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Top 10 Goals

Here are, in my opinion, the top 10 goals of Man City's 2013/14 season. Oh, all goals are in GIF form. The problem with GIFs is that they are created without any sound. To solve this problem I have chosen some music.

Press play, if you wish, and watch my choices for the top 10 goals of the season so far.

A) Yaya Toure v Hull

Pretty much a perfect shot.

B) James Milner v Fulham

Quick feet by Silva and then the out-of-this-damn-world pass from Negredo to Milner who hits a hard first time shot past the Fulham 'keeper.

C) Aguero v Newcastle

A nice direct pass from Fernandinho is flicked on by Dzeko towards Aguero. The diminutive Argentine still has a lot of work to do from the position in which he received the ball, but a trademark fast-slow-fast run takes him away from Taylor. The finish is sensational.

D) Negredo v Norwich

A great team goal that came during the butchering of Norwich.

E) Kolarov v Leicester

This is from a long, long way out.

F) Aguero v Chelsea

A bullet from Aguero with his 'wrong' foot. The pace and accuracy of the shot unfairly made Cech look a little lazy.

G) Milner vs Bayern Munich

This must have been like a dream for James Milner: time and space to walk onto a free ball with a chance to put your team a goal up against the best club side in the world.

That said, Milner still had work to do in the clip below. Notice how Milner accelerates and circles to get square to the ball. Once Milner was square to the ball he promptly dispatched a hard low shot past a goalkeeper who is, in my opinion, comfortably the best in the world in his position.

H) Yaya Toure v Fulham

Good God, Man City have scored some amazing free-kick's in 13/14. Perfection from Toure.

I) Negredo v Tottenham

Skill and intelligence from Negredo with the turn and then a brute of a shot that beats Lloris for pace.

J) Toure v Plzen

Tic. Tac. Tic. Shuffle forward, shuffle forward. A half step to the right, adjust the feet.......BANG.

The pace of Toure's shot is actually a little shocking on the third or fourth view. Shocking, and graceful. In a way, it's not dissimilar to a cruel and devastating knockout punch from a boxer. There's beauty in the brutality of the execution.


Serving as snackable — and often laughable — bits of visual content, GIFs help us accurately convey our thoughts and feelings when we're limited to virtual communication.

The trouble is, finding the perfect GIF by hunting through Google Image Search or that desktop folder of your favorites can take way more time than it's worth.

Finding the right GIF doesn't have to be a lengthy process, you just have to know where to look. To help, we've collected 10 awesome websites below that'll help you find what you're looking for quickly, without forcing you to lower your GIF standards.

(Or, want to create your very own GIF? Check outthis tutorial to learn how to make an animated GIF in Photoshop.)

Note: Some of these websites might feature GIFs that are NSFW.

Free Download: How to Use Photos in Marketing

10 Sites for Finding the Perfect GIF

  1. GIPHY
  2. Reddit
  3. Tumblr
  4. Gfycat
  5. Tenor
  6. Reaction GIFs
  7. GIFbin
  8. Imgur
  9. Imgflip
  10. Gyazo


This is my go-to resource for GIF hunting. Launched by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke, GIPHY started out as a search engine for GIFs. They've grown GIPHY significantly by partnering with brands, introducing integrations, creating browser extensions, and much more. (To catch up on all of their expansion efforts,check out GIPHY Labs.)

Giphy Categories pages

The best part? Navigating the database of GIFs couldn't be easier: Users can browse categories — Adjectives, Music, Nature, Science, etc. — or seek out a specific word or phrase using the search functionality.


Reddit is like the mothership for GIFs: The community boasts not one, but several impressive GIF-related subreddits. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

While all of the different, categorized options make it easy for you to find what you need, many of these subreddits commit to a series of guidelines to refine their entries even further. For example, while "reaction gifs" and "analogy gifs" may sound pretty similar, there's actually a difference according to the /r/reactiongif's wiki page. Allow me to demonstrate...

Reaction GIF

I don’t know about you but when I find out payday is coming up I react like:

Reddit reaction GIF

Image Source

Analogy GIF

When I try answering emails before my coffee, I feel like:

Reddit analogy GIF

Image Source

As explained on the /r/reactiongif's wiki page, "A reaction gif is a physical or emotional response that is captured in a .gif which you can link in response to someone or something on the Internet. A gif which is a metaphorical reaction to something does not qualify as a reaction gif. Generally speaking, most posts that use the term "How I Feel When" are analogy gifs."

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is a huge blogging platform where GIFs are made and shared like crazy. Bloggers on this platform do an excellent job of pairing relevant GIFs with relatable scenarios. There’s plenty of blogs dedicated to sharing funny GIFs daily, but my favorite ones to share on a Monday would be in hashtags like #work-memes #workfromhome and more.

For instance:

Tumblr funny work meme GIF

Image Source

We all know that feeling — right? (If not, then I must ask you, what’s it like to be perfect?)

Anyways, all you have to do is use the top search bar to lookup hashtags of the content you’re looking for, or follow some blog pages that are dedicated to uploading GIFs daily. GIFs featured on Tumblr are either handmade in Photoshop by the creators or sourced from different websites, and they're pretty good about giving credit where credit is due.


Gfycat is another gallery with millions of GIFs to dive into. Not only is it one of the most popular GIF sites, but it has an easy Video-to-Gif creator tool to turn your favorite Twitter, Vimeo, and Twitch streams into your library of memes.

Navigate its selection of GIFs from the search bar or left menu, choosing from the latest “Trending” or “Explore” section to find different popular categories of GIFs or stickers.

And who would I be to share a site called “Gfycat” without an obligatory cat GIF?

Gfycat cat GIF

Image Source


Tenor is a great way to throw a relatable GIF into any conversation, whether on your PC or iPhone.

Tenor mobile GIF keyboard

Having funny GIFs at your fingertips is a great way to share a quick laugh with your friends and family. All you have to do is type in how you’re feeling on your phone’s keyboard and Tenor will automatically start populating tons of GIFs. Perfect for putting in your conversation with cousin Katy who still gets a kick out of watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.

6. Reaction GIFs

This site serves up an appropriate GIF for just about anything you're thinking. Depending on what you're searching for, there are several different ways to uncover a perfect match.

One way is to use the dropdown menus on the right side of the site. These menus allow users to surface GIFs that match a specific feeling (tired, confused, proud, etc.) or answer (yes, no, undecided, etc.). For example, a search for "excited" might surface something like this:Excited Perfect GIF Tina Fey

Users also have the option to search by galleries or tags. Galleries are organized into categories such as "OMG," "Dance Party," and "LOL," but there’s plenty more tags to explore.


Here's another stellar resource for uncovering GIFs.

On GIFbin, users can filter thumbnails by "Newest," "Top Rated," and "Most Viewed," or by tags. The interesting thing about GIFbin's tag system is that they are categorized by both name and count.

While the names are pretty standard search terms — animals, babies, sports, etc. — the count feature allows you to easily uncover terms with the highest volume of available GIFs. Check it out:

GIFbin Browse Gif Tags page

Or if you’ve got too much free time on your hands like me, click through the rabbit hole— I mean— “random GIF” button for endless fun.

8. Imgur

Ah yes, Imgur, the Reddit of GIF sites without all the text threads.

Imgur is an image hosting site that shares an array of funny or cool GIFs. It’s library is a mix between new uploads and even some of my favorites from the 2010s.

Imgur perfect GIF lotr

Image Source

Search up any tags for all the funny movie edits, or whatever else you’re interested in via Imgur.

9. Imgflip

Imgflip is another extensive library of GIFs. There are a few ways to browse Imgflip content,as detailed on the website:

  • Hot/Latest images on the homepage
  • Use the Previous / Next / Random navigation on image pages
  • Use the hotkeys as described on image pages
  • Tag pages (such ascats)
  • Meme pages such as Grumpy Cat, found on the meme templates page

imgflip GIF gallery

If you like a little competition, you can create your own GIFs and earn a spot on the leaderboard. If your GIF gets upvoted enough, you can bask in the glory of making strangers on the internet laugh.


Last but not least, we have Gyazo. This website is a bit different from the others, but with this tool you can capture your PC screen (like a clip instead of a screenshot) and create GIFs out of them. Made to convert footage into GIFs quickly, it stores your library in your account, so you can link or download your favorite GIFs whenever you want.

As a different method to making your own GIFs, Gyazo makes it easy to create, store, and share your favorite GIFs with your favorite people.

For your viewing pleasure, enjoy some GIFception as I used Gyazo myself to make a GIF out of a video of someone using Gyazo to make a GIF.

Gyazo gif maker video

Image Source

Why You Should Use GIFs in a Business Setting

On a more serious note, GIFs are another form of visual content that can be used for both fun, and strategically for marketing. For businesses, they can be a tool to demonstrate company culture and drive more engagement by appealing to customers looking for authenticity.

Internal Use

On an internal level, exchanging GIFs in conversation or including them throughout presentations can help break up the monotony of day-to-day business.

Adding some level of quirkiness in meetings or seminars can keep employees more engaged and satisfied than otherwise. Plus, it never hurts to share a quick laugh in the office, as long as you don’t get too carried away.

External Use

55% of B2C content creators say that creating or sharing visual content is a big priority for them presently. Similar to videos or live recordings, using GIFs to convey ideas in a business setting offers viewers visuals that are more stimulating than text-only content.

For instance, when people hear information, they're likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retain 65% of the information three days later.

Also, using GIFs on social media accounts is a great way to catch the attention of potential customers. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, or a blogging platform, adding a visual like GIFs to your post can prove useful to a business.

The World is Your Image Library

There’s plenty of websites to choose from when it comes to finding some pretty cool GIFs. Whether you need to send one to your coworker's birthday email chain, or make your brother, Trevor, laugh at the dinner table, we hope this list helps narrow down your search for the perfect GIF.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in January 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

visual marketing

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  3. Fiverr gift card

The Continuing Adventures of Grogu, the Artist Formerly Known as Baby Yoda

It’s baby, back. Photo: Lucasfilm

The first season of The Mandalorian introduced a compelling, powerful new hero into the Star Wars universe. We’re talking, of course, about the small, green, sleepy, broth-loving creature known officially as the Child — and then, once Mando had a fateful encounter with the Jedi Ahsoka Tano, as “Grogu” — but unofficially by the much better name Baby Yoda. (For the sake of Disney not getting mad at us, we hereby acknowledge that Grogu is not actually a young version of Yoda — the timeline doesn’t work out for that — but he is a 50-year-old, and therefore quite infantile, member of the general Yoda species.) As we’ve gotten to know him better this season, we’ve learned that Baby Yoda is primarily a big fan of food, even when it means eating the eggs of a nice frog woman, and that his emotional connection with Mando might be a bad thing for his future, Jedi-wise.

Last season, we devoted much of our coverage of The Mandalorian to focusing on just what happened with Yoda in each episode in adorable GIF form, and this season, we’re back at it again. Obviously. When we left off, Mando and Baby Yoda were off on an adventure to parts unknown to find others of Baby Yoda’s kind, with the creepy Moff Gideon trailing behind them. Will Mando learn better child-rearing skills this time around? Will the guild start a day-care program? Will Baby Yoda make friends with more quirky American comedian guest stars? We can only hope.

Spoilers ahead for season two of The Mandalorian.

Video: Disney+.

Mando’s first choice as a newly dedicated single parent is to take Baby Yoda to a fight club! This seems unwise, and Baby Yoda is quite concerned about the general vibe on the way in. There’s graffiti on the wall; everything seems very dank and unpleasant.

Video: Disney+.

Wouldn’t you know it, but Baby Yoda was right to be concerned. In his search for the other Mandalorians, Mando gets into a fight with Gor Koresh. Happily, Baby Yoda has learned some crucial self-preservation techniques, namely how to hit the button that shields him from blaster fire. Mando has also picked up one moderately responsible fighting skill: He kicks Baby Yoda’s closed-up pod away from the fray once the battle starts going. Responsible!

Video: Disney+.

Mando discovers there may be a fellow Mandalorian on Tatooine. (Are there really not that many planets in this galaxy? A suspicious amount of this story ends up back on Tatooine.) Heading back to Tatooine means one very important thing: a loving reunion with mechanic Amy Sedaris! She grabs Baby Yoda with a very relatable level of speed and enthusiasm.

Video: Disney+.

Returning to Tatooine means Mando can hire a little speeder to get him to the very remote town where this mysterious other Mandalorian lives, which thankfully comes with little panniers that can fit Baby Yoda. Weeeeeee! Speeder rides!

Video: Disney+.

Turns out, Mos Pelgos is not just home to Timothy Olyphant, Salt-and-Pepper Marshall of Tatooine. (The character’s real name is Cobb Vanth, but let’s be real.) Mos Pelgos is also home to a giant, Dune-inspired sandworm called a krayt dragon. Baby Yoda is alerted to this fact by a dramatic earthquake.

Video: Disney+.

Good call hiding inside the big pot, Baby Yoda!

Video: Disney+

Mando and Timothy Olyphant, Salt-and-Pepper Marshall of Tatooine, make friends with some Raiders who are also interested in dispatching the krayt dragon. This is notable for a number of reasons, but the most important one is probably this little transition shot of Raider using a toothbrush to clean a bantha’s teeth.

Video: Disney+.

What follows is a lengthy and very dramatic planning sequence and final battle scene, where Mando, Salt-and-Pepper Marshall, and the Raiders team up to fight the krayt dragon. Things go badly, of course — the plan to explode it from below doesn’t work, many Raiders die, and Salt-and-Pepper Marshall gets quite worried about how this is all going. In the exciting endgame of the battle, Mando grabs a bantha covered in explosives and lets the dragon swallow them all up! Baby Yoda is understandably worried about this. But fear not: Everyone makes it out all right. Except for that bantha covered in explosives, obviously. Anyway, there’s a creepy man watching them from the distance as the episode ends. Onto the next adventure!

Video: Disney+

Back on the road in Tatooine, Mando and Baby Yoda quickly fall prey to some Jawa-like creatures who threaten Baby Yoda with a knife (very scary!) and demand Mando trade him for his jetpack. This is very stressful for our heroic Baby, but luckily Mando pulls through and uses the jetpack to rocket the captor away.

Video: Disney+

It’s been a tiring time for Baby Yoda over the last few days, which means that Baby Yoda has also gotten very hungry recently. Is Mando getting enough protein for the child’s development? Apparently not, considering how Baby Yoda stares so lovingly at the big piece of meat Amy Sedaris is roasting. (Even in space, she’s a great host.)

Video: Disney+

Baby Yoda, driven primarily by hunger throughout this episode, also starts to lust for the eggs of the poor amphibian woman who’s trying to get Mando to take her to find her mate and fertilize them on another planet.

Video: Disney+

The eggs might represent the last of an endangered species, but they are also very tasty.

Video: Disney+

Like Pringles, you can’t just eat one, even if doing so is pretty wrong.

Video: Disney+

Baby Yoda has to learn to self-control!

Video: Disney+

With the lizard eggs off the table, Baby Yoda wanders off in search of other food. This turns out to be an ice spider egg! Baby Yoda didn’t realize this would so suddenly turn into an Aliens homage!

Video: Disney+

The spiders attack Mando, Baby Yoda, and the amphibian woman. It’s very stressful for Baby Yoda, especially when they attack from above. Luckily, the amphibian woman saves Baby Yoda at the last minute with a blaster, which feels unmerited considering how many of her eggs Baby Yoda has eaten.

Video: Disney+

Back en route to their destination in space, Baby Yoda and the amphibian woman make a bit of peace. But Baby Yoda is still secretly eating her eggs! No, stop that!

I know they say that no one can eat 50 eggs, but Cool Hand Luke could and I could too. Why won’t you just let me?

What kind of messed up chowder is this? I told you, I wanted eggs!

Oh nooooooo! Now Baby Yoda’s the egg that’s getting eaten!

Ah, the eggs. The sweet, sweet eggs.

Once those eggs hatch, though, they’re really cute! What if frogs are friends, not food?

What Baby Yoda looks like when your brain is on druuuugs.

Video: Disney+

After the harrowing events of last week’s episode, Baby Yoda helps Mando fix his ship. Unfortunately, Baby Yoda also ignores the instructions to please keep the red and blue wires separate. The Child is no electrical engineer!

Video: Disney+

After so many adventures, it’s about time that someone put Baby Yoda into a structured school environment. When Mando meets up again with Cara Dune and Greef Karga for a mission, he drops Baby Yoda off at their new classroom, where the baby gets a li’l desk and tablet.

Video: Disney+

Unfortunately, Baby Yoda is a disruptive presence in the classroom.

Video: Disney+

Baby Yoda uses the Force to obtain a roll of space macarons. Unfortunately, when Mando is off on his whole action mission, we learn that the evil man Giancarlo Esposito is trying to hunt Baby Yoda just for those Force skills. But the important thing is that those space macarons look very good. Mmm, tasty!

Once Mando’s mission goes awry, he speeds back and picks up Baby Yoda from school. This means he also disrupts Baby Yoda’s tender macaron digestive process with some evasive maneuvers. Get that baby a little wet wipe!

Video: Disney+

It’s a big week for our li’l baby, who starts off the episode waddling off the ship with Mando, carrying his favorite comfort toy, the shiny ball from the throttle in the cockpit. Unfortunately, this is a serious expedition, so Mando confiscates the shiny ball. (Rude!)

Video: Disney+

On his serious mission, Mando meets a new friend, Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, the first Jedi canonically able to sing “Out Tonight” from Rent. Ahsoka has some big news for Mando: She can communicate with Baby Yoda telepathically, and he has a name, which is Grogu! Gro-gu! Baby Yoda (sorry, this is still a more fun title than Grogu) acknowledges this pairing of random syllables as his name by cooing.

Once the naming is done, Ahsoka moves on to some training. First, she has Baby Yoda play Force-catch with a little pebble, which doesn’t go very well because Baby Yoda isn’t interested in sending the pebble back.

But then! Mando steps in with the shiny ball, and suddenly Grogu is a lot more interested in playing. This is a sign of his immense potential but also, according to Ahsoka, a sign that he has too strong a connection with Mando and may be ruled by his emotions. She’s worried about the possibility of Grogu going Darth, so after Mando goes and helps out on a little mission, she suggests Grogu stop by a Jedi temple on Tython and choose his own path. We hope our Baby Yoda will choose the right one, though, knowing him, it will probably just be whatever path involves more snacks.

Video: Disney+

In order to find his true Jedi teacher, Mando plunks Grogu down on a very important Jedi rock. It doesn’t seem like the rock does all that much, but then, whabam! Meditation force-field thingy!

Video: Disney+

Mando doesn’t grasp how this whole mystical force-field situation works, though, because the instant he gets it going, Mando sees a ship arriving on the horizon and tries to yank the baby right out of there. Not sure what you thought was gonna happen when you stuck your face into the magic blue glowing field, buddy, but guess what? You can’t interrupt the Jedi trance! Why do you keep trying?!

Video: Disney+

Basically the second Mando leaves to go defend him, the trance ends, and l’il Grogu collapses in exhaustion. Calling out through the galaxy for your Jedi master is very tiring.

Video: Disney+

In a truly predictable turn of events, leaving Baby Yoda undefended at the top of an exposed temple in a universe where lots of people have easy access to jet packs does not go well! Under orders from Moff Gideon, a band of Darktroopers zip down and steal the baby. It’s very scary, honestly!

Video: Disney+

We should probably be concerned about Grogu being tempted by the Dark Side or what have you, but when he tosses around these Stormtroopers like rag dolls it’s hard not to shout, YEAHHHH BABY YODA, FUCK ’EM UP!

Video: Disney+

Sadly, Grogu drains all his powers trying to mess up those Stormtroopers. Moff Gideon puts shackles on him, and then gives the order to send him away as a donor. Good thing Mando and Boba Fett and Fennec Shand teamed up in this episode so they can save him!

With Baby Yoda being kidnapped and all, he was woefully absent from this week’s episode. But we did get to look at this handsome face, and that’s something, right?

Video: Disney+

After the tragically Baby Yoda–less events of last week’s episode, Mando manages to get some intel and team up with his allies Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, and Bo-Katan and track down Moff Gideon in order to rescue Grogu. Well, Bo-Katan is really more focused on Moff Gideon’s darksaber, but when they all split up in order to get what they want on his ship, it turns out that the evil guy has planned it all out and decided to hunker down with both Baby Yoda and his darksaber. This is stressful for the poor kid!

Video: Disney+

Moff Gideon tries to play some mind games with Mando, but Mando’s mostly focused on protecting Baby Yoda, so it doesn’t go all that well for him. They get into a fight, which continues onto the bridge, and then, because of some random Mandalorian laws, Mando ends up in control of the darksaber because he bested Gideon. Gideon starts a firefight again, and Mando once again proves what’s really important to him by diving right in front of it. What a good dad!

Video: Disney+

But then, as it turns out, there was a Jedi who answered Baby Yoda’s call through that beacon a few episodes earlier, and Baby Yoda senses him through the TV as he hacks his way through the Dark Troopers on Moff Gideon’s ship.

Video: Disney+

The Jedi has a green lightsaber and a CGI face, which of course means that he has to be a young Luke Skywalker. Luke says that he needs to train Baby Yoda in the Jedi way on his own to avoid all those problems of emotions, etc., which means that Baby Yoda is going to have to say good-bye to Mando. Mando is so very sad about this that he even takes off his helmet to say good-bye.

Video: Disney+

Luke and Baby Yoda, and Baby Yoda’s new Baby Yoda–size friend R2D2, head off on their own adventure, potentially leaving Mando behind for a long time. Or not, hopefully? Can The Mandalorian go on without Baby Yoda, and more importantly, Baby Yoda GIFs? Who knows, but we’re verklempt!

The Continuing Adventures of Baby YodaSours:

Y’all are the Temple of God

The Tent, the Building

Fast forward to the Exodus story. The people of Israel have been in slavery in Egypt for 400 years, disconnected from their identity as God’s image-bearers. As Moses led the people out of Egypt, God commanded the people to build the tabernacle. This tent structure served as a place for God to dwell with his people (Exodus 25:8). Almost like they were back in the garden!

Several hundred years later, this tent is replaced by the permanent structure that King Solomon built in Jerusalem: the temple. This building was labelled “a house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7). Through this temple, God not only manifested his love and care to Israel, but to anyone from any culture who would come there to worship him. Has God finally restored what we destroyed in the garden? Unfortunately, just like Adam and Eve, Israel’s leaders rebel against God, perpetuating evil and injustice. As a result, the temple is destroyed and the people are exiled from the land (e.g., Jeremiah 52:12-13).

Many years later, some people return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. However, the temple system quickly fell into corruption once again (e.g., Malachi 1:6-10). The Old Testament story ends with more questions than answers. Is it impossible for humanity to dwell with God as he intended?


Gif good god man

If you’re on social media in 2019, you need to know how to make a GIF. GIFs are helpful for creating eye-catching ads, or connecting with your followers through moments from pop culture.

Think of GIFs as the midpoint between images and videos. The main advantage of using GIFs is that you can tell a story or emphasize a point in a flash. Plus, they’re small files to load, and that makes them perfect for mobile.

GIFs have exploded in popularity in recent years. GIPHY, one of the web’s more popular GIF databases, claims to have over 300 million daily active users. In 2018, Google bought Tenor, a keyboard app and GIF archive designed to help users find the GIFs they want. Tenor processes over 400 million GIF searches per day.

This article will show you how to make a GIF using four different methods. Add them to your social media posts to delight and engage your followers.

Let’s get started.

Table of contents

How to make a GIF with Photoshop

How to make a GIF from a YouTube video

How to make a GIF on mobile

How to create screen-recording GIFs

Bonus: Get the always-up-to-date social media image size cheat sheet. The free resource includes recommended photo dimensions for every type of image on every major network.

How to make a GIF with Photoshop

Note: all screenshots used in this article are from Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 (19.1.2 release).

You can use Photoshop to string images together into a GIF. To make the following GIF, Fergus Baird used 20 photos taken in Photo Booth.

You can also use a short video file to make GIFs in Photoshop. The process is almost the same; only the first step will change.

Choose your own adventure:

If you’re starting with a photo series, begin at Step 1A.

If you’re converting a video into a GIF using Photoshop, start atStep 1B.

1A. Starting with photos: Load your deck of photos into Photoshop

In Photoshop, go to File > Stack > Load Files into Stack. Click Browse, then choose the photos (“layers”) you want to use by Shift-clicking on the full list. Each of these photos will be one frame in your GIF.

Tip: If you want to save yourself some time later, number your files (i.e., 001, 002, 003) to make sure they appear in order.

how to make a gif with photoshop

how to create a gif with photoshop

The “Load Layers” screen should look like this one below. Click OK and head to step 2!

how to create a gif with photoshop

1B. Starting with video: Load your video file into Photoshop

To turn a short video into a GIF using Photoshop, you’ll need to make layers out of the existing video frames. First, click File > Import > Video Frames to Layers…

how to create a gif with photoshop

A new window will pop up asking which portion of the video you’d like to import. You can select the range using the slider below the video.

Next, tell Photoshop how many frames it should import. It isn’t necessary to import every single frame to make a GIF. In this case, we imported one out of every three frames, and only half of the video footage. When you’re satisfied, click OK.

how to create a gif

Once you’ve imported your video file into layers, skip to Step 4.

2. Create a Timeline for your GIF

Under the “Window” menu, scroll down and click Timeline.

how to make a gif with photoshop

A small box will appear under the first image in your list: Create Video Timeline. Click this and change it to Create Frame Animation.

how to create a gif with photoshop

3. Convert your photo layers into a set of looping animation frames

In the top right of the “Timeline” panel you’ll see a little hamburger menu (outlined in yellow).

how to make a gif with photoshop

Click on the hamburger menu, scroll down, and click on Make Frames From Layers.

how to make your own gif

The “Timeline” panel will now show your animation frames in sequence. You can drag these around to reorder them.

Press the triangular Play icon (outlined in red below) to get an idea of how your GIF will look. Also, make sure Forever is selected in the drop down menu to the left (outlined in yellow), otherwise your GIF will only loop a set number of times.

make your own gif

4. Export your GIF

Click File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)…

make your own gif

You’ll come to this menu below. It looks a little overwhelming, but don’t worry. Under the “Preset” menu, select GIF 128 Dithered.

make your own gif

Next, change your Colors setting to 256 (the max number for a GIF).

how to make your own gif

Now you’re ready to export your GIF.

To see how it turned out, click Preview… in the bottom left corner. It’ll open your default web browser and play a looping preview of your GIF.

how to create your own gif

Next, click Save… to name your GIF file, and download the GIF to your computer.

And that’s it! Congratulations! You know how to make a GIF in Photoshop.

How to make a GIF from a YouTube video

If you don’t have access to an Adobe Creative Suite subscription, don’t despair: there’s more than one way to GIF a cat.

1. Go to and click Create

giphy homepage

2. Add the web address of the video you’d like to make into a GIF

how to make a gif


3. Find the part of the video you’d like to capture, and choose the length

Choosing a longer duration in the top slider will add more time after the “start time” you select in the bottom slider.

how to make a gif


4. Optional step: decorate your GIF

There are a variety of options in here. You can add text, or jazz up the GIF with stickers, filters, or even hand-drawn annotations. I didn’t add anything because the baby getting body-slammed by a cat really speaks for itself.

how to make a gif

5. Optional step: add hashtags to your GIF

Add hashtags if you want people to find your GIF and share it widely. Include your brand name and some common related terms in your list so it’s easily searchable. Think of what you would search for if you were trying to find this GIF in a hurry.

how to make a gif

6. Upload your GIF to GIPHY

how to make a gif

And with that, you’re done! To include the GIF in your social media posts, simply insert the Giphy link or download the Giphy file and attach it.

You can follow these same steps to upload a GIF you’ve made yourself. Just add a link to the GIF URL in place of the YouTube video link at the start. You can also use these steps to create a GIF from your own video — just start by uploading it to YouTube.

How to make a GIF on mobile

Mobile apps like GIPHY Cam allow you to make GIFs on your phone. These are extremely easy to use: if you’ve ever used Snapchat, you can handle GIPHY Cam. If you have not used Snapchat… you can still handle GIPHY Cam.

1. Launch the app and record your GIF

Tap the photo button to take a short burst of photos, or hold it for a longer GIF.

2. Optional step: choose a filter, or add stickers/text

how to create a gif

3. Save your GIF and share it with the world

How to make a screen-recording GIF

Apps like GIPHY Capture, ScreenToGif, LICECap and GifCam allow you to make GIFs of your on-screen activity. This is a great option if you’re writing a short instructional article (like something for an online help center) and want to show steps visually.

1. Launch the screen-recording GIF software

When you launch the software, you’ll see a recording overlay like the red-outlined section in the screenshot below.

how to make a screen-recording gif

2. Pull the mask over the area you want to record

With GIPHY Capture, you can record anything within the recording overlay (again, outlined in red). To enlarge this area, click and drag the bottom-right corner (outlined in yellow).

how to make a screen-recording gif

3. Record your on-screen activity

Press the circular red button in the center to record, then press it again to stop recording. You should see a thumbnail preview of your GIF pop up in the bar below the recording overlay.

how to create a screen-recording gif

4. Customize your GIF settings

Minimize the recording area and take a look at the GIF options menu. Here, you can customize your GIF, including the loop type (normal, reverse, or ping-pong) pixel size, and frame rate. Drag the tabs in from the left or right to trim your GIF. You can also add captions from this menu. Just click captions next to options.

how to make a screen-recording gif

When you’re ready, you can click the blue Calculate size text to get an idea of how big your GIF file will be. Under 3 MB is ideal for fast loading.

5. Save your GIF

You can choose to save your GIF to your computer, or, in the case of GIPHY Capture, upload it straight to GIPHY’s online archive.

However you choose to use GIFs in your marketing strategy—social or otherwise—make sure your approach is carefully considered and stays true to your brand values. And don’t forget to have fun with it!

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Family guy - Stewie is OMG GIF

The GIF is now 30 years old, but it already feels immortal — possibly because it’s already outlasted the internet’s most turbulent periods of evolution. And as we consider the legacy of the internet’s greatest file format, we must pause to recognize a special category of GIF that’s left an indelible mark on social media: the reaction GIF.

The internet would appear to have many, many, many candidates for “greatest GIF of all time,” but it’s undeniable that some reaction GIFs are so ubiquitous that the average internet user can likely picture them simply from reading a description. When you can shorthand “blinking white guy” and have people understand exactly which blinking white guy you’re talking about, your reaction GIF has reached peak internet saturation.

Here are Vox’s choices for the most iconic reaction GIFs on the internet — ranked by order of necessity to our lives, from occasionally essential to can’t-use-the-internet-without-them.

16) lol nothing matters

Origin: Tumblr word art artist Cat Frazier made this GIF in 2012. And many people thought it summed up the national zeitgeist then.

When to use it: Whenever the state of the world or the news or your life or anything else makes you feel like absolutely nothing matters anymore.

15) Homer slowly backing away

Origin: This iconic awkward Simpsons moment appears in season five, episode 16, “Homer Loves Flanders”; it’s Homer’s reaction to finding out that the Flanders family wants some non-Homer time to themselves.

When to use: You’ve walked into an awkward situation, or just stumbled upon a major internet can of worms that you’d prefer not to open.

14) Leo DiCaprio’s Gatsby

Origin: 2013’s The Great Gatsbywas a sumptuous visual feast, but this meme-orable moment has transcended its context to become an all-purpose reaction for the ages.

When to use it: Whenever you want to toast or congratulate someone on the internet — either ironically or sincerely.

13) Obama’s mic drop

Origin: When President Obama finished his remarks at his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2016, he literally dropped the mic.

When to use it: Whenever you need to drop the mic, make a killer exit, or end on a high note.

12) How do you do, Fellow Kids?

Origin: Steve Buscemi’s 2009 guest appearance in 30 Rock’s fourth season led to this timeless moment — timeless because, for as long as the world continues to turn, old and uncool adults will continue to flail while attempting to connect with Today’s Youth.

When to use it: Whenever an Old is attempting to blend in with the Youngs. Warning: Using this GIF while Old may not actually make you appear more hip.

11) Blinking white guy

Origin: One of the newest additions to the reaction GIF canon has been everywhere this year. The blinking white guy in question is gamer Drew Scanlon, and the meme is his priceless reaction in 2013 to a fellow gamer’s casual description of “farming with my hoe.” (Admit it: You like it even more now that you know this.)

When to use it: Whenever Nathan Fillion’s speechlessness (see #6) just isn’t quite enough to convey your level of speechlessness.

10) James Van Der Beek Is Crying

Origin: This is actually a pivotal moment for Dawson’s Creek fans — it’s the season three finale, “True Love,” and the decisive moment comes when our (controversial) hero, Dawson, loses it over his realization that the girl he loves would be better off with her much healthier soul mate ... who isn’t him.

The famous momentreportedly wasn’t scripted — Van Der Beek–as–Dawson was just that upset. According to Vox’s own teen drama expert Constance Grady, “the fandom really hated Dawson and hardcore shipped Joey/Pacey, so there was a lot of schadenfreude in that moment where he essentially ‘lost’” — all of which helped catapult this GIF to perennial meme status.

When to use it: When you just can’t hold back your emotions or want to sarcastically overreact — or, if you’re feeling particularly mean, mock someone else’s overreaction to whatever situation is at hand.

9) Kermit flail

Origin: Jim Henson’s most famous Muppet is known for his frequent flailing jags on The Muppet Show, and this GIF captures the height of that tendency.

When to use it: When your excitement just can’t be contained.

8) The cool walk

Origin: It took seven seasons of Mad Men for Peggy Olson to amass the confidence and life experience required to make her famous penultimate-episode hallway walk a viral moment — but actress Elisabeth Moss sold every step, incidentally sauntering into internet history.

When to use it: This GIF is usually read as a mic drop moment, even though Peggy is technically entering her new office for the first time. Use it whenever you want to make an exit and leave ’em wanting more, or react to someone doing likewise.

7) The slow clap

Origin: Orson Wellesdeterminedly applauding the critically panned opera debut of his mistress, as the title character in the classic 1941 film Citizen Kane.

When to use it: This GIF is tricky because, while its subject is fiercely clapping, contextually we know that the target of his applause is objectively Not Great, Bob. If you’re committed to a contextual reading, you should save this GIF for times when you’re mocking someone who’s standing alone in their commitment to an unwise idea. But if you just want to declare your unwavering support for someone online, go forth and slow clap them all the way home.

6) Speechless Nathan Fillion

Origin: This famous GIF features actor Nathan Fillion in Castle’s title role, and comes specifically from the 2009 episode “Love Me Dead.” The hour sees Castle rendered momentarily speechless after his daughter tells him she wants to go to college overseas.

When to use it: Whenever someone leaves you at a loss for words — and usually not in a good way.

5) Supa Hot Fire’s ultimate rap battle win

Origin: Satirical rapper Supa Hot Fire bested upstart challenger B-Bone in 2011 in one of the greatest parody rap battle videos on YouTube.

When to use it: In context, the reactions from the fans surrounding Supa are meant to be over the top. Out of context, their hysteria provides the perfect reaction GIF for that moment when you’re overwhelmed by the ultimate diss, mic drop, witty bon mot, or other supremely badass event.

4) We were all rooting for you!

Origin: Tyra Banks’s unexpected eruption at an America’s Next Top Model contestant who just wasn’t cutting it in 2005 went viral and became a famous reality TV moment — a reaction GIF before the reaction GIF really existed.

When to use it: Whenever someone disappoints you, and the internet collectively, as they inevitably will because life isn’t fair.

3) Simon Cowell is happy for once

Origin: Simon Cowell’s viral reaction to hearing Susan Boyle sing for the first time on The XFactor in 2009 captured a rare moment when the famously hard-to-impress reality host experienced unexpected bliss.

When to use it: Whenever a blissful ray of pure, unfiltered delight punctures your dark and cynical soul.

2) Surprise! Everything is on fire.

Origin: The 2012 episode of Community that spawned this GIF was nominated for an Emmy, and this “everything is on fire” moment is even funnier in the context of the scene it’s part of.

When to use it: Whenever you’ve briefly stepped away from somethingand returned to find chaos ensuing, drama unfolding, or madness happening — or whenever you think you may have entered the Darkest Timeline.

1) Popcorn.gif (Michael Jackson eating popcorn)

Origin: This GIF is so ubiquitous that internet users will often simply write “popcorn.gif” as shorthand for sharing the actual image, which hails from Michael Jackson eating popcorn in a scene from the 1982 video for “Thriller.” It’s fitting that one of the most famous pop songs ever written has also produced the internet’s most recognizable and all-purpose reaction GIF.

When to use it: Whenever there’s a debate, someone’s making an ass of themselves, or in general something entertaining is happening online. So basically, anywhere and everywhere.


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Christopher Plummer on 'Knives Out' and tearing up the Nazi flag

Christopher Plummer in "Knives Out."

Within mere moments of Rian Johnson's murder-mystery spoof "Knives Out," veteran actor Christopher Plummer is discovered dead with a slash across his throat. 

Thankfully, that's not the last we see of Plummer's beguiling patriarch, Harlan Thrombey. Johnson ("Star Wars: The Last Jedi") employs flashbacks to flesh out Plummer's ill-fated crime novelist, giving the veteran actor the chance to chew out his co-stars Chris Evans, Toni Collette, Don Johnson and Michael Shannon.

One pivotal scene with Thrombey's nurse (played by rising star Ana de Armas) shows a playful and ornery side to the character that quickly pivots into a frenetic unraveling of how he ends up in a body bag. Their tense moments onscreen give both actors plenty to chew on — and was one of the reasons why Plummer accepted the part. 

"(Ana) really packs a wallop of emotion. My god, she's powerful. That impressed me enormously. I adored her. She's so young, beautiful and talented — it's a remarkable combination," he said about his co-star who'll soon star in next year's James Bond picture "No Time to Die."

Plummer said it was wonderful to work again with several co-stars like James Bond, himself, Daniel Craig, with whom he appeared in David Fincher's 2011 adaptation of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."

"It was almost like coming home in a sense," Plummer said. "I had fun with everyone. ... In any ensemble, there's very good actors, most of them very well known. We were all on equal basis and in a sense compete. We had to be on our toes because it's a terrific cast and the standard was so high." 

A fan of murder mysteries, himself, Plummer, who's twice played Sherlock Holmes onscreen, theorized that people are intrigued by the grisly tales because "we're all a bit masochistic and we love to be frightened." 

Filled with red herrings and sharp turns, Johnson's delightful "Knives Out" elevates the tried-and-true formula of a whodunit to a modern and comedic thriller. 

"It's a gorgeous spoof of all those murder mysteries of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. The script was so well written that we just trusted the words. It was very sophisticated and literate. It seduced us all to be in it and Rian did an incredible job writing it. It was simply amazing. How often do we get scripts like that in films?"

Though the murderer is found out by the end of "Knives Out," the fate of an ornate portrait of Plummer that hangs inside the movie's stately country mansion remains a mystery. When asked if he got to take it home, Plummer laughed. 

"I see myself in the mirror quite enough, thank you very much," he quipped.

In this June 11, 2018 photo, Christopher Plummer poses for a portrait to promote his film "Boundaries" in New York. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP)

Plummer's filmography and stage credits show a willingness to adapt and pursue a variety of roles from protagonist to supporting actor as long as the part has depth and gravitas. He confessed to the Hollywood Reporter last year that he couldn't wait to turn 40 so he would no longer be confined to the limitations of being just a leading man like in "The Sound of Music."

"When I went through that stage in movies, they're all rather boring parts. You just have to look as pretty as you can and be as romantic as you can. It doesn't take much talent and it doesn't go very far," he said. "The character roles were far more interesting than any leading role for the most part."

"Dear old 'Sound of Music' was OK. It made a bloody fortune and saved 20th Century Fox from collapse. But it's not my cup of tea. But I'd say it was the most popular picture (I did)." 

More than 50 years later, the image of Plummer as Capt. von Trapp tearing up the Nazi flag has become a go-to GIF that floods Twitter timelines in Internet battles against antisemitism. And yes, he's bemused to see it make the rounds. 

Christopher Plummer stars in "Remember," playing a man suffering from dementia.

Now 89, Plummer has made history as the oldest competitive Oscar recipient for his work in Mike Mills' 2010 dramedy "Beginners." As the charismatic Hal, he befuddles his on-screen son, played by Ewan McGregor, with the proclamation that he is actually gay after a long marriage with his late wife. Plummer brings a palpable joie de vivre to the role even when his character is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

"That was another script that didn't change from the day I read it to the end of the film. Mike Mills wrote such an economical and sensitive sort of portrait of this family. I adored playing Hal. I was most relaxed I've ever been onscreen in that role. It was due to Mike, mostly because he wrote with such sensitivity," he said.

Since scoring Oscar gold for that role, he received a nod last year for his performance in "All the Money in the World" as J. Paul Getty, a role that was originally performed by Kevin Spacey before he was cut from the picture. While some actors' opportunities dry up as the grow older, Plummer has had a renaissance.

"It's wonderful that they're giving me all these roles that I'd normally be dead. It's very exciting. I haven't lost my energy yet, thank god, or my memory. I'd say it's all because of my training in the theater," he said.

Plummer said he has three new projects in the works, including a challenging take on Sigmund Freud. The other two he kept to himself.

"I won't say what they are because I think it's bad luck. Certainly, the money vanishes just after you tell someone that you're about to work. So, I'll shut up about those," he said with a chuckle.


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