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Armour/Making Period Leather Armour

Armour-Grade leather is basically boiled leather. In this tutorial I will tell you how to make a coat of leather scales, with 1/4 sleeves. If you wear a gambeson under it, it should be SCA legal. If it isn't, then, well you'll have a really cool motorcycle shirt.

Materials[edit | edit source]

  • A large pot that you aren't afraid of ruining.
  • Lots of eight ounce vegetable tanned leather, {or higher thicknesses, but no thicker than 12 ounce}
  • Leather needle, and thick wax coated thread. Fishing line will do fine as well.
  • Something that will easily cut the leather that you chose.
  • Leather punch.
  • A stopwatch, for timing the leathers, boiling time.
  • A spider scoop, or the thing you use to get deep fried food out of the boiler.

Starting the Pattern[edit | edit source]

Start by getting a pattern for a loose shirt with sleeves down to slightly above or below your elbows. A pattern for a chainmail shirt will work good as well, perhaps better. When you have that, make the pattern out of flexible, but tough leather, or thick cloth, like canvas. When you have the shirt sewn, try it on. You will cover every square inch on the outside of this, except the armpit, where you may want to put chainmail. How to make chainmail can be found in another of our tutorials Making Period Mail.

Making the Scales[edit | edit source]

Now you can start making the scales. Obviously you won't be able to do it all in one day. It would probably be a good idea to start out with a simple rectangle, about three inches by an inch and a half. Once you get better you can make "dragon scales". Punch two holes in the top of each scale with the largest punch on the rotary punch, then punch two more a quarter inch beneath those. Fill up about a five gallon bucket. You can find full size patterns for several different scales here

Boiling the Scales[edit | edit source]

Start boiling the water, depending on how many scales you are going to make about a couple gallons should be fine. When the water is simmering, hot, or boiling {your choice} you put the leather scales in until they have shrunk, and are rubbery. You will need to use the timer for this, and experiment. But remember that the longer you leave them in, the thicker, and harder they will get; additionally the longer the leather boils the more brittle it will become once dried. More than 60 seconds of immersion is not recommended as it tends to make the leather unsuitable for armor.

After they have been boiled, you will have to lay them out, perhaps on a cookie sheet, with another cookie sheet on top to keep them flat. After they are dry, thread the needle through the holes your prepunched, and start sewing them to your leather shirt. Make sure to overlap them. You won't beand sew it on there, if you are going to try to use it for SCA battle.

Making Vambraces[edit | edit source]

To make vambraces you simply measure the greatest and least circumferences of your forearm, and make a conical pattern, with holes every half inch or so. Make it about two inches bigger than needed, to allow for the shrinkage. When you have boiled the leather long enough, wrap a towel around your arm, and use your arm as a mold for the leather. It may help if you have another person help you.

Sours: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Armour/Making_Period_Leather_Armour

LARP Adventures

Step Six:

Leather carving and tooling.

This takes a few steps and some practice.

First you need to case your leather.

By getting it damp you can easier transfer your designs to the leather with a simple scribe. My first few I did with the rounded edge of my beveling tool while waiting for my stylus to show up in the mail.

Here I personally do not fully case my leather, I only get it samp enough to slightly soften the top layer. I save doing a ful casing for when I'm ready to do my tooling.

Once your image is transferred, you can lightly score your lines with a knife. This works a bit better while it's still a touch damp. Depending on how much you want your edges to stand out, or if you're going to paint the lines with dye, your project may not need this step.

When I'm actually ready to tool the design, that is when I then finished casing my leather. I get my best results wetting both sides. But don't fully saturate your leather. If it's too wet, your edges will be soft when you bevel. At least for me, I keep it just barely wet enough to get a little floppy. First I run a beveler around all of my edges.

This let's me get a fairly decent impression quickly and see how the leather is behaving, and gives me a good look at the design so I can decide if I want to do any backgrounding. Keeping it at the semi damp casing through all this time still leaves me the option if I want to fully harden it when I'm done tooling by finishing saturating the leather after I'm done carving.

Sours: https://www.larpadventures.com/forum/crafts-and-skills/making-leather-armor
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