sound (sometimes you can hear other theaters next to yours) and less than immersive screens. The food’s decent though.

  • Katelynne Mccoy on Google

    (February 11, , pm)

    I love movies and food so this is a great combo for me. I just press a button and order my food they deliver it while i watch a great movie. So win win

  • Celese Moss on Google

    (February 2, , pm)

    This one is not as updated as other ones I've been to in the past, but it is still an upgrade from what this theater use to be. The staff was very knowledgeable at the bar and everyone walking around working was very courteous. The actual theater I was in was #8 and it was well cleaned. There were no sound or lighting issues and no movie disruptions.

  • Samuel Gerry on Google

    (December 28, , pm)

    I took the kids to see a movie and we were at screen number 6. Right away, there's an exit sign inches from the screen so the entire bottom right corner of the movie has a green glow. This may or may not irritate you. The seats themselves were clean, but everything squeaks and makes noise in row G. The food was alright, I ordered one appetizer to share with the kids and one for my lunch. My lunch came out first so it wasn't hot by the time my kids got their food. The cheese used on the pretzels and fries has a strange artificial taste, the kids liked their Mac and cheese/cheeseburger. We heard the bass from the adjacent theaters the entire movie which was annoying. There's also some sort of metal light covers that aren't secured to the wall so the bass from our movie made it sound like someone was dumping empty soda cans on the floor. Overall the price wasn't bad, the service was good, but I wouldn't pay to see a movie here again.

  • Johnattan Hernandez on Google

    (December 14, , pm)

    Everything about the place is great. Service is good. Food is good. Sounds is very good. Only complaint is during certain parts of movies you can hear the bass from another movie next door. They should sound proof the rooms a little better

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    4DX Cinemas Next Generation - Motion Seats, Wind, Fog, Lighting, Bubbles, Water \u0026 Scents

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