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&#; Review / All New cc Honda Side by Side / UTV / SxS / Utility Vehicle (SXS10M5DG) &#;

Honda Pro Kevin Under Construction

This page will cover the Honda Pioneer Deluxe model. The Deluxe gives you a lot more than just Electric Power Steering, see below for a complete overview of the differences between the Pioneer Deluxe vs &#;base&#; model. You have (3) other model options to choose from that all have different features and all of those models and their specs / features can be viewed via the links below:

The Honda Pioneer The new benchmark for flagship multipurpose side by side!

Honda has taken the concept of what a multipurpose side by side / UTV is and has changed it forever. With features like a class-leading, purpose-built cc parallel-twin engine and the side-by-side industry&#;s first Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), it was immediately clear that a new standard had been set.

The thing is, while the Pioneer easily bests the competition in a component-to-component breakdown, that&#;s only a part of the story: what&#;s even more incredible is how well the various parts function together as a whole. Just a minute or two behind the steering wheel, and it&#;s obvious that this is flagship multipurpose side-by-side done right.

When Honda engineers set out to develop an open-class multipurpose side-by-side, they weren&#;t interested in offering a me-too model. Using Honda&#;s signature total approach, they wanted to match or exceed the competition in all of the important areas, and that&#;s exactly what the Pioneer does:

Honda technicians have proven time and again that there&#;s simply no one better at developing engines, and their full expertise was called upon for the Pioneer &#;s all-new, purpose-built side-by-side power plant. The result is an engine that&#;s head-and-shoulders above anything else on the market, serving as a reminder that there&#;s a reason behind the manufacturer&#;s name: Honda Motor Company.

  • cc—the most displacement in the industry.
  • Big power and torque: able to haul 1, pounds ( pounds for California models) and tow an amazing 2, pounds—that&#;s one ton!
  • Unicam design like that of Honda&#;s legendary CRF motocross models—achieves high performance while simultaneously minimizing weight and bulk.
  • High-tech &#;roller rockers&#; have a roller that contacts the cam, greatly reducing friction and wear compared to standard rocker arms.
  • Longitudinal engine mounting eliminates unnecessary right angles in the driveline, ensuring an efficient transfer of power to the ground.
  • Engine and exhaust system are rubber-mounted to reduce vibration and noise.
  • To help the engine meet Honda&#;s unmatched reliability standards, the air inlet is positioned high under the hood, resulting in a clean supply of air and excellent clearance for water fording. The air-cleaner element is a viscous paper type, for exceptional filtration and a long service life.

Pioneer Engine Performance Numbers / Details:

  • Pioneer Horsepower: 72 HP
    • Pioneer Top Speed: 67 MPH via Electronic Speed Limiter
  • Pioneer Horsepower: 72 HP
    • Pioneer Top Speed: 67 MPH via Electronic Speed Limiter

Honda Pioneer Review / Specs - Side by Side ATV - UTV - SxS - 4x4 Utility Vehicle Model Lineup

The side-by-side market&#;s first fully Automatic DCT is a superior system, the perfect transmission for a flagship SxS model—and no one does DCT better than Honda, as evidenced by the sophisticated transmission on the Pioneer

  • Six-speed automatic on all four types; those equipped with EPS also have a sport mode switch and manual paddle shifters.
  • Advanced shift logic: The system monitors variables including throttle position and input, engine rpm, vehicle speed and brake input to determine driving style. During relaxed input, the transmission maintains a low rpm for a quiet cabin, low vibration and improved fuel efficiency. During more aggressive input, a higher rpm is held, maximizing engine torque and power. During inconsistent throttle input, transient detection logic prevents multiple up- and downshifts. When descents are detected, the transmission downshifts to provide true engine braking.
  • Changing modes on the fly immediately alters the character of the machine, from quiet and relaxed to exciting and powerful.
  • Even in automatic mode, the driver can override the gear selection at any time by using the paddle shifters. The selected gear will be maintained for several seconds before the transmission seamlessly reverts to fully automatic shifting.
  • The low-range sub-transmission has a ratio (like a 4WD truck), essentially doubling the number of gears from six to twelve.
  • Multiple drive-system modes enable correct driveline selection for almost any situation: 2WD (locked rear differential), 4WD (locked rear/limited-slip front differential), Differential Lock (locked rear/locked front to maximize available traction), Turf Mode (2WD with limited-slip rear differential, to protect lawn or crops).

Like the engine, the Pioneer &#;s chassis was purpose-built, engineered for uncompromising comfort and capability.

  • Dual A-arm design and fully independent suspension front and rear, with inches of plush travel up front, inches in back.
  • Ground clearance is an impressive inches on the and EPS, and inches on the EPS and Deluxe.
  • All Pioneer models come equipped with 27&#; tires. The Deluxe model comes standard with premium Maxxis Bighorn tires, featuring radial construction for exceptional ride comfort and traction.
  • Standard on the five-person models (and available as an accessory for the three-person models) is a self-leveling rear suspension system, which automatically maintains the appropriate ride height when fully loaded, thereby maximizing ride comfort and maintaining consistent vehicle handling.
  • Pioneer EPS and both 5-person models come with a sophisticated Electric Power Steering system (EPS) that reacts to both vehicle speed and steering input, delivering precise driving feedback while also reducing steering effort (and thus driver fatigue). This is true even with the front differential locked, as kickback at the steering wheel is nearly eliminated in technical terrain.
  • Tilt steering on all models with EPS.


Serving as a constant reminder of the Pioneer &#;s premium status are a couple of traits for which Honda is famous—attention to detail, and fit and finish.

  • Wide, comfortable bench seat for one, two or three passengers, with hand-hold straps and a shoulder belt for the center passenger (center seat is positioned high and forward to increase comfort and maximize space).
  • Rear seating for two, with Honda&#;s exclusive QuickFlip® convertible rear seats on both five-person models (no tools needed to convert passenger seats to cargo space in seconds). This enables a compact wheelbase, achieving a number of advantages over SxS models with a &#;crew&#; design: improved maneuverability, increased options for vehicle transportation and storage, and better breakover angle. The easy-to-use dump-bed lever can be accessed from outside the vehicle or from a front seated position.
  • Hard doors with nets on all models, providing passengers with a secure feel and helping to keep mud and debris out of the rider cabin.
  • Large, easy-to-reach transmission and drive levers with positive detents make it easy to identify the selected gear and drive mode by sight or feel.
  • LED headlights (37W high/low beam) are standard on the Deluxe model, providing a bright, wide beam pattern and excellent service life with minimal power consumption. (The other Pioneer types have Halogen headlights, with LED available as an accessory.)
  • The LCD multifunction display has a large, easy-to-read screen, showing speed, odometer, trip A and B, tachometer, gear selected, transmission mode, drive mode, clock, fuel, water temperature, mode and maintenance reminder.
  • Two open dash-storage areas and a weatherproof glove box.

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The Business of SxS
Powersports&#; strongest segment continues to grow

One might say that side-by-sides are the best-kept success-story secret in powersports, but while it&#;s still possible for these enjoyable products to be overlooked by some, their incredible sales numbers are rapidly reducing the ranks of the uninitiated. Simply put, SxS is the fastest-growing category in powersports, and as these customers have demanded more performance and capability from their vehicles, the flagship multipurpose has become the fastest-growing segment, at close to , per year. To meet the needs and expectations of Honda customers, Honda developed the Pioneer , which is among the company&#;s most important powersports products of the last decade.

But exactly what is a flagship multipurpose side-by-side? Among these vehicles&#; typical traits are large-displacement (+cc) multi-cylinder engines, comfortable suspension, sophisticated 4WD systems, big hauling and towing capacity and exceptional capability in both recreation and work applications. As for who&#;s buying them, side-by-side customers in general are becoming increasingly difficult to pigeonhole, but buyers of flagship multipurpose side-by-sides tend to be experienced powersports customers who want the biggest and best—folks who are looking for both a balance of recreation and work capability and a top-of-the-line product that can go anywhere and haul anything. These owners get extreme usage out of their vehicles.

While the Pioneer is new, the road that led to it is long. The company was at the forefront of the ATV market in , when it offered the three-wheel US90 (later to be called the ATC90), and its ATV lineup now includes a full spectrum of four-wheel vehicles, from the sporty TRX family to the versatile Rincon, Rubicon, Foreman, Rancher and Recon lines. From to &#;89, Honda sold a four-wheel powersports vehicle called the Odyssey, and although that model did have a roll cage, it was just a single-seater; Honda&#;s first true side-by-side was the utility-focused Big Red, introduced for Big Red was replaced by the model-year Pioneer —a midsize multipurpose model that&#;s available in two-person and four-person configurations. The following year, Honda added the two-person Pioneer , an entry-level side-by-side whose narrow stance allows it to drive on tight trails and fit in the bed of a pickup truck.

Now, Honda rounds out its Pioneer family with the Pioneer , a no-compromise flagship multipurpose side-by-side. Like all Honda SxS vehicles, the Pioneer is produced at the Honda of South Carolina plant using domestic and globally sourced parts. The plant even added a new assembly line to handle capacity for this model.

Shape Shifter

How the Pioneer adapts to its owner&#;s every whim

One great thing about multipurpose side-by-sides is the myriad ways that they can be used, and with the Pioneer , owners can easily personalize and adjust their vehicles based on their specific application.

Trim Levels: To start with, the model is available in four different versions, two with a three-person configuration and two with a five-person capability (see chart).

QuickFlip: Customers who opt for a five-person model can quickly convert the rear seats into a cargo bed via the easy-to-use QuickFlip feature (exclusive to Honda).

Self-Leveling Suspension: When the Pioneer EPS or Pioneer Deluxe are loaded with rear passengers or cargo, their rear suspension uses a series of hydraulic chambers that automatically adjust to the correct ride height—no more compromising between a low-riding rear end when loaded or a too-stiff ride with a light load. This feature is also available as an accessory for the Pioneer and EPS.

DCT: The Pioneer &#;s six-speed dual-clutch transmission has many advantages, but among the most attractive is its multiple modes. Depending on driver preference or the conditions encountered, the DCT on EPS models can be switched between two fully automatic modes (Standard and Sport), or Manual paddle-shift. In Automatic, the Advanced Transmission Logic senses the driver&#;s style and adapts, upshifting earlier when input is relaxed and holding gears longer for sportier driving. The system even detects descents and provides real engine braking.

Sub-Transmission: For situations that call for maximum torque (like difficult terrain or towing heavy loads), drivers can reduce the gear ratio by 42 percent, essentially doubling the number of gears from six to

Drive Modes: With a shift of a single lever, drivers can change the Pioneer &#;s drive mode. Of course there&#;s 2WD for normal terrain and 4WD for more challenging going. In addition, front and rear differentials can be locked for when maximum power is needed at all four wheels. Finally, Turf Mode unlocks both differentials to protect sensitive surfaces.

Tilt Steering: Standard on Pioneer types with EPS, the tilt steering wheel adjusts very far forward to allow easy entry and exit for drivers of all sizes.

Accessories: Owners looking for even more ways to customize their Pioneer s can select from (or even combine) six Honda Genuine Accessory packages: All-Weather, Trail, Hunting, Work, Protection and Custom. Those who prefer to mix and match can choose from the full line of over 70 individual accessories, including wheels, colored body panels, roofs and tops, windshields and windscreens, doors, rear panels, covers, protection, winches, plow blades, towing components, electrical, seat covers and more.

Engineering Spotlight

The DCT Difference
There&#;s no shortage of areas where Honda has set new benchmarks with the Pioneer , but perhaps the most pertinent is the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), which makes its first appearance ever on a side-by-side. Enthusiasts of high-performance sports cars are familiar with DCT technology, but until now, it wasn&#;t available to SxS customers.

What is DCT?
A superior technology, DCT is an all-gear transmission that shifts automatically—the best of both worlds!

  • As the name suggests, Dual Clutch Transmissions have two clutches—one that controls odd-numbered gear sets (first, third, fifth), and another that controls even-numbered gear sets (second, fourth, sixth). A hollow outer transmission shaft contains a separate internal shaft, and each holds one of the two clutches.
  • Multiple gears are engaged simultaneously so that the transmission is constantly prepared for the next shift. For gear-changes, one clutch disengages and the other engages, resulting in shifts that are quick, smooth, seamless.
  • Data, collected by a series of sensors, is processed by the ECU, which uses an advanced algorithm to determine when the shift-control motor should electronically trigger gear-changes. The clutches are controlled by sophisticated electronics and hydraulics.
  • Honda is the powersports leader in DCT, having debuted it on the VFRF and since adapted, refined and expanded it to other motorcycles and premium ATVs.

Why DCT?
The short answer is simple—because it&#;s better—but there&#;s obviously more to it than that, as DCT offers a long list of advantages:

  • Durability: All-gear designs (with no belts) provide a direct, connected feel between the accelerator and the wheels, as well as improved durability, reduced maintenance and efficient power transfer.
  • Versatility: Whereas most transmissions are either automatic or manual, DCT systems can give owners the option to choose depending on the driver and the conditions. For example, use standard automatic for relaxed cruising, sport mode to hold gears longer for more spirited driving, or manual to have fun shifting, like a sports car, or to allow precise speed control for operations like spraying and plowing.
  • Performance: While DCT is known for its ease of use, its smooth, quick gear-changes are also ideal for sportier applications—hence its availability on the new CRFL Africa Twin adventure-touring motorcycle, and even the next-generation Acura NSX sports car. Whereas a typical CVT design transmits 88% of power to the ground, all-gear systems deliver %. DCT allows maximum engine torque and true engine braking for the heaviest loads, hills and technical terrain.

Building Character

Dealer Perspective
Michigan Honda dealer Todd Bellisle on what the Pioneer means to dealers

Since establishing North Honda Motorsports in , the Bellisle family—father Mike and sons Todd and Eric—have witnessed a steady growth in the Menominee, Michigan, dealership&#;s four-wheel sales, first with ATVs and more recently also with side-by-sides. Today, Todd estimates SxS vehicles alone are responsible for 50 percent of the shop&#;s business, with multipurpose vehicles comprising approximately 75 percent of that—and sales are continuing to grow. Keeping up with the demand and also putting on the occasional shop ride keeps the brothers busy, but we managed to corner Todd long enough to ask him what the Pioneer will mean to the Bellisles&#; business.

How are your customers using Pioneer side-by-sides?
Honestly, while they usually buy them for utility, I&#;d say they use them much more for recreation. We have a lot of everything in our area, so customers use their side-by-sides for hunting, fishing and just general recreational use like trail riding. I&#;d guess utility makes up about 20 percent of use, and that&#;s for things like working around the cabin and/or house—general work more than industrial use. We also sell a lot of snowplows and winches. Our customers are using their side-by-sides on a daily basis—five out of seven days a week, all year round, even with our winters.

What about the Pioneer do you find most appealing?
It&#;s a total package—a premium machine. I&#;m big on fit and finish, and I really believe that&#;s what sets Honda apart. First impressions mean a whole lot, especially on a big purchase, where family is involved. For this particular unit, the displacement is important as well, because for this category, bigger is better—not so much the physical size, but engine displacement, just like the guy driving a big pick-up truck. So it&#;s great on paper, but it rides as good as it looks. I was fortunate to get a chance to drive a Pioneer early on, and that&#;s really the best way to appreciate it. Honda really hit the nail on the head with this one.

How do you see the Pioneer fitting into your dealership&#;s side-by-side lineup?
The Pioneer and are great models, and we sell a ton of them—many to customers who are moving up from an ATV to a side-by-side. I think we&#;ll sell a lot of Pioneer s to people who are transitioning up from those vehicles, as well as to customers who previously owned other brands of side-by-sides. In my mind, the Pioneer has got everything that this particular customer is looking for—the look, the performance, the options and modes and the capability—and then it backs that up when you actually drive it. There&#;s no reason why a customer wouldn&#;t consider it. I&#;m percent confident we&#;ll sell every Pioneer that we get for —the machine sells itself.


Pioneer Price / MSRP:

Model Name / Price / Model ID / Colors

  • Pioneer Price / MSRP &#; $16,(SXS10M5PG) Red, Olive (Green)
  • Pioneer Deluxe Price / MSRP &#; $17,(SXSM5DG) White, Red, Metallic Silver, Phantom Camo
  • Pioneer Deluxe Phantom Camo Price / MSRP &#; $17,

Honda Pioneer Colors - Side by Side ATV / UTV / SxS / Utility Vehicle 4x4 - Pioneer Deluxe

Here&#;s a breakdown on a few key features for the Pioneer Deluxe as well as the differences between the Pioneer Deluxe vs Pioneer base model.

  • Big Tires
    The Pioneer comes standard with large inch tires on inch steel rims. There’s also an option with the Pioneer Deluxe version, which features inch radial tires on bigger inch aluminum rims. Both offer excellent traction.
  • Pound Towing Capacity
    Able to tow a full ton ( pounds), the Pioneer can take on big jobs that otherwise would have required a tractor or a truck.
  • Pound-Capacity Tilt Bed
    You can load a full half-ton* into the Pioneer ’s bed. And when it’s time to unload, the bed’s tilting feature makes dumping firewood, gravel, sand, or other items easy.
  • Driver/Passenger Protection
    The Pioneer is loaded with features to help provide a feeling of security for the driver and passengers. The Occupant Protection Structure uses sturdy, large-diameter tubing, and includes integrated handholds, recessed top tubes and a more spacious structure to enhance protection; it also meets OSHA’s rollover protective structure standard. Hard doors and roll-up side nets provide a secure feel and keep mud and debris out of the cabin, while automotive-style three-point belts with an Emergency Locking Retractor mechanism help keep everyone secure.
  • Automatic Load Leveling Rear Suspension
    When you fill the two rear seats or put a bigger load into the Pioneer ’s bed, the rear suspension automatically senses the increase and adjusts the ride height to compensate. This maintains ground clearance and maximizes comfort when loaded.
  • Chassis Refinements
    The Pioneer ’s chassis may not be the first thing you see, but it’s one of the first things you’ll notice when you’re on the trail. The independent, long-travel suspension, excellent ground clearance and large tires all work in concert to deliver superior ride comfort and superb traction. The rubber-mounted engine and exhaust system insulates you from annoying vibration, so your driving experience is like riding in first class, not economy. And on the Pioneer , a special self-leveling rear suspension automatically compensates for changing loads.
  • 3-Passenger Contoured Bench Seat
    Designed for three, this seat might even be more comfortable than your sofa at home! With a durable covering, it’s built for all-weather use, and to hold up to the rigors of off-road use. The center seat is positioned up and forward to increase comfort and maximize space for all three passengers.
  • Tilt Wheel
    One size never fits all—that’s why the all-new Pioneer gets a tilt wheel to let you find a position that’s right for you. It also makes getting in and out easier for the driver.
  • QuickFlip® Seating
    The Pioneer ’s bed features a pair of seats that flip up or fold down independently in seconds. Up, they provide secure seating for one or two additional passengers; down, you get a true flat cargo bed surface for utility use.
  • Paddle Shifting
    You can let the Pioneer shift automatically, but if you want to choose a specific gear, upshift or downshift yourself in demanding conditions and even override the automatic gear selection—all without ever moving your hands from the wheel. The Pioneer ’s twin paddle-type shifters make it easy and fun.
  • Electric Power Steering
    Electric Power Steering helps eliminate bump steer and lessens steering effort, especially over rocks, logs and on sidehills. Honda’s system is second to none. You get more boost when you need it, when you’re in four-wheel drive, at lower speeds and in rough conditions.
  • Powerful cc Twin-Cylinder Engine
    A flagship Side-by-Side starts with a flagship engine, and the all-new Pioneer features one of our best. A class-leading cc liquid-cooled inline-twin, it’s the largest in the industry. And it’s also one of the smartest, utilizing Honda’s proprietary Unicam® cylinder-head design, perfected in our high-output motocross bikes. Built specifically for the Pioneer , the engine is specially tuned to produce the horsepower and torque this SxS demands.
  • LCD Display
    All our Pioneer models feature deluxe, multi-function LCD dashboard instrumentation that displays fuel level, engine speed (rpm), vehicle speed, tripmeter, odometer, a clock, gear position and much more.
  • High/Low Subtransmission
    In some really tricky, rocky terrain, hauling a big load down a steep hill, or need some real hill-climbing ability? This is just the ticket. A full percent gear reduction is available when you shift from High to Low range.
  • Turf/2WD/4WD/Diff Lock
    Total flexibility here, with one lever. Turf mode is perfect for sensitive surfaces (like grass fields) and provides easier steering. Rougher conditions demand four-wheel drive to maximize available traction. And when the trail becomes even more demanding front and rear differential locks drives direct power to all four wheels.
  • Engine Air Intake
    Designed to excel in off-road use, the viscous air-filter element does an excellent job of providing clean air to the engine under tough conditions. It flows air well for increased performance, and also provides a longer service interval.
  • Built in the U.S.A.
    The Pioneer is built especially for the American market—totally in tune with your wants and needs and built in Timmonsville, South Carolina using domestically and globally sourced parts.
  • Four-Wheel Disc Brakes
    With a vehicle as big and capable as the Pioneer , you need brakes that are up to the job, too. Honda’s extensive automotive experience means you know the Pioneer ’s brake system is up to the task.
  • Independent Suspension Front and Rear
    With over 10 inches of front-wheel travel and 10 inches in the rear, the Pioneer also offers generous ground clearance. You get a smooth ride, and improved traction in rough conditions.
  • Fully-Automatic 6-Speed DCT Transmission
    The Pioneer ’s Automatic DCT transmission features paddle shifting, six forward speeds plus reverse, three shift modes (automatic, manual and sport )and two gearing ranges (high and low). It can do all the shifting for you, as smooth and seamless as any automatic, but can also give you total control to shift yourself—it’s the best of all worlds!
  • Advanced Transmission Logic
    The Pioneer is more than tough—it’s Honda Smart. Here are some examples: The Pioneer ’s advanced, fully automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission senses how you’re riding, monitoring throttle position and input, engine RPM, vehicle speed and more. Relaxed drivers get smooth shifts and lower engine speed for a smoother, quieter ride. More sporting drivers get quicker shifts and higher engine speeds to maximize engine torque and power. Going downhill? The Pioneer stays in a lower gear for superior engine braking.

* Features that you lose when you step down from the Pioneer Deluxe to the &#;base&#; model Pioneer

  • Color-Matched Door- and Bedside Panels
    If you want to change colors on your new Pioneer , it’s no problem. The bed and door panels swap out easily. And in the unlikely event of any body damage, the feature also makes any replacement a snap. (Available on Deluxe model)
  • 14&#; Aluminum Wheels
    The Pioneer Deluxe version features inch radial tires on bigger inch aluminum rims. Both offer excellent traction.
  • LED Headlights
Sours: https://www.hondaprokevin.com/side-by-side-models//honda-pioneerdeluxe-review-specs-sxs10m5dg-utility

Honda Pioneer Specifications

ModelSXSM2Engine Typecc liquid-cooled OHV single-cylinder four-strokeBore and Strokemm x mmCompression RatioInductionFuel Injection (PGM-FI), 40mm throttle bodyIgnitionFull-transistorized with electronic advanceClutchAutomaticTransmissionAutomotive-style with hydraulictorque converter, three forward gears and Reverse. Three drive modes include 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with differential lockDrivelineDirect front and rear driveshaftsSuspensionFrontIndependent double-wishbone; inches travelRearIndependent double-wishbone; inches travelBrakesFrontmm hydraulic discRearmm hydraulic discTiresFront25 x Rear25 x Length inchesWidth inchesHeight inchesGround Clearance inchesWheelbase inchesTurning Radius feetTowing Capacity1, poundsPayload Capacity1, poundsFuel Capacity gallons, including gallon reserveColorsRed, Olive, Honda Phantom Camo™Curb Weight*1, pounds
Sours: https://hondanews.com/en-US/powersports/releases/release-1bfeb9bf7c8fhonda-pioneerspecifications
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&#; Pioneer / Update : Full Spec Sheet Now Available! &#;

Yesterday, on August 4th I posted an update here with the entire Pioneer model lineup pricing. Today on August 5th, we have another update on the Pioneer & and this is a big one. A lot of people have been wanting to know the exact dimensions for the Pioneer and its big brother the Pioneer

Aside from this update, check back in a few minutes as I will be posting even more updates concerning details on both the Pioneer and Pioneer &#;

Below, you&#;ll find the full Pioneer Specification Chart showing the dimensions, weight, height and more on the Pioneer / Pioneer EPS / Pioneer / Pioneer Deluxe:

 Pioneer & Specs, Dimensions, Width, Height - SxS / UTV / Side by Side ATV Honda

☆Honda Pioneer First Drive | Review &#; Click Here☆

Here is a breakdown on all of the Pioneer & Model Differences. Some are confused by what features you get with upgrading to the Pioneer EPS versus the standard / base model Pioneer You&#;ll also find the comparison of features and explanation concerning the Pioneer versus Pioneer Deluxe and what all you get for the minimal $1, price jump.

 Pioneer & Model Explanation / Differences - EPS, Deluxe, Review, Wheels, Tires. SxS - UTV - Side by Side ATV cc

What do you think about the Pioneer models now that we have all of the detailed specs? Post up below and let us know what you think.

Please click &#;Like&#; and or Share below if you enjoyed checking out any of my content, pictures, videos, etc or if any of it was helpful on your hunt for detailed Pioneer / information. Thanks guys.


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New Pioneer Drive Review &#; Click Here for my first impressions after putting some time in driving the All New Pioneer Deluxe: 

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