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Screwed Over by NYU Again

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I got screwed over by NYU and my advisor. Again. I am currently a senior who always had plans to graduate in four years, which means I should graduate in May Now, I know not to expect much from my senior year due to the pandemic, but I did expect it to go more smoothly considering the way I laid out my schedule to keep it as low stress as possible. So registering for classes for the last time and checking my Degree Progress Report on Albert should have been an easy, stress-free process.

But then I saw my current level under graduation on Albert was labeled “junior” and my progress report said that I had completed only credits out of the required credits required to graduate, which meant while I was figuring out my schedule, I would need one more four-credit class added next semester.

I tried to go through my previous year’s schedule and figure out what was wrong but found nothing concrete. I also tried to figure out if these four credits would cost more because I would not know how to pay for them.

Then I started having an anxiety attack. I’ve had a few anxiety attacks in my life, but this culminated because of the pressure I have to graduate on time from my parents. And though I do know everyone has a different path for graduating and there is no right path, I still felt like a failure and an impostor.

After my sister helped me through the anxiety attack and I informed my parents of the problem, I emailed my advisor to ask why, because you would think your advisor would let you know that you are missing credits. Considering I was previously under the assumption that I was graduating in May, I thought a talk with her would clear things up — I was wrong. The two solutions I was given were to take a January class, where none of my mandatory classes were offered, or to take five classes in the spring. Ultimately, I decided to take five classes this spring.

Can I handle the workload of five classes plus an internship? I don’t know.

But I do wish I was told earlier that I needed an extra four credits. I could have added a minor to my degree or dispersed ‘fun’ classes throughout my four years. If you are currently a senior, or even an underclassman, learn from my mistake and check in with Albert and your advisor.

Sours: https://nyulocal.com/screwed-over-by-nyu-again-ae4fb

Register for Courses out of Shanghai

Spring course offerings are now available in Albert Course Search! If you are an NYU Shanghai student who is continuing to Go Local (study away) or plan to Go Local (study away) next semester, please follow the registration steps below.

Step 1: Know your registration window for enrollment

Step 2 (optional): Declare or change your major

Step 3: Check degree completion requirements

Review your Degree Progress Report in Albert to see what requirements remain for degree completion.

Let your advisor know right away if you find any discrepancies or mistakes in the report so your advisor can take steps to resolve them. If you have questions about degree requirements and what courses fulfill which requirements, refer to the All Majors Requirements Record for your year of matriculation (when you started at NYU Shanghai).

Step 4: Explore courses

Based on your current degree progress and the course offerings at the various locations, select courses you would like to take in Spring See screenshot for instructions. After you know your major requirements, figure out which courses within the global network will fit into your degree plan by reviewing this spreadsheet.

The course list on the spreadsheet is not exhaustive, so if you have a course in mind that you believe could satisfy a major requirement, you can have it evaluated by filling out this Course Evaluation Form, and your advisor will inform you of the evaluation results.

Additional considerations to keep in mind when selecting courses:

  1. Make sure you have fulfilled the prerequisite(s) for courses you want to take.
  2. Check the time for each course to avoid scheduling conflicts.  
  3. Make sure you will be staying on track to graduate on time. You are strongly recommended to take into consideration your Fall semester planning. Keep in mind that you need to fulfill all the core, major, and language requirements and pass at least credits by the end of your senior year to graduate on time.
  4. Time and Time Zones
  • ​Course times in Albert are determined by the course location. 
  • Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Accra, and Buenos Aires do not observe Daylight Saving Time (DST). For courses offered from these locations, the DST shift in the United States, Europe, or Australia can create a conflict that lasts the rest of the semester.
  • Please use a time zone converter to plan your course schedule.

Step 5: Add courses to Albert and VALIDATE them

If your course does not validate, you can request a review. HOWEVER, courses that did not validate because of the following reasons will not be reviewed:

  • Real Time conflicts: Reschedule your classes to avoid real time conflicts.
  • Exceeding the term credit limit: Do not validate more than 18 credits of classes at a time.
  • Instructor consent: Email the instructor for permission to enroll.

Course that did not validate because of the following reasons can be reviewed:

  • Albert says you do not meet course prerequisites, but you believe your courses in Shanghai do meet the prerequisites.
  • Albert says you do not have consent of the department.

If your request passes review, you will receive a permission code that allows you to enroll in the course.

Request a review

Important things to know if you plan to take courses from New York

Step 6: Clear your plan with your advisor and register

Students currently in Shanghai, should arrange in-person meetings. Students currently studying away can discuss your course plan with your advisor via email or video call.

After checking your “Degree Progress Report” and identifying your course plan, please make an appointment with your advisor via Albert. In the meeting, your advisor will review your degree progress, go over your course plan, and answer any questions you have about registration. If everything looks fine, you will be cleared for registration.

Step 7: Enroll

Sours: http:///advising/registration/registering-for-classes-outside-shanghai
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Manage My Academic Record

The Degree Progress Report is an online self-serve tool that allows students to track their progress towards their degree. It is currently available for a number of single major programs, with a plan to implement it for more programs over time. Use the search tool below to check if your program is available.

The Degree Progress Report checks the requirements that are needed for you to graduate in your degree program as per the Undergraduate Calendar. It checks all of the courses on your official record that you have taken at York towards your degree. Based on this automated review, it shows you what requirements you have already completed, what requirements you still need to complete and what is currently in progress. If you have a question about your Degree Progress report, please contact your Faculty or Department.

How to Use the Report

  • Use the search below to see whether a report is currently available for your program and year of entry. If it is, click on the link to access your report.
  • You must be enrolled in at least one course in the program in order for the report to work.
  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions page and glossary of terms to help better understand the terminology used on the report.
  • Review your report and contact your Faculty's Advising Office if you have any questions or concerns.
Degree Progress Report Presentation
Watch the online presentation

PLEASE NOTE: Currently the DPR is available only for single major programs. For programs with stream requirements, the DPR is only available if you have declared your stream. To see if your program is part of the DPR project, please use the search field below.

Note: Many students will have their transfer credit decisions reflected directly on their Degree Progress Report. If you received transfer credit for previous post secondary studies, and your report does not contain that information at this time, some of the rules may be reported as "unsatisfied". However, a link to your most recent transfer credit statement is provided. You can learn more about transfer credits and your Degree Progress Report from the Transfer Credit FAQ page.

If you are not sure whether Degree Progress Reports are available for your program, use this search tool:

Sours: https://myacademicrecord.students.yorku.ca/degree-progress-report

Applying for Graduation

How to Apply

By the beginning of your final semester you should apply for graduation. Also, take note of the official deadlines to apply and other requirements below.

To apply:

  • Log in to NYU Albert
  • Select your academic program
  • Select the term you expect to graduate. Note: If there are no terms available, you are not eligible to apply, or you have already applied.
  • Verify your information and submit your application

Once you have applied, you can check your application status in NYU Albert by clicking the “View My Graduation Status” under Academics.

Graduation Deadlines and Requirements

Students may officially graduate in September, January, or May, however, you must apply for graduation by the deadline listed below in order to be considered as a candidate.

You should also verify or update your expected date of graduation on NYU Albert. You can find this in the Academics section under Graduation.

You won’t be able to update your expected graduation term after you apply for graduation, which could impact your student record and financial aid. You can verify or update your expected date of graduation on NYU Albert in the Academics section under "Graduation."

In addition to your application deadline, you will have to meet the requirements deadline. All requirements associated with your graduation status must be satisfied by this date.

Some schools and departments could set earlier deadlines for some associated items. You can find out more about these deadlines through your school’s website, bulletin, or through your academic advisor.

If you do not meet your requirements before the deadline, you will have to reapply for graduation in the next term.

May Graduation Deadlines

  • Graduation Application: November 2, through February 14,
  • Requirements Deadline: May 18,
  • Graduation Date (Conferral): May 19,

September Graduation Deadlines

  • Graduation Application: March 1, through June 13,
  • Requirements Deadline: September 26,
  • Graduation Date (Conferral): September 27,

Fall /January Graduation Deadlines

  • Graduation Application: July 5, through October 17,
  • Requirements Deadline: January 23,
  • Graduation Date (Conferral): January 24,

May Graduation Deadlines

  • Graduation Application: November 1, through February 13,
  • Requirements Deadline: May 17,
  • Graduation Date (Conferral): May 18, (subject to change)

Please note: Students in the College of Dentistry, Stern School of Business (Graduate), School of Medicine, and School of Professional Studies (Non-Credit) should apply directly to their school.

Sours: https://www.nyu.edu/students/student-information-and-resources/registration-records-and-graduation/graduation-and-diplomas/graduation-information.html

Progress nyu report degree

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