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The 5 essential things that every survival base needs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are many things that are vital to survival, and one of those things is a base. Minecraft bases can range from small and simple to huge and intricate, making Minecraft even more fun.

However, players must also be aware of what to put on their bases. There are some very essential items that players need both to survive and to progress in the game.

Listed below are the 5 most essential things every Minecraft base needs.

Basic survival necessities essential in Minecraft

5) Crop farms

Image via Minecraft

Crop farms are something that many players have in or around their bases. Crop farms can be really simple and small, and have things like wheat, carrots, potatoes, and so much more.

Many players have small wheat farms as wheat is very easy to obtain and players can make a lot of bread. It is also useful to have in or around its base as an infinite food source!

4) Storage area

Image via Reddit

In Minecraft, storing material is vital, as it disappears when placed on the ground for too long. Most players have a room dedicated to a storage area, where they can have dozens of chests, usually organized by material or not organized at all.

Having a storage area is great for remembering where certain items are and for making it easier to store items and things like food.

3) Foundry area

Image via Reddit

Furnaces are vital in Minecraft as they are used to cook food or melt minerals for more materials. Many players create an area dedicated to furnaces, often having at least two in the room for more efficient smelting.

Some players also tend to create a smelter “area”, where they store the raw ore that needs to be smelted, or even food.

2) Production area

Image via FanPop

Crafting benches are also a must in Minecraft. Players should always have at least one at their base for easy access.

Many players can even create crafting rooms, where crafting is based, that is, a crafting table (or two) followed by chests that are filled with crafting material, that way things are easy to locate when it comes to of creating specific articles.

1) Beds

Image via Reddit

Beds could be considered one of the most important items in the survival world of Minecraft. Without beds, Minecraft players would appear at the world spawn point, which could be thousands of blocks from their actual base.

So having a bed (or multiples) on a base is very ideal, that way players never show up far from home. Beds are also useful, of course, so that players can stay overnight if they wish.

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Minecraft Player Builds Massive Ocean Base In Survival After 6 Months

A dedicated Minecraft player spent six months building a massive circular base in the middle of an ocean and turning it into a habitable area.

A dedicated Minecraft builder has spent half a year creating a massive base right in the middle of an ocean. Minecraft is known for the grand, large-scale construction projects undertaken by the game's players. Iconic locations from pop culture are frequently seen rebuilt in the crafting game, but original works from creative and industrious players will emerge from time to time as well.

Quite recently, it’s been reported that a fan of both Minecraft and Zelda is meticulously recreating Hyrule from Breath of the Wild in the sandbox game. Nintendo's latest original Zelda game drew a lot of admiration when it launched in 2017. Many were particularly impressed with the game's large open world. Given the popularity of Breath of the Wild's large map, it makes sense that someone would want to immortalize it in this way.

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As shared by Redditor Silver22O2, it took them 6 months to build an impressive survival base in Minecraft’s ocean biome, home of buried treasure and shipwrecks. The area is surrounded by a tall glass wall that separates the habitable zone from the ocean waters. The circular base is 200 blocks in diameter, and it’s more than enough to host an ocean monument right in the center and a few buildings with Asian aesthetics. Judging by the screenshots proudly shared by the author, the monument has been turned into living quarters with a few additions. According to Silver22O2, the hardest part was to drain off a large area before constructing the base. The player used a combination of circular sand walls and sponges to get rid of the water.

This is not the only example of Minecraft players making drastic changes to the world of the game. Another demonstration came from a builder who decided to create a massive artificial Minecraft sun in the sky over the dreary end-game region known as The End. The result of this undertaking is a gigantic glass orb filled with lava to give it the impression of emitting light, though Minecraft's lighting graphics prevent this construct from shedding as much illumination as the true sun.

Minecraft has been around for more than a decade, and during that time, fans of the popular sandbox video game have invented numerous workarounds and mods to make the building experience easier and quicker. Nowadays, anyone can drain a whole ocean with a simple mod or a world editing app. That’s why Silver22O2’s sheer dedication to the building process is especially impressive and valuable. Instead of using automated tools, the player created a truly impressive build purely by hand, which is a remarkable feat.

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Minecraft is available on Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and iOS platforms.

Source: Silver22O2/Reddit


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Minecraft ocean bases are a delicate balance of slick design and looming disaster

Scrambling around trying to build a base is always the highest priority on Minecraft's survival checklist. If you're like me, your first base was probably a haphazardly thrown-together oak block box with enough space for a bed, crafting table, and my blocky body to squeeze into. But Minecraft bases have become much more than that, and builders have been experimenting with all kinds of impressive designs like huge underground lairs, epic treehouses, or grand stone fortresses. 

There have been plenty of spectacular Minecraft builds, but one design that continues to blow my mind are ocean bases. In short, the water physics in Minecraft are hard to grapple with. The way water flows and fills spaces is pretty confusing and thinking about how the current of one water block is affected by its four horizontal and vertical neighbours is headache-inducing. 

That's why it's always impressive to see ocean builds. The engineering and design that have gone into building them is made more amazing by the manipulation of Minecraft's water physics. The risk of having one block break when your build is surrounded by water is always there, but the results are worth it. Slap some realistic Minecraft texture packs and shaders on your game, and you've got an amazing base surrounded by crystal clear water.

A tremendous amount of effort goes into planning an ocean base—underwater or not—and it's something that should be celebrated, so I've listed a couple of my favourites below. If you're keen to build an underwater ocean base yourself, I would start with the house building basics first and work your way up from there.

SheepGG's tutorial shows how to build a cozy underwater base made from glass, stone, and oak wood. The interior is lovely too, with lots of plant life and crops. They've also chosen to build in one of Minecraft's coral reef biomes, making it extra gorgeous. 

Reddit user FreePaleontologist69 has built an entire city in the middle of the ocean. This ocean build's design is super sleek and its open-top means you can gaze at the stars above you.

I love the way ManDooMiN has built their base into the side of a slope. It's a small two-floor base and the tutorial is easy to follow, making it perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at underwater base design.

Jaypeeg01's ocean base looks like a Legend of Zelda temple. They've built the surrounding walls with translucent blue blocks, making it look like the ocean has created a wall to protect what's inside—a great idea.

Reddit user Frank_de_bot's base was built in Survival, which adds to the effort and makes it potentially even more impressive than a 'regular' underwater build. The several dome-like buildings are connected through several walkways and plenty of glass means you can gaze out into the surrounding murky world.

This underwater base created by ItsMarloe is another small and cosy design which also hides a brilliant entrance system. The entrance is a trap door that lets in a pillar of water than you can swim down, but instead of it flooding your lovely build there's a drain right under the entrance the water disappears into.

Random Steve Guy's crystal-clear underwater base is completely made out of glass and it's incredible to behold. It's a simple design, but the contrast of the dark underwater biome against the lamps that they've put around the outside of the build is perfection. 

Minecraft Today's base is another cosy underwater build. It has a sleek modern design to it, with a cute rooftop garden connecting to the land. But, the best detail is the single block of water they've left standing above the building where underwater plants can grow.

TheNeoCubest's underwater survival base has two handy entrances. There's an external ladder that goes to the surface or a door that opens straight into the water, allowing you to swim out. The square design is super slick and coupled with the windows letting you look out into the sea makes it a great ocean Minecraft base.

Part of PC Gamer's UK team, Rachel loves a good ol' detective mystery, story-rich adventure games, and weirdly wonderful indies. Her proudest gaming moment is the one time she kept her virtual potted plants alive for a year.

Sours: https://www.pcgamer.com/minecraft-ocean-bases-are-a-delicate-balance-of-slick-design-and-looming-disaster/

Minecraft offers you several opportunities to make your Minecraft journey even better. You will get a chance to make your own houses for your comfort and security. You can also get even more security and protection by building a base in Minecraft. There are tons of Minecraft bases, and each base varies from others. But how would you choose the best Minecraft bases for yourself? Which things are different in each Minecraft base? Let’s find out.

Minecraft’s best bases include an underwater mountain house to reduce the risk of getting attacked by the Minecraft mobs; an aesthetic survival home that will provide you with tight security and protection from your enemies; & an ultimate survival base, to enhance your survival rates in your Minecraft journey. There are many other best Minecraft bases such as double-pod underwater base, Minecraft mini-fortress, and circular ground base. 

Having a Minecraft base is necessary to deceive your enemies. You can easily get rid of Minecraft’s world’s deadly mobs and monsters by hiding yourself in your Minecraft bases. An ideal Minecraft base contains a secret place to hide yourself, chests, plenty of weapons and foods, and a secret place for your entrance. This article will help you learn about the best Minecraft bases. You will also learn about the main characteristics of each Minecraft base. 

Best Minecraft Bases 2021

There are many Minecraft bases that vary from one another. The purpose behind making each Minecraft base is different for different Minecraft players. Each base has different aims and objectives to fulfill in Minecraft. You can choose from the given best Minecraft bases for your survival and security in Minecraft gameplay. 

Here, I will enlist the top 15 Minecraft bases that are unique in themselves. Let’s find out the needed information and guide about the best Minecraft bases. 

1. Double-pod Underwater Base

If you are looking for a Minecraft base that lets you live your life near the water, this Minecraft base is for you. Double-pod underwater base is a popular Minecraft base with the help of which you can enjoy the endless marine life resources. 

What’s so special about a double-pod underwater base?

  • Double-pod underwater base protects you from creepers, skeletons, spiders, and many other aquatic beings.
  • You will feel calm and peaceful by looking around your Minecraft base. 
  • You will also be able to access the water’s surface as this base has a central hub. This central hub will take you to the surface of water anytime you want. 
  • Double-pod underground base has strong resistance and repulsion for water. You won’t see any water leakage there because you have used glass panes and quartz blocks to construct your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Double-pod Underwater Base

2. Minecraft Mini Fortress

Among the best Minecraft bases, the Mini fortress is of prime importance. Minecraft mini fortress is a three-dimensional Minecraft base. You will be able to get everything you need for your survival during Minecraft nights. 

What’s so special about Minecraft mini fortress?

  • Minecraft mini fortress provides you with all the essentials that you will need to hide. 
  • You can get rid of your enemies and the spawning mobs during nights in Minecraft. 
  • This Minecraft base is an interesting underwater base that acts as a fortress in Minecraft. 
  • You will find a large gate at the entrance of the mini fortress base. A hidden entrance is the most crucial thing that you will need to make your Minecraft base. 
  • When you enter the Minecraft base, you will see a big wall that consists of stones. Moving ahead, you will also see a small wall that consists of cobblestones, oak blocks, and glass panes. 
  • Glass panels will make the walls of your Minecraft base flat. That’s why your Minecraft base looks attractive. 
  • Minecraft mini fortress base is not as spacious as you want for yourself. But, it would be easier to protect your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Minecraft Mini Fortress

3. Circular Ground Base

Minecraft bases are perfect things to increase your survival rate in your world. A circular ground base is one of those amazing Minecraft bases that let you safeguard yourself from deadly enemies. 

What’s so special about a circular ground base? 

  • This Minecraft base is one of the interesting underwater ground bases in Minecraft. 
  • You will find wood all around your Minecraft circular base. 
  • A circular ground base also gives you a field that you can see by standing at the highest floor of your Minecraft base. 
  • You will also get a chance for harvesting wheat in your Minecraft base. 
  • There would be lanterns around your Minecraft base that will help you cross the difficult and dark places such as nether. 
  • The circular ground base has gigantic cylindrical features.
  • The circular ground base has chests, enchanting tables, and furnaces visible from the outside of your Minecraft base.

YouTube link: Circular Ground Base

4. Mountain Face Base 

Do you want to carve out the best Minecraft base to enjoy the heights of the Minecraft world? Well, you have a Minecraft mountain face base. You will get plenty of benefits from Minecraft mountain face base. 

What’s so special about mountain face base?

  • Mountain face base is a Minecraft base that has attractive interior and exterior looks. You will make other Minecraft jealous of your Minecraft base. 
  • Here, you will get many services such as a busy brewing room on the first floor, toilet, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. 
  • A secret entrance is no doubt one of the mandatory items in Minecraft base. 
  • You will also get a chance to mining in the mountains. You can get yourself avail of the endless resources of mountains in your Minecraft base. 
  • An impressive overhanging abode will help you make your base attractive. 

YouTube link: Mountain Face Base

5. Stone Bridge Temple Base 

Do you ever want to build a Minecraft base that has associations with Greek goddesses? Here, you have this Minecraft base. Minecraft stone bridge temple base is all you need to translate your dreams into reality. 

What’s so special about the stone bridge temple base?

  • Stone bridge temple base consists of walls with stones, cobblestones, oak blocks, and glass panes as their building materials. 
  • After you have entered your Minecraft base, you will see the floor of your Minecraft base teeming with the essentials of a Minecraft base.
  • You will see chests, bedrooms, tools, and weapons according to your need, and a hidden entrance here. 
  • You will also see that your Minecraft base has plenty of lights to make your base colorful. 
  • You will be able to explore many other things during the daytime. You will find your nights secured and free from any Minecraft dangerous mobs. 

YouTube link: Stone Bridge Temple Base

6. Survivalist Underground Base

As the name indicates, the Minecraft survivalist underground base is the perfect choice for Minecraft players to increase their survival rates. Minecraft underground base allows you to make Redstone traps for your enemies. 

What’s so special about survivalist underground base?

  • The survivalist underground base consists of a bedroom, furnaces, storage room, modern kitchen, and chests. 
  • Here, the location makes your Minecraft base cool when compared with the other Minecraft bases. 
  • You can easily find many valuable resources in your Minecraft base. The widespread resources around your survivalist underground base include wood, oak planks, roots, and many others. 
  • You can also give a brand look to your Minecraft base with a bit more exploration. You can explore many other hidden resources of your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Survivalist Underground Base

7. Tower House Hybrid

Are you looking for the best Minecraft base to thrive in the multiplayer faction and survival world? Here you go. Minecraft tower house hybrid offers you everything you need to run the best Minecraft base. 

What’s so special about tower house hybrid?

  • The Tower house hybrid Minecraft base consists of two towers that let you fend off all the deadly attacks in your Minecraft base. Your Minecraft base not only saves you from your enemies but also protects you from the deadly mob attacks in Minecraft world. 
  • Cobblestones and wooden blocks are the basic building materials of the Minecraft tower house hybrid. 
  • You will also find a crafting station and a perfect ceiling in your Minecraft base.
  • Tower house hybrid is a good Minecraft base to start your Minecraft survival journey. 

YouTube link: Tower House Hybrid

8. Underwater Mountain House 

Minecraft underwater mountain house is all that you need to fend off the deadly Minecraft creatures. Water is crucial to life. You will be able to enjoy the marine life with different islands in your Minecraft base. 

What’s so special about underwater mountain houses?

  • You will see a crafting room, kitchen, toilet, bedroom, and many other essentials of a Minecraft house.
  • You will also be able to see a beautiful blue ocean view from the top of your Minecraft base or your bedroom window. 
  • Here, the water will be present around your Minecraft base. You can explore valuable oceanic items by stepping out of your Minecraft base. 
  • You can reduce the risk of getting attacked by marine creatures as well.  
  • To keep tight security, there would be a hidden entrance in your Minecraft underwater mountain house. 

YouTube link: Underwater Mountain House

9. A Fortified Tower for Any Biome 

A fortified tower for any biome is a Minecraft base where the end goal is to stop the Minecraft monsters from accessing your base. You can take an idea from the name of Minecraft base that this base will work for any Minecraft biome. 

What’s so special about a fortified tower for any biome?

  • Minecraft fortified tower will make you able to defend yourself in such a competitive gaming world. 
  • Here, you can add several traps for your Minecraft enemies and mobs. 
  • Your Minecraft base will give you a spider-like look with a secret entrance at the bottom of your base. 
  • With its stone foundation, you will be able to lay many traps for your Minecraft enemies. 

YouTube link: A Fortified Tower for Any Biome

10. Multi-Platform Farm House 

Do you want a self-sufficient multi-platform farmhouse to rule over Minecraft? No worries. Minecraft multi-platform farmhouse will serve you best in this regard. 

What’s so special about a multi-platform farmhouse?

  • Minecraft base will let you grow different food items. You will be able to grow as much food as you want. 
  • Here, you will be able to expand your farmhouse due to the availability of extra space. 
  • A multi-platform farmhouse consists of many rooms that you can use for different purposes. 
  • As the name implies, the Minecraft base consists of plenty of features that will help you get the best out of Minecraft. 
  • You can organize everything and get a little protection in your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Multi-platform Farm House

11. Aesthetic Survival Home

You won’t be able to start or complete your Minecraft survival journey without a suitable survival base in Minecraft. Among the plenty of survival Minecraft bases, aesthetic survival home is a perfect one. 

What’s so special about aesthetic survival home?

  • Aesthetic survival home is a Minecraft base that usually consists of a two-story house. One is for your rest, and the other is to store your valuable Minecraft items. You can also craft Minecraft potions or dyes in your storeroom. 
  • Your Minecraft base allows you to decorate the corners with the decorating items. You can even light up your Minecraft base with lanterns or campfires around it. 
  • You can secure your Minecraft base by spreading fences around your Minecraft base. 

YouTube link: Aesthetic Survival Home

12. Underground Survival Base  

Minecraft’s underground survival base is a wonderful addition to the Minecraft world. Here, you will find everything that you will need in your Minecraft house. 

What’s so special about the underground survival base?

  • Minecraft’s underground survival base helps you reduce the danger of the outside deadly Minecraft mobs. 
  • You will be able to survive for a long time by hiding yourself in your Minecraft base.
  • Crafting an underground survival base will not require complicated strategies and builds. The execution is simple here. 
  • You will also find an enchanting table along with the other needed items in your Minecraft base.
  • Minecraft underground survival base has farming plots in it. 
  • Bold style statement is another value-added feature in your Minecraft survival base. 
  • Here, the roof of your Minecraft base contains red stained glass as the building material. 
  • The thing that makes this Minecraft base unique is its ability to protect you for a long time from your enemies. 

YouTube link: Underground Survival Base

13. Simple Oak Survival House 

Minecraft oak survival house is one of the simplest Minecraft bases. You don’t need to find different types of building materials for your Minecraft base. 

What’s so special about oak survival base?

  • Simple oak survival house only needs oak logs for its construction. 
  • You will be able to save your time by building this Minecraft base for your gameplay. 
  • Oak is one of the easiest trees to find in Minecraft overworld. You will easily find oak trees in jungle biomes, forest biomes, and dark roofed forests. 
  • Simple oak survival house consists of several floors that you can use for farming different Minecraft items. 
  • Minecraft base is self-sufficient for loading your dining table with a variety of Minecraft food items. 
  • Here, you will defend yourself from the undead monsters and zombies of Minecraft’s outer world. 

YouTube link: Simple Oak Survival Base

14. Simple Wooden House 

Minecraft’s simple wooden house is one of the best survival ways in Minecraft. A simple wooden house will let you expand your Minecraft base to many rooms. 

What’s so special about the simple wooden house?

  • You will be able to create a big survival base with this Minecraft base. 
  • Here, you will get a chance to decorate your house with beautiful furniture. 
  • You can also add plenty of beautiful flowers outside your window. This factor will add an aesthetic.
  • You will also get a chance to beautify your Minecraft base with the glass panes and cobblestones at your Minecraft entrance. 
  • Minecraft simple wooden house requires you a few building materials. That’s why Minecraft players choose this survival base for themselves.  

YouTube link: Simple Wooden House

15. Ultimate Survival Base

Minecraft’s ultimate survival base is all that you need to make your survival journey easier. The ultimate survival base consists of several other buildings that serve you many useful purposes. 

What’s so special about the ultimate survival base?

  • In this Minecraft base, you will see many wonderful buildings. The buildings include a storage room, an enchanting room, farming area, library, outhouses, stable room, and chests. 
  • You will also find a vast nether portal within your Minecraft survival base. 
  • Here, the interior has a meticulous decoration that attracts the attention of many Minecraft players. 
  • Minecraft’s ultimate survival base also consists of several rooms that serve different purposes in your gameplay. You can store your valuable items in Minecraft chests. 

YouTube link: Ultimate Survival Base

Sours: https://fictionhorizon.com/best-minecraft-bases/

Base survival minecraft

15 Minecraft Survival-Friendly Builds To Try

Starting a new adventure in Minecraft comes with some uncertainties. Will you like the world's seed? Should you build away or near the spawn area? Where is the best place to build a base? Whatever the case, you will need to make many decisions as you work to build your base.

When you are first starting out you will not have much at your disposal. Everyone loves a high-end wizard tower made with rare materials that would take you hours on end to gather, but you can actually come up with some neat starters (and other catchy constructions) using only the essentials.

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Updated on June 16, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: Fans are returning to Minecraft now thanks to the recent 1.17 update, which is the first half of the much-anticipated Caves and Cliffs update. With new blocks and mobs to discover, starting a new survival world now is pretty much the perfect thing to do.

However, deciding what to build can be tricky with limited resources and capacities in survival mode. There are mobs, hunger, and fall damage to worry about while in survival, and making scaffolding can be hard if there's no bamboo available. Even so, there are a few simple builds that can be made easily even with the challenges of survival gameplay.

15 The Modern House

Most Minecraft players tend to go for traditional wooden homes and medieval builds. However, sometimes having something more modern and unique can be a fresh breath of air. Getting concrete and wool early on in survival isn't that difficult, since sheep, sand, gravel, and dyes of nearly every color are simple enough to get.

WiederDude has a really nice modern build to share for anyone interested in making a more contemporary-style starter house. It's easy to build and doesn't require you to build very high or use a ton of materials.

14 A Barn

Houses aside, getting a good source of food early on is vital in survival. Initially, you'll probably just want a nice little fenced-off area for your cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs, but it's always nice to make things prettier. Plus, it doesn't take a lot of work to build a simple wooden barn for the animals.

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This barn design by Folli uses mostly wood, which is probably the easiest material to get early on in the game. There's an indoor and outside area for the animals as well, and you can tweak the size of it easily depending on how much space you need for your livestock.

13 The Mountain House

Who says you have to build on solid land or on top of a mountain? Cool builds can also be possible if you build within a generic mountain wall that on the outside might not seem like much. However, considering how common mountain biomes are, this mountain house design by SheepGG will come in handy for many starting builders.

The good thing about this design is that you don't need to build roofs. You can just carve out the space needed for the home and not worry about the walls or ceilings. Most of it is made with wood, so the resources are cheap and easy to get. It's also one of the safest homes to build and live in.

12 Storage Building

A major issue with many starter home designs is that they're quite small and lack space. As you progress in your survival journey, you'll accumulate a lot of resources and loot. It can be very tough to accommodate all of that inside a simple starter home with extremely limited chest space.

Building a separate storage building is a great idea while you gather resources for a bigger home. There's a nice, aesthetically pleasing design made by Folli that will cover most of your storage needs towards mid-game, and it mostly uses wood to build as well, making it cheap to set up.

11 Underwater Starter Base

In case you're looking for something much more ambitious but still beginner-friendly, why not try and build a home underwater? With the aquatic update in particular, underwater living has become a popular choice due to gorgeous coral biomes and tropical fish. Plus, underwater living doesn't always need a ton of glass or a conduit to work.

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Folli's underwater home uses mostly wood, so as long as you have a good supply of both oak and spruce wood, this build is doable. It even has an enchanting room in the basement, which can be upgraded to a level 30 enchanting space.

10 The Simple Survival House

This lovely wooden house is fairly simple to build, since it will mainly require whatever wood you like and stone — both are easy to come by. This original design by Youtube user Zaypixel is extraordinary, and it looks better than most other builds you could come across.

The full video detailing the step by step process to follow can be found here. If you happen to spawn in a desert or a snowy tundra, it might be best to move to a forest or try a different build.

9 Forest Bridge

Another wonderful creation by Zaypixel is this small bridge, which requires stone, wood, and a small quantity of iron if you like lanterns better than torches. The floor for this construction is especially good-looking since it's made from unlit campfires — a surprising way to make a unique wooden pattern.

This bridge fits perfectly between two riverbanks in biomes that have plenty of trees (that also facilitate the wood gathering process). If you gather the listed materials beforehand, building this should only take about 10 minutes.

8 Redstone Farm

The best way to get a nice and steady supply of food in Minecraft is to setup a farm near your base. Players have come up with insanely creative ways to do this, making the most intricate builds that exploit the properties of Redstone.

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Sometimes, these projects can be time consuming and hard to approach. Luckily, Zaypixelmade a video showcasing how you can achieve awesome results with very little Redstone and time. The best thing about this build is that it will allow you to quickly collect all your crops.

7 Quick And Easy Desert Home

If you do find yourself in a vast desert with relatively little resources to spare, you can actually make the most of the sand around you. YouTube user Meg Rae showcases exactly what you need to achieve this design, which is surprisingly fast to complete, even in hardcore survival.

Her tutorial is clear and super easy to follow, so you shouldn't get stuck wondering what kind of blocks to use or where to place them. Do bring some wood from a forest with you, if you want to achieve the same result.

6 Fast Winter Cabin

It's hard to come by something so simple and yet so natural. This build by YouTube user FenX Builds is both affordable and quick. The overall aesthetic is very much in tune with the surrounding spruce forest. If you end up wanting to build a bigger home in another biome, you can always come back to this one and use it as a hunting hut.

Like most YouTube Minecraft guides, this one is easy to follow. The best thing about this build is its versatility: you could achieve it almost anywhere without needing super rare blocks.

5 Overhaul Your Outdoor Area

Building the perfect base is a daunting enough task that often takes days and days of work in survival worlds. When you are finally looking at your finished creation, you might start to think the surroundings look a little barren compared to the very detailed build you just completed.

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Youtube user Typface shows how you can bring to life your yard, garden, or simply the outside of your house in this video. This guide is admittedly long, but it showcases a variety of smaller projects you can tackle individually, at your own pace.

4 Make Your Sleeping Look Cool

One thing every player undoubtedly needs to craft is a bed. Sure, you could settle with a plain white one and call it a day, but if you are looking to spice up your home décor or your furniture, then check this video made by Typface.

Did you know you could achieve some incredibly faithful bunk beds using barrels and trapdoors? Typface gets creative with interesting combinations of blocks that are easy to come by in survival mode. Minecraft is literally built on little known facts and mechanics that are incredibly fun to explore, and Typface's video explores some building possibilities that are unbelievably easy to achieve.

3 Immersive Horse Stable

After some time spent in your world, you will most likely come across a horse you want to befriend to make travelling faster and easier. You might want to give your trusty steed a proper stable to stay in, to keep it safe from mobs. According to this quick video guide by Typface, you only need some hay and wood to get away with a fantastic result.

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Honestly, if you have about five minutes to spare while you play, and don't have a stable yet, this is one of the best options in terms of time investment and resource spending.

2 Add A Fountain To Your Town (Or Garden)

It's hard to come by things that don't make sense in Minecraft. This water fountain design makes a whole lot of it. Originally designed by YouTube user Minecraft Sekai, and showcased in this video, this beautiful water fountain fits perfectly within most settlement-oriented builds, especially large scale towns.

Since build projects of this stance can prove exhaustingly long, building something completely out of stone and water is a nice change of pace from having to gather many different types of resources.

1 Secret Storage Basement

One of the best things to build in Minecraft is your own secret hideout to use as storage for your most treasured belongings. This does require some level of skill and particular materials, however. As you progress through survival, you will be able to craft more expensive block types that can supplement your base.

A great way to spend your valuable resources is on this survival basement (with a secret passage) designed by Zaypixel. This project is fairly extensive, though by no means impossible to achieve. You can lay the foundations for it and come up with your own decorations for it.

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Welcome to Raccoon City needs more than iconography to be a true Resident Evil adaptation.

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Minecraft: How To Build a Survival Base Tutorial (Building Tutorial) (#14) - 마인크래프트 야생 건축, 인테리어

Shelters are created by players to essentially pass the night and fend off mobs. A list of shelter design and tutorials are as follows.


A large Minecraft house.
  • A mountain hideout
  • A floating house
  • A small dirt shack (Good for the first night)
  • Small one or two story house
  • Large 2 or 3 story house
  • A hill fort
  • A treehouse
  • An underground shelter
  • A small fort
  • A larger fort or castle (a collection of buildings, sometimes arranged around a courtyard. Usually with defenses)
  • A walled off area (Even if there is no ceiling, it will still let you sleep if it's closed off)
  • A very large castle (about 40×40×23)
  • A mansion (Bigger than 30×30×10)
  • A cabin
  • A dugout (When making it, you will gain and not use blocks, unless you run into an opening that you want to block off.)
  • An underwater base (not a good first shelter.)

Generally you want to start basic, don't over-exert yourself on the first day!

Get creative! Build a dock, or a town. It is fine to have useless buildings only for their looks. A collection of small builds can make something far greater than one, big building.

Shelters for the first night[]

Here are some options for a shelter on your first night that can be built with limited resources.

Hole in the wall[]

While you were gathering cobblestone and coal on your first day, you most likely dug a small hole in the side of a surface cave, or staircase down through the dirt. In either case, you can use that hole as a shelter. Dig a few more blocks into the hill or cave wall, then you can dig a small room (8×8×3 is the most recommended. It's not too small, but not too big.) Relocate your crafting table and furnace in here, and make sure to light it up!

You can place a door across the entrance to your shelter to protect you from mobs, while still giving you access. It is generally recommended to place it from the outside (go outside your shelter and place it while looking inside.)

If you don't have wood to spare for a door, simply cover your entrance with dirt or cobblestone when night falls, periodically breaking it to check for daytime (watch out for mobs though!)

Atop a pillar[]

Build a tall 1×1 column under you, by pillar jumping: look straight down, jump up, and place one of your blocks in the space you've jumped up from. By doing this repeatedly, you can get high enough above the ground that ground-based mobs are unable to detect you. You can make the pillar out of dirt, wood planks (remember, 4 planks to a log), or even cobblestone, but avoid using sand or gravel to make your tower (see below).

Going 10 or 12 blocks up will usually be enough, 16 is safer (skeleton range), and 20 or 30 is more certain. Zombies can track a player 30 blocks up, but they cannot reach the player. You can also use sneaking (holding ) to lean over the edge to place extra blocks as a ledge. Then you can put your crafting table (and soon, your furnace) on the ledge and work overnight. Remember to retrieve them before you come down! You can look around and see what's happening overnight, but try to avoid putting your crosshairs on an enderman.

If you haven't slept in 3 or more in-game days, beware of phantoms, which can reach you on a pillar. Otherwise, watch out for climbing spiders or even (unlikely) a spider jockey. To fend off spiders, you can break one of the blocks below your top block, or build a lip around the block you're standing on. You do either of these by crouching as above, and placing or breaking blocks. You will not fall unless you let go of the shift key while leaning over the edge… or unless you are attacked, so don't do this if a spider is actually getting close to you (or if your tower is under 20 blocks and a skeleton is at the base). If a spider does climb the pillar, they're fairly unlikely to actually reach you, but, just in case, keep your stone sword in hand and whack them as soon as they come into reach, before they get up to you. (Attacking them will knock them down, causing them to take damage from the fall.)

Once it is light enough, and the undead have burned, simply dig out the blocks you're perched upon, until you're back on the ground. (Check for nearby creepers and other monsters first!) Don't just jump off your tower unless there's water below you – if you're high enough to avoid mob detection then you're high enough to take damage if you jump, or even die if you're 22 blocks or more up. Also keep an eye out for spiders, which can meet you halfway and knock you off the tower. If a creeper is hanging out at the base of your pillar, and you have more blocks, try going even higher—30, 40 blocks, or even up to cloud level. This makes monsters on the ground despawn far more quickly (because they are now farther away from you).

Do not use sand or gravel, because unlike most blocks, they are affected by gravity. You can't place a ledge with them, as they fall to the ground. (However, you can put a dirt block on the side of a sand pillar, and that will stay up even if the pillar doesn't. In particular, if a creeper does notice you, and blows up at the bottom of your pillar, the rest of sand you're standing on will fall closer to the ground, taking you with it… and apparently, you were already low enough for monsters to notice you. (Also, a passing enderman might pull a block out of your pillar.) If you're really stuck and only have sand or gravel, make the pillar extra-tall, at least 20 blocks.

If you are in a desert with only sand and cacti all around, and have no other blocks available, don't use cacti (they'll kill you). If you have time, try to gather a lot of sand to make sandstone. If you got at least 40 or 50 sand (a full stack of 64 is better) by nightfall, you can make enough sandstone for a pillar, even without your crafting table: Press E for your inventory and crafting window, divide the sand among all four boxes of your crafting grid, and take the sandstone. (Use your pickaxe to take down the tower in the morning.) Unfortunately, you need 4 sand to get each block of sandstone.

Up a tree[]

Find a single large tree and use dirt (or another non-valuable resource) to pillar up to top and stay up there until day arrives. Jungle, tall spruce, and large oak trees are recommended. Mobs will not spot you if it is a large enough tree, and if they do, just take evasive action and move to the other side of the tree. Spiders could give you a problem, but hopefully, they won't see you. If the leaf canopy is big enough, you can actually dig up into the leaves, where monsters can't reach you. If all else fails, jump between treetops. When night's over, you can chop down the tree. Take care not to chop it down before you are done using it as a shelter, or the leaves may start to disappear, leaving you with nowhere to stand.

Three block high hut[]

By making four three block high walls around you, you can simply hide from most mobs. Adding a roof (at the third block, that is 2 blocks high inside) protects against endermen (which can't fit) and spiders, which can otherwise climb the walls. You can make this out of almost anything—cobblestone is more secure, you can use wood planks if you have enough, but even dirt will do in a pinch. You need 13 blocks as a bare minimum (four 3-block high pillars around a 1×1 refuge), but two or three times that, or even a whole stack of 64, lets you build something you can actually move around in, and do some crafting and smelting overnight. (Note that you can use the crafting table and/or furnace as part of the walls.) Keep a block or few in your inventory as spares, in case of enderman theft (see below). You have two main risks: One is spiders, which can both sense you through the walls, and climb the walls. However, they can't fit through small holes, and if you make a roof with only a one-block hole, spiders can't get through (but you can still tell when day returns). The other hazard is if an enderman wanders by and takes a block out of your shelter. Wait for the enderman to wander away a bit, then replace the block, with one of your spares, if possible without letting your cursor cross the enderman (“looking at them”). When full daylight comes, mine a door in your wall, and exit. Keep a wary eye out for monsters, and in particular be prepared to run very fast away from creepers.

In a cave[]

If you found a cave system you can fix it up into a lair—a good one can make a base for the rest of your game. If it ends quickly, then cap off your entrance. If it does not end, then build a little shelter around you by capping off any extra exits or openings into the depths. Don't worry too much about the natural walls of the cave; monsters can still be heard through the walls pretty loudly, but they can't come through unless you leave an opening.

To block the cave off, for your first night you can use walls of dirt or cobblestone similarly to the "hole in the wall". If you have enough wood, you may be able to craft fences and a fence gate and place them across the entrance and any openings in back. Make sure you place the walls or fences behind the upper lip of the cave (or extend the ceiling over the barrier), or monsters are liable to "drop in" inside your barrier. Also, remember to light the area before you settle down. Likewise, remove any stray blocks, within two spaces outside the fence, from which monster could jump onto the fence (try the jump yourself). If using fences, also make sure you can retreat into the cave and away from the entrance (out of sight or 16 blocks away), or a creeper may drop by and just wait for you to come out. Later, you can be more sophisticated about sealing off and fortifying your lair.

As with "Hole in the wall", you can dig into the cave's wall while waiting for dawn, but keep some blocks handy to patch up any openings you might make into another cave while digging, which might have a hostile mob in it. If you place your pickaxe one of your hotbar slots (used to navigate quickly between items you are carrying in your inventory) and e.g. dirt is placed right next to it, you can quickly switch between your tool and that block type in order to close the hole you just made. This can be extremely handy when you stumble upon an opening which contains mobs.

Hill Fort[]

Just like cave systems and bunkers and Castle tower. Hill forts are forts that can be made by strong or earth-made materials such as dirt or stone. Unlike castle or an outpost tower,hill forts have better defenses and you can create your own cave system for hidden base and hidden storage for your important stuff. You can also create your bunker directly within the fort or near the fort. Hill forts are better for PvP bases and raid farming since you can hide magma blocks under a trapdoor and make a lava flow.

For starter Hill fort, you can just make it out of dirt or any earth-made materials like sand and gravel.

For easy Hill fort, it will be made out of any wooden materials like oak log and oak planks.

For normal Hill fort, this can be made with any stone materials such as cobblestone and smooth stone. You can also install defenses using magma blocks and deep hill moat.

For hard Hill fort, it will be made out of obsidian so nobody could destroy it easily. You can install deadly traps such as night activating lava trap.

For advanced and intense Hill fort, it's still can be made with obsidian but with new cave system and maze system so raiders can't find you or your loot easily.

Anyway, you can install any traps even if you're still starter. Cave systems and maze can be done two even when you are still in starter fort. Forts are amazing in raid farming since you can install traps in it to kill raiders (except vexes).

Out to sea[]

If you are near an ocean, you can make a boat (see that page for the recipe) and sail out to where you can barely see land (in any direction). If you can't make a boat, just swim out to the sea, holding the space bar all night to keep yourself afloat. Either way, you won't be getting any crafting or smelting done. Note that drowned can board your boat and cause damage, so getting to land and building a shelter is preferable.

Break the golden rule[]

When you're desperate, you can break the golden rule of minecraft (Don't dig straight down). Dig three blocks down, and put a block above you that is not sand/gravel. Congrats, you just made the fastest shelter in Minecraft possible. Since you probably don't have an in-game clock yet, you may want to use a real-world clock to time the night (7 minutes, with up to 3 more to allow for dawn/dusk). If you have dirt or stone next to you, you can dig out a couple of blocks there, and place your crafting table and furnace. Sometimes keep the hole in the ground as a base. A torch makes your little hidey hole feel a little less like a tomb.

Vertical hidey hole[]

This design allows you to see what is going on every time you come out, but it does require a bit of extra wood.

Once you reach stone, you can mine some of the stone, craft a furnace, make charcoal, and craft torches.

The next morning, check for mobs, particularly creepers, as you climb out.

Blocks to use[]

These materials are good because they are:

  • More or less easily obtained.
  • Fairly nice-looking (if used correctly).

If you want a certain theme, such as the Nether or the End, certain materials such as Nether bricks or End stone from those dimensions can be used. If you're in Creative or have easy access to sand, glass often looks nice, and you do not need torches. Use it for a greenhouse look, or just if you like the sunshine.

Core rooms[]

There are several things that are very useful to include in your house in Minecraft.


Every house should have a main room with an entrance from the outside. You may wish to include a bed, a furnace, and a crafting table in this room. It would be convenient to connect all hallways or separate rooms to this room. Some tools, weapons, armor, and/or food stored in a chest can be useful, as then you can gather up some essential supplies quickly when coming to your home for a quick resupply.

Crafting room[]

See also: Crafting

This room is helpful to the player when crafting items. A crafting room may include a crafting table, at least one furnace, and a sufficient number of chests containing common crafting materials found while mining or exploring, such as wood, cobblestone, and iron, as well as any other materials that may be useful while crafting, such as sticks or wood planks. Labeling the chests will help to organize. There should be quick access to the storage room from here. Wood would be a nice material to use as it suits the theme.

Smelting room[]

See also: Smelting

This room is important if you are a big miner and/or adventurer as you can smelt large numbers of ores quickly. Make a large room and line the walls with furnaces, possibly keeping a chest of fuel such as coal or wood planks inside as well (A bucket of lava is very good too. It can smelt 100 items and also is a good source of light.). The benefit of having multiple furnaces is a faster overall smelting time, since each furnace is able to run independently. Having each furnace full of said fuel is also helpful. This room could easily be merged with the Crafting Room, and it may be most convenient to do so. Also, bear in mind that you can use hoppers if you wish to automate your smelting operations.

Storage room[]

A room full of chests for storing all of the dirt, cobblestone and other less-valuable materials that accumulates in your inventory while mining. You can also make a lava 'bin' to dispose of your unwanted items; this can be done by simply digging a hole (don't use wood etc. near it - the lava will ignite flammable blocks) and filling it with lava. You may also build another store room, with a guarded and hidden entrance though this store room is usually filled with more valuable and rare materials, i.e. gold, iron, diamonds, emeralds, etc. Perhaps you even want to include a trapped room with trapped chests and TNT, if you are in PVP.

Entrance to your mine[]

It's generally a good idea to put the entrance to your mine inside your shelter, simply so that if you return at night you won't encounter mobs. It's probably a good idea to make sure your mine is well lit by torches, redstone lamps, or glowstone. If playing in a mode besides peaceful, you should put a door so mobs do not get in (use iron doors when on hard - zombies on that difficulty can damage wooden doors to the point of breaking). Buttons are useful for any barrier only opened by Redstone.


Sleeping in a bed resets your spawn point to that bed. It's a pretty good idea to have this in a secure bunker. It's also a good idea to keep this room far from the outdoors, so a mob cannot prevent you from sleeping or blow up your bed. For added safety against creepers creeping up on you or PVP griefers in your sleep, use three-layered walls, with the middle one being Obsidian or Water.


Once you've been to the Nether and gathered some blaze rods, you can create a Brewery, which is simply a room with a brewing stand and a cauldron (however an infinite water source works just the same and doesn't run out). It is great to be able to brew some potions to prepare yourself for leaving your base. Include a chest with some potion ingredients such as sugar, redstone, blaze powder, nether wart, glowstone dust, spider eyes, magma cream, fermented spider eyes, glass bottles and a well as it is an unlimited water supply.

Positive Effect Potions and an example of a brewery can be found, at the brewing page.

Enchanting room[]

See also: Enchanting

After gathering some diamonds, obsidian, sugar cane, and leather (to make a book),you can build an Enchantment Table. This lets you enchant your items (See Enchanting for help on design), and since bookshelves give you higher level enchantments, this room could also be a good use for your sugar cane. It's also a good idea to keep this room close to your mob grinder for easily regaining your xp and to keep a chest with books in this room to enchant them and, of course, store enchanted books.


You need a source of food readily accessible from your shelter. Wheat seeds are the easiest food to get, so start with them. Later, you can plant other crops, like potatoes and carrots. The aforementioned crops can also be used to breed certain passive mobs for more effective food. You can also grow pumpkins, which are obtained from dungeon chests and/or found in the wilderness (Usually taigas, extreme hills, and forests). Melons seeds found in dungeon chests aren't a good source of food, but can be good for potions, via glistering melons. Beetroot seeds are also a choice, although you need to find a village or visit the End or get beetroot seeds which are obtained from dungeon chests first.

Later in game, you may also want to build farms for other plants, such as sugarcane, cactus or chorus fruit, or even flowers and tall grass (details explained in the Expansions section).

Nursery/Arboretum (tree farm)[]

Eventually, you will use up all the trees in your immediate surroundings, so you will want to replant them with saplings. Keep it well lit, both to keep away mobs and speed up the growth of trees. Birch is recommended, because it grows fastest, but oak and jungle trees are also a good choice, due to their apples and immense size respectively. It is difficult to build an indoors or underground tree farm that will supply your wood needs, unless you use bone meal or keep it well lit. Create a room that is bigger than trees.


An armory is a room near the front door with chests containing food, armor; and weapons, this is for easy access when you are going outside, and so you can quickly prepare yourself to explore and collect items. For an even faster alternative, this room consists of a number of dispensers, activated by a single button or pressure plate, providing the adventurous player a way to get started immediately. This is very useful for exploring dangerous caves and going on night expeditions.

Smithing room[]

After building an anvil, you might want to make a room with a crafting table, a smithing table, a chest, easy access to an enchanting room, and of course the anvil. Handy if you fight monsters or other players a lot.

Nether portal room[]

See also: Nether portal

Once you have at least 10 obsidian, either from mining it in a cavern or obtaining it through obsidian farming you can build a nether portal. Once built, activate it with a flint and steel, and you can travel to the the Nether. This can be used for fast travel and for getting lava, netherrack, Soul Sand, Nether quartz ore and glowstone. Beware of ghasts, zombie pigmen and blazes as well as magma cubes. Building another nether portal room in the nether for protection is a recommended idea. Please note cobblestone is a good block to build with in the Nether since ghasts can't destroy it with their fireballs.

Note: the player can potentially create a cabin with all of these.


These projects, while not entirely mandatory, make your base more useful and interesting.

Trading Hall[]

A Trading Hall is a location to gather villagers to trade with. This is the type of thing a very advanced player with a lot of time on their hand would do, or a bored Creative player. With a few farms, these can make perfect equipment and food with just a bit of time.


This is basically a crafting room, but you only craft food. The chest(s) should contain most basic foods, including wheat, milk, eggs, etc. Many people, instead of having a kitchen, just craft food in the crafting room, but a kitchen is a nice expansion, because it separates crafting materials so that you don't fill your crafting room's chests with wheat instead of wood. You could also add a smoker if you want.


This is basically an expansion of a kitchen. You could build this and a kitchen, and just connect them. You would use this to make cakes, pumpkin pies and bread. Place a crafting table, chest, and, if you want, a display table for cakes. If you want to make a large amount of cakes, make a cake farm under or near the bakery.


This is also an expansion of a kitchen. Make sure that they are categorized so you don't get mixed up. You can use a chest or dispenser to use everything in them. Put some cooked meat, bread, cookies, cakes and melons in them.

Note: If you are using a dispenser, you need to activate it with a redstone signal.

Control room[]

This is a common room to find in most advanced player's houses, but only if said advanced player uses a lot of redstone in their builds. It controls all of the redstone devices a player has and usually consists of:

  • Levers/Buttons/Other Input Methods- These are used to activate/deactivate redstone signals.
  • Redstone torches/Redstone lamps- These are mainly used to determine whether the signals are on or off.
  • Signs- These are probably the most important thing you can have in your control room. These help you determine what each lever/button does.


This is mainly for if you get bored. It's quite simple and obvious how to build and use.

Mob XP farm / drop collector[]

An experience farm uses water currents to push most mobs into a central area. With mobs in the nether, pistons are used. Use a piston crusher or a long drop to get the mobs to a ½ heart. Mobs can be killed by hand or with a splash potion of harming (Healing for undead mobs) to get XP. Note: This is more efficient with multiple spawners, as more spawners mean more spawning opportunities. You also obtain drops from each mob killed. This can also be done with large dark rooms with platforms. The mobs spawn and fall into water currents, where you can choose what happens to them once they are out of the spawning chamber.

Rebuilding wall[]

If for some reason you want to have a wall that you can’t get rid of, you can make a cobblestone generator, and make pistons push the cobblestone (which reforms) up into the wall, unless there are no missing blocks in it. Look at Sethbling's channel for more information or Mumbo Jumbo's indestructible wall V2

In-Shelter Teleporter Room[]

If you have Cheats enabled, you can create a room that teleports you to other rooms in your shelter. you will need command blocks and basic knowledge of using commands to make the room. A non-cheat method is to build an ender pearl stasis chamber, which can teleport you to any room. Note: This will require ender pearls so you need an enderman farm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_ngko21ZmQ

Redstone lab[]

A laboratory is a large, clear, secure area where you can safely test designs without distractions. When building large redstone projects with complicated parts, it can save you time and effort if you test the ideas first. However, it's often best to test ideas in creative mode and implement them in survival.

Cake factory[]

A cake factory simply provides the avenue to quickly produce cake by having the necessary ingredients nearby and produced in a close area, most commonly in one large factory type building. To make a cake factory, make a Wheat Farm, a Sugar Cane Farm, an Egg Farm, and a cow in a cage (make the cage so you can milk the cow.). Place a crafting table and a chest. Once you have enough materials from the farms, start making cakes. This is a good thing to put under/next to a dining hall in multiplayer.

Path / road[]

Consider building a road or a path between your buildings or to the nearest village. Remember to keep it well lit so no mobs spawn! A good material is a Grass Path.

Cobblestone generator[]

See also: Tutorials/Cobblestone farming

A cobblestone generator provides a safe and convenient way to gather cobblestone. They typically involve mixing water and lava.


Sometimes called a panic room, a Bunker is a small room made of strong materials (obsidian for example) with an iron door with the open/close system inside the room. This room must have a bed, a crafting table, a furnace and also a chest with the basic materials (food, tools, armor and weapons are a must). It also has to have a high interior luminosity to avoid monsters spawning inside. It should also be only two blocks tall so Endermen can't teleport inside.

Panic room[]

A panic room is a place meant just for fun, where you put the entrance somewhere where you wouldn't go looking for another room, e.g. the drain in a shower because if using a trapdoor for the drain you can open it.

Scout tower[]

A cheap and safe way to survey the land. Note that these are mostly obsoleted by maps, should you have the resources to make them, although a map doesn't tell you if there are any aggressive mobs. Remember to keep a spyglass at the top!

Seed and flower farm[]

You can have a fully-automatic flower and seed farm with just a bit of Redstone and tons of bone meal! Have an 8×8 area of grass with some hoppers at the end. Then, place a row dispensers at the back, facing the grass, and put buckets of water in them. Hook up some Redstone from a BUD switch at the end and delay with Repeaters. Attach another line of Redstone and hook it up to Dispensers, under the Grass and filled with bone meal while facing the Grass on top. If you do it right, automatic block updates should cause grass and flowers to grow and immediately be destroyed by the water flow and be carried along the stream and have the water automatically get sucked in. XisumaVoid made a good tutorial.

Beacon / lighthouse[]

A tall tower with some sort of light source on the top means that you can see your base from a long distance away. Handy if you go exploring a lot, your spawn point is a long way from your base, or you have not made a bed yet.

Beacon room[]

Make this room by digging a 6×6×6 hole and building the base pyramid out of your selected material (Iron is cheapest unless you have a Trading Hall, but you can also use Netherite, Diamonds, Emeralds and Gold). Also, you could put in a few chests with diamonds, Netherite, iron, emeralds and gold and/or make it look like an altar.

Kennel / pet area[]

If you have tamed a lot of wolves, a kennel is a good place to keep them. A simple shed-like structure will suffice, but be sure to keep it well lit for the dogs' safety. A pet area is similar to a kennel, but keeps dogs and cats. For a more realistic feel, separate them.


A renewable water source is useful for a variety of projects. Put water in a 1×3 ditch and you can take water repeatedly from the center! For a more aesthetically pleasing pool, a 2×2 well works as well, and you can take water from any of the squares.

Mushroom farm[]

A big room with flat floor for growing mushrooms. You can light your farm by torches or glowstone, placed on ceiling, to prevent mobs from appearing. Just make sure that there are no places on the floor where the light level is greater than 12. If you have the material, Redstone torches are good for this. More about this can be found on the Tutorials/Mushroom farming page. Alternatively, find a small cave or make one, put some mushrooms inside and completely seal it off without torches and check on it/clean it out. Also provides the drops from hostile mobs.

Sugar cane and cactus farms[]

See also: Tutorials/Sugar cane farming and Cactus farming

Easier to manage but somewhat less useful than the above two projects, farming sugar cane and cactus underground requires little effort. A cactus farm requires sand to grow, and sugar cane needs to be properly irrigated with water within one block of it. If you don't want to spend lots of time harvesting your cactus, place a three-block-tall pillar next to where you want your cactus (See Farming for more info).

Indoor animal farm[]

Light up a large area with a grass floor. Then put two of the same kind of passive mobs (i.e., two pigs or two cows) inside. You can then breed them together and you can gather wool, leather, pork, beef and raw chicken safely. You might want to put trees inside so the animals feel more comfortable, or, if you're really ambitious, build a man-made forest.


This is very easy to make, and can be very useful, especially if you don't have a wheat farm yet. Just make a hole long enough to cast your fishing rod, around 8 blocks long and at least 2 blocks deep, and fill it with water.

Music room[]

A room filled with note blocks to enjoy melodies. This can be made with or without redstone repeaters.


Not only is it a great use for any excess sugar cane, a library can also add a bit of class to your home. Can double as an enchantment room.

Minecart hub[]

If you have active mines scattered over the map and use minecarts to haul your stuff back to your base, dig out a universal stopping point under your base. Or, you could actually make a rail road hub outside or connected to your base.

Minecart chest system[]

After a lot of days in Minecraft, you will soon have the ability to automate everything (farms, doors, etc.). The most useful automation you can make is a minecart chest system. You can simply craft minecarts with chests, powered rails, and some rails, and you can make a system to send your ores from your mine to your base,

Gravel-to-flint room[]

Once you have many stacks of gravel, it can be useful to convert most (leave some for mining) of your gravel into flint. This is just a big empty room (a 4×4×4 space holds a stack of blocks), which you fill with gravel, before destroying the gravel, getting some flint in the process. It is most efficient to do this 10 - 15 times for every 20 stacks, though about 5 for 10 stacks, and 30 for 50 or so stacks. This room may include a chest with shovels, as well as ingredients and a crafting table for quick production of arrows, and flint and steel.

This is somewhat redundent, since a Fletcher can trade you 10 Gravel and an emerald to 10 Flint. A stack is 6 Emeralds with 4 gravel left over and if you have a tree farm, two logs, 10 gravel, and a bit of trading can get you 10 Flint.

Target practice rooms[]

Make this room dimly lit, so hostile mobs can spawn, when you enter this room, always close the doors when entering and exiting, arm yourself and kill the mobs in there. Light the entrance area with torches. This helps you gain experience and loot.

Target practice room (non-hostile)[]

Make this room with a supply of bows, arrows, and several colorful blocks, such as dyed wool, (to determine distance rank) at different distances with buttons on each one facing you with each one hooked up to a redstone lamp. Target blocks are a good item to use, too.


If your base is near a lake, a bridge can help you cross to get resources and give you a safe spot to fish. Just create a 3-block wide path (using cobblestone would be a good idea) through the water, and you have a basic bridge! When you have time, you may want to add a ceiling+walls (for safety at night from mobs and during storms) and slits in the side (as either a dock or a place to fish.)


If one wants to fish indoors or drown themselves, a bathroom is perfect for them! Make a bath, a toilet and if the player is good with redstone, a shower with pistons is always a good idea for those who want to show their home to others. When the walls are made of cobblestone, make a hopper attached to a dropper or a dispenser to make a sink (just add a lever pointing downwards above) or a trash can. If the items cannot reach the outside for other players, add a "remove items" button to empty the items out to a chain of hoppers that lead to a public chest/thrift shop, or empties the items to something which destroys them(such as cacti, fire on netherrack, lava, etc.). Attach a hopper to dispenser by sneaking, then place the hopper. This will not work without sneaking. One wise idea is to have entrances to secret rooms in this room.

Dye room[]

A nice room where you can store dyes and clay. Typically only has to have one chest, but looks nice with hardened-clay walls.


A nice place to enjoy the view and the nice open air. Also a nice place to pick off those pesky creepers hanging by your front door.


A room with lava, for disposing of unwanted materials. A good way to do this is to create a two block high corridor with lava at the end, and a slab block just before the lava. This results in you being able to walk up to your incinerator but not into it, eliminating fear of death. Be careful with lava around flammable materials. You may replace the lava with a cactus, or burning netherrack. Hoppers can be used for a "hopper chain," which could lead to a thrift shop, where players can be charged for taking items. Adding this to the incinerator will attach a money source. If the hopper chain is full, items will be destroyed.

Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Tutorials/Shelters

Similar news:

10 Things Every "Minecraft" Base or Shelter Needs

Christopher is a gamer with a fierce passion for, well, gaming! He is currently in the DeVry Video Game Design and Simulation Program.

So, young Steve, you have weathered many a night, slain many a monster, survived many a creeper, and bent the earth to your whim. I am impressed. You have built mini-shelters, mining bases, sub-bases, and a main base of operations during your conquest; that’s quite the list.

What Does YourBase or Shelter Need?

Even if you are a well-established player with plenty of building experience, just to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, here’s a checklist of the 10 things needed to build a perfectly sound Minecraft base or shelter:

  1. Bed
  2. Traps and Defense
  3. Pistons
  4. Main Storage Room
  5. Mineshaft
  6. Central Minecart Network
  7. Food Farm
  8. Item Farm
  9. Golems
  10. Enchanting Room and Brewing Stand

1. Bed

This one is pretty obvious. Every base should have a bed so your character can spawn there when killed. This is especially important when you have multiple bases that you work from.

For example, You may have one base that is specifically set as a shelter for harvesting in a biome (Rainforest, Swamp, and Snow), or you may have one in a dangerous location (Abandoned Mine) for worry-free exploration. It's much easier to spawn in a shelter rather than having to run all the way back to said shelter (and potentially lose your dropped items, as they will disappear after five minutes or so).

2. Traps and Defense

It doesn’t matter what type of trap or defense you have, as long as it offers protection from enemies (and potentially other players). Unless you have everything lit with torches, there is always a chance of "something" finding you both above and below ground.

Good to Know

Most monsters can pass through portals on their own and spawn on nearby blocks if you are in the darkness (e.g., an empty, dark cavern or spawner right behind your wall). This means that a proper line of defense is very important!

Doors are good starting barriers, as mobs can only walk through open doors. Villagers are the only exception to this.

Note: Zombies can break wooden doors in hard and hardcore mode.

Although doors are effective against most mobs, piston-powered objects are just so much cooler and stronger—which leads me to number three!

3. Pistons

Pistons are potentially the greatest things since sliced cake and music-box loops. Pistons can make things both cool and awesome. The only downside of pistons is the difficulty in using them correctly. But I guarantee that once you get the hang of it, you will never go back to regular doors, stairs, bridges, or traps again. The most impressive uses of pistons that I’ve seen include doors, self-moving walkways, and auto-moving stairs.

Cool as Ice

A really complicated experiment I've seen involved ice for push-sliding and water for dropping. The contraption pushed the player across the ice, and using the momentum, launched them upwards and sideways. The water then nulled fall damage, and another piston was there to immediately move the player along to the next segment. It was cool.

4. Main Storage Room

This one seems pretty obvious, but I am surprised at how many players have chests and items stored willy-nilly. These players are usually the first to complain of an item being lost, a creeper explosion taking out their items, or lava erasure. Your main base (and ideally all bases) should have a main room for material storage that follows some sort of organizational outline.

Keeping Things Tidy

Personally, I have tons of chests for my various spoils of Minecraft. Here are a few examples of the chests I keep for organization inspiration:

  • Cobblestone
  • Crafting/Smelting
  • Supplies (Torches and Redstone)
  • Raw Ore
  • Smelted Ore Chest
  • Food/Farm
  • Misc Items
  • Nether
  • "Current Project"

There are many different ways to display your chests. You could have an area of chests for lower-quality items (iron and below) and a chest or two for higher-quality items (gold and above), followed by an area of chests for misc. items and supplies. If you want, create your own system! The general idea is to save time and avoid that “Where the hell did I put my diamonds?” frustration.

5. Mineshaft

Due to the general nature of Minecraft, if your base is not just for show, then you probably have one or more mineshafts. This could be a multi-tiered/multi-purpose mineshaft, or simply one that goes straight down to bedrock. A multi-tiered or branching mineshaft may be used for things that require space, such as underground forests, animal breeding pens, and farming. The main reason you want a mineshaft is to get the much-desired diamonds, redstones, and obsidian.

Basic mineshafts utilize either a Squircle (square/circle) staircase or a single long ladder. The next step up is similar to the staircase, except it includes minecarts. Some view this as far too inefficient and costly for its purpose. My personal favorite way of getting around is a freefall into the water. My second favorite is the Piston Auto-Staircase, or the 2x1xn Vertical Piston Launcher, which is the quickest way to travel vertically.

6. Central Minecart Network

With the addition of Redstone Boosters for tracks, minecarts have now turned into an incredibly efficient and speedy way of traveling quickly from location to location, or preferably, base to base. You may also combine chests into minecarts to make the movement of items and supplies quicker (especially if you have multiplayer help).

Pro Tip

If you have the ability to do so, it is possible to combine your minecarts with Nether portals for even quicker travel. (1 block movement in Nether = 10+ in Normal)

The important thing is the ability to get from base to base quickly and safely with the least amount of effort. If you are playing multiplayer, a network would be incredibly beneficial for everyone, especially if it’s competitive multiplayer.

7. Food Farm

Ah, the farm. Generally found as one of the first installations for starting and main bases, farms provide a major asset to all players in the form of food. Food, as you probably know, is important for providing stamina and health regeneration. A steady source of food cuts your anxiety and allows you to expend stamina (jumping, running, mining, etc.) without a care in the world. Typically, you want to start with wheat and then move to watermelon as soon as you find the respective seed.

8. Item Farm

Estranged child to number seven is the Item Farm. This is a general term applied to rooms or locations created for the sole purpose of gathering items. These come in all shapes and sizes, utilize all sorts of traps, and have multiple theories or philosophies behind them. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Monster Farms: These rely on creature spawners and traps to provide a steady stream of monsters that are then killed by a trap for easy loot collection.
  • Animal Breeding Farms: The most common of these is the chicken farm, where you throw eggs to (hopefully) get chickens to hatch in a room. The chickens in that room then lay eggs to throw. Wash, rinse, and repeat this process.
  • Plant Farms: You can grow trees, cacti, and sugarcane that are harvested automatically. Growing these underground provides safety assurance.

The general idea is to have an enclosed system that grants you the ability to "farm" items with little effort beyond setting it up.

9. Golems

Since torching everything in a 20x20 radius will make your base relatively safe, Golems are usually only used for show. But they do provide the ability to farm snow and are a somewhat reliable last line of limited defense, should something happen to get through.

Pro Tip

Do not use golems in tight places, and do not use golems near lava; they will block you and push you around. Above all else, never hit a golem. If you do, say goodbye to your life bar.

On the plus side, you can have golems around instead of a few outside torches. Then, in the morning, gather all of the loot from the monsters they kill. Golems are mostly useful in dangerous environments such as Strongholds or Abandoned Mineshafts. (Take that, you damned poisonous spiders!)

10. Enchanting Room and Brewing Stand

Enchanting is a relatively new addition to the Minecraft world that grants the player the ability to imbue items with a variety of powers. Brewing allows the player to create potions with various abilities that grant bonuses or have offensive properties against monsters.

Enchanting uses experience points and has its own formulas and equations for picking enchantments. Brewing is pretty straight forward. Both an enchanting room and brewing stand are great additions to any main base, especially if they are next to your Main Storage. To top it off, you really only need one of each, and they both take up relatively little space. The only one that should be on its own for efficiency is the enchanting room since it requires bookshelves and a line of sight to work effectively.

Honorable Mention: Your Own Room!

Dear Steve, or Player playing as Steve. How could you forget to take care of yourself? You, who have torn down mountains, slain hordes of creatures, and built yourself a grand base of operations—why have you not thanked yourself with a personalized room of your own? Are you not worthy of a room built from the sweat of your glorious brow?

Although this list is not absolute, this is personally what I plan on having in my bases. I build them in order of utility and necessity, because as I always say: utility before looks. If you can do both at the same time, more power to you!

If you have any comments or suggestions about things I may have forgotten to include, feel free to leave me a comment below!


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