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After laying out my past relationship with Drew we had talked about a lot of insignificant things, which I was okay with considering one major topic was all I could handle within a few hours. I loved talking to Drew though, it was so easy and natural and everything I had been dying to find in a person. I was so happy I had run into her, I was so happy that we had met, but I wasn&#x;t happy about the fact that in just two days her and my sister would step into a ring together.

The thought literally made me sick.

It seemed as if this week was passing fast just to make Friday get her faster, as if the universe kind of knew I didn&#x;t want it to come and it was torturing me on purpose. I was terrified, not only for my sister but for Drew too, and that put me in a really bad emotional situation.

Drew still didn&#x;t know I knew about her fighting, and Jada still didn&#x;t know I was hanging out with her enemy behind her back. I&#x;m sure it wouldn&#x;t be a big deal right now, or maybe it would, but if Jada lost to Drew&#x; I knew it would be ten times worse.

Knowing my sister I knew she could hold a grudge, and I understood that this fight was extremely important to her. If she didn&#x;t win it would set her professional career back. I knew she wanted out of this league she was in, I knew she wanted to win with everything in her, but I could help but shake the thought of what if.

If Jada was doing this then I knew Drew had the same stipulations, and she also had to win so many fights before getting out. I wanted to know how many but that would obviously involve me actually talking to her about it. That didn&#x;t seem likely because knowing Drew she wouldn&#x;t open up to me about something like that.  Not unless she had a damn good reason, like her actually seeing me there in the flesh, which was likely come Friday night.

Tuesday after rehearsal I had almost brought it up whenever Drew had brought me home but I had chickened out, and now that it was Wednesday night and I was starting to grow anxious. What if I showed up and she saw me and freaked out? Was it a bad idea to go in the first place?

No, I couldn&#x;t bail, Jada was relying on me and supporting her was something a good sister would do, no matter how scary it was.

Then I got another text from Drew, I got you a surprise.


I felt something in my heart flutter, curiosity swarming all around my brain as I typed, Could you give me a hint?

It&#x;s something you need, most definitely.

I smiled at the vague answer, knowing she didn&#x;t want to give much away. I literally had no idea what it could be considering I didn&#x;t know exactly what I needed, so how would Drew even know?

I typed, That&#x;s honestly the worst hint ever.


As I lied in bed texting Drew before disappearing off to sleep I found myself wanting to stay awake just to talk to her. I enjoyed conversation with her, and now that we were getting closer she was actually starting to flirt with me a lot more. I still didn&#x;t know where exactly her interests lied when it came to sexual preference but I was pretty convinced she at least liked me, so that had to mean something.

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This was it; this was my final dress rehearsal for my very last recital at NYU. I honestly couldn't believe my four year journey on this stage would be over tomorrow night, but coming to terms with it actually hurt my heart. Where had the time gone? It felt like just yesterday I had performed my first recital, hearing the manic cheers and the feeling the first sense of true accomplishment. Tomorrow I would close that chapter of my life and start anew, something I was nervous but eager for.

"Is Drew on her way?" I heard Maria asking, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I nodded, "Yea, she should be here any minute."

We were waiting to put on our first set of costumes for the group number, me already knowing that the duet was later on in the recital. We weren't closing out the show but we were definitely in the last thirty minutes, which I was okay with. I wanted to go out with a bang, so I didn't demand a new placement.

It took Drew the amount of time for me to step into the dressing room, change, perform, and come off stage to finally show up. I had been a nervous wreck but when she finally did and explained that her bike had trouble starting I understood. I had even changed into my duet costume while waiting, and when she disappeared to change as well I felt relief but annoyance.

If something went wrong tomorrow I would be devastated, not only because of all the hard work we had put into this dance but because I wanted to do this with Drew. If I would've had any other partner besides her, this duet would've been mediocre. I wouldn't have tried so hard, so going through with this was my number one goal as of now, and I was going to do everything possible to reach it.

I heard a deep voice next to me then, "So, you think you and your girlfriend will be able to pull this off?"

I looked up at Jordi, seeing a weird look on his face but decided to ignore his obvious sarcasm. I nodded, "I have no doubt in my mind."

"You know you could've asked me, right?" he countered, as if he had almost expected it. I let him continue because I was in no mood to argue, "I mean, she probably can't do as much considering-"

"Considering what?" I heard a familiar voice behind us, the same voice that never failed to send shivers up my spine.

I turned immediately, grabbing Drew's hand and pulling her into me. The tone of her voice implied that she had heard what Jordi said, but the anger on her features was more obvious.

Jordi tried not to look intimidated, "Considering you're a girl and probably can't do a lot of lifts; I mean it's common sense."

I didn't understand why Jordi was a hard-headed douche, but I prayed Drew just let his arrogance slide. Drew wasn't a hot-head, at least not anymore, but she was protective. That was apparent whenever Jordi was around.

She stepped forward, allowing me to see that Drew was eye level with the brown-haired boy. There were glimmers of fear in his olive-colored eyes but he was trying his best to keep his pride more visible.

Drew spat, "Maybe she would've chosen you for the duet if you wouldn't be such a dickhead."

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"Jada, where the hell are we?" I asked nervously, noticing the bad feeling in my stomach grow rapidly with each passing second. The dark alley we had just turned down only worsened it as I gazed out the window, watching light rain fall over the cool window.

I heard my older sister answer, "Look, you're the one that wanted to tag along, remember that."

Shaking my head, I retorted, "That still doesn't answer my damn question."

I watched as she glared at me from the driver's side of the car, pulling down yet another dark road. She answered, "Just chill it's not anything bad. Well it kinda is, but it's not dange-" she cut her sentence short, "Just wait till we get there."

"Why can't you just tell me?"

"Because I can't."


"You might try to talk me out of going and I need to be there tonight."

I fell silent as I thought that maybe I was about to be a main character in a horror film or something while Jada continued to drive painfully slow. My eyes were darting around the street, and I noticed that we had gone from a deserted road to a road that actually had cars parked on curb, which I gratefully celebrated in my head.

She eventually pulled off to the side and parallel parked, looking at me, "We're here."

I looked around as I shrugged, "What is here?"

She rolled her eyes, "Just c'mon Bree."

I got out of the car and walked beside her down the dark street towards this building, which was also giving me a weird feeling. I suddenly debated on whether or not I should text someone and let them know where we were just in case. Then again I had no fucking clue where we were so that would be pointless.

I shoved my hands into my jacket, "What is this, an underground club or something?"

I received yet another vague answer, "Something like that."

Jada led me up to a building that actually had a few people outside which made me feel a little bit better knowing we weren't the only humans out here. Then again it was still sketchy, and not just because it was dark and out in the middle of an abandoned part of town.

We walked up to a door that had an extremely built guy who I pinned as a body guard or bouncer of some sort. He glanced at Jada and nodded, letting her in without saying a single word. I thought, What the hell was I about to walk into?

Then we walked through the door and down a flight of stairs. I could immediately hear loud rock music blaring through the walls as I quickly pinned this as a club, which seemed to be the only logical explanation. Then as soon as we made it through the basement-like-door I realized that wasn't the case.

The open room was bright, loud chatter erupting and blending with the ongoing rock music that kind of made me want to hit someone's face in. The first thing I took notice to was the caged ring in the middle, barricaded off so that the audience couldn't get too close.

Jada grabbed my arm and dragged me to a bar located on the far side of the room, "Want a drink?"

I rolled my eyes, "I want you to tell me what we're doing here."

Ignoring me again she turned to the bartender and ordered, leaving me to keep to myself and look around. I was still holding my phone tightly in the palm of my hand, wondering why the hell we were here and when we were leaving. I knew Jada had always liked the UFC thing and all but this definitely wasn't that and I was immediately confused.

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Her hand got into the grip, the girl turned around, and, knocked down by a sweep, she flew forward, very hard hitting her forehead. Into the window sill. Holding on to the bruised place, sitting on the floor, under the offensive laughter of the guys and girls around her, who were already tired of the women's club antics.

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Not otherwise, the command is making another experiment, like the last time with the pilot. Do you remember. - Vaguely. I had just arrived at the regiment and spent more time with a rag in my hands, and not with tools at the aircraft.

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I brought my mother to the bed and helped her to lie down. Mom asked me to cover her with a blanket. I did so, and lay down next to her. Mom turned to me and looked at me affectionately said: My dear, thank you so that I can do without you. After that, my mother took my head with her hand and pressed my face to her chest, of course through the blanket.

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Leshka, turn to me, - I got up on my knees and turned to Natasha, and she, caressing my hips, leaned towards the guy. Her movements either accelerated or slowed down, or even completely she froze, playing with the tongue with the head, and again everything was repeated.

I stroked her back and lumbar and admired her huge ass, which swayed back and forth in time with her movements. - I want to drink you sweet, - said Natasha, and again the guy plunged into her hot mouth.

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