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50 Amazing and Awe-Inspiring Asymmetrical Bobs

Blunt symmetrical bobs are classic, but can sometimes seem too regular for women who crave an extra dose of style and glam throughout their everyday lives. An asymmetrical bob haircut gives an edgy vibe to the standard look, which you can further customize with curls and colors. Look through our top twenty looks below – they really suit any woman’s desire for self-expression.

Asymmetrical Bobs

To make an impact, asymmetry in bobs should be significant. If one side is practically the same as the other, it will be unnoticeable. The following are the best examples of present-day asymmetric bob cuts.

#1: Sharp Choppy Bob

This short bob could be your ultimate low-maintenance chic style with its mussed-up bedhead look. The cut works perfectly for someone with wavy hair or even fine straight hair and requires almost no daily styling, making for easy upkeep. Falling asleep with wet hair and rolling out of bed has never looked so good.

#2: Lavender A-line Look

Lavender is an equally appealing alternative to gray or silver hair if you crave something with a little extra color. The great thing is that the color complements a variety of different skin tones and hair textures – it’s equally exciting on most of them.

#3: Shaggy Uneven Bob

Romantic and feminine, this angled bob with its delicately tousled waves looks nice in all colors, but especially touching with some honeyed highlights pictured here. A deep side part adds a bit of mysterious flair, and the darker underlayer conveys depth and drama to these adorable beach waves.

#4: Blunt Bob with an Angled Side

Short bangs are still having their moment, but to keep the look fresh, go ahead and turn a blunt bowl cut into an angled bob on one side for the ultimate asymmetrical edge. Angling and layering make this anti-mullet cut extremely fashion-forward and bring to perfection its unique androgynous look.

#5: Deep Red Half Pixie Half Bob

This beautiful maroon hair color creates the perfect base for a short asymmetrical bob. Being sharply angled on one side, it offers the ideal spiky pieces that you can define with some pomade or texturizer. Easy to style, all it takes to perfect this look is running your fingers through your ends to create those funky pieces.

#6: Stacked Haircut for Thick Hair

Having your hair cut from long to short is a major commitment, but it is worth it, especially if your lengthy locks are weighing your face down. Face-framing layers better accentuate smaller face shapes and add structure to a previously uninspiring style.

#7: Fiery Red Angled Bob

This layered and angled cut makes the girl’s unique coloring all the more fun and funky. The artful angling of this attention-grabbing foxy red bob brings out the contrast of the darker roots and the brighter ends, creating depth and easy, playful, movement for a striking look.

#8: Curly Bob with Highlights

Ladies with thin hair should still add layers within their asymmetric style to create fullness. This look also uses highlights with darker roots for dimension and spiral curls to amplify the volume. As with the first style, matching your makeup to your hair color—this time using eye shadow—is a great way to create a fully coordinated look.

#9: Short Layered Bob

Blonde babylights throughout this graduated bob give it a playful look and almost hint at sun-touched beach waves. The sharp angle, choppy layers, and the clean nape line make this bob both masculine and feminine – the ideal yin and yang combo.

# Classic Straight Black Bob

This bob is a blend of the two most popular bob lengths – chin length on one side and collar bone on the other. The asymmetric bob echoes the origins of the bob back in the ‘20s with its classic straight look and edges gently turned in to frame your face softly.

# Wavy Side-Parted Bob

The beautiful caramel highlights in this style accentuate the loose, natural waves. You can style this long asymmetrical bob using a little mousse and scrunching your locks or making very loose waves with a large-barrel curling iron.

# Angled Bob with Very Short Layers

Another example of how to liven up thin, lifeless strands using artful layers. This stacked cut creates volume without the usage of curls by simply adding short, spunky layers throughout the crown. It is a great daily look that will keep its shape with minimal maintenance; a worthy pick for a woman who is always on the run.

# Twist on the Inverted Bob

Go all the way through with this edgy color and cut combination, and you’ll be satisfied with the final result. Stacked at the back and angled forward into a chin-length chop, this daring look is topped off with a short straight fringe in a direct contrast to the wildness of the waves and angles. With an emphasis on natural, this look would be great on hair with almost any kind of texture from straight and lightly wavy to more curly.

# Stacked Bob

This beautiful auburn color is complemented by the dramatic angle of the cut. The stacked bob offers low-maintenance upkeep: just add a bit of mousse for texture, tousle your locks and go!

# Descending Corner

A fun twist on a classic bob— almost uniform all the way around, but with a touch of that rock-and-roll edge on one side. The back of this cut almost hints at Anna Wintour’s signature perfectly-in-line bob, but definitely strays from the norm in its evident asymmetry.

# Lopsided Lob with Diagonal Bangs

Taking asymmetry to the next level, this long bob plays with extremes. An expertly cut lob is basically low maintenance, so you may only need a bit of straightening if you have wavy hair and want a straight style or a quick session with a curling iron to get these easy waves.

# Layered A-Line Cut

We love this slightly edgy cut, especially paired with the rich, dark brown hair color. Surface layers benefit thick strands, removing bulk. You can see how the deep side part works well with uneven lengths. If you have lots of straight hair, this is a perfect match.

# Side-Tucked Blonde Bob

If you don’t want a style that’s permanently askew, an asymmetrical bob can be achieved on the base on an angled bob with a simple side sweep and tuck. By wearing one side forward and folding the other back behind the ear you’ll make a sultry—and temporary—asymmetric look. Highlights through the top enhance the disconnection.

# Tousled Pink Crop

Here, a gradual fade of fuschia to pastel rose corresponds with the progressive reduction of weight, creating optical harmony. As you can see, this medium bob provides a soft edge that is flattering on strong jawlines. An irregular part enhances the casual vibe.

# Classic Chin-Length Bevel

In this image, the hair on the longer side falls below the jawline, grazing the collarbone, and naturally flips in. If you prefer an understated aesthetic, this variation is cute, timeless, and uneven in a flattering way. A panel of lighter color through the front piece draws attention to the elongated side and creates a bright frame for the face.

# Shoulder-Length Ombre Bob

On the dark hair, hand-painted caramel pieces soften the sharp edge of this extremely long asymmetrical bob. Building more length as the shape progresses forward creates a swingy effect. This option is perfect for those who love the trend but don’t want to go too short.

# Pastel Lob with Waves

The wavy texture and pretty blush hue shown here create an ultra-feminine impression. A textured cut styled in messy undulations makes the most of fine and thin hair. To shape, use a curling wand or iron through the middle portion of the strand, then rake through with fingers.

# Bob with Swing Bang

We love the movement created by this flicked eye-grazing fringe. Girly touches include champagne ribbons of brightness, glossy shine, and blurred edges. With bangs and dimensional color, the feel of this cut is flirtier. Choppy ends minimize the strong geometry, while tucking one side creates a contrast to the overall fullness.

# Asymmetrical Plum Shoulder-Duster

You don’t have to chop it all off to stay in vogue. This long asymmetrical bob gives the feeling of a crop while maintaining the ponytail capability. Dark roots add depth, grounding the vivid purple hue. The added length makes a great canvas for the dramatic unevenness.

# Beachy Bronze Clavicut

This collarbone dusting shape exudes easygoing confidence. Don’t you love beauty that feels casual? The balayage technique is used to seamlessly blend gradations of color. Loose sea-salt waves are fashioned with a curl-enhancing spray and a diffuser. The matte texture and irregular edges enhance the laid-back appeal.

# Rooty Blonde Peekaboo

For girls with an eclectic sense of style, an uneven bob is an inspired selection. There’s an artistic quality to the unusual proportions that are just right if you’re looking for something perfectly imperfect. The flicked tips, and dramatic light-to-dark fade are bespoke touches.

# Asymmetrical Femme Fatale

Would you like to evoke a powerful female lead or a comic book heroine? Add sharp tips, a sleek surface, and an ebony hue to an asymmetric bob. Straightening with an iron refines the finish; a side split prevents severity. The result is seductive and powerful, sure to boost confidence.

# Grungy Side Sweep

This is a real-girl take on Kristen Stewart’s iconic hair design. The cool, grungy effect comes from irregular splashes of warm beige, layered ends, and a low part. The mood is lived-in and a little punk, yet glamorous. This shape can be hard to describe, so make sure to bring pictures to your stylist.

# Flame-Colored Swoop

Nothing grabs attention like strong contours and bold colors. This fire-inspired fade enhances the flow of the cut with red and gold rainbow of hues. A one-length shape with asymmetry in the front is the perfect base for intricate tonal designs. The tightly cropped nape eliminates heaviness and maximizes the swing.

# Futuristic Blonde Chop

Stay ahead of the curve with this show-stopping short asymmetrical bob. The contemporary concept uses a micro-fringe and sharp angles for maximum impact. The silvery champagne blonde has a space-age metallic sheen and crystalline sparkle. Keep it glossy and smooth with weightless oils (like argan) and a flat brush.

# Silver Sophisticate

The cool taupe, cloud gray and pewter tones shown here call to mind a stormy sky. Choosing a youthful yet sophisticated palette updates and enlivens the classic shape. It works especially well with blue eyes. The choppy layers customize, reduce heaviness, and add volume for the utmost versatility.

# Asymmetrical Golden Girl

What could be lovelier than this long bob with warm blonde tones, loose curves, and tendrils of brightness? Get lift at the roots by flipping your hair to the opposite side of your usual part. Flip upside down and spritz in a workable spray to dishevel.

# Textured Chop

For curly hair, varying lengths are key. Layered asymmetrical bob haircuts like this one remove weight, creating piecey curves and swirls. The V-shaped fringe shows off the cheekbones and contrasts the coils. A mix of gel and pomade adds definition; apply when damp, and dry with a diffuser.

# Angled Asymmetrical Bob

Slanted lines flatter by creating a face-slimming illusion. This must-have trend features a jaw-skimming gradient and a sweeping front that accentuates the cheekbones. Easy to style with fingers or a brush, this ‘do is a dream come true for low maintenance gals.

# Daring Undercut Chop

Like to stay up to the minute? Go progressive and create a lean silhouette by pairing a smooth curtain overlay with sheared lengths underneath. Wearing one side back reveals the daring details. This undercut bob is genius for thick and coarse strands. It also neutralizes unruly hairline cowlicks.

# Glossy Ebony Bob

Do you need a look that balances stylishness with professionalism? For working women, this is a classy and elegant go-to. Natural dark brown color shows off the clean contours and keeps it understated. Oiled and pressed strands give asymmetrical bob hairstyles a mirror-like finish.

# Edgy Shoulder-Length Cut

With ombréed tips and a deep side part, this long asymmetrical bob redefines what you might consider a ‘bob.’ Longer than your average bob, this one in particular pushes the limits with its angles and the daring dyed tips. Note that it’s also a great option for black women with relaxed hair. If you are looking for something that’s just a touch dramatic, then this is the cut for you.

# Sleek Medium Blonde Bob

Looking for something just slightly different but in line with your classic look? This straight, uneven bob might be for you if you want to change up your hairstyle without going too dramatic. Polished with a slightly wet look, this particular style is perfectly asymmetrical and hits just below the chin on one side and at the jaw corner on the other.

# Cotton Candy Bob with Shaved Side

Inherently thick, healthy hair makes the ideal base for an asymmetrical bob haircut. Shocking pink is always done best when taken to the absolute extreme, as pictured here. The dramatically swept forward side bangs in combination with the buzzed side revealing the natural color of the model’s hair create a striking contrast.

# Wavy Side-Swept Bob

Loose waves combed dramatically to one side give this bob a more modern look with the blond pieces highlighting their uneven choppiness. If you have similar looks as the girl in the photo (a low contrast between your skin tone and eyes), the exposed roots will prevent a washed out look with this style.

# Precise Angles and Fabulous Highlights

Here’s a truly unhackneyed version! It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful short asymmetrical bob for straight hair. We love the choice of colors for highlights, the sleekness, and the perfect sharp angles of the cut.

# Medium Length, Bangs and Side Undercut

Definitely on the extreme side of the spectrum of asymmetrical bob hairstyles, this cut represents an eclectic style. Shaggy bangs add informality that matches the general attitude of nonchalance that the trendy buzzed side brings to the picture.

# Fiery Angled Ombre

If you are craving something red-hot, this style is right up your alley. Red hair can be synonymous with the tough girl attitude, and this straight bob skips the layers to focus instead on a variety of reddish browns with a cool tone, ranging from dark brown to bright crimson. Pair with a bold scarlet lip color to fully own the look.

# Choppy Layers with Bangs

If you are currently sporting cute bangs and want to try an asymmetrical bob haircut, this is a great option, as it seamlessly blends the bangs into the overall style. With so many different layers in this look, the hairdo would be better suited for women with longer faces, as it could overwhelm smaller face shapes.

# Inverted Bob with Dark Roots

Sometimes specific hair colors might not work well with the undertones in certain complexions, but that does not mean you have to avoid them altogether. Breaking up a brighter hue with dark roots allows for a more subtle grown out effect than a full-on color.

# Conservative Cut with a Twist

If you are just beginning to test out the waters of an asymmetric bob haircut, this is a perfect entry level style. It uses long layers for an even shoulder-length cut and adds a bit of pizazz with one longer section; a way to upgrade your style without drastically changing your entire look.

# Easy and Effortless Chin Length Cut

Sometimes the most uncomplicated hairdos are the best options. This style is perfect for a woman with a busy schedule who wants to look pulled together at all times. Natural waves and light layers ensure that this will look good even if you miss a trim appointment.

# Sleek and Shiny Asymmetrical Bob

Show off your glistening strands with a gorgeous angled cut that will complement many different face shapes. As the back view shows, it is slightly shorter in the back to draw attention forward and subtly lengthen the face. It’s a worthy option for the workplace as it is not too over-the-top, but still chic and fashion-forward.

# Exaggerated Inverted Cut

This style is for a woman who truly commits to a look—nothing subtle about this haircut! Ranging from closely-cropped in the back to almost shoulder length in the front, this retro style is reminiscent of the mod looks from the sixties. Finish off with white and black eyeliner for a modern nod to Twiggy’s iconic look.

# Messy Waves with Babylights

Shorter hairstyles can still sport the popular dye trends as shown by this haircut transformation. The long thin locks did nothing to emphasize and highlight her features as the new look does. The bangs highlight her eyes and the leftover ombre, transformed into babylights, brightens her entire face.

Keep your look modern and fresh with an asymmetric bob hairstyle. With styles ranging from colorful and creative to simple and structured, there is a hairdo for any preference and taste. Make sure to try your favorite cut during your next hair appointment.


17 Short Wavy Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

The Angled Bob

the angled wavy bob haircut

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

This short, angled wavy bob is stacked beautifully with subtle blonde highlights. For styling gorgeous beach waves, use the Babyliss 1&#; curling iron.

The Choppy Bob

choppy bob for wavy hair

Instagram @causing_hysterica

The uneven and choppy, short wavy bob cut doesn&#;t look misplaced, rather, it&#;s a rebellious vibe on your supposed normal shoulder-length hair. Love this look? Check out more amazing short choppy bobs.

A Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

short wavy bob with bangs haircut

Instagram @victorkeyrouz

A cut for your bangs is fittingly contrasted by a short shaggy cut to your tips. A short wavy bob with bangs is best for women with round faces because it adds a more square frame around your face.

Wavy Bob with Fringe

wavy bob with fringe

Instagram @hilaryphillipshair

The chocolate to brown is gorgeous with waves and a curtain fringe. If you&#;re looking for super cute short wavy bob hair, this is the new look you&#;ve been wanting. The hair color is perfect for those with fair skin while the fringe is for those looking to accentuate their eyes.

A-Line Bob

Short wavy a line bob

Instagram @julieramirezhair_

This is a beautiful short A-line bob cut. Short wavy bobs are popular when styled into loose waves that give is a stylishly messy appearance. Or, if you have naturally curly hair, try using a straightening iron the night before. The next morning, add some light product or wet your hair, scrunch it up and let it naturally dry.

Blonde Wavy Bob

blonde wavy bob hairstyle

Instagram @the_lounge_salon.ballina

If you&#;re a blonde and want a short wavy bob haircut then this hairstyle and color is a great place to start. The dynamic combo of the A-line cut and short beach waves offers a refreshing and modern look. This is even more fantastic if you have blonde hair and dread of rich, and vibrant hair.

Graduated Bob

Short wavy graduated bob

Instagram @reflectionshairandbeauty

Longer layers are found as you go to the top, giving you this wonderful graduated bob. The key to the best short wavy bob haircuts is to give the cut a rounder shape. This help keeps its natural form as the hair grows out.

Sew In Bob for Black Hair

Q&A with style creator, Sunni B Lovelay
Licensed Hair Care Specialist @ Lovelay Creations in Maryland, VI

How would you describe this look?

This brown sew-in wavy bob is a multi-purpose hairstyle. A short wavy bob hairstyle can be worn in any professional setting and also perfect for a night out.

I recommend having freshly trimmed ends (long layers if possible) and consistent treatments to allow longevity for this style. Also, having the right amount of heat protectant will bless the hair!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Know your hair and remember your lifestyle! The worst thing we can do is run and get a hairstyle we like but it isn&#;t for us.

If you have extremely straight hair and can&#;t hold a curl, it may be better for you to consider getting a roller set or possibly a curly perm instead. Another example is, if your hair hasn&#;t been properly trained. By trained I mean treated and/or styled on a consistent basis, then it will be easy for the hair to revert back to its natural form. Also, if you&#;re one to work out often, this could be a no-no without properly pinning it up. Nevertheless, this style is amazing!

With that in mind, this style is ideal for women who get styled regularly and can maintain the look. To style his, give a moisture steam treatment followed with a medium heat round brush blow-dry and a dusting of a trim. Use a combination of thermal sprays and heated tools to finish the look. Occasionally, a small mist of shine spray can be applied.

Messy Wavy Layered Bob

messy wavy layered bob hairstyle

Instagram @salsalhair

A textured, short and wavy bob has the right combination of messy, sexy, and the hairstyle doesn&#;t look overly done.

A short hairstyle on any face shape that needs a little softness around their face. For styling at home, use a light mousse or salt spray, blow-dry in a finished with wax and shine spray, or dry texture spray.

Short wavy bob hairstyles are perfect for women on the go or active women, as it looks best when tousled.

Shaggy, Stacked and Wavy Hairstyle

Q&A with style creator, Kathleen Varco
Salon Owner / Hair Stylist @ Lakoet Salon in Jersey City, NJ

How would you describe this look?

This shaggy, wavy and stacked bob haircut on short hair is the easiest to maintain. There is literally no work involved because the shape is built in such a way that you don&#;t have to think about how to style. It&#;s definitely one of my favorite cuts because it looks great any day at any time on every occasion.

When getting a bob for short wavy hair, ask your stylist to use the natural roundness of your head to create volume through the whole cut. Doing this will result in an organic yet timelessness feel.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This bob haircut looks great on all hair types, however, the most important part about maintaining this look would be finding the right product for your hair type. Because the shape is built in styling, it is very easy to manage.

Wavy Inverted Bob

Q&A with style creator, Victoria Dunn
Hair Stylist @ Illusion Unlimited Salons in Strongsville, OH

How would you describe this look?

Adding wavy curls to a short, wavy inverted bob cut will show off the dimension in the color while adding some sass to a classic cut.

(Like this cut? See more short inverted bobs here).

Any advice for someone considering it?

This short bob cut for wavy hair is great for women who like to have a versatile style because it also looks great straightened. Because of the length that is kept in the front, it has the ability to flatter almost all face shapes.

You can style this with a flat iron. Heat protectant is a must when working with flat irons and curling irons. Once the curls are set, a light-hold hair spray should be applied to help hold the curls but still have movement.

A Very Short Bob

Q&A with style creator, Joy Ahlman
Hair Stylist @ Planet 21 Salon in Charlotte, NC

How would you describe this look?

With a very short wavy bob, you can have healthy hair that has a bit of length to still play with. This bob is a great go-to style when you want shorter hair without getting a pixie and has some natural body or texture in their hair!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Short bobs for wavy hair are great for women with those natural bends and waves in their hair. Weight can be taken out under the occipital bone to keep the back from poofing out where the hair is most dense, so it works for thick hair as well.

This look can be an easy, fresh style for the wash-and-go gals, using a texturizing lotion for dimension and control.

For styling this wavy bob, I recommend using Oribe Matte Waves then partially dried or diffused. A wand or flat iron can easily give you that effortlessly wavy look if your hair doesn&#;t cooperate.

This cut works for most face shapes. Round faces may want to leave more length in the front to elongate the look.

Cute Curly Wavy Bob for Over 40

Q&A with style creator, Victoria Harley
Hair Stylist / Colorist @ Hair by Victoria in Tampa, FL

How would you describe this look?

A bob for wavy, short hair is perfect for women over 40 because it&#;s very versatile can be easily curled or smoothed out.

It&#;s a classic bob and fringe with a modern twist &#; an effortless style that requires a quick fluff of the curl, smoothing of the fringe, and you&#;re ready for the day ahead!

Any advice for someone considering it?

There&#;s a variation of this short haircut that can be suited for different hair types. Fuller hair can go for a forward fringe, a curtain bangs for finer hair and a side part fringe for versatile styling.

For styling this wavy bob, use a smoothing iron with a comb or blow dryer and a paddle brus. Use in a C formation starting at the root and pulling down towards the ends. Adding a heat protectant is ideal for daily refreshes without damaging the shorter pieces.

If you want this as a short curly bob with no direct heat, twirling a few pieces in front and allowing to dry will set the side bangs in place.

If you&#;re a more active woman, then learning simple twists, braids, or even owning a few hairpin and headbands will allow for a quick sweep of hair off the face.

Flattering for Women Over 50

Q&A with style creator, Kayla Whitley
Hairstylist @ Sleek Salon & Spa in Chesapeake, VA

How would you describe this look?

A short bob on wavy hair is flattering for women over 50 because it can be styled in so many ways. You can air-dry and finger curl, blow it out straight, or curl it with a curling iron. It&#;s a really trendy hybrid look!

 See more short bob haircuts for older women.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Any woman can wear this wavy hairstyle with minor adjustments made for facial anatomy.

To style this, use a root lifter and a hour humidity defense to keep the look from becoming frizzy in a humid climate. Most likely, a woman with minimal experience will be able to style this look in about 30 mins blow-drying and curling included.

Pixie Bob with an Undercut

Q&A with style creator, Carmen Middleton
Journeyman Red Seal Hairstylist / Salon Owner / Keune Educator @ Bombshell Hairstyling in Alberta, CA

How would you describe this look?

An undercut pixie bob on wavy short hair looks amazing when adding a caramel balayage color. The color gives it a subtle to dramatic change, depending on what the desired lightness is on the ends.

(See more beautiful short balayage hairstyles here).

This is a versatile haircut that you can style waved, straight, pinned up, parted to either side or combed forward or back.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Undercut pixie bobs on wavy hair are great for women with thick or coarse hair, because it gets rid of excess bulk and still looks full.

If you have medium to fine hair, this cut can work for you too. People generally have more hair in the nape versus the sides and top.

To style this pixie bob, I recommend you use Keune Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream and Keune Care Keratin Smooth Smoothing serum to blow-dry, then wave with a flat iron, and use Keune Blend Sea Salt Spray to finish.

If you have finer hair, I&#;d recommend using volumizing products like Keune Style Blowout Gelee or Keune Style Thickening Cream to blow dry and Keune Style Sea Salt Mist to finish.

Undercut bobs are very versatile for almost any face shape, as you can go extremely short on top or keep it longer to mid-neck in length. Your undercut can just be in the nape area, or nape and above ears, or just a side shave. It has endless combinations of lengths and styles.

The Blunt Bob

the blunt bob for wavy hair

Instagram @juniorestevamoficial

This is a super chic look. Cutting the ends straight gives an edgy look. For those with a more defined bone structure, you can still enjoy this marvelous blunt, short wavy bob if you add some soft waves to the style.

A blunt, short wavy bob will add lightness and texture. This urban cut was created using a cutting technique that meets the need of each hair type and style because nowadays it is not only about cutting hair but also delivering style and texture.

For women wanting short haircuts with a blunt cut, you&#;ll want to use appropriate products for your hair type.

Asymmetrical Bob

Q&A with style creator, Jonathan Steward
Hair Stylist @ Muse Salon & Spa in Johns Creek, GA

How would you describe this look?

A chin-length, texturized asymmetrical bob cut for short wavy hair will accentuating the jawline as well as elongate your face shape.

Medium textured hair is ideal to style with soft waves to create volume and to give a more lived-in textured look.

Adding a blonde balayage accentuates both angles purposely. One side is to highlight the jawline and the other side is to create an illusion of more hair to draw your eyes downward.

Any advice for someone considering it?

With this take on the asymmetrical bob, think of texturizing weight out more than heavy layering. I find fine to medium texture more ideal to create soft texture curls with rather than thick to coarse hair that I find will create bigger structured curls.

To style this, Materialist made by Kerastase is an awesome thickening spray gel you can spray into your hands for great distribution before your blowout for added texture and grip. Finishing it off with a 1 1/2-inch curling iron just polishes the look.

The best part about short, wavy bobs is that with the right textured hair you can go days with a dry shampoo, and it will still look great.

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50 Gorgeous Wavy Bob Hairstyles with an Extra Touch of Femininity

Medium length and wavy texture are among the top current picks in women’s hairstyles. In this relation, wavy bob hairstyles are go to options for every day as well as special occasions. As a matter of fact, wavy hair is perceived as a very feminine feature, that’s why most of us love to rock those romantic wavy looks on a daily basis or at least from time to time. We can’t wait to give you a dose of wavy hair inspiration! Read on and you’ll get new ideas on bob cuts and wavy styling…

Cute Wavy Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles to Try This Season

Angled, stacked, graded and A-line bobs are all in favor. Chose the cut according to your hair type and preferred length. Any of these can be worn straight or wavy.

#1: Shoulder-Length Spiraled Bob

While having a curly style with straight bangs used to be seen as a faux pas, it can work with shorter styles because it helps to blend different layers. Straight pieces in the front will frame the face and work especially well to slim chubby cheeks.

#2: Neck-Length Razored Wavy Bob

Try the modern wavy bob with midshaft bents. The light brown hair has ash blonde highlights throughout, and the center part helps to frame the face beautifully. It’s a feminine haircut, but the choppy ends give it a sporty vibe.

#3: Wavy Choppy Ash Brown Bob

There’s something about the soft waves in a short choppy bob that gives it a charming girlish feel. The ashy brown angled cut is fresh and easy, with a sense of fullness and volume. It’s an excellent choice for the woman whose hair tends to be thin or a little flat at times.

#4: Light Lob with Large Messy Waves

Do you have what it takes to rock a long wavy bob? Gorgeous, blonde, and free flowing; it hits the shoulders running. Simple and quick to style, you can go to sleep with a few comfy braids; and in the morning shake ‘em loose and you’re ready to go beachy!

#5: Messy Wavy Brown Lob

Dark, smoldering, and shoulder-length; it’s not your grandma’s bob hairstyle. In fact, it’s anything but old-fashioned! The natural brown base color highlighted with rusty-red tones draws out the exotic nature that resides within any confident woman. An added benefit? The messy long waves are a breeze to style and maintain.

#6: Angled Bob with Beach Waves

Consider an inverted, angled bob hair cut to bring out the best of your beachy waves. The dark roots add depth and volume to the different shades of blonde, and the long, bright white pieces in the front highlight the face. Part it on the side to show off all the layers and texture.

#7: Autumn-Ready Stacked Scrunched Wavy Bob

Short and sassy, this layered, inverted bob delivers lots of texture and a classy shape. The tousled top and stacked back make it easy to style and maintain, and the chin-length locks frame the face in a feminine way.

#8: Rounded and Feathered Bob Haircut

Looking for a rounded short wavy bob that will work great in and out of the office? Try a feathered and textured bob cut on for size. Hitting just below the jawline, the chunky layers work great for most face shapes, and the unique strawberry blonde color attracts the eye whether you’re coming or going.

#9: Feminine Peek-a-Boo Bob

Are you feeling sultry and mysterious, or shy and unassuming? Whatever mood you’re in, one thing’s for sure: you’ll be feeling ultra-feminine with a longer tousled bob. Keep them guessing as you “peek-a-boo” from behind the sexy swoop of wavy blonde hair that strategically falls just in front of one of your eyes.

# Cute Shaggy Wavy Lob

A wavy lob is an excellent choice when you’re growing out your shorter bob. Once it hits your shoulders, the waves will be long enough to style modern loose updos. The soft well-blended highlights over chocolate brown hair make the color truly exquisite.

# Straight-Cut Lob with Textured Ends and Waves

If you’re feeling youthful and looking for a super-fashionable and comfy bob, a textured shoulder-length lob might be the best way to go. Try a mixture of subtle cool- and warm-toned highlights for a more modern, visually interesting style.

# Edgy Bob with Barely-There Waves

A bob for wavy hair can be short, medium, or long. If you prefer to wear your hair loose and style it quickly, try a medium inverted bob with uneven choppy ends. The babylights add some flattering sparkle to the dark bob.

# One-Length Beachy Textured Bob

A little movement in your bob can make your look go from classic to wild. Wavy layered hair is a hot topic this year. Add darker roots and super blonde balayage, and you’ll get a cool voguish look. The beachy feel is achieved by textured, tousled strands.

# Loosely Curled and Tousled Lob

A great option for outdoorsy and active types, the loose midshaft-to-ends curls of the tousled lob look spectacular when they flow freely and gently touch the collarbone. The long deep chocolate brown waves and the classic center part line mean that it can be easily gathered in a flouncy ponytail when you’re exercising or out on a hike.

# Tousled Blonde Bob with Layers

Look your luxurious best with this pale blonde wavy bob. The hairstyle creates a cute graduated effect enhanced by the untamed appearance of beachy waves. The shoulder length bob is modern, flattering and a breeze to style. Get those textured strands by curling the top layers of your hair with a flat iron.

# Chin-Length Frizzy Wavy Bob Crop

Wear your hair in an all-one-length textured bob and show the world your fun-loving beach-blonde waves. The razored ends and the tousled top with bangs do a wonderful job of providing lift and added texture to flat fine hair. The dark roots and blonde balayage highlights are youthful and summer-ready.

# Loosely Curled Bronze Balayage Bob

If you’re a girl who has a hectic professional and social life, you’ll adore the way a lightly curled balayage bob fits into all aspects of your busy schedule. By day it’s sleek and on point for corporate environments, and the copper-bronze streaks make it fun enough for after work cocktails with co-workers!

# Long-Layered Bob with Caramel Ribbons

This wavy bob is totally on trend right now and can be pulled off with ease. The soft wavy locks are most appealing in shoulder length styles like this one. All wavy bob hairstyles look absolutely stunning with balayage — the blended dark caramel highlights create a gorgeous natural appeal and also help the waves fall in a sultry way. Perfect for a romantic date night or a girls’ night out.

# Delicately Waved Short Blonde Bob

Get inspired by the s glamour and test a short wavy bob haircut. The jaw-length waves with a touch of blonde bombshell chic are simple yet full of style. Something everyone can easily achieve.

# Uneven Piece-y Wavy Bob

Blonde and sassy-tastic, there’s a lot to be said for the woman who wears a piece-y wavy bob hairstyle. Full and voluptuous, highlights shimmer throughout the choppy bob; perfect for dancing the night away at your favorite club. The uneven ends that meet at the neck are a unique surprise.

# Casual-Chic Medium Messy Bob

Medium wavy bob haircuts that carry a summer feeling in their highlights literally beg for natural, flowing and disheveled styling. The above-the-shoulder length cut with textured ends conveys a light feel with easy-going movement. Casual chic for every day. A happy, fun style for wavy hair.

# Angled Choppy Bob with Jagged Edges

The best of both worlds; short, textured locks drop into increasingly longer bright blonde waves that hit the collarbone. An angled choppy bob is just right for the lady who enjoys the public eye, and even though the ends are jagged and uneven, it’s not a cookie cutter hairstyle by a long shot.

# Ash Blonde Wavy Lob for Fine Hair

If your hair tends to lay flat, spruce it up with a piece-y, textured lob for fine hair. Part it the way you like and finger comb to reveal the natural waves or style quick bents with a straightener. A lob is an ideal medium haircut when you are trying to grow out a short style into long hair.

# Long Wavy Copper Blonde Bob

A wavy lob lets your medium length waves cascade on the top of your shoulders. The bright copper blonde balayage appears naturally sun-kissed, giving your hair a shiny and healthy glow. The curly tendrils are slightly lighter in the front to refresh the complexion.

# Black Curly Messy Bob with Bangs

Full and sassy, this face-framing, short wavy bob is a fantastic option for women with thick, curly hair. The squared silhouette in the chin length gives the cheeks a slimmer, more youthful appearance.

# Lovely Waved Lob with Partial Highlights

If you’re looking for wavy hair that’s not too over-the-top but with a unique flair, consider adding some color. Copper or blonde front pieces are a fabulous touch to an otherwise, “standard” side-parted lob. Give it a bit of a tousle for a playful appeal and comb it over to get some extra height.

# Natural Looking Bob

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the tried and true when it comes to styling your long wavy bob. Natural colors that complement each other will look good at a variety of different events and can easily take you from day to night without needing to change a thing.

# Chic Windblown Short Bob

This wavy layered strawberry candy bob has an amazing volume thanks to the cut. The soft layered pieces are styled in a playful whirlwind motion. Every strand is moving and curly, revealing its own mood. The lightweight, short, sexy hairstyle is also so exceptional thanks to its warm, light-reflecting color.

# Short Choppy Bob with Dimensional Waves

Whether you work in a corporate environment or an art gallery, you’ll be the center of attention when you take a chance with a chocolate and golden blonde choppy bob. The stacked dimensional waves barely have a bent, and the rounded shape is shattered which offers it a super-stylish edge.

# Long Disconnected Wavy Bob

Wintry blonde waves with thin golden highlights are what give this cute disconnected bob such an irresistible beachy feel. The extra-long length means it’s convenient to occasionally put it into an updo, but we’d suggest that you never choose to hide the slightly textured waves and jagged ends in an ordinary ponytail. What a waste!

# Full-of-Movement Brunette Bob

Just a teeny bit boyish, going for a wavy bob with bangs is a fantastic way to bring attention to your feminine confidence. The deep brown tones shimmer in the sunlight even if it’s a solid color. It’s a slightly 70’s retro-style that’s perfect for naturally thick and wavy hair.

# Shaggy Highlighted Brunette Bob for Thick Hair

Did somebody say: “brunette bob shag”? An excellent choice for the woman who struggles with hair-thickness challenges; a curvy voluminous bob is the best way to work with what you’ve got. Deep browns are grazed with copper highlights at the tips. Your hard-to-manage hair has just got a whole lot easier!

# Bob with Large Dimensional Curls

Soda-can-sized curls provide a distinctively retro-style that reminds us of the Hollywood starlets from the s. Of course, back then, they didn’t have the variety of colors the balayage offers today. The chocolate-brown base highlighted with strawberry blonde hues will make you feel like you’re on the red carpet (even when you’re just at the supermarket)!

# Choppy Wavy Angled Bob for Fine Hair

If you have difficulties livening up your flat and fine hair, we might just have the right hairstyle for you. Flip your head upside-down, scrunch the hair with some light hold styling mousse and it will stay weightless and voluminous all-day long. The classic bronde tones in a medium wavy bob give a sense of volume and lift that also helps to combat the flatness.

# Wavy Layered Bob with Flicks

Medium length, rounded silhouette and layers are another great idea of a flattering bob for thick hair. If your hair is slightly curly from nature, you’ll get those lovely flicks without any styling. If not, use a large-barrel curling iron to shape the ends.

# Cute Coffee-Colored Bob

Dark hair is sexy for many reasons — it looks healthier and reflects shine better. These are just a few of those reasons. But, the downside of having dark hair with a wavy bob is that it can look a little too dense. The best way to make it more lightweight is with highlights in a lighter color that will add dimension and break up the cut.

# Sexy Black Bob

Not everyone’s hair texture is naturally wavy, but that does not mean that sexy tousled waves can’t be achieved with a curling iron. The key is to quickly wrap hair in alternating directions starting from the middle of each strand to keep them from turning into spiral curls.

# Long Blonde Wavy Bob

The messy long bob is all the rage right now, and this one looks simply breathtaking. The soft highlighted waves are loosely curled in an S-pattern. Strands are cut to graze the shoulders with voluminous layers. The hairdo is generously tousled and textured to form a windblown style that is high on vogue.

# Straight Cut Wavy Bob

If you have thick straight strands, it’s important to get rid of added weight especially in a blunt cut. This textured look was created with a Donald Scott Carving Comb that creates a fun razored style effortlessly and in no time.

# Ash Blonde Spirals

Make a wavy bob your own with the help of some expert color that is tailored to your skin tone. This beautiful balayage pairs well with her slightly tanned complexion because the ash hues create a good contrast and won’t add any ruddiness.

# Layered Lob with Balayage

This long wavy bob is so adorable, it makes you want to reach out and touch those angled caramel strands. The shaggy wavy texture of the hairstyle is divine and looks much more interesting than casual hair. The beautiful caramel waves are incredibly shiny and stand out very well against the deep brown base. We simply love this wavy angled lob!

# Side-Swept Bob for Fine Hair

The wavy bob is the must-have style of the year. The textured cut is perfect for volume and softening sharp facial features. The angle in the front creates fullness, and the deep side part pulls double duty by also slimming round cheeks.

# Pastel Colored Bob

Because the long wavy bob is so popular, sometimes you need to do a little something extra to make it pop — and color is just the trick that you need. Known as red violet, this unique mix of maroon, mauve and rose gold is sure to turn more than a few heads.

# Wavy Half-Braided Bob

Wondering how else can you rock your messy bob? A simple half up side braid can add an interesting accent to your casual style. It’s a fun asymmetric twist that will take just another 2 minutes of your styling routine.

# Shimmery Highlights in Wavy Bob

Want a hairstyle that breathes with ease and nonchalance? Here’s a good example. The wavy angled layers provide a good balance of weight and volume. The loose, soft curls are wonderful in texture, and the lovely golden balayage brings them straight to absolute perfection.

# Short Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

Here is a way to boost thickness of your fine hair strands. Go for the shortest stacked bob version with feathered streaks, get some subtle highlights and style light messy waves.

# Shaggy Wavy Bob

If you have thick strands, a blunt cut can feel heavy in a medium length hairstyle. Because of this it’s best to incorporate a few light razored layers around the ends to give the cut a bit of airiness and movement. Achieve the piece-y separation that is popular with a bit of styling wax or sea salt spray.

# Medium Bob with Wavy Texture

This bob is angled very subtly, so it features practically the same length at the back and front. We love the textured disconnected ends and very light waves, actually just a slight bent, a hint on the wave.

# Feminine Blonde Lob

If you prefer longer hairstyle, you may go for this beautiful feminine peek-a-boo lob. You can wear it free-flowing like in the photo or experiment with asymmetrical hairstyles, half ups and updos.

# Toffee Ombre Bob

If low-key best describes your style, this is the look for you. The messier it gets the better it looks, so don’t be afraid to embrace your bed head waves. Plus, ombre is the perfect color technique because it allows you to embrace color without the need of frequent touch-ups.

So, have you found your ideal wavy bob here? Usually it takes a few tries to pick up something that is % yours. We wish you many gorgeous looks this season! Stay beautiful!


Asymmetrical bobs are the perfect edgy yet acceptable hairstyle. Characterized by an uneven cut, one side of the hair is worn longer than the other. While this sounds a little risky on paper, the effect is beautiful, and the disparity between the lengths of the sides is truly up to you.

Is The Asymmetrical Bob Still In Style?

Since the look first emerged nearly years ago, it has remained an iconic fixture as a bob haircut. While it has endured slight variations, its highly customizable nature means that making it feel fresh in is easy and merely relies on the creativity of you and your stylist.

Asymmetrical bobs can be smooth and polished, waved, or paired with angled bangs. Layered haircuts are popular if you enjoy blow-drying and styling your hair from time to time. Let’s take a look at the advantages an asymmetrical bob has to offer before viewing styles that promise to serve some serious inspiration.

Top Advantages of The Asymmetrical Bob

Source: JStone/Shutterstock

Asymmetrical bob haircuts are popular for a number of reasons, including their apparent femininity. Even though hair is shorter than typical long locks for women, the length frames the face and draws the eye in.

Their versatile nature is also intriguing. Regardless of your hair texture and type or face shape, the asymmetrical bob can be slightly adapted to highlight your best features. Variation in length is yet another element that you can manipulate for your advantage.

Asymmetrical bobs are suitable as is, for either a casual or highly formal event. Their short length makes daily styling truly a breeze.

Short Asymmetrical Bob

Source: hair_kachar/Instagram

A short asymmetrical bob cut has a more youthful appeal than longer, sleeker varieties. Thanks to the short stack at the nape of the neck, the shorter side of the bob cups the chin and jaw and is rounded under.

Due to the large disparity in length between both sides, a slightly more centered part is favorable over the deep side part typical of an asymmetrical bob. It will restore balance to your face as necessary. Feel free to shorten the longer side of the bob if you desire a softer effect.

Source: aliyousha/Instagram

This look embraces both the bold businesswoman and the wild party girl with the layers in the back and the drastically longer sides. And if you go for a dark color with playful streaks, it takes it up a notch. To style, apply volumizing mousse to your hair and blow-dry with a paddle brush. Then curl the sides away from your face with a large curling iron and finish with a medium holding spray.

Source: Thandie Newton via Kathy Hutchins/ShutterstockSource: exteriorglam/Instagram

For those with thinner or fine hair, this blunt cut will add a great deal of volume. The sleek style with its chin length angles will enhance your facial features. So, break out that sexy red lipstick and line those eyes to show your sultry side. To style, spritz your hair with an anti-frizz product and blow-dry. Then straighten with a flat iron until smooth and sleek. Finally, spray with a finishing spray.

Punky Pixie

Source: aliyousha/Instagram

If you’re feeling a bit punkish and want to embrace your inner pixie, why not combine a classic bob with an asymmetrical pixie cut? Get a pixie on one side of your head and a bob on the other. This look is sophisticated and edgy at the same time. To achieve it, apply anti-frizz serum to your hair and then use a flat iron for that straight sleek look, flipping out the ends on the longer side for the flirty effect.

Source: Nathalie Volk via Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Another great style for a deep side part bob is this straight and sleek bob haircut. The deep part on the shorter side gives it a slightly seductive vibe while also nicely emphasizing your jawline. This look is also perfect if you want a more refined and polished look. But as well, it can be quite sexy and playful.

To style, make a deep part and blow dry straight with a round brush. Smooth out with a flat iron for a sleek and polished finish.

Weave Asymmetrical Bob

Source: Naomi Watts via BAKOUNINE/Shutterstock

If you have wavy hair, you might find it hard to find bob wave hairstyles to showcase your wavy locks. This asymmetrical bob wavy is a great way to add bounce to your curly tresses, especially for those with thin or finely textured hair.

The side swept bangs add a bit of mystery and playfulness to this super cute asymmetrical bob hairstyle.

Style your bangs to whichever side is slightly longer. You can either blow it dry upside down or with a diffuser to add somebody. Or you can simply apply sea salt spray, tousle your wavy tresses and go!

Angled Asymmetrical Cut

Source: Marion Cotillard via Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

If you want a look that’s super sexy and chic, this angled cut is very sensual. The bangs fall seductively over your eyes for a flirty vibe that will make men swoon. A cute bob haircut can really do wonders for your confidence.

The best part about this style is the sexy bedhead look. It’s so easy to style. Simply blow dry upside down for body, flip your hair over and use your fingers to style!

Source: Christian Serratos via Joe Seer/Shutterstock

If you want an asymmetrical bob wavy cut, this short wavy bob is uber cute! The soft and romantic waves add a sense of mystery. As well, the caramel highlights on the milky chocolate brown base are very stunning.

All you need to do to duplicate this look is scrunch your hair with a good volumizing mousse If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, you can make big bouncy curls with a large barrelled curling iron.

Source: lazybumtotbeauty/Instagram

Another cute look for asymmetrical styles is this side-swept bob hairstyle. The side swept loose waves are sultry and seductive if you want a look that’s both youthful and chic.

And what’s prettier than pastel hair? The soft shades make this sassy style even more feminine and fun!

Short Asymmetrical Bob For Curly Hair

Source: guyannescissorhands/Instagram

Standard bob haircuts, with their even, all around edges, are reliable classics. They’re easy to maintain and flatter practically everyone. Plus, everyone loves them. And everyone wants them. Well, maybe not everyone. Some want a little more than everyday chic. Some want mystery and edge, along with glam and flair.

Surprise! The reliable classic offers them the short asymmetrical bob. This model’s naturally curly asymmetrical bob blends choppy layers with a sharp tapered edge, and a clean nape. The glorious blonde highlights pump up the charisma even further. Asymmetrical bob curly hairstyles become very popular today. It’s a short hair variation that adds body without a lot of change.

Asymmetrical Retro Faux-Bob Hairstyle

Source: wesdoeshair/Instagram

We’ve used “glamour” quite a bit to describe the bob, be it the classic bob, long bob, blunt bob, textured bob, etc. And the word applies. Truth be told, however, it really applies to the short asymmetrical bob. The style immediately conjures images of the gorgeous, one-of-a-kind women of the Golden Age of Hollywood. We’ve yet to see their kind again. Wait, we somewhat can. And you can evoke them yourself. With the asymmetrical retro faux bob.

You start out with a short asymmetrical bob haircut. Then, all you need is a curling iron, a teasing comb, and hairspray, and voila, you’ll look just as captivating as this model. And, she most definitely evokes images of past bombshells. Yet, her makeup and jewelry keep her image modern and fresh.

Asymmetrical Short Bob With Bangs

Source: jusouza_fisio/Instagram

An asymmetrical short bob with bangs and an elongated side that falls under the jawline will forever compliment. The stacked angle bob this model sports is especially flattering for those with round faces and those with extra layers of skin around their necks (often called “double chins”). The term “double chin” carries a negative implication and, truth be told, it’s misleading to think that overeating always causes them. Oftentimes, the natural aging process simply weakens facial muscles and skin. Facial exercise can help. And so can asymmetrical hair.

An asymmetrical bob balances double chins. All you see on this model is her sweet, heart-shaped face and that’s all you’re ever going to see. She also superbly wound in the current gray trend. She selected sophisticated hues of pewter and icy silver that would normally bring to mind approaching storms. But her bright pink lipstick calmed the skies and her delicate charm blazes through. Don’t you wonder what she’s thinking?

Source: Rosamund Pike via Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

We’ve told you over and over again how the uneven bob haircut delivers energy and spark. Do you actually need more proof? Okay. Take this model. She’s smiling sweetly, and her wide-open eyes make her look angelic. But, check out the styling of her short hair asymmetrical bob. The raised flip, the one side tucked behind her ear, and the elongated another side, which gently grazes her neck and completes the outline around her face.

There also seems to be some grunge going on with the irregular, almost imperceptible rosy like color dashes. Now, those are sultry and deliciously wicked. Forget the eyes and smile, the short uneven bob always reveals the truth.

Sleek Short Asymmetrical Bob

Source: Vanessa Hudgens via Kathy Hutchins/ShutterstockSource: daisydidthat/Instagram

As it turns out, a perfectly sleek and smooth texture is the best way to accentuate the beauty of asymmetric hair. Ask your stylist to make your ends the center of attention by giving them a very pointed finish. In this way, you will see the whole cut reach a new level, becoming even sexier and more attractive. To maintain the look, don’t forget to give your hair a pass of a flat iron to achieve this sleekness.

Curly Asymmetrical Bob

Source: _rockyourhead/Instagram

Though curls are never boring, there’s no limit to perfection, so you can always experiment with them! As you can see, on curly hair, asymmetry looks different. In a good way, of course! Besides an asymmetrical body, try amping up your curls with soft layers. On curly locks, layers make every single strand more defined and distinctive, thus showing the best side of the amazing texture.

Asymmetrical Bob For Long Hair

Source: olgacolorist/Instagram

The smooth perfection of this bob is certainly for the sophisticated woman. The asymmetry between the two sides is subtler, with a mere two inches difference in length. If you work in an office or another serious environment, then this slight discrepancy will be most appropriate.

You may also notice that this bob is inverted, meaning it is cut on an angle so that the hair grows gradually longer as you move from the back of the head to the front. This introduces soft lines to your look and keeps sleek straight bobs looking less severe than straight, blunt cut versions.

Elongated Front With Fringe

Source: cabelos_etc/Instagram

This fun look works best for those with rounder faces. A bold color will give this look a bit more of an edge. The blunt bangs with extended length at the front frame your face nicely. To style, apply anti-frizz serum and blow dry, drying the varying lengths of hair in different directions for the edgy effect.

Mystical Mermaid

Source: aliyousha/Instagram

Mermaid hair has taken the fashion world by storm. With its blend of green and bluish hues, this mystical look will make you feel like a mermaid princess. The soft waves add a touch of playfulness. To style, add texturizing serum and blow dry your hair with a round or paddle brush for volume and sleek texture. Next, spray with a light hold finishing spray.

Shaggy And Stylish

Source: michelletakeaim/Instagram

This shaggy asymmetrical cut works best with a bold pop of color. And it’s so easy to style and maintain. Simply apply an anti frizz spray to your wet hair and blow dry. This style really elongates your face, so it works best for those with round or heart-shaped faces.

Long Asymmetrical Bob With Red Tips

Source: aliyousha/Instagram

An in demand asymmetrical bob is the long bob. The length falls below the chin and reaches the collarbone. It’s often called the “lob.” It’s a good option for those who aren’t yet ready to go short. Toss in some unnatural colors and then a few waves and, like this model, you’re innovative and fashion-forward (as well as drop-dead gorgeous).

Rather than distract, her long asymmetrical bob spotlights her face. While bobs and lobs look good on almost anyone, an asymmetrical bob long is ideal for this model as it flatters and softens square and diamond-shaped faces.

Blonde Asymmetrical Bob With Bangs

Source: meucabelocurto/Instagram

Medium bob haircuts are longer than short bobs and come down to around the chin. While they’re less polished, they’re easier to manage, quite playful, and so much fun. An asymmetrical bob haircut with bangs is even more delightful. There’s a wide range from which to choose, including side, swept, choppy, blunt, and arched, just to name a few.

This model’s short, fringed bang compliments her facial structure and accentuates her extraordinary eyes, like an illuminated, custom built frame. A layered asymmetrical bob with bangs such as hers suits all hair textures and types and adds body, along with the character.

Source: ___omgihy/Instagram

Weaves are great for those who aren’t sure they like a certain style or whose hair isn’t yet long enough to get the cut. Weaves are strips of synthetic or natural hair that an individual, friend, or a hairstylist either glues, sews, or clips onto the natural hair. There are many textures and styles from which to choose, including an asymmetrical bob weave. Suppose, too, you’ve admired the long angled bob but were hesitant to make the commitment.

You could use a natural cut or a weave bob hairstyle with a side part to simulate it whenever you wanted. See this model’s hair? All you have to do is wear one side forward and then fold the other side back behind your ear (use bobby pins, should you need). And, there you have it: a splendid, beautiful bob. And, within seconds, you can once again be chic and casual. Yes, the asymmetrical bob can make you the modern day Cinderella.

Long Bob For Sleek Black Hair

Source: ro.hsiqueira/Instagram

Once you decide upon a bob, which is very smart, you then have to determine which one. That’s so hard. There are so many great ones. The inverted bob is an excellent choice. It’s timeless and always complimenting. Essentially, the hairstylist layers the back and then graduates the front pieces into longer, curved sections that angle toward the front.

A long inverted bob, as its name implies, is longer and usually doesn’t have the short-stacked section in the back. The front sections remain the same. An asymmetrical long bob, like the model is wearing, has unequal sides. As you can see, an asymmetrical bob on black hair is utterly spectacular. It’s so shiny, smooth, dramatic and oh so sexy. A casting director might take one look at her and cast her as the seductress in an upcoming movie.

Source: hairbylindal/Instagram

Can you imagine what a hypnotic duo you will create once you put a side-part with asymmetry together? In fact, that’s the best way to intensify the uncommon silhouette of the cut, making your look even more dynamic and fun. This idea seems to embrace everything a modern girl is dreaming to rock: seductive asymmetry and the most sought-after hair color. If you have always wanted to make your hair look significant but had no idea how to make it right, this combo is key.

Source: mainpointsalon/Instagram

Just in case you weren’t sure about how versatile these bobs can be, take a look at this asymmetrical pixie bob. Its ultra short length means that it lies somewhere between a pixie cut and bob style.

This style contains a short stack at the nape of the neck and a shaved detail at the left temple. If you decide that this cut is for you, consider the balance that the straight hair provides to the textured buzzed portions of the hair. Round and swooping side bangs add a touch of femininity.

Undercut But Not Underrated

Source: chrisjones_hair/Instagram

Undercuts are very trendy this year. You can really add a playful edge with the right undercut. They work with every length of hair and they are easy to style, as well. Simply add an anti-frizz serum to your wet hair and blow dry. Then, apply a heat protectant and enhance the sleekness of your look by giving it just a pass of a flat iron. It’s that easy! And the fun thing about an undercut is that if you leave it longer, you will open the world of countless styling options: anything from wavy styles to sassy updos will be yours. However, you do need to maintain the undercut, so you’ll need to get your hair trimmed every few weeks, but this fun look is worth the effort!

Medium Asymmetrical Bob With Undercut

Source: guyannescissorhands/Instagram

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. No, they’re not. Razors are a girl’s best friend! That’s because a hairstylist uses one to create undercuts and undershaves. In an undercut, the hairstylist shaves off a portion of hair from either side, both sides, and/or the nape of the neck. The hairstylist will also often preserve a long portion of hair for fashion versatility. In an undershave, the hairstylist shaves off all the hair from either side, both sides, and/or the nape of the neck all the way up to the scalp.

The model in the upper right photo displays an asymmetrical bob with undershave. It always looks super cool and hip and in all likelihood always feels that way. The model in other two photos wears an asymmetrical bob with undercut. The undercut lies beneath one of her sides, so you only see an asymmetrical bob from the back view. We’ll just have to wait until she ties up or pulls back at least one of those cool tapered sides to see it. Oh well.

Layered Asymmetrical Bob

Source: mainpointsalon/Instagram

Layers provide the opportunity to play with dimension and styling in a way that sleek styles don’t. To add them in to your asymmetrical bob, layers should start at the grown of the head and feed into long, side swept bangs.

For those wondering how to style an asymmetrical bob with layers, a curling hot tool of your choice is necessary. Add a bit of wave to let the layers work properly, and add an extra boost of volume, too. Salt spray is helpful before styling begins, as it will add light texture that is preferable to the crunch that sometimes accompanies hairspray.

Short Layered Bob

Source: maddyfrankow/Instagram

Layered haircuts are very popular right now as they add a ton of volume and texture to any style of hair. This short layered bob is no exception.

With longer side bangs and stacked layers in the back, it is ahead of its time. The pretty auburn and light brown balayage adds a ton of dimension to this supercut short asymmetrical bob.

Short, Medium, And Long Layers

Source: guyannescissorhands/Instagram

Lobs, or longer bobs, are all the rage this season, especially long asymmetrical haircuts. They are exceptionally cute and perfect if you are going for a sensual or flirty vibe.

The asymmetrical long bob with a platinum blonde ombre fade is very striking and dramatic if you want to turn heads everywhere you go. Leave one side drastically longer for a look that's both daring and sexy.

Pink-Grey Layered Asymmetrical Bob

Source: hello.chantelle/Instagram

An unevenly layered asymmetrical bob needs mussing. An angled bob, such as the one this model is wearing, offers an easy to tousle look, which can be even further accentuated with rollers or a curling iron, depending on how dressed up or down she wants to look. Notice how her barely noticeable, wispy side bangs draw you to her striking eyes and lips and how they also add volume to the rest of her hair. And, that pink and gray hair color. Pink and gray are actually one of the most calming color combinations. Not on her, though. She excites pink and gray. She rocks those colors! To the max!

Shaggy Style For A Medium Asymmetrical Bob

Source: guyannescissorhands/Instagram

Did you like coloring when you were a kid? If so, didn’t you just love getting a brand new box of crayons? Wasn’t picking out your favorite colors grand? We need color in our lives. We need to enjoy it, experiment with it, and let it light up our lives. So, keep on playing with it. Better yet, ask your hairstylist to put it in your medium asymmetrical bob. Better yet, have your hairstylist use muted pink rose balayage.

Why? Because a strawberry blonde asymmetrical blonde bob literally turns heads. And, asymmetrical haircuts practically cry out for strawberry blonde. It adds fiery passion, but softness, too. Notice the slight tinge of strawberry blonde in this model’s bob. It’s the perfect accent for casual asymmetrical haircuts like hers and for those who want subtle effects, rather than dramatic ones.

Asymmetrical Bob: African American Style

Source: anthonycuts/Instagram

The natural look is in, and curly-haired women are finally embracing their waves. With so many tools and products at their disposal, they can go back and forth between straight and curly looks whenever they feel like it. Being one of the most flattering bob hairstyles for black women, an asymmetrical haircut lets them look amazing. African American women have especially gorgeous curls. For the African American woman seeking a cut with which she can transition seamlessly between sophisticated, casual, and formal no matter the texture, the asymmetrical bob for black hair is for her.

It’s hip, fresh, and fun. See what the sharp contours do for this model? It’s as if the asymmetrical bob was made for the African American woman. The deep side part lets you see her lovely, flawless skin. She seems to have no makeup on, yet, she’s captivating. And, those red highlights are simply the crowning glory.

Auburn Straight Asymmetrical Bob

There are three ways to make heads turn and minds go crazy with your hair. The first is to get an asymmetrical bob. The second is to make a bright, warm shade of red an exclamation point of your look. And the third is about the parting: just finish everything with a crazily cascading side part. Here, most of the hair is flipped to one side, adding tons of volume. Evgh one of the sides will be less dense, the visual power of the volumetric twist will steal the show.

Shaggy, Messy, and Playful Asymmetrical Bob Style

Source: Kendall Jenner via Tinseltown/ShutterstockSource: mainpointsalon/Instagram

Soft, tousled waves are the look of the moment, regardless of your hairstyle. An asymmetrical curly bob is the perfect way to look and feel trendy with a style you won’t regret later on.

Messy and playful elements are ideal on bobs that hover near lob territory by skimming the shoulder tops. There isn’t too much difference in the length of the sides of this bob, so a deep and swooping side part is sexy, yet relaxed.

Before styling, use a deeply moisturizing conditioner and follow up with a serum for high shine.

Boho Chic Beachy Waves

Source: beautyandtheblush/Instagram

Boho Chic is all the rage this year. This adorable cut with its carefree waves is fun and effortless. If you want to embrace your glam chic side, this is the look for you. To style, add volumizing mousse to your damp hair and blow-dry. Then create messy, imperfect waves with a medium barreled curling iron. Next, run your fingers through your curls to separate, spritz lightly with a sea salt spray and tousle for that carefree, sexy effect. This look works best for those with round or heart-shaped faces.

Messy And Playful

Source: hairbyjessica_/Instagram

This playful bob is just long enough to add some messy curls. It can go from serious to fun in just a matter of minutes and works for any occasion. Wispy bangs add a look of mystery. To achieve this carefree style, add some styling serum and blow-dry your hair. Then using a flat iron, make random messy waves and mist lightly with a sea salt spray.

Waves With Highlights

Source: styled_by_carolynn/Instagram

If you are looking for bob wavy hairstyles, look no further! This short wavy asymmetrical bob is perfect if you are looking for a slightly unkempt style that will drive men wild.

Also, the blonde highlighted hair gives this cut a sense of playfulness that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously and have a fun and adventurous side!

Blonde Balayage On Wavy Bob

Source: chrisjones_hair/Instagram

If you are looking for medium haircuts for square face, this wavy bob could be just what you are looking for! The pretty buttery blonde balayage tones are super cute and playful. As well the soft waves and choppy layers make this asymmetrical cut even more fun!

Stylish Beige Blonde Asymmetrical Bob Wavy Hairstyle


Wavy bob short asymmetrical

19 Hottest Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for For Women

Edgy Neck-Length Asymmetrical Bob

edgy neck-length asymmetrical bob

Instagram @stilistkana

Sport an asymmetrical bob for an all-out high fashion outcome! A subtle shadow root also adds interest and contrast against a light blonde hue like this.

Long Bob

Lob hairstyle

Instagram @camicamster

Show off your new vibrant red hair with a choppy deep side-parted lob! Lobs like this are a fresh summer look that goes beautifully on any skin complexion. Asymmetrical bobs and long bobs can be combined because one side needs to be longer and this allows for more length.

Uneven Bob with a Deep Side Part

Uneven Bob with a Deep Side Part

Instagram @hair_salon_by_hadis

Uneven bob with a deep side part is a chin-length bob that enhances the shape of the face. For a chic and slimming look, try this cut with deeply parted hair.

Face-Framing Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

face-framing asymmetrical bob with bangs

Instagram @firawulf_fit

A dark espresso color on a bold and beautiful brunette rounded asymmetrical bob cut with bangs couldn&#;t be any more fabulous without those face-shaping pieces in front.

Blonde Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

Instagram @lindseyneavitt

What bolder way to show off the unevenness of your hair with straight-cut ends?! It creates a sharp definite line that adds to the edginess of your look.

Black Bob for Curly Hair

 hairstyle for Curly Hair

Instagram @themonacut

No hair type is an exception for the attractiveness that an uneven haircut gives. Get your creativity on by trying this beautiful shape if you have short hair with natural curls.

Cool Undercut Pixie Bob with Shaved Side

Cool Undercut Pixie Bob with Shaved Side


Take a plunge with a new and cool long pixie that has shaved sides. It screams rocker chic and would allow you to accessorize your ears and neck glamorously.

Sleek Short Asymmetrical Bob

Short Bob

Instagram @nikomanousaridis

Defy the normal with this super high fashion unequal haircut! The blunt straight bangs and that vibrant magenta all add to its exquisiteness. A short asymmetrical bob hairstyle brings an extra detail to the facial area so it is great for masking other areas.

Inverted Bob with Layers

Inverted Bob

Instagram @gerilynghaisarzadeh

We&#;re obsessed with these enchanting pastels played on an angled layered inverted bob cut. If you have short hair, it&#;s a subtle way to be unconventional and still look professional at the same time. Inverted and asymmetrical bobs use cutting techniques to create inspiring haircuts.

Shoulder Length Bob

Shoulder Length haircut

Instagram @pink.dagger

A delectable pink shoulder length bob (lob) with hints of peach undertones is super complementing on warm to neutral complexions. This princess bubblegum, asymmetrical bob might need upkeep with its color, but surely it&#;s worth it for any woman to try.

Stacked Bob

Want to do something exciting with this old classic short cut? Leave some fun and longer wavy pieces at one side for a stylish finish on a stacked bob haircut.

Q&A with style creator, Kate Gallagher
Hairstylist @ Essence Center For Beauty in Old Saybrook, CT

How would you describe this look?

This particular look is an asymmetrical, collapsed bob. The difference between this look and a typically graduated bob is that the effect is created by heavy texturizing below the occipital bone which &#;collapses&#; the shape and mimics the curve of the head. I love doing collapsed bobs because I find them much easier to style than a graduated design, and I think they have a more modern look to them. This color was actually done by me over six months before this photo was taken. I used OLIGO Clay Lightener to do some face-framing balayage and teasy lights and then toned with Redken Shades EQ Gloss. I absolutely love this kind of balayage for my brunettes specifically because of how low maintenance it is. Many of my brunette balayages get their color touched up only once or twice a year which is perfect for busy moms and working professionals.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This asymmetrical bob could really be customized for just about any face shape except oblong as the length in the front might accentuate a long face. I would also recommend consulting with a client about their lifestyle before choosing a cut like this since there would be no way to tie the hair back, so they would have to be dedicated to either wearing pins or headbands if they run or go to the gym.

A style of this length also needs to be styled every day, so it would be important to really asses how much time you had to dedicate to styling your hair every morning. This look could be styled straight or curly depending on the hair texture. I would recommend blowing dry with a paddle brush in a wrap drying technique using a smoothing product like Pureology Smoothing Serum to smooth and straighten the hair. A client with naturally curly hair could also scrunch a curl activator, like Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream, and either air drying or blow drying with a diffuser. This look was blow dried straight and then curled with a inch marcel iron to create a slight wave.

Medium Length Asymmetrical Lob Cut

Q&A with style creator, Lizzy O&#;Leary
Stylist @ Whistle Salon in New York, NY

How would you describe this look?

This dimensional red, asymmetrical long bob on Melanie is a fun twist on a classic shape and style! Melanie is a fashion-forward clothing designer who runs her own business, so we collaborated on this asymmetrical bob that can be sophisticated and playful. I especially love the out of the box color formula (we use Wella Koleston Perfect on the root, with Wella Blondor balayage pieces for subtle dimension and a Wella Color Touch Relights glaze for a rich, but sheer and luminous tone).

Melanie has natural level 4 hair, so we throw a little level 10 into the level 7 intensive red formula to get that extra bump of lift. I&#;m a Wella Master Color Expert and have always loved the notion that once you know the rules inside and out, you can problem solve by bending or breaking them!

Any advice for someone considering it?

The great thing about an asymmetrical bob is that it&#;s actually quite user-friendly! There are several styling options, depending on your hair type and texture. Wavy or curly hair can look great with a curl-enhancing product scrunched in damp and air-dried for an easy, laid-back look.

Melanie wanted some texture in her straighter hair this time, so we did a loose, slightly crimped wave with a flat iron. She sometimes prefers a sleek look and we flat iron it straight. It all depends on your mood, which is what makes it a versatile style (but with an edge!) I tend to like this cut best for thicker hair and oval, slightly round or heart-shaped faces but again, rules are made to be broken!

Pink Pastel A-line Bob

Q&A with style creator, Bettina Frost
Stylist @ Gila Rut Aveda Salons in San Diego, CA

How would you describe this look?

I would have to say &#;versatility.&#; By creating soft graduation above the nape undercut and maintaining long layers, she is able to create many looks like this A-line bob hairstyle. She can wash and wear with little to no styling effort or add some flat iron bands around the crown to sass it up, create volume, and provide movement. Also, she can flat iron for additional smoothness for a sleeker dramatic appearance. By giving it a severe A-line shape it still enables her to pull it back for her active lifestyle and work requirements.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Although it may seem like an extreme style for most, this particular asymmetrical bob haircut can be adjusted in so many different ways. It&#;s almost never that I discourage a client away from it. If your face is rounder, this works really well as it elongates the face shape. If your face is longer and depending on the hairline, I may decrease the angle and bring the length up-to or just below the chin in the front. I may suggest a heavy side fringe to help broaden the cheekbones. The different hair textures, density, willingness to maintain, and the ability to style will determine the need for an undercut, the severity of the graduation, and where I place the layers.

Typically I suggest a 6-week pre-book to keep this always looking consistent and fresh. However, it appeals to the low maintenance guest as well, as this can grow out beautifully. Because of the starting perimeter shape and angle, when growing out it becomes less concave and can appear more round, which is nice too. So depending on the starting angle of the cut, it can take months before it completely losses all shape, becomes more convex, and looks like it is drooping or sagging from the back.

Beachy Waves Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Wavy Asymmetrical bob hair Cut

Instagram @travelocks

Q&A with style creator, Jessica Evans
Hairstylist @ Space07 Salon in Sacramento, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a very edgy textured look. It&#;s slightly asymmetrical which makes it fun but also gives the client the option to straighten it and keep it sleek and classy.

Any advice for someone considering it?

You can&#;t tell in the photo but she actually has a pretty big undercut in the back. So we have to keep that shaved so it doesn&#;t get shaggy. Overall this whole look (color and cut) is high maintenance. Also, it&#;s a long process to get to in the first place. Anyone considering this look should be prepared to put the money and time into maintaining it in the salon and at home.

Short Layered Bob

Q&A with style creator, Carissa Wright
Color Extraordinaire / Color Specialist @ AZURE in Boise, ID

How would you describe this look?

It&#;s a fiery textured and layered asymmetrical bob. I did the color as well as the cut. She was ready for a change so we went for it by letting 15&#; of hair hit the floor and threw a level 7 intense copper with 20vol.

&#;This may or may not have been a break-up makeover,&#; I say if you are down a boyfriend then in with fiery sunshine and an exciting new style as a pick-me-up!

Any advice for someone considering it?

This client was ready for a major change! Her hair was long and she wanted it gone. She brought in 3 pictures and from that, I talked to her about what would accentuate and complement her features as well as what I thought would be realistic for her lifestyle. She&#;s a literal wash-and-go type of girl so I did my best to work with not only her natural wave pattern but her growth patterns as well so the hair would fall where we needed it to. She&#;s outside a lot so she uses a light serum.

When I took this picture I literally just ran my fingers through it to move it in place after rough drying it with a blow dryer. The curl/waves you see are all natural. I believe being realistic about what I see when I look at my client and their hair and working together for a cut that meets their needs is always best. I look at their profile sitting and standing and head on and from behind. I watch them move their head and talk. I look for wave and growth patterns. I ask them what their favorite feature is and what is their least favorite feature and try my best to work with those things.

Shaggy Asymmetrical Bob

Q&A with style creator, Kim Taglienti
Hairstylist @ Art + Science Salon & Spa in Philadelphia, PA

How would you describe this look?

This look is a textured, shaggy asymmetrical bob with a chocolate base color that melts to a milk chocolate/caramel color. The coolest thing about it is the texture and dimension. I tend to really love things that have asymmetry to them, and dimensional hair color helps bring out the best in a haircut. I love using a curling iron or wand to add waves and texture to the hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Definitely go for it!! This specific client has lots and lots of hair, but I&#;ve also done this on people with thinner hair. All hair types can really pull off this asymmetrical bob! Face shape can determine the length and layers with how short or long we go.

On this client I used Aveda&#;s glossening straightener on wet hair, then damage remedy daily hair repair on dry hair, before curling. I finished her with Aveda&#;s Control Force hair spray. This cut works for any lifestyle because depending on how long it&#;s left, you can still get it back in a ponytail.

Side-Swept Asymmetric Bob with Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Antonio Demétrio
Team Consultant / Manager @ Headmasters in London, UK

How would you describe this look?

The &#;Lobsymetric&#; &#; it&#;s definitely a twist of a current trend which is &#;the lob&#; (long bob). By adding the asymmetric element it shows off the length of the lob and adds a quirky wearable side-swept boho vibe.

Any advice for someone considering it?

This asymmetrical bob with bangs haircut was designed on a heart shaped face. By having a longer side it adds a softness to the look and creates contrast with the shorter side showcasing the bone structure. Rough dry the hair for some natural texture and volume. Afterward, lightly tong through the longer areas to create boho indie waves to break up and soften the strength of the hair.

I used L&#;Oreal Techni Art Pli when blowdrying to enhance natural texture in the bob with bangs hairstyle and create a structure for the waves to hold, and then I just waved the hair and I finished my asymmetrical bob with a mix of Paul Mitchell super skinny serum and Redken n12 rough past. This mix is perfect to define and soften waves as the serum smooths and glosses the hair while the wax defines and breaks up the waves and showcases the texture all while keeping the hair in place for the whole day.

If you are thinking they have this style it is great for all hair types and all lifestyles, as you can wear this look sleek for a more professional look and messier casual for leisure time.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

Q&A with style creator, Sabrina Jeffs
Hairstylist @ Salon Surreal in Evans, GA

How would you describe this look?

The greatest thing about this wavy asymmetrical bob is the textured cut that is so fresh and fun! She has a lot of hair, so I wanted it to still have movement but not look too heavy. I achieved that by razor cutting, point cutting, and texturizing. I did balayage her hair doing a little more highlighting around her face. Finishing this asymmetrical bob hairstyle, I used a marcel curling iron. There are many irons out there that can be used to get this wave. A razor cut asymmetrical bob justs looks a little edgier.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It&#;s really great for most face shapes and hair types. It&#;s a fun way to make a change if you want to cut some length off but may want to grow it back easily. When styling you will need to use a mouse or styling cream (depending on your hair type) for some added control for blow drying and curling. Some heat protectant is always a good idea, especially on color-treated hair. After curling, comb or brush through the waves using a wide tooth or vented brush then finish with a medium hold hairspray that will leave the hair looking soft and touchable.

Asymmetrical Bob For Fine Hair

Q&A with style creator, Laura Johnson
Owner / Stylist @ Fringe Salon Spa in Rice Lake, WI

How would you describe this look?

This client first came to me a year ago as a color correction. She had long, dark brown hair with bands of red and black, and brassy foils. Her dream hair was bright, sandy blonde. This client has been amazing &#; she understands that great hair often doesn&#;t happen overnight. It takes persistence and dedication. This blonde took us four appointments. I love how natural the blonde looks, and how the color really compliments the cut.

I think this haircut is a softer, trendier version of the asymmetrical bob from a few years ago. I absolutely love the long layers, and how textured and effortless this cut is. I&#;m a big fan of using both the scissors and the razor &#; scissors to keep the lines of the haircut clean, and using the razor to texturize keeps it light and soft. The greatest part of this cut is the drama of the sharp angle near her face.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Are you prepared to commit to this style and keep it cut to the hairline? This haircut will look completely different at a longer length.

Where will the long point hit in the front? Chin length? Collarbone? How steep is the angle? Do you like a stacked bob or a one-length bob with texture? Do you have the time and enjoy styling your hair? This look is not a wash-and-wear. It will need to be styled with a round brush, flat iron, or both.

When considering an asymmetrical bob, I like to think about face shape, as well as the length of the neck. If you have a shorter neck, the bob may almost touch your shoulders. If you have a long neck, a chin-length bob may look way too short. A bob will look completely different on every face shape and body type.

A thorough consultation is absolutely crucial to creating an asymmetrical bob that you love!

Bob Haircut for Wavy Hair

25 Stunning Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts Inspiration for

If you're exploring ways to spice up your hairstyle for summer, you can search no more: the asymmetrical bob haircut is the epitome of chic with a slight edge (literally). Unlike the classic bob, this style is purposely cut unevenly — one side of the hair is longer than the other. It's the perfect look for anyone craving a change that's easy-breezy, thanks to its relatively low maintenance. Even better, the hairstyle can take you from long days to a night out on the town effortlessly.

Throughout the years, tons of celebrities have experimented with asymmetrical bobs. Actresses like Sandra Oh, Kerry Washington and Nina Dobrev have been major trendsetters, but there are so many ways to make the look completely your own. Think funky bangs, striking hair colors and cut length, from long to medium and short. See ahead for all the inspiration you need for the best asymmetrical bob haircuts that are especially popular this year.


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