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77 Interesting Name Tattoos and Brilliant Name Tattoo Ideas

Name tattoos are becoming more popular as a way to pay tribute to loved ones. What’s in a name? Our name is our identity, it has a power over us. Our parents must have spent hours or days deciding what name to give us, and it was probably one of the most important decisions that they have made when you were born, speaking as a mother of 2 boys, it took me months to figure out the best name I would call my sons. Without our names, how would people call us then? Every name has its own character, that is why names are very special and must be well thought of. If you can’t get enough tattoo quotes, enjoy these!

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” – Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

77 Interesting Name Tattoos and Brilliant Name Tattoo Ideas

As for name tattoos, to have your name tattooed on your love one, doesn’t that makes you feel very special?  There’s no exact year when name tattoos became popular, but to have a name tattooed on your skin must be something you have decided and thought of properly. I know some people who regretted it after they broke up with that person, but don’t you worry if this will happen to you since there are thousands of talented tattoo artist out there who can cover it up into something more amazing.

77 Interesting Name Tattoos:

are compiled to give you ideas. You can have the name of your children, your spouse and even your parents tattooed. Make sure when you have decided to get a name tattoo that it will be something you won’t regret, so if it’s a name of your boyfriend who you’ve been going out for 3 months, forget it, unless you have a good tattoo artist who can redesign it for you after you are through with him. People tend to change their preference a lot! You are welcome for the tip.

1. Lance and Autumn name tattoos

Here’s Lance and Autumn in a shape of a heart.


2. Family tree of names

If you love your whole family and want their names on your skin, a family tree of names is a good idea.


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3. Natalie and Jared

This can be used as a couple tattoo, having your names together in a shape of a heart.


4. Austin, Jacob and Noah

If you have 3 sons, this heart tattoo is a great idea.

5. Lucy and Orla

If you have 2 lovely daughters, a nice font like this and placement would certainly work!

6. Belle name tattoos

Belle probably loves lipstick.


7. Name tattoo on feather

I’m sorry I can’t get the name of this.

8. Andy

Nice placement for a name. This idea is from the movie Toy Story, except that the name Andy was on the sole.

9. Megan

Wrist tattoos are also very nice. I love the font of this tattoo.


10. Multiple mistakes

Name tattoos gone wrong! You probably don’t want this to happen to you. Instead of doing that, have it cover up by a good tattoo artist, unless of course you want people to know how many mistakes you’ve had. LOL


11. Arellano

This is a family name.  Most men have their family name tattooed on their backs, chest and even on the belly.


12. Simple Mia

I think Mia is such a lovely name, and I like how it is accented with a heart.


13. Life line for Hunter

This is perfect if you have baby boys.


14. Phillip Jason

This dad is a proud father of the adorable baby Phillip Jason. Had his name tattooed on his side with large fonts.


15. Liam

Oh how I love this simple tattoo on the wrist, and it’s very cute font too!


16. Name Tattoos:  James

Fonts in longhand writing are perfect for names tattoos.

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17. Robert, Daniel and Elizabeth

I can tell that this person certainly loves books and so does those names written on it.


18. Marcus, Matthew and Alex

It’s cute that these 3 names have different fonts.


19. Alicia <3

Short names makes a perfect heart shaped name tattoo.


20. Lily Kate

I like the placement.


21. Kaylyn

This dad loves his daughter Kaylyn, and I’m guessing she also loves to color!


22. Kim, Brian, Kailey, Bria

Oh I love elephants! This elephant name tattoo is gorgeous!


23. Dawson and Kynda

Here’s another couple tattoo idea or 2 of your children’s name together.


24. Olivia and a rose

I think we can’t go wrong guessing that Olivia is the love of his life!


25. Carlos

77 Interesting Name Tattoos and Brilliant Name Tattoo Ideas

Originally posted by Roman

I really admire water color tattoos!


26. Alexis

An excellent baby’s name tattoo.


27. Elizabeth

One of the most popular name is Elizabeth.


28. Your children’s names and a rosary

For the Catholic parents out there.


29. The dog lover’s tattoo

Who said names are only for people? They’re for lovely pets too!


30. Names and birthdates

You can throw in their birthdays too! Name tattoos can be fun!


31.  Name and footprints tattoo



32. Brielle

Mommy’s tattoo of Brielle. So lovely!


33. Emilio

Nice font for Emilio.


34. Last name tattoo

Street style name tattoo on the back.


35. Lucas


36. Ethan and Jacob

I’m not sure if this is a couple tattoo or not.


37. Butterflies and name tattoos

Here’s a tattoo for a mom with little girls. This is also good idea for best friend or sister tattoos. Name tattoos can be versatile, depending on the person.


38. Karen x Micah

What I know is that arrows should be pointing up. Here’s a nice couple tattoo with their anniversary date.


39. Jayden



40. Brenna and Carter


41. Tiffany


42. Stella

I like the bird and the name. So cute!


43. Cody

I really like the font of this rib tattoo. Check out more rib tattoos at our post entitled 40 Sexiest Rib Tattoos for Girls


44. Bentley

Name and life line tattoos are already quite common.


45. Jaxon

Very nice mother and child tattoo. So simple, and I mean that in a good way.


46. Kaitlyn Name Tattoos (works best if your name is Kaitlyn!)

I think this a tattoo or Kaitlyn, the date and time of her birth. If that’s not it, then you are welcome for the idea!

47. Finlay

I’m guessing this is a last name.


48. Mariah

For all the Mariah fans, or if you have a wife named Mariah who is treated like a queen.


49. Diana

If you like more anchor tattoos and its meaning, check out 40 Best Anchor Tattoos to Stay Grounded.


50. Izabela


51. 5  names and a cross


52. 3 names

He is probably married to Mandy and had kids named Brandie and Romany


53. Elle

One of my favorite name tattoos.


54. Hand prints and names

So sweet and thoughtful of this dad to get tattoos of his children’s handprint, name and age.


55. Ashley


56. Ayden James

Names on infinity symbol are also popular.


57. Michael and Justin



58. 6 names in a flower

I think it’s lovely.


59. Lilah and Penelope


60. Kailey


61. Isla & Ari

Simple and beautiful.


62. Thomas

Smaller name tattoos on the feet are better than big ones.


63. Hutson

Nice font, especially for a guy’s name.


64. Family name

You can have the right side with your first name and the left with your last name or vice versa.


65. Family tree with ribbons

Love your family? This family name tree is beautiful, except that they have their superheroes names instead of theirs!


66. Seth

Such a cool tattoo.


67. Noah and Toby

Who would’ve thought that Noah, Toby, feather and infinity tattoo would all work together?


68. Mark and Avery

I  love how well made this tree of life tattoo is. The fonts of the names fits perfectly well too!


69. Name in Baybayin script

This Filipina had a brilliant idea of getting her name tattooed in Baybayin script. Baybayin is an ancient Filipino writing system.


70. Small name tattoo

This is also a nice idea if you don’t want a large name tattoo. You can just simply add it to an existing tattoo.


71. Patrick

Cute! She had “Patrick Lee, you are my sunshine”, thus the sun looking tattoo with words.


72. Hayden

I like how the font and broad color of his name tattoo font stands out among his existing sleeve tattoo.


73. Madden

Here’s a white name tattoo if you don’t want the name tattoo to be so obvious.


74. Doug, Erin and Kate

This is a great idea for friendship tattoo and siblings tattoo.


75. Lianna


76. Finger name tattoo

Instead of having wedding rings that can easily slip from your finger and get lost, how about a tattoo in place instead?


77. Abby Name Tattoos

For your little angels, a tattoo of their names will never be a mistake.


And there you have it! There are many ways to get a name tattoo. You have to think what size you would like to get, what font and where to place it. Men usually have it on their chest, at the upper back, forearms and belly. Women put it anywhere they like, and to make it look more cute, you have to make sure you have researched enough fonts and print it on a bond paper so your artist could stencil it. You can also incorporate your name tattoo with your existing tattoos. If you’re out of space already, you can get it bigger and bolder so that it will stand out.

Good luck!

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77 Interesting Name Tattoos and Brilliant Name Tattoo Ideas

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Prénom fil de fer recuit personnalisable avec arabesques type fer forgé. A installer sur une porte ou sur un mur. Bienvenue, il s'agit d'une création sur commande en fil de fer recuit. DESCRIPTION : - Il s'agit du prénom Emma ou tout autre prénom. - Le prix reste le même quelque soit la longueur du prénom. - Elle se fixe au mur à l'aide de deux clous uniquement. - La hauteur est de 21 cm et la longueur est de 43 cm environ (longueur qui varie suivant le nombre de lettres dans le prénom). CARACTERISTIQUES DU MATERIAU UTILISE : Attention toutes mes créations sont en véritable fil de fer recuit Français que je traite naturellement antirouille avec ma petite recette secrète pour qu'il traverse le temps sans changer et sans rouiller. Avec ce type de fil vous aurez une création au rendu très intéressant , un rendu mat très tendance et très solide. Vous pouvez la manipuler sans problème. Le fil de fer brut est une matière bien plus noble et bien plus compliquée à travailler qu'une création en fil d'aluminium qui reste elle très malléable et fragile et avec un aspect trop brillant. Je n'utilise aucun gabarit pour réaliser mes créations. Tout est fait main. J'utilise du fil de fer recuit 1.6 mm principalement mais également du fil plus épais. Il se peut qu'il y ait une variation dans les formes mais cela reste infime. N'oubliez pas qu'il s'agit d'une fabrication artisanale et donc par conséquent chaque pièce est unique. Le fil de fer recuit est un fil sans traitement. Il est mat. Il a tendance à se patiner avec le temps. Le fil de fer recuit est le plus beau pour réaliser des créations et les rendre poétiques. Si vous aimez les objets vintages, vieillis ou patinés , ce type d'objet est fait pour vous. De nombreux autres articles dans ma boutique https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/LaVieEstChouette. RESEAUX SOCIAUX : Retrouvez moi également sur : - Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/la_vie_est_chouette_creation/ - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LaVieEstChouette/ - Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.fr/LaVieEstChouette/: Si vous avez par ailleurs des demandes particulières contactez-moi et je verrais si c'est réalisable ou non. Modèle crée et déposé par La Vie Est Chouette © Toute reproduction interdite sans l'autorisation de l'auteur, mes créations sont protégées par la loi L111-1 du code de propriété intellectuelle et artistique.

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Free Name Designs

Elegant Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free Graphic
Elegant Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free Graphic

Emma Elegant Name Tattoo Designs Download Free A clean and elegant name design script suitable for the most treasured tattoo with someones special name.

Classic Name Tattoo Designs Emma Graphic Download
Classic Name Tattoo Designs Emma Graphic Download

Emma Classic Name Tattoo Designs Printable Print out for free this classic name design which is a 1960s style classic smooth flowing lettering script.

Calligraphic Name Tattoo Designs Emma Download Free
Calligraphic Name Tattoo Designs Emma Download Free

Emma Calligraphic Name Tattoo Designs Free Lettering A beautiful elegant style custom calligraphic name design available as a free printable graphic which is great for tattoos from our large collection of calligraphy names.

Graffiti Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free Lettering
Graffiti Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free Lettering

Emma Graffiti Name Tattoo Designs Graphic Download Free printable graffiti name design available as a free printable image graphic for download.

Handwritten Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free Download
Handwritten Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free Download

Emma Handwritten Name Tattoo Designs Free Printout Professional rounded handwritten name design which can be printed for free below.

Old English Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free
Old English Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free

Emma Old English Name Tattoo Designs Free Graphic A blackletter inspired old English name design for tattoos complete with custom name letters. Download this free graphic template below.

Art Deco Name Tattoo Designs Emma Printable
Art Deco Name Tattoo Designs Emma Printable

Emma Art Deco Name Tattoo Designs Free Download A bold and italic style art deco name design available as a free printable graphic which is great for tattoos.

Blackletter Name Tattoo Designs Emma Graphic Download
Blackletter Name Tattoo Designs Emma Graphic Download

Emma Blackletter Name Tattoo Designs Printable Print this free blackletter name design customized with name imprint blackletter English style lettering which is suitable for tattoos.

Regal Victorian Name Tattoo Designs Emma Graphic Download
Regal Victorian Name Tattoo Designs Emma Graphic Download

Emma Regal Victorian Name Tattoo Designs Printable A royal type lettering regal Victorian name design script with custom name lettering for tattoos available as a free download.

Groovy Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free Lettering
Groovy Name Tattoo Designs Emma Free Lettering

Emma Groovy Name Tattoo Designs Graphic Download A festive and funky inspired groovy name design suitable for tattoos and name art, download this hip retro style name lettering template for free.

Sours: http://freenamedesigns.com/tag/emma/

Design emma name tattoo

Emma (em-mah, enma)

Scroll to see all 10 Emma in Japanese Tattoo designs

Here we offer authentic Japanese Tattoo designs of the name Emma by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. Remember that names are translated to Japanese by how they are pronounced. So these Japanese Tattoo designs of Emma are only correct for you if you pronounce Emma as em-mah. That is the name Emma (when pronounced em-mah) in Japanese katakana is エンマ with the romajienma.

If you pronounce Emma differently, then select the Japanese Tattoo design of Emma for the pronunciation that you use. We also have Emma (e-mah, ema). And if you do not find the right pronunciation for you, please let us know and we will be happy to add it.

The standard way that names are translated to Japanese is with katakana. And these are the samples we show above. We also offer Emma in hiragana which while not standard may be preferred when a more feminine Japanese Tattoo design of Emma is wanted. Emma in hiragana is えんま.

Translations You Can Trust Look up Emma in Jeffrey's J/E Dictionary at Emma. A person using this exact same translation is Emma Gramatica (エンマ・グラマティカ). The popular Japanese site Movie Walker also show celebrities named Emma that use this translation to Japanese.

Immediately Download Your Tattoo Design

With your order, you will receive everything you need for the perfect Emma in Japanese Tattoo. Your design comes as an Adobe PDF file which means it will print exactly as Master Takase brushed the design and, of course, it includes the line art (also called a stencil) which your tattoo artist must have to properly ink the design.

As soon as your order is placed, you can immediately download your Japanese tattoo design. We also send you an email with instructions should you want to download the design in the future. The Adobe PDF file completely documents the design and contains everything your tattoo artist needs to properly ink the design. Your tattoo artist does not need to know Japanese.

Getting your perfect Japanese Tattoo really is this easy. Get your tattoo today!

Sours: https://www.stockkanji.com/

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