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Covert Capsuleers,

Get ready for a new era of clandestine warfare with an update to covert gameplay in the Enter the Portal update. Each of the empires’ Black Ops battleships are receiving new bonuses and a damage buff alongside improvements to their travel capabilities both on-grid and around New Eden. Covert Ops exploration ships are also being rebalanced to help them excel in their scouting role and live to cloak another day.

The below changes will be live on Singularity today so head on over to the test server to try them out!

Black Ops Group Jumps

Black Ops battleships are Tech II ships with their own built-in jump drives, allowing them to launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting foes through a Covert Cynosural Field. The current design also allows them to use Covert Jump Portal Generator to bridge covert ops fleet members through instead of jumping themselves. This has had the unfortunate side effect of relegating the ultimate covert battleship to a support and travel tool.

As part of the Enter the Portal update, all Black Ops battleships will have a new ability built into the Jump Portal Generator, enabling them to perform a new Group Jump with their fleet at a much-reduced fuel cost over using a Bridge. This will help these flagships jump onto the front lines faster to join the fleet in a covert ambush.

The Group Jump mechanic will allow ships within jump range of the Black Ops battleship and in the same fleet to act as a “passenger” on the jump, travelling with the battleship. In order to do so, the passengers must fulfil the usual requirements including not being warp disrupted or in a bubble, not cloaked, and clear of Jump Fatigue. Black Ops Group Jump passengers are limited to classes which can fit a Covert Ops Cloak, so no changes to ships that can already bridge through a covert portal.

Black Ops Battleship Rebalancing

As Black Ops ships will now be seeing more action on the front lines, they will be receiving significant buffs to their damage and new bonuses to help them excel in their role. The current cloak speed velocity will be moved to a role bonus with all Black Ops ships receiving a 650% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices.

These changes are being introduced in order to help bring the Black Ops out of the shadows and into the forefront as the top of the line in covert gameplay. With a ship that costs over a billion ISK, it should be something that players are able to use confidently while also putting their ship on the line in exchange for extreme firepower.

The aim is to create more interesting gameplay with these damage buffs and the new fuel-efficient Group Jump while also ensuring that players being dropped on have a chance to fight back and potentially score a kill on an expensive ship.

Covert Ops Rebalancing

Covert Ops exploration ships have long-suffered from having their bonuses split between scanning and scouting, and an off-role combat bonus. To help modernize this class of ships, they will be swapping their combat bonuses for new scouting bonuses, bolstering the foundation of covert operations in EVE.

All Covert Ops exploration ships will receive a reduction in capacitor need to initiate warp, preventing them from finding themselves out of capacitor while mid-warp. The Helios and Cheetah will then be receiving a cloaked velocity bonus. The Anathema and Buzzard will instead excel at scanning with a reduction in scan deviation.

In addition to these scouting buffs, each ship will also gain a low-slot, with the Helios instead gaining a High-Slot to make better use of the Interdiction Nullifier Module introduced during The Great Escape update.


Bundled in with the Enter the Portal update, EDENCOM vessels will be buffed with an improvement to their Vorton Projector weapon systems. All Vorton Projectors will have their max targets hit increased from 5 to 10, allowing them to reap even greater destruction against a large hostile force.

To join player discussion about this update, please head on over to the official thread on EVE Online forums.

The following changes from the Singularity test server are subject to alteration based on testing and player feedback before arriving on Tranquility:


Black Ops Battleships

  • New Group Jump available for all Black Ops battleships
  • 650% bonus to ship max velocity when using Cloaking Devices moved to a Role Bonus.


  • Large Energy Turret rate of fire bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Added 10% bonus to Energy Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer drain amount
  • Capacitor Capacity increased from 5312 to 5912


  • Large Hybrid Turret damage bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Removed 5% ship inertia bonus and increased base Ship Inertia Modifier by 25%
  • Added 10% bonus to logistics drone transfer amount
  • Added 7.5% bonus to drone tracking and optimal range


  • Large Projectile Turret damage bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Removed 5% ship velocity bonus and increased base Ship Max Velocity by 25%
  • Added 7.5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret tracking speed
  • Added 7.5% bonus to Large Projectile Turret falloff range


  • Rapid Heavy, Cruise, and Torpedo rate of fire bonus increased from 5% to 7.5%
  • ECM Target Jammer strength increased from 30% to 40%
  • Added 4% bonus to shield resistances


  • Large Hybrid Turret damage bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Large Projectile Turret damage bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Large Energy Turret damage bonus increased from 5% to 10%
  • Rapid Heavy, Cruise, and Torpedo rate of fire bonus increased from 5% to 10%

Covert Ops Frigates

  • All Covert Ops exploration frigate combat bonuses have been removed
  • Added -15% capacitor need to initiate warp level


  • Added 5% bonus to cloaked velocity
  • High slots increased by 1


  • Added 5% bonus to scan deviation
  • Low slots increased by 1


  • Added 5% bonus to scan deviation
  • Low slots increased by 1


  • Added 5% bonus to cloaked velocity
  • Low slots increased by 1

Vorton Projectors

  • All Vorton Projectors now have their max targets hit increased from 5 to 10

Art by Major Sniper

CCP announced today a sweeping series of changes to Black Ops and Covert Ops ships designed to improve the distinctiveness and usefulness of these hulls. These changes are currently available for testing on Singularity.

Black Ops: More than a Covert Jump Bridge

CCP is making changes to Black Ops battleships to encourage more active combat use of those ships as a part of covert warfare. All Black Ops are receiving significant buffs to their combat damage. In addition, they are receiving a new alternative to covert bridging called the Group Jump. When a Black Ops activates Group Jump, the Battleship itself will jump to the covert cyno and bring with it eligible fleet members that are within range–similar to how a Command Destroyer Jump Field Generator will boosh ships in proximity to itself.

To be eligible to receive a Black Ops Group Jump, a ship must be:

  • In fleet with the Black Ops Battleship initiating the Group Jump
  • Within range of the Battleship (presumed to be the same as the bridge range, 2,500 meters)
  • Capable of fitting a CovOps cloak
  • Uncloaked
  • Jump eligible: No pointed or bubbled, not restricted by Jump Fatigue

Group Jumps are significantly cheaper than bridging, especially when large numbers of ships are being move. Group Jumps are currently slated to cost a flat 1000 isotopes regardless of the number of ships being jumped. This reduced fuel cost may act as a strong motivator for fleets to bring their Black Ops directly to the front line.

To support this increased exposure to combat, all of the Black Ops Battleships are receiving significant buffs to their damage bonuses. In most cases, bonuses are going from 5% to 10% per skill level.

Covert Ops: Specialized for Scouting

A second change now available for testing on Singularity is an overhaul of the four faction Covert Ops ships (Anathema, Buzzard, Cheetah, Helios) to focus their use specifically on scouting. All of them are having their combat bonuses removed entirely. The Cheetah and the Helios are having their cloaked velocity buffed to enable faster covert movement. The Buzzard and the Anathema are having their Scan Deviation buffed to enable faster scanning.

All four of them are receiving an additional slot. The Anathema, Buzzard, and Cheetah are receiving a low slot. The Helios is receiving a high list to better complement its use of the new nullification module recently added to the game.

EDENCOM Vortron Projectors Buffed

Vortron Projectors, the chain-damage weapons used by EDENCOM ships, have had the max number of ships damaged by their attacks increased from five to ten. This change is being announced a few weeks after Gobbins urged PAPI players to be training for EDENCOM ships.

Stay Tuned!

These changes are live on the Singularity Test Server. That means that while they’ve taken a step toward going into the game, they’re not yet finalized. CCP has already updated the devblog once since its release, and is likely to continue to do so. Keep an eye out for future changes!

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  3. Ups battery price 600va

Covert Ops

The Covert Ops class is split into two sub classes of scanning and hacking oriented covert ops frigates and combat oriented stealth bombers. Both of them have the ability to use covert ops cloaking device and warp while cloaked, ability to use the covert cynosural field generators and the ability to take covert jump bridges.

Covert Ops

As scouts they can stealthily gather intelligence and use their scanning bonus to probe out enemy targets. They can watch enemy targets while in cloak and provide a warp coordinate for a much larger gang of heavy hitting ships in an organized surprise attack. Explorers can use the same scanning bonus to probe down PvE exploration sites. Due to their extreme fragility, cov-ops frigates should not generally be used in a tackling role, and are typically invisible at all times.

The four covert ops frigates mostly differentiate from each other by their skill bonus and slot layout.

There is also more combat oriented Pacifier. In addition to the usual scanning and hacking bonuses it has a full array of combat bonuses. It is a ship with limited availability and high price.

Fitting Covert Ops Frigates

A Capsuleer's options for fitting Covert Ops frigates are highly dependent on their Covert Ops skill level, as each level of the skill provide a 20% reduction in CPU for Covert Ops cloaking device. Covert Ops IV or V are recommended, depending on how tight the desired fit is. The following heuristic<may be useful as a basis for fitting Covert Ops frigates with a primary role of probe scanning and a secondary role as hero tackle. In the fitting window, simulate the hull of the relevant Covert Ops frigate and add the modules of your choice in the following order:

  1. Expanded (or Core) Probe Launcher (T1, T2, or Sisters)
  2. Covops cloak
  3. 5MN MWD (restrained on first attempt, may later be changed to compact)
  4. T2 point
  5. Fill mid slots with scan arrays: one acquisition, one pinpointing, and the rest rangefinding
  6. Fill lows with inertial stabilizers
  7. Rigs, depends on what kind of launcher and rangefinding array you are using: 2x T2 gravimetric upgrades (better at cheaper levels) or 1x T2 gravimetric upgrade with Sisters launcher and/or T2 rangefinding.
  8. Now, start shaving off lows for MAPC (for Power Grid) and Co-processors (for CPU)
  9. Finish off by switching inertial stabilizers to Nano until you're barely before a tick in your align (with prop OFF)

Stealth Bombers

Main article: Stealth Bombers

Stealth bombers are very specialized ships which can warp cloaked and don't have a sensor re-calibration delay preventing them from locking targets after decloaking. They can fit torpedo launchers (battleship sized missile launchers) and bomb launchers, which fire area-of-effect weapons that can only be used in nullsec or wormhole space. Stealth bombers put out extraordinary alpha strike damage and die very fast if anyone manages to put some damage on them, so bomber pilots will typically fire a few salvos and/or a single bomb then recloak. They are the bane of large ships, especially in nullsec. In groups and flown well, stealth bombers can take down a capital ship.

Each stealth bomber has a damage bonus for bombs and torpedoes which do its empire's associated damage type.

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