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  • Custom Handguard - Your Design
  • WWII Handguard
  • Predator Side-1
  • Celtic Knot Handguard *Color only to show design
  • Valhalla Handguard
  • Hog Slayer Side-1 *Color only to show design
  • War Shark Handguard *Color only to show design
  • Invictus Handguard
  • Valhalla Handguard
  • Valhalla Handguard
  • Valhalla Handguard
  • Molon Labe Handguard *Color only to show design

AR-15 Handguards

AR-15 Handguards

AR-15 Handguard and Quad Rail Systems in various Sizes, Colors, and configurations such as Keymod and M-Lok

The AR-15 is a modular easily customized platform.  Changing the handguard is an easy task to dress up your weapon taken on by a lot of gun enthusiasts. With the right AR handguard or quad rail system you can attach more accessories.  The 1913 picatinny rails on the quad rail or use of keymod or M-lok system give you more flexibility.  On the AR-15 platform you can attach items such as lasers, lights, rifle scopes, iron sights and a lot more. We have Different setups such as drop in rails and free float handguards. Daytona Tactical carries popular sizes from 7 inch to 15 inch AR-15 Handguards in different colors from a wide selection of manufacturers.  They Include Magpul, Spikes Tactical, BCM, Leapers UTG, Hera Arms, CMMG, Troy Industries, and many more.  Some of our Cerakote colors on our AR-15 Handguards include Flat Dark Earth FDE, Olive Drab Green OD Green, Titanium Blue, Zombie Green, Burnt Bronze, Tungsten Grey, Purple, Pink, and also Hard Coat Anodized Black finishes!

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Magpul MOE M-Lock AR-15 Handguard - Carbine Length - 5 Colors

Magpul MOE AR-15 Handguard - Carbine Length

The Magpul MOE M-LOK Hand Guard (Magpul Original Equipment) for AR15/M4 firearms with carbine-length gas systems combines the light weight of a standard hand guard with modular flexibility. Designed with versatility in mind, M-LOK slots at the two, six, and ten o'clock positions allow the attachment of optional 1913 Picatinny rail sections and other M-LOK accessories for the direct mounting of tactical lights, slings, grips, etc. Reinforced, heat-resistant polymer construction provides operational durability without the weight and expense of an aluminum rail hand guard. Front extensions and lower lip provides additional operator protection from hot front sight assembly.


• Replaces standard M4 Carbine-type plastic hand guards
• Compatible with most piston-driven as well as 'direct impingement' gas systems
• Easy to install utilizing existing delta ring and round or triangular front hand guard retaining cap
• M-LOK slots at the two, six, and ten o'clock positions for mounting MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails or other direct-attach M-LOK accessories
• Reinforced, heat-resistant polymer construction
• Integral riveted aluminum heat shield
• Front lip and side extensions, shields hand from hot gas block
• Relieved area at the top rear accommodates many overhanging optic mounts


• Weight: 6.8 oz.
• Length, overall: 7.1 in.
• Length, mounting: 6.6 in.
• Height, excluding lip: 2.5 in.
• Width, max: 2.2 in.

NOTE: The MOE M-LOK Hand Guard – Carbine-Length is a direct replacement for M4 Carbine-type plastic, two-piece hand guards and utilizes the existing front hand guard retaining cap and delta ring.


AR 15 Handguards & Quad Rails

AT3™ SPEAR M Lok Handguard for AR-15

Shop the Best AR 15 Handguards & Quad Rails

Choosing the right AR-15 handguard is one of the most important decisions to make when building your AR-15.
The AR 15 handguard can define the functionality and appearance of your rifle, and allow for further accessorization. We carry a full line of AR-15 handguards, including both free-float and drop-in varieties, plus handguard accessories and more. READ MORE

  • High Value 15 Inch M-LOK Handguard

    Range Tool 15 Inch M-LOK Handguard for AR15

    A High-Value Handguard for a Fully-Featured Upper Assembly Lean, functional, and affordable.  That's the philosophy behind this US-made free float M-LOK handguard from Range Tool.  A high value AR-15 handguard...
  • Odin Works O2 Lightweight M-LOK Handguard for AR15 - AT3 Tactical

    Odin Works O2 Lightweight M-LOK Handguard for AR15

    The Newest & Lightest AR-15 Forend From Odin Works The Odin Works O2 Lightweight M-LOK Handguard is the newest and lightest forend from Odin Works, engineered with advanced ergonomics for...

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How to Paint Your AR-15 [Forget the Camo Krylon!]

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