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From SSD:

  • Heavy duty titanium links
  • Internal thread
  • Durable plastic rod ends with steel ball
  • Complete set of suspension links including double bent panhard bar
  • Direct fit onto Axial SCX10 II (with 313mm wheelbase)
  • Stronger than aluminum
  • Lighter than steel


  • 1 X Bent Titanium link (panhard bar)
  • 1 X 80.0mm Titanium link (front upper)
  • 2 X 83.0mm Titanium links (front lower)
  • 2 X 102.0mm Titanium links (rear upper)
  • 2 X 104.5mm Titanium links (rear lower)
  • 8 X M4 x 16mm threaded rod
  • 8 X M3 x 12mm threaded rod
  • 8 X M4 plastic rod ends (SSD00116)
  • 8 X M3 short plastic rod ends (SSD00020)
  • 1 x M3 long plastic rod end (SSD00017)


Length: 80.0mm, Diameter: 5.0mm, Thread: M3
Length: 83.0mm, Diameter: 6.0mm, Thread: M4
Length: 102.0mm, Diameter: 5.0mm, Thread: M3
Length: 104.5mm, Diameter: 6.0mm, Thread: M4

For panhard bar assembly use one long and one short M3 rod end.


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STRC Suspension Links for Axial SCX10 and Wraith

STRC Axial suspension links
Changing out the suspension links on your Axial SCX10 or Wraith is pretty common. Changing over to aluminum links makes your truck stronger and look a whole lot better.

Our friends over at STRC/St Racing Concepts make some very trick aluminum suspension links for your Axial. Made from CNC machined 6mm & 7mm high quality aluminum, the STRC links are extra tough and come anodized in different colors to suit your taste. Some of their suspension link sets include-

* STA80043UBK/G/GM/S Front & Rear Upper kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $19.99
* STA30518BK/G/GM/S Front & Rear Lower kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $13.99
* STA30516BK/G/GM/S Precision Steering Upgrade kit (w/hardware) for Axial SCX10. $8.50
* STA80083BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD Upper & Lower for Axial Wraith (w/hardware) $13.99
* STA30792BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD (Wraith Replacement Lower links) 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30791BK/G/GM/S 7mm HD 25.5 deg. Bent (Wraith upper links) 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30441BK/G/GM/S SCX10 Rear Lower, 1 pair. $7.00
* STA30792LBK/G/GM/S SCX10 Rear upper or front lower, 1 pair. $7.00

To get more information on all the fine option parts from STRC simply click This Link.

Click Here for more STRC news on BigSquidRC.


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ST Racing Concepts Axial Scx10 ii Aluminum Links

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