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10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Actresses, Ranked

The Hallmark Channel has been producing incredibly popular Christmas movies for years, and of their many lead actresses, these are the best.

For over a decade, the Hallmark Channel has been producing everyone's favorite form of television comfort food: Christmas movies. Most of the movies involve unlikely strangers falling in love with one another just in time for the holidays, and often involve copious amounts of hot chocolate, ice skating, and miscommunication.

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These cozy and wintry romantic comedies have developed quite the following online, and routinely draw in millions upon millions of viewers for each and every airing. In honor of the channel's tenth annual Countdown to Christmas, we're taking a look back at the ten best actresses who have appeared in their impressive filmography of Christmas classics.

10 Alicia Witt

Though she may best be known for her work in the iconic film Dune, as well as television shows including Cybill, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Friday Night Lights, Alicia Witt has created quite the second career for herself in the world of Christmas movies.

Witt has been starring in Hallmark Christmas movies since To date, she has appeared in seven Hallmark Christmas movies: A Very Merry Mix-Up, Christmas at Cartwright's, I'm Not Ready for Christmas, Christmas List, The Mistletoe Inn, Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane, and Our Christmas Love Song.

9 Jessica Lowndes

After spending five years starring in The CW's as Adrianna, and after developing a career in the world of B-grade (and lower) horror movies, Jessica Lowndes has truly found her niche in the world of Hallmark Channel's feelgood Christmas classics.

Between and , Lowndes has so far starred in five of these festive favorites, including Merry Matrimony, A December Bride, Magical Christmas Ornaments, Christmas at Pemberley Manor, and Rediscovering Christmas.

8 Lindy Booth

For fans of cult favorite television shows, Lindy Booth might best be recognized for her starring roles on series such as October Road, The Philanthropist, Relic Hunter, and The Librarians. But besides starring in some of your favorite niche TV shows, Booth has also been quietly starring in some of your favorite cozy Christmas movies for years, too.

One of the actresses with the earliest start dates on this list, Booth has been appearing on Hallmark since , in films such as Christmas Magic, The Sound of Christmas, and Rocky Mountain Christmas.

7 Nikki Deloach

With her most prominent role prior to Hallmark having been as the regular role of Lacey Hamilton on the MTV sitcom Awkward, Nikki Deloach has only recently burst onto the scene of Hallmark Christmas movies. But in just a few years at the network, she's more than made a name for herself.

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Since , Deloach has appeared in just under a dozen Hallmark movies, four of which have been Christmas themed: Christmas Land, A Dream of Christmas, Reunited at Christmas, and Two Turtle Doves.

6 Kimberley Sustad

Actress Kimberley Sustad has only been working actively since , but she's been part of the Hallmark Channel family since and working consistently within their different brands of movies ever since, including mysteries and other seasonal romances.

She first broke out onto the Christmas movie scene in with the adorable and beloved The Nine Lives of Christmas. Since then, she has appeared in three additional Christmas movies: Hearts ofChristmas, A Godwink Christmas, and Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen.

5 Doris Roberts

Not every Hallmark movie has to be driven by a character in pursuit of a romance. Even if the movies contain the classic Hallmark romantic elements, sometimes, they also focus on characters who happen to be a little bit older and a little bit more magical. It also certainly helps if they're played by Hollywood icons like Everybody Loves Raymond star Doris Roberts.

When it comes to Hallmark movies, Roberts is best known for her starring role as the iconic Debbie Macomber character Mrs. Miracle, a magical woman who spreads love and cheer to those in need of it most during the holiday season. Roberts starred in two movies as the character: Mrs. Miracle and Call Me Mrs. Miracle.

4 Ali Liebert

Canadian actress Ali Liebert may be best known to fans of popular queer television series like Bomb Girls and Lost Girl, as well as for noteworthy turns in series including Legends of Tomorrow, iZombie, Ten Days in the Valley, and Hallmark's own Chesapeake Shores. But she's also made quite the name for herself in the world of Hallmark Christmas movies, even taking part in one of the rare Christmas movie series.

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She has appeared in eight Hallmark movies since , but only three of them have been Christmas-themed: Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and the ongoing series A Gift to Remember and A Gift to Cherish.

3 Jodie Sweetin

Jodie Sweetin has already had quite the career, thanks to her early child star start as Stephanie Tanner on Full House, and now, years later, on the Netflix continuation Fuller House. But Sweetin has now joined an impressive list of her Full House cast mates - including Lori Loughlin, Candace Cameron Bure, and Marla Sokoloff - to become one of Hallmark's brightest stars.

Since , Sweetin has been a regular in Hallmark's movies, both Christmas themed and otherwise. So far, she's starred as the lead in three already beloved Christmas movies: Finding Santa, Entertaining Christmas, and Merry & Bright.

2 Danica McKellar

Jodie Sweetin isn't the only former child star who's found a second calling as a Hallmark star. None other than Danica McKellar, best known as The Wonder Years' Winnie Cooper, has proven to be one of Hallmark's most popular and most successful stars, with an impressive slate of highly watched and beloved Christmas classics to boast about.

Since , McKellar has appeared in five Hallmark Christmas classics - Crown for Christmas, My Christmas Dream, Coming Home for Christmas, Christmas at Grand Valley, and Christmas at Dollywood - and she shows no signs of slowing down.

1 Lacey Chabert

Whether you know her best as Mean Girls' Gretchen Weiners, The Wild Thornberry's Eliza Thornberry, or Party of Five's Claudia Salinger, Lacey Chabert has been a household name for quite some time in Hollywood. And now, she's a household name among Hallmark Channel fans, quickly rising to become one of the channel's Christmas movie queens.

Since , Chabert has been producing one Hallmark movie after another, including eight Christmas classics: Matchmaker Santa, A Royal Christmas, Family for Christmas, A Christmas Melody, A Wish for Christmas, The Sweetest Christmas, Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe, and Christmas in Rome.

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  Christmas Tree Lane (TV Movie) (performer: "O Holy Night", "Silent Night" - uncredited)

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  Liebestraum (performer: "Liebestraum" - as Alicia Roanne Witt)

  Twin Peaks(TV Series) (performer - 1 episode)

- Episode # () (performer: "Get Happy", "Rondo Capriccioso Op. 14")

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Alicia Witt

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Alicia Witt

Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane
Emma returns home to celebrate Christmas for the last time with her siblings in the house they grew up in. After their parents’ recent passing, the siblings reluctantly agree to sell the family home on Honeysuckle Lane, leaving Emma in charge of its belongings. While Emma’s mother’s collection is being appraised, they find a hidden surprise that takes them on a journey to discover the power of love and family during the holidays. Based on the book by Mary Elizabeth McDonough. Starring Alicia Witt and Colin Ferguson.

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The Mistletoe Inn
When aspiring romance novelist Kim Rossi is unceremoniously dumped by her soon-to-be-published romance novelist boyfriend, Garth, Kim takes stock and decides to take a leap. She signs up for a romance writing retreat at a quaint Vermont Inn shortly before Christmas, where a top romance novelist is scheduled to attend. Shortly after arriving, she crosses paths with Zeke, whom she initially finds to be intrusive and, naturally, ends up being her assignment partner. Worse yet, her ex-boyfriend, Garth, is also at the retreat. Despite these bumps in the road, Kim steps outside her comfort zone and ends up surprising herself. Equally unexpected is the attraction that seems to be building between her and Zeke that promises to take her down a road she never imagined traveling. Starring Alicia Witt and David Alpay.

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Alicia Witt

Christmas List
Isobel Gray is a young fashion designer who travels to Fall River, Oregon, "the perfect Christmas town" alone, when her fashion designer boyfriend Brett Bishop is suddenly called away on business. Stars Alicia Witt and Gabriel Hogan.
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Alicia Witt

I'm Not Ready for Christmas

Holly’s world is turned upside down when she suddenly finds that she can no longer lie - thanks to her niece Anna’s wish to Santa Claus. As Holly's career and love life go into disarray when her lies catch up with her, she must learn to judge between the truth and what is right. Stars Alicia Witt, George Stults and Dan Lauria. Find out more >>

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Alicia Witt

Christmas at Cartwright's

Nicky is a single mom, unemployed and broke at Christmas and desperate to find a job in order to make her young daughter's holiday a happy one. With the aide of an angel, she gets a job as a department store Santa and also happens to meet the love of her life. Stars Alicia Witt and Wally Shawn. Find out more >>

Alicia Witt

A Very Merry Mix-Up

A woman sets out to meet her fiancé's family at Christmas and winds up at the wrong house. Once the mistake is corrected, she realizes that her bond with the wrong family—and their eligible son—was stronger than her bond with the right one. Stars Alicia Witt and Mark Wiebe.
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Alicia Witt

Backyard Wedding
Bride-to-be Kim Tyler is about to find out that getting to the altar is a long journey—even when it’s in her own backyard. Kim grew up loving her next-door neighbor, Evan Slauson. Now she’s all set to have the wedding of her dreams to stable Jeffrey in her parents’ backyard, but her ex-husband, and first love -- whose parents still live next door -- keeps popping up causing her to seriously question her big plans. Stars Alicia Witt, Frances Fisher and Markie Post.
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It’s been a stressful year, but at least you can count on Hollywood to come through with the holiday cheer. After all, what’s more relaxing than watching an overworked woman fall in love with a Christmas tree farmer? So decompress withAll the Jingle Ladies, our guide to the best holiday movies.

Lacey Chabert played Regina George’s loyal follower Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls, one of those rare movies that’s become more than just entertainment—it’s a stitch in pop culture’s very fabric. The Tina Fey–crafted film is quoted constantly and referenced religiously; it has a signature song and color. There’s even a day named after it.

But with all that hysteria, Mean Girls still isn’t the project Chabert is asked about the most. Rather, she says, the people who watch her Hallmark Christmas movies are the most passionate. “The fans of the Hallmark movies are incredibly loyal and devoted, and it’s actually enabled me to connect more with them and the people that enjoy the movies,” she says. “They’re so vocal on social media, and I don’t think I’d experienced that to the level I experience now.”

“Loyal and devoted” is a bit of an understatement. Hallmark has turned its holiday-movie-making business into a full-on cultural phenomenon. A whopping 72 million people tuned into Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas lineup in , according to figures provided by the network. Hallmark also brought in the highest ratings on TV for households and women ages 18–49 and 25–54 during the week of November 20, , largely because of its Christmas content. These holiday movies are so popular, in fact, that Hallmark upped its premiere count to 40 movies in People truly can’t get enough of them. 

Nor can the actresses who appear in the films. When I spoke to Chabert in , she was about to start work on her 16th Hallmark movie (over half are holiday themed), and she’s not alone. Here’s a list of the actresses who have appeared in the most Hallmark holiday movies: 

Lacey Chabert

Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas (), Christmas Waltz (), Christmas in Rome (), Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe (), The Sweetest Christmas (), A Wish for Christmas (), A Christmas Melody (), Family for Christmas (), A Royal Christmas (), Matchmaker Santa () 

Danica McKellar

Christmas She Wrote (), Christmas at Dollywood (), Christmas at Grand Valley (), Coming Home for Christmas (), My Christmas Dream (), Crown for Christmas ()

Alicia Witt

Christmas Tree Lane (),  Our Christmas Love Song (), Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (), The Mistletoe Inn (), Christmas List (), I’m Not Ready for Christmas (), Christmas at Cartwright’s (), A Very Merry Mix-Up ()

Holly Robinson Peete

Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing (), The Christmas Doctor (), A Family Christmas Gift (), Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy (), Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa (), Christmas in Evergreen (), Angel of Christmas (), Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas Preview Show ()

Candace Cameron Bure

If I Only Had Christmas (), Christmas Town (), A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (), Switched for Christmas (), Journey Back to Christmas (), A Christmas Detour (), Christmas Under Wraps (), Moonlight & Mistletoe ()

Sours: https://www.glamour.com/story/hallmark-christmas-movie-actresses

Christmas redhead hallmark movie

Alicia Witt

Last year Alicia Witt joined Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” for its seventh and final season as Zelda. Witt also recently wrapped production on the feature film I Care a Lot, opposite Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage. “Christmas Tree Lane” is Witt’s eighth annual holiday film for the Hallmark family, starting with “A Very Merry Mix-Up” in for Hallmark Channel.

Witt received rave reviews for her role as Paula on Season Six of AMC’s hit series “The Walking Dead.” Other recent television roles include ABC’s “Nashville,” as country music star Autumn Chase; Fox TV’s “The Exorcist,” the horror anthology “Lore” on Amazon; cult-favorite “Supernatural” on The CW and returning to David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” on Showtime for which she reprised her role from the original series. In , Witt joined the cast of the Emmy award- winning FX series “Justified” as Wendy Crowe, the smart and sexy paralegal sister of crime lord Danny Crowe.

A classically trained pianist and a singer-songwriter, Witt released her newest album, 15, Days, with Grammy Award-winning producer Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, Tom Waits, James Bay). She released her first full-length studio album, Revisionary History, in She has opened for Ben Folds Five, Jimmy Webb, and John Fullbright. She completed a city U.S. tour last year and has played all over the world, including at the Grand Ole Opry in her hometown of Nashville. Her music can be found at www.aliciawittmusic.com.

Starting with her film debut in , at the age of seven as Alia in David Lynch’s science fiction classic Dune, Witt’s many film credits include 88 Minutes with Al Pacino, Warner Bros.’ hit Two Weeks’ Notice opposite Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, Last Holiday with Queen Latifah, Urban Legend, The Upside of Anger, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Four Rooms, Fun and Vanilla Sky, directed by Cameron Crowe. She received the Special Jury Recognition Award for Acting at the Sundance Film Festival for Fun, in addition to being nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in the category of Best Debut Performance. She also won Best Actress at the US Comedy Arts Festival for Playing Mona Lisa.

Other significant roles that fans may recognize Witt from include Showtime’s “House of Lies,” NBC’s Emmy Award winning “Friday Night Lights,” CBS’s “The Mentalist” and NBC’s “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” alongside Chris Noth. She spent four years on the CBS hit show “Cybill,” and has also appeared on the HBO series “The Sopranos,” CBS’s “Two and a Half Men” and Fox’s “Ally McBeal.”

On stage, Witt starred in Neil LaBute’s Tony nominated play Reasons to Be Pretty at the Geffen Playhouse. She also appeared at London’s Royal Court Theatre in Terry Johnson’s Piano/Forte and made her West End debut with Neil LaBute’s The Shape of Things. She has also performed at Williamstown Theatre Festival and is a regular participant in the Hour Plays on Broadway and the Hour Musicals off-Broadway.

Witt can add author to her resume with Small Changes, whose rights were recently acquired by Harper Horizon. The book, out in Fall , is an inspiring, welcoming and simple yet effective guide to health, happiness and sustainable living. Instead of promoting a rigid diet, Small Changes will instead offer readers a stress-and-judgment-free approach for enacting easy, incremental changes across all areas of life.

Discover more movies starring Alicia Witt on Hallmark Channel. Go now >>

Sours: https://www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com/christmas-tree-lane/cast/alicia-witt
The Christmas House - Hallmark Movies - New Movies - Movies 2021

Alicia Witt

American actress, singer, and pianist

Alicia Roanne Witt (born August 21, [1]) is an American actress, singer and pianist. She first came to fame as a child actress after being discovered by David Lynch, who cast her in Dune () and Twin Peaks (). Witt had a critically acclaimed role as a disturbed teenager in Fun (), appeared as a music student in Mr. Holland's Opus () and as a terrorized college student in the horror film Urban Legend (). She appeared in Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky (), Two Weeks Notice (), Last Holiday (), and the thriller 88 Minutes (). Witt has made television appearances in The Walking Dead, The Sopranos, Nashville, Two and a Half Men, Friday Night Lights, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Mentalist, Cybill, Justified, Twin Peaks: The Return, CSI: Miami, and Orange Is the New Black.

In addition to acting, Witt has been described as a musical prodigy,[2] as an accomplished pianist, singer, and songwriter. Beginning in , Witt has starred in eight annual Hallmark Christmas movies. On her most recent, 's Christmas Tree Lane, she served as executive producer, storywriter, and contributed two original songs that her character sings on-screen.[3][4]

Early life[edit]

Witt was born on August 21, , in Worcester, Massachusetts, to Diane (née Pietro), a junior high school reading teacher, and Robert Witt, a science teacher and photographer. She has a brother, Ian.[5][6] Talking by age two and reading by the age of four,[1] Witt has been described as a child prodigy.[2] Her acting talent was recognized by director David Lynch in , when he heard her recite Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet on the television show That's Incredible! at age 5. He would begin working with her in film and television even before Witt earned her high school equivalency credential (at age 14).[1] From the age of 10 to 14, Witt took four piano lessons a week, including from a Boston University professor,[1] and competed nationally.[7]


Film and television[edit]

Witt's discovery by Lynch led to his casting of the "flame-haired" child in the movie Dune (),[1] as Paul Atreides's sister Alia; she turned 8 during filming. She worked with Lynch again when she appeared in an episode of Twin Peaks,[1] playing the younger sister of Lara Flynn Boyle's character Donna.

These experiences led to Witt's having small parts in Mike Figgis' Liebestraum (), in which her brother Ian also appears, the Gen-X drama Bodies, Rest & Motion (), and the TV movie The Disappearance of Vonnie (). In , Witt landed her first lead role in a film, playing a disturbed, murderous teenager in Fun[1] and receiving the Special Jury Recognition Award at the Sundance Festival. Witt was then cast in the "desultory" Four Rooms,[1] as Madonna's lover in the episode, "The Missing Ingredient".

Witt was introduced to a larger audience in the role of Cybill Shepherd's daughter, Zoey Woodbine, in the sitcom Cybill.[1] While playing that part from to , she also had film roles in Stephen Herek's Mr. Holland's Opus, Alexander Payne's Citizen Ruth,[1]Robert Allan Ackerman's Passion's Way (based on the Edith Wharton novel, The Reef), and Richard Sears' comedy Bongwater. After Cybill was cancelled, Witt went on to leading roles in Jamie Blanks' horror film Urban Legend (alongside Jared Leto, Joshua Jackson, and Rebecca Gayheart),[1] and in Kevin Altieri/Touchstone Pictures' limited-release animated feature, Gen¹³. In , Witt had starring roles on episodes of the television shows Ally McBeal and The Sopranos, the lead role in the Matthew Huffman comedy Playing Mona Lisa (featuring Harvey Fierstein, Elliott Gould, and Marlo Thomas), and a part in John Waters' Cecil B. Demented.[1]

She then went on to a small part in Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky (). Witt played "Two", the college graduate discussing loss of her virginity, in Rodrigo Garcia's Ten Tiny Love Stories (a series of 10 monologues, alongside ones by Radha Mitchell, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Debi Mazar, Elizabeth Peña, and others), and played the role of promiscuous Barbie, half-sister of the title character, in American Girl (starring Jena Malone). Witt also appeared in Marc Lawrence's romantic comedy Two Weeks Notice (), starring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock.

In –04, she took up residence in the United Kingdom, though she portrayed Joan Allen's daughter in the US-based comic drama The Upside of Anger (with Kevin Costner, Keri Russell, Evan Rachel Wood, and others). Between these two projects, Witt went to South Africa to shoot a film interpretation of the epic poem "Das Nibelungenlied", played one of the central characters Kriemhild in the German TV movieKingdom in Twilight (with title Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King in the U.S., and The Ring of the Nibelungs and The Sword of Xanten elsewhere).

Witt filmed the Last Holiday () and the thriller 88 Minutes (, alongside Al Pacino[1]), and joined the cast of Law & Order: Criminal Intent for the – season. In the latter she played Detective Nola Falacci, a character temporarily replacing Megan Wheeler as Detective Mike Logan's (Chris Noth) partner (otherwise played by Julianne Nicholson, who was away on maternity leave), and was a recurring character in the – season.[8] Witt appeared in the role of Amy in the film Peep World ().[1]

Witt appeared as the character Elaine Clayton in Cowgirls n' Angels (),[1] and in co-starred in the independent film Cold Turkey opposite Peter Bogdanovich and Cheryl Hines; there, she additionally performed an original musical piece over the end credits (see below). Her dramatic performance in this film was critically acclaimed,[9][10] with New York Magazine's David Edelstein proclaiming her turn one of the top performances of [11] Witt also appeared in four Christmas films in the feature film Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas, A Snow Globe Christmas for the Lifetime Channel, and A Very Merry Mix-Up for the Hallmark Channel, and in the Hallmark Channel's Christmas at Cartwright's.

Also in , Witt appeared in a guest starring role on the DirecTV series Kingdom,[12] which aired that October. In , in the fifth season of the FX series Justified she played Wendy Crowe, the brightest member of a Floridian crime family that gets entangled in the show's events in Kentucky.[13] In April , Witt appeared in two episodes of the hit series The Walking Dead;[14] the same month, it was announced that she would also be reprising her role as Gersten Hayward in the Twin Peaks series.[15] Witt filmed a guest starring role on Season 12 of Supernatural as Lily Sunder, a former enemy of Castiel's.[16] In , she had a recurring role on the seventh season of Orange Is the New Black as Zelda.


Witt made her stage debut in , at Los Angeles' historic Tiffany Theater, in Robbie Fox's musical The Gift, in which she played a high-priced, albeit disease-carrying, stripper.

While in residence in the UK in , she starred as Evelyn in a stage production of Neil LaBute's The Shape of Things at the New Ambassadors Theatre.[17][18] In September , Witt returned to the London stage at the Royal Court Theatre, in the critically well-received Piano/Forte, wherein she was "well-cast" in portraying the stammering, emotionally damaged pianist Abigail, sister to "unloved attention-seeker" Louise (Kelly Reilly).[19]

Witt performed alongside Amber Tamblyn in Neil LaBute's play, Reasons to Be Pretty, at the Geffen Playhouse, which ran until August 31, [20][21]



This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. (January )

In addition to acting, Witt is a professional singer-songwriter and pianist,[22] and is reported to have been a musical prodigy.[2] During her work with David Lynch, she supported herself by playing piano at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.[7]

Responses to her stage portrayal of Abigail in Piano/Forte, which included scenes of piano-playing, noted her skill as an "outstanding pianist".[23]

In , Witt released her self-titled extended play album,[24] followed by Live at Rockwood in [25] and Revisionary History in [26][27] In , Witt and Ben Folds performed a song they had co-written on the soundtrack for the independent film Cold Turkey. The Nashville Scene said of Revisionary History: "Witt's new album Revisionary History is a piano-pop gem that sounds by turns like "Grey Seal"-era Elton John, an alt-universe Fiona Apple and a film-noir chanteuse notching her nights in cigarette burns on the fallboard."[28]

In , Witt joined the cast of ABC's Nashville in a recurring capacity playing established country singer Autumn Chase. Witt performed several songs throughout season 4.

In August , Witt released a five-song EP album titled 15, Days (a reference to the length of time she had been alive when she recorded the album) working with producer Jacquire King.[29][30] She is currently finishing recording her new album, which she co-produced with Jordan Lehning and Bill Reynolds. Titled The Conduit, it is scheduled to be released in September (24th, most regions) of

In , Witt released two new Christmas songs, as heard in her new Hallmark Christmas movie, Christmas Tree Lane. "Why Christmas" and "Christmas Will Never End" are performed on-screen by her character, music store owner and songwriter Meg.

Other appearances[edit]


This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. (January )

In September , Witt competed on Wheel of Fortune.[31]

On June 14, , Witt modeled what is believed to be the most expensive hat ever made, for Christie's auction house in London. The Chapeau d'Amour, designed by Louis Mariette, is valued at $ million (US) and is encrusted in diamonds.[32][33]

October 5th - Releasing a book called "Small Changes: A Rules-Free Guide to Add More Plant-Based Foods, Peace & Power to Your Life".




Stage credits[edit]



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