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Agario Skins New agario skins and easy to use this app have lots of Skins
New skins and its have more than skins for !!
just select the skin then u need to copy the name and paste as your nikename
its easy app u can change your skin to any skin you want in this game !
All the old and New skins in this app !Features This app don't need much space
- Don't need internet connection
- Run in all android devicesYou do not have to search the Internet right skin - just select it in the application and paste the name instead of a nickname!
Become biggest doge notebook or on a piece of everything to conquer the Japanese emperor! Giving his rivals the moon or aspirated them in the European Union!
All skins Agar io only in this app!
Features of the app:
- Do not take up much space
- Does not require an INTERNET connection
- Suitable for all devicesDiversify your game in with our collection of skins!
★★★ or free time killer, absorbs anyone who gets in your way!★★★ A small bacterium, whose main goal is - to devour opponents in multiplayer, to become more (full screen) and eat all!★★★ The Hunger Games Agario survival of the fittest, eats everything around and become more find more small and avoid the big ones.★★★ Using funny icons of different characters such as the Doge, Mars, Moon, PokerFace - shoot, set traps, gone into several parts or increases to the size of the entire screen.★★★ Skins for Agar contains the coolest skins for the full game.★★★ Very convenient and free app that lets you quickly and without lag to watch and select skins with pictures for Hagar.★★★ Install and immediately start using Sama cool Skins for your bacteria.
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Hello and welcome back for another great hack! This time we bring you the Agario hack, which is a brand new online game where the goal is to eat enough players until you get top 1 on the leaderboard. The game can be both awesome and frustrating at the same time. Why do you ask? Because whenever I get eaten by someone I tend to get really angry, so angry that I want to smash my screen! &#; but I won&#;t do that :P

The hacks featured here comes as an extension to the original game. By downloading the Agario hack tool, you will be able to use all of the features without any installation. The hack will let you do one of three things:

  • Scan for the position of other players
  • Go into the &#;eat-mode&#; and hunt down other players
  • Use the &#;dodge-mode&#; to avoid all, or specific, players at all times

Pretty sweet.. but why would you use it?

Let&#;s say you&#;ve played for minutes and gotten fairly big, maybe in the s of score. The biggest problem I have when playing is that I get tired of playing safe and end up doing stupid stuff such as hunt down players who&#;re barely below my size and move towards the middle of the board, and so on. Well, when you end up being eaten, or when you end up splitting one too many times, and then you get eaten, well that&#;s when you get angry!

Seeing as this hack can be turned off in the midst of the game you could use it to get to top 10, turn it off, and then start playing. Or you could automatically hunt down that one player who&#;s been eating you 1, 2, 3 or 10 times. Or just go into the chillmode and dodge all players. The dodge mode seems really advanced to me, as if it&#;s almost impossible to be eaten, even by players who try to shoot themselves at you.

Well, first of all it&#;s simple and easy, and keep in mind you can also stop hacking whenever you want. You just click the blue button &#;Stop botting&#; in the game and you&#;re back to normal again.

Download the Hack below

Download Here

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A fully functional open source server implementation, written in Node.js. Ogar is designed to be used with the latest client.

Official Website

The official website for the Ogar Project is You can register on our forums to chat with other Ogar users, get support, advertise your server, and more.

Purchased Ogar?

If you've purchased a copy of Ogar, you've probably been ripped off. This post on our website explains why.

Obtaining and Using

If you are on Windows, you can download the latest binary build of Ogar from this page. The binary is the easiest way to get started running an Ogar server. If you'd like to tinker with the source code, you can follow the instructions below (and slightly modify them) to run the source on Windows.

As Ogar is written in Node.js, you must have Node.js, its "ws" and "vector2-node" modules installed to use it (unless you are using the Windows binary). You can usually download Node using your distribution's package manager (for *nix-like systems), or from the Node website. To install the "ws" module that is required, you can:

  • for Windows, run located in the folder where this file is.
  • for Mac, open your terminal, go to this directory with and type in .
  • for Linux, you can use the install script which would also automatically install node.js and ws.


~$ git clone git:// Ogar ~$ cd Ogar ~$ npm install ~$ node Ogar

Using the install script:

~$ sudo install /your/preferred/directory ~$ sudo -u ogar -H /bin/sh -c "cd; /bin/node src/index.js"

Using to launch the server increases security by running the process as an unprivileged, dedicated user with a limited shell and it is recommended to do so.

Currently, Ogar listens on the following addresses and ports:

  • * - for the master server
  • * - for the game server

Please note that on some systems, you may have to run the process as root or otherwise elevate your privileges to allow the process to listen on the needed ports. If you are getting an EADDRINUSE error, it means that the port required to run Ogar is being used. Usually, Skype is the culprit. To solve this, either close out skype, or change the serverPort value in gameserver.ini to a different port. You will have to change your connection ip to "PORT"

Once the game server is running, you can connect (locally) by typing into your browser's address bar.

Configuring Ogar

Use "gameserver.ini" to modify Ogar's configurations field. Player bots are currently basic and for testing purposes. To use them, change "serverBots" to a value higher than zero in the configuration file. To add/remove bot names, edit the file named "botnames.txt" which is in the same folder as "gameserver.ini". Names should be separated by using the enter key.

Custom Game modes

Ogar has support for custom game modes. To switch between game modes, change the value of "serverGamemode" in the configurations file to the selected game mode id and restart the server. The current supported game modes are:

0Free For All
2Experimental (As of 6/13/15)
11Hunger Games
12Zombie Mode
13Team Z
14Team X
20Rainbow FFA - Hint: Use with "setAcid(true)"

Console Commands

The current available console commands are listed here. Command names are not case sensitive, but player names are.

  • Addbot [Number]
    • Adds [Number] of bots to the server. If an amount is not specified, 1 bot will be added.
  • Board [String 1] [String 2] [String 3]
    • Replaces the text on the leaderboard with the string text.
  • Boardreset
    • Resets the leaderboard to display the proper data for the current gamemode
  • Change [Config setting] [Value]
    • Changes a config setting to a value. Ex. "change serverMaxConnections 32" will change the variable serverMaxConnections to Note that some config values (Like serverGamemode) are parsed before the server starts so changing them mid game will have no effect.
  • Clear
    • Clears the console output
  • Color [Player ID] [Red] [Green] [Blue]
    • Replaces the color of the specified player with this color.
  • Exit
  • Food [X position] [Y position] [Mass]
    • Spawns a food cell at those coordinates. If a mass value is not specified, then the server will default to "foodStartMass" in the config.
  • Gamemode [Id]
    • Changes the gamemode of the server. Warning - This can cause problems.
  • Help
  • Kick [Player ID]
    • Kicks the specified player or bot from the server.
  • Kill [Player ID]
    • Kills all cells belonging to the specified player.
  • Killall
    • Kills all player cells on the map.
  • Mass [Player ID] [Number]
    • Sets the mass of all cells belonging to the specified player to [Number].
  • Name [Player ID] [New Name]
    • Changes the name of the player with the specified id with [New Name].
  • Playerlist
    • Shows a list of connected players, their IP, player ID, the amount of cells they have, total mass, and their position.
  • Pause
    • Pauses/Unpauses the game.
  • Reload
    • Reloads the config file used by the server. However, the following values are not affected: serverPort, serverGamemode, serverBots, serverStatsPort, serverStatsUpdate.
  • Status
    • Shows the amount of players currently connected, time elapsed, memory usage (memory used/memory allocated), and the current gamemode.
  • Tp [Player ID] [X position] [Y position]
    • Teleports the specified player to the specified coordinates.
  • Virus [X position] [Y position] [Mass]
    • Spawns a virus cell at those coordinates. If a mass value is not specified, then the server will default to "virusStartMass" in the config.


Please see for contribution guidelines.


Please see


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Hunger download games

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How to download the agario skin mod pack

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