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Using Your Reflex Trial

Part 2 of 2

Your 14-day trial of Reflex will end soon, and we want to check in and make sure you are seeing great results.

If you haven't read the Reflex Teacher Guide yet, be sure to look it over. It has lots of important information on getting your students up and running with Reflex. The Getting Started in Reflex video will also give you some great details on creating classes, adding students, choosing assignments, and getting students logged on.


Delving into Fluency Reports

Now that your students are progressing towards fluency, you can start making use of the abundant reporting facilities in Reflex. These reports help you track usage and progress for both individuals and groups, from a variety of viewpoints. To access the reports, go to your dashboard and click Reports. From here you can look at group reports for a class or individual student reports.

In the Fact Detail reports, for example, you can see precisely which facts and fact families each student has learned. Plus you can see how fluency has evolved over time using the arrows in the upper-left corner, under the student's name.

Fact Pyramid

Student OptionsStudents can see their own fact family pyramid and fact grids by hovering their cursor over the avatar in the bottom-right of the screen, then clicking on the icon of four boxes.

You can monitor student fluency and its relationship to usage by means of the Fluency Growth report. This is great for RTI progress monitoring.

The blue line represents the student's number of fluent facts on each day. You can change the scope of the report with the "Date Range" menu. The green horizontal line is the 100% fluency mark.

Click the "Show Usage" checkbox to overlay the student's usage onto the fluency graph. (Usage is represented by the purple bars in the graph below). If there is a blue dot at the bottom of the bar, it means the student met their Daily Usage Requirement for the day.

Fact Pyramid

In addition to individual reports, you can access group reports as well to check on the usage and progress of your class as a whole. Take a look at the Reflex Teacher Guide  for additional pointers and tips on using reports.


The Key to Success: 100% Fluency

100% Fluent!Math fact fluency refers to the ability to recall the basic facts in all four operations accurately, quickly, and effortlessly. When students achieve automaticity with these facts, they are retrieving them from long-term memory without conscious effort or attention. Attaining this level of mastery enables students to free up their working memory and devote it to problem solving and learning new concepts and skills.

There is a broad base of research supporting the critical role played by fact automaticity throughout elementary school level mathematics and beyond. Students' fact retrieval speed has also been shown to be a significant predictor of scores on standardized tests, including the SAT. The significance of retrieval speed as a predictor of performance is not limited to test items that directly assess computation — it predicts performance on math concept problems, word problems, data interpretation problems, and mathematical reasoning items as well. For more information, see the Reflex Learn More page and the Reflex White Paper.

100% Fluent!By now, if your students have been using Reflex regularly, each one of them should have gained a substantial number of new fluent facts. They're on their way to math fact mastery!

But, don't stop there. Automaticity with all basic math facts is a critical objective. Continued, regular sessions with Reflex can move all your students toward 100% fluency. In addition to preparing them for the challenges of higher mathematics, Reflex also shows students in a very direct way how their efforts are producing results. And perhaps most important of all: it shows them that they can be good at math!


Onward with Reflex

During your trial, please feel free to contact Customer Support at any time if you have any questions about getting the most out of Reflex.

If you are ready to continue your Reflex subscription beyond the trial period, there are two convenient ways to purchase. 

Reflex site licenses are available for $3,395 (U.S.) and provide all students in one school with access to Reflex for an entire year as well as training for all teachers in the school. Site licenses also provide teachers and administrators with classroom and building level management and reporting features.

We have also made it easy for you to buy Reflex online. If you are buying Reflex for a small group of students, per seat purchases are just $35 per student per year. 

If you need more time to evaluate Reflex, your account rep can also facilitate a 30-day Reflex Pilot, where 2 or more classrooms in the same school use Reflex for 30 days. Free webinar training is included.

Contact your account rep for more information on site license purchases or on pilot opportunities:


How do you get a green light in reflex math?

During each Reflex session, Green Light progress is measured by a ring around the indicator light in the upper right of the screen. As a student advances through their session, the ring will fill in green. Once the ring is full, the indicator light will turn green. This means the student has reached the Green Light.

Click to see full answer.

Keeping this in consideration, what is a green light day?

Every day a student uses Reflex the goal is to get the Green Light. The Green Light – located in the upper right corner of the screen – illuminates once a student answers a certain number of facts correctly on a given day. This indicates completion of a good day's practice toward building math fact fluency.

Additionally, what is reflex math program? Reflex is a game-based system that helps students with basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). The program differentiates instruction and adapts practice problems based on students' abilities. There are also five mini-games to help students practice math fluency.

Consequently, is there a reflex math app?

Reflex Math. This app is a kiosk app for students to quickly access their reflex account without having to completely login into a chromebook. This app is a kiosk app for students to quickly access their reflex account without having to completely login into a chromebook.

How do you sign into reflex math?

To login to Reflex, go to and click Student Login in the upper right corner.

  1. Enter your Teacher's Username.
  2. Select your Class Name.
  3. Select your name from the list of students in your class.
  4. Enter your Password.
  5. Select the Login button.
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How do you cheat on reflexes?

How do you cheat on reflexes?

You can enter the following case-sensitive cheat codes on the menu (accessible from “Options”) to unlock the corresponding content.

  1. Unlock everything – deadhead.
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What age is reflex math for?

Educators and parents can also monitor progress and celebrate success. Reflex Math is available to teachers and students grades 2-5.

What grades is reflex math for?

Adaptive and individualized, Reflex is the most effective system for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for grades 2+. Full of games that students love, Reflex takes students at every level and helps them quickly gain math fact fluency and confidence.

Who created reflex math?

David Shuster

What are green light days on reflex math?

Every day a student uses Reflex the goal is to get the Green Light. The Green Light – located in the upper right corner of the screen – illuminates once a student answers a certain number of facts correctly on a given day. This indicates the completion of a good day’s practice toward building math fact fluency.

What does a blue light mean in reflex?

If there is a blue dot at the bottom of the bar, it means the student met their Daily Usage Requirement for the day. In addition to individual reports, you can access group reports as well to check on the usage and progress of your class as a whole.

Do kids like reflex?

Reflex math is way better than any worksheet and kids love it a nd do well with it. Games are amazing as the students are only using math facts to play the games.

What does greenlight Day mean?

Once a student has answered a certain number of facts correctly on a given day, a Green Light illuminates in the upper right corner of the screen. This indicates that the student has met the Daily Usage Requirement.

What is SQ world in reflex?

In SQ’World, students help Chestnut the squirrel gather nuts and toys before winter arrives by answering math facts correctly to explore new worlds, use power-ups, and battle monsters. Like all Reflex learning games, the videogame-style challenges become more fast-paced as students advance from level to level.

How do you log into reflex?

Once registered, launch the parent account at to log into your new account. Enter your Username (your email address) and Password and click Submit. Dear Parents/Guardians, Reflex is an online, game-based program that helps students build fast and effortless recall of math facts.

How do you log into reflex math?

To login to Reflex, go to ​​ and click ​Student Login ​in the upper right corner.

How do you get rid of reflexes?

Go to and log in using Reflex username and password 2. Click on Classes tab at top. 3. Click on Delete Class and click Yes.

What are reflexes?

A reflex is an involuntary (say: in-VAHL-un-ter-ee), or automatic, action that your body does in response to something — without you even having to think about it. You don’t decide to kick your leg, it just kicks. There are many types of reflexes and every healthy person has them.

What are reflexes kids?

What is reflex in math?

A reflex angle is an angle which is more than 180 degrees and less than 360 degrees. For example, 270 degrees is a reflex angle. In geometry, there are different types of angles such as acute, obtuse and right angle, which are under 180 degrees. Fact: For every acute and obtuse angle, there is a reflex angle.

What are the 7 types of angles?

The 7 types of angles are: right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles, straight angles, reflex angles, full angles, and complementary angles.

What is the reflex angle of 90 degrees?

The reflex angle of 90 degrees is 270 degrees. A reflex angle measures greater than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees.

What is a zero angle?

A zero angle (0°) is an angle formed when both the angle’s arms are at the same position. Illustration: ∠ RPQ = 0° (zero angle) Acute Angle. An acute angle is an angle that is more than 0° but less than 90°.

Is 0 degrees and 360 degrees the same?

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Can we draw an angle of 0?

Zero Angles An angle with a measure of zero degrees is called a zero angle. If this is hard to visualize, consider two rays that form some angle greater than zero degrees, like the rays in the . The angle that is now formed has a measure of zero degrees.


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Challenge your arithmetic skills with Reflex Math. Train yourself to perform additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions faster!

Select a mobile game mode, customize your tests to contain only the types of math your want to do.
Choose the complexity of your math questions.
Follow your progress on the stats page.

New Features: - Improved practice mode.<br>- Minor enhancements.

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