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SRB2Kart v1.3 (Final Beta)

Kart Krew™ Discord:


SeventhSentinel--err I mean, Sonic explains the v1.1 patch update


This game has absolutely no single player content outside of time attack. There are no CPU players. To get the full experience, you have to rely on either splitscreen or online multiplayer. As with most games, hosting games will require port forwarding. The port to forward here is 5029, UDP.

It should be noted that this game has absolutely no clientside prediction whatsoever, and runs on a fairly antiquated client/server networking model. It's extremely likely that you will experience latency in some form. Make sure you join servers that you have a low ping to, even if another server has more players. This will help create a better experience for players across many different regions.

Now without further ado, in Sryder's own words...


SRB2Kart is a classic styled kart racer, complete with beautiful courses, and wacky items. Of course, because it’s SRB2Kart, it has a Sonic twist that really shows the classic charm that a lot of us know and love from the good old days™.

We have 100 jam-packed maps for you to bump, explode, and sparkle your way through, from luscious beaches, to Eggman’s dance floor, to England on a good day. All lovingly crafted by many different people. You’ll notice almost every aspect of the game has an immense love and inspiration from the classic sonic games. From the items such as Ballhog, which literally throws bouncey explodey balls at people, to the maps which are bursting with that Sonic feel.

Of course, you'll only start off with a few cups available, but you can unlock more by playing offline/online matches. Alternatively, you can immediately jump into challenging yourself and race us personally in Staff Attack mode! Don't worry, we'll go easy on you.

Game Modes
We have 2 game modes for you to choose from: Race, and Battle.
Race mode is the normal: Race through the track to beat your opponents, use your items and skill to swoocepast the competition, Oh my God what is that following behind me HELP! You know, the usual.

Battle mode asks you to violently throw spikeballs at your friends until they have no bumpers and you have some. But watch out, they can come back with a vengeance and chase you to the ends of the earth afterwards! Or maybe if they’re feeling nice they might help you with a powered up item

As you’ll find, we have 5 characters in the base game to enjoy, all with very distinct stats. Before we go into them individually, I’ll explain how our stats work. We have separate variables that effect the way a character plays. Speed, and Weight. Higher speed gives you a greater top speed, but sacrifices your ability to accelerate, higher weight reduces your control over your drifting, but you bump players that you are heavier than more violently. Your combination of speed & weight decide how fast you earn drift sparks. We have this shown clearly on a handy dandy grid on the character selection screen in the main menu, pick the character that aligns with your desires most!


Sonic is just what you’d expect from our favorite blue hero! Pretty fast and agile! He’s got some good speed, and can control his drifts pretty well, just make sure you get the drift boosts because otherwise you’ll fall behind!


Our cute fox boy Tails! Tails has slow speed, but can really get going quickly, he can also take incredibly tight turns all the time, get close to those corners for him to really slip past people!


Here he comes, tougher than the rest of them. Knuckles is average in both stats, he’s very balanced, and likely a good pick if you don’t know who to try first!

Dr. Eggman

Ohohohohoho! Eggman has come along to steal the competition! He’s quite slow though, so take advantage of his fast drift-spark rate and his immense weight to stop others from overtaking!

Metal Sonic

*Loud Angry Robot Noises* Metal Sonic is fast, and heavy. He’ll fly through the courses if given the chance, but his cornering leaves much to be desired…

Bonus Ducks Characters
Included with the main download is bonuschars.kart. We don’t add it by default, but you can easily do so from the add-ons menu for many more characters to play with! A slew of extras, by a trio of our other devs in their free-time, as well as a few Community artists!

The Various Other Things
-Make sure to check out the in-game manual by pressing F1 or using the menu if you need some help or tips!
-We’ve added some extra Quality of Life features from the vanilla game to help out, such as multi-admin and a chat system that is readable!
-There’s a slight lack of documentation for modding currently, we’ll try and get on that as soon as we can.

We plan to redo the crediting in some fashion eventually so all the track sources can be included in-game, but until then they'll all just be right here for very easy viewing!

Title Screen | Fluvial Beat Deposits - Simon Stålenhag
Voting Screen | Chaotic World - Knuckles' Chaotix
Voting Screen End | Decision - Knuckles' Chaotix
Invincibility | Invincibility - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Grow | Surging Power - Knuckles' Chaotix
Race Intermission (Win) | Practice - sora: SUGURI II (DEKU)
Race Intermission (Lose) | Hit Em Up (Instrumental) - 2Pac
Race Intermission (NO CONTEST) | Results - F-Zero
Battle Finish Jingles | Bomberman Tournament (Game Boy)
Battle Intermission/Staff Attack | Menu - Metropolis Street Racer
Waiting to Join | Race Results - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
New Challenger | Minor Boss - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - MarkeyJester (Dual PCM)
Credits | Chomp - Moot Booxle

If you don't have the game, then you want the Full Install. If you already have v1.1 or higher, then you might want to use the Patchto save on download size, but it is otherwise functionally identical to using the full installer on the same folder.

Full Install (Windows)
Patcher (Windows)(For version 1.3)

Full Install (Mac)

SRB2Kart now uses an APT repository via Launchpad for handling Linux editions. Your add-ons and data will be saved in your home folder (~/.srb2kart). To view information about each install package, visit our Launchpad PPA page:

Debian users will first need to use these commands to retrieve the repository public key:

Next, Debian & Ubuntu users can run these commands to install the game.

If Terminal does not have a "add-apt-repository" command, then also enter:

These instructions are largely identical to base SRB2's, just switched out repo & package names. For more detailed information, visit this page:

The changelogsfor every single update can be found here:

MANUAL (F1 in-game)

The non-Windows builds are experimental and haven't been tested nearly as much; if you have issues, you can always attempt to compile it for yourself on your own computer:

Supporters / CoAuthors




Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart (usually shortened to SRB2Kart or SRB2K) is a source codemodification of Version 2.1 made by Kart Krew. Originally based on the Mario Kart mode of SRB2 Riders, it is a kart racing game with Sonic and SEGA-themed characters, items and maps. SRB2Kart features over 100 maps for two game modes: the main Race mode and a Battle mode where players fight each other using the items available in the game. Despite Version 2.2 being out, SRB2Kart is still supported by Kart Krew, the Message Board, and the Master Server. Future releases are still planned.

Current release information

Gameplay and content

SRB2Kart's gameplay is that of a typical kart racer, with the ability to drift and get boosts from drifts, items to help or hinder the player, and many other staples associated with the genre. However, its handling and physics are different from other kart racers, with a focus on momentum and skill-based gameplay. Among differences, SRB2Kart introduces some new mechanics and techniques, including the sliptide (performed by turning inwards after receiving a boost), the Drop Dash (performed by holding Accelerate while respawning), and the ability to skip on water up to two times with enough momentum. In addition, items thrown behind the player will move drastically slower than if the player had thrown them forward, and certain items (Bananas, Eggman Monitors, and Mines) can be dragged behind the player as a means of defense, though this will cause them to slow down after a short time.

As of the current release, Single Player only offers a Time Attack mode where the player races against staff ghosts and earns medals for completing a course under certain times: Silver medals are awarded for beating a course's best time, and Gold medals are awarded by beating the top staff ghost of that course. Getting certain amounts of medals or playing a set number of races will unlock extra content, including additional cups and a harder race speed. Time Attack mode can't be played in a cheated game or if any major add-ons (i.e. different mechanics, extra game modes, level replacements or a character with an additional Lua script) are loaded.

The principal feature of SRB2Kart is Multiplayer, which can be played offline through local play with up to four players, or online through LAN or Internet with support for up to 16 players. Split-screen mode is supported for both online and offline modes, with up to four players on each client. If an online server requires certain add-ons, the game will download and load them prior to a join request, if the server allows file downloading.


Items are provided by item boxes, which are littered across a track or battle arena. There are 16 different items which can be obtained:

Item Icon Description
Sneakers K ITSHOE.pngGrants the user a boost of speed that allows them to cross over offroad sections with relative ease or quickly recover from a crash. Comes in single and triple varieties. In Battle Mode, hitting another player with a Sneaker charge will steal a bumper from them.
Rocket Sneakers K ITRSHE.pngA version of the Sneakers that lets the user gain a speed boost as long as it is active. The meter depletes gradually over time and with each use, so careful timing is key to get the most use out of this item. Race Mode only.
Banana K ITBANA.pngA staple of any kart racer, these can be laid out on the track to slip up other racers. Comes in single, triple and 10x varieties.
Orbinaut K ITORB1.pngSpiraling spike balls for protection, which can be fired ahead or behind to hit other players, and can bounce off of walls. Comes in single, triple and quadruple varieties.
Jawz K ITJAWZ.pngA shark-like missile that locks on to the nearest player and chases them from behind. Comes in single and double varieties.
Invincibility K ITINV1.pngWhen used, the user becomes completely invulnerable to harm and is given a boost in speed for a short period of time. They can also ram into other players and drive on offroad.
Hyudoro K ITHYUD.pngSteals an item from a random player and temporarily turns the user invisible, making them invulnerable to harm and allowing them to drive on offroad.
Grow K ITGROW.pngMakes the user grow twice their size and allows them to squish any players they run into. The user is also invulnerable to harm, but will still drive slower on offroad.
Shrink K ITSHRK.pngShrinks every player in front of the user and forces them to drop their items. Shrunk players can be squished by other larger players. Race Mode only.
Ballhog K ITBHOG.pngFires 5 bombs that bounce off of walls in a spread out pattern.
Pogo Spring K ITPOGO.pngCauses the user to jump high into the air, making it a great tool to quickly get out of danger. If the user lands on another player, they will steal a bumper from them. Battle Mode only.
Kitchen Sink K ITSINK.pngWhen thrown, it will instantly kill whoever it touches and display a message saying who was hit by it. This item has a very slim chance of appearing in the item roulette.
Eggman Monitor K ITEGGM.pngIt's a fake! Picking it up after it has been placed will cause the user to drop their current item and activate a 3-second countdown leading to an explosion. Pressing the Item button will trigger the explosion early, and other players can be caught in the blast.
Mine K ITMINE.pngWhen thrown, it will become active once it touches the ground. Any players that get close to it while active will cause it to explode, and it can be kicked around before it activates.
Self-Propelled Bomb K ITSPB.pngAlso known as SPBs, these bombs will target and pursue the player in first place when thrown, exploding upon contact with them. Unlike similar items in other kart racers, it's entirely possible to avoid it for an entire race with skillful and careful driving. Race Mode only.
Thunder Shield K ITTHNS.pngA shield that automatically forms once obtained and sends out a thunderclap when triggered. Any players caught in the blast will be spun out, and it can also be used to destroy a Self-Propelled Bomb. Race Mode only.


See also: SRB2Kart/Character WAD
See also: SRB2Kart/Chart of characters

SRB2Kart features 5 characters available in the base game, as well as an additional 30 in the included optional add-on. Up to 128 characters (including the base game characters) can be added to the game at once through the use of add-ons. Characters are automatically balanced according to two stats with values between 1 and 9: speed and weight. A high speed stat lets the player reach faster speeds at the expense of worse acceleration, and a high weight stat makes it easier for the player to push others around with less handling and wider drifts as a trade-off. In addition, a character's speed and weight will directly affect how fast they build up drift sparks: a slower, heavier character (i.e. Dr. Eggman) will build up drift sparks much quicker than a faster, lighter character (i.e. Sonic).

Base characters

Bonus characters


Main article: SRB2Kart/Levels

Currently, there are 108 levels in SRB2 Kart, consisting of 12 Race cups with 5 tracks per cup for a total of 60 Race tracks (of which 3 cups/15 tracks are unlockable), 29 Battle arenas, 15 Map Hell Race tracks, 3 Map Hell Battle arenas and the Podium Evaluation map (which will be used in a future update).

Editing features

Thing types


Linedef flags

  • Linedef flag 15: Invert Encore Remap – Inverts the effects of the Encore Remap if an Encore Palette has been made. With FOFs, this needs to be set on the linedefs in the map, instead of the ones on the control sector.

Linedef types

  • Linedef type 323: Record Attack Load – A type of linedef executor trigger which activates any linedef executor within its control sector immediately after the level loads in record attack. This linedef executor only triggers once, and will not trigger again until the level is reloaded. The tag given to this linedef is irrelevant.
  • Linedef type 328: Encore Load – A type of linedef executor trigger which activates any linedef executor within its control sector immediately after the level loads in encore mode. This linedef executor only triggers once, and will not trigger again until the level is reloaded. The tag given to this linedef is irrelevant.
  • Linedef type 413: Change Music – Has the same functionality, but checking Flag [8] / Peg Midtexture / Effect 3 hides the music credit which shows whenever a new song plays.

Sector types

  • Sector type 2: Offroad (Weak) – Slows the player down slightly unless they are under the effect of a speed boost.
  • Sector type 3: Offroad – Slows the player down moderately unless they are under the effect of a speed boost.
  • Sector type 4: Offroad (Strong) – Slows the player down greatly unless they are under the effect of a speed boost.
  • Sector type 12: Wall Sector
  • Sector type 112: Trigger Linedef Executor (Race Lap) – Activates the tagged trigger linedef on a certain lap of a race. The lap to use is based off of the player with the lowest current lap, unless Solid Midtexture is checked, in which case the lap of the player that enters the sector is used instead. By default the trigger linedef will activate if the used lap is equal to the front sidedef's x offset with an offset of 1 representing the second lap. If flags [6] / Not Climbable or [1] / Block Enemies are checked on the trigger linedef then the used lap must be greater than or equal or less than or equal to the front sidedef's x offset, respectively.
  • Sector type 192: Invert Encore Remap – Inverts the effects of the Encore Remap if an Encore Palette has been made. Normally, everything is remapped barring Spring Panels and Sneaker Panels.
  • Sector type 256: Spring Panel – Makes the player bounce forward after touching the sector like a spring, keeping any previous momentum or speed (or giving some if you didn't have too much speed).
  • Sector type 768: Spring Panel (Speed Capped) – Makes the player bounce forward after touching the sector like a spring, but caps your speed to a certain amount during the jump instead of keeping it.
  • Sector type 24576: Sneaker Panel – A boost panel, gives the player a speed boost upon contact.
  • Sector type 40960: Circuit Finish Line – Marks the completion of a lap after crossing all checkpoints before it. Note that it can be used as a Section completion marker in case your track is a one-way/section race (laps used as sections).


Default setting: false

This parameter is used to indicate if a track is a sprint race where there's a defined end. If this is set to true, then the number of 'laps' which the player would have to do will be no more than the NumLaps value given.


Default setting:

This parameter is used to set the scale of all Objects in the map, in multiples of .

Example: would scale all Objects in the map to half of its current size.


Default setting: (none)

Replaces "Zone" with the title on this parameter, unless the parameter is set to true, in which case it won't display at all. The zone title is limited to 21 characters; if it is longer, a warning will be displayed and the name will be truncated to fit.

List of music

Main article: SRB2Kart/List of music

Other features


This article or section contains a spoiler, an unlockable, or a secret. Please leave the page if you do not wish to view spoilers.

With the exception of Hell Attack, all unlockables can be unlocked either by collecting a certain number of medals or playing a certain number of matches.

Unlockable Description Needed medals Needed matches
Egg Cup Unlocks the Egg Cup maps (Kodachrome Void, Boiling Bedrock, Egg Quarters, Virtual Highway and Eggman's Nightclub) for Time Attack and Multiplayer. 5 medals 25 matches
Chao Cup Unlocks the Chao Cup maps (KKR Ganbare Dochu 2, CK Chao Circuit 1, CK Chao Circuit 2, CK Cloud Tops 2, CK Regal Raceway) for Time Attack and Multiplayer. 15 medals 50 matches
SMK Cup Unlocks the SMK Cup maps (SMK Donut Plains 1, SMK Mario Circuit 2, SMK Ghost Valley 2, SMK Bowser Castle 3, SMK Vanilla Lake 2) for Time Attack and Multiplayer. 30 medals 150 matches
Hard Game Speed Unlocks the Hard Game Speed option for use in Multiplayer. 50 medals 200 matches
Encore Mode Unlocks Encore Mode, which mirrors the tracks and may provide a complete palette remap of them, for use in Multiplayer. 70 medals 300 matches
Hell Attack Unlocks the ability to play Map Hell tracks in Time Attack. 110 medals

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Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is a classic-style kart racer that puts you in control. Time trial on over 100 lovingly-crafted courses, race online with up to 16 players, or create your own characters, tracks and gametypes. And it's free.

Downloads: Windows / Mac / Linux • FAQ / Resources

Built for party play, intense competition, and everything in between. Familiar items and mechanics have subtle twists with layers of mastery—no free hits, no bullshit.

"you can launch someone into the stratosphere or off a cliff so the game is good" —Siregulus
"There are lots of cute girls to play as which is pretty good" —runa

Master the perfect line with finely-tuned miniturbos, shake homing missiles with wild turns, play mindgames with orbital items, and frontrun with the Self-Propelled Bomb chasing you down.

"the spb haunts my nightmares to this day. please send help" —ZeverousNova
"the green shells are actually good in this game" —Twillsky
"mario kart made by people who actually play their game" —Lazuli
"I've been playing since day 1 and I suck, but it doesn't matter because I still enjoy it." —SteelT

Following in the wake of history's longest-running Sonic fangame, SRB2Kart is packed with classic charm and manic attention to detail—a labor of love refined for nearly a decade.

"like skyrim with go-karts" —Gunla
"This game ruined my career" —eebrozgi (of System Erasure)

Community-driven and 100% free. Built for modding from day 1, with hundreds of fan-made courses and characters. Get online in seconds with your choice of community servers, or host your own games and play how you want.

"srb2kart is great because I can shoehorn in as much dumb shit that nobody wants to play as I like and nobody can stop me" —Chengi
"jart" —james

like, seriously, the game's under 200MB

Downloads: Windows / Mac / Linux • FAQ / Resources

* This site is a fanmade landing page and link repository. Please don't bother Kart Krew about it.


Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is a fantastic fan made kart racing game that allows Sonic and pals to partake in races, time attacks and battles across a hundred diverse maps.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart plays like a blend of Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64, with retro styled visuals, weapon power-ups, short-cuts and powerslide boosting. You can play in single player, but there’s no AI racers so you’re limited to time trials against ghosts. You can play local and online multiplayer though in the game’s race or battle modes (each with their own unique sets of tracks).

It has five playable characters as standard (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic) each with their own unique stats similar to the Mario Kart racers. Whether doing time trials, racing or playing the battle mode there’s a wide selection of tracks available to shred your tyres in, some of which are unlockable. The tracks are mainly inspired by Sonic games, but there’s a lot of love for Mario Kart too, with tracks like Rainbow Road and Peach Gardens and Mario Circuit making an appearance.

It’s a fantastic game with a whole lot of fanservice and some solid arcade karting gameplay to back it up. Look out Mario, there’s a new kart racer in town!

Controls: Control Pad or Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Notes: You can instantly unlock more characters by going to “addons” in the main menu, then selecting “bonuschars.kart”. You Can Arrange Multiplayer Matches in The Official Discord Group

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Super Robo Blast 2 Kart Here


Download srb2 kart


This version adds Discord Rich Presence support. However joining from opening the game from Discord is currently not supported on Linux or Mac OS. You can open the game first if you want to use Discord's joining feature.
As of result, the minimum Mac OS version supported is now 10.10, instead of 10.9.

  • Fixed joinbug and chatbug. Those are bugs where a player will try to join, but appear to be joining and immediately leaving many times to anyone in the server. Or when at some point you can no longer send chat messages, change your name/character etc. while playing in a server. Basically, netplay is more stable now.
  • Fixed online sync issues with Rocket Sneakers, mines and the Kitchen Sink
  • Added support for new HTTP based master server technology. SRB2Kart's Master Server is now separate from SRB2's, and will hosted on
  • Overall improved the server connection screen. There are now prompts for downloading files and waiting to join a server which is full. There is also a total progress meter for downloading files.
  • Clients now choose a random port when connecting to servers. should no longer be needed.
  • Up to 126 servers may now appear in the server list
  • Caret color codes may be used in server names
  • Players may now change their name no more than five times per minute while playing online
  • Use to access the player's latency in milliseconds
  • Fixed displayplayers.iterate crashing in replays
  • Added replayplayback, which tells whether you are in a replay
  • Added file I/O support
  • Fixed sound volume not working on sounds that have an origin
  • Fixed flat rotation being slightly off
  • Fixed the game sometimes crashing on startup due to ogllog.txt
  • Fixed encore colormaps being slightly off
  • Added support for Discord Rich Presence. Some details of the game, such as what map you're playing, or how many players are on a server will be displayed on your profile. You may also invite others to join your game. This works even if you are not the server host, but just an ordinary player! Others may ask to join you too. You'll receive a notification in game if they do, and you can choose to accept or deny it.
  • Adjusted item odds in Battle mode. Orbinauts, Jawz, Invincibility and Grow are far more likely to appear. Bananas and Sneakers much less. Also removed item odds scaling with bumper count. Now everyone is on an equal playing field.
  • The last used renderer is now saved. This means you only need to start the game with OpenGL once and the game will remember it thereafter.
  • Fixed a minor bug with aliases in the console
  • Fixed first person camera breaking in replays
  • Fixed clearbans not clearing ban.txt
  • Fixed Record Attack ghosts potentially crashing if recorded with Lua added
  • SPB is no longer forced to appear in a 1v1
  • Fixed Thunder Shield item odds
  • Fixed a memory leak with pk3 files
  • Fixed SPB, Shrink and Hyudoro items appearing only once per race
  • Made looking back instantaneous
  • Fixed Toad
  • Fixed a memory leak if replay is not saved
  • You can no longer "line ride" offroad
  • Increased rarity of a previously played map showing up again in vote
  • Added join, leave and kick sound effects
  • Updated bonuschars with brand new Sakura sprites!

Qui jure suo utitur nemini facit injuriam. Yeah. that's right.

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