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John Wick&#;s Top 15 Weapons, Ranked

Since the character's debut in , John Wick has quickly become one of the most popular action-movie characters of all time. Thanks to the good storytelling, great action sequences, and iconic performance on the part of Keanu Reeves, John Wick may in fact be the most talked-about action hero of the last decade.

Throughout the three John Wick movies that have debuted in theaters so far, the titular assassin has used a wide variety of weapons to kill off his enemies. Many of these weapons are incredibly powerful, while others are only deadly because they're being used by John Wick. We've expanded this list to include 5 more ultra-deadly weapons that reach a whole new level of dangerous when John Wick is wielding them!

Updated on May 13th, by Derek Draven: As mentioned in our updated intro, John Wick gets his hands on quite a lot of weapons, and the results are nothing short of destructive. We've included 5 more weapons onto our list that deserve special recognition for their history, their stopping power, and their effectiveness in a fight. 

15 DTA Stealth Recon Scout

This bolt-action sniper rifle is one of the few to feature a bullpup design, making it very compact in comparison to others in its class. Both magazine and bolt lay behind the grip, shifting more weight to the rear of the rifle to create better balance.

At just 10 lbs, the SRS is lightweight and compact. Its primary cartridge is a Lapua Magnum, but the rifle is capable of firing Creedmoor, and Winchester rounds. It can also be attached with a suppressor.

14 SIG-Sauer P

SIG-Sauer is renowned for making incredibly reliable guns, and the P is no exception. John Wick gets a hold of a few before his showdown with Ares in the second film, where he demonstrates their exceptional shot quality.

The P handles a variety of calibers, and was designed to be ambidextrous. In fact, the P is so good that law enforcement agencies around the world have begun outfitting their forces with them as standard issue.

13 Colt Model Pocket Hammerless

Winston gifts this pistol to Wick in the third chapter during the scene in the Executive Lounge. It's a gun that has seen a lot of service as a U.S. military sidearm, beginning with its initial production in

Simplistic, stylish, and reliable, the Colt was powerful enough to do its task, though it was a bit on the heavy side, and its stopping power has since been dwarfed by its successors.

12 TTI STI Combat Master

The Continental Shootout scene shows Wick pulling out the gritty-looking Taran Tactical Combat Master, a 9mm pistol with a 22 round capacity and a stippled grip, along with some of the harshest edges ever seen in a handgun.

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The gun is renowned for being quite easy to shoot, and very easy to use. It's also one of the more expensive handguns on the market at approximately $5, dollars.

11 Remington

For all the advancements made in gun designs over the last few hundred years, it's hard to beat the classics! John Wick 3 features the titular killer brandishing one of these during the shootout at the antiques weapon museum in the first act.

Wick's on-the-fly modification of the Remington is a direct nod to the Clint Eastwood classic The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, where Tuco assembles his own Colt Navy from the individual parts of three.

10 Glock 26

One of the simpler guns in the franchise, John has used the Glock 26 in all three movies. While it appears to be quite simplistic, it is one of Wick's personal favorites, which is not good for anyone who might happen to find themselves on the other end of the barrel.

The most memorable scene that John Wick used this Glock in was the bathhouse scene from the first movie. Chasing down the man that killed his beloved dog, Wick killed over a dozen henchmen, mostly with this weapon. He probably could have killed a lot more if it wasn't for a bit of bad luck.

9 Franken-Revolver

Close to the beginning of the third movie, John Wick is being chased by a gang of assassins hoping to cash in the bounty that's on the titular character's head. The chase leads both parties into an antique store. John, being the assassin that he is, quickly makes his way to the antique weapons section.

While there, he tries to load up an old revolver, but the ammunition available does not fit. To remedy this problem, John takes pieces from several different revolvers and combines them to create a bit of a "franken-revolver." Once completed, he soon thereafter uses it to quickly eliminate several of the assassins that were chasing him.

8 Kimber Warrior

One of the guns that John Wick receives from his supplier in the second movie is the Kimber Warrior. Tearing through a large art exhibit, Wick expertly uses this handgun to take out a plethora of skilled and very well-armed gunmen.

Perhaps the coolest moment of the entire movie is when John Wick reloads his Kimber Warrior --using only one hand! This gun gave us an iconic John Wick moment, which is mostly what earned itself a place on this list.

7 Heckler & Koch P30L

John Wick's favorite handgun is the Heckler and Koch P30L. A massive handgun with a whole lot of punch, this weapon tends to leave pretty massive exit wounds in the bodies it is fired at.

Wick has used this weapon in all three movies, and each time it is used, it has a devastating effect on its victims. This is probably one of the coolest weapons we have seen on film, so that just goes to show that the rest of the weapons on this list must be truly special.

6 Coharie Arms CA

Luring his enemies to a church, Wick unloaded upon them with a very powerful automatic rifle called the Coharie Arms CA Just looking at this gun tells you all you need to know about it.

This rifle has enough range and power to murder a long list of enemies that may happen to find themselves on the other end of the barrel. With John Wick on the trigger, it's at its deadliest.

5 TR1

In John Wick: Chapter 2, there is a great scene where John is forced to fight off several enemies in some catacombs. Knowing this battle was going to happen beforehand, the experienced killer hid several weapons within them.

Among these hidden weapons is the TR1. A powerful rifle, once John got ahold of the TR1, he was able to easily tear through the majority of these bad guys.

4 Kel-Tec KSG

Taken from some of his enemies during a battle outside the church, this gun is extremely powerful. John looks like an absolute badass holding this uniquely designed firearm, and his enemies are sure to be terrified at the sight of this picture.

He didn't use it much in the first John Wick movie. When he was using the Kel-Tec KSG, however, Wick was deadly. His enemies better hope he doesn't find one in the upcoming fourth installment to the series.

3 Benelli M2 Super 90 W/ Armor Piercing Rounds

The final battle of the third chapter starts out looking a little grim for the protagonists of the series. A large team of heavily-armed assassins is sent into the Continental Hotel to murder Wick. When he first starts shooting back at them, it is revealed that their armor is completely bulletproof.

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Then, John grabs this shotgun. The Benelli M2 Super 90 is strong enough, but also loaded with armor-piercing rounds made it an absolute annihilator. Despite their powerful armor and bullet-proof helmets, John Wick was able to blow the assault teams' heads off with one shot from this weapon.

2 A Pencil

"I once saw him kill three men in a bar with a pencil, with a f**king pencil." This statement is one of the biggest parts of John Wick's legend. His utter relentlessness to survive and kill his enemies is defined by his classic tale.

After the story was told in the first movie, everyone was hoping to see it pay off with another pencil-fight. In the sequel, fans were given that pleasure. Cornered by two assassins, John was left with few options and grabbed the only weapon he could find nearby: a pencil.

1 The Car

At the beginning of John Wick: Chapter 2, everyone's favorite big-screen-assassin is finally getting his car back. Unfortunately for him, the car is guarded by a warehouse full of bad guys.

Or, at least we thought that was unfortunate for Mr. Wick. As it turns out, those bad guys weren't so hard to deal with. Especially considering John was using his car to kill them all. Driving them over, drifting into them, and backing up over them, Wick used his famous vehicle to kill the henchmen in every way imaginable.

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Keanu Reeves Shoots A 3-Gun Course, And His Stance On Gun Control

Keanu Reeves has absolutely lit up the internet with his 3-gun shooting course video. Let&#;s find out his stance on gun control.

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Keanu&#;s 3-Gun Course: Where Does He Stand on the Gun Debate?

What is a 3-gun course? 3-gun is a shooting course using three types of firearms &#; a shotgun, a rifle, and a handgun. The shooter will go through a series of long distance and short distance shooting to showcase his skill with each gun type.

Mr. Reeves&#; Impressive Skill with the Gun

Keanu Reeves is no stranger to guns, with his countless gunfight scenes on the big screen. I can honestly say that his skill and command of each weapon is nothing short of amazing.

It certainly looks like he participated in numerous gun competitions in 3-gun nation. Being an A-list star probably affords him some of the best training available.

While this video is on Keanu Reeves&#; gun training for movies, we wonder what his stance is on guns and the much-debated gun control or the second amendment.

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Is Keanu Reeves Pro-Second Amendment?

Keanu Reeves got many of us gun enthusiasts excited with his video shooting a 3-gun course layout. This may be only part of this training for his hit movie John Wick, but we&#;re excited just the same.


It is not every day we see these Hollywood A-listers go on an action-packed training shooting guns. I was curious, though&#; Where does Mr. Wick stand on the second amendment and on American&#;s basic right to own a weapon for self-defense?

So, I did a little digging. Surprisingly, or not — depending on how you look at things— he doesn&#;t take the same stance of your average movie star.

Instead, he has been quoted by as saying: &#;You mean should citizens be able to have a weapon? Yeah, why not? I am not fundamentally against citizens having access to a weapon, but I think that it has complications, the use of it. It&#;s probably not the wisest thing. Personally, I don&#;t own a weapon.&#;

I really wish he would have expounded more upon what he thought the complications were, and what isn&#;t the “wisest thing,” but the fact remains that he isn&#;t against people owning guns. At least, he wasn&#;t back in when this interview occurred.

Watch Keanu Reeves Shooting 3-Gun in this video from Gun Tactical:

In my own opinion, this is a much better stance than the garbage most celebrities spew whenever they condemn the 2A. Perhaps, even the Baba Yaga-killer steers clear of the anti-second amendment mob.

At least he&#;s not being hypocritical about it like many of the actors who are rabid pro-gun control yet star in a dozen or so action movies involving guns. It&#;s frustrating to see these so-called actors or social justice warriors take a hit at law-abiding citizens and not the perpetrators of a crime.

Here&#;s a novel idea: just entertain us and leave the politics to those who are paid to be politicians.

When you watched Keanu shooting a 3-gun course, what went through your mind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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How Keanu Reeves learned to shoot guns for "John Wick"

  • Taran Butler is a world champion competition shooter and the owner of Taran Tactical,
  • They're responsible for training some of Hollywood's top action stars to operate firearms for film and TV.
  • We visited the range to see what goes into one of their training sessions.

The following is a transcript of the video:

Joe Avella: In the span of three movies the "John Wick" films have racked up a body count of nearly And to do that, you need guns.

John Wick: Lots of guns.

Joe: Meet Taran Butler. He's a world champion competitive shooter. He's also the owner of Taran Tactical. They're responsible for teaching some of Hollywood's top action stars how to handle firearms for film and television. Today, for the first time ever, I'll be shooting a pistol, a shotgun, and an assault rifle just to see how Keanu learned to look like an expert marksman for the big screen. What's the worst that could happen?

Could you imagine if we were doing this with the loaded guns? I would've shot all my feet off.

First, the stars of "John Wick" had to learn some basics before they could start shooting like international assassins.

Jade Struck: So we have this thing called degree line. So when you're the shooter on the firing line, think of it like there's a force field pulling your muzzle downrange. Never bring the muzzle back past the degree line. Finger off the trigger, unless you're shooting. And always treat every gun as if though it's loaded. I'm gonna teach you how to check to make sure that they're not.

Joe: After getting a feel for the pistol, it was time for the real deal.

Taran Butler: So we've got the three primary pistols of "John Wick" two and three. This is the gun you were training with with Jade. The gun that you see Keanu training with here on the range with a lot. In "John Wick 3," Charon suggests, he goes, "John, since you've been gone something new has come out. The Combat Master. Loaded in 9 millimeter major, grain bullet, major business." So both guns shoot 9 millimeter.

Joe: Yeah.

Taran: The difference is, is this gun here can shoot 9 millimeter major. This is the 9 millimeter major, it's a lot taller 'cause it's got a lot more powder in it. The only difference is more powder. So, regular 9 millimeter on the left, 9 major on the right.

Joe: Yeah, that was awesome.

Taran: This gun here is Halle Berry's Glock 19 from "John Wick 3." So when the shoot-out takes place, she grabs this gun off one of the bad guys. She enjoyed the hard work and training. She had three broken ribs through most of the training here. So she wasn't at her top. Same with Keanu, getting beat up on the horses. But she just got really good at it, and I'd say, hands down, she's the best female weapons handler in Hollywood.

Joe: Taran has Hollywood's action stars start with a small firearm and a simple combo.

Taran: Let's do something fun and fast first. First off, no surfing, you were laid back like Jeff Spicoli. OK, start on this guy, easiest guy in the world. I'm gonna say, "Shooter ready, stand by." When you hear the beep, you're gonna come up, two to the body, one to the head. It's called the Mozambique.

Joe: Two to the body, one to the head.

Taran: Yeah. Shooter ready, stand by.

Joe: Did I get him? Taran: You got in the head, it counts. Pop the safety on when you're done. Finger off the trigger. OK, that's , let's destroy that time. Just do one more clean one, no box-offices fiascos. Shooter ready, stand by. Good, OK, that was

Joe: Hey, all right!

Taran: You went from to in a couple rounds.

Joe: Booyah. It's easy.

The next level is rifle handling. Placement is key, as is learning how to smoothly replace your ammo.

John Wick: I need something robust, precise.

Sommelier: Robust, precise. AR inch, compensated with an iron-bonded bolt carrier.

Joe: All right, so it's, like, here?

Jade: Left hand out farther. Boom boom boom, drop. Yep, you're good, keep it going.

Joe: As I'm going.

Jade: Watch it go in. Button. Paddle.

Joe: What button?

Jade: It's this paddle right there.

Joe: Oh, why do I? Oh, Jesus!

Jade: So, drop the bolt. Drop the bolt, and then you're back on.

Joe: Gotcha. Boom boom, boom boom. Oh no, I'm out.

Jade: Feed, button, on. Good! We're learning how to manipulate our weapons without ammunition in them so we know all of the functions.

Joe: Could you imagine if we were doing this with the loaded guns? I would've shot all my feet off.

Jade: Oh, goodness.

Joe: The true test was a more complicated combo. One similar to the kind Keanu and Halle had to master before hitting the set.

Taran: The director, Chad Stahelski, he wanted everything. He wanted three-gun loading, he wanted all kinds of ways to load the shotgun, all kinds of pistol reload, transitions, rifle, shotgun, pistol, everything.

Boom boom boom, boom boom, boom boom, ding. That's it.

Joe: All right, this might take a while.

Taran: You can do it, Mr. Wick. Shooter ready, stand by. Faster. Little guy. Good!

Joe: All right.

Taran: Safety on? Joe: Yes, sir.

Taran: You're at , a lot better than 27 seconds. You want to do it again?

Joe: Yeah, of course.

Taran: Are you sure you're not bored yet?

Joe: Yeah, this is awesome.

Taran: Let me fix that one plate so it's not in your way this time.

Joe: It's funny, he's so good with guns, he's just like, "Let me move that for you," ba-bam. Now, it was Taran's turn. Shooter ready, stand by. , that's ridiculous. Last but not least, it was time to try out a "John Wick" fan favorite.

Sommelier: May I suggest the Benelli M4? An Italian classic.

Taran: In "John Wick 3," by far the coolest part was the quad loading with the shotgun. That's something, no movie would ever have done that. Quad loading is a very difficult thing to learn, and only a few people can do it really good. So we got that going, and towards the end he did amazing.

Joe: Is this thing gonna, like, have a real big kick that's gonna hurt?

Taran: No, there's no recoil at all on this one. Good, that guy. Little guy.

Jade: Lean into it.

Joe: Ah, I think I'm out.

Taran: Oh, match saver! Ah, "You set me up!" All right.

Joe: Oh, that's what that last one was for.

Taran: Yeah, the match saver.

Joe: Awesome.

Jade: Good job!

Joe: Thank you very much.

Joe: How come those guys didn't fall down?

Taran: They did, but they came back up.

Joe: Oh, OK. Thank God.

Taran: I'll finish them off.

Joe: I love this habit you have of being like, "Let me take care of that," bang. Are you walking around the house like, "Let me get the lights," pow pow?

Taran: Pretty much.


Keanu Reeves is a bit of a thrill-seeker, it seems. The actor is famous for his love of motorcycles. He even owns a motorcycle company. As he once admitted, he can&#;t help himself from riding even when contractually forbidden to do so for insurance reasons. Reeves&#; commitment to movies such as the John Wick series naturally extends to riding motorcyles and performing stunts. But does he really know how to handle guns?

Keanu Reeves wears a suit at a screening of 'John Wick'

Keanu Reeves became one of the s biggest stars

Although his first few roles are mostly comedy and drama, Reeves found the perfect genre for him in &#;s Point Break. Starring opposite Patrick Swayze, the movie transformed Reeves from the affable goofball of Bill and Ted&#;s Excellent Adventure into a bonafide action star. The film has since become a classic in the eyes of action fans the world over. And when Speed came along three years later, Reeves earned leading-man status.

Since then, many of Reeves&#; most popular movies exist within the world of action films. Of course, many of these efforts didn&#;t exactly pan out. &#;s Johnny Mnemonic and &#;s Chain Reaction, in particular, fell short of expectations. Thankfully, Reeves rebounded in a big way at the end of the decade. His role in &#;s The Matrix changed his career and became nothing short of a game-changing cinematic milestone.

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His action hero acumen has improved over the years

Perhaps part of why Reeves&#; run as an action hero has become so legendary is his physical commitment to it. The actor likely recovered from his mids lull due to his willingness to perform as many of the stunts himself as possible. That&#;s certainly an integral part of his work in the John Wick movies. According to Insider, Reeves trained with a company called Taran Tactical for his starring role in ’s John Wick: Chapter 2.

While the actor did plenty of training for the original film, he seemed willing to take it to the next level for the sequel. Reeves handled plenty of guns in The Matrix trilogy as well. He even has an iconic line in the first film in which his character, Neo, requests “guns, lots of gun” to prepare for a climactic battle. However, whereas The Matrix involved as much martial arts, the &#;gun fu&#; of John Wick requires a greater focus on firearms.

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&#;The Matrix 4&#; and &#;John Wick: Chapter 4&#; are coming soon

Arguably, Neo in The Matrix and the title character of John Wick have become Reeves&#; two most iconic roles. So the actor&#;s fans should be excited to know he&#;s set to reprise both roles again very soon. In fact, The Matrix 4 &#; directed by Lana Wachowski &#; hits theaters and HBO Max simultaneously on Dec. 22,

As for John Wick, the master assassin will be back on the big screen in May when John Wick: Chapter 4 is released. A fifth installment of the franchise is also already in the works. Perhaps Reeves can get even better at handling Wick&#;s various weapons by the time fans get to check out those sequels.


Gun keanu reeves favorite

Keanu Reeves and his zest for guns

Berliner Morgenpost (Ge), April 14,

(Translated from German by Fiercelyred, translation edited by Anakin McFly)

by Rudiger Storm

Run, shoot, kill, yeah. In cop-movie Street Kings, the Hollywood star is living out his violent side: a gun can be sexy. Keanu Reeves talks to about the animal within. And then he tells us about his rather crazy philosophy, resulting in an existence in caves.

Keanu Reeves likes to speak in riddles, starting with the film roles he takes on. Some observers see the stoicism of the Matrix star as evidence of his inability to express himself. Then again he shows, as trigger-happy cop in his current thriller Street Kings, a fury that just doesn't go with that notion. During the interview in Beverly Hills the year old actor is amiable and outgoing, but also hides behind an ostentatious irony. He uses this until he gets hopelessly tangled up in it. Mr. Reeves, do you own a gun?

Keanu Reeves: No. Would you like to?

Keanu Reeves: Not necessarily. But I admit, guns can be sexy. The first time I got one was when I shot Point Break. The feeling of holding a gun and firing live ammonition was quite overwhelming. I was extremely nervous. And to be confronted with a very, very powerful object filled me with enormous respect - I have never forgotten that. A lot of your fellow countrymen are proud of the right to own a gun. Should every American have a gun?

Keanu Reeves: Yes, why not? Are you serious?

Keanu Reeves: No, not really. I grew up in Toronto in Canada, where the gun laws are much stricter. That brings with it the feeling of being more relaxed there than in the USA, where a certain violence seems to be in the spirit of the age (zeitgeist, transl.). Did you see "Bowling for Columbine"?

Keanu Reeves: Yes, and I think that the basic assumption of the movie is correct: because America was born out of a movement of fleeing and persecution, people here feel a greater need to defend themselves. There's more to it than that though: in every one of us lies the potential for violence, that could manifest itself sooner or later. What is your take on what violence means?

Keanu Reeves: Our condition is, that we are in a struggle for survival. Because of that, we still carry with us an animal within, even when we have evolved on other levels. When the going gets tough, those survival instincts break free, since they had only been tamed momentarily. We see that time and again. In a city, the illusion of order breaks down quickly. How would you react, if your order fell apart?

Keanu Reeves: I don't know. I don't like conflict. But if the Huns were to ride over the Hollywood hills, I guess I'd have to defend myself. Don't fuck with my sister - that's my motto. Is it really?

Keanu Reeves: No, I just had to make a stupid joke. Had you grown up in Germany, you'd have had to choose between military service and alternative civilian service. What would you have chosen?

Keanu Reeves: How old would I have been at the time of this decision? Eighteen.

Keanu Reeves: At that age I would choose the army, provided that I wouldn't have to go to war afterwards. I'd rather run, jump and shoot around. I would have a problem taking orders though. But ideally I'd do both (military and civil service, transl); you should be able to mix them. In case of an emergency, would you shoot someone?

Keanu Reeves: That would depend on how I'd feel at the time. For Street Kings I did a training called "shoot/don't shoot". You hold a gun, that is connected to a monitor through a feedback mechanism. On this monitor you see from a subjective perspective how you walk through a house. There you are confronted with people holding guns - or not holding guns. You have to decide in every situation if there's a threat. In the end you get your score; how often your reaction was correct and how good your aim was. As it turned out I was a good shot, but I tended to not fire often enough. It took training to get my shoot rate up. But now my normal threshold against violence has returned. Apparently you found it intoxicating to live out your violent side in Street Kings.

Keanu Reeves: Don't forget that that is acted violence. Of course you act out one aspect of your emotions. I thoroughly enjoy it, when I can perform martial arts-games in movies like the Matrix. Street Kings had yet another appeal for me. I trained myself into the emotional state of a cop who is always in a fight or flight mood. That gets your adrenaline running. It doesn't change the fact though, that violence is not in my nature. How did you get mixed up with the LAPD last year then? You were even taken away in cuffs.

Keanu Reeves: That was because I didn't say "Yes, sir. No, sir." quickly enough. That was the only time though that something like that has happened to me, and that's all I have to say on this matter. Which one of your parts had the strongest effect on you?

Keanu Reeves: Today I'm going to say Little Buddha. I played Prince Siddharta in that movie, who later went on to become Buddha. It changed my life in that I came into contact with a new philosopy, religion, way of thinking - however you want to call it. Were you aware of the expectations that came with this part?

Keanu Reeves: When I was on the plane to India, a steward came up to me and said that he loved my movies, especially Speed. He asked me what my next project was. I said, I'm making Little Buddha with Bernardo Bertolucci. - "Yeah, but what part is it?". His response to my answer was "No, you can't play him." But I thought: why not? Would you answer the same way, if asked today?

Keanu Reeves: I think so. I don't want to limit myself in my possibilities. I'm not a practising Buddhist though. It's just that take on life was heavily influenced by it. What do you mean?

Keanu Reeves: I have gained a lot of perspective. I understand the principle of Samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth. I'm aware of the fleetingness of existence. To me, the notion of compassion is the most important. You try to put yourself in someone else's shoes, and analyse what the cause of the suffering is - namely emotional hunger and confusion. And you objectify this behaviour with the tools Buddhism gives you: why do I feel the way I do? What is my fellow human being feeling? Why does he act the way he does? Thought processes like that were like therapy for me. Have you finished that therapy now?

Keanu Reeves: Once you've come to a realisation, it's impossible to take it back. I'm constantly questioning my motives for doing or desiring something. On the search for my true self. And once I've become aware of that, I can make a decision. But I'm getting to the threshold of free will here. I can't think beyond myself. I'm like someone who is plowing his way through the snow. Ahead of me, a ripple builds, so that I can only see a small part of the road. Have you come to know the real Keanu Reeves?

Keanu Reeves: You have to look at that on different levels. First, you observe the easily accessible areas - taste, gesture, then you look beyond that. I know people who took it very far and who withdrew in caves in the Himalaya to study. It appears, as if the personality is taken apart, and you submit to their structures. What? You submit to the structures of the personality?

Keanu Reeves: Right, it all makes sense. I just don't know what more to say here. Maybe you should go into the cave as well?

Keanu Reeves: I have toyed with that idea. But my field of work is in the civilised world. Be that as it may: the mountain still calls me.

9 Celebrities Who Love Guns

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