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[Outdated] Throne of Lies Interactions: Q&A

Summary: This topic is meant to provide answers to those who wish to understand how some of the lesser-known interactions work in Throne of Lies. Hopefully, it should serve as a reference and I will try to constantly update it to keep up with the patchnotes.

In this topic, I’ve attempted to create a more or less complete list of uncommon interactions and answers, so that the players can have easier access to this information and don’t need to ask for such answers twice.
The list itself is not complete, so I encourage you to ask about anything in this thread as well, so that it can be expanded and improved.

Let us begin.

Q: What is the order of Night actions?
A: 1. Direct occupation;
2. Redirection;
3. Indirect occupation;
4. Guard;
5. Attacks;
6. Healing;
7. Frames;
8. Investigative abilities;
9. Conversion.

Q: What about protective actions, such as healing and guard?
A: 1. Knight defend;
2. Granted immunity, such as King’s Safeguard;
3. Passive immunity;
4. Mercenary Shield;
5. Healing;
6. Time Warp;
7. Reaper’s Souls.

Q: Is it true that there is a certain amount of players required for the Cult game to spawn?
A: Yes, for the Cult game to start you will need to have at least 10 players, which is the same amount required for the Neutral Killer to spawn. However, Neutral Killer is not guaranteed to spawn with 10 people present – to guarantee that, you will need at least 14 players.

Q: Can you suicide while jailed?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If you are reaped as a Fool, then voted up and executed in court the next day, will you still win?
A: Yes, you will.

Frame Interactions

Neutral Investigative’s abilities are not affected by Scorned/Fool Frame, Apostle’s/Illusionist’s Mindwarp or Aristocrat’s Intrigue, however there are numerous other abilities that can alter their results:
Targets disguised by Duchess’ Dark Wisp, Timesnatcher’s Dark Dimension and Ritualist’s Brotherhood will all affect Inquisitor’s feedback.

More detailed examples:

Disguised Assassin will appear as a Physician, meaning they will show up as Support/Social;
Disguised Mastermind appears as a Sheriff, which matters in case original Heretic Assassin becomes a Mastermind;
Disguised Duchess will appear as Princess;
Disguised Timesnatcher will appear as a Chronomancer;
Diguised Cult Leader will appear as a Paladin or Princess (latter only in case if they had a Royal Blood passive before becoming a Cult Leader);
Disguised Ritualist appears as a Court Wizard;
Disguised Apostle appears as a Noble, regardless of Apostle’s starting class;
Disguised Seeker appears as an Observer or Princess (in case they have a Royal Blood passive);
Diguised Invoker appears as a Butler or Drunk (once again, depending on their starting class).

Court Wizard’s Empower will still override these results.
(Thanks to Tangeld#6642 on Discord for this information).

Side note: Evil Investigatives such as Seeker, Nightwatch, Marshal, Duchess and Handmaiden are also not affected by Frame.

Maid Interactions Sheet

Evil = Either Cult or Unseen.

Scorned + Anyone = Incompatible;
Royal Blood + Royal Blood = Incompatible;
Inquisitor + Heathen = Incompatible.

General results:
BD + BD = Compatible;
BD + Evil = Incompatible;
BD + Alchemist/Fool/Mercenary/Inquisitor = Compatible;
BD + Sellsword = Incompatible;
Evil + Evil = Compatible;
Evil + Alchemist/Fool/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword = Compatible;
NK + Alchemist/Fool/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword = Compatible;
NK + BD/Evil = Incompatible;

Interactions with Frame (If you are Empowered by a Court Wizard you will ignore these):
Framed + BD = Incompatible;
Framed + Evil/Alchemist/Mercenary/Inquisitor/Sellsword = Compatible.


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About The Game

Throne of Lies

The 3D online multiplayer game of social deduction and mischief.

Inspired by medieval politics and the Werewolf/Mafia (1986) genre. Gather 'round the tabletop, uniting allies of the realm with strategy to distinguish friend from foe.

Steam Page Official Discord

Playing the game


Discover who you can trust, dispose of the rest. Welcome to the ultimate game of survival!

The unique Day/Night cycle allows players to congregate around the table, discuss their findings and accuse players of treason during the day and use their abilities to occupy, spy on, conspire against and even kill their fellow players at night.

While Cult and Unseen players know their allies, members of the Blue Dragon must be suspicious of every other player to ensure that they don’t fall to an evil plot. Even the King is suspect in Throne of Lies, and the enemy’s ability to convert other players to their side means that allegiances are always shifting.

The game concludes when the Blue Dragon faction has disposed of all hostile threats against the kingdom or their enemies have seized control of the Throne of Lies!

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Throne of Lies Day/Night Cycles
Player Testimonials

40 unique classes and some new rules turns Werewolf (maybe you know it as Mafia) into something special on PC.

PC Gamer

Player Testimonials

Throne is a great experience which raises the bar for the genre.

OP Noobs

Player Testimonials

Not gonna lie Throne Of Lies is freaking awesome. One of the best "mafia" type games I've played.


CPlayer Testimonials

Throne of lies is diverse, entertaining and very in depth. A blast to play with friends and unknown people alike.


Player Testimonials

Finally a game where you can talk to the developers and work alongside them to create a marvelous game. Fun - Addictive - Mysterious, or "FAM" for short, as that is what ToL is.


Player Testimonials

Throne of Lies brings a new perspective to the mafia/werewolf genre, and makes it an enjoyable one.


Player Testimonials

Thrones has been a blast and the community is awesome and fun to play with! 10/10 Gameplay



What Platforms are supported?

Throne of Lies is available on Steam, sold on Steam, but will soon be FREE on December 18th, 2020!

Will Throne run on my computer?

Made for mid-tier PC gaming - it should run fine on most laptops. Even for older laptops, as a tabletop game in disguise, FPS is not important here. Check out the System Requirements on our Steam Page.

Why are you going free-to-play?

We are confident that the game will do well enough on its own without a price tag to get in the way -- we want more players to experience the game, and want faster queue times for our players. This also allows opens us up to further opportunities.

What about Twitch/Content Creating?

Thanks so much for being interested in showing off our game! It really means a lot to us, and we understand the value for both parties. Simply send a request here, and may be able to hook you up if we're a great fit and you meet the requirements. You're also free to use our art cutouts/assets!

Special Features

Social manipulation abilities

Silence opponents, manipulate their words and actions, and even telepathically link minds.

Recruiting/Converting System

Force a faction change, the class changing a "darker persona" with different abilities.

King and Royal Voting System

The king is known, but his faction is not. Upon his death, step up to ascend the throne.

Customized armor and weapons

Equip armor & weapons to customize your character and execution animations.

Hand-drawn Death Notes

Leave behind a custom, hand-drawn death note to mock your victims.

Keep a Journal

Keep precise notes in a journal to expose your investigation in the event of an untimely death.


As designed, each game session will be a new experience. You'll never experience the same game twice!

Twists / Drama

Be a good guy through half the game. Suddenly get converted and keep pretending you are a good guy as you secretly plot treason against them all!

Neutral Players

Neutral players have their own objectives and missions to complete. While this could be as simple as ensuring their own survival, it may be to quietly eradicate everyone at the table.

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Video Game / Throne Of Lies
"Can you spare a moment to hear about our lord and savior Mithras?"

The Cult Leader

Throne of Lies is an online Social Deduction Game for up for 16 players, inspired by medieval politics. It was developed by Imperium 42, and was released on PC through Steam on September 29th, 2017.

Similar to games such as Mafia or Werewolf, players must discover and team up with their allies, while exposing and destroying their enemies. The good faction of the Blue Dragons squares off against the evil Unseen criminals or Cult of Mithras fanatics to restore peace to the Kingdom.

This game provides examples of:

  • Acquitted Too Late: A very common outcome of executions.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: The Aristocrat class is specifically an evil version of the Noble.
  • Big Bad:
    • The Mastermind, for the Unseen. Until he's dead, the Unseen can replenish their numbers via conversion.
    • The Cult Leader is supposed to be this for the Cult. However, since if the Cult Leader dies another is instantly promoted, in practice he's just as expendable as any other cultist.
    • In theory the King is this, when he's one of the evil roles. In practice the fact that he has to pretend to be good combined with the fact that his own evil allies won't know that he's on their side means he rarely takes a leadership role and mostly has to try and subtly throw a wrench into the Blue Dragon's plans without them catching on.
  • Big Fun: The Drunk, a brother of the prince who gets wasted at taverns every day and night, he makes up for this by being a master at redirection and saving lives by making evil players target worse targets, or even themselves
  • Big Good: The King, when he's actually good. And sometimes when he's neutral. He's expected to lead the court and usually gathers the most information.
  • The Butler Did It: If a King is poisoned, there's a good chance that their own Butler did it. The Butler's portrait even shows a hidden vial of poison. Notably, this is meant to be a heroic act — the Butler will face no consequences if a King of any other faction dies, even a Neutral King, but will take their own life if it was a Good King. Neither of the Butler's evil counterparts have a poisoning ability... making it a strategy to demand that the Butler poisons the King to prove that they are indeed still a Butler. (Obviously, there should still be a healer in play so that the King survives.)
  • The Caligula: Reapers,Possessors, and Sorcerors who manage to become a King become a unique King variant that cannot be generated at the start of the game. Their goal remains the same as it was before they became King: Kill everyone that does not need to survive as an objective. Their Guards ability changes as well, so that instead of protecting the target, the guards will kill them.
  • Conveniently Interrupted Document: Since most results of night activities aren't shown until the end of the night, the same moment any kills are processed, it's possible to see a log that reveals who they visited on their final night alive, but not what the results were.
  • Conviction by Contradiction: A frequent reason for someone to be accused of treason and executed, since Blue Dragons have little reason to lie about their role. This can still backfire if an evil player or a third party is manipulating the court and falsifying evidence, or if the Blue Dragon had a strong role they were reluctant to publicly reveal.
  • Court Mage: The Court Wizard is the obvious example, but the Mystic and the Chronomancer are also a magical asset to the Blue Dragon; their evil counterparts retain some magical capabilities and may even keep pretending to be their original role.note Much more difficult for the Mystic, who loses the ability to link minds or use daytime telepathy. And the Chronomancer who loses their ability to heal people, The Court Wizard's counterparts can still swap people around, however.
  • Detect Evil: Paladins can sense if someone is a member of the Cult. Unfortunately, this doesn't let them locate the Possessor, Reaper or Sorceror, as those roles are technically neutral. The Marshall's detection ability is effectively this as well, but for the Unseen.
  • Diabolical Mastermind: The Mastermind, naturally. He can convert Blue Dragons to his team, and immune to all sorts of attacks and negative abilities.
  • The Dragon: The Assassin always spawns alongside the Mastermind and works as the main killing force of the Unseen. If the Assassin dies, any non-Mastermind Unseen will automatically be promoted to their place. And if the Mastermind somehow dies at night or is lynched, the original Assassin (if they're still alive) will automatically become a replacement Mastermind.
  • Driven to Suicide: Butlers who poison a good King are this, as are Knights who attempt to Cold Steel an ally.
  • Elective Monarchy: If the King dies and multiple people make a claim to the throne, a vote is held. Heirs of royal blood get double the amount of votes to their name, but it's still possible for anyone to become king.
  • Empty Shell: When someone has their soul reaped, they're treated as a dead player, but their body keeps silently moving around as if alive until finally dropping dead a day later. Living players might not even notice it unless they're already looking for evidence of a Reaper. It's entirely possible to waste a kill or an execution on someone who's already dead.
  • Enemy Mine: It's not unusual for two out of three of the Blue Dragons, Neutral Killer, or Unseen/Cult to vote to execute someone. Neutrals might also be in this position if one group is gunning for them. This usually happens with Alchemists allying with the Unseen or Cult due to the Blue Dragons trying to execute them.
  • Evil Counterpart: Aside from the Mastermind and the Assassin, all Unseen roles are a direct counterpart to their original classes, right down to appearance.
  • Evil Sorcerer: While technically a Neutral class, the Sorcerer's objective is to see the deaths of all all of the Blue Dragon and Cult/Unseen. They can achieve this goal by placing magical invisible bombs on players during the day, and blowing them up at night.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Unseen/Cult have to eliminate all Neutrals that are a threat to them, and all of the neutral killers have to kill off anyone who don't need to survive to win, which would include Unseen/Cult.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Any Blue Dragon class except for the King and the Prince is prone to being converted over to the evil faction. There is no choice for the player to refuse: If they were left unprotected and the Mastermind or Cult Leader makes a successful visit, they will be converted to their side.
  • Fallen Hero: Some classes give off this vibe when converted, either because of the imagery of their new portraits or because their lore emphasizes their past heroics.
  • Good Shepherd: Formerly the Priest. She's was always on the Blue Dragon's side, could not be converted, and was one of the strongest Blue Dragon classes. Eventually removed from game for being too powerful.
  • The Grim Reaper: The Reaper class is depicted as such in their character portrait, complete with scythe and robes.
  • The Hero: The Prince is the strongest member of the Blue Dragons, immune to many negative effects, and his execution beats all types of protection. As a result, he's the biggest asset to the Blue Dragons, even more so than the King, who may not even be good.
  • Heroic Neutral: Alchemists can heal players if they are attacked at night. And the Mercenary can prevent a players death from anything using their one-use shield
  • Heroic Sacrifice: The Knight will give his own life to protect someone if they are attacked. Also counts for investigative roles that out themselves in order to expose enemies.
  • I Am the Noun: The Drunk's ability to avoid getting his night occupied by drunkenness (or other distractions) is called I am the Liquor.
  • Kangaroo Court: What happens once Blue Dragons loses the voting majority. Once the Cult or Unseen has the voting power, they can execute them all one by one. In even worse cases its possible for the Neutral Killer to gain a voting majority, such as the Reaper making the court unable to vote for them if there's less than 6 people left alive by reaping one and Chilling another
  • Kill and Replace: The Possessor can do this twice per game. Very handy for when the suspicion begins to pile up.
  • Mêlée à Trois: In a game with a full roster, the core conflict is Blue Dragon vs. Unseen/Cult vs. Neutral Killers; none of these sides can win if the other two are still alive. Can get even more convoluted with the influence of other Neutral roles such as the Inquisitor or Sellsword
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • One of the Fool's passive abilities states that if they're executed, everyone else feels so guilty that they won't accuse another person of treason for the next day or two. (Actual player reactions can vary, especially if they benefit from skipping a day of execution.)
    • If a Knight kills an ally using their ability Cold Steel or a Butler kills a Good King, they will take their own lives afterwards.
    • If the Prince executes a fellow member of the Blue Dragon, or the Hunter kills a Blue Dragon with Hunter's Mark they lose all charges of their abilities for the rest of the game
  • Omnicidal Neutral:
    • The Possessor,Sorcerer and Reaper are neutrals, but rather than being able to win with either side, have to wipe out both sides.
    • Similarly, if the game goes so far awry that a neutral killing role becomes the king, they turn into a "Psycho King", who, while technically neutral, needs to exterminate all of the game's other factions in order to win.
  • Plague Doctor: The Physician and the Herbalist are depicted as one in their icons.
  • Politically Active Princess: The Princess is an Investigative role that flirts with other players to learn details about their class, which can be used to prove or disprove a claim.
  • Punch-Clock Hero/Punch-Clock Villain: The Mercenary, only needs to gain 6 brilders in order to win the game, this means they will do what ever it takes to get those brilders, even if it means making sure people die, or saving their life.
  • Purely Aesthetic Gender: Avatar appearance and name have no influence on what class you're assigned, and in turn the class's apparent gender doesn't affect what roles they can convert into. This can result in, for example, a She Is the King scenario where a Princess or Maid inherits the crown and gains the old King's title and portrait.
  • Religion of Evil: The Cult worships Mithras the Blood God and has connections to Corax the God of Darkness.
  • Required Secondary Powers: The Physician and Alchemist is immune to bleeding and poison, because they know how to heal themselves from it. This prevents needing a second Physician or Alchemist while still not letting the Physician target themselves for balance reasons.
  • Royal Blood: The Prince, the Princess, the Noble, the Drunk, and any of their Unseen/Cult counterparts.
  • Royally Screwed Up: A game can go this way if several people with royal blood end up converted by an evil faction. Especially if the starting King is also evil or if one of their converted relatives inherits the crown.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: All of them, really, but the King and Prince are the best examples as both are very powerful classes expected to carry the load.
  • Social Deduction Game: It mixes the social deduction game with medieval politics. There are three factions; the 'good' one is the Blue Dragons, who aim to keep the peace in the kingdom and must root out the Unseen criminals and the Cult of Mithras. There are various roles, and the 'sniff out the traitors' aspect is complicated with how the roles' allegiances can change at any time.
  • Succession Crisis: Can result from the death of the King. If multiple heirs step up at once, they have to plead their case as the others cast their votes. There's no guarantee that the new King isn't actually plotting against your faction, not even if they're royalty by blood — and God help you if you allow a Neutral Killer to take the throne. Finally, it's possible to end up with no King at all if the game goes two days without a successful vote or if there are too few players alive.
  • Taking You with Me: If the Hunter is about to be executed, they'll shoot and kill the first person that accused them of treason. The Knight and the Enforcer can also protect someone by killing any attackers, at the expense of their own lives.
  • Troll: The Scorned and the Fool. Their goals require them to trick the Blue Dragons into either executing 2 people the Scorned has marked, or getting executed themselves. They even have the ability to fake someone else sending a message, and this ability is aptly named the "Troll Box."
    • The Sellword also has similar goals to the Scorned and Fool, since their goal is for the Blue Dragon to lose, it does not matter if they live or die, as long as the Blue Dragon lose. Because of this they can do things that would be suicidal for an Unseen,Cult or Neutral Killer to do, such as getting the Hunter executed and taking his retribution
  • Wild Card: All of the non-killer neutrals, but especially the Scorned, Fool, Inquisitor, and Sellsword. But even the Mercenary and Alchemist can both hinder and help a faction, so it is important to find a way to deal with them as any faction.
  • The Wise Prince: The Prince always spawns in a game, can never be converted into an evil class, and has the authority to imprison, interrogate, and even execute people; players usually consider the Prince to be one of the most important Blue Dragon roles, to the point where becoming the King is almost always a downgrade in power. All this be subverted in an actual game, though, especially if a Prince executes someone who was innocent.
  • Wizard Classic: The Court Wizard. Good guy? Check. Long white beard? Check. Wooden staff? Check. Pointy blue hat? Check. The Sage also counts in every aspect except alignment.
  • The Wrongful Heir to the Throne: Royalty has priority in the succession, even if they have been secretly converted to one of the evil factions. Expect the other players to scrutinize all heirs closely.


Play Throne of Lies®: Medieval Politics


“40 unique classes and some new rules turns Werewolf (maybe you know it as Mafia) into something special on PC.”
PC Gamer

“If a game of wits is your kind of party, then check out the game, and see if you have what it takes to be king!”
MMO Examiner

“Throne is a great experience which raises the bar for the genre.”
OP Noobs

About This Game

Throne of Lies is the FREE, 3D online multiplayer game where 6~16 players combine their social deduction skills with over 100 abilities to root out the traitors at the table and stop their foes from taking control of the kingdom.

In a modern take on tabletop games like Werewolf/Mafia and set during a time of medieval conflict, each player is randomly assigned one of 40+ classes, ranging from the King, himself, to a hapless Fool. Most players will be loyal members of the Blue Dragon faction, but each game will feature members of either the wicked Cult or mysterious Unseen faction, along with a few Neutral characters to mix things up.

The unique Day/Night cycle allows players to congregate around the table, discuss their findings and accuse players of treason during the day and use their abilities to occupy, spy on, conspire against and even kill their fellow players at night.

While Cult and Unseen players know their allies, members of the Blue Dragon must be suspicious of every other player to ensure that they don’t fall to an evil plot.
Even the King is suspect in Throne of Lies, and the enemy’s ability to convert other players to their side means that allegiances are always shifting.

The game concludes when the Blue Dragon faction has disposed of all hostile threats against the kingdom or their enemies have seized control of the Throne of Lies!


  • Use social abilities to silence opponents or even manipulate their words/actions.
  • Keep precise notes in a journal to expose your investigation in the event of an untimely death.
  • Leave behind a custom, hand-drawn Deathnote with your victim to mock their allies.
  • Equip armor & weapons to customize your character and executions with NO pay-to-win mechanics.
  • Neutral players may have a role as simple as ensuring their own survival, but it may be to quietly eradicate everyone at the table.
  • Gather players with the ability to generate invite codes with one click (great for large groups/streamers) and full Discord integration.
  • Community moderation -- cheaters, toxic players & racists will be caught and suspended/banned. Other rules may follow to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience.

Words from the Devs:

  • Throne of Lies is a complex, sandbox strategy game with unlimited strategy - It is important that you learn the core mechanics/classes of the game: There is an in-game tutorial for core mechanics and "class cards" to review for individual classes/abilities. The more familiar you are with the game, the better it becomes! However, it's not expected that you'd win your first few games ;) but don't get discouraged! There's a whole world of strategy out there for you to experience.
  • Due to the social aspect of this game with 16 consecutive players, although we heavily moderate when [beyond a "PG-13" level of toxicity] with an intricate reporting system with limited censoring, we advise players sensitive to trolling to only play with people within our community Discord server.
  • Active development -- The dev team is constantly improving the game to improve your experience. Although there are no guarantees or specific schedules for updates, we update out of passion and are committed to doing so for as long as possible.
  • This online indie game is targeted to offer at least 200 hours of gameplay replayability, although many have even 2,000+ hours played!

System Requirements

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10+ (64-Bit)
    • Processor: i3
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 6000+, Nvidia GeForce GTX 460+, ATI Radeon HD 4850+
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Windows 7 is not officially supported (since Microsoft dropped support). However, the game is still very likely to work *unofficially*. Dedicated graphics card is recommended due to hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. ONLY 64-bit architecture is supported.
    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10+ (64-Bit)
    • Processor: i5+
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970+, DirectX 11+ Capable
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Dedicated graphics card is recommended due to hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. ONLY 64-bit architecture is supported.

Lies throne knight of

Class Summary

Converted Class:The Enforcer/The Invoker

The Knight is a Killer class that belongs to the Blue Dragon faction with the objective to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do them harm.

This class is vital for the Blue Dragon, as he can protect confirmed Blue Dragon members.

The Knight is useful to kill confirmed evils. However, if you have been misinformed and accidentally attack an ally, you kill yourself out of shame for violating the Knights Code.

Protect confirmed allies with Defend that you believe are valuable to the team, especially if they not convertible, like the Prince.

Killer-Type.pngKiller Abilities






ArmoredPassive Your armor will protect you from the 1st attacker blocked by Defend.
DefendNight Defend target player, trading your life to kill their attackers. You, and anyone you kill, will be unhealable.
Cold Steel.png
Cold SteelNight Attack target player. If you killed an ally, you will also take your own life (Unhealable). Not usable until Night 3.
  • Redirect cancels ability.


  • You will not commit suicide if you attack a member of the Blue Dragon with Cold Steel who is immune to attacks or shielded by The Mercenary. However, you will commit suicide if you attack a member of the Blue Dragon who is healed or has their death delayed by a Chronomancer.
  • If your Cold Steel was redirected by the Drunk's Debauch, Court Wizard or Ritualist swap, or any other redirect, you will decide not to attack the player. This stops you from taking action that night.
  • Your Defend ability is capable of killing attackers that are immune to death at night.


  • Being a class that can't easily be confirmed, evil players may seek to claim your class. Make sure to add your number and your night action to your Death Note (e.g. Defend/Cold Steel + Your Number). The moment you kill someone while guarding/using your Cold Steel ability your Death Note will show up and confirm you as a Knight.
  • Being an easily fake claimable class, you need to distinguished yourself from evils. You should be very aggressive during the day. Get claims, point out lies and find targets that you can Cold Steel.
  • You should be using your Defend ability almost every night to make sure your allies stay alive and your enemies will soon fall.
  • Coordinate with the Prince and other Supports, it is a waste if every single Knight and Support goes on the Prince. Have one healer/knight on the Prince and have the others on important Blue Dragon classes such as the Maid, the Observer, or Sheriff
  • You can also guard Heathens to protect them from the Inquisitor.
  • If there the Reaper is in the game, it is especially important to Defend the Prince as you are the only line of defense against the Reaper!
  • If there is a Possessor in game, it may be worth to not be on the Prince, or you may start killing the Possessor's Puppet Strings targets.
    • But if you leave the Prince unprotected it is possible that a Possessor will steal his body using Possess, the choice if the risk of killing Blue Dragon is worth leaving the prince guarded is up to you.
  • You cannot kill Sorcerers.

Lore: Bravest In The Land

The Royal Caravan trotted along the dusty streets near the southern edge of the castle wall with Sir Epsilon, the leader of the King’s Guard, at the head. His polished armor shone bright in the sun and his ceremonial crest featured bright blue, red and green flowers, each representing a victorious battle.

His white horse was unsullied by the clouds of dust and he kept his head tall as his braided mane flowed down the right side of the stallions’ neck.

The local kids gathered around to get a glimpse of the brave Knights whose names they learned in school. The armored warriors of the realm reached down from the great heights of their mount to touch the children upon their head as they strolled past.

Little Guinevere ran out between her friends and darted into the street for a closer look. Sir Epsilon quickly halted the procession. The handsomest man in the land removed his helmet and reached down for the young, auburn-haired girl’s hand.

Through the window of the main carriage, the Princess watched. Sir Epsilon gently ushered the little girl away and the Princess cast a flirtatious smile towards her Knight.

Young Guinevere was awestruck by the size of the horses and the armored Knights until she lost sight of them in the cloud of dust. She caught just a glimpse of the Princess’ smirk before Edward, Guinevere’s older brother, grabbed her by the shoulder and whisked her away.

She ran the rest of the way home, flew up the stairs and out the window onto the roof. She sat in a familiar spot and stared out above the castle walls.

The UnseenEnforcer stalked from tree to tree, using the noise of the caravan as cover. The enormous armor hardly fit behind the largest elm, but as if by magic, the Enforcer stayed in the shadows.

Sir Epsilon noticed a fallen-tree ahead in the road and called on the party to stop well before it.

“On your guard.”

Epsilon drew on Gyflym, his legendary longsword, and called on his Lieutenant, Sir Andres, to examine the path ahead.

The blonde-haired warrior walked cautiously towards the tree and with a quick glance could tell it had been sawn. The Unseen Enforcer leapt from the hiding spot behind Andres and fired a long spear. The glancing blow injured the brave Knight and threw him to the ground alongside the fallen tree.

The Enforcer turned attention towards the Royal Caravan. Sir Epsilon’s two Captains charged with their swords drawn. The Enforcer artfully dodged their attacks and with seemingly unnatural quickness, parried Sir Drake’s thrust and wounded the great champion.

Sir Babish saw an opening and swung his sword upon the blackened armor of the hulking Enforcer. His forged-steel blade shattered against it. Still in shock, Sir Babish was taken-upon by the frightful warrior, who began beating him with his hands.

With one quick look towards his Princess, Sir Epsilon left her side to join the fray. He knocked the Enforcer off of Babish with one great kick and leveled Gyflym at the blackened heart of his old friend.

“There is no armor that can stand against this cold steel when it is held by the bravest in the land. Your black magic only serves to further tarnish your reputation.”

“You are not as powerful as you think,” croaked the Enforcer, formerly known as Doamnă. “The bravery of those inside Castle Adiart wanes. The only thing we need now is a Royal sacrifice.”

They angrily clashed swords. The thunderous sounds echoed through the land. Epsilon marveled at the power of his enemy. Each blow from the mighty sword came crashing down like a thousand waves along the shore.

Sir Epsilon attempted to evade one of the Enforcer’s thrusts but was snagged by the roots at his feet. Doamnă’s first killing strike was barely evaded and Epsilon scurried along the ground with his sword behind in the dust.

“Make peace with your Gods,” said the Enforcer, “For this is the last time you will speak to them.”

The Enforcer lifted the blade for a final killing blow. The cold steel ran through the chest and split the blackened armor at its center. The Enforcer’s blood dripped slowly onto Sir Epsilon until the Princess removed Gyflym with a solid thrust and a boot to the back.

“Are you Ok, my love?” asked the Princess as she rushed to her fallen Knight. She removed his helmet, wiped the sweat from his brow and gave him a passionate kiss.

As the sun faded behind the castle walls, Guinevere heard her mother call for supper. She opened her eyes, gave one last look at the Emerald Forest and scurried back through the window.


Night Room: Knight's Room


May, 2016

The Margaery Tyrell Scene In Game Of Thrones That Went Too Far

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Over the course of the games development many changes were made in order to balance, simplify or streamline the game. Among these changes were the addition of new classes. For example: The Hunter , The Sorcerer and The Drunk were not present in the original alpha build of the game, among others. However, not all classes ever implemented in the game are still present. This article is for those classes.

Retired Classes (Classic/Casual)

The Cultist

Before The Cult was implemented as an evil faction, there was a concept of adding a Neutral sub-faction called "The Cult." The idea was that there would be a Cult Leader, and he would convert Cultists. This idea of a Neutral Cult, however, never came to fruition.

The Templar

With the concept of The Cultist came the idea of the Paladin, who was originally meant to kill any Cult they found, and have the Unseen variant of the Paladin be the Templar. However, this idea never came to fruition.

The Priest

The Priest class was a support class for the Blue Dragon faction.

This class allowed you to survive death and even revive other players once. They were very useful against Cult Members since The Priest could revert recruited Cult Members back to their original class.

They were one of the most controversial classes. With a Priest in game, the evils had a much harder time winning since important classes from the dead (such as the Prince) could be revived and be instantly confirmed as a Blue Dragon. In addition, the dead had information that the living could not know, which ultimately changed the course of the game. Reviving a player also instantly confirmed the Priest to the court.

The Soulcatcher

The Soulcatcher was the converted Unseen counterpart of the Priest.

It had the ability to steal "souls" from dying players, similar to The Reaper although without the ability to kill. It could then use the souls to protect itself or its Unseen teammates.

It had the ability to hear the talk of dead players during the night, as well as the ability to "resurrect" a player, although as a puppet of the Unseen rather than as their own separate entity. It was removed when The Priest was given immunity to conversion, after this The Priest itself was removed. The art for The Soulcatcher was later used for The Sorcerer.

The Psychic

The Psychic was a Blue Dragon "Social" class - excelling at illusions and visions, allowing for both discovering player factions, funneling communication sources and even communicating with The Dead at night.

They had the ability Trance, which allowed a person talking to unknowingly only Whisper to you. The Psychic acted as a way to communicate with dead players in death chat so that they could share information with the living. After the removal of the Priest, there was less need for The Psychic.

Later, the Psychic was renamed and revamped to become The Mystic. This was due to possible confusion with the short form for Physician. (Phys)

The Death Knight

At one point when there were still death interactions, The Physician had the ability to reanimate a player as The Death Knight.

When reanimated, Death Knights had three days in the court before they returned to the world of the dead. They could not speak or talk in court so they could not share information from the dead.

The Death Knight had the ability to dead day chat, and guard or attack players they thought were evil.

The Acolyte

Before The Cult Leader was given the "Eradicate" ability, it could only kill non-cult players by sacrificing a cult member, this made the cult faction considerably weaker than the unseen. The first solution to this was the implementation of The Acolyte class, this class replaced the starting cult member and could kill one person per night, a player could not become The Acolyte, so when the Acolyte died the cult's killing power was weakened. The Acolyte was eventually scrapped and the ability to kill directly was given to The Cult Leader

The Royal Bastard

The Royal Bastard is a curious case, it was never implemented into the game, however evidence of its existence was left on the wiki by accident. It would have been a Neutral class that had the objective to become King, it had the ability to find if players had royal blood, and even swap classes (but not objectives) with a royal class. The Royal Bastard was eventually revamped into The Pretender, taking its rightful place in the game.

The Pretender (+Pretender King)

The Pretender is a Special class that belongs to a Neutral faction with the objective to become the Pretender King and survive.

The Pretender must first be elected as The King, and then survive for the remainder of the game to win.

The Pretender can't be converted, like other Neutral classes.

Retired Classes (Aftermath)

Aftermath was an experimental, voice-enabled Werewolf-like mode (that is also retired)

The Usurper

The Usurper was the Aftermath version of "Werewolf" from most Werewolf games, whilst also being essentially The Assassin. Their objective is to kill the Blue Dragon, just like the Unseen's objective.

The Lord

Blue Dragon faction member, has no abilities.

The Inspector

Blue Dragon faction member, has abilities that help them to discover who The Usurper is.

The Madman

Neutral -- Essentially The Fool mixed with The Scorned. Their objective was to get themselves (or their target) executed.

Retired Mechanics

The Defensive and Wildcard Class Types

Each class in the game has one of six Class Types, however there were originally planned to be 8. The Defensive type encompassed The Court Wizard and The Mercenary, among others. The Defensive type was merged with the Support type before the game released. The Wildcard type was a Neutral-only type that The Fool and The Scorned belonged to. It merged with the Social type.


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