Fifth house astrology sagittarius

Fifth house astrology sagittarius DEFAULT

Apollo's Child — Signs in the Fifth House This is the part of our

Signs in the Fifth House“This is the part of our chart where our heart’s desires lie and the inner child lives on. Leo rules this house and with the sign of Leo we associate the sun and The Sun Gods, Titan Helios and Olympian Apollo. Both are also

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astrologymarina: “Mercury Aspects - How we use our mindsMercury&Sun - The narrator (shadow: the chatterbox) Mercury&Moon - The poet (shadow: personal bias) Mercury&Venus - The counselor (shadow: agreeing with the popular opinion) Mercury&Mars - The

Mercury Aspects - How we use our minds

Mercury&Sun - The narrator (shadow: the chatterbox)

Mercury&Moon - The poet (shadow: personal bias)

Mercury&Venus - The counselor (shadow: agreeing with the popular opinion)

Mercury&Mars - The prankster (shadow: verbal disputes, satire)

Mercury&Jupiter - The philosopher (shadow: the liar, the know-it-all)

Mercury&Saturn - The scientist (shadow: slow learner)

Mercury&Uranus - The inventor (shadow: being misunderstood)

Mercury&Neptune - The intuitive (shadow: the daydreamer, naive mind)

Mercury&Pluto - The researcher (shadow: the stalker, the conspiracy theorist)

Signs in the Eighth House“Just as the number 8, the 8th house is where one’s karma lies. In the broader sense, this karma could be anything, hence the reason for this house to be called “mysterious”. It is not exactly known to the person where their

The 12th House and Its Secrets

The 12th house is a very powerful aspect in your chart. It holds your secrets; what we are secretly attracted to, what our secret self is like, what we fear, and any possible hidden strengths, assuming we overcome our fears. Today I’ll cover fears and secret strengths. You will need to find a full on chart reading site/service to figure out your houses.

Mars in the 12th house: Fears their own anger and the anger of others, their own selfish needs and aggressiveness. Has an association with suppressed or misunderstood sex-drive.
Secret Strength: Assertiveness, decisiveness, and possibly most importantly sexual confidence and understanding.

Venus in the 12th house: Fears the intensity in love and can find shame in their materialistic desires.
Secret Strength: Self-love without giving into materialistic comforts, ability to dive into powerful relationships. Savvy with materialistic gain.

Mercury in the 12th house: Fears looking dumb or uncultured and is hesitant to share new or taboo ideas.
Secret Strength: Knowledge is power for this position! Has good luck with communication, people listen to them.

Moon in the 12th house: Fears expressing their feelings and to show vulnerability and has strained family connections.
Secret Strength: Emotional understanding + emotional tenacity. When they use their own vulnerability to grow and help others.

Sun in the 12th house: Fears the limelight and might find shame in too much pride or leadership. Has an interesting association with religion and control.
Secret Strength: Overcoming insecurities to lead and inspire. Finding deep meaning to express creativity.

Pluto in the 12th house: Fears their own power, dismisses taboo, dark, or spiritual topics, and fears their own sexuality.
Secret Strength: Intuition, emotional strength, and sexual understanding along with coming into their sexual power.

Jupiter in the 12th house: Fears expansion and growth, fears putting themselves out there, fears their own knowledge and ability to teach.
Secret Strength: Ability to change and grow freely with their beliefs and ideals. Their ability to spread knowledge confidently.

Saturn in the 12th house: Fears moving on, great success, and breaking away from routine.
Secret Strength: Their ambition, work ethic, and adaptability.

Uranus in the 12th house: Could fear change but mostly fears their own individuality, their kinks, and mostly fear of rejection for who they are.
Secret Strength: Ability to face change head on and bravery to be their true selves without needing acceptance.

Neptune in the 12th house: Fears expressing their beliefs, could not trust their intuition, and fears connections.
Secret Strength: Stands by their beliefs and intuitively knows how to make, mend, and break connections.

Signs in the Sixth House“The sixth house is where we associate the sign of Virgo (ruled by the planet Mercury) but the goddess of Harvest and Fertility, Ceres or Demeter is assigned with the constellation. Demeter had a daughter named Persephone

The Sixth House of Health

The Sixth House corresponds with health, wellness, and daily routines, including odd jobs. Where the body you're born with exists in the First House, the choices made over a lifetime create the body found in your Sixth House. Naturally, our environment and life choices affect our health, such as self-care, having a good work-life balance, and whether you spend enough (or too much!) time in the sun, so let this house remind you to pay attention to your physical and mental well-being. Those with natal planets in this zone are often fueled by organization and structure and tend to focus on time and calendar management. Planets transiting the Sixth House help us form habits and redefine our schedules. This House corresponds with Virgo energy.

The Seventh House of Partnership

The Seventh House (the Descendent) sits directly across from the First House Ascendant and represents life-changing partnerships. Up until now, all the Houses have explored an individual's immediate world: their money, home, and friends. In the Seventh House, however, the concept of perspective is introduced. Simply put, the Seventh House symbolizes your "cosmic plus one," and yes, that refers to romantic partners, as well as other important relationships in your life. Those with natal planets in the Seventh House tend to be very focused on relationships, gravitating towards partnership in all areas of life. Planets moving through the Seventh House help us close deals, securing our bonds by signing contracts, and making things official. This House corresponds with Libra energy.

The Eighth House of Sex, Death, and Transformation

What do sex, death, and transformation have to do with one another? Well, they're all animalistic instincts. Those with natal planets in the Eighth House are often attracted to supernatural or occult topics, have intense romances, and will likely go through several fabulous makeovers within their lifetime. The Eighth House reminds us that it's okay to give in to our desires, we're going to die one day after all, but to always be adaptable and ready to let go of the past to make room for the present and future. Planets transiting this area help us understand the underbelly of any situation and serve as a reminder of life’s complexities. This House corresponds with Scorpio energy.

The Ninth House of Philosophy

Travel, philosophy, and higher education all define the ninth house. In medieval astrology, this region was linked to places and people outside of your village. Now, we interpret this area as both literal and intellectual exploration. Those born with natal planets in the Ninth House are extremely curious and inquisitive, with deep-rooted wanderlust. When planets move across the Ninth House we often begin studying a new topic, move to a foreign location, or adopt a completely different perspective. The Ninth House encourages you to keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things as your world changes and expands. This House corresponds with Sagittarius energy.

The Tenth House of Social Status

The Tenth House, located at the very top of the birth chart, is the apex of your unique story, and yes, is basically the House of popularity. The Tenth House also governs public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements. Natal planets in the Tenth House reveal an ambitious individual, and changes in the profession often occur when planets transit this zone. This House corresponds with Capricorn energy.

The Eleventh House of Friendship

As the houses begin their descent, the Eleventh House helps us remember the purpose of our hard work, and with who we share the joy of our accomplishments. The Eleventh House is linked to humanitarian pursuits, as well as our personal network. This covers our dear friends and support system who help keep us moving forward. Technology and innovation also exist within this zone, so those born with planets in the Eleventh House are often defined by their revolutionary ideas. Transiting planets through this domain help us broaden our reach as we define our role within society. This House corresponds with Aquarius energy.

The Twelfth House of the Unconscious

In the sky, the Twelfth House exists just beneath the horizon: It's quite literally the darkness before dawn. Likewise, the Twelfth House is considered the "unseen realm," and governs all things that exist without physical forms, like dreams, secrets, and emotions. Those born with planets in the Twelfth House are often highly intuitive, perhaps even psychic. We attract karmic people into our lives when planets transit the Twelfth House, but during this time, we must also remember that not all relationships are meant to last. This House corresponds with Pisces energy.

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Sagittarius on the cusp of the 5th house often gives children, such “know-it-alls”. They are interesting, perky, and intelligent. In general, the Gemini-Sagittarius axis is very intellectual and the Signs, its components in their manifestations, are in many ways similar.

But if Gemini is the eternal “why” who tells you about something all the time, talks all the time. That influence of Jupiter gives a person who always teaches you something. Before this little man had time to learn something, he immediately seeks to teach this to everyone around him.

Very optimistic, adventure lovers, life lovers. A bit risky. By the way, I did not mention the risk when considering Scorpio – they are also very risky, and they taste life very hard. Scorpio checks which of them – he himself or his life will be stronger. Her (life) is tested for resilience, sometimes, as they say, “playing with death.”

Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

The female fire signs run lightly through life – without even realizing that they are being followed by a cluster of men. With her easy-going manner and her courage, many tough guys fall in love with the Sagittarius woman.

However, their admirers tend not to impress them with large clusters and expensive restaurant visits. The winter born likes intelligence, humor and quick-wittedness. Sagittarians want a partner on an equal footing who is also big enough to accept their thirst for freedom.

The Sagittarius woman is an unconditional optimist and has an infectious, friendly nature, which also unfolds its attractive effect on her counterpart. With her informal nature, the Sagittarius-born is always open to a non-binding flirt – or two.

It certainly causes confusion in the male world. Because the typical Sagittarius woman is not necessarily looking for something solid, she loves the game of hunting, enjoys her freedom and therefore likes to be independent.

It can therefore take longer for a Sagittarius woman to feel deep love for a partner and enter into a long-term relationship. Even stepping in front of the altar is not one of her girls’ dreams.

But even the Sagittarius woman gives up a small part of her freedom for her dream man.

Men born between November 23rd and December 21st turn every woman’s head within seconds. You are so charming and smart (and mostly very good-looking, since Sagittarius are athletic) that women feel particularly lively and desirable in their presence.

If the Sagittarius man is interested in a lady, then she can look forward to extravagant attentions (Nutella breads are sent to the office by courier) and rings from the chewing gum machine (money is only a means to an end for the fire sign).

The Sagittarius man is a passionate lover. For him there are no half measures. Yet it is restless, always on the lookout for optimization. With a man of this zodiac sign you cannot be % sure that he has not already cast his eye on the next one.

In order to retain the male Sagittarius in the long term, you have to do a lot as a woman. The eternal child in Sagittarius man must never get bored and he must never be too sure of the love of his chosen ones – then he stays on the ball and does not lose interest.

Sagittarius is a lover and best friend in a partnership. That makes him particularly desirable as a companion in life. Not least because of its attractive appearance and charming character. Young Sagittarians in particular can be very volatile in love.

They attract short adventures and loyalty was not necessarily invented by the passionate fire signs. Only later in life will Sagittarius learn and appreciate having a partner by their side for a long time.

Anyone entering into a relationship with a Sagittarius must always give them enough space and keep them on a long leash.

When he’s not feeling cramped, Sagittarius will enjoy having a partner by their side with whom they can do many things.

A holiday together and sporting activities are at the top of his list of priorities. Because there is one thing that Sagittarius cannot tolerate even in a partnership: boredom.

5th House – Meaning and Info

A man who has 5 houses in the Arrow, this is, at first, a highly creative personality, with a fine artistic taste, distinguished by brightness and darkness.

These people love big companies, and most of all in the world like to give great hospitality to guests, even if you have to spend a little money for that.

The sphere of interest in such people can often be attributed to various philosophical and religious doctrines, sports. The 5th house in Streltsa is the characterization of a man. Much time is spent on reading serious philosophical and religious romans and their further discussions.

People just get away from the fact that this person closes the history or inflates the snow from the dust.

Therefore, it is so important to be aware of the erroneousness of this approach and to learn how to more accurately react to current events.

And so that there is no energy shift, the energy accumulated from the emotions can be directed to work, hobby or sport. It is worth noting that the person himself is closely related to his own behavior and historians, often using them to increase the surrounding.

In other words, this is an imaginative game, designed to cheer people up or play a certain pole for the owner.

All this is done in full deliberately. For such people, it is inherently protective behavior, which is the result of frequent attacks from the surrounding area.

In love, he is scared and unrepentant, but at the same time his feeling can be worn with a sufficiently perfect character. Such a person can become a victim of inner feelings, exposed to a strong and passionate, but fleeting attraction.

The amiability of all such people is very common, very often they become avid carters or frequent casino customers. Such people are very happy in practice in any sphere of activity, especially when it concerns the sports sphere and the sphere of finances.

In family life, it is common to be faithful to your partners, but sometimes such individuals can get involved in all kinds of strange romantic adventures. Of course, I don’t mean to say it because it thinks that it just stopped once and that it will never be repeated again.

What is it about children’s nutrition that such a person desires that his child always has everything in the past – the best, sending his child to all? Such desires lead to the fact that very often children of such people tend to become too spoiled.

Sagittarius in 5th House – Meaning and Info

Joy and pleasure, holidays and creativity have been associated since ancient times with falling in love, having and raising children, as well as sex. The sign on the cusp sets the main character and energy of these spheres, showing in what perspective a person is revealed as a creator, educator, and lover.

Fire signs are especially pronounced. Sagittarius, as the most balanced representative of the fiery element, fills the owner of the horoscope with optimism, a cheerful disposition and ease of communication with children and the opposite sex.

This borders on superficiality, since there are no deep feelings here, but the native perceives failures in love and gaps in upbringing philosophically, correcting mistakes and forgetting that it is already useless to improve.

Children and creativity the five-house Sagittarius is an eternal child, for whom the whole world is a theater, and any circumstances are the conditions of the game. He finds a common language with children of all ages, but for his own he is completely ready to arrange constant holidays with magic, gifts, surprises. He is a born teacher who teaches not dry theory, but in practice, through play and creativity.

The sons and daughters of the owners of the 5th house in Sagittarius adopt the light optimistic disposition of the parent and love to teach others without having time to learn something new.

Initially, there is freedom of knowledge, movement and communication, which implies the risk of encountering bad people, information beyond age and dangerous circumstances, but thanks to Jupiter’s patronage, the experiments of the younger generation end successfully in 90% of cases.

However, a large number of tau-squares and the affected 8th house are still an indicator of increased caution, because initially, under the influence of the 5th house in Sagittarius, sociability and lack of a sense of danger attract not only positive people.

The main character and behavior traits of a native and his children: passion, love of adventure, talkativeness, inability to see and build boundaries in communicating with people, a pronounced sense of humor.

the need for new knowledge, many hobbies and friends, enjoying delicious food and feasts, including that provokes excess weight, especially if Jupiter is in the 1st house; both parents and children are proud and admire each other, brag to their friends; a tendency to dramatize events and inflate an elephant out of a fly, but unlike the five-house Scorpio, who is really deeply involved in this, here you enjoy a new game and role.

Five-house Sagittarius cannot imagine success without a brilliant career and social recognition. He is artistic, loves to be in the spotlight and gains applause.

Despite the fact that he is most often an amateur, people perceive him as an immutable authority, given the ability to foreign languages, knowledge in the field of religion and philosophy. Love relationships it is interesting that five-house Sagittarius often fall in love with foreigners with a radically opposite mentality or representatives of a different religion.

The passion for change and adventure takes them away from their native land, and if the 9th house is harmonious and filled, then it is likely that success and a happy marriage await them abroad. But when Jupiter is in Cancer or sector 4, it is better to live with the chosen ones in the native’s homeland.

Men and women with a 5th house in Sagittarius fall in love with brilliant, educated, bright personalities with whom it is easy to communicate. Their imagination is especially excited by belonging to the highest social stratum. There is no guarantee that this relationship will end in marriage, but such people cause passionate feelings.

There are a lot of novels and meetings in the youth of the five-house Sagittarius, but this is due to the search for an ideal partner, which sometimes drags on for a long time. S*x with them is like a feast of sensuality, they are interested in getting to know their partner’s body, but only a spiritual connection will induce the native to create a monogamous relationship.

Working out the 5th house in Sagittarius At a low level of development, a person is an alpha male and a sybarite, regardless of gender. Morality loses the desire to enjoy. The karmic task consists in giving up the role of the male consumer and in the transition to the level of a noble protector and patron.

It is especially important for women not to break the line between pleasure and debauchery, from which their spirituality suffers.

Like Libra, Sagittarius in the 5th house is greedy for a beautiful shiny wrapper, and such frivolous connections can burn him to the ground.

It is important to see beyond the appearance and social significance of the object of sympathy, to understand the motivation for the actions of another person, and not to go on about your ego and the desire to get another prize. In raising children, control and joint study of the issue of the border will not interfere.

Such children are very optimistic, love travel, love freedom, love parents who do not restrict them, and who have a lot to learn.

Such parents, who serve as a reason for pride and respect, respect their child themselves, and themselves are ready to learn something new from the child.

It is important for such children that their parents do not hamper their authority. They like parents who listen with pleasure to their fantasies – do not forget that Mercury, which gives talkativeness, still forms this Sign, and Jupiter gives a tendency to exaggeration, therefore, lie and embellish.

They are talkative, risky, gambling, and the parent of course should allow them to taste this world, give tangible freedom, they do not need to be limited, they themselves are able to determine the direction of their lives.


They themselves are able to find their own paths. And all parental help is support, approval, and the most important thing is not to interfere with them.

Sagittarians love to teach and often have a lot to learn. But at the same time, it cannot be denied that the exiled Mercury often makes them “specialists” where they know nothing at all.

Sometimes they have problems with learning – they themselves know everything better than anyone else, they themselves are the smartest, and as you know, “to teach a scientist is only to spoil”. So that this does not happen, and for your child to be truly worthy of being called a “Teacher”, he must learn to Learn.


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Effect of 5th House Astrology in Zodiac Signs

5th house astrology


Aries in 5th House Astrology

The native will have good children unless there are other malefic influences. He will have children later than normal in life. His children will be of independent mind and if subjected to controls will rebel. His mother will be rich and inherit wealth. She may talk of religion. His father will be very intelligent and learned and may be engaged in research.

The father will inherit the property. If Mars is afflicted or influences the fifth house it can cause miscarriages since it is also the owner of the twelfth house which is the house of separation. Mars will otherwise be auspi­cious for the native being owner of the fifth and also of the twelfth house.

The native may have more than one liaison with females as Mars gets rulership of houses of love affairs and pleasures of the bed. If Mars in any manner also influences the seventh house or its owner, this tendency will be further accen­tuated. Mars in this role gives an insatiable sexual appetite and if it is weak and influences Venus, also gives perverted sexual urge.

Since from the house of children, i.e., the fifth house, the number of signs falling in a house and the number of houses as counted from this house are the same, any house afflicted will show ailment in that part of the body of the children, especially of the first born.

For example, the ninth house will have the fifth sign, Leo- If the ninth house and the Sun are afflicted, it can lead to troubles in the parts of the body signified by Leo, i.e., belly and heart of the child.

Taurus in 5th House Astrology

The native will move from one passionate relationship to the next. He will not be able to discipline his children correctly since he will spoil them in their younger days. He will have an excellent daughter who will be beautiful and well behaved.

The children will be hard working and will like to take up medicine, surgery, banking, mining or agriculture as their profession. The owner of the fifth, Venus, is also the owner of the tenth house. Venus will grant affluence, power, and status to the native. The son of the native will be in service.

If Venus is afflicted it can make the native’s children suffer from female enemies or illnesses of the urinary system and kidneys. Such a Venus will be a maraka for the mother of the native. His father will be wealthy or may be able to talk well and in-depth on religious or other subjects.

Gemini in 5th House Astrology

The children will be handsome, intelligent, virtuous and capable but they will be born late as the native will take time to decide as to when he should have them. He may not be able to devote enough time to his children due to other preoccupations.

The owner of the fifth, Mercury, is also the owner of the eighth house. The children of the native may be short-lived and the elder sister may have a miserable married life, if Mercury is weak and afflicted, the fifth house has adverse influence and Jupiter is also not in a good condition.

His mother will be a proficient musician. His younger brother/sister may suffer from diseases in ear, throat, or arms.

Cancer in 5th House Astrology

The native will have more children than normal, most of them females, born to the native rather early in life and all of them will be handsome, able and reputed. His children will not be able to amass wealth but will in theft second halves of life rise to prominent positions.

The native will be attached to them. The native will have a special talent in the field of fine arts or entertainment. A weak or waning Moon can see him lose money in speculation or game of chance.

He will have a good memory. A strong and waxing Moon connected with the ninth or tenth house can grant the native success in the political field and in getting political power.

Leo in 5th House Astrology

The children of the native will be irascible, intelligent, a source of pride to the native, and will be non-vegetarian. They will have impressive personalities and good appetite. A powerful Jupiter will ensure that they earn a lot of wealth abroad.

They will do well in their first halves of life and their fortune will be on the wane in the second half. The native may not be able to devote enough time to them.

The native will be passionate, sensual, and will enjoy drama, and other stage entertainments. A powerful and well placed Sun will make the native get a position of power.

Virgo in 5th House Astrology

The native will have studious children who will display special ability in mathematics, science, and languages. The love relationship of the native will be changeable and dogged by cynicism. The native may decide not to have children.

There may be problems on account of ti te children being beyond the control of the native or he may have children late in life. The native may lose money through impulsive and unsound investments, games of chance and indis­creet spending. He will love his wife.

The owner of the fifth, Mercury, is also the owner of the second house. This can be analyzed in the manner similar to Gemini in the second house above.

Libra in 5th House Astrology

The children of the native will be handsome, well behaved and able. They will have talent. The owner of the fifth house, Venus, is also the owner of the twelfth house. A weak and afflicted Venus will reduce the longevity of the children. It will bring about the death of the elder sister. It can pose danger and cause accidents to native’s wife.

The native’s father will be learned and engaged in research when Venus is well placed. Venus Will be a beneficial planet for the children of the native since it will own the first and eighth houses from the fifth house. Though it will be the owner of the twelfth house, its mooltrikona sign will be located in the fifth house.

Therefore, a well placed Venus should bring benefits to the children. If it is in the fifth or twelfth house, the children will be long-lived; if in the fourth house, they may travel abroad during the periods of Venus; if in the seventh house, they will go on journeys time and again, and in the eighth house, the eldest child will have property and vehicles.

Scorpio in 5th House Astrology

The native will invest and spend his money without proper thought. He will be secretive and hide his feelings. He may not be liked by his children and his wife and his relationship with them may not be pleasant. His children will be hard working, exacting, introverted and determined. They will have little sen­timentality in them.

The native will enjoy sports and entertain­ment. The native will have to face unfounded and baseless charges in life. Mars is the owner of the fifth and tenth houses. This is an excellent planet for the native and if well placed and powerful, can do a lot of good to the native in its periods.

However, if it does not have sambandha with a bad planet in the chart, the sub-period of any such bad planet in the major period of Mars will be highly troublesome.

This can be analyzed in the manner similar to Taurus above where Venus has similar own­erships. However, the diseases that Mars will give will not be the same as recorded for Venus.

Sagittarius in 5th House Astrology

The native will have children who will be courageous, frank, will suppress enemies, and reach high positions in, or receive honors from the government. He will be prosperous and com­fortable. He will be cheerful and optimistic but will not be able to have romantic liaisons.

The owner of the fifth house is Jupiter, which is also the owner of the eighth house. His children will be learned, will have good houses and will lead a comfortable life. If Jupiter is afflicted, the native will have trouble from or on account of his children.

When Jupiter is weak and afflicted, the danger to the children especially the firstborn will be much more since Jupiter is also the karaka for the children. His elder brother/sister will get married into a highly placed family or one that is connected with the government. His father will travel abroad or may be learned in secret or mystical knowledge.

Capricorn in 5th House Astrology

The native will be a martinet with his children who may be born late in life. He will reject many partners before settling down in life. The children will not be good looking. They will be hard working, down to earth and practical in life.

Saturn will be the owner of the fifth and also the sixth house. A powerful Saturn in the fifth house will make the children of the native wealthy and the mother of the native to get wealth through her younger brothers/sisters, neighbors or colleagues.

If Saturn is weak and afflicted, his children will be sickly. If with such a Saturn, the sixth house is under the adverse influence and Mercury is also weak, the first born child of the native will suffer from a severe speech defect.

A powerful Saturn well placed will make the native’s father rise high in life. The rise will be slow but steady and may come late in life.

Aquarius in 5th House Astrology

The native will have a sober and dignified son. The native may consciously decide to have children late in life due to his social and other preoccupations.

The owner of the fifth is also the owner of the fourth house. The native will gain through his children if Saturn is powerful. Also in such a situation Saturn will act as a great beneficial planet and will confer prosperity, status, and comforts on the native if powerful.

The native will have a good chance of getting power and position through his popularity among the masses. The mother of the native will also be wealthy and will have a happy family life.

A weak Saturn will reduce the income of the younger brothers/sisters of the native. He will not give much time to his children. The children will be few but highly intelligent and creative.

Pisces in 6th House Astrology

The owner of the sign being the karaka for children, if strong and well placed, will mean the birth of children to the native during it’s major or sub-periods. The native will be fond of sports and arts. The owner of the fifth house is Jupiter. Jupiter is also the owner of the second house.

A powerful Jupiter is a good indicator of native’s success at speculation or games of chance. He can also be a powerful and intelligent orator. He may also show intellectual promise of a high standard in his school days.

Jupiter, for the elder brother/sister of the native, has feminine characteristics, as it owns the fourth and the seventh houses from the eleventh house and if Jupiter influences the third house, the elder brother/sister will have mostly daughters.

This can be further analyzed in the manner similar to Gemini for the second house above.

If you are looking for more insights about 5th House in Vedic Astrology then go through with 5th lord in different houses.

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House astrology sagittarius fifth

People born with Sagittarius in the Fifth House love to talk about philosophy, to travel and to get educated. Most of the time, this sign is making natives open to all kinds of broad teachings and opportunities to be happy.

Acting like children and being enthusiastic, these natives can’t be held back when having a certain direction to follow in life. They love to love and are creative, not to mention it’s easy for them to understand different aspects of life.

Sagittarius on the Fifth House Cusp:

  • Positives: Relaxed, straightforward and insightful;
  • Negatives: Frivolous and Machiavellian;
  • Advice: For a happy life, let your imagination run wild;
  • Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato, Marilyn Manson, Adam Levine, Blake Lively.

The article continues below.

Always treasuring the truth

The 5th House Sagittariuses are expecting all kinds of miracles from those they love the most. However, they need to be grounded if they want to still live in reality.

Their life philosophy can teach others many things, especially if they’re following their heart and path in life. Wanting more adventure and to explore, they can be happy when just relaxing or being free to do as they please.

They don’t have small ways of dealing with things. Each time they’re experiencing something, they want to do it again in a bigger way.

Besides, they want to always experience new things if it is for them to feel truly satisfied. It doesn’t matter how life is being regarded and happening to them, natives born with Sagittarius in Fifth House want to be as close to the truth as possible.

They’re passionate about gaining more knowledge and being wiser with every adventure they’re experiencing. More than this, they’re creative and artistic beings with a bright mind and an admirable temperament.

This is why they love being in the company of important people and throwing all kinds of glamorous parties for the ones they love, even if this involves them giving their last penny.

When it comes to what they’re interested in, 5th House Sagittariuses want to study philosophy, religion and to enjoy sports. This is why they’re dedicating a lot of their time to studying these subjects and talking about them.

It’s important to note they’re not taking themselves too seriously because their sense of humor is truly special. These Sagittariuses are never acting protective if someone doesn’t attack them.

In spite of this, they’re still friendly and ready to stand up for those who have been done wrong by others. As parents, they must give their best for their little ones, even if this means spoiling.

Looking for the best company

Creative and having an artistic sense, they’re enthusiastic about classy parties and don’t mind spending all of their money on them. Many of these natives can be involved in religious or sporting activities. Any philosophical question and drama are giving their life meaning.

People born with Sagittarius in the 5th House are the ones to take many risks when it comes to romance, as well to be optimistic about it.

Believing there’s someone out there for them, they usually get that person. Sex with them can feel like sport because they’re very physical and looking to have a variety in the bedroom.

More than this, they need to be free and to have their space respected. At least they don’t mind dating people from all kinds of environments, not to mention they attract lovers who are activating in a completely different field than their own. This brings more profoundness to their romantic connections.

A Fifth House Sagittarius individual can easily adapt to any situation. When it comes to love, natives with this placement have a lot of passion and can attract many members of the opposite sex, but they’re a little bit superficial, not to mention they can become slaves to their own emotions and can’t understand how come it’s so easy for them to attract.

Because they’re as well big gamblers, it may be necessary to tone it down a little. This specific location of Sagittarius is an indication they should be as creative as possible.

More than this, they should let their imagination run wild and stimulate their minds as much as possible. However, they should be careful with what the results of these activities are because they can become real snobs and imagine they have the best ideas.

As said before, they love gambling, so the casino is one place where they’re spending a lot of time. No matter what they may be activating in, these people are lucky.

Those of them in the financial and sports field seem to enjoy the rewards of their work the most. Individuals born with Sagittarius in Fifth House believe their creativity is allowing them to take advantage of different opportunities coming their way because they love to discover new things.

Gambling certain aspects of life

When children, they most likely have been agitated and always looking to fill their time with an activity, so now, as adults, they don’t like to repress their little ones. On the contrary, they want their kids to see the entire world.

As far as family is going, Fifth House Sagittariuses are loyal, even if their romanticism is making them want affairs. When it comes to parenting, they want to spoil their children and to make all of their dreams come true.

The ones who are looking to seduce these people should promise them big adventures. Their romantic affairs are meant to last only if they’re majestic. However, this doesn’t mean they can never be tempted to look for another partner, as they want to explore love with anyone.

Jupiter is making people with Sagittarius in Fifth House more creative and eager to find out new things. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge after all, so it’s helping them be more eager to learn.

While having a weakness for gambling, these natives can also be serious about this, not to mention they can gamble life and take chances others wouldn’t even think to take. They should think that while money can be easy to recuperate, life not so much.

Natives born with Sagittarius in 5th House love to have fun, so they should pay attention to their hobbies. Adventurous, they want to use their free time smartly.

Because they’re not too serious about love, it would be difficult for someone to conquer their hearts. More than this, these natives want to be free more than anything else. They know a lot about how to handle their children, but as said before, they can spoil them.

Lucky and opportunistic, these natives can have many adventures in life. They like to talk about what happened to them and the risks they’ve been talking about. This is why so many young people are attracted to them.

Besides, they have an optimistic mind and are always ready to make an effort for their dreams to become a reality. If it is for them to be creative, they need a lot of freedom. Every opportunity coming their way can make them more confident in their forces.

This also true when it comes to their relationships, as they prefer to be adventurous about love and not have a romantic routine, even after being with someone for a very long time. Their partner should be spontaneous and possess a strong intuition because they don’t like getting bored and prefer to do many things with their other half.

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Sun in 5th house in Aries for Sagittarius ascendant in Astrology

The Fifth House - Astrological Houses

The Fifth House is where you burst out onto the scene, in your full glory.  

It's the natural blooming of your character, and in its most concentrated form.  

This is the House of The Sun and Leo. On the birth chart, the Houses are associated with particular life expressions. They are fields of experience, and have a natural progression, from the First, Second, and onwards.  

In The Astrological Houses, Dane Rudhyar described the Houses as involving life "tests." The First House, he wrote, is a test to do with isolation (of the Self), the Second House is a test of ownership, the Third is of thought, and the Fourth is a test of stability.  

Rudhyar then wrote, "In the Fifth House, the great tests involves the ability to act out one's innermost nature in terms of purity of motive and in using a 'pure'' manner the means available for the release of one's energies.'  

But he wanted to make sure readers knew how he meant that word - "pure." Here he means "to be exclusively what one is as a unique individual in terms of one's own destiny."  

The Houses show the Zodiac sign and planets that guide to more authentic expression of that life activity. The Zodiac sign on the cusp is how you portray yourself on the stage of life.  

Fifth House Themes: holidays, partying style, friendships, play, children, artful self-expression, pride, creative risks and gambling, performance, dramatic storytelling, celebrations, games, amusement, the Dad

Creative Offspring

The Fifth House is the realm of making your creative mark, in a way ONLY you can do.  

What's unique about you? It's ruled by big-hearted Leo and the sun, and the House of how you shine.  

What are you proud of in life? It could be works of art, literature, fashion, crafts, home decor, or the ultimate spin-off of who you are - your children.  

Your biological child is a genetic mini-me, and from that, mixes the nurture of the Fourth House into the nature of the Fifth House. Ideally, your children are instilled with the culture of the family with its lore, memories and dreams for the future. If it's not swamped completely by the TV-Internet envelopment of our times, this is the House of the family scrapbook.    

Showing Off 

This House shows how you express your joy for life in an outward way. Sometimes it points to that natural enthusiasm being squelched or channeled in a disciplined way (if Saturn is in the house, for example).

It's the house of pleasure and fun, from parties, to trips to the amusement park, to parades and holiday festivities. Because the fifth house represents the spontaneous enjoyment of life, it's the realm of the eternal child within. Ready to play? This house shows the kinds of games and sports we choose, and what we do for pure pleasure.

The Tenth House is usually associated with the father. But rather than the stern authoritarian of the Tenth House, I see this House as more a reflection of the Dad. How does he play or show pride?  

It's also the House of creativity. Planets here guide how you express yourself through art, performance, and your social-romantic life. This House is about your passion, and what stirs it.

Love and Friendship

Romance and love affairs are colored by the Fifth House, but marriage is the province of the Seventh House. The sparks flying, a mutual regard, and shared celebrations in a relationship stay kindled via the flavor of the Fifth house.

A prominent Fifth House can give you a larger-than-life persona, and make you memorable to others. You'll have a strong need to tell your personal story, and do it in a dramatic way.

There's a tendency to go overboard and constantly seek approval. But whatever you do has an authentic stamp, and this makes you attractive to others. A strong Fifth House also points to leadership, and qualities of regal bearing, self-respect and general confidence.


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