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Surprise, Buttsecks is a meme that originated from a Remix song that was based on Team Fortress 2. It is a remix of the sound Yonk by Syrsa.

It’s a remix of the spy saying surprise and buttsecks. Buttsecks is meant to say ‘butt Sex’.

The video was so popular that it was used in a lot of Gmod videos, such as a video called: ‘Surprise‘. It would later on be used as the theme song of the Freak Fortress 2 Boss ‘Sexually Challanged Spy’. As the meme is so incredibly hard to explain apart from it’s disturbing and it’s more likely a YouTube Poop Music Video.

”SurpriseBUTTSECKS” is repeated sometimes during the song and snorts.

The song seems to be 18+ and the thumbnail where spy opens his victim's door, a graduation image is beside him. Giving use the clue on how his victim looks like


Surprise Buttsex Trap Card

Surprise Buttsex Trap Card

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Made using the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker [link]

From Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series by the genius that is LittleKuriboh.
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LOL. I loved that movie xD
Yami: Joey, with you, its never a surprise.
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Surprise Buttsecks Meme


While the precise origin of "Surprise Buttsex" is unknown, the phrase can be interpreted as a humorous alternative to the more blatant "ass rape." [still researching]


In a Google search for search for the original "Surprise Buttsex" picture, the first result is a YTMND entitled The Original Surprise Buttsex Picture created by Hagane on September 9th,

This YTMND has over 17, views, and there are not many other "Surprise Buttsex" YTMNDs. This Baueux Tapestry is not the first instance of the Surprise Buttsex or Surprise Buttsecks meme. This may mean that "Surprise Buttsex" was a popular concept that someone would seek out the origin of, already in

The following stats are accurate as of November 14th,

There are YTMNDs contaning the word Buttsecks created between and today. Not all of these contain the word Surprise.

There are 23 Surprise Buttsecks YTMNDs. The first was created on July 11th, by ExKaliiperi


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Card sex surprise butt

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Surprise Buttsex

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