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If you happen to spot bed bugs in your home, it&#;s natural to be scared.

Bed bugs can disrupt your life if they&#;re not identified and dealt with appropriately.

Infestations can also be a major financial burden&#;

(Not to discount the physical injury and emotional trauma that bed bugs cause).

While you may need to hire a pest control service in many cases to completely eradicate an infestation.

This isn&#;t always the case.

Pest control is expensive &#; So if you can&#;t afford it don&#;t feel like you&#;re out of options.

there are ways to kill bed bugs quickly using household items.

The following are some common chemicals and household solutions to kill bed bugs yourself.

Here&#;s What Kills Bed Bugs Fast

There are certain solutions that you can use to successfully mitigate a bed bug infestation:

(Results will vary)

Alcohol To Kill Bed Bugs

One of the most effective DIY solutions for killing bed bugs instantly is dilutedrubbing alcohol.

Alcohol kills bed bugs as soon as it makes contact with them.

It also evaporates quickly, which makes it safer to use than other forms of alcohol.

Keep in mind that while alcohol is effective at killing bed bugs quickly&#;

It&#;s not a full proof method.

You may run into the following 2 obstacles:

  1. Bed Bugs Hide

When it comes to hiding, bed bugs are outstanding. So spraying them with alcohol may be difficult when in hard to reach places.

Recent studies found that 99 percent of alcohol concentrations only managed to kill 40 to 60 percent of bed bug adults sprayed.

2. Alcohol Doesn&#;t Affect Bed Bugs in ALL Life Stages


(baby bed bugs)

Are smaller and harder to spot. Therefore it&#;s more likely you don&#;t see them when spaying alcohol.

Alcohol also doesn’t affect bed bug eggs either.

As it quickly evaporates following the initial application.

So Can Rubbing Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?

On contact, alcohol will kill bed bugs.

The tricky part is making sure EVERY bug in an infestation is identified and sprayed.

Even if you leave one bed bug alive..

It could easily result in a second infestation in a matter of months.


You’re better off hiring professionals who can fully eliminate the infestation using contact spray, which is a professional-grade insecticide for which rubbing alcohol is a poor substitute.

Combined with residual sprays, contact spray can permanently remove an infestation.

A relatively newer treatment method is the heat treatment.

This is typically more expensive, but can eradicate an entire infestation in just ONE treatment.

Diffusing Essential Oils for Bed Bugs

Essential oils and combinations of them have been employed to kill bed bugs for hundreds of years&#;.

Along with DDT, these methods of killing bed bugs almost eradicated infestations entirely in the s.

Although since then bed bugs have made a comeback.

However, some are still ideal for use in the home as an effective means of killing bed bugs instantly.

Oils work by suffocating bed bugs.

A recent study on oregano essential oil and others have found these oils to be reliable when used to kill bed bugs in the home.

Although the fact is&#;

That these tests took place in controlled settings where bed bugs didn’t have the opportunity to thrive and feed.

If an essential oil solution doesn’t make contact with each bed bug in an infestation.

(similar to alcohol)

The chances are that they will survive and spread fast.

The main appeal of essential oils is their chemical-free nature that makes them more favorable over perceivably harmful insecticides.

Using essential oils may be a more &#;natural&#; way to get rid of bed bugs, but today’s professional-grade chemicals aren’t as damaging as they used to be.

With EPA regulations in place to ensure they’re safe to use.

What Chemical Kills Bed Bugs?

The EPA has over chemicals that are safe to use against bed bugs.

These include:

Still, if you prefer homemade solutions&#;

Essential oils could work in conjunction with rubbing alcohol as safe alternatives to kill bed bugs on contact.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

You’re not going to want to spray toxic chemicals or rub alcohol all over your mattress&#;

because that could be damaging to your health.

You will want to be extra careful with the home remedies that you use to remove bed bugs from your mattress, or any furniture that’s close to where you sleep.

Here are a 3 ways to remove these pests from your mattress:

1. Laundry:

Wrap all of your sheets/blankets into a sealed bag and then properly clean your bedding.

You should wash/dry everything on high heat to ensure it kills all bed bugs that are attached.

2. Vacuum:

Separate your mattress from your box spring, and then run a vacuum over both of them.

Make sure to vacuum around all viewable areas where these insects could be living.

For best results use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

3. Mattress Cover:

You can purchase a special bed bug proof mattress encasement that covers both your mattress AND box spring.

This provides 2 benefits….

All bed bugs that were on your mattress will be trapped inside and eventually will starve.

All bed bugs that were outside your mattress can no long get into your mattress to hide.


They’re easier to spot and be dealt with.

Other Proven Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are known to be elusive with an incredible ability to survive under adverse circumstances.

For this reason, you may need to try a few different treatment methods until you find the one that works.

If you’re experiencing a particularly nasty infestation…

You can try a combination of some additional treatment methods like:

Diatomaceous Earth:

This is a chemical you can buy from your local hardware store that can kill bed bugs within a few days of contact. This powdery substance will slowly dehydrate bed bugs over time as it damages their exoskeletons.

The beauty of this method is that bed bugs spread it themselves as they contact other bed bugs. It’s also safe for indoor use and safe for humans which is a big plus.

Pheromone Traps:

Bed bugs communicate with each other through the use of pheromones, one of which is called Histamine.

A biologist at Simon Fraser University has let bed bugs bite her thousands of times to support her research on an effective bed bug trap.

They came up with combinations of chemicals that successfully lure bed bugs into a trap that contains, and eventually kills them.

Click here for our complete guide to bed bug traps.

What Bed Bug Treatments Don&#;t Work?

Rubbing alcohol and essential oils are potentially effective at killing bed bugs instantly.

Albeit not as effective as professional treatments&#;

But the following 3 methods are far less likely to give you the results you want.

1. Vaseline or Adhesive Tape:

Using double-sided tape or Vaseline is a frequent recommendation among homeowners because of their perceived ability to keep bed bugs from climbing legs of the bed:

Trapping them in place like fly paper.

In spite of this widespread myth&#;

Tape, Vaseline, and other types of traps:

Will almost NEVER work.

Bed bugs are too smart to fall for this.

In lieu of adhesive traps, you may want to try traps such as pitfalls with a smooth surface that bed bugs can’t climb up.

While this won’t immediately kill bed bugs on contact, these traps can help keep bed bugs from feeding on you at night.

2. Hair Dryers:

Killing bed bugs with heat is a method that many homeowners are likely to consider.

And hair dryers may seem like a relatively safe tool.

The truth is that while they can kill a bed bug or two, hairdryers don’t ordinarily exceed temperatures of&#;

degrees Fahrenheit.

Which isn’t sufficient for killing bed bugs instantly.

For this method to be effective, you would need to aim the hairdryer at bed bugs for minutes at a time, which can make for a time-consuming process.

To kill bed bugs with heat, they have to be exposed to temperatures well above degrees Fahrenheit for multiple hours.

3. Clothing Irons:

Another tool that some might try to instantly kill bed bugs is a clothing iron.

Like the hair dryer, the thought process is it can apply heat directly to bed bugs.

Irons might be able to reach hotter temperatures than hair dryers, but you won’t be able to reach deep into the cracks/crevices where bed bugs might hide&#;

Especially hard surfaces on which you can’t safely use clothing irons.

If you want to use heat to kill bed bugs with efficiency&#;

Industrial grade portable heaters and steamers can give you better results.

Regardless of the household items you choose to quickly get rid of a bed bug infestation&#;

None are more effective than professional extermination services.

If your goal is to completely eliminate an existing infestation and prevent bed bugs from returning in the future:

Consider hiring a pest control team with the training and equipment needed to get the job done right.

Click here more information on the Do&#;s and Don&#;ts of DIY methods for bed bug treatments.

Bed Bug Treatment Summary

Here is a breakdown of the popular bed bug treatments we went over in this article (in order of effectiveness).
Treatment MethodEffective?
Professional Chemical or Heat TreatmentsYes
Diatomaceous Earth

Rubbing AlcoholYes
Pheromone TrapsYes
Essential OilsYes
Mattress CoversYes
Adhesive TapeNo
Hair DryerNo
Clothing IronNo

You Could be Eligible for Compensation

Professional bed bug treatments are extremely expensive, so if you&#;re suffering from an infestation&#;

You may have some options.

If you&#;re a renter:

And currently have an active bed bug infestation, you may be able eligible to sue your landlord and get financial compensation.

If you&#;re in a temporary residence:

Like a hotel, motel, or Airbnb, and suffered bed bug bites, you may have a case against hotel management.

For more information &#; Learn about how you can sue a hotel for your bed bug injuries.

Get in touch with a lawyer today to discuss your unique situation, and help determine whether you have a case to receive compensation for your losses.

Get a free consultation and call () to get in touch with a specialist.

No fees unless you win your case.


Bed bugs could sneak into a box or package before it’s posted to you. When you open the package, the bed bugs will try to scamper away and find somewhere new to hide. There are several news reports of bed bugs entering the home that way, but how likely is this to happen in practice?

Bed bugs like enclosed spaces like envelopes and packages, and can sneak inside mail before it’s sent. However, bed bugs can’t lay eggs in the mail because they’re unable to feed. Opening your mail and checking it outside will prevent any infestations from starting in your home or office space.

It’s doubtful that a bed bug would be inside an envelope. Bed bugs like enclosed spaces, and some light would still get into the envelope. They would also likely be squashed under the weight of other mail. But bed bugs can be found in packages if adequate precautions aren&#;t taken.

Table of Contents:

Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Mail?          

Any number of bed bugs could live inside a package for up to a year. They go into a state of dormancy when they can’t feed, and survive for long periods. However, what bed bugs can’t do in the mail is complete their life cycle, which is as follows:

  • It takes between ten days and two weeks for an egg to hatch.
  • 1st instar nymph. Also known as a nymph, these bugs are only a little bigger than an egg.
  • 2nd instar nymph, 3rd instar nymph and 4th instar nymph. The bed bug goes through several stages and gets bigger and bigger.
  • 5th instar nymph. The 5th instar nymph is only a little smaller than an adult.
  • Once they reach adulthood, they can begin mating and laying eggs.

Each ‘instar,’ which means stage, is bigger than the last. Many insects go through stages in the same way, like caterpillars that turn into butterflies.

However, bed bugs can’t grow from one stage to another in the mail. They need a blood meal each time they grow larger. Because they don’t have access to a host, they’re ‘stuck’ in their current stage.

This doesn’t harm them. They enter a state of dormancy where they don’t feed, don’t grow, and don’t mate. Instead, they wait until they have access to food again.

Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in The Mail?

A bed bug can’t lay eggs in the mail, either. According to PLoS One, a female must feed before she can create and lay an egg. That’s because she needs nutrients to form the egg, which she acquires through feeding.

There’s also an issue with where females lay their eggs. If a female were to mate inside a package, she still wouldn’t want to lay her eggs in there. That’s because egg-laying females leave their harborage to lay their eggs somewhere else.

can bed bugs come in the mail?

The reason is that bed bugs made through a process called traumatic insemination. The male breaks a hole in the female’s shell to mate. He leaves sperm in the female’s circulatory system called the hemocoel. From there it heads to the eggs.

This process is damaging to the female. If they mate too much, her shell becomes so damaged that the female dies. Males continue mating even if the female doesn’t want to. She, therefore, has to move away to lay her eggs before she’s killed.

So for two key reasons, bed bugs can’t mate. But that doesn’t rule out a bed bug laying eggs in an envelope or package before it’s sealed.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Mailbox?

Even though bed bugs can get in the mail, that doesn’t mean they can live in your mailbox. They can’t get outside of a package that they’re sealed into. They also don’t like walking around outside.

There’s also no reason for them to live there. Bed bugs need a harborage close to a host. They need to be able to feed regularly. In a mailbox, they won’t be anywhere near you, or anyone else.

Not only that but the temperature inside your mailbox is too low for them. Bed bugs will pick somewhere room temperature or somewhat above. In a mailbox, while they aren’t exposed directly to rain and snow, it’s still too cold.

Can You Get Bed Bugs from Shopping Online?

Having packages delivered from Amazon, eBay or other online stores is today a regular occurrence. However, there are several vital reasons why packages typically don’t contain bed bugs.

Most packages are shipped directly from a warehouse. If you buy directly from Amazon and not a seller, the package is always from a warehouse. Products marked as ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ are also from warehouse stock.

Also, large scale sellers work with bulk orders of packaging. Sellers that work from home likely have hundreds, even thousands of parcels to deliver per month. They buy their parcels and packaging in bulk and use them when they need them. This reduces the likelihood of a bed bug infestation.

Besides that, most sellers are careful with their online business. Reviews are everything. A review that says ‘This seller’s package had bed bugs in it!’ would be terrible for business. They will, therefore, be careful to avoid issues like these.

However, that doesn’t completely rule out the idea that they may accidentally ship bed bugs to you. As pointed out above, it is a possibility. If you have a bed bug quarantine system in place, you should check your package while opening.

Can Packages from Auction Sites Contain Bed Bugs?

It’s more likely that you could get bed bugs from a package on eBay. That’s because there are more individual sellers on eBay who work from home. Because their packages are sent from the seller’s home, there’s a higher probability of an infestation.

If you’re buying fabric or clothes, these are ideal hiding places for bed bugs and their eggs. A set of glassware, by comparison, is not a good home.

If you’re worried about a particular seller delivering bed bugs in packages, look at their rating/reviews. In particular, check whether anybody comments about the quality of their packages.

How to Avoid Getting Bed Bugs in the Mail

If you want to prevent bed bugs from getting into your house, you need to have a quarantine routine. Quarantine means isolation. Through basic practices, you can avoid letting any bed bugs into your home.

When you receive a package, don’t open it immediately. If you do, there’s the chance that a bed bug inside could get out. But if you control the way you open your packages, you can prevent this.

Instead of opening the package straight away, consider one of the following methods.

1) Open the Package Outdoors

You could start by opening the package outside rather than inside. If that’s possible, this will prevent any bed bugs from getting inside your home. You could open your mail:

  • In your front or back yard/garden
  • At work
  • In public

Of course, this won’t be an option for all mail that you receive. But by opening your mail somewhere other than your home, you make it impossible for a bed bug infestation to start there.

If you’re having something delivered, look over the item. Check it and wipe it down to see if there are bed bugs on it.

bed bugs through the mail

2) Check Your Items for Bed Bugs

If you have anything delivered, you should check it for bed bugs. The technique of checking for bed bugs is easy, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll find them all. Check in the following way:

  • Open the item. If you bought a bag, for example, open the bag and shake it out.
  • Wipe the item down. Use a cloth, or just your hands. Any bed bugs in your items won’t bite, so don’t be afraid.

You should do this process outdoors. This will ensure that if any bed bugs were inside your items, they wouldn’t infest your house.

Bear in mind that if you get something delivered directly from a warehouse, it’s unlikely to have bed bugs in it anyway. You are still free to check your goods, but there’s not much need.

When opening your mail, throw away the package or letter somewhere outside. This applies whether you open the mail indoors or out. Any bed bugs inside can’t get from the bin to your house.

Packaging often has lots of small nooks that bed bugs can hide in. Bubble wrap is an example. The bugs could get between the bubble wrap and the package. They may also hide in shredded paper wrapping, or other packing material.

If you open the mail outside, throwing the packaging or envelope into an outside bin is easy. If you open the package inside, you could put the packaging straight into a plastic waste bag. You can then throw this out as soon as possible.

4)Use Bed Bug Interceptors to Catch Bed Bugs

Bed bug interceptors are small traps that fit around the feet of your bed. They catch any bug that tries to climb up, in a well they can’t escape.

These are used as a first defense measure. The idea is that any bed bug looking to infest your mattress will fail to do so. They’re effective against almost all different types of bed bugs.

To make sure the traps work, open up your mail somewhere other than your bedroom. If the bed bug wants to infest your mattress, they’ll have to get past the interceptor first.

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Opinion: The woes of warehouse work

The New York Times recently published an article about the harsh working conditions that Amazon employees face. The article generated a lot of debate and support from employees.

This summer I worked at Amazon for three insufferable weeks. While that may have not been enough time to fully grasp the experience of working there; I learned a lot and it’s surely an experience I’ll never forget.

This summer I decided to quit my job as a janitor in search of something more substantial. I was about to graduate college and a bigger paycheck with benefits was necessary, or so my mom’s nagging would have me believe.

My father had been working at Amazon for a year and told me they were hiring. I went to Integrity Staffing and was hired on the spot. Two weeks later I began working for Amazon.

On my first day I walked through the rotary style iron gates with a smile on my face. I was optimistic and ready to begin. I circled up with my new hire group of seven to listen to my ambassador give us his training speech.

He took us on a tour of the million square foot facility. There were endless aisles of cardboard boxes filled with items from floor to ceiling. All that surrounded us was a menagerie of yellow totes, cardboard bins and concrete. At that moment the mood of my group and myself shifted. We had begun to realize exactly what we had gotten ourselves into.

He showed us how to pick next. On a scanning gun a screen popped up and showed us the aisle, bin number and product description of the item we were looking for. Depending on which bin the item was in you would either have to squat down to retrieve it or use your stepladder. If you were lucky it was somewhere in the middle.

Once you found your bin, you would scan it to make sure you were in the right location and then search the bin for your item; all while being timed.When you scanned your item the screen would show your next item; which was sometimes in an entirely different part of the building or different floor.

After he showed us how to pick it was break time, which was the main issue I had while working at Amazon. Breaks, for the pick department, were measured by my last pick out and my first pick coming back, which means the time it took to walk to and from the break room was counted in my break time.

They said it would only take me two and a half minutes each trip but in my experience it took five, which only gave me five minutes to sit down, have a glass of water and then I was back at it again.

When I came back from break on my first day, two of the people in my new hire group had quit. At that time I thought to myself, &#;This job isn’t that hard, they’re being childish.&#; But as the days went on, I started to think that they had made the right decision.

On my third day they transferred me from the fourth floor to the first on opposite sides of the west module. I had such a hard time finding my next pick.

When I finally found my next pick 40 minutes had passed and I’m pretty sure I lost years of my life from the stress I had just endured. About an hour later my supervisor came and found me. She told me that I was being written up because I took too much time finding my next pick.

I explained that it was my third day and she gave me a warning and explained that if I wasn’t a new hire I would have been written up. It was then that I began to worry about my time.

I was supposed to be picking 75 items per hour and depending on which floor I was on my best was My dad explained to me that only the bottom 15 percent of pickers were written up for having less picks but it still concerned me.

While keeping up the pace was a concern nothing rivaled the physical pain I was experiencing. At the end of each night on average I had done the equivalent of hundreds of stair steppers and squats and thirteen miles of walking. To say that my feet hurt would be an understatement.

It didn’t help that I was working night shift. When I got home at six in the morning the walk from my car to my bed was almost impossible.

During my second week my leg seized up and I tripped and fell on my gravel road; instead of getting up I laid there for another ten minutes contemplating the benefits of sleeping outdoors; which would have won out if it hadn’t have been for the bugs.

Every morning I would come home and beg my mom for a foot massage. Much to her dismay because, as previously stated, it was six in the morning. It’s safe to say I can never turn down a favor for her ever again.

While I will be the first to admit I am not in the best shape, countless people I worked with while at Amazon were fit and still found the rigorous schedule difficult.

The physical aspect of the job wasn’t the only part that was draining. In my second week I began to notice my mood shift. All I wanted to do was sleep. I hadn’t socialized with my friends since starting the job.

The environment I was working in was so dreary. I was surrounded by cardboard and concrete all day with very little human interaction. I could feel myself becoming depressed.

By the end of my second week my new hire group was down to two, which was when I realized I wasn’t going to make it.

By the end of my third week I was done. I got in my car and began to drive to Jeffersonville. As I drove I turned on Taylor Swift; it was then that I knew this job wasn’t for me. If Taylor couldn’t improve my mood something was seriously wrong. I couldn’t validate staying somewhere that was making me so miserable.

With school quickly approaching l knew I had to make a decision: work or school. While I had the luxury of being able to quit Amazon to focus on school many students cannot afford to do this.

Working this job helped me appreciate those who are able to work full time and go to school. I think everyone should work a job like Amazon in their lives; for some it leads to great opportunity. For those like me, it leads to perspective and gratitude for the life I have.


How do you get Bed Bugs? Read Daniel&#;s Nightmare!


Biggest mistake I’ve ever made was buying a used mattress from a second hand store. I ended up with a bed bug infestation like you would not believe, but by using food grade diatomaceous earth, diligent cleaning for a month, bed bug mattress cover, I finally got rid of them. My advice, look at the mattress for signs of bed bugs BEFORE you bring it home, even if it’s new (many time, companies just stick the returns back out on the floor).


Thank you very much. I promise that if I knew what I know now about these bedbugs, especially about their trails and signs of infestation, I would have never brought in that piece of infested furniture, because I did spot the red and brown marks on the underside of the chair, and I just ignored it. Now I regret it more than anything and pray that the problem doesn’t spread to my roommates.

I read several of the comments here on your site and purchased a set of glue boards that one of the commenters recommended to monitor and catch these bugs, because I want to make sure I have them before going on a killing spree and buying a ton of products to fight back. I’ll post my efforts and results in a few days to update my situation for everyone to see what I tried, what worked, and what didn’t.


My buddy gave me a decorative sword (turned out to be filled with bed bugs) and now i’m staying at a motel at a cost of dollars and had to pay a professional exterminator dollars!!!! thanx bedbugs and my (expletive) buddy


Hi. Have you found any sign of infestations at the Lucerne Hotel in NYC or the Mariott in Orlando Florida miles from Disneyworld? Thank you so much.

Donna Wyskiel::

Can bedbugs be transmitted through library books?


Hi Donna,

Good question and one that I’ve never heard asked before!

An individual book, doubtful, but a box of books that has been stored in a home / area infested with bed bugs would make sense. They are found where the source of CO2 is greatest and if the box was close to the bed, couch, etc, the bugs may indeed find it a suitable home.

Bed Bug Girl::

Dear Greta,

I just did a response for the Lucerne Hotel, West 79th Street, New York City, NY and did not find any reports of bedbugs. The Marriott will need an exact address for me to check.

Thanks, BBG

Bed bug bandit::

Hey.. I live in a trailer in Sarasota with a roommate and didn’t even know what a bed bug was until i moved here! I sleep on an air mattress and had my first encounter with the beastly bug about a month ago..

At first i thought it was a baby cockroach or something and than i stepped on it and it occurred to me that it was human blood that came out of it!! I than took my sheets off and began to search the home for more..

They are very hard to find during the day and squeeze into cracks and crevices extremely well!! They’re there one minute and appear gone the next!! It’s like they disappear, but they’re not gone they’re lurking, waiting for you to lay down so they can feast on your blood!! Vicious little things and you cant feel them!!

I was at work the other day and a co worker brought it to my attention that there was a bug crawling on my neck!! How embarrassing!! He had no idea what it was but i knew immediately when i saw it and thought to myself that they’re following me now!! Anyways, my roommate and i are on the warpath now!

Bed bug bandit::

Are trying to get rid of them and have tried everything.. Ive found that the ant and roach spray works the best!! Can anyone give me some more tips on how to kill these little blood suckers because we’re getting eaten alive!!


I have a friend that her family’s home is infested with Bed bugs. She removed all the furniture and vacumed times and removed all clothing to wash at a laundromat. Do you think she still has them? The couch was infested with these awful bed bugs. She took the couch and chairs to the dumpster, and vacumned many,many times. What are the chances that they are gone? what else can she do to eliminate them. She is so frazzled.

Photoshop Princess::

I wash my sheets and clean the house at least once a week! Learn to not take free furniture, because free will always be EXPENSIVE later on! :)


I first found out that I had them last night! I was just about to go to bed, after reading, and while sitting I noticed something crawling along the bed by me…. I squished it and there was BLOOD! I instantly flipped out. I threw my blanket, pillows on the ground and flipped my mattress and found two more!! I killed them but while looking for others underneath I couldn’t find any.

Thinking that, those were the only ones I put the mattress down and looked at one orange pillow that I rest my back on and saw something move…… and sure enough when I put it on my bed there they all were in a little corner. I of course instantly freaked out, choked up, and stomach and heart sank. I ran to tell my mom and she was curious because if they were all there…. why wasn’t I getting bitten?

Only time I noticed any bug bites was when I started cleaning in my room once and woke up to what I thought was a spider bite. Next day or so I had another one but a bit farther away from the first. After that I didn’t see anymore bites. Could you have bed bugs and sometime not be bitten or show signs of the bite mark? What can I do to get rid of them? The same night I got two garbage bags and put the orange pillow in it and left it on the back porch and going to put it in the garbage can today ( was 1 am when I noticed them.)

I am also washing my sheets and all of my clothes, to be on the safe side I bagged the clothes I’m going to wash in garbage bags and keep them in my room for the time being while the others are washing. Not to mention getting rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore and things to throw out too. I’m going to also vacuum my room like crazy and after doing so take the vacuum bag out and rebag it and throw it out.

I am just so afraid that because of me they spread throughout my house!! But the rest of my family haven’t complained of any bites or seeing anything. I don’t know how long they have been in that pillow. I’m hoping that pillow was home base…. sheesh even after the initial shock last night I’m still shaken. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!!

Mary Lee::

I know this pain all too well, my son and I have been going through this since May The bed bugs are so itchy, i could not stop from scratching until it bled. I looked every where for an answer to relieve the itches. Finally, I found it, CASTOR OIL. Apply the castor oil as soon as you get the itches and then it will go away in about minutes. Sometimes, the itches will come back the next day. Just keep applying the castor oil. The bump will get swollen and then it will go away with no scars. It is AMAZING. Note: This worked for me, I’m not a doctor and you should read any warnings before applying oil.


we have bed bugs and dont know how to get rid of them we have baby thats gets bitten by them and want to know what to do with them


Hello bedbug fans! lol My case is that my sister has a very very bad infestation of bedbugs and she transports them to other peoples house. my mother babysits her twins and now my moms bed is infested with bedbugs. everyday after work i would pass by my moms house and lay down on her bed until my b/f came to pick me up. to my surprise, about a week ago i woke up and it was a fat juicy bedbug on my pillow and i almost had a heart attack. my b/f crushed it with tissue and it bled and then he flushed it.

we are currently sleeping on an air mattress because we are afraid to buy a mattress or any type pf furniture. my mother, myself and b/f is certain that the bedbug hitched a ride on me from my moms house and was caught in time before it nested or bit due to us not seeing anymore at all through our inspection. so don’t be fooled and think only used furniture can bring them. they hitch hike, the at jobs, hotels, movie theaters, school, new mattress, old, friends clothes, trains, cars etc.

what i suggest is limit your amount of furniture and unnecessary clothing, get a metal platform bed with a foam mattress and wrap it 2x in plastic (eliminate bx springs if you can) at the start of your door coming home strip and put your clothing in a plastic bag and tie it tight, sit your shoes you wore for that day on the fire escape or outside the door for a lil while then inspect them and jump your behind right into the shower.

don’t let anyone in your bedroom coming from outside and sitting in your bed. if you know someone has them eliminate their company and don’t care if they get mad cause no one cares if they bring them to your home. by some polyutherine and paint around the baseboard in every room cause they can travel through walls and that will seal anything trying to get through. that’s about it, good luck to all and pray cause bed bugs surely have taken over.


I cleaned my room and found this pillow FILLED wit them on the side. I was :O and I went to my mom. She said they were fleas from my dog. I was okay.. She threw away the pillow and said “they were gone.” So a couple days later, I started finding spots on my sheets, i checked myself on my mirror to see if i had a cut or something. I checked my bed and found one of the bugs so I killed it. I went to my cousin’s room in my house and passed over to him without even noticing, same goes to my sister, mom and living room. I hate, despise, them. They are getting me and my family stressed and angry. Now we have to throw away ALL the beds, some clothes and some sheets, and etc. just because of those critters. OMG, I’m about to cry man. I hate them with everything. I feel way to anxious. I feel way to itchy. I wish I never got them man. I wish it could just disappear. but no, I’m stuck with them into further notice. Don’t mind my writing, if somethings didn’t make sense or whatever. Too angry at those things to care.


so i got my first place a little studio apartment ( been living here for 4 months); started out sleeping on the floor until i was able to get my bed transported to my place…finally got a mattress (used) from a relative who showed no signs of bed bugs at all) the beginning of this week i was so excited to finally have a bed.

well one morning i wake up and find some bite marks on me…i think its probably just spider bites since id been finding them in the place…well the next morning i find more bites on my arms..lower back..and legs so i ask ppl at work what bites they are …they gave me responses from bed bugs..ringworm…jiggers I’m getting pissed because all I’m doing is itching and its driving me nuts…

so i inspect my mattress don’t see anything at all go to inspect my box spring and see this blackish red bug crawling real fast…i scream of course and grab my spray and doused the bug and do some more inspecting and come across 3 more bugs and douse them with this spray that’s supposed to kill bed bugs, yet the bugs are still moving and enjoying all the light!

I’ve never had this problem and I’m stressing out ..i bagged all my clothes to be washed ..refuse to sleep in my bed and be a meal …these bugs are making me go insane……i bought some foggers do they work?


we just bought our Queen size bed couple months ago,my boyfriend notice that he has raches on his body,but we have a 4 months old baby ,everyday we try to kill them little by little.some times we kill 4 to 5 bedbugs,some days we found 7 to 6 at lease,,we just don’t know how to get rid of them,,


I was at my friends house for the last few days and slept on her couch the first night I woke up and was itchy on my stomach and my arms . The next morning I saw what looked like to be bug bites I didn’t see any bed bugs . Every night I stayed at her house I would wake up itching in the middle of the night and in the morning would find bites in different places. Could she possibly have bed bugs and I f she did how do I know if I brought them home with me, if I don’t see them, and how do I get rid of all the itching Ive had???

queen b::

Sorry for all your troubles. I was a little down then started to read these bedbugs blog and it made my day. I am amazed at the many bedbug stores. I have certainly have become aware and more cautious of bed bug. Thanks and God bless you all.


We have this lady at work who has cats and if you look at her work chair there was so much cat hair on it that you would think the cats come to work. I had to train her and decided instead of talking about her I would clean her chair.

Using clear tape I scrubbed, brushed and beat the chair not thinking about bed bugs. After cleaning and loosening whatever might have been in the chair she took her chair back to her area. Two coworkers ended up with bites and were sent home or to the doctors and an exterminator was called in. So I’m thinking to myself if they’ve been bitten I should have more than a few bites (I cleaned the chair) The exterminator only sprayed the cubicles where the 2 ladies sat they didn’t spray my section which was in the opposite direction. Needless to say I had bites on my back not realizing it.

I was itching so I took a shower and when I came out of the shower I had my kid scratch my back it was still itching like crazy and they were like mom what are all these bumps on your back!!!!? Once I realized Oh My Goodness I went to work the next day to let them know and to show them my back and the hives that came with it they questioned whether it was from me cleaning the chair. Of course I felt that is was so I left work and went to the doctors he said they were definitely bites he couldn’t say whether they were flea bite or bed bug bites but he gave me a cream to put on me. So now every night I wake up with bites and I don’t know why and if I brought something home that day trying to be a good person and clean a co worker’s chair.

danielle mincy::

to get rid of bed bugs put food grade diatomaceous earth (silica) around the bed posts of your floor and i believe you can dust your bed with it. It can be found online or at a health food store. It also gets rid of other bugs and it does wonders 4 your body go figure you can kill bugs and eat it.


A friend of mine lived in a group home and had recently moved out. He had mentioned that the house had bed bugs, but they had seemed to stay on the first floor.
He just moved into a new place and after a few weeks of being there, along with a brand new out of the plastic mattress, we found the creeping bugs.

I’ve often sat on the bed, since there is no where else to sit, other then the floor. Is there a chance I brought them home?

I have not shown any signs of being bit, no itching and no marks. Could I have dodged this?


I’m curious I just got new furniture from a rent a center we got it on Friday left for the weekend come home last night sat on the sofa for a few hours and had bedbugs all over us. The store is saying it had to come from our home? We have never experienced any bed bugs what so ever but I have no proof of where they came from is it possible they come from the new sofa?

Bed Bug Girl::

What is the address of the rent-a-center that sold you the sofa that has the bed bug infestation? I’ll check to see if there have been similar problems in the past.


I can’t sleep knowing these bugs are in my house. I have found only 5 can’t find where they are nesting (catching them was the only way I knew they were here). I have had both Terminex and Orkin come and look at the place. They both said the only sign of them were the actual bugs I caught and saved. After doing what they said two do (spray, wash, mattress covers, vacuumed) 3 days later if found two more in my bed. What did i do wrong or not enough of? I also changed my curtains. I am so paranoid every little thing I feel I think its a bug. Can’t afford the professional treatment. What do i do next?!!!!!

Kira Pagel::


I just found out that my mattress has a very small, but still very creepy, bed bug infestation! It took some detective work to figure out where they came from but I think I have it figured out! Amazon the online store!!

About 4 months ago, I purchased a new bed-in-a-bag set…..and it actually turned out to be a bed-bug-colony-in-a-bag set! A friend had come to visit about 2 weeks after I bought the new set. I was all excited and washed everything except the dust ruffle. Now I wish I had washed it! I’m guessing that one of the warehouses had a set returned after it had already been put on an infested bed and Amazon just re-sold it to me!

While she was here we were both getting bit like crazy by mosquitoes and she’s not use to all the mosquitoes in FL so I told her not to worry about it. The bites I had seemed to be itching more and for weeks on end before they finally healed up. I was researching how pheromones can attract them, or even steroid/cholesterol residue on your skin from your metabolism or medications. So, I first thought it was my new lotion that was attracting them because it was the only new variable that I could figure out.

About a month after she left I started to wonder if it could be fleas or bed bugs because I was spending much less time outside but had 4 times as many bites. I looked online but when I checked my bed, there were no bugs/feces/shed skins. I figured I was just attracting mosquitoes from all regions of the continent. Finally, 4 months after I got the bed set, I started to notice that the bites were mainly on my fingers and arms but hardly anywhere else. They would itch for 2 days and calm down but sometimes at work they would instantaneously swell back up and get itchy again.

Mosquito bites normally only last days and are only itchy the first day. The bites I had were multiplying but also taking weeks to heal completely. The last 2 nights I’ve been waking up around 5 or 6 am and notice 1 or 2 fingers that have bites each! They itch way worse than mosquitoes/fleas and I just couldn’t believe that 1 mosquito in my room at night would bite that many times in a row if I’m sleeping and don’t move while he fills all the way up. At this rate it would have to be a mosquito with a tapeworm!

All in all, I looked online at pictures and bite blogs that compelled me to look again after work and sure enough they have finally colonized enough to have a few very large adults, one weird shaped casing like an egg sac, and a few nymphs that are very hard to see. I’m moving at the end of the month and I’m tossing my FAVORITE mattress in the trash when I go. I squashed every bug I could find (all full to the brim with my blood) and washed everything. I’m going to try the spray to cover me for a few weeks and everything will get bagged or thrown in the dryer before I move 1 box!

Wish me luck……and, if I’m right, then I suggest not buying anything made of fabric at Amazon if you know what’s good for you…but if you do…don’t forget to wash the dust ruffle!


Ugh. About 2 weeks ago we found out we have bed bugs. For weeks, I was finding bites on me and figured that they were mosquito bites because my husband wasn’t getting bit and we live in Texas so the mosquitoes are horrible! I’ve heard horror stories about bed bugs so I began checking my mattress and didn’t see anything. While my husband was on a hunting trip, I woke up at about 3 in the morning itching the crap out of my foot. I turned on the light and there they were. MY WORST NIGHTMARE!

The bugs where all over my mattress. I proceeded to wash everything!! And as soon as my apartment’s managers office opened, I called them immediately. 2 days later, they sent out an exterminator to confirm the bed bugs. We proceeded to throw away every piece of furniture away. A week after that (this last monday), the exterminator came to exterminate. So far, the bill has cost us $ Not to mention we still have to get our neighboring apartments inspected and if they in fact have bed bugs, we have to pay for their extermination as well. We have never brought a piece of used furniture into our apartment and have only stayed at 4 star hotels.

We are pretty sure that my husband got the bed bugs from a hotel in Louisville, KY because I checked the bed bug registry and 11 surrounding hotels had bedbug incidents. I have read on a few websites to not try and get rid of the bugs yourself, it only makes them worse!! So if you can, get an exterminator immediately. All of the bed bugs we have found in our apartment since Monday have been dead. THANK GOD!! Now we have to wait 2 weeks to buy new furniture!


Hey everyone. Thought I would give my input as I am a professional pest control technician and have been treating these little guys for 7 yrs. They are by far the most difficult beg to eradicate because they can hide anywhere and only certain things kill them. If you don’t want to spend the money on a professional then by a good steamer, preferably one with a hose. Shark makes good ones. While bed bug eggs can’t be killed with chemicals they are killed by temps greater than Hence the steamer. Then you need to steam everything in the infested room.

The bed and its frame, any furniture and anywhere you can think of. Basically any crack or crevice can have bedbugs in it. Then you need to wash all you clothes and bedding in the hottest possible setting. Follow this with a good drying. This should kill anything in there. You should also get bed bug proof covers for your bed. Most places have them now. This keeps any residing bed bugs from escaping and reinfecting the bed. You need to keep it on for at least a year since they can live up to 16 months without feeding. Vacuum the carpet really well and toss out the bag or wash the canister. They only thing you don’t be able to do is lay down the good chemicals that will kill any remaining bugs that come out. Repeat this process every two weeks until you don’t see any more. Hope this helps.


Hello, I went to visit my elderly parents for Thanksgiving and no more than 10 min of sitting in the family room chair a bug was scurrying across my stomach of my shirt! I grabbed it and asked my husband immediately what he thought it was, now keep in mind I’ve had an obsession with researching these blood suckers, so I already knew what it was. I immediately went to check beds and on my mother’s bed was signs of bedbugs!!

It didn’t look that bad so we hurried to walmart to get encasements, but boy was I wrong! When I started lifting the clothes and dolls off her bed they were infested with bed bugs! My heart breaks for her and my dad! I went through hell cleaning and steaming all of my belongings when we got back, not to mention vaccuming and steaming the entire van! I’m heart broken that I can’t stay with my parents on trips anymore, because I fear of bringing them home! =(

I dusted all of the carpet and furniture with DE before I left and she has said she has seen signs of dead one’s not sure if it is just their skins or actual dead one’s she’s old and can’t see well, but she is still killing them… Her clutter is extensive and she can’t afford professional help, all I can do is lay the DE and hope that in time they go away =( God help all who have to go through this it is more than I can handle. If I ever got them I would have a mental breakdown! No place is safe and I can see that now…

Ms. Dee::

So me and my sisters all got new bed sets and matresses so like the next few days my little sisters had bites on them but me and my parents thought it was mosquito bites. because they do out door cheerleading and their always outside in the grass but the bites kept appearing and we didn’t know what it was. we then thought it was spider bites that all changed last night because we had my cousin staying the night. he was laying in my sisters bed and he was like something bit me he was scratching like crazy and we then realized it was bedbugs so the terminex people came out and showed us where they were an I have just one word DISGUSTING!


So my aunt kicked out my cousin I went to pick her up and my aunts apartment was dang near empty. Didn’t think much of it so loaded my cousins clothes in my trunk and brought her to my house. She used my washer and dryer stored her stuff in my guest closet. After a week or so she went to my grandmas with all her stuff. My son has had bites all over with that a spider was finding him yummy. Well then last night I saw a bedbug crawling on the arm of my couch where my cousin slept. I bought some fogger stuff does anyone know if it works? I have 4 kids and I have to wash all their clothes and bedding (30) loads… I need advice! Please help…

harry palmer::

its like 3am and i just woke up skratching like crazy, i may just be going a bit crazy im feeling a scratching like no other and i can see marks allready begining to appear. its like something ive never felt, im from the uk and i havent found any signs of bed bugs but something that looks like fecies in the pictures i cant see any nests on my matress but its not a spring mattress its an air matress, im 17 and the only reason im on this website is because im just quickly doing some reserch is it bed bugs?

Bed Bug Girl::

Signs of bedbugs are the important part Harry – check out the bedbug checklist, 3am is the right time, but, if this is the first time happening, it could simply be an allergic reaction! This exact same thing happens to me when I eat bad seafood and only my chest and up get bumps. Let us know if you find anything, more signs of bed bugs (like the feces you mentioned).


I keep getting bed bugs this time of year for the last three years. It’s annoying. The first year I was living in a crap hole apartment so I thought it was because of that. I come from a small town, and I found the cheapest apartment I could find when I moved here three years ago. So I got rid of my mattress and washed everything like it was advised on the internet. I was moving in with a friend, so I let my landlord know that I had them. He told me that the building was infested and he was taking care of all the units anyway.

Everything was good in my new apartment, this was the end of Oct , I moved here March Well, a year later around the end of Sept o my room mate noticed she was getting bug bites. A few weeks later, I noticed as well on me. So I checked my mattress, the bed bugs were back. I was worried it was my fault, because I heard they can be dormant for a while. I thought I had taken care of it all, I had washed all of my clothes and old stuffed animals from when I was kid in hot water. I had gotten rid of my old mattress and even the furniture because I didn’t need my old couch and chair anymore since my room mate had her own furniture. I wasn’t sure if it was my fault, but we told our landlord, and they came and sprayed everything. We had no problems with bed bugs after that. Sometimes we found dead bugs in the furniture, but that was it.

Now it’s , I have moved again because my old room mate had a fall out. I moved March into my own place. Everything was great here. In October I thought I saw some bugs, and bug bites on me. It stressed me out, because I am tired of it. I vacuumed everything and washed everything. I didn’t see any again after that, until this afternoon. I found one at 1 in the afternoon crawling on my bed. I killed it, and I guess I am going to pull everything out again and vacuum and wash everything. I have told the landlords about this, but I am seeing no results.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been living in apartment buildings in the city or what, but this is getting on my nerves. I am sick of it. I lived in apartment buildings in my old town, and never had this problem. None of my furniture is used. I’ve never slept in a hotel. I kind of wonder if they’ve been following me from unit to unit, or if there is just something about this time of year that makes them come out more. Whatever it is, I just wish I didn’t have to deal with it anymore.


Whatever you do, DO NOT take furniture from the outside, it is quite gross, used furniture in general especially if it’s couches or a mattress. You don’t know how disgusting the previous owner is, it’s hygienic to only buy new packaged furniture


After reading all the stories in the post I would like to post mine too. We moved into a new apartment and we looked at all the stuff if everything was in place, but we never had any thought of bed bugs in the apartment. The first night me and my husband saw 3 bugs crawling and thought some roaches and killed them. Later we found more. My husband for little suspicious and browsed online and said they might be bed bugs. We complained to the leasing office people and they claim that we brought them along with us. Unfortunately we never saw any bugs in our lives till now and we are thrown into the place and we have all the blames on us now.

Later my husband found some clues in the apartment which proves that the apartment they gave us is already infested with them. I think that the previous people did not inform them and they left and now these little buggers are tied around our neck.

An exterminator was called and he did something. The whole apartment smelled gross for couple of days. We thought everything was set. And they even did steam cleaning to the carpet. Again just 2 days later I found another bed bug crawling…Depressed.. I donno from where these are coming from. We again complained the land lord.

God please help us and save people who are suffering from bed bug curses…


It was 1 am when I woke up a bit worried about us still being infested with bed bugs. I wake up paranoid and come to find a what seems to be blood spot on my bed. I get up turn on the light and try looking for the blood sucker but it was no were to be found. Not to mention im sleeping on a air-mattress. Because the last mattress was infested with them so it had to be thrown out. I’m just so stressed and aggravated with this bed bug problem. I’m pregnant and i’m trying to get rid of these bugs before my daughter is aggravates me even more because my roommates have so much junk that when it comes down to exterminating they don’t want to bag everything and dry it. And when trying the method of spraying alcohol all around the house the smell bothers them. Its been at least 4 months of extermenaters coming and going and its just ridiculous.the couches are gone to and it was just yesterday when two more were found in my roomates room. I seriously don’t know what to do it feels like a loosing battle when all I want to do is get rid of them!


This is a response for Lisa as her post really got to me and brought all the painful memories I have from 2 years ago of me having to deal with bed bugs.

Lisa, I had my 1-year old baby bitten by bed bugs in the fancy new apartment building we were living at that time. I just hope you hear me.. this is absolutely NOT something you want to live with or try to ‘treat’ when you have a baby, period. Here is how it is: if you live in the house that has couple of units – check with the other unit and if they DO have the same problem – MOVE OUT as soon as you can, if they DON’T have the same problem – skip to step #2 of my suggestion please. If you live in relatively large apartment building:

Step #1 : MOVE OUT as soon as you can (tell landlord bed bugs as a cause and that you will put their address on bedbug registry if they will give you any troubles with early termination fees and such). The reason is – landlords % of time are NOT educated about the right way of #1 inspecting (which should ONLY be done with certified dogs) and #2 with effective way of treating this problem.

Step #2: I guarantee you, you will save your SANITY and MONEY by just having a quality dog inspection to determine where exactly in your apartment and furniture bed bugs are (in my NJ area runs $ and up). Get rid of those pieces of your belongings IF they are not washable (also if you don’t want to throw your mattresses or if they are expansive ones – clean them the best you can and place special protective covers sold in Bed Bath and Beyond and many online stores) AND rewash ALL of your washable belongings AND just get the hell out of there..

Now, 2 years later after the bed bug encounter in our perfectly beautiful apartments, and having to deal with management, and treating the unit, and throwing my hard earned furniture and stuff at the end, and having to move twice: first temporary to our parents’ house (to be ABLE to sleep) and than finally to our first home that we bought, AND even after that having to deal with constant anxiety and depression and obsess after every single mosquito bite on mine or my baby’s body..

I just hope you read this and take care of yourself first and your sanity before your baby arrives. Love, Oksana.

Poo bear::

I had these bugs before. It was not fun. I’m in collage and I got this new furniture, it was wonderful. I slept on it every night unlit one night I found out it was by the dump for a long time and that’s how you get bed bugs. I got all itchy then I felt bad that if I may have caused my friends to become infested and start itching as well. Make sure that you don’t bring home used cloths or furniture and if you do, than make sure that you check them BEFORE bringing them into the home!


Hello I’m in collage and I had bad bugs before it was NOT fun at all. I bought a couch and I slep on it every night till I found out I had bed bugs. The couch was bye the dump for a while and that’s how you get bed bugs.

I went to school the next day and I had red bumps al over the place and I was itching all over to. I felt Bad because what if I gave te bed bugs to my roommates??


#1 DONT buy things that has been by the dump or ou will get the bed bugs and might not get rid of.

#2 DONT get couches ad chairs from people you don’t know and do have bed bugs…

I hope I helped you with bed bugs bar side you could possibly get sick from bed bugs. Trust me ou DO NOT want to get them :) hoped I helped.

Thank You,


A few doors down on a really clean street.. neighbors have bed bugs.. throwing all furniture and bags in their driveways for days now.. can they travel threw the grass to other homes? if so is there something i can put outside around my home.. Worried !!! please help..praying our street name will not change and be called bed bug ave.. thank you.

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Kat, no, the maximum distance a bed bug can travel without help is around 60 feet; as for help, that can come in the form of a bat and unless you have bats, I think you’re safe.


i have a new bed since i moved to my new house. we found a leather couch outside and am using it for friends and what not. i just saw a small bed bug looking thing and got paranoid. is the bug from the leather or from the couch the leather is on? Just saw a bug on my pillow! Please!!! help with a good answer.

And one more thing. can they be brought into your home through a bite??


Hi people, after I took a shower yesterday morning I noticed a bump on my neck and one on my shoulder bone, I didn’t think it was anything just the soap I used.. But then this morning I woke up and noticed that the one bump had two next to it in a line.. The other one didnt but I’m wondering if its a bed bug bite? Can they come in from pets like my animals play outside and sometimes come into my room. Can they transfer onto my bed? My bumps aren’t itchy but I’m terrified of any bug.. PLEASE HELP!


I had bed bugs and I tore up my carpets, through out my mattress and box spring and my pillows and mopped and cleaned everything and also washed all my sheets in hot water twice. Now I just got a new bed. First night was wonderful, second night I found 2 huge bed bugs! Do you think I still have them? Does hot water not kill them?…… :”(

Bed Bug Girl::

No, hot water will not kill them alone, you follow the instructions on my bed bug dust page to effectively get rid of these pests!


i have bed bugs now, im terrified to even sleep, i haven’t told anyone because i was to embarrassed, i’ve tried hovering the bed and spraying everyone i see with deodorant, but they always come back. but its weird this wasn’t any old or used bed, it was a bed in our spear room not used except for about twice just before my sister moved out. then we done up the room and that bed became mine, but quite a few months in i started to find spots of mold all over the bed covers, then i started to see bugs i had never seen in my life before climb up my walls and curtains. I had heard of bed bugs before but i never thought i would ever get any, so i decided to lift up my mattress and see if they were there, their was a few but not as many as i thought there would be. A few days later I went to get something out of my bed drawer and found loads of them in there including dead ones, now i don’t even want to go to sleep at night.


I heard that vinegar and salt i think with water to get rid of them! Is that true?


I heard that you should put turpentine at the corners of the matresses and box springs and in all creases of everything they may have gotten in. Good luck! Or better yet don’t do second hand save up until you can afford something, it’s not worth it because you may have to throw everything away you already have and that is a total waste!

Bed Bug Girl::

Hey Shywan, simply puff diatomaceous earth into the mattress, it’s safe, doesn’t smell, and all natural – see my section on bed bug dust :)



Just wanted to know, I could be getting ahead of myself. I met this person in my building yesterday, we spoke for around 30 mins, but kept a fair bit of distance between us. She invited me to check out her apartment. Went in, for a couple of minutes, removed my shoes, but stood at the entrance itself for roughly 5 minutes. Today, I met her again; we rode the train together (she sat next to me). She disclosed at the end of the conversation that she has bed-bugs. They bite her only at night (on a hot day).

My question is, can I get infected by it? I am currently freaking out. :/

Bed Bug Girl::

If you’re in her home and sit on infested furniture, yes, you can unwittingly bring them home with you. I think that so far, you are safe. You can do her a BIG favor and pass along my page on bed bug dust, it could save her a TON of money in extermination fees!


okay this past week I’ve found about 10 bites around my body (groin and the back of my knees) and I’ve compared them to what I’ve seen on this site and I’m pretty sure its bedbugs…. My question is, can you get bed bugs from a comforter?

My aunt bought this king size quilt from someone and decided that she didn’t want it, and piratically forced my mom to buy it from her. While cleaning up the house a couple weeks ago my mom told me about it and said i could use it on my bed instead of the twin sized one i had from my college bed.

I only just got these bites this past week, and at first i though it was just little spider bites on my legs (i don’t mind spiders, they eat the flies) but i noticed all the others around my groin and there’s just noway.


Hi Lelia,

Yes, you can get bed bugs from a comforter. What I would do is see if there is an infestation inside that comforter (if it’s a multilayer design), are there signs of bed bugs? If you’ve got 10 bites, then chances are you have more than one bed bug (if they are bed bug bites).


I’ve been woke since in the a.m i just found a large bed bug and a small bed bug within those hours how can i get rid off these bed bugs i have the bed bug dust stuff and applyed it to:
-the boxsprings
-the bed frame
-the floor
and other areas inside of the house and, there still signs of them. I’m off to read your section on bed bug dust. Thank you!


A friend of mine who’s house I stayed over a few times has bed bugs. I realized this after I ended up with over 10 bites on my body and woke up to notice a bag on my pillow! since then, I haven’t stayed over there again. I was hoping and praying that I didn’t bring the blood suckers home with me. I know for sure that if I change my clothes every time I stay before I leave and leave the clothes I slept in …after I realized he had them I became scared about my house. For the past few nights I’ve slept in my bed but haven’t had any bites…my question is, does it take time for the to infest in your mattress?

Bed Bug Girl::

Hi Lasha,

Yes, it takes time for them to reproduce, but not much. What you should do is buy a mattress encasement, one that protects your from dust mites will also protect you from bed bugs. Also use bed bug dust (food grade diatomaceous earth) to help eliminate them, it is safe and works great.


I was in a bind and needed money. My family was expanding, we needed new furniture so i decided to go second-hand. It first started when my son, who slept through the night from birth, started waking in the middle of the night about something biting him.
Then I started noticing bugs coming out of diaper bags, purses, ant then eventually my clothes! Overwelmed by how fast they multiplied, I threw everything away. Now I’m in the process of replacing everything I had to get rid of! Unfortunate?


Most people here seem to have very visible bites, but it’s worth observing that reactions vary tremendously. Some folks welt up and itch like crazy; some just get a little red dot that doesn’t bother them at all; and the rest are spaced out all along a continuum. It’s basically a matter of your individual body chemistry interacting with the bug’s. So, yes, it is entirely possible to have bedbugs and be bit and not know it–until you actually *see* one, on which good luck, unless you have bold ones like mine!

Consider this too: how big is a bedbug? How much blood can it possibly take? A drop? Two? I’ve read that some people get anemia from being bb-bit, but they probably have really major infestations.

One thing you should never do is be ashamed because you have bugs. It is NOT YOUR FAULT. You are not a rotten housekeeper. Unlike cockroaches, bedbugs are not attracted by filth. They’re opportunistic little bloodsuckers (like the IRS) and they go where the food (money) is. And they are very small and nearly flat and can hide in anything–clothes, shoes, luggage, a book. Many people are simply not aware that they have, and are spreading, bugs. This is one reason the problem has gotten so severe.

You can restrict yourself to 4-star or even star hotels and it won’t keep you safe. The cleanliness and luxury of the hotel has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. All it takes is one traveller who’s been in, or who comes from, a third-world country and has one hitchhiking female bb who’s gotten it on with the guys: she’s like a queen bee–once she has mated she can egg happily away for the rest of her (year-long) life.


My daughter usually goes to her Fathers house who lives with his girlfriend and their baby and get other 3 kids every other weekend! From the day try moved in together and my daughter started sleeping at her house she would come back home with huge red spots all over her body. I’m a nursing assistant in nursing school so i automatically knew what it was.

I let her father know what was going on and he insisted she was getting these marks at my house that he never noticed it on her so I stopped letting her go over because he wouldn’t get the situation straightened out because to him I was lying and jealous ( don’t know why since I’m in a relationship with my 1 year old sons father).

Time went on and I never saw the spots again and one day my mother who usually watches my daughter for me to go to work on the weekends went to Brazil on vacation (that’s where were originally from) and I had no one to watch her so I took her to her fathers house when I picked her up that Sunday I noticed huge spots on her feet because she had sandals on and I showed them to her father so he could see I wasn’t lying.

I took her home called her doctor he said she had some kind of an allergic reaction and to use hydrocortisone on it which I did and knew to since I always did every time he came back like that. Still her dad insists it wasn’t bed bugs even said she might have gotten something and passed it to the other kids cause apparently they were also having red stops all over.

A few days later passed and I get a call from him saying that he was laying in bed and seen a couple of bugs pass by his door and he got up and followed them, when he lifted up the mattress where both my daughter and his stepdaughter slept on he found hundreds of bed bugs!!! So of course he apologized for being a jerk all these months and got rid of all of his stuff and hired an exterminator.

If you see red spots don’t take any chances just look even if it sounds crazy an you can’t imagine that you might have them cause you never know! If he has listened to me he would have taken care of his problem months ago but to him I’m always wrong and I don’t know what I’m talking about! Well I washed all of her clothes with hot water as soon as we got home that same day and just thanked god he didn’t pass any onto my apartment!


Warehouse bed bugs amazon

The resurgence of bed bugs in American homes has caused many a sleepless night — but not everything you hear is true. Before you start pointing fingers at the reasons your home is infested or why you do — or don't — have a bed bugs problem, know this: Entomologist Richard Pollack, Ph.D., has found fewer than 10% of the critters people identify as bed bugs actually are bed bugs. That's also why he doesn't trust websites that list reports of bed bugs at hotels.

If you suspect you've got some unwelcome visitors at your house, here is everything you need to know about these nasty insects first:

Where do bed bugs come from?


Aller-Ease Zippered Mattress Protector



Bed bugs most notoriously hitch rides on luggage, but traveling isn't the only way to pick them up: They can easily be carried into the house on secondhand furniture, clothing, boxes, and pillows, so inspect such items very carefully. Encasement products like Good Housekeeping Seal holder AllerEase mattress protector can also prevent bugs that do make it inside from hunkering down in crevices.

But while reports of bed bugs at movie theaters and in retail stores have made headlines, it's rare that someone actually brings them home, says Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, an urban entomologist at Cornell University.

What are bed bugs attracted to?

Whether you have a messy home or a neat home, bed bugs only care that their food source, a.k.a. people, are nearby. Luckily, there's no evidence they transmit diseases as they feed. The real threat: Itchy, red bites, which are the first sign of an infestation.

Can bed bugs bite through clothes?

Unfortunately, long-sleeved pajamas won't shield you from bed bug bites. In fact, that's one of the tell-tale signs of an infestation. "If you wake up with numerous bites, especially under your clothes, it could be bed bugs," says David Dunham of Go Green Bedbug Dogs.

Not everyone experiences the same skin reaction though. "It's common for one person to become the host or the person getting all the bites, while their spouse or partner will get no bites at all," he adds. "Usually the person not getting bites will discredit their partner's concerns.

Getty Images

Now, here's how to get rid of bed bugs:

  1. Don't wait too long to contact a professional. "The biggest mistake people make is waiting too long to call for help, because the longer the problem goes on, the bigger of a chance they'll spread within the home and even outside of the home," Dunham says.
  2. Get written quotes from three licensed exterminators detailing their course of action, including pesticides, traps, and/or heat treatments they'll use and how and where they'll use them. While some people think over-the-counter sprays are a solution, pyrethroid-based pesticides may kill or repel some of the insects, they can be dangerous if misused, and it's doubtful you'll be successful on your own.

    "You should ask lots of questions to the companies you interview, because a good company will answer them and will never pressure you to make an appointment," says Dunham. Asking the company about their success rate and if their treatment comes with a guarantee, should their efforts not be successful, is a must.
  3. Search your furnishings, particularly along and behind the headboard and sides of the mattress. Bed bugs will hole up in furniture, along baseboards, in cracks in walls and, yes, in beds. Look for black stains (they leave behind blood and fecal matter), discarded molted skins, and the bugs themselves.
  4. Send or bring evidence to your local Cooperative Extension office(usually $5) or contact an online bug-ID service such as Pollack's IdentifyUS ($30) for a diagnosis. Accuracy is very important, so pinpoint the areas and rooms in your home that need treatment and act swiftly.
  5. Seal any infested bedding and clothing in clean plastic bags. Sort items based on how you would wash clothes and make a separate dry-clean only pile, advises the University of Minnesota Department of Entomology. Then wash and dry the items at the hottest temperature they can withstand.

    While some bugs will die in the washing machine, it's the heat of the dryer that will kill more of them. At least 60 minutes on a high-heat setting should do the trick, according to New York State Integrated Pest Management. Immediately dispose of the used plastic bags and put clean clothes in new ones. Don't take the items out of the bag until the infestation is successfully controlled.
  6. Thoroughly vacuum rugs, floors, furniture, beds, and all cracks and crevices to cut down on your bed bug population, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Afterwards, put the contaminated vacuum bag in a tightly sealed bag and throw it away in an outside garbage bin.

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