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Best RV Propane Hoses: Hook Up Propane Easier

Sep 13, 2021 - 5 Recommendations

Who wouldn't want to explore the country in a recreational vehicle? You get to enjoy all (well, maybe most) of the comforts and little luxuries of home while still getting out into nature -- and everything you need is right inside your vehicle. That is, as long as you don't neglect heating and power.   Propane is an RV necessity, as it powers your appliances and accessories, heating your stove and your shower water. But first, you need a quality RV propane hose. Your propane hose allows you to hook up, repair, and even create new lines of propane within your RV. It's truly your one line to comfort and convenience. And that's why you need a reliable and secure hose. We've rounded up some of the best RV propane hoses you can buy right here.

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How To Use a Propane Quick Connect Connection On your RV

by Anonymous

How To Use a Propane Quick Connect Connection On your RV

How To Use a Propane Quick Connect Connection On your RV

Camco 59103 RV Propane Brass Tee with 3 Ports and 12' Hose

Camco 59103 RV Propane Brass Tee with 3 Ports and 12' Hose

Camco LP Gas Control Valve with Quick Connect fitting

Camco LP Gas Control Valve with Quick Connect fitting

I have a propane quick connect fitting on my trailer, which I have never used.

Can I connect a hose to my camp stove or outside BBQ direct, or do I have to remove the pressure regulator on them since the trailer system already has a regulator, or will it not hurt anything to have both regulators connected?

ANSWER: Hi Based on your description I am assuming that your RV like a lot of newer RVs came equipped with a low pressure quick connect propane system. These systems use special quick connect hoses like the Camco 57280 39" RV Quick-Connect to Quick-Connect LP Gas Hose (pictured above) to connect your propane appliances such as Portable BBQs, Campstoves, etc. to low pressure propane systems.

This is a low-pressure propane system because the connections are located after your RV's propane system pressure regulator. So, yes, you will have to remove the pressure regulators on any portable propane BBQ/grills and Stoves you connect to it. If you do not remove the pressure regulators, your BBQ/Grill or stove will not work properly because the propane pressure will end up being too low.

On some BBQ/Grills and Stoves such as the Weber Q Portable Gas Grills(pictured above) you can simply remove the regulator and add a propane quick connect adapter because the Gas Control Valve (Temperature Control valve) is

separate from the regulator. On other portable propane grills and stoves the Temperature Control valve is part of the pressure regulator. So you will have to use something like the Camco LP Gas Control Valve with Quick Connect fitting(pictured above) to modify those types of grills, stove, etc.

Take a look at the video further down the page to see how to perform this kind of modification.

Now if your RV does not have a supplemental Propane hookup or if you do not want to have to remove the pressure regulators on your portable propane BBQ/Grlls or Stoves; you can always install an after-market high pressure solution such as the Camco 59103 RV Propane Brass Tee with 3 Ports and 12' Hose(Pictured above). Since this is installed between your RV's Propane tank and the regulator it is not pressure regulated and the pressure regulators on you grills and stove stay on.
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The video below walks you step by step on installing the Camco Extended Stay Propane Valve:


I hope that this information has been helpful.

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Happy RVing

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Sours: https://www.everything-about-rving.com/how-to-use-a-propane-quick-connect-connection-on-your-rv.html
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RV DIY How to Replace Propane Hose Pigtails

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