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Can You Get Tan Through Shirts?

If you are wondering whether you can get a tan through your shirt, then the simple answer is yes. You can get a perfect tan on your skin through your shirt. If you are using your shirt to get a tan, it is wise to take the necessary precautions to prevent UV rays from reaching your skin.

Shirt fabrics are designed differently; it is therefore not advisable to rely on your clothing to prevent harmful sun rays from reaching your skin.

Your skin could be damaged by the UVB rays even when you are fully clothed. However, some clothing prevents UVB rays from accessing your skin. It would be best if you go for clothing that offers protection of up to SPF  

Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun Through Your Shirts

Avoid shirts made from shiny synthetic fabrics. Instead, opt for clothes made from exclusive matte fabrics. This is because bright fabrics tend to reflect more of the sun&#;s rays rather than absorbing them. But again, your skin won&#;t need too much sunshine, which is why it is advisable to wear matte fabrics because they tend to absorb less sunlight.

It is also advisable to wear synthetic material because they offer better protection from harmful sun rays. Synthetic material is typically tightly knitted to guarantee fewer UV rays access to your skin. Whenever you are spending your day in the sun, you should avoid fabrics made of cotton. Instead, choose materials such as acrylic, polyester, and lycra. Before you buy any fabric, you should check the denier rating. Go for a fabric that comes with a thick weave to guarantee better protection.

You can also wear a few layers of clothing to prevent your skin from harmful exposure to the sun rays. However, layering up requires better heat handling. To get rid of too much heat that comes with layering up, you should choose the materials that protect your skin and help you stay cool.

Most people tend to avoid darker colors during summer because they feel such clothing offer too much heat. Ironically, darker fabrics provide more protection than whites and lighter pastels. Besides, darker colors are useful in the absorption of harmful UV rays, which in turn reduces your UV exposure. In fact, most sun-protective clothing tends to be made using darker dyes.

How Do I Tan Through My Shirt?

It is advisable to understand how to tan through your clothing. Several benefits come with tanning through clothing. Clothing tends to give more protection from the sun when compared to others. Each garment also comes with its own SPF rating. Before you choose your tan through the shirt, consider the following factors:

The right material should absorb more UV light to offer better protection and provide an effective tan. Such materials include polyester. They tend to absorb more UV light making it your top choice if you are spending more of your time in the sunshine. By all means, avoid shirts made from cotton.

Go for a tighter weaved material that will allow less UV light. You should avoid any material which is loosely weaved as they tend to let in more light, which eventually will harm your skin. More light on your skin will result in your skin getting burnt.

It will help if you go for darker colors as they tend to absorb more UV light when compared to light colors. Avoid light-colored or white fabric as they will allow more UV light to increase your skin&#;s exposure to harmful sun rays. There is a distinct relationship between the amount of UV light being let through your shirt and the damaged that occur on your skin.

It will be best if you also take other protective measures such as wearing high-quality sunscreen as your clothes offer limited protection against the harmful sun rays.

Are There Sun Protective Clothing That I Can Use for Tanning?

If you spend most of your time in the sun, then you may want to purchase sun-protective clothing. They are designed to offer maximum protection against the sun&#;s harmful rays. Such clothing is usually densely weaved. They also come with UV inhibiting ingredients to allow them to fight off any undesirable elements of the sun rays.

Consider the following when buying a sun-protective shirt for your tan:

  • Go for long-sleeved shirts or full swimming suits — You should consider going for long-sleeved or full swimming suits because they cover more of your skin. The more skin you cover, the less exposure, and the tanner you get.
  • Choose clothes with ideal dyes and fiber — Most protective clothes come in dark colors, including indigo and black. Such colors offer better protection because they absorb UV rays effectively. They also tan your skin better.
  • Choose shirts that have antibacterial properties — Typically, tan through shirts are designed to be worn during summer and other warmer seasons. The suitable clothing should come with antibacterial properties that will prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria when the material is wet or when it is exposed to too much sweat. Still, always wear sunscreen.

How to Determine the Sun Protection of Your Tan Through Shirt?

The ideal way to know the clothes UPF rating is by reading the label or the tag that comes with it. But if your cloth doesn&#;t come with UPF rating tags, then hold it against a light. The more the sun shines through the material, the less UV protection you will get from the cloth.

Finally, if you love suntans, then you can go for a tan through a shirt to help you achieve your suntan in no time. Go for ideal clothing that will help you maintain a beautiful bronze glow on your skin. It should also offer maximum protection from harmful sun rays that can damage your skin. The guide we have provided today will come in handy when choosing the right tan through a shirt for your outdoor activities.

Sours: https://swimmingwithlove.com/can-you-get-tan-through-shirts/

Tan Through Swimwear
For The Perfect Tan

Tan through swimwear and clothes are great option for those that want to maximize their tan without wearing minimal coverage swimwear in public or heading for the nearest nudist beach.

How Does Tan Through Swimwear Work?

Woman wearing red coloured one piece swimsuit

There is nothing mysterious about the way tan thru swimwear works it is all about the fabric. The fabric used in tan thru swimwear is made with special knitting technology that makes millions of tiny pores in the fabric.

The pores allow at least half of the sun light to get through the fabric. This means you get suntan just as you do when you are wearing low / medium level sunscreen, i.e. the tan through swimwear acts as sunscreen of factor SPF 2 to 20, depending on the swimwear manufacturers (approximately SPF 6 to 10 common).

Can You See Through
Tan Through Swimwear?

No, you should not. Good quality tan through swimsuit is not see through swimwear, neither when wet or dry. Some even have small front panel lining in the swimsuits for increased modesty.

The fabric used in tan through swimwear is getting better all the time. The tiny pores allow the sun through but if they are too dense then the fabric will not let enough sun through. If they are too sparse however, you might end up with see through swimwear. You want just the right fabric in your tan through swimsuit.

Patterns also help to disguise what is underneath. This is why you often see tan through swimsuits in strong overall patterns. However, the fabric is getting better all the time and most quality solar tan thru swimwear manufacturers now also offer tan through products in solid or near solid colors.

Top Tan Through Swimwear Travel Tips

Bear in mind that your existing tan base could turn your tan through into kind of see through swimwear. That is, if you have deep tan everywhere except under your tan through swimsuit then the contrast can give some kind of a see through impression, i.e. until your hidden parts catch up with the rest of your body.

How To Get The Best Results
With Your Tan Through Swimwear

The fabric is thicker at the seams so you need to move the swimwear around a little when sunbathing, just as you would move the strings on regular swimwear around to avoid lines. Otherwise, you might end up like wearing invisible swimsuit (as all you would see would be the outlines of your tan thru swimwear).

For the best tanning result make sure your swimsuit fits you right. If the swimsuit is too big, then the pores might not have enough stretch, i.e. making them too dense for good tan.

Do not expect to get perfect equal tan immediately. Parts of your body have been exposed to the sun for years while others have been mostly covered. Give the latter body parts some time to catch up with rest of your body. You can though escalate the process by using higher sunscreen on your widely exposed parts (like arms and legs) while the remaining part under your tan through swimsuit are catching up.

When you have achieved similar tan all over your body, then use same SPF factor on all your body, i.e. remember to reduce the sunscreen used under you swimsuit to get the same overall protection. SPF factor of 15 (minimum) to 30 (better) is recommended for extended stay in the sun. If you are only staying in the sun for short while, use same SPF factor as in your swimwear fabric, i.e. likely to be in the range of SPF 6 to

Top Tan Through Swimwear Travel Tips

Word of warning you can get sunburn through your solar tan thru swimwear - just as you can sunburn when using sunscreen.

Always take Sun Safety seriously and learn how to tan safely. Either build up your sun exposure gradually or use higher factor sunscreen under your tan through swimsuit. Skin that has not received repeated exposure to the sun is more vulnerable to sunburn than skin that has been exposed to the elements over the years.

Being badly sunburned cannot only ruin your vacation - it can ruin your life.

Cooltan Tan Through Swimwear And Clothes

There are number of good quality tan thru swimwear manufacturers, one of them is Cooltan. There are number of reasons why we like the Cooltan products.

First, they offer wide range of fashionable tan through swimwear for both sexes. There are number of great colorful patterned designs, but they also offer number of styles in solid or nearly solid colors for those of us that prefer the good old black, or maybe some red if feeling extremely bold.

The Women Swimwear range offers good selection of one piece swimwear, as well as bikinis and swimwear coverups. The Men Swimwear range offers number of styles, including two types of racer suits (or bikini and briefs), as well as trunks, board shorts and surf shorts.

Woman wearing blue colored tan through shirt

The Cooltan tan through swimwear is made from unique quality fabric (patent pending). The fabric has exceptionally high resistance to pool chemicals and ocean salt.

The pores in the fabric prevent water from building up inside the swimsuit, making it more comfortable (and great for competitive swimmers). It also dries quickly, making Cooltan ideal choice for travelling.

The porous nature of the fabric also helps keeping you cool by letting perspiration evaporate quickly making Cooltan swimwear extremely comfortable to wear, not least on hot sunny days.

Although the fabric is lightweight, it is not see through when wet, nor when dry. There is also small front panel in the swimsuits for increased modesty.

Cooltan not only offers solar tan thru swimwear, they also offer tan through clothes, like shirts and swimwear coverups. Cooltan Tan-Through Shirts are classic in design. The tan through fabric makes them cool and comfortable to wear, i.e. wicks moisture through the fabric so you stay cooler and drier, even on hot summer days.

Lastly, we like Cooltan guaranteed satisfaction, i.e. if you do not like what you bought or if it does not fit perfectly - just send it back for an exchange or refund.

Top Tan Through Swimwear Travel Tips

Cooltan swimwear is stabilized to work like an SPF 6 to 8 sunscreen and does not need to be stretched in order to work. It is important that you check their size chart prior to ordering your Coolan swimwear as their women swimsuit are small compared to some other swimwear manufacturers.

Your tan through swimwear should fit you comfortable, not be tight, to find the right fit for you use the Cooltan Size Chart

Amazon also offers good range of tan through swimwear and clothes for both sexes. They offer free shipping on orders over certain amount and their return and refund policy is as good as it gets. You can't go wrong shopping on Amazon.

Ps. our advice for how to choose the Right Ladies Swimwear and Men's Swimwear is valid, whether you are looking for tan through swimwear or not.

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If there is one thing that ultraviolet rays are great at, it is penetrating through different materials, regardless of what they are – except a few. You might think that cotton shirts and dresses can protect you from the ravaging effects of sunburn even when you are walking on the beach, but the truth is that you are always at risk of sunburn, even when you are fully clothed – as we are sure you can relate to in some way.

This brings the question: can you tan through your clothes? The simple answer is yes. Even though materials making up the fabric are different and have various properties, you should never rely on them to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays (the sun rays that are responsible for sunburn). In fact, UVA rays are capable of penetrating almost every clothing material, even the ones that UVB rays cannot.

Keep in mind that most clothe will give your skin protection of about SPF 4 to 7, but this is only for a short time – it cannot last for extended periods depending on the intensity of the sun’s rays. You  do not want to end up with annoying tan marks after sun exposure, but the good news is that there are better ways of ensuring your skin is always under proper protection, even when you are wearing clothes and going outside in the sun.

Most clothes will guard against UVB, not UVA

Imagine that you are sending your children to go outside and play with their friends on a hot summer afternoon, and they are wearing cotton t-shirts and pants. According to you, you might think you are protecting them from harmful sun rays, but the truth is that they are still exposed to harmful UVA rays if you do not apply some extra guarding measures.

When you wear a t-shirt and go out in the sun, for instance, the chances of getting sunburn are not exactly there – even if you spend longer periods outside. You will only notice tan lines on your arms, so your assumption is that the shirt is protecting your skin, even when that is not the case.

Some clothing tips to protect your skin from UV rays

Wear matte fabrics

Instead of wearing shiny synthetic fabrics, which have a bad track record of skin protection, it is better to wear matte fabrics. The shiny rays will tend to reflect the rays of the sun instead of absorbing them, which does not help in any way to reduce your exposure to these rays.

Choose synthetic fabrics

It might come as a shock to you, but synthetic materials give you better protection than natural fabrics. This is mainly due to the layers of the fabric – because synthetic ones tend to have tighter weaving or knitting present, that means that less UV radiation is penetrating your skin.

Select clothes in fabrics such as polyester, lycra, nylon and acrylic, instead of silk or cotton. In case you are unsure, check the Denier rating of the fabric to confirm how thick it is and the tightness of the weave.

Wear clothes in layers

This can work very well on a cold day – however, it still works on a hot day, especially if you can cope with the heat. Consider wearing a few layers of clothing, even if they are seemingly light, which will help you to minimize the exposure of the skin to the skin while remaining cool.

Make sure the clothes are dry

Did you know that wetting clothes can reduce their UPF protection significantly? Always make sure the clothes are as dry as possible to reduce the skin exposure levels.

Wear wider hats

Here’s the thing you might not know: just because a hat looks cool, does not mean that it guarantees high levels of skin protection. This is particularly true for the facial and neck skin, which is particularly sensitive and prone to damage from prolonged sun exposure.

The wider your hats are, the more you can protect these areas, as well as the skin on your back and neck. Baseball caps will only protect the forehead, and nothing else.

Wear darker colors

Say what? Science has taught you that you should avoid dark colors when heading out on a hot, sunny day, because they tend to retain heat. However, they actually provide more protection to the skin compared to whites and pastel colors.

This is because darker colors absorb more radiation from UV rays, which in turn, reduces your exposure levels. Notice all the sun-protective clothes; they all have darker dyes instead of lighter ones.

How does tanning through clothes even happen?

After establishing that it is true you can get sunburns through your clothes, it is now important to know the process of tanning through clothes and why it happens in the first place. Since the protection levels of different fabrics are different, some will give you greater levels of protection compared to others.

Here are some factors that determine the protection levels of fabrics:

  • Construction – as mentioned earlier, the Denier rating is the easiest way to figure out whether a fabric is suitable for sun protection. However, as a general rule, you will get better protection from heavier fabrics such as canvas, denim and wool, compared to lighter fabrics like silk and cotton. In case you want to check the safety levels quickly, hold up the fabric against light; if you can see through, then the protection levels are low.
  • Content of the fabric – this will matter more than you might think. For instance, when you wear a dress made from unbleached cotton, it has natural lignin that will act as absorbers of UV radiation, and will give you higher protection than bleached cotton. Some lightweight satiny silks are also high in protection because they will reflect some radiation away from the skin, as well as some high-tech fabrics that have been treated with dyes or chemical UV absorbers.
  • The fit of the clothes – it is better to wear loose clothes than tight ones. This is due to tight fabrics stretching, which spaces out the weaves and reduces the protection levels of the fabric as more UV radiation passes through.
  • Coverage – it is much better to wear clothes that cover more skin compared to less, because they will give you higher protection. Whenever you can, opt to wear long skirts or pants, as well as long-sleeved shirts instead of sleeveless tops or short-sleeved shirts.
  • UPF rating – in some cases, the manufacturers of clothes will indicate UPF labels, which are indicators regarding the sun protection the clothes will give you.

The amounts of UV radiation that your clothes will allow to pass will determine the extent of damage your skin will suffer. Because of this, it is not advisable to go out without applying extra sun protection such as a good sunscreen, since the clothes will only protect you to a certain extent.

Keep in mind that just because you are wearing clothes, you are not immune to tanning or sun damage. With that, there are some extra things to know about clothes and sun protection:


Many people tend to confuse these two, but they are very different from each other. UPF, also known as Ultraviolet Protection Factor, is the system of rating different materials or fabrics and the protection they offer from UV rays. On the other hand, SPF, or the Sun Protection Factor, is the system of rating different sunscreens and the protection they offer your skin.

When you are looking for the clothing protection factor, always look at UPF, not SPF.

Always stocking on protection mechanisms

If you happen to spend quite some time in the sun, probably due to unavoidable circumstances or just wanting to go out regularly, then you need to invest in clothes that have high levels of sun protection. The UPF of these clothes should be as high as possible, even up to UPF 50, and this will reduce the sun rays that penetrate into your skin when you wear them.

The good news is that there are plenty of options you can explore when it comes to sun-protective clothes, as certain brands cater their products to people that need extra protection when they are in the sun. the common aspect these clothes share is their tight weaving, as well as being extensively treated with UV-reduction ingredients that help them become more effective.

Things to keep in mind

When you go to buy sun-protection clothes, keep in mind that greater skin coverage means that the skin is less exposed to the sun, leading to less tanning and sunburn. For instance, a full-body swimming suit will protect you much better than a bikini.

The structure of the clothes and the dyes used will also play a major role in the protective levels of the clothes, which also explains why many protective clothes will come in dark colors such as indigo and black – the most effective colors at absorbing these harmful rays.

All the best sun-protective clothes will have mechanisms that allow you to wear them in warmer conditions, such as having antibacterial properties and being well-ventilated. These will help in case the clothes get wet, or when you are sweating. They also remain as effective even when you wear sunscreen If on your skin – you should wear sunscreen at all times, even if the fabrics you wear have high UPF ratings.

A background on UV rays

UV rays come in three forms, and this is dependent on the energy that they have. The higher levels of energy they contain, the more they take on the form of ionizing radiation (similar to radio waves). This means that they have sufficient levels of energy to remove electrons from molecules or atoms, resulting in changes to the molecule or atom into an ion.

Thanks to this ability, they eventually damage the structure of DNA molecules in the cells, and this leads to cancer and other illnesses. However, since higher-energy UV rays cannot penetrate deeper levels of the body, their effects will be present on the skin – in the form of skin cancer, premature wrinkling, skin aging, and so on.

The forms of UV radiation are:

  • UVA rays – are always termed as a ‘silent killer’, because their effects are not apparent. UV rays are in two forms, the UVB (short wavelength rays) and UVA (long wavelength rays). Since UVA rays have longer wavelengths, they can penetrate more materials, even clouds in the atmosphere – and yes, that means even on a bitterly cold or winter day, UVA rays are still present. These rays can also reflect off surfaces such as sand, water and snow, they can penetrate through glass and fabric (glass is too thick for UVB to pass through).
  • UVB rays have slightly more energy than the UVA rays, which is why they will not penetrate as many materials. However, they can still cause significant damage to the DNA in the skin cells, and they are the rays that are directly responsible for sunburn and most skin cancers.
  • UVC rays have more energy than the previous two. This is advantageous because they cannot penetrate the ozone layer, so they will not reach the ground along with sun rays. However, some man-made sources can produce UVC rays, such as mercury lamps, arc welding torches, and UV sanitizing bulbs that are used in killing germs and bacteria on various surfaces and materials.


How will I make my clothes more resistant to UV rays?

The good news is that it is possible to do so. You can use off-the-shelf detergents, which increase the UV protection levels. These detergents are sold in the form of additive UV-absorbers or additive optical brighteners.

Is it possible to tan under beach umbrellas?

The short answer is yes. Even though these umbrellas are comprised of thick weave material that does not allow UV rays, they do not protect against diffused or scattered UV rays, which are in plenty.

Regardless of whether you wear sun-protective clothes or not, always apply sunscreen(See our guide) – your skin will eventually thank you for it, and you will avoid tan lines and painful sunburn.

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Can You Tan Through Clothing?

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Ultraviolet rays are really good at penetrating through different materials. You might think that you are safe from sunburn wearing a cotton shirt while walking on the beach, but you could be putting your skin at risk of sunburn, even fully covered in clothing.

Can you tan through clothing? The simple answer is yes, you can. While all materials are different, clothes should not be relied on to prevent the sun’s harmful rays from reaching your skin. When it comes to skin damage, UVB rays are to thank for that. This specific type of ultraviolet radiation cannot make it through most clothing, but UVA rays can, and they can cause damage to the skin.

Most clothing offers protection of around SFP , but this is not adequate for extended periods out in the sun. However, there are ways to better your protection when wearing clothes outside in the sun.

Matte Fabrics Absorb Less

Rather than wearing shiny synthetic fabrics, opt for matte fabrics. Shiny fabrics reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them, which in no way helps reduce exposure.

Wear Synthetics

Synthetic material tends to provide better protection. The material is usually tighter knitted or weaved, meaning less UV radiation passing through. Choose to wear fabrics like lycra, polyester, and acrylic instead of cotton when in the sun. Check the denier rating of a fabric to see how thick or tight the weave is.

Layer Up

If you can handle the heat, wearing a few layers of clothing helps the skin&#;s exposure to the sun. Lighter materials can be layered to help protect your skin, and still feel cool.

Keep Dry

Wetting your clothing can reduce the materials UPF protection. Keep dry to reduce your exposure.

Widen Your Hats

A cool looking peak hat does not provide as much protection as a wide brim hat. The wider the brim, the more protection you have on your forehead, ears, neck, and back. A baseball cap only provides limited protection to your forehead.

Wear Darker Colors

Thinking of wearing darker clothing in summer may make you feel hot on its own, but darker fabrics actually provide more protection than lighter pastels and whites. The darker colors absorb the UV rays which reduce UV exposure. Sun-protective clothing is usually made using darker dyes.

How Do You Tan Through Clothing?

So now that we have established that you can get sunburned through your clothing, it is important to understand why and how it happens. Certain clothing offers more protection from the sun than others, and each item has its own SPF rating.

There are three factors that affect the UPF protection your clothes offer – material, weave, and color.

Material – The more the material absorbs UV light, the more protection it offers. Material such as polyester absorbs more UV light than cotton, making it a better when out in the sun.

Weave – A tighter weaved material will let through less UV light than a loosely weaved material. The less light that gets through means the less your skin is burned.

Color – Darker colors absorb more UV light than light colors. Dyes absorb different frequency of visible light and absorb some UV light as well. Lighter colored or white fabric lets through more UV light and therefore increases the exposure to the sun.

The amount of UV light let through by your clothing will affect the damage done to your skin. It isn’t a good idea to venture into the sun without any sun protection like sunscreen, as your clothes only offer limited protection.

Clothing Is Not Protection From The Sun

While you might be excited at the fact that you can now tan while strolling along the beach in full clothing, it isn’t necessarily a good idea. You will still be able to be burned through your clothing, and you could land up with damage to your skin. Regular time spent in the sun without protection can lead to lasting damage to your skin, and this could all be from wearing clothes in the sun.

You don’t have to sit in your bikini under the flaming sun on a hot day to get sunburned; simply being in the sun with clothing on is enough to cause significant damage to your skin. Remember to always wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days, if you are going to be spending time outdoors.


Sometimes SPF and UPF can be confused with each other. UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is the rating system used for the protection provided by fabric or material. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is the rating system used to measure the protection factor of sunscreens. When looking for the protection your clothing offers from the sun, you will need to look at the UPF rating.

Stock Up On Protection

If you spend quite a bit of time in the sun, it might be worth investing in some sun-protective clothing. These items have a higher ultraviolet protection factor, of up to UPF 50, which really does help reduce the amount of sun reaching the protected areas of skin.

Sun-Protective Clothing

Luckily for those who spend lots of time in the sun, there is sun-protective clothing available. Certain brands have been created specifically to cater to people who need higher clothing protection for the outdoors. These fabrics are densely weaved and are treated with UV-inhibiting ingredients that help them be more effective in reducing exposure.

When looking at buying sun-protective clothing, it is important to remember that the more skin you cover, the less exposure your skin will have. Long-sleeved or full swimming suits will give your body more coverage and protect a larger surface area.

Dyes and fiber structures also play a role in how protective these specialized clothes are, which is why most protective clothing comes in darker colors such as black or indigo. These colors are the most effective when absorbing UV rays.

Sun-protective clothing was designed to be worn during warmer weather, and are usually well-ventilated and have antibacterial properties which help when the material gets wet or when it is exposed to excess sweat. The material is still effective when in contact with sunscreen, and it is always advised to wear sunscreen even when you are covered by sun-protective clothing.

Related Questions

How do I know how much sun-protection my clothes have?

The best way to know the UPF rating your clothing has is to read the label or tag. If you can’t find out this way, there is a quick fix way to estimate how much light is getting through. Hold your clothing up to the sun, you will be able to see how much light shines through the material. The more light let in through the material, the less UV protection your clothing has.

How do I make my clothes more UV resistant?

There are ways to make your clothing more UV resistant. There are off-the-shelf laundry detergents that you can purchase that do increase UV protection of clothing. The detergents are sold either as an additive optical brightener or as an additive UV-absorber. These both increase the UV protection of your clothing.

Can I tan under a beach umbrella?

Many people think that beach umbrellas offer enough protection from the sun’s rays, but this isn’t true. While the beach umbrellas are usually made with a thick weave material that doesn’t let UV rays through, it doesn’t take into account scattered or diffused UV rays, which could be plentiful in environments such as a beach.

Will sunscreen under clothing work?

Definitely yes. You should always wear a layer of sunscreen when you leave the house to spend time in the sun. Some moisturizers and makeup have effective SPF ratings. Using these daily can drastically reduce the effect the sun has on your skin. While you might not notice a little bit of sun exposure here and there, it does take its toll on your skin.

Does Tan-Through clothing exist?

Some costumes have been designed to be tan-through. This allows women and men to sit in the sun and tan their skin without having any costume tan lines. This is a growing phenomenon, but it is not the best option for the skin. Elevated exposure to UV rays can permanently damage your skin. It is better to opt for a spray tan or self-tanner to get your desired look.

Keep Yourself Protected

Unless you are wearing a super-thickly weaved denim bodysuit, you will tan through your clothing. Never underestimate the power of the sun, even in winter.

Rather take the precaution of always wearing sunscreen and opt for wearing clothing that has a high UPF rating. You will look back and thank yourself for it, and you will avoid any incredibly painful sunburn!

Sours: https://goodlookingtan.com/can-you-tan-through-clothing/

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  • heating pad wrap can snap around your neck to stay in place
  • easy-care, gentle, cozy flannel heat pad with soft touch offers maximum comfort for daily use


  • inconvenient heat settings

luxury brand Kiniki Sabre Tan Through Swim Brief: Clothing comfortable

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When you&#;re walking around in intense sunlight, how much protection are you getting from your clothing? Can you tan through clothing, and can you get a sunburn?

Whether you like tans or prefer avoiding them, knowing about it matters. Plus, one thing is for sure: having tan lines isn’t fun even if you like tans! Thus, you should know about the possibility of tanning through clothes.

Can You Tan Through Clothing?

sunflower girl

Yes, you can get a tan through your clothes. And a sunburn, too! So don&#;t automatically assume you&#;ll be protected just by putting on some clothing.

You can get a full tan with clothing on by wearing Tan-Through Swimwear, if that&#;s what you&#;re looking for.

Ultraviolet rays have a strong penetration capability and can go past various clothing materials. So even if you are wearing a cotton shirt on a hot sunny beach, you should not get complacent in thinking that you will be safe from sunburns. The risk of sunburn is present even with clothes. However, virtually any clothing does provide at least some protection from UV rays.

Sunscreens are rated by SPF, or Sun Protection Factor. Clothing is rated by UPF, or Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The protection factor for most clothes ranges from about UPF +. This can vary depending on the color, condition, and type of fabric. A UPF value of 4 provides a small amount of protection, while a 50 is going to block the vast majority of the sun&#;s rays.

Although various fabrics have different capabilities, you should not rely on clothes alone to prevent sunburns. 

The sun’s UVB and UVA rays contribute to skin cancer, though they also provide the benefits of tanning in the sun.

Many types of clothing do not provide sufficient protection for long spells outdoors in sunny weather. For a basic example, a white t-shirt will give a UPF of about 4, while a thick denim jacket will give a UPF of 50+. The thicker the material, the more protection is provided.

There are still steps you can take to protect yourself against the harsh rays of the sun to reduce damage to your skin.

Synthetic Fabrics

To bring down penetrating and damaging sun rays, you lean toward synthetic fabrics over natural ones. Synthetic materials are often tightly knit and allow less sun rays to penetrate them. Rather than cotton, you can don fabrics like acrylic, polyester and lycra when roaming out in the sun for longer time periods. 

To know how tightly knit the fabric is, you should check out the denier rating.

More Layers

Layers really are key to the whole thing. Each layer of clothing provides additional protection, and can be taken off and put on as needed throughout the day. No need to constantly reapply sunscreen, just pop on that UPF shirt and you&#;ve got instant protection.

By combining layers of clothing, bathing suit, hat, etc., you&#;ll get the best protection you can, while maximinzing the enjoyment of the sun and the beach.

Stay Dry

wet shirt

Wetness can bring down UPF protection for various materials. Unfortunately, if you get that white T-shirt wet, the amount of sun protection it provides is lessened. Thus, you should try to keep your clothes as dry as possible for protection against the sun.

Wide-Brimmed Hat

wide brimmed hat

A good hat is key to getting good protection when exposed. The head and neck is especially susceptible to skin cancers, and a hat will be a first line of defense in these areas.. Try out a wide-brimmed hat for keeping out the sun.

Often these hats can look really good if you can pull it off, and they offer much more sun protection than caps.

With a bigger hat, you will have better protection of parts like the back, neck, ears, and face.

Darker Fabrics

Darker fabrics are more protective since they have a greater ability to absorb harmful rays from the sun. You might think that dark colors will keep you hotter but the truth is that they are better at absorbing damaging sun rays. White and light pastel colors look good in the hot sunny weather, but are less protective. 

Clothing especially designed for sun protection make use of darker hues for lower UV exposure.

How to Tan Through Clothes

You now understand that it is very much possible to get sunburned and endure skin damage even with full clothing. You should know how this happens and the different factors that determine how well a fabric can protect you from the sun’s rays. 

Different kinds of clothes have different efficiencies of keeping out the sun’s rays and thus carry different SPF ratings.

The following 3 factors strongly influence the protection that a fabric can provide against sunlight.

  • Material – for better UV protection, the material should be capable of absorbing more sunlight. Thus, synthetic fabrics such as polyester may be a better choice than cotton since they absorb more sunlight than cotton. 
  • Weave – tightly knit or woven fabric can keep out more of the sun’s rays than loosely knit fabric. Since less light seeps past the material, there will be less skin damage from the sun with tight fabrics.
  • Color – dark colors have a stronger capability of absorbing sunlight than light fabrics. Since they can absorb more sunlight, they are better at keeping harmful sun rays away from your skin. 

Sunscreen vs Clothes for Protection

Most good quality sunscreens are going to provide more protection from the sun than much of the light clothing that people tend to choose at the beach. That said, there are a bunch of downsides to sunscreen that need to be part of the equation, too.

Clearly, the biggest concern is that many chemical sunscreens are being re-evaluated for safety due to cancer risks. These products are supposed to protect us from cancer, not cause it! Tests are ongoing, but many have switched over to safer mineral sunscreens. Unfortunately, these leave a white cast on the skin that often looks unappealing on darker-skinned people.

They often need to be reapplied frequently, and even &#;waterproof&#; sunscreens need to be reapplied after you go in the water.

For this reason, clothing should be a prominent part of your sun protection strategy.

Clothing and Sunscreen Together

It can often be helpful to combine sunscreen with clothing to provide adequate protection while out in the sun. If you can find a few layers you can add and remove as needed during your tanning session, you can make your time on the beach more pleasant, and hopefully healthier.

Couple that with applications of sunscreen as needed, and you can get enough protection from the sun, while also getting the benefits of tanning.

Another tip for greater protection is to use loose clothing. Since tight clothing can stretch the fabric, more sunlight may get through. Therefore, it is better to keep clothes loose so that less sunlight can get past. 

Remember that even when its cloudy, you can still tan. Be careful and be patient when out in the sun!

Does Sun Protective Clothing Work?

There are several manufacturers that specifically produce UPF50+ clothing. These can be great to have on hand when you&#;re headed to the beach.

For example, this Beach Shawl shown below from Coolibar is UPF50+, and will give a lot of protection to a significant portion of the body. It can be popped on and off as needed, and is super convenient and attractive.

A cover like that, combined with a hat and potentially some sunscreen, and you&#;re likely good to go in many environments.


Thinking in terms of layers is the key to sun protection. You can tan through clothing, and you can get sunburned through clothing. But clothing can provide helpful protection, and is potentially a safer option than many types of sunscreen. A couple of pieces of UPF clothing, mixed with your usual beach attire, and you&#;ll be good to go!

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