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Some of our customers are receiving an error message saying

This happens when they try to pay using button. Please note that we have successfully processed other transactions through the Paypal checkout buttons and our customer has already contacted their bank to check that the transaction is not being blocked from their side.

  • Screenshots or videos that show the issue

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 3 57 24 PM copy

  • Your code

  • The from your browser console


  • The exact browser version
  • A link to your page with the issue, if possible

I've created a similar trip in our staging environment here: https://staging.timbuktutravel.com/trip/-ad3787f5-4a38-425c-bc09-a9fe35765f12/pay

you can log in with:
email: [email protected]
password: paypal123

  • All console logs during the time of the issue, especially error messages
  • Does the issue also occur at developer.paypal.com/demo/checkout?
  • Does the issue occur consistently, or intermittently?

Steps to reproduce

Go to the pay page of one of the trips that we sell
Click the black "Debit or Credit card" button.
Fill in the card details.
See error message
Some customers are able to pay.
Some customers are not able to pay. Seeing this error message. We have two different customers that are experiencing this with different cards

Affected browsers

Sours: https://github.com/paypal/paypal-checkout-components/issues/1319

AppSelector is a feature that gives you more control over the apps that can be installed on your device during the initial setup process.

60 days after activation, AppManager will recommend a list of unused apps you can choose to uninstall to free up space and optimize device performance. You will also get a recommendation for apps that you may enjoy. AppManager will run every 60 days.




  • AppSelector gives you the ability to easily select and install various applications when you first begin setting up your new device. AppSelector is available on select Android devices. See list below for eligibility.
  • AppSelector will automatically notify you approximately 15 minutes after setting up your new device, or when you have performed a master reset on an existing device. At this time, you'll be able to open, delay or skip forever.
    • If you delay for later, a notification will appear in the status bar until it’s been turned off.
    • If you skip the notification, you'll never be notified again.
    • If you open, it will ask you a few options for better app recommendations, then you select the apps you’d like to install including recommended apps.
  • Once the setup is complete, it can be found in your device app settings.
  • Installed apps will appear in the app tray, just like any other downloaded app.
  • All applications downloaded using AppSelector, are managed and updated through the Google Play Store after the initial setup is complete-just like any other app.


  • AppManager is a quick and easy way to find and remove unused apps on your phone and discover new ones.
  • AppManager launches 60 days after activating a new device. You can either choose to open the application or dismiss the notification to be reminded in the future, if you dismiss the notification they will receive another notification in 24 hours. After 3 dismisses the experience will not launch again. You can also uninstall AppManager completely in settings.
  • AppManager will launch on 3/16/2021 on Samsung A11 and A21 devices.


Remove the notification


If you choose not to utilize the AppSelector experience and need help removing the notification, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down on the status bar and tap the AppSelector experience notification.
  2. Press the Back button on the device, then tap Exit app setup.
  3. The app will ask if you would like to be notified later. You can select the following options:


  • If you choose not to utilize the AppManager experience need help removing the notification, follow these steps:
  1. Swipe down on the status bar and tap the AppManager experience notification.
  2. Press the Back button on the device, then tap Exit app setup.
  3. AppManager will ask if you would like to be notified later. You can select the following options:




If you would like to uninstall AppSelector from your device, follow these steps:

  1. Access the device settings.
  2. Open the Apps or Apps & notification settings.
  3. Locate and tap the AppSelector app, then tap Uninstall.


  • If customers would like to uninstall AppSelector from their device, follow these steps:
  1. Access the device settings.
  2. Open the Apps or Apps & notification settings.
  3. Locate and tap the AppManager app, then tap Uninstall.


Compatible devices

AppSelector is available on most T-Mobile and Metro devices operating on Android 8.1 and above.

AppManager is currently available on LG K51 and Samsung A11 and A21 devices.



If you are experiencing issues with AppSelector, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Error message "Oops.. something went wrong" appears

  1. Check that the device has at least 2 bars of signal.
  2. Make sure the device has cellular data enabled.
  3. Make sure that Airplane Mode is not turned on.
  4. Test to make sure the device can connect to the internet, then open the app and press TRY AGAIN.

Apps that were selected, do not appear in the app tray

  1. Check that the device has at least two bars of signal.
  2. Make sure the device has cellular data enabled.
  3. Make sure that Airplane Mode is not turned on.
  4. Make sure you wait between 5 to 10 minutes, to allow time to pass for apps to download.
  5. If the apps do not appear after 10 minutes, download the apps through the Play Store.


What is AppManager?

AppManager provides customers with a quick and easy way to find and remove unused apps on their phone and discover new ones.


How does AppManager work?

The user experience is simple. 60 days after activating a new device, T-Mobile customers will receive a notification from AppManager asking if they want to remove any unused apps on their phone to better maximize space. Once opened, it will show a list of unused applications and a customer can choose what they wish to uninstall. Then AppManager will walk customers through the simple and easy process to uninstall any unused applications they select.


How often will I receive the AppManager Experience?

AppManager will appear approx. every 60 days, unless the customer disables, uninstalls, or opts-out of future notifications.


What are the benefits of AppManager?

AppManager improves the customer’s device experience by helping to identify and remove any unused applications, provide high-quality app recommendations as well as optimize the overall device performance.


Is there a way for me to opt-out of AppManager?

Yes! AppManager can be delayed for later or skipped entirely.


Can AppManager be deleted off my phone?

Yes. AppManager can be uninstalled from the customers phone like most other applications.


How do I access AppManager?

60 days after activating a new device, a welcome message from AppManager will automatically pop-up. At this time, a customer can choose to access it, delay it for a later time, or skip it entirely. Once opened, it will walk the customer through the simple and easy process and uninstall any unused applications the customer wishes to uninstall.


I’d like to free up some space on my device. How do I launch the AppManager?

Currently we do not have a way for a customer to go launch AppManager directly.


I accidentally dismissed AppManager and want to run it. How can I pull this back up?

There is no way for a customer to launch AppManager directly. However, as long as the notification is present in the notification tray, then it should still be accessible.


Is AppSelector required for me to get AppManager?

Yes. AppManager is a feature of AppSelector.


Is there a cost to use AppManager?

No, all applications in AppManager are free to download. However, individual apps may have associated costs directly from the 3rd party app providers such as in-app purchases or subscription offers.


Is AppManager available on both Android and iOS devices?

No, AppManager is only available on select T-Mobile Android phones. Currently the Samsung A11 and A21 are the first devices with AppManager.


Which devices are AppManager available on?

Today, AppManager is only available for T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers with a Samsung A11 and Samsung A21 device.


Is AppManager coming to more devices?

Yes, over time more Android devices will be enabled with this experience.


Do I have to be on a specific rate plan to use AppManager?

No. All T-Mobile customers with an eligible device can use AppManager. No specific rate plan is required.


Will the usage from AppManager deplete my monthly data allotment?

Yes, standard data rates will apply.


If I need help or have questions about AppManager, can I contact Customer Care?

Yes, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 with any questions you may have.

Sours: https://www.t-mobile.com/support/plans-features/t-mobile-appselector
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I received an error when trying to make a payment. What do I do?

If your payment fails, you’ll be sent a notification via email with information and on how to resubmit payment. Please find below the common reasons for a failing payment and what we recommend you to do.

Common failure reasons and what to do:

Insufficient funds

For Financing Account and ‘Pay in 30 days’: We’ll email you letting you know the payment was declined due to insufficient funds and you can resubmit payment once sufficient funds are available.

For ‘Pay in 4 installments’ and ‘Pay over 6 months’: We’ll email you letting you know that your payment was declined if sufficient funds are not available to cover your first payment. Klarna will automatically make 2 or 3 more payment attempts within 3-4 days of the originally scheduled payment date, so please make sure that the card connected to your account is up to date, and has enough funds.

Invalid account

Make sure you’ve entered the correct payment information when making a payment. If your payment information is entered incorrectly, we’ll send you an email notification. To resolve this issue, simply re-enter the account and routing numbers in the ‘Payment methods’ section of your account. If you’ve entered your account information or debit card number correctly and you continue to receive this error, please reach out to your financial institution to make sure you’re using the most up to date information.

Note that payments for Klarna credit accounts cannot be made with a credit card.

Technical error

Try the steps below if you encounter a technical error when trying to make a payment:

– Close and reopen your browser
– Use the most up-to-date browser version
– Clear your cookies
– Make sure you aren’t using a restricted network; such as a work connection


Your payment failed but you haven’t received an email?

If you haven’t received an email, try checking your spam folder and following the ‘technical error’ steps above. You may need to go to your inbox filter settings to verify that Klarna is not a blocked address. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact Klarna Customer Service.”

Was this article helpful?

Yes, it was helpfulNo, I still need help
Sours: https://www.klarna.com/us/customer-service/received-error-trying-make-payment/

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