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Dynojet Black Power Vision Tuner PV-2B

• Downloads and stores the stock calibration• Select up to 6 different tunes that are stored on the device and can be flashed to your bike• Dynojet preconfigured tunes for your bike pre-loaded on the device ready to go, right out of the box!• Identifies your bike's information and automatically sorts hundreds of applicable Dyno proven tunes for you to choose from• Custom tunes loaded by a custom tuning shop or received via email and loaded on the device• Display all J H-D vehicle data as well as wide band air-fuel ratio and various calculated channels (such as MPG instant and trip MPG)• AutoTune Basic and Pro3 calculates and stores fuel trims to optimize fuel curve• Check and clear diagnostic codes• Reset adaptive fuel trims and idle offset (with bike running)• Integrated AMPS 4 hole threaded inserts for various mounting solutions• Works with Auto tune kitNote: No returns once installed, warranty and service handled directly through Dynojet.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Dynojet-Black-Power-Vision-Tuner/dp/B00T6JKU6A

Dynojet Power Vision 3 Install

We&#;re back baby. We&#;re back Stanley is back. I tell you what man Stanley&#;s next hurting a little bit. Donald Super kind of them to give us a power vision three so we&#;re gonna install this thing on the Turbo S. Stay tuned. Can you focus? please thank you so Power Vision to 19 players razor XP T so one thing that I&#;m going to be able to do with this once all said and done is I will be able to use this to to install my tunes on the nineteenth Turbo S and I will also use this same module to install my tunes onto the 14 X P only thing is I have to install my tunes first on the Turbo S. so let&#;s get the box open and see what it&#;s got. Sweet, You gotta check that out. Sweet It&#;s kinda long U S P down here. Another data connector hooked up hook up. Boxing. It&#;s got there&#;s our data cable. The USB We got our installation guide. Players. Stickers Two pieces of Velcro. It&#;s your limited warranty card and an alcohol pad for cleaning the surface. I&#;m not gonna lie. I&#;m pretty I&#;m pretty surprised that this is literally. It is. No power cable, No. It&#;s gonna be easier video than I thought when for me baby. Alright, so we got our thing hooked up to our diagnostic port and just have to put our hood back on next thing. We&#;re gonna do is we&#;re going to mount this somewhere on the dash. I&#;m not quite sure yet they will come up with something down here. I don&#;t know we&#;ll figure something out. Alright, so we got this thing mounted up now we&#;re gonna do is turn the key on and. I guess go from there. I&#;ll get back with you when I&#;m done. Alright guys so flash forward today and we got everything installed into the Turbo S. It was the easiest thing I&#;ve ever done. you literally hook up one into the cable to the the data plugin upfront you run it through the firewall. And up to your dash and it&#;s literally that simple you turn the key on follow the onscreen prompts select your tin. Once you it&#;ll be confusing because all the tunes are just numbered. But if you actually click on it and scroll through the instructions, it will tell you what it&#;s made for if it&#;s made for you know upping the boost or anything like that if it had. Machine only has stock parameters then you know obviously choose one of the the lower ones, but then it goes all the way up through the full exhaust upgrades and intake upgrades and everything as well and those are all pre programmed onto the unit. I&#;m gonna be doing a little bit of rotten with it, but right now we don&#;t have anything going on. so I&#;ll get another video get that put out and it&#;ll have to do with how the right ability and everything. The tuning everything other than that Super pleased with it, I did cruise it up and down the Street. Put a smile on my face, so I can&#;t wait to get it out there. Big shout out to you Matt over at Dynojet. I appreciate everything you did and yeah, thanks again. man look forward to using it later.

Sours: https://www.facebook.com/A1UTV/videos/dynojet-power-visioninstall//
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Video-Install a DynoJet Power Vision Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Tuner on Your Motorcycle | Program &#; Tune

By Bikers For Bikers

VIDEO-This is a thorough tutorial video on how to install a DynoJet Power Vision EFI tuner on your motorcycle. In this video we use a Harley Davidson motorcycle. We show you how to install 18mm wide-band O2 sensors on your pipes, route wiring, wire the unit, pair it with an auto tuner, mount it to your handlebars, hook it to a laptop, operate the software, update the software, create an auto tune map, and then flash that map to your engine control module (ECM). We show you other tips, tricks, and other functionality of the Power Vision in this video.

Save yourself money and don't rely on a dealership or technician to do this for you. After watching this tutorial video you will definitely be able to install the Dynojet Power Vision on your own right on the kickstand in your garage or on your patio! No specialty tools are needed.

You can pair the Power Vision with a Dynojet Auto Tuner and it is a great solution for tuning your motorcycle's EFI. If you get new header pipes, mufflers, or air intake on your motorcycle then you need to at least do a basic re-map of your motorcycle's electronic fuel injection (EFI) or things will not run properly.

That is where the Power Vision comes into play. We show you how to start with a pre-determined (canned) EFI map by Dynojet based on your particular pipe and intake set up. That gets you started and then you can get more detailed with running auto tune sessions and flashing your ECM afterwards to really dial things in. We make this process super easy for you to understand and perform yourself. You can really increase the performance and efficiency of your motorcycle with the Power Vision, so let us show you how & take the stress out of if.

The great thing about the Power Vision verses the Harley Davidson dealer standard EFI download is that with the PV you can always change things at any time in the event you change pipes or air intake down the road. With the Harley dealer standard download you have to return and pay every time they have to flash your Engine Control Module (ECM). Harley charges $+ for this download for 15 minutes of work.

Your stock Harley Davidson has narrow-band 12mm O2 sensors and 12mm bungs on your header pipes. So, you will need to order header pipes with 18mm bungs or have them welded into your existing headers if you want the PV to read in a wide band mode, which offers better tuning capabilities.

However, you can just leave the stock Harley 12mm O2 sensors in place and have the Power Vision read off those sensors in a different mode, but you will not get all the benefits of wide band readings.

You will need a computer for the Power Vision, so you can utilize it properly and get the most out of it. We will show you the PV software installation and how to update the PV unit software out of the box. We show you where and how to get basic EFI maps and put them on the PV, so you can later flash your ECM once on your bike.

If you later want to become a tuning expert you can really mess around with maps on a laptop using the PV software, adjust individual cells, and make your own custom maps based on a ton of readings. That process is for tuning experts only and not realistic for the every day biker, so we stay away from that and it is not shown in this video as it is not realistic. You can damage your bike if you start doing that kind of advanced tuning unless you really spend a lot of time doing it and understanding it.

For the most part, after you get all set up and get the Power Vision installed you can do everything right from the touch screen unit on your bars. We will get you there no problem in this video.  This is a simple yet comprehensive tutorial video made by bikers for bikers, so you know you will understand it. Don't get stressed and spend hours upon hours scouring the internet for bits and pieces of info from persons that can't teach at a regular bikers level or from those that don't even ride motorcycles. Get this video and get out riding already!

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up!

Sours: https://www.lawabidingbiker.com/powervision/

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Install vision dynojet power

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Dynojet Power Vision Set Up, Map Loading and Code Clearing : Pro Tip

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