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If you can mount in the instance the best option is the vendor mammoth or yak. Repairs, buys goods, sells some basic commodities. The yak also allows transmogrification. As mounts, they can be summoned without limit as long as the area doesn't block mounting up.
Mammoth costs 20k gold (Kirin Tor faction reputation reduces cost down to 16k at exalted)
Yak costs 120k gold (cannot currently reduce this cost in any way)

If you can't mount in that specific instance, then you have various engineering-based options:

Jeeves (1h cooldown, bank access and vendor for 10mins)

The new reusable Reaves battery (30min cooldown, requires the appropriate module to be used to add repair or vendor functions)

Consumable Reaves batteries (shorter cooldown than the reusable battery -- just 1min30sec)

Consumable Auto Hammer (only repairs, doesn't buy items)

Consumable repair bots (there are various types, introduced in different expacs -- mostly obsolete though they're used as materials to craft Jeeves)

With the correct guild achievement you can also purchase a character-specific minipet that acts as a guild vendor for a few minutes, on a long cooldown (4h or so, if memory serves). It sells the same goods as a town-based guild vendor and also buys items but does not repair gear.


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  • Auto-Hammer
  • Use: Deploy an automatic hammer that anyone can use to repair their gear.
  • Sell Price: 8s 75c

The Auto-Hammer is an expendible device that repairs gear. It was invented by Didi the Wrench.


This item is crafted with Legion Engineering (1); taught by N Engineering [10-45] The Missing Pieces.

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Wow auto hammer



Item Level:42
Material:Explosives and Devices
Stackable: No
Equipable: No
Spells: Auto-Hammer:
Use: Deploy an automatic hammer that anyone can use to repair their gear.

Sell price:0875




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Price per unitQuantity
The Autohammmer - Replace your Hammer

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