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May 22nd,  |  26 mins 47 secs
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Our take on the Freenode exodus, Linux Apps going public in Chrome OS, and Red Hat's desktop hiring spree.


Easy To Use

The Phoronix Test Suite makes the process of carrying out automated tests incredibly simple. The Phoronix Test Suite will take care of the entire test process from dependency management to test download/installation, execution, and result aggregation.

Extensible Architecture

The Phoronix Test Suite has access to more than test profiles and over test suites via If there is a test not currently covered by the Phoronix Test Suite, new tests can be quickly added via its extensible architecture with each profile just being comprised of XML files and a few simple bash scripts.

Support & Custom Engineering

Comprehensive support options are available for the Phoronix Test Suite. Custom engineering services are available as well as professional support for new test development, support deploying the Phoronix Test Suite and Phoromatic within organizations, performance monitoring/management as a service, and a variety of other custom services.

Result Recording

Beyond just recording the actual test value, the Phoronix Test Suite archives system logs, the test and installation logs. Results from the Phoronix Test Suite are displayed in a web-based results viewer with optional support for uploading them to Many other options are also offered from exporting results to PDF to running side-by-side performance comparisons.

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Loongson Volleys Latest Patches For LoongArch Linux Support

Chinese vendor Loongson continues working on their Linux kernel patches enabling the LoongArch processor ISA as their fork from MIPS. While early on when copying existing MIPS open-source code they were quick to call their new ISA "not MIPS", in these later patch series they continue to refer to their ISA as "a bit like MIPS or RISC-V."

Minutes Ago - Hardware - LoongArch

DAMON Extended To Offer Physical Memory Address Space Monitoring

One of many exciting additions with the forthcoming Linux kernel is DAMON landed as a data access monitoring framework. DAMON opens up new possibilities around proactive reclamation of system memory and other interesting features. Currently though it's limited to monitoring the virtual address space of the kernel but a new set of patches out allow for physical address space monitoring as well.

3 Hours Ago - Linux Kernel - DAMON

12 October

Red Hat Is Hiring Another Linux Developer To Work On GPU Hardware Enablement

Red Hat already employs numerous open-source graphics driver developers from DRM subsystem maintainer David Airlie to numerous others on his team working on areas from Mesa OpenCL support to Heterogeneous Memory Management to other user and kernel-space improvements for open-source Linux graphics. Red Hat has now put out a call to hire yet another experienced Linux GPU driver developer.

12 October PM EDT - Red Hat - Linux Graphics Driver Developer

Intel Contributes AVX Optimizations To Numpy, Yields Massive Speedups

Intel has contributed AVX optimizations to upstream Numpy. For those using Numpy as this leading Python library for numerical computing, newer Intel CPUs with AVX capabilities can enjoy major speed-ups in the range of 14~32x faster.

12 October PM EDT - Intel - Numpy + AVX

GNOME's Platform Design Continues Evolving From Dark Mode To Toasts

GNOME developer Allan Day has provided an update on behalf of the GNOME design time around some of their recent platform design improvements and some of the changes they are talking about in the near future.

12 October PM EDT - GNOME - GNOME Platform Design

M IOPS Achieved Per-Core With Newest Linux Patches

Linux block subsystem maintainer and lead IO_uring developer Jens Axboe had a goal of hitting 7M IOPS per-core performance this week. On Monday he managed to already hit M IOPS and today hit M IOPS with his latest work-in-progress kernel patches.

12 October PM EDT - Linux Storage - M IOPS

Portable Computing Language Released For OpenCL On CPUs, Other Accelerators

PoCL is the open-source project implementing OpenCL for CPU-based execution as well as multi-device support by getting its Portable Computing Language implementation working atop NVIDIA GPUs via CUDA, AMD GPUs via HSA, and other back-ends by way of LLVM. PoCL is out today as the newest feature release.

12 October PM EDT - Programming - PoCL

Intel Tiger Lake Performance Across Five Autumn Linux Distributions

Earlier this month were benchmarks looking at how Intel Tiger Lake performance has improved from Ubuntu to Ubuntu , but how does Canonical's latest Linux offering compete with other autumn distributions? In this article from the Dell XPS Core iG7 Tiger Lake notebook are benchmarks of Ubuntu going up against Arch Linux, Clear Linux, Fedora Workstation 35, and openSUSE Tumbleweed for getting an idea how the performance compares with this latest-generation Intel EVO notebook.

12 October AM EDT - Operating Systems

Glibc Removes The Long-Deprecated Intel MPX Support

Intel Memory Protection Extensions (MPX) never really took off and the Linux support has been deprecated for a while with the code elsewhere in the stack already having been removed while with the upcoming Glibc release that GNU C Library is also flushing away its support.

12 October AM EDT - GNU - Memory Protection Extensions

Linux x86 FPU Code Getting Reworked In Preparation For Intel AMX

It's been one year now that Intel has been posting Linux kernel patches to enable AMX support for upcoming Sapphire Rapids processors. Over the past year their Linux kernel patches for enabling Advanced Matrix Extensions has gone through 11 rounds of review but that journey isn't over yet.

12 October AM EDT - Intel - Advanced Matrix Extensions

11 October

Lutris Released With Support For The Epic Games Store, New Options

Lutris is now available for this open-source Linux game manager program that has now added initial support for the Epic Games Store among other new options and enhancements in this new version.

11 October PM EDT - Linux Gaming - Lutris

Microsoft Publishes WSL Preview Inside the Windows 11 Store

Those running Microsoft's recently released Windows 11 will now be able to find the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) available from within the Microsoft Store for easier setting up of this Linux-based environment.

11 October PM EDT - Microsoft - Windows Subsystem For Linux

Intel Posts Latest DG2/Alchemist Linux Patches In Requiring 64K Page Size Handling

While Linux brings very early bits around DG2/Alchemist graphics card support, further work is needed to bring it into usable shape for end-users. The latest new patch series to be posted came out today with more driver changes needed around local device memory handling for DG2.

11 October PM EDT - Intel - Plus Flat CCS

Walmart Pushes Open-Source L3AF To Help Out eBPF Ecosystem

Retail shopping giant Walmart has found use out eBPF programs and today announced the open-source L3AF to help in the effort.

11 October PM EDT - Linux Networking - Walmart Loves eBPF

Ubuntu To AMD Zen 2 + Radeon Performance On Linux Over Two Years

With Ubuntu due for release this week I've been running various Ubuntu Linux performance comparisons across a variety of hardware and overall this new release is looking to be in great shape. One of the tests I recently carried out for curiosity is seeing how the AMD Zen 2 performance has evolved now over the past two years on Linux going from Ubuntu to Ubuntu

11 October AM EDT - Operating Systems

More Optimizations Has Linux Approaching 7M IOPS Per Core

Linux block subsystem maintainer and IO_uring lead developer Jens Axboe continues making staggering optimizations to the kernel code to squeeze out the maximum performance potential out of his shiny new system.

11 October AM EDT - Linux Storage - Block Improvements

Krita Beta 2 Reworks Its GPU Accelerated Canvas

Krita Beta 2 is out today as the newest test release for this very powerful, open-source digital painting program.

11 October AM EDT - KDE - Krita

AMD Publishes New Linux Audio Driver Code For Yellow Carp / ACP6x Audio Co-Processor

It was just with Linux last month that AMD added a new audio driver for Van Gogh APUs sporting an ACP 5.x audio co-processor (ACP) while now a new driver has been posted for Yellow Carp / Rembrandt with it introducing new ACP 6.x audio co-processor IP.

11 October AM EDT - AMD - ACP 6.x

EROFS File-System Adding LZMA Compression Support Via New MicroLZMA

The EROFS read-only file-system is adding LZMA compression support using a new header/container format called MicroLZMA.

11 October AM EDT - Linux Storage - EROFS + LZMA

10 October

Linux rc5 Released With This Cycle Running Smoothly

Linus Torvalds just pushed out the Linux rc5 kernel release with things looking smooth for this stage and hopefully leading to an on-time release in just a few weeks.

10 October PM EDT - Linux Kernel - Linux rc5

Phoronix Test Suite Released With Various Improvements For Linux Benchmarking

Phoronix Test Suite was released today with various improvements for our cross-platform, open-source, fully-automated benchmarking software.

10 October PM EDT - Phoronix Test Suite - Phoronix Test Suite

NVIDIA Contributing Tegra NVDEC Support To Linux

The Tegra DRM driver changes were sent out on Friday of the new material destined for Linux Notable this time around is NVIDIA's NVDEC driver being included.

10 October AM EDT - NVIDIA - Tegra NVDEC

Linux rc5 x86 Changes Aim To Fix "Yet Another Hardware Trainwreck"

Sent in this morning were an urgent set of x86 updates for the Linux rc5 kernel due out later today.

10 October AM EDT - Intel - Linux

Red Hat Is Making It Easy To Run Bleeding-Edge LLVM/Clang On Fedora

Red Hat's Platform Tools team is making it very easy to run the very bleeding edge, development version of the LLVM toolchain and Clang compiler on the current versions of Fedora.

10 October AM EDT - Fedora - LLVM Daily On Fedora

9 October

IBM Proposing A CPU Namespace For The Linux Kernel

IBM engineer Pratik Sampat published an early prototype of a CPU namespace interface for the Linux kernel. This CPU namespace was devised to address coherency issues with current means of viewing available CPU resources as well as addressing possible security issues stemming from understanding resource access/positioning on the system.

9 October PM EDT - Linux Kernel - CPU Namespace

Intel Begins Preparing Linux Graphics Driver For Multi-Tile Hardware

Intel has been preparing Xe HP bring-up for many months already including fundamental work around their discrete graphics/accelerator support for their Linux graphics driver stack going back quite a while. On the Xe HP front, Friday afternoon brought an important patch series posted for the first time: initial work around multi-tile support.

9 October AM EDT - Intel - Intel Multi-Tile Support

Debian Released With Initial Batch Of Fixes

Debian 11 "Bullseye" debuted back in August as the latest major release for this popular community Linux distribution. Today it's been succeeded by Debian

9 October AM EDT - Debian - Debian

It Appears FUTEX2 Will Land For Linux

Barring any last minute reservations it appears the initial "FUTEX2" work that is of much interest to Linux gamers enjoying Steam Play / Proton will find that kernel functionality in Linux

9 October AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Great News For Linux Gamers

KDE Moves To GitLab-Based CI, Lands More Plasma Wayland Fixes

KDE developers remain very busy squashing bugs ahead of the release of Plasma that is also known as the Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition.

9 October AM EDT - KDE - Plasma Fixes


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Phoronix Test Suite

Free and open-source benchmark software

Phoronix test Suitepng

Phoronix Test Suite running on Linux

Developer(s)Michael Larabel, Matthew Tippett
Initial releaseApril
Stable release

[1] / February&#;17, ; 7 months ago&#;()

Preview release

M3[1] / November&#;21, ; 10 months ago&#;()

RepositoryPhoronix-test-suite on GitHub
Written inPHP
Operating systemLinux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OpenSolaris, Mac OS X, Windows
Size kB (base program)
Available inEnglish
LicenseGNU General Public License v3

Phoronix Test Suite (PTS) is a free and open-sourcebenchmark software for Linux and other operating systems which is developed by Michael Larabel and Matthew Tippett. The Phoronix Test Suite has been endorsed by sites such as,[2]LinuxPlanet,[3] and Softpedia.[4]


  • Supports over test profiles and over 60 test suites;
  • Uses an XML-based testing architecture. Tests include MEncoder, FFmpeg and lm sensors along with OpenGL games such as Doom 3, Nexuiz, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and many others;[5]
  • Contains a feature called PTS Global where users are able to upload their test results and system information for sharing. Then through executing a single command, other users can compare their test results to a selected system in an easy-comparison mode;[6]
  • Allow report benchmark results to the Phoronix Global online database;
  • Allow compare results side-by-side;
  • Is extensible and new tests can be added easily;
  • Can do anonymous usage reporting;
  • Can do automated Git bisecting on a performance basis to find performance regressions. It features statistical significance verification.



Phoromatic is a web-based remote test management system for the Phoronix Test Suite. It does automatic scheduling of tests. It is aimed at the enterprise. It can manage multiple test nodes simultaneously within a test farm or distributed environment.

Phoromatic Tracker[edit]

Phoromatic Tracker is an extension of Phoromatic that provides a public interface into test farms.[7] Currently their reference implementations autonomously monitor the performance of the Linux kernel on a daily basis,[8]Fedora Rawhide[9] and Ubuntu.[10]

PTS Desktop Live[edit]

PTS Desktop Live was a stripped down x Linux distribution, which included Phoronix Test Suite . It was designed for testing/benchmarking computers from a LiveDVD / LiveUSB environment.[11]


Phodevi (Phoronix Device Interface) is a library that provides a clean, stable, platform-independent API for accessing software and hardware information.


Phoronix Certification & Qualification Suite (PCQS) is a reference specification for the Phoronix Test Suite.

Phoronix website[edit]


Phoronix logo and screenshot

Type of site

Created&#;byMichael Larabel
RegistrationRequired (for the forums)
LaunchedJune&#;5, ; 17 years ago&#;()

Phoronix is a technology website that offers insights regarding the development of the Linux kernel, product reviews, interviews, and news regarding free and open-source software by monitoring the Linux kernel mailing list or interviews.

Phoronix was started in June by Michael Larabel, who currently serves as the owner and editor-in-chief.


Founded on 5 June ,[12] Phoronix started as a website with a handful of hardware reviews and guides,[13][14] moving to articles covering operating systems based on Linux and open source software around the start of , such as Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE[15] and Mozilla (Firefox/Thunderbird).[16] Phoronix heavily focuses on benchmarking hardware running Linux, with a heavy slant towards graphics articles that monitor and compare free and open-source graphics device drivers and Mesa 3D with AMD's and Nvidia's proprietary graphics device drivers. In June the website added forums in addition to news content.[17] On 20 April , Phoronix redesigned its website,[18] and began Solaris hardware reviews and news in addition to Linux content.[19]

Phoronix benchmarks have been cited by a number of other technical publications such as CNET News[20][21]

OpenBenchmarking[edit] is a web-based service created to work with the Phoronix Test Suite. It is a collaborative platform that allows users to share their hardware and software benchmarks through an organized online interface.[22]

Release history[edit]

On 5 June , Phoronix Test Suite was released under the codename Trondheim.[23] This release was made up of 57 test profiles and 23 test suites.[24]

On 3 September , Phoronix Test Suite was released with support for the OpenSolaris operating system[25] and a module framework accompanied by tests focusing upon new areas[26] and many new test profiles.

Phoronix Test Suite includes a graphical user interface (GUI) using GTK+ written using the PHP-GTK bindings.

includes MATISK benchmarking module and initial support for the GNU Hurd.

See also[edit]


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