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Nova Instance Tracker

Nova Instance Tracker

What it does:
Tracks all your instance lockouts across all alts and servers.
Shows you how long left on 5 per hour and 30 per 24hour lockouts.
Tells you if you are currently on hourly lockout or 24h lockout so you can tell the difference.
Calculates from when you leave the instance not when you enter.
Tells your group when you reset an instance.
Tells you if your leader resets an instance if they have this addon or NovaWorldBuffs installed.
Print your dungeon stats to the group chat or just your chat window when leaving a dungeon (can be turned on/off in /wb config).
Click any text in chat from this addon to open the instance log easily, or type /nit, or use minimap button.

Detects if you re-enter the same instance ID to not add duplicates to the instance log and calc lockouts correctly (like different Scarlet Monastery wings).

Easily clickable X icon in chat to delete any instance you enter if it's not new and not auto detected.

Hover your mouse over any entry in the log to show detailed stats
-Logs all group members Name/Level/Class etc.
-Time you entered and left the instance.
-Time spent inside each instance.
-How many mobs were killed.
-How much XP was earnt.
-Average XP per mob killed.
-Average Group level.
-Raw gold looted from mobs.
-What level you were when entered/left to see which dungeons you dinged in.
-All rep gains (good for checking how much you got while inside raids like MC/ZG/AQ).

Print your instance stats to chat window when you zone out.

Or print them to the group.

Hover the minimap button to easily see lockouts

Gold trades
This addon also tracks gold trades to help boosters and people buying.
Shows you in chat window any time you give or receive gold to/from another player.
Has a trade log window to show all trade history and what instance you were in at the time.

Alt statistics and tracking (Includes rested XP and more)
-The alts list showing rested xp will be display when you open the "Your Characters" window.
-You can open the "Your Characters" window by clicking the button in the /nit window or right clicking the minimap button.

-Hover your mouse over any realm name to see your total gold on that realm.
-Hover over any character to get some detailed stats about that character.
--Level, XP, Current RestedXP saved up.
--Gold, free bag slots, armor durability.
--Profession skills.
--Important reagent counts for buffing, soul shards, and more.
--Hunter alts will show how much ammo they have and detailed stats about their pet.

Sours: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/infoNovaInstanceTracker.html

You will receive this error when you reach the limit of unique instance IDs allowed per hour or day. Each time you enter a new dungeon or raid (or the same dungeon or raid after resetting it) you are given a new instance ID.

Below are the limits. Customer Support cannot assist with bypassing the limits.

Modern WoW

You can enter up to ten individual instanced zones per hour. The limit is per account, and cannot be avoided by changing characters. You can still queue for random instances in the Dungeon Finder while under effect of this limit, but you will not be given a Deserter debuff if you cannot enter the dungeon.

WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic

In WoW Classic you can enter up to five individual instanced zones per hour, and a maximum of 30 instanced zones per day. The limit is per character. player raid instances are not affected by the per-day limit on entering dungeons.

Note: For Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch and the initial leveling in Outland, we're temporarily lifting the cap on how many dungeons a Burning Crusade Classic character can enter every 24 hours.

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Count Limitations

As of Patch or so, players are limited to entering 5 instances per hour. Meaning that if you start your first run at pm, and do 4 more runs within an hour, you will not be able to enter any more instances (aside from Battlegrounds) until it is pm. An addon like Loot & Reset can illustrate this to you and help you time your runs.


  • &#;: Instance 1 entered
  • &#;: Instance 2 entered
  • &#;: Instance 3 entered
  • &#;: Instance 4 entered
  • &#;: Instance 5 entered
  • &#;: Instance 6 Unable to enter. You will simply walk through the portal without entering the instance.
  • &#;: Instance 6 entered

Note: The number of instances you can enter is linked to your other characters on the same account as well. This means that if you have reached the entering limit on character A, character B will not be able to enter any instance.

Time Limitations (Heroic)

You can only enter each heroic instance once per day. Heroic instances reset at a specific time each day (9am server time on Proudmoore). Players inside an instance during reset time receive a prompt telling them that they will be saved to the instance again, with the option to teleport out. Clicking "Accept" or remaining in the dungeon for more than sixty seconds from the time the prompt is displayed will save players to the instance again, as would extending the instance lock. It is possible to enter same instance more than one time if you get there via random instance.

Player Limitations

Some instances are limited to a party of 5. These are considered dungeon, party, or just plain instances. Some others have a player limit of 10, 20, 25 or 40 players. These are considered Raid instances. Most raid instances will not allow you to enter unless you are in a raid, the exception being Blackrock Spire, which has two areas, one of which is intended to be done as a 5-player party, the other as a player raid.

Level Limitations

Instances are designed for a certain character level - mainly because of the level of the mobs inside. Higher level mobs will crit your tank more often(tanks become crit immune after 13 talents points spent), dodge more attacks and resist your casters' spells also any mob that is higher than 4 levels of you can do crushing blow. Lower level mobs, on the other hand, may not pose enough of a challenge and will give you little to no experience.

The Looking For Group tool shows the instances suggested for that level.

Each instance also has a minimum required level to actually be able to zone in, however this is considerably lower than the suggested level. Both these level requirements can be checked at the Instances by level article.

Sours: https://vanilla-wow-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Instance_limitations

Daily instance caps in World of Warcraft Classic will be lifted starting today with the release of the TBC pre-patch, according to a blue post by Blizzard today.

The developer expressed that it would explore the possibility of lifting the daily cap of 30 dungeon instances when it originally announced TBC Classic in February. But, until now, Blizzard had been quiet on the topic following BlizzConline.

The cap was initially put in place as a measure to limit the effects that bots could have on the game before being banned, but it wasn&#;t a part of WoW originally or in TBC

The change was made after most players had already leveled through Classic using a strategy of dungeon grinding that put them over that 30 instance cap per day.

This change coming now will benefit players looking to boost the new races, Blood Elves and Draenei, during the pre-patch that begins today.

Many players are planning on using resources and gold that they’ve accrued over the past two years of Classic to boost characters of those new races through dungeons. Lifting the daily cap on dungeons will allow players to get their new toons carried to level 60 significantly more quickly than originally anticipated.

During TBC launch, this change will allow players to avoid highly congested leveling zones in favor of instance leveling that will be significantly faster.

Sours: https://dotesports.com/wow/news/wow-classic-officially-removes-instance-cap-for-tbc-and-pre-patch

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