Ui tax id

Ui tax id DEFAULT
  • Enter the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) assigned by the Internal Revenue Service for reporting Social Security, withholding tax, and Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA). If you have applied for but not received this number, leave this field blank.

  • Enter the North Carolina Department of Revenue number assigned for withholding tax purposes. If you have applied for but not received this number, leave this field blank.

  • Enter any previously assigned North Carolina unemployment insurance tax number.

  • Enter the legal name of the individual(s) (use first, middle, and last name with no initials) or Corporation for which this report is submitted as follows:

    • For a proprietorship, name of owner;

    • For a two-way general partnership, name of both partners;

    • For a general partnership of more than two partners, one general partner followed by "et al.";

    • For a limited partnership, one general partner followed by "et al.";

    • For a corporation, the corporate name as registered with the Office of the Secretary of State of North Carolina

    Do not input address information here.

  • Enter the trade name of the business. If no trade name is used, leave this item blank.
    Do not input address information here.

  • Enter the complete U.S. postal mailing address for business correspondence - include the zip +4 code. Answer "Yes" if this is an international address.

  • Enter the area code and telephone number for the business.

  • Enter the area code and fax number for the business.

  • Enter the name, title, telephone number, and e-mail address, if applicable, of the person to contact for questions concerning unemployment tax matters.

  • Enter the address of the physical location (no post office box) of the North Carolina business. Fax a list of ALL operating business names and locations in North Carolina to 919-715-0780, or mail to . If there is no base of operations in North Carolina, enter the home address of the primary North Carolina employee.

  • Indicate the appropriate type of ownership. If "Other", enter the type of organization, such as Estate, Association, or Church.

  • Describe the type of services performed, products made, sold, etc.

  • If the business for which this form is being completed is part of a larger organization and primarily provides support services to that organization rather than to the public or other businesses, indicate the appropriate activity. If "Other", please describe the activity. If there are any questions concerning this item, contact the Labor & Economic Analysis Division at .

  • Enter the date one or more workers were first employed in North Carolina.

    Items 15 through 20 - Enter the requested information for the ONE item that applies to North Carolina employment.


    Most employment is considered general business employment. This includes all types of work except domestic services, such as maids, gardeners, agricultural service, and service performed for governmental or 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

    1. Consider all payments made to individuals who performed services in general business employment. For corporations, include amounts paid to all active and/or paid officers of the corporation.

    2. In determining employment for each calendar week (Sunday through Saturday), use the greatest number of workers (full-time or part-time) on any day of the week. All employees do not need to work each day or during the same hours each day. For corporations, include all active and/or paid officers of the corporation in the count.


    An employee leasing company is an employee service or temporary help service that, under contract, supplies individuals to perform services for clients or customers. (NOTE: Not a consulting company)

    1. Consider only monetary payments to all individuals who performed services in agricultural labor.

    2. Count any week in which as many as 10 individuals were employed in agricultural labor on any day.


    Domestic employment includes all service for a person in the operation and maintenance of a private household, local college club or local chapter of a college fraternity or sorority. Domestic employees include such workers as chauffeurs, cooks, babysitters, gardeners, maids, butlers, and home nurses. Include only monetary payments made to individuals who performed domestic service.


    Answer this question only if this business is a non-profit organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Fax a copy of the IRS letter that grants this exemption to 919-715-0780. Note "Web604" on the facsimile cover sheet. Non-profit organizations with tax exemptions other than Section 501(c)(3) should complete item 15, GENERAL BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT.


    Indicate if this business is an agency or department of federal, state, or local government.

  • Answer "Yes" to voluntarily cover employees for unemployment insurance, when the business is not otherwise subject to the unemployment insurance tax law.

  • Answer "Yes" if the business has paid, or is required to pay Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA). Enter the calendar year(s) for which FUTA is/was required.

  • Answer "Yes" if the business has acquired or merged with another business, or any other changes have been made in the ownership of the business. This includes entity changes, such as from a sole proprietorship to a corporation or a partnership.

    1. Enter the name of the former owner.

    2. Enter the former owner's North Carolina unemployment insurance tax number.

    3. Enter the former owner's address.

    4. Enter the date of the acquisition or change.

    5. Indicate whether you acquired substantially all or a portion of the former owner's North Carolina business.

    6. Indicate if the business was operating at the time that it was acquired. If applicable, enter the date the business closed.

    7. Indicate if the former owner continues to have employees in North Carolina.

    Be sure to provide all the requested information about the previous owner.

  • If "Yes", fax a list of independent contractor(s) who do not have a Federal Employer Identification Number. Include name(s), address(es), telephone number(s), and Social Security number(s). The Fax Number is 919-715-0780.

  • Provide for ALL parent corporations, sole proprietors, all general partners, principal corporate officers, or members full name(s), title(s), Social Security number(s), home address(es) (do not use a post office box), and telephone number(s) including the area code. If additional space is needed, fax a list. Do not provide information for limited partners.

  • Be sure all applicable items are completed.

    Please mail or fax 501(c)(3) exemption letters, independent contractor lists, lists of additional owners/officers, and/or additional lists to:

    North Carolina Department of Commerce
    Division of Employment Security

    Fax: 919-715-0780

    Please call 919-707-1150 if you have any questions.

    Sours: https://services.des.nc.gov/i604/

    View Helpful Hints for Employer Self-Service and eForms FC20/21

    Free Online Filing Services: eForms FC20/21, Business iFile/iReg and Web Upload

    VEC offers several ways to file your Unemployment Insurance Tax Reports and pay your Unemployment Insurance Taxes.

    • eForms FC20/21 Quarterly Reports;
    • Business iFile and iReg (Employer Self Service);
    • WebUpload;

    Online Services

    eForms FC20/21 Quarterly Reports, Business iFile and Web Upload are free online filing services, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, you no longer complete and file the paper report/schedule. You can securely file and pay the Employer FC-20 Tax Report and the Employer FC-21 Payroll Report online. You also have the ability to schedule (or warehouse) payments for submission on a future date (up to the due date of the report).

    • eForms FC20/21 gives a small employer or a household employer the ability to file their Quarterly Reports (Forms FC20/21) electronically in a quick and easy manner. (eForms FC20/21 Information)
    • Business iFile gives your company the capability to key payroll reports online. Users also have the ability to view account status and agency communications in real-time. (Business iFile Information)
    • Web Upload gives your company the ability to save all report and payment information into a single file to upload to the VEC. Similar types of systems may be referred to as "bulk filing" or "bulk uploading". (Web Upload Information)

    Review the information below to determine which system best fits your filing needs:


    eForms FC20/21 - VEC

    Business iFile - VEC

    Web Upload - VEC

    No Sign-Up Required;
    File and Pay taxes online (1-25 Employees)

    Register Business;
    File and Pay taxes online (26-99 Employees)

    File and Pay taxes online (100+ Employees)

    Quick and Easy to use

    File quickly for only one company

    File on behalf of one or multiple companies

    Immediate confirmation for a filed report

    Required fields are manually entered into the system

    Modify your Web Upload layout to match your file and system layout

    Print a copy of your filed report for your records

    Type report and payment information for each period

    Create or use an existing file to submit report and payment information together without having to re-enter each filing period

    Pay your taxes online with no additional fees

    Store information for more than one checking account.

    Designate one bank account for all payments in a file or designate a different bank account for each payment in a file. These must be checking accounts.


    What if electronic filing causes undue hardship?

    You may request a temporary waiver by submitting an Electronic Filing Waiver Request, citing your specific hardship. If approved, all waivers are temporary and must be renewed annually.

    Undue hardship is a concept which revolves around the idea that if meeting a legal obligation would constitute an unreasonable or insurmountable hardship, someone may be exempted from that obligation.

    Register a business:


    Online Employer Tax Filing/Registration - iFile/iReg:This image takes you the to iFile/iReg application at VA Tax

    • Register a new business Online
    • Update Your Business Profile
    • Enter FC 21 Payroll reports online and FC20 Tax Reports

    By Mail:

    Download the VEC FC-27This file is in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 in order to view this file. (Report to Determine Liability for State Unemployment Tax) and instruction page. (Right click on link, go down to "Save Target As" and save it to your computer). There are several questions on the form regarding the qualifications of General Employers, Agricultural Employers, Household Employers, Nonprofit Employers, acquiring an existing business or if you are already subject to the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA). Do not mail the form to the VEC until you meet one of the requirements noted in questions 7a through 10 on form FC-27. The VEC will assign an account number only if you meet one of the criteria and mark your response as "yes".

    Mail your completed VEC FC-27 form
    Virginia Employment Commission 
    Employer Accounts
    P.O. Box 26441
    Richmond, VA 23261-6441

    When your application is entered in our database we will send you a "new employer" packet with any tax reports that need to be filed along with additional information about our reporting requirements. Penalties on new accounts are assessed only if required reports are filed after the due date of the reported quarter. Future tax reports will be mailed to you on a quarterly basis. You should receive them at the end of the last month of each calendar quarter.

    VATAX Online for Businesses FAQs


    Sours: https://www.vec.virginia.gov/employers/account-number
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    Employers must have an online account to manage tax and unemployment claims information.

    Additional information for employers can be found below.

    Are You Required to Pay Taxes?

    Unemployment insurance tax is a tax on employer payrolls paid by employers from which unemployment benefits are paid to qualified unemployed workers.

    Tax Requirements

    Create or Update an Employer Account

    To manage unemployment insurance tax and information, employers must create an online account.

    Employer Accounts

    File, Adjust or Review Quarterly Tax & Wage Report

    Learn how to file the quarterly report, correct the quarterly report, view and review past quarterly reports and provides the filing time period.

    File or Adjust Quarterly Tax

    Quarterly Charging

    Charges to an employer’s account are assessed at the end of each calendar quarter. Charging statements are issued to each employer that has incurred charges during that quarter.

    Quarterly Charging

    Tax Rate Information

    Tax rates are assigned to all subject employers using the same experience rating formula. Learn how it is calculated and how to protest the tax rate.

    Tax Rate Information

    Third-Party Administrators and Remitters

    Remitters and third-party administrators are representatives interacting with DES on behalf of an employer.

    TPAs and Remitters

    Tax Audits

    Audits are performed to ensure compliance with the unemployment tax laws. DES samples employers for compliance by size and type of firm and by random selection.

    Tax Audits

    Prevent Fraud

    Employers can help prevent fraud and strengthen the integrity of the unemployment insurance program in North Carolina.

    Prevent Fraud

    SUTA Dumping

    State Unemployment Tax Act dumping is a practice used to circumvent paying unemployment insurance taxes involving manipulation of the state experience rating systems to achieve a lower tax rate.

    SUTA Dumping

    Workplace Posters

    Employers determined to be liable under the Employment Security Law (Chapter 96 of the North Carolina General Statutes) are required to prominently display the Certificate of Coverage and Notice to Workersposter in their workplace.

    Workplace Posters

    Unemployment Requirements

    If you are the most recent employer of a person seeking unemployment benefits, you are required to respond to a Request for Separation Information.

    Unemployment Requirements

    Sours: https://des.nc.gov/employers

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