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The label behind Lana Del Rey’s Grammys dress is making more looks for her

Jaynee Berkman found out that Lana Del Rey was wearing one of her dresses when she was sat following the Grammys red carpet coverage this Sunday. “I noticed our dress when she arrived at the Grammys,” she explains. “Friends and colleagues started sharing photos and videos of her – it created a tremendous buzz for all of us.” 

Though she typically opts for custom Gucci when awards season rolls round, this time Del Rey caused a stir when she revealed she picked up her silver, bead-encrusted gown up at American department store Dillard’s. “It was great that Lana was so open about how she bought the dress. It has made the brand more approachable,” says Berkman, chief creative officer of Aidan Mattox’s parent company.  

With the Grammys usually filled with custom Versace or vintage Mugler, this is the first time an Aidan Mattox has gained such exposure through one of its pieces gracing the red carpet – but if the brand has anything to do with it, it won’t be the last, with the label already gifting Del Rey dresses from its latest collection. “We would love to see her in the brand again and hope she will consider for future events,” Berkman explained. “Our goal is to create red carpet moments all year round.” 

With the Norman Fucking Rockwell singer propelling the label into the mainstream, the dress has now sold out around the world, with Google searches for the Aidan Mattox spiking significantly. There’s good news for hopeful Lana stans, however, as the brand works around the clock to restock the style as quickly as possible. For those that can’t wait, Berkman subtly adds “Fortunately, the Aidan Mattox collection is comprised of many beautifully hand beaded evening gowns so hoping this Grammy event will create a halo effect.” 

With one red carpet appearance now under its belt, the label is setting its sights on the Oscars, revealing hopes that one of this year’s nominees will wear one of its dresses to the event on February 10, and tbh, we’re also keeping our fingers crossed for a full-blown mall revival. Saoirse, Florence, Margot: over to you. 


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While Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, and Lizzo all chose to wear not just one custom or couture gown to last night’s Grammy Awards, but multiple, Lana Del Rey took a different approach to red carpet dressing: She wore just one dress, and she bought it at the mall.

Nominated for both Album and Song of the Year, the “Fuck It I Love You” singer showed up to the annual event arm-in-arm with her new beau, police officer Sean Larkin, wearing a Gatsby-esque silver beaded gown. Naturally, we assumed that the singer-songwriter, who famously walked the Met Gala red carpet alongside Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele and Jared Leto, would follow in the footsteps of her fellow attendees by wearing a custom gown or suit — and she almost did. But like so many of us have done before a big event, Del Rey changed her mind at the last second after seeing something that she felt beat out her previous sartorial selection. 

"So, I actually had another dress and then my boyfriend and I were getting a belt for him at the mall," Del Rey told Entertainment Tonighton the red carpet. "And I saw this, and I loved it." We can’t blame her. At first glance, we’d have never believed that her stunning selection wasn’t just as unattainable as the dresses that her fellow nominees chose for the event. Featuring short sleeves, a cut-out neckline, and a daring high side-slit, the gown, designed by Aidan Mattox, was extremely her: unique, retro, and beautiful. 

But the style and relatability of her red carpet dress aren’t even the best parts about her look. No, the real winner is that while supplies last, you could very well get your hands on the exact same dress. Oh, and did we mention that it’s on sale (for under $ at Dillard's)? Yeah, it’s that good. 

So while we’ll never know what Lana Del Rey was originally planning on donning for the Grammys, rest assured that because of an impromptu trip to the mall, you might get the chance to twin with the iconic musician — that is, if you can shop fast enough.

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Of Course Lana Del Rey’s Grammys Dress Is From ‘the Mall’

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

When Lana Del Rey first came on the scene around a decade ago, she was known for her romantic, s Americana aesthetic: Daisy Dukes, bustiers, and lots of American flags. Her style has evolved with time: She did a less sexy, more housewifey thing for a bit, and then she dabbled in a flower-child look for several years. That last period closed with what was Del Rey’s most high-fashion era, when she was introduced as the face of a Gucci campaign in after being dressed by Alessandro Michele for several red carpets in During this era she embodied his nostalgic, mishmash aesthetic, echoing the sort of music she was making at the time.

But in recent years, as evidenced by a slew of paparazzi photos and concert looks, she has pivoted to what seems to be a more organic approach to dressing: a sort of casual, midwestern-mommy way of styling herself. Think Keds, floral knitwear, and bootcut jeans. It’s decidedly American, but it’s not Americana.

In a world where global pop stars are never spotted without a label on the streets or couture on the carpet (often courtesy of an endorsement deal), it’s notable that the singer often eschews high fashion and designer brands for the types of clothing and accessories one might buy at a Target or T.J. Maxx. It’s an aesthetic choice some fans have dubbed her ‘Maxxinista period.’

And at last night’s Grammys, Del Rey really leaned into her Maxxinista sensibility, telling a red carpet interviewer that she got her dress “at the mall” right before the event. “I saw this, and I loved it,” she explained, as her influencer-cop boyfriend looked on. The singer told another interviewer that she’d had it tailored at the waist, but other than that, the Aidan Mattox gown, which retails for $, is indeed, a straight-off-the-rack item:

It was an extremely Lana moment. She may have professed that she was swearing off American imagery after Trump was elected, but what’s more American than buying a last-minute dress from Macy’s for an event you’re already over?

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Of Course Lana Del Rey’s Grammys Dress Is From ‘the Mall’Sours:

Lana Del Rey says she switched her Grammys dress at the last minute after finding one she liked better at the mall

lana del rey
Lester Cohen/Getty Images
  • Lana Del Rey attended the Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday.
  • She wore a short-sleeved gown with beaded sparkles, and walked the red carpet alongside her boyfriend Sean Larkin.
  • Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the musician said she originally planned to wear a different dress, but found one she liked better at the mall.
  • Del Rey seemingly purchased her Aidan Mattox dress from Dillard's, as a fan on Twitter pointed out, though it's now sold out online.
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Lana Del Rey looked stunning at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, despite making a last-minute outfit change.

She walked the red carpet at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, and spoke with Entertainment Tonight about her short-sleeved beaded dress. According to Del Rey, she had originally planned to wear an entirely different outfit.

"So I actually had another dress and then my boyfriend and I were getting a belt for him at the mall and I saw this and I loved it, so this is a last-minute dress," Del Rey said. "But I love it."

Though the dress seemed to fit the musician perfectly, Del Rey told Entertainment Tonight reporters that it first had to be altered. 

"I actually tailored it right there," Del Rey said as she pointed to her waist.

lana del rey
Lester Cohen/Getty Images

As a fan pointed out on Twitter, Del Rey seemingly purchased her Aidan Mattox dress from Dillard's. It's was previously available to purchase online for $ Now, as first reported by the Daily Mail, the dress has completely sold out.


Del Rey completed her red-carpet look with short silver heels. For hair and makeup, she chose an updo style, winged eyeliner, and neutral lipstick.

She posed on the red carpet alongside her boyfriend Sean Larkin, who donned a traditional black suit. 

lana del rey sean larkin
Jon Kopaloff/Stringer/Getty Images

Del Rey's sparkling gown was actually her second red-carpet look of the week. At the Pre-Grammy Gala on Saturday, she donned a black-and-gold dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves.

The dress also had a gold bow tied around the waist, and a short train that extended behind her.

lana del rey red carpet
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images
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Del gown lana rey

Lana Del Rey may not have taken home a trophy at the Grammy Awards &#; much to fans’ dismay &#; but she did win on the red carpet. And she did it on a budget. The year-old singer wore a silver beaded gown with a keyhole neckline that she found while shopping at the mall. While she already had another dress picked out for the big night, she loved this one so much she made a last-minute change to her look. 

Lana Del Rey’s Grammys dress cost under $ 

Lana Del Rey

Del Rey, who was nominated for Song of the Year and Album of the Year, attended the Grammys with her boyfriend Sean “Sticks” Larkin of Live PD. It was while shopping for him that the “Norman F***ing Rockwell” singer spotted her dress.  

“I had another dress and then my boyfriend and I were getting a belt for him at the mall and I saw this and I loved it, so this is a last-minute dress,” she told Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima. 

The dress fit almost perfectly, though she did say that she to have the sides taken in a bit. “I tailored it right there,” she said, gesturing to her waist. “So, you know, a little mix and match. … We’re making it all work.”  

Del Rey didn’t reveal at which store she purchased the dress or the designer’s name, but it didn’t take people long to figure it out. It’s an Aidan Mattox gown, and it retails for about $ at stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Dillard’s. 

Del Rey is not the first to dress herself for an awards show

Usually, female stars walk the red carpet at major events like the Grammys and Oscars in gowns loaned by designers. The celeb doesn’t have to shell out for an expensive dress, and the designer or brand gets loads of free publicity. Sometimes, designers will pay an actress to wear their clothing, E! News explained. 

But occasionally, stars like Del Rey do purchase their own clothing for awards shows. Some opt to dress themselves for personal reasons. Others have said they’ve had trouble finding designers willing to work with them because they don&#;t fit in sample sizes, a problem voiced by Leslie Jones, Octavia Spencer, Gabourey Sidibe, and Christina Hendricks.    

Bryce Dallas Howard found a dress at Topshop 

Bryce Dallas Howard

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard has walked multiple red carpets in gowns she purchased off the rack. In , she donned a $ bright yellow gown from Topshop when she attended the Critics&#; Choice Awards. At the Golden Globes a year earlier, she wore a Jenny Packham dress from Neiman Marcus. 

At a size 6, Howard said that she felt like doing her own shopping meant she had more options to choose from. &#;I like having lots of options for a size 6, as opposed to maybe one option so I always go to department stores,&#; the actress told E!&#;s Giuliana Rancic, according to USA Today.

Hayden Panettiere bought her own Tom Ford 

Hayden Panettierre

Actress Hayden Panettiere wanted to wear Tom Ford to the Golden Globes, but she couldn’t get her hands on a loaner gown. So she took matters into her own hands and purchased a black and white halter dress from the designer for $10,

&#;I feel sexy in it, I feel comfortable in it, and I&#;m in Tom Ford. I would wear a plastic bag if it was designed by him,&#; she told E! News at the time. Ford later sent her a thank you note with a bunch of white roses for her kind words. 

Rachel Bloom planned to resell her Emmys dress

Rachel Bloom

When Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom attended the Emmys, she wore a black Gucci dress she purchased off the rack for $3, The actress said that it was hard to find designers who would lend her dresses because she wasn’t a size 0. 

But Bloom wasn’t too upset about having to pay for her gown. “I can always resell it,” she said, according to Entertainment Weekly. “I do have an account on The RealReal … Take a look on The Real Real for this dress tomorrow.”

Edie Falco had a saleswoman help her choose her dress for the Golden Globes 

Edie Falco

Actress Edie Falco may have been nominated for a Golden Globe in , but she still went shopping for her own dress. The Nurse Jackie star headed to a NYC boutique where a saleswoman helped her select the perfect look &#; a red silk gown by Lanvin with a large bow at the neck. 

“It’s Lanvin, as I have been instructed to pronounce it. I walked into Jeffrey on 14th Street in New York City and a woman named Chantal said, ‘I have just the dress for you,’ and this is it,” Falco told Entertainment Weekly. “She handed it to me, I bought it, and that’s the story.”

Lana Del Rey - White Dress (Official Music Video)

As a nominee, the process of dressing for the Grammys typically entails a stylist pulling a whole rack of options from big fashion brands—especially if you’re up for both album and song of the year, as Lana Del Rey was at last night’s ceremony. Plus, if you’re nominated for some of the proceedings’ most prestigious awards, usually you’d want to wear something extravagant. Bespoke looks proliferated on the red carpet last night: Quavo attended in a custom Prada suit, and FKA Twigs waltzed onto the carpet in a regal Ed Marler gown that the British designer created for the occasion.

In predictably unpredictable fashion, however, Del Rey went the opposite direction. Stepping onto the red carpet in a beaded silver Aidan Mattox gown, the nominee revealed during an interview that she found the dress while shopping at the mall. And despite it being a last-minute purchase, Del Rey made it look like custom couture. Perhaps other celebrities should take note—they might just find something at their local shopping center that’s red carpet ready.

See All of the Celebrity Looks From the Grammys Red Carpet:


Similar news:

  • At the 62nd annual Grammy Awards ceremony, Lana Del Rey, whose album Norman Fucking Rockwell was nominated for Album of the Year, arrived in a sparkling silver stunner.
  • The dress was purchased at the mall, she revealed in a red-carpet interview.
  • Del Rey went to the event with her boyfriend, Sean Larkin, a reality TV cop.

Grammy Award nominees: They're just like us. Lana Del Rey, whose album Norman Fucking Rockwell was nominated for Album of the Year, showed up to the 62nd annual ceremony wearing a dress by a designer you probably wouldn't guess.

"So, I actually had another dress and then my boyfriend and I were getting a belt for him at the mall," Del Rey revealed during a red-carpet interview with Entertainment Tonight. "And I saw this, and I loved it."

How could she not? The Aidan Mattox number, which you can buy now for $ on Saks Fifth Avenue, featured silver sequins, whimsy fringes, flowing sleeves, and a tasteful keyhole cutout. She accessorized with silver heels and bold eyeliner. "This is a last-minute dress," she said, "but I love it."

The ET host pointed out that the dress matches her date, Sean Larkin, a reality TV cop from the show Live PD who is pretty much the textbook definition of a silver fox. The singer laughed in response, "Yeah, it's very cool."

Del Rey later revealed that the dress didn't go without alterations before taking to the red carpet. "I tailored it right there," she said, pointing to the cinched fabric around her waist. "So, you know, a little mix and match. We're making it all work."

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