Chinese letters tattoo designs

Chinese letters tattoo designs DEFAULT

Chinese tattoo symbols and characters have become a popular form of body modification.

Chinese character’s tattoos have been popular for many years thanks to the elegance of the characters.

Chinese characters are exotic and mysterious at the same time, perfect for a tattoo. This kind of tattoos is getting increasingly popular in Western countries.

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Following are some idea with pictures and meanings:

Chinese Tattoo Symbols: Emotions & Concepts

Ambition – Zhìxiàng – 志向

chinese-tattoos-character-ideasAmbition--zhixiang-Chinese tattoo symbols

Anger – Fènnù – 愤怒


Beauty – Měi – 美


Brave – Yǒng – 勇


Courage – Yǒngqì – 勇气


Crisis – Wéijī – 危机


Death – Sǐwáng – 死亡


Devotion – Zhōngchéng – 忠诚


Destiny – Mìngyùn – 命运


Double Happiness – (双喜) shuāngxǐ – 囍
Chinese symbol for happiness – Double Happiness or Double Happy, is a Chinese traditional ornament design, commonly used as a decoration and symbol of marriage.

chinese-tattoos-character-ideasdouble-happiness-Chinese tattoo symbols

Dream – Mèng – 梦


Good Luck – Xìngyùn – 幸运


Energy – Néngyuán – 能源


Eternity – Yǒnghéng – 永恒


Female – Nǚ – 女


Fortune – Fú – 福


Freedom – Zìyóu – 自由


Happiness – Xìngfú – 幸福


Hate – hèn – 恨
chinese symbols for hate


——- I hate you – Wǒ hèn nǐ – 我恨你


Health – Jiànkāng – 健康


Honor – Róngyù – 榮譽
Chinese symbol for honor


Kind – Rén – 仁

Ren is the Confucian virtue denoting the good feeling a virtuous human experiences when being altruistic. Ren is exemplified by a normal adult’s protective feelings for children. It is considered the outward expression of Confucian ideals. [wikipedia]


Life – Shēnghuó – 生活


Longevity – Shòu – 寿
Chinese symbol for longevity

Three of the most important goals in life in Chinese traditional thought are the propitious blessings of happiness (fú 福), professional success or prosperity (lù 禄), and longevity (shòu 寿).


Hope – Xīwàng – 希望


Inner Strength – Nèizài lìliàng – 内在力量

inner strenght in chinese

Love – Ài – 爱
chinese symbols for love


——- I love you – Wǒ ài nǐ – 我爱你


Loyal – Zhōngchéng – 忠诚


Male – Nán – 男


Moral Virtue – Dé – 德

De is a key concept in Chinese philosophy, usually translated “inherent character; inner power; integrity” in Taoism, “moral character; virtue; morality” in Confucianism and other contexts, and “quality; virtue” (guna) or “merit; virtuous deeds” (punya) in Chinese Buddhism. [wikipedia]


Peace/Harmony – Hépíng – 和平
chinese symbol for peace


Pride – Zìháo – 自豪


Prosperity – Lù – 禄


Respect – Zūnzhòng – 尊重


Sexy – Yàn – 艷 


Strength/Power – Lìliàng – 力量


Strong – Qiáng – 强


Truth – Zhēnlǐ – 真理


Warrior – Zhànshì – 战士


Wisdom – Zhìhuì – 智慧


Chinese Tattoo Symbols: Popular Chinese Animal Name Tatoos

Dog – Gǒu – 狗


Elephant – Xiàng – 象


Fish – Yú – 鱼


Fox – Húlí – 狐狸


Goat – yáng – 羊


Horse – Mǎ – 马


Lion – 狮子


Monkey – Hóu – 猴


Ox – Niú – 牛


Pig – Zhū – 猪


Rabbit – Tùzǐ – 兔子


Rat – Shǔ – 鼠


Rooster – Gōngjī – 公鸡


Snake – Shé – 蛇


Tiger – Lǎohǔ – 老虎


Chinese Tattoo Symbols: Family

Family – Jiātíng – 家庭

Father – Fùqīn – 父亲


Brothers – Xiōngdì – 兄弟


Younger Brother – Dìdì – 弟弟


Elder Brother – Gēgē – 哥哥


Friend – Péngyǒu – 朋友


Mother – Mǔqīn – 母亲


Sisters – Jiěmèi – 姐妹


Younger Sister – Mèimei – 妹妹


Elder Sister – Jiě Jiě – 姐姐


Chinese Tattoo Symbols: Elements & Nature

Fire – Huǒ – 火


Tree – Shù – 树


Water – Shuǐ – 水


Ice – Bīng – 冰


Air – Kōngqì – 空气


Stone – Shí – 石


Bamboo – Zhú – 竹


Wind – Fēng – 风


Chinese Tattoo Symbols: Spiritual

Angel – Tiānshǐ – 天使


God – Shen – 神


Awesome Chinese Tattoo Designs You Need To See!

A Chinese tattoo is a must-have design for both men and women. If you are someone who prefers meaningful tattoos, as well as tattoos that have a lot of power &#; you will enjoy Chinese designs. Choose one simple design, or go for a bold & large tattoo that speaks to you the loudest! Luckily, we have 12 unique and different Chinese tattoos that will suit everyone’s taste!

What Do Chinese Tattoos Mean?

A Chinese symbol or Chinese characters can symbolize a lot of things. However, Chinese symbols and tattoos are usually representing loyalty; there are also some Chinese characters for love, Chinese characters for peace, etc. These are the most often traditional Chinese meanings that guys & girls like to get. If you are a fan of conventional Chinese tattoo ideas, you will also enjoy the strength Chinese symbols, as well as courage tattoos.

What Does The Chinese Dragon Mean?

Chinese legends state that a dragon has the ability to shapeshift into a human. However, the meaning of a dragon and what it symbolizes is strength, power, as well as good luck. This is also one of the most common and beautiful Chinese symbols, as well as traditional Chinese culture designs.

Top 12 Chinese Tattoos

1. Giant Sleeve Chinese Tattoos With Koi Fish

Chinese tattoos, as well as fish tattoo designs, are typical for Chinese culture. If you are a fan of brighter & colorful tattoos, you will enjoy this design. If you are into an unusual style and you love bright tattoo ideas, get this Koi fish as your sleeve. 

2. Chinese Tattoos On Leg

This Chinese symbol tattoo represents wind and water. People who have been through rough times and who love a tattoo with meaning will enjoy similar designs. This style means that you will survive through any rough time. Get this over your entire leg and go for a colored ink, it looks way better.

3. Chinese Symbol Tattoos

As previously mentioned, the Chinese writing tattoo can have a deeper meaning. This is one of those loyalty symbol Chinese tattoos, as well as a Chinese symbol for courage. You can stick to one meaning only, or you can have several Chinese tattoos over the entire arm!

4. Chinese Tattoos With Tiger Design

A Chinese tattoo such as this one is very manly, brave, and bold looking. Tattoos with a tiger design represent strength and power. Get similar characters if you are a fan of black ink, as well as larger designs. 

5. Fish Traditional Chinese Tattoo

A Koi fish will symbolize good luck as well as strength. Do you like tattoos with meaning? Well, this tattoo is all about happiness, plus it is done in red ink, perfect for guys who love bolder designs! You can get it done over your entire shoulder if you prefer larger tattoos.

6. Chinese Tattoo Designs With Horse 

This is a traditional Chinese tattoo that is very well-done, as well as defined. It represents old-Chinese history and is one of those designs that guys who love old-times will enjoy the most.

7. Chinese Dragon Tattoo Over Entire Body

Giant tattoo @royalrosetattoos

A Chinese dragon tattoo symbolizes power, and it plays a huge part in Chinese history. Do you want a Chinese character that stands for hope? If you have enough time to spare and you can spend 30+ hours with the tattoo artist, get this bold design! You can be inked all over your body, but also try to get this design over your torso.

8. Cool Colorful Ink Chinese Tiger Art

A tiger represents long life, health, as well as power. Do you feel as strong and as powerful? Get this bright design across your forearm if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, and also if you love smaller Chinese tattoos. 

9. Popular Evil Tattoo Chinese Symbol

Death in China and all throughout China history has a strong connection to the afterlife. This is why this devil design can have a deeper meaning, and it does not have to be the scariest image that you can get. If you like tattoos that are a bit more manly as well as scary-looking, get this Chinese tattoo.

Small Chinese Tattoos With Dragon Symbol

This Chinese dragon is small and not too bold. If you don’t need attention-seeking tattoos and you wish to have a Chinese character somewhere &#; get it on your forearm. Black ink is super easy to do, and this dragon tattoo will take only a few hours to do.

Chinese Warrior Traditional Tattoo Ideas

A Chinese character that will never go out of fashion is a Chinese warrior. If you don’t need Chinese symbols for peace, but you actually want something a bit more violent &#; get similar tattoos. Black ink is the best choice, especially if you want long-lasting tattoos.

Popular Chinese Tatoo Ideas With Koi Fish On Forearm

Lastly, simple tattoos can look beautiful &#; just have a little faith. If you are into smaller designs, get this Koi fish on your forearm. This Chinese tattoo screams peace, love, as well as self-growth, and who wouldn’t want similar tattoos? 

On That Note

A Chinese tattoo can look bold, but also can have a deeper meaning. You can go for a dragon, Chinese writing, letters or characters, as well as calligraphy designs! You could also tattoo some names in Chinese writing. Either way, you will definitely find one ideal Chinese tattoo out of our 12 different designs! Go for the image that suits you the best, and stick to tattoos that you like.

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Top 67 Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas [ Inspiration Guide]

Tattoos that depict symbols make a cool design option for guys who don’t want an over-the-top, flashy look. If you desire something simple, yet more mysterious and exotic you&#;ve found it!

When it comes to meaningful and motivational depictions, Chinese symbols simply fit the bill.

Since this distinct script is detailed and pictorial, the is result is rather elegant and minimalistic.

While popular in American, strangely enough, Chinese people rarely get character tattoos. Instead, the trend in China gravitates toward English text. Then why get one as a Westerner? Since the Chinese language embodies ancient knowledge of its rich culture, combining it with modern tattoo principles creates unique skin art.

Each symbol tells a tale of folklore and intriguing history. Additionally, each character with its flowing lines and graceful curves makes for crisp ink designs that stand the test of time. Most Chinese words consist of several characters (one per syllable).



Hanzi is the official written language for Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and for Chinese communities outside the mainland. In order to qualify as literate, you only need to know 4, out of the 47, Hanzi characters. That’s still a lot and a good reason for consulting a reputable source for tattoo designs.

Traditional Chinese

Standard and Mandarin often count as traditional Chinese. While outsiders use the terms interchangeably, they’re not quite the same thing. The former is based on a street version of the Beijing dialect, and the latter is the formal language based on dialects in northern China.

Simplified Chinese

Since this language is so intricate, a simplified version has been introduced to increase cultural literacy. This variety is mostly used in Singapore, Malaysia and the mainland of China. It merely means that simplified Chinese characters have fewer strokes than their traditional counter parts.


How to Choose

Now that you narrowed down the technical aspect, how do you pick a design? Here are some of the most used symbols: family, fire, love, luck, peace, soldier and strength. Choose the meaning first (even if it’s not on this list) and take it from there.

Whatever form you choose, research symbols meticulously. Since these characters have so many varieties, this assures that you don’t end up with a meaningless or even embarrassing tattoo. Get the work done at a reputable shop from someone who specializes in Chinese symbol tattoos and is able to replicate a design flawlessly. That’s because one wrong swoop can render the meaning useless.


Chinese Symbol Tattoo Chart For Men


Amazing Mens Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs On Half Back

This large back piece is a great example of how Chinese characters can be incorporated into an interesting tattoo. In the characters themselves, the black ink is fully saturated, helping the symbols to stand out on the wearer’s pale skin tone, while stylistic flourishes at the top use lighter tones to perfectly recreate the effect of ink applied to paper. This variation in tones as well as the limited use of red ink in the portion at the top, adds to the overall composition and works to create a more interesting and dynamic tattoo, helping this tattoo to stand out from similar designs.

Arm Chinese Symbol Mens Tattoo Ideas

Arm Mens Cool Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Arm Strength Guys Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Awesome Rib Cage Side Of Body Black Ink Chinese Symbol Tattoos For Men

While many of the tattoos that use Chinese characters attempt to mimic the look of handwritten calligraphy, this piece uses a more sterile and rigid script that is reminiscent of fonts from a word processor. The black ink is fully saturated which helps complete the effect of the characters being mechanically printed onto the wearer’s skin. The large size and bold placement ensure that everyone who sees this tattoo will know the importance of the message to the wearer.

Back Chinese Symbol Mens Tattoos

Back Chinese Symbol Tattoos Guys

Chest Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Chinese Symbol Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Chinese Symbol Male Tattoo Designs On Upper Chest

Chinese Symbol Rib Cage Side Tattoo On Men

Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs For Males On Spine

Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs For Men On Lower Leg

Collar Bone Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design On Man

Cool Chinese Symbols Upper Chest Tattoo Design Ideas For Male

Creative Chinese Symbol Rib Cage Side Tattoos For Men

Distinctive Male Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs On Hand

Dragon Chinese Symbol Tattoos Men On Forearm

This is an interesting piece that serves as a good example of how Chinese characters can be incorporated into a tattoo without necessarily being the sole focus of the design. The ink in the Chinese symbol is fully saturated, creating a stark contrast with the subtle use of white ink for a highlight around the character, as well as the lighter tones in the wings of the dragon. The dragon is also an interesting element in this design: in Chinese culture, these mythical beasts are symbols of power, strength, and luck and this stylized version completes this tattoo and serves as an example of the wide variety of depictions of these legendary creatures.

Forearm Cool Male Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs

Forearm Mens Tattoo Chinese Symbol Design

Gentleman With Simple Small Chinese Symbol Tattoo On Chest

Gentlemens Prosperity Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Geometric Guys Back Tattoos With Chinese Symbol Design

This is an interesting tattoo that has Chinese characters at its center and incorporates some geometric elements to complete the design. The black ink used in the symbols is fully saturated and helps these dramatic characters to stand out on the wearer’s pale skin tone. The stark black ink also increases the contrast between the Chinese characters and the subtle geometric shapes in the background of the piece. The incorporation of these shapes improves the overall composition of the tattoo and helps to balance out the form of the design and at the same time adds a layer of depth to the piece thanks to the lighter tones and restrained application.

Guys Chinese Symbol Happiness Tattoo On Leg Calf

Guys Chinese Symbol Tattoo Deisgns On Upper Chest

Guys Chinese Symbol Upper Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Guys Small Neck Chinese Symbol God And Courage Tattoo Design Idea Inspiration

Guy With Outer Arm Tricep Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design

Half Sleeve Mens Tattoo With Chinese Symbol And Skull Samuari Helmet Design

This is an interesting black and gray piece that incorporates Chinese characters into a more macabre tattoo. The use of gray wash shading is consistent and well-applied here, creating a background that provides enough contrast to keep the black symbols from disappearing and at the same time allowing the lighter tones and white in the skull to pop. A level of texture in the skull is also created thanks to this well-applied shading. The line work in this ghoulish soldier’s helmet is clean and consistent helping to complete this unique tattoo.

Incredible Red And Black Ink Inner Forearm Paint Brush Stroke Chinese Symbol Tattoos For Men

Inner Forearm Male Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Lower Leg Chinese Symbol Tattoos Male

Male Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design Inspiration On Leg

Male Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas On Arm

Male Chinese Symbol Tattoo On Upper Chest

Male Cool Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas On Wrist

Male Tattoo With Chinese Symbol Design On Side Of Leg

Male With Cool Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design On Back Of Neck

Manly Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design Ideas For Men On Rib And Chest

Masculine Chinese Symbol Tattoos For Men On Outer Forearm

Mens Awesome Chinese Strength Symbol Tattoo Ideas On Wrist

Mens Chinese Symbol Tattoo On Upper Chest

Mens Inner Forearm Map The Soul Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design Inspiration

Mens Rib Cage Side Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas

Mens Shoulder Blade Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design Ideas

Mini Small Upper Back Guys Tattoo Ideas Chinese Symbol Designs

Paint Brush Stroke Upper Back Chinese Symbol Guys Tattoo Ideas

Rib Cage Chinese Symbol Guys Tattoo

Rib Cage Watercolor Mens Tattoo Ideas With Chinese Symbol Design

Ribs Mens Cool Chinese Symbol Tattoo Design Inspiration

Sharp Chinese Symbol Male Tattoo Ideas With Black And Red Ink Watercolor Design

Shoulder Bamboo With Chinese Symbol Tattoos For Gentlemen

Here is another great example of a black and gray tattoo that incorporates other traditional Chinese elements into an interesting design. The black ink in the characters is fully saturated, increasing contrast, not only with the wearer’s pale skin tone but also with the lighter gray tones of the bamboo. In China, bamboo is a symbol of beauty and traditionally represents modesty, loyalty, and moral integrity, all important features of Chinese culture. Here, the artist uses expert tone gradation to give the bamboo plant the feeling of hand-painted calligraphy, with the ink bleeding into the paper, creating darker areas as well as portions that are almost translucent.

Shoulder Blade Small Chinese Symbol Guys Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Paint Brush Stroke Chinese Symbol Male Tattoos

Shoulder Red And Black Ink Chinese Symbol Male Tattoo

Side Of Leg 3d Stone Chinese Symbol Guys Tattoos

In this piece, the artist uses black and gray ink to create an interesting design that gives the impression of the characters being carved into stone. The variation in grayscale tones and deliberately inconsistent application give the tattoo the texture of stone, which is completed with the use of fine lines to mimic cracks in the rock. The Chinese characters are created using fully saturated black ink to help them stand out against the gray wash in the rest of the tattoo. The placement on the leg is sure to be seen often, allowing the wearer to show off their appreciation of Chinese culture for all to see.

Small Mens Resilience Chinese Symbol Foot Tattoo Designs

Small Simple Thigh Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Solid Black Ink Shoulder Chinese Symbol Tattoos For Males

Thigh Paint Brush Stroke Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs For Guys

Unique Mens Chinese Symbol Tattoos On Spine

Upper Chest Chinese Symbol Tattoo Ideas For Males

Upper Chest Enso Circle Of Life With Flying Birds And Chinese Symbol Mens Tattoo Designs

This is another image that uses black ink to great effect in creating the impression of the brush strokes that are specific to handwritten calligraphy. The artist expertly recreates this effect by breaking up the shapes of the characters, as well as the circle around them, mimicking the shape and application of the Xuan brushes used in this traditional art form. The incorporation of birds—harbingers of joy in Chinese belief— is an interesting addition and works well in this piece to break up the simple composition and add movement to help create a more dynamic tattoo.

Waterfall With Chinese Symbol Tattoo Designs On Gentleman On Arm

Chinese Symbol Tattoo FAQ&#;s

What does Nicki Minaj’s tattoo mean?

Chinese characters make for great tattoos thanks to the variety of styles they can be incorporated into and the endless meanings that can be conveyed through their use. Many celebrities choose these interesting symbols for their tattoos as well, Niki Minaj included. Her tattoo, on her outside bicep, is made up of six Chinese characters and is translated as “God is always with you”. It is a clean, black piece and a good example of the style.


Thinking about getting something new & unique placed on top of your body? Chinese tattoo designs and Chinese symbols will look lovely and can make up for an amazing story. Find your perfect and customized tattoo with one of these 30 options!

What Are Chinese Tattoo Designs?

Chinese tattoo designs can be different tattoos, and they can vary from anything & everything that you imagine. You can go for a Chinese symbol, Chinese saying, as well as your favorite Chinese cartoon or character. You can also go for a song, a quote, or a plant/flower that is specifically linked to the Chinese origin.

chinese character tattoo

chinese character tattoo

Who Should Get Chinese Tattoos?

Chinese tattoos are for men and women, as well as teens who want something cute and sentimental placed on top of their skin. They will suit everyone since they are so universal and easily customizable, perfect for picky people!

Small Chinese Tattoos

1. Chinese Tattoo Symbols Small Forearm Tattoo

Chinese Tattoo Symbols Small Forearm Tattoo

Are you a fan of smaller tattoos? Do you usually gravitate toward smaller pieces? This design over your forearm will suit you if you are afraid of the tattooing process and you dislike needles.

Get a Chinese symbol or a sentence that matches your personality and that speaks something personal and unique to your character.

2. Chinese Fish Tattoo

Chinese Fish Tattoo

How about a matching tattoo design? This pop of color will suit you if you have a significant other in mind. Koi fish is a common tattoo choice when it comes to Chinese-inspired tattoos.

Koi fish is a symbol of long-lasting and deep love. If you have feelings and you are a genuine person, this matching print will suit you. Ankle placement might be a bit uncomfortable, but the overall design is more than worth it in the end.

3. Chinese Tattoo Ideas Black Tattoo

Chinese Tattoo Ideas Black Tattoo

This geometrical and astrology-inspired Chinese tattoo is for men and women who enjoy sentimental tattoos with a fun story to tell. This ink will look amazing over your forearm and it will not take you too much time to get either.

Black waves and water in general can symbolize your journey as well as your ups and downs. Show everyone what you’re made of and what you’ve been through with this detailed tattoo.

Fun fact: Did you know that China is the most populated country in the world with over billion people?

4. Chinese Flower Tattoo

Chinese Flower Tattoo

A pink flower will let others see that you’re into innocent tattoos. This one will symbolize your journey while representing your fundamental and complex soul.

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5. Chinese Letter Tattoos On Back

Chinese Letter Tattoos On Back

Back tattoos can have their own history, as well as a fun story to tell. This image will suit guys and girls, as well as someone who wants to show off asymmetrical pieces over their entire back.

You can go for any letters or numbers in the Chinese language that you gravitate to the most. Make your tattoo a sentimental tattoo that has a fun story to tell, unique while being so easy to get.

Did you know that the Chinese New Year’s celebration lasts for 15 days?

Chinese Arm Tattoos

1. Traditional Chinese Tattoo Colorful Ink

Traditional Chinese Tattoo Colorful Ink

How about a detailed and dramatic colorful tattoo? This Chinese-inspired print is colorful as well as flashy. You will enjoy it the best if you’re someone who loves larger and colorful tattoos.

It symbolizes your soul as well as your upbringing. You can tell who you are and what your story is with something as dramatic and colorful. Make sure to have a background story ready to go.

2. Forearm Chinese Tattoo Style

Forearm Chinese Tattoo Style

How about some precise and detailed black ink tattoos? This design is a must-have for anyone who is a true perfectionist yet a minimalist and who enjoys gorgeous graphical tattoos.

It represents you as a person, as well as all the layers that you have. It will show others that you’re a complex person and someone who has had a rough journey (which we all have, so don’t worry about it)!

3. Yellow Traditional Chinese Tattoos

Yellow Traditional Chinese Tattoos

You are also probably someone who knows how to act socially and you always go for what you believe in your life. If you are an optimist this can also be an amazing tattoo idea in your case.

Fun fact: There are 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs.

4. Unique Chinese Theme Tattoo

Unique Chinese Theme Tattoo

How about a fish-inspired and cute tattoo that you can place over your forearm? This is another feminine and cute design that you will enjoy if you’re a fan of cute and playful tattoos.

Fish symbolizes your free will, overall freedom, as well as a chance to make big moves and move in the right direction (or where the waters take you). Enjoy its symbolism no matter your gender or age!

5. Chinese Tattoos Images Over Arm

. Chinese Tattoos Images Over Arm

Are you a person who is big on signs and their deeper meaning? This Chinese-inspired wave and air symbol are for believers in the outer world and deep connections, perfect for men who work out!

It symbolizes the warrior that is in you, and it tells that you’re always searching for yourself through every journey.

Did you know that China, despite its size, has just one time zone?

Chinese Leg Tattoos

1. Chinese Flower Lotus Tattoo Over Leg

Chinese Flower Lotus Tattoo Over Leg

This small lotus flower over your calf is a perfect design for anyone who dislikes feeling pain or discomfort when getting something new placed over their skin. Quick, easy, as well as practical for anyone who enjoys smaller black tattoos.

It shows that you’re a passionate person. This Chinese tattoo is a piece of art that will show your spiritual journey, as well as your feminine and passionate side.

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2. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

How about a dramatic and scary dragon? This is a gorgeous and precise tattoo that you will enjoy if you’re a warrior deep inside. It will suit guys a bit more than girls.

This dragon can show your powerful and determined side. Are you someone who knows how to evolve through every situation and grow from it? If so, show your spiritual side and tough personality with this black ink.

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3. Realistic Portrait Chinese Tattoos Images

Realistic Portrai Chinese Tattoos Images

How about a personalized tattoo? This woman ink is for men who love portraits and larger tattoos. It is a colorful ink that will look dramatic once placed over your calf.

It can show your love for Chinese culture. On the other hand, you can also go with a portrait of someone you truly love or care about in your life, yet give it a unique Chinese twist!

Fun fact: Chinese people are the biggest travelers who spend around $ billion every year!

4. Leg Chinese Tattoo Inspiration

Leg Chinese Tattoo Inspiration

How about a large and noticeable thigh tattoo? This black ink is a masterpiece that you will enjoy if you gravitate toward larger tattoos. Make sure that you book an amazing tattoo artist who knows how to do great and dramatic tattoos.

You will enjoy its meaning since it stands for your levels, your layers, as well as your complex personality. Show that you’re a warrior and a strong-willed individual.

5. Colorful Chinese Fish Tattoo

Colorful Chinese Fish Tattoo

What do you think about this yin and yang fish symbol? It is a colorful masterpiece that is suitable for men and women. Heads up, however, since finding an amazing tattoo artist is imperative in this case.

Enjoy its colorful print and let the world see your layers. This tattoo will speak different things to different people, and it will show your different sides to the world!

Did you know that the number 4 is associated with death and is rarely mentioned in China? It is an unlucky number.

Chinese Tattoo Designs For Women

1. Chinese Tattoos On Chest For Females Colorful Design

 Chinese Tattoos On Chest For Females Colorful Design

This is a feminine and colorful tattoo that you will like if you’re someone who’s into flower tattoos, as well as Chinese symbols. This design is the perfect side-stomach piece. Heads up, however, since it is a painful placement to go for.

This flower tattoo shows your playful and flirty side. This is the perfect cherry tattoo that you can go for if you’re a strong-minded individual who is a fan of precision and romantic tattoos.

2. Chinese Tattoo Colorful Design Over Stomach

Chinese Tattoo Colorful Design Over Stomach

How about a stomach tattoo? This bright pink tattoo is a masterpiece that you will enjoy if you’re a fan of minimalistic tattoos. It will show your bright personality while letting the world see how feminine you are!

It symbolizes your nourishing and determined side. This piece is for girls who are always seeking love and who are reminding themselves that it is vital to love yourself in the process.

3. Chinese Tattoos Down The Spine Black Design

Chinese Tattoos Down The Spine Black Design

How about a back tattoo? This piece is a time-consuming one to get, but you will enjoy it if you’re a fan of noticeable and larger back tattoos. Find the perfect background that will suit your personality and which will represent your character.

This tattoo shows that you’re always up for some action. Get it if you’re always trying to find yourself in this chaotic world and you’re always up for a new journey!

Fun fact: China grows at an amazing speed. There is a new skyscraper built every five days.

4. Thigh Dragon Chinese Tattoo Black Ink

Thigh Dragon Chinese Tattoo Black Ink

Are you a fan of leg tattoos? How about this giant thigh piece? It is a sexy tattoo that you will enjoy if you’re a fan of bold placements and larger tattoos. This dragon ink in black is so simple yet straightforward.

It will show that you’re always up for some action and that you’re trying to get through any bad situations with your head held high and up in the air.

5. Flower Inspired Black Chinese Tattoo Over Leg

Flower Inspired Black Chinese Tattoo Over Leg

This is another thigh tattoo that you will enjoy if you’re not afraid of the tattooing process. This ink will take you hours to place, so be equipped with patients before you begin your tattooing process.

It symbolizes your paths and your layers. You will feel like a determined person who knows what she wants from life, so show your side and all of your struggles with one large and gorgeous tattoo.

Did you know that brides in China wear red instead of white? Red is considered a lucky color.

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Chinese Tattoo Sleeve Design

1. Arm & Shoulder Chinese Tattoo

Arm & Shoulder Chinese Tattoo

How about a large and colorful sleeve tattoo? This image is for guys who work out and men who are true warriors. Represent yourself and your journey with this masterpiece.

This ink shows your optimistic side. It will also let others know that you’ve had a lot on your mind and that you’ve been trying to grind and find yourself along this process. It will also show that you’re filled with different layers and interesting stories to tell.

2. Black Ink Dragon Chinese Tattoo Over Arm

Black Ink Dragon Chinese Tattoo Over Arm

How about a black and white sleeve? This black ink tattoo is properly shaded and it will suit men who are always trying to come off and appear as dominant individuals in their life. It is a fine yet time-consuming piece to go for, so be prepared.

This dragon will show your mind and its power. Are you someone who knows how to control every situation that is presented to you, and you want to come off as someone who has clear goals in your life? Go with this dramatic Chinese sleeve in that case!

3. Chinese Hand Tattoo Designs

Chinese Hand Tattoo Designs

Do you want to spend a couple of hours getting the best tattoo that suits your determined personality? This large and black ink sleeve will suit anyone who is a powerful yet caring person!

This sleeve will tell that you’re often seeking perfection. However, perfection starts with us and is found within every guy or girl who knows how to seek it for long enough. Represent each and every new chapter with this amazing tattoo idea.

Fun fact: Chinese calligraphy is quite common and popular, as well as considered a revered art form.

4. Colorful Sleeve Chinese Tattoo

Colorful Sleeve Chinese Tattoo

How about a large and colorful sleeve tattoo? This one is for men who don’t mind spending several hours as well as a lot of their money at a tattoo shop. Colorful tattoos are usually a bit pricier and can be hard to achieve. Go for an amazing tattoo shop that knows how to do details and pays close attention to all the little things.

This tattoo will represent each area that you have had in your life. It will stand for everything good and bad, and who doesn&#;t want that?!

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5. Wave Inspired Black Chinese Tattoo

Wave Inspired Black Chinese Tattoo

Do you work out quite often and you love the gym life? Are you also satisfied with your body and your overall physique? If so, show that with this large black sleeve tattoo. It will tell that you’re someone who knows how to have a good time.

You’re also probably a determined and strong-minded person who is always chasing new and important goals in your life while keeping your standards at their highest!

Did you know that China is the 4th largest country in the world?

Chinese Stomach & Back Tattoos

1. Chest Ape Inspired Chinese Tattoo

Chest Ape Inspired Chinese Tattoo

How about something a bit different and dramatic? This large ape-inspired piece will suit you! It symbolizes your powerful and strong side, as well as a lot of power due to its unique color combo, as well as because of its unique artsy side.

It is great for men who work out. It is a colorful piece that you will love if you’re a powerful individual and someone who enjoys getting noticed at all times.

2. Chinese Letter Tattoos On Back For Men

Chinese Letter Tattoos On Back For Men

Are you a fan of larger and masculine tattoo designs? This back piece with Chinese symbols will look the best on top of men who work out. It is not a difficult tattoo either.

You can show your determined and brave side with this ink. Go for anything that suits your personality and that is unique, as well as sentimental for you.

Fun fact: Chinese were the first to use paper money (this happened about 1, years ago).

3. Dramatic Chinese Symbol For Strength And Love

Dramatic Chinese Symbol For Strength And Love

How about a dramatic and unique warrior tattoo? This is a piece of art that is artsy, as well as gorgeous for people who have masculine back. Show your true intentions and your past with this tattoo.

It screams fun, challenges, as well as rough history. Let this tattoo tell your journey and your true lifestyle path with this ink.

4. Yellow Funky Chinese Tattoo

Yellow Funky Chinese Tattoo

Do you want a colorful bright yellow Chinese-inspired tattoo? This cute yet scary frog is mysterious and perfect for guys who love funky tattoos. If you gravitate toward funny pieces this tattoo is for you.

Show everyone that you love to have fun and hang around with this yellow ink. It can come off as a confusing piece, but you will also look like a mysterious individual who knows how to have a good time.

5. Chinese Symbol Black Ink Over Chest

Chinese Symbol Black Ink Over Chest

If you want a chest Chinese tattoo and you love noticeable prints, how about this black print? Continue adding onto this chest piece as time goes on and let this tattoo tell a story that suits you.

Let everyone see that you are a generous and honest person. This tattoo will tell a lot about you, and let the world see your true side with this unique symbol.

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Ready For Your New Chinese Tattoo?

Are you ready to get a new Chinese-inspired tattoo design? Which one image out of these 30 different kinds was your favorite? Are you a fan of smaller or larger tattoos, and do you enjoy noticeable or hidden placements? Either way it may be, let us know your top pick, we would love to know!

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25 Amazing Chinese Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Chinese tattoo designs have been in vogue and mainstream particularly in the Western world for the last decade or so. Chinese symbols are magnanimous, tiny pieces of art, exotic and unfathomable, and up to snuff for a tattoo design. You will whimsically see a Chinese with a character inked on his or her body. In China, it&#;s à la mode these days to get inked an English text tattoo, usually full of grammatical errors. For it is being said, the art and writing of the sanctioned Chinese culture have statuesque lines which provide themselves consummately to the art of tattooing. Let us have a look and read below about 25 fascinating Chinese tattoo designs.

Chinese Tattoo

1. Snake

Snake Tattoo

Custom Made Tattoos

Snake Tattoo1

The above pictures symbolize a &#;snake&#; as a Chinese Character tattoo. It is a widely inked tattoo among the people of China. Snakes, since time immemorial, have been affiliated with irreligious symbols of regeneration and generative capacity. However, this also explains why this ink design has the skyscraping position of being widely known as a rejuvenation and transformation. It is also known as the Caduceus and the staff of Asclepius, which is actually the Greek God of medicine, reviving and healing.

2. Dragon

Dragon Tattoo

The Chinese dragon is one of the most widely accepted in the basket of tattoo characters. Dragons, in any case, are the most cherished creatures in Asian culture, be it for the sake of mythology or otherwise. Whether a standard Chinese dragon or a Jade dragon tattoo, these designs usually depict horse sense, pansophy, independence, competence, talent, longevity, abundance and good luck. One can either get it in either black silhouette or can choose from vibrant hues. Also, its designs are varied with no ends, be it tiny winged or breathing fire.

3. Calligraphy Tattoos

Calligraphy Tattoo

If Chinese calligraphy fascinates you, then this tattoo design is specially meant for you. Chinese calligraphy is thought about being one of the highest examples of art finesse. One can have a word or phrase inked in such an exquisite and unique style with a balance of appropriate color combination.

4. Letter Tattoos

Letter Tattoos

Single letter tattoo designs are dime-a-dozen of all Chinese tattoo designs. They are self-explanatory, simple as ABC yet have a lot of comprehensible meanings attached to it. A single letter here can have cool of the coolest apprehensions like peace, unity or any sort of emotion, maybe love, friendship, agony etc. You can have a look at the above picture and find out which thought would look explicit to get stamped on your body. It can be looked upon as a Chinese font tattoo.

5. Animal Name Tattoos

Animal Name Tattoos

Time and again, people commit oneself to get the Chinese name of their zodiac animal tattooed. And the other times they get animal name tattoo to show several peculiarities they stand for or against. Moreover, if you are an animal lover, no one can stop you actually from getting such master tattoos inked. The tattoos shown in above picture can be made more stylish by adding contours to these Chinese fonts and adding an element of creativity in the same. Such tattoos are a must go for those who have immense love for pets or mutts.

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6. Chinese Lady

Chinese Lady Tattoo

The tattoo in the high picture is one of the most beautiful and significant lady tattoo Chinese designs. It can be worn by men who are deeply in love with someone from the core of their heart. Also, such tattoos show that you are remembering someone whom you have lost long back. It displays various emotions of a person. One can even get it inked for the sake of its attractiveness. Moreover, if this is getting done by a female can symbolize her unwavering belief and self-obsession.

7. Chinese Angel Tattoo

Chinese Angel Tattoo

Angels, since way back in history, have been kept in mind with a notion that they are the messengers of God. Also, such tattoos announce that you are a God fearing person or have faith in the Almighty. Angel tattoos accompanied with flying wings or great hands are often seen inked among young and gorgeous girls. The most appropriate location for getting an angel tattoo inked would be on the back.

8. Name Tattoos

Name Tattoos

Another amazing option can be getting your name inked in Chinese. You can even adorn name of your near and dear loved ones. This can be accommodated along with tiny motifs or logos in addition to the names. The alphabets in the name look matchless ever.

9. Chinese Koi Fish Tattoos

Chinese Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish tattoos are of great significance. Chinese people have an inclination towards koi fish since its very inception. It depicts that one has to overcome a hell lot of adversities through strong willpower and bold determination, that is the only way to achieve desired goals in one&#;s life. Now, here koi fish can be found in two ways, that is either upstream or downstream. The former represents that person has already blown over tough times and is now on the way of his progression whereas the latter means that his life is still facing turbulences and the person is struggling hard.

Chinese Buddha Tattoos

Chinese Buddha Tattoov

The laughing Buddha has been famous all over the world for its prosperousness and good times. They should be black and white while attracting positive attention. They are generally gelled up with the symbol of yin and yang. Such tattoos are gracious at first look and a unique choice in itself too.

Chinese Flower Tattoos

Chinese Flower Tattoo

If you are a nature lover, then Chinese flower tattoos are a win-win situation for you to get them inked stylishly over your body. In the traditional Chinese culture, cherry blossoms stand for femininity and love. Not to forget, these type of tattoos give a strikingly feminine look too.

Chinese Music Tattoo

Chinese Music Tattoo

Music is a great way to express your emotions without actually saying it. So, people having a proneness towards music can have such tattoos inked to brag of their interest points. Such tattoos give a different look when worn on arms or shoulders or maybe neck also for that matter. One can give a glorifying look by adding elements to it may be a star or something.

Tribal Chinese Tattoos and Face

Tribal Chinese Tattoo

Few indigenous minorities in China follow tattoo tradition till today. It is known that they get a tattoo inked on their face right at the time when they get twelve years old. This is done to prove that they have grown mature by this time. Such tattoos are done with symbols and tiny creatures in between the eyebrows and around their mouths. Rare of these tribal tattoos even have mustaches made above. It is pretty cumbersome to find out the exact ancient tribal tattoo because people have started innovating their tattoos within vogue designs.

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Chinese Tiger Symbol Tattoo

Chinese Tiger Symbol Tattoo

Tiger is seen as one of the most significant Chinese tattoos. It is one of the Chinese zodiac animal signs and also the third year animal in the twelfth year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Tiger tattoo represents courage, ruthlessness, firmness, aspirations, hope, self-reliance, lack of attention, care and friendly attitude. So anyone, who possess the above type of qualities can get Chinese tiger tattoo inked.

Chinese Lion Head Tattoo

Chinese Lion Head Tattoo

Lionhead tattoos have found commonplace in the world of Chinese tattoos. These are usually worn by men. A lion-head tattoo symbolizes attributes like strength and courage.

Chinese Fan Tattoo

Chinese Fan Tattoo

Fan tattoos can be worn by both men and women. Fan tattoos can comprise very different things like bamboo, turtle shells, bones, and ivory. Some even have a sort of romantic poetry written on a fan. Fans are made to stand out. It can be seen as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Chinese Kokeshi Doll Tattoo

Chinese Kokeshi Doll Tattoo

Kokeshi dolls are originally a North Japanese product but have been widely seen in China too through tattoos. Kokeshi Dolls are usually made from wood, having a sleek trunk and enlarges head, with a few painted lines to give definition to their faces. Kokeshi tattoo represents a character which is benevolent and warm-hearted by nature.

A Ying-Yang Tattoo

A Ying-Yang Tattoo

The wall-to-wall yin-yang symbol holds its parentage in Taoism or Daoism, which is a Chinese religion and philosophy. The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows in terms of protection, femininity, and the trough of a wave and the yang represents the light swoosh, representing brightness, passion, positive hopes and growth. Also, inside this yin-yang, one can get inked names of their loved ones.

Chinese Phoenix Tattoo

Chinese Phoenix Tattoo

A Chinese Phoenix tattoo resembles flame, rebirth, immortality and new beginning of one&#;s life. The rising or flying Phoenix symbolizes that a person has gone through really tough times, but has still grown extended his fitness.

Live, Laugh and Love Tattoo

Live, Laugh and Love Tattoo

These three tattoos, &#;Live, Laugh and Love&#; are very popular among Chinese folks. This clearly depicts they want to live their life to the fullest with rejoicing and cherishing each and every moment. Such liveliness and vivacious attitude can be seen in their fields of work as well.

Chinese Lantern Tattoo

Chinese Lantern Tattoo

The idealism behind the lantern tattoo is mostly transparent and self-explanatory.  It is a streamer for light and is used to light one&#;s way in darkness. One uses it to discover its path and in a way, a lantern is a guide, a pathfinder.

Chinese Fire Rooster Tattoo

Chinese Fire Rooster Tattoo

The choice of chicken or fire rooster may seem weird but they have their roots in the ancient culture of the region. A rooster is a proud bird, and surprisingly symbolic.  Such a tattoo looks outrageous and ravishing. Commonly, these are tattooed on sailors foot.

Chinese Eye Tattoo

Chinese Eye Tattoo

An eye tattoo can be a &#;third eye,&#; which obviously means intuition and the ability to see beyond the obvious or even into the times yet to roll. The eye can also be seen as a symbol for guarding or protecting yourself against evil influences.

A Panda Tattoo

A Panda Tattoo

A Panda Tattoo1

Panda has been a symbolic animal of the Asian culture for years together. A bear panda can be taken as the symbol of peace, calmness, and serenity. People choose this animal to be inked on their body either for reflecting that they got a chance to work with this animal and have developed a love for the same or for its deep beautiful meaning.

Chinese Crow Tattoo

Chinese Crow Tattoo

A crow tattoo is yet another ink worn by Chinese people. One crow is considered as a bad omen, whereas two crows are seen as a fortune symbol, which is pretty positive. The tattoo of six crows is meant to represent the ultimate reality that is death. The crow tattoo as a whole represents mystery and mythology.

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75 Chinese Tattoos For Men

Chinese tattoo

Tattoos → C → Chinese tattoo

Chinese tattoo design, idea, image

Chinese tattoos for the modern man is one of the ways to join the culture of China. World population of China is very different from the way of life of other countries, which makes the country even more attractive to people all over the world. The meaning of the Chinese style is very deep and is opened is not for everyone.After all, even the same character is able to have several meanings and pronunciations.

Of particular importance and mysticism has a dragon among Chinese tattoos symbolizing a male positive principle "yang". Since ancient times the dragon was considered a protector of the harvest : he brought rainy weather in the drought, protected waters.

Human,wearing on his body tattoo dragon in the Chinese style, as a rule, it is a strong personality, make fair decisions. Tattoo Chinese Dragon is a patronage from evil thoughts and evil, it directs man to the path of justice and truth. Chinese dragon is a water serpent,therefore has a special elegance and light shades, this dragon wings are practically invisible.

It is noteworthy that the European dragon tattoo is very different from the Chinese dragon in style, and in relation to this mysterious creature, becausefor the western world is a medieval dragon symbol of aggressive destructive force.

Chinese tattoos are inconceivable without the characters - this masterpiece of oriental writing. This is due to their mystery, mysticism and power, understandable only by their carrier. The characters are very unusual and beautiful in their own way, however, before thehow to apply one or another sign of Chinese writing, you need to find out the exact meaning of it, that in the future not be in an awkward position, because sometimes it happens that the lack of one small element in the characters can completely change the original meaning.Among the most popular tattoos for characters include the following topics :

- Auspicious signs - abundance, beauty, luck, happiness, love, spring, longevity, wealth ;

- Signs of real and mythical animals : sheep ( ram ), the dragon ;

- Characters with mystical properties: karma, the sea of emptiness, the eternal journey.

In summary,it is worth mentioning the need to specify in advance the true meaning of markings on the body marks.

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