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15 Gorgeous Woven Wall Hanging Ideas To Decorate That Blank Wall

Wall hangings are decorative pieces of materials that are suspended on one of the walls in your home. Those that are made from fabric are amongst the most common ones and, just like in sewing, the fibers can be woven to create a decorative piece that’s often associated with boho or traditionally inspired decors.

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If you’ve wanted to know more about woven wall hanging, but also look into some of the most beautiful ones available on the market, you’ve come to the right place.

History of Fabric Wall Hangings

You probably love to hang them on your walls, but do you know that tapestries also have a rich historical culture that’s worth knowing about? For hundreds of years, fabric wall hangings have stood proud as wall decorative items that talk about the history of all sorts of cultures. The Incas and the Egyptians used to bury the dead with tapestry woven clothing, while the Greeks used them to decorate their walls.

Even so, it was the French medieval weavers that truly made the best out of them. Back in the 13th and 14th centuries, the Church talked about the value of tapestries in perpetuating all sorts of biblical stories, but only a few of them have lived to this day. The Apocalypse of St John is the oldest existing set and is composed of six hangings that measures 18 feet in height each. All of these were woven between and in Paris.

In the middle ages, fabric wall hangings were a symbol of the aristocracy as they had plenty of different uses, meeting decorative, but even insulating purposes. They would also be used to create privacy around beds and to cover openings of all sorts. It was not uncommon for kings to travel with tapestries and hung them wherever they went to create a sense of comfort and prestige.

Medieval tapestry weaving was a craft passed down from generation to generation, and it was estimated that around 15, were employed in this craft. Artisans used to extract the dyes they needed from insects and plants, and would have to work with less than 20 available colors. For example, pomegranates, poppies, and madder were the most common sources for the color red.

Tapestries would tell a variety of different stories, from myths to biblical teachings, from allegories to day-to-day life. When creating their work, medieval weavers would often create these fabric wall hangings using sketching and free adaptations, sometimes adding a touch of humor to their work.

By the Renaissance period, tapestries had turned to full-sized drawings, but they were oftentimes found to be copies of paintings without a touch of originality to them.

In , over artisans were employed by the Les Gobelins factory to produce tapestries for the royal court in Paris. This became a trend copied by other European countries, as more and more factories started to open and commissioned tapestries for the continent’s greatest rules.

During the French Revolution, the tapestry industry experienced a huge turning point, with the social changes leading to burning a variety of tapestries. The gold and silver threads were perceived to be of greater value than the tapestries themselves. Eventually, this led to the invention of the Jacquard mechanical loom back in

Ideas for Making Your Own Wall Hangings

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Needless to say, it’s perfectly possible to make your own home decor, as this is a hobby for a lot of different people passionate about sewing or arts and crafts. So, we’ve decided to talk about a few tutorials that we came across and that are bound to spark an interest into some of you.

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The very first tutorial comes from Sustain My Craft Habit and it teaches you how to make your own DIY woven wall hanging with steps that show you how to set up a loom, a few information on some of the basic weaving techniques, and tips on preparing a weave for hanging. The tutorial is accompanied by images and detailed instructions, making it fairly easy to create your own wall hanging.

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Our second suggestion is delivered to you by Almost Makes Perfect. It is a very simple tutorial that requires yarn, a wood dowel, a pair of scissors, and the optional miter box. It is one of the easier projects of its kind, but also something you want to be careful with if you have playful cats that just wait around the corner for the chance to sink their claws into hanging bits of yarn.

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The Washingtonian also has a wonderful DIY wall hanging tutorial for those of you that want to add a touch of color into your room’s decor. This comprehensive tutorial is accompanied by images and detailed instructions that will guide you through the process every step of the way.

15 Gorgeous Woven Wall Hanging Ideas

Cotton Transitional Wall Hanging

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If you want to add a touch of traditional uniqueness to your home, this 31&#; H x 15&#; W fabric wall hangingis something to look into. It’s made entirely out of cotton, comes with decorative fringes and a wood support for hanging on the wall. It adds personality to different kinds of room decors, but pairs really well with traditional and rustic setups.

Adah Tapestry with Hanging Accessories Included

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Another superb woven wall hanging piece is this one, with a boho-chic design and details that are just soothing to look at. The piece measures 50&#; H x 30&#; W and comes in beautiful neutral tones. It primarily uses polyester fibers and comes with a rod for wall hanging.

Cotton Round Art Wall Hanging with Hanging Accessories Included

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We welcome yet another gorgeous woven art piece, this time made from 75 percent cotton and 25 percent recycled fibers. It is the kind of eye-catching statement that could easily find its way into multiple rooms in your home, including the hallway or in the bedroom, straight above the bed. While the bottom part is made from cotton fringes, the top half features a quality birch wood construction. Overall, this wall art piece measures 17&#; H x 18&#; W.

Wool Wall Hanging with Hanging Accessories Included

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Another perfect woven wall hanging that would fit the decor of a boho-style home is the Saro. Measuring 40&#; H x 18&#; W, this is perfect for hanging on a narrow wall, especially in long and tall hallways, but also in living rooms where you want to draw attention to what would otherwise be an empty white wall. This wall hanging tapestry is made entirely out of wool and comes in a beige color.

Bohemian Wall Hanging

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If you want to add more texture to a room, this boho wall-hanging tapestry is a sight for sore eyes. It’s made with striped and fuzzy appeal that brings forth a series of natural hues, perfect for rooms where a natural look is needed. It measures 23&#; H x 17&#; W and is designed to be hung vertically, with a portrait orientation.

Santos Leather Wall Hanging with Hanging Accessories Included

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What if you could get the same beautiful woven visual effect, but with the long-lasting quality that only leather materials can bring? This woven wall hanging is here to serve that purpose, offering a boho rustic rug-like design with horizontal line patterns for those who want to draw attention to their walls.

Cotton Macrame Wall Hanging with Rod Included

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Woven with amazing detailand designed to offer an exquisite piece of Macrame wall hanging, this particular suggestion fits a variety of different room decors, from contemporary to Scandinavian. Braided by skilled artisans, this natural cotton piece is woven around a wooden dowel so that the two neutral colors match and complement your interior decor.

Wool Wall Hanging with Hanging Accessories Included

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Made from wooland available in warm tones of off-white and dusty pink, this woven wall hanging has a very romantic vibe to it. It measures 27&#; H x 12&#; W and is rich in hand-knotted details that are bound to inspire you. It is a unique decorative piece that could fit into a variety of decors, including a French cottage-themed living room.

Cotton Wall Hanging with Rod Included

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Our next suggestion is another wall hanging woven from a combination of cotton and wool fibers. It is a unique decorative piece available in neutral tones that will easily find its way into a variety of home decors. It measures 54&#; H x 21&#; W and combines tones of beige and gray. It comes secured to a wooden dowel and is easily mountable on any wall.

Blended Fabric Wall Hanging

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For those of you interested in modern woven wall hangings, we bring you this particular product suggestion. Made from a combination of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent silk, this wall hanging is designed to add more style and personality to a room, bringing forth different shades of blue that makes the blend seem like a giant piece of denim.

Cotton Macrame Wall Hanging

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Measuring 27&#; H x 48&#; W and weighing around 2 pounds, this particular woven wall hanging is a bit wider than the others, with a landscape orientation that makes it quite different from the portrait-oriented ones we usually see. Made from natural cotton, this is a product that’s available in a white color, and features Macramé knotting and a pushpins hanging system.

Feickert Wool Wall Hanging with Rod Included

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With a fuzzy appearance and a design that’s both soothing and easy-to-match with multiple decor styles, this overstitched wall hanging art is designed to bring an eclectic charm to your room. It measures 32&#; H x 20&#; W and is made from a combination of 70 percent wool, 20 percent polyester, and 10 percent cotton.

Ranier Wall Hanging with Hanging Accessories Included

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The next wall hanging that we wanted to show you has a very traditional/Bohemian appeal to it, reminiscent of Indian wall tapestries that would adorn rooms and leave a footprint of cultural knowledge behind. This wall tapestry is made from a combination of 57 percent jute, 33 percent cotton, and 10 percent polyester, measuring a total of 48&#; H x 29&#; W.

Wool Wall Hanging

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This particular woven wall hanging is here to add a modern touch to your home decor, offering you hues of cream and blue that perfectly blend together in a product that draws just the right amount of attention from anyone walking in the room. It is a piece that showcases several weaving techniques, with dimensions created by the long knotted fringe. This wall hanging is made entirely out of wool and measures 28&#; H x 14&#; W.

Wool Wall Hanging with Accessories Included

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For those of you looking to add more color to your walls with a wall hanging that’s made to fit the modern boho style, we present the Saro. Measuring 40&#; H x 18&#; W, this woven wall hanging can be a focal point in rooms that would otherwise lack that pop element. This decor piece is made entirely out of wool and comes with playful diamond and rectangle patterns, cut also playful fringes.

Bottom Line

If you want to add beauty and grace to your walls but want to try an approach that’s different to the traditional paintings that most people use, then you might want to consider buying a wall hanging. These attractive wall tapestries cover a variety of styles and can be suitable for your home decor if you’re willing to take the time and explore your options. Woven wall hanging, in particular, are often associated with either transitional or boho-inspired decor setups, but there are plenty of products that could also fit a modern-decorated home.

Sours: https://www.homedit.com/woven-wall-hanging/

How to Create a Wooden Woven Wall

Materials and Tools:

table saw
miter saw
nail gun and nails
screw gun
2" and /2"wood screws
four sheets of 1/4" plywood (can't be thicker or it won't bend)
1x2 pieces of poplar (furring strips)
2" poplar dowels


1. Pick out the kind of plywood you’ll be using for your room. Determine quantity based on the size of the wall you want to cover. We’re using cherry plywood.

2. Stain or polyurethane the plywood, dowels and the 1x2s. Apply the stain with a brush and wipe clean with a cloth. Allow to dry.

3. After the 1x2 furring strips dry, attach them horizontally to the wall along the lines where you want the top and bottom of the weave to be placed. Attach them by screwing them into the studs spaced every 16 inches with the screw gun and 2" wood screws.

4. Run the dowels the long way through the table saw ripping about 1/4 inch off the edge to create a flat surface.

5. Attach the dowels to the furring strips at the top and bottom of the wall using the screw gun and /2" wood screws. We spaced ours every two feet.

6. Once the plywood has dried cut it into six-inch wide strips the length of the feature wall. If your wall is wider than your longest strip of plywood, cut the strips down so that one will end and the next will begin directly under a dowel.

7. Weave the strips in between the vertical dowels in an over/under pattern. The strips of plywood should stay in place without any sort of nailing or gluing necessary. Once you’ve filled in all the spaces, you have your woven wall.

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/design/how-to-create-a-wooden-woven-wall
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