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Warpriest Challenge

The trick to this fight is that you you cannot let anyone on your team hold the aura more than once.

To do this successfully, we suggest you have someone who can use a Weapons of Light Ward of Dawn each time as well as a Shadow Shot if possible to make things easier. To help ensure that the same person won't get the aura more than once, make sure that the people stepping onto the plates rotate both times, meaning different people are on all three plates each time you need to step onto them. This is because the aura only initially goes to someone standing on a plate. Also make sure that the person with the aura kills an enemy before their timer runs out to extend its duration.

There are no penalties to dying or retrying. Completion guarantees drops on both Normal and Hard modes.

Golgoroth Challenge

The Golgoroth challenge requires all players to hold the gaze before it runs out. Letting it run out before all players have held the gaze will result a failure to complete the challenge. Like the previous one, you can wipe without penalties.

Any previous strategies for this section work just fine, so long as the gaze is swapped in a timely manner. The gaze can be taken successively if the players so wish, meaning they can rapidly take it from one another to move to the next part. Once the last player has the gaze, let it run out to proceed. You will not be penalized if you kill Golgoroth during the damage phase and not all players have held the gaze.

Oryx Challenge

This final challenge is quite straight forward. Rather than simply fighting Oryx and detonating the bombs each time, let them stack up. You need to fight the Shade of Oryx three times before killing Oryx and then detonate all the bombs in one go to kill him. If you detonate any bombs at any point, you will have to run away from the bombardment instead, leading you to fail the challenge.

Make sure to kill all the Knights and kill the Light-Eater Ogres as quickly as you can so each of the four Guardians tasked with detonating bombs can do so without having to move around much.

First for our method, you’ll need at least one defender titan with blessing of light equipped and a ideally a high intellect level. The titan and one other player will stand on the platform opposite of where Oryx slams his fist down. Later this is where all players will meet.

Next you’ll need a dedicated player to become torn and grab the aura of immortality. This player should have a exotic sword so he or she can handle the Vessel.

On the plates you’ll need 3 players dedicated as players 1, 2, and 3 who are responsible for standing on their plates, killing their ogres, and killing their knights who devour light. The knights spawn back here. Player 1 will jump up with the torn player, and players 2 and 3 will jump up in a counter clockwise form from that point.

Now let’s pretend the raid just began. First, if possible, have a Hunter generate orbs by luring the smaller enemies to the middle of the map and tethering them. Once this happens everyone should kill any enemies on the screen generating orbs for everyone.

Now, once Oryx slams his fist player 1,2,and 3 should get into position on their plates. As soon as player 1 jumps on his platform, player 2 can up on his and then player 3. The two players up top should shoot the ogre near plate 1 asap, then the ogre on plate 2, plate 3, and plate 4. The players on the plates can help, but then focus on their light devouring knights as soon as they’re able to.

Once the torn player has the invincibility orb, everyone should meet up top by the two players who killed the ogres. There they should start killing any ads until oryx slams his fist again. At this point they should do damage on Oryx until he staggers, then go back to killing ads. Keep working on them and Oryx will eventually begin teleporting players into a large orb near the front of the map to fight the shade of oryx. If you’re outside keep killing any enemies that try to go inside the orb, and if you’re inside try to kill the shade as fast as possible being careful to avoid him when he charges in and slams the ground.

After he’s defeated, go back to your positions and begin again.

Do this 3 more times until there are all 16 orbs ready to be detonated. Once the vessel is killed and Oryx is staggered, have each player run to an orb cluster and detonate them all at once. Ideally you would assign this at the beginning of this section of the raid.

Once the orbs are detonated Oryx will be on his last leg and all players should meet near the front of the map to finish him off. When he opens his chest this time, hit him with everything you’ve got and the encounter should be over.

Not only will you receive the calcified fragment, but you’ll also get the emblem and have a chance at the raid ship.

10/10 IGN


Ir Anûk, Deathsinger

Ir Anûk, Deathsinger
Grimoire Ir Anûk.jpg
Biographical Information

Other Names:

The Weaver




Blood of Oryx







Combat Information


King's Fall
Last Rites


Darkness Blast
Dirge of Unraveling
Invincible Aura
Hive Melee

"Look at you! Already you are grown, my daughter, already you are a wizard. Have I been away so long? Now you are Ir Anûk, and Savathûn cackles and rages at your brilliance. You have written eleven axioms describing the ascendant places, our throne world. You have announced that you will kill one of these axioms, as Akka would kill the truth, and in mantling Akka you will become a God, as I am. If you try it I may kill you, or I may applaud. Well done."
&#; Oryx

Ir Anûk, Deathsinger is one of Oryx, the Taken King's two daughters, created after Oryx cut a larvae in half. The Deathsinger sisters are first encountered in Last Rites, when the player is infiltrating Crota's death ceremony. They are found next to Crota's tomb and have to be avoided. Together with her twin sister Ir Halak, Deathsinger, she is encountered and killed in the King's FallRaid in Threshold.


"Listen, Anûk / Anûk, who favors bitter things"
&#; Grimoire: Ir Anûk, Deathsinger

Ir Anûk and her sister Ir Halak were created from the same larvae cleft in two by Oryx's sword, Willbreaker. He praised them for their cunning and intellect, especially Ir Anûk, for her ambitious methods of apotheosis—she wrote out the eleven axioms which described the Ascendant Realm and plotted to kill one. Oryx commended her by saying he may kill her for trying.

Later, as Oryx wrestled with his worm, Ir Anûk and Ir Halak began to die repeatedly in a certain place, ostensibly for no reason. When asked what they were doing, they launched into a highly technical description that Oryx eventually forced them to conclude simply: "If we hide our deaths from ourselves, we become harder to kill." Thus came about the birth of the first prototype Oversoul. Oryx ordered his son Crota to watch his sisters, fearing they were trying to go to the Deep, and to learn cunning.

Unfortunately it was Crota who needed watching. He began to conspire with his sisters and thought rashly he too would seek for himself a power. Using his sword he cut a hole in the Ascendant Realm, and unwittingly let in the Vex, who mocked his attempts to contain them by simply Blinking away from him whenever he attacked. His sisters went to help him, Ir Anûk created an Annihilator Totem while Ir Halak called upon their fellow Deathsingers and they fought the Vex, who learned all too quickly how the Realm worked, and proved difficult to dislodge.

Later, in order to protect his Realm, Oryx built the Dreadnaught. Ir Anûk and Ir Halak built the weaponry and internal systems for the ship, allowing Oryx to concentrate his Ascendant power and obliterate any foe.

Finally, billions of years later, Ir Anûk and Ir Halak barred the way to their father by challenging the Guardians sent to kill him. As their father's last line of defense, they used their Deathsongs to fight and unwrite the Guardians. They were eliminated, and the way to Oryx, the Taken King was clear.



  • Ir Anûk's Grimoire card can only be obtained by killing her in the Last Rites mission on the Moon, without revealing your presence. It does not unlock in the King's FallRaid. Despite the player being able to kill both Deathsingers in Last Rites, they can still be found in King's Fall. An explanation may be that they both have Oversouls, as they were the ones to discover them.

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King's Fall


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Long live the King.

― In-game description

King's Fall is a raid in the Destiny expansion The Taken King.[1] The raid takes place in the Dreadnaught and the final boss is Oryx, the Taken King.[2] It became available at 10am PDT on September 18, [3]


Hall of Souls[]

The raid begins in the Hall of Souls, where the fireteam is required to open the portal in the Court of Oryx by activating the six statues in sequence. Two relics will appear in the area, on columns immediately outside the court. When two Guardians take these relics, the area containing the statues will be blocked off by a force field and Taken will spawn within it. The remaining four players must shoot the field until it falls, then kill the enemies, allowing the relic holders to deposit both relics in quick succession into the marked statue. Once this has been done, two more relics will spawn elsewhere in the level, one to the right of the pre-Court room and one to the left, and must be retrieved and deposited in the same order. This process must be repeated six times, each time with the relics appearing further and further away and with more enemies and force fields between them and the statues. If the relics are not retrieved and deposited fast enough, the statue will depower and the sequence will regress by one stage.

Once all six statues have been powered up, the Court's portal will activate and a number of enemies will emerge. The fireteam must enter the portal to proceed. A loot chest is found immediately after traversing the portal.

Heroic Changes

The time after which a statue will depower is decreased, and the maximum time permitted between deposits of matching relics is shortened as well.

Possible rewards:


The fireteam must jump across a set of swaying platforms. Each player must make the journey individually, timing and aiming their jumps carefully to land on each platform in succession.

The next area is an enormous room in which many Tombships fly pre-set paths through the air, appearing and disappearing periodically. The Guardians must jump onto the docked tombship to begin the sequence, then wait until it draws close to another and jump across before the first one vanishes. Continue to jump from ship to ship until reaching the opposite side of the room, where the final tombship allows a jump to solid ground. Once again, every player makes their journey individually and cannot affect each other's progress.

On the far side of the final landing platform, there is another docked tombship. If the fireteam boards it, it will fly out through a gateway protected by an impassible force field. There are two pads, one to the left and one to the right of the dock, upon which Guardians must stand simultaneously in order to let the riders pass through the field. The pads will only lower the field for a short time, so it is recommended that the two activators wait until the tombship is near the field before lowering it. Upon passing through the field, the riders will find two more panels which may be used in the same manner to bring the first two activators through the forcefield on a second tombship.

Heroic Changes

The small platform on the left midway through the jumping sequence is removed, and no checkpoint will be given there. All falls will return the player to the starting platform.

The Warpriest's Trial[]

In the center of the area is a large floor platform which is linked to a sealed gateway. On each side of the glyph are two rooms, one red and one blue, which are filled with an energy field that will damage unprotected players, and two totems that players must stand under at all times.

At the entrance to each side room is a ball of energy, which will grant an aura to a Guardian who picks it up by stepping up to it. This aura will protect that player, and any other players inside it, from the damage in the red or blue rooms for 30 seconds, during which they must stand under the totem. After that 30 seconds, the aura will transfer to another player standing inside it, and the original player will receive a buff called Deathsinger's Power. The player who has received this buff must now go to the central glyph and stand on it until the power discharges, as a third player arrives at the totem to relieve the second player and receive the aura from them just as the second received it from the first. The discharge at the glyph will partially unlock the gateway and leave the discharging player ready to receive the aura again and continue the cycle. This process must be done in both rooms simultaneously to maintain the flow of players handing off both auras at once.

The players must continually cycle between receiving the aura, holding it on the totem, allowing it to be taken from them, and discharging the Deathsinger's Power into the glyph until the runes lining the sides of the gateway are fully activated, about ten cycles. At this point, the message "The Warpriest deems you worthy" will be displayed, the gateway will open, the aura and totem mechanics will deactivate, and a loot chest will appear.

Heroic Changes

The mechanics of the encounter are unchanged. MajorKnights will appear during later cycles.

Possible rewards:

The Warpriest[]

The Warpriest's chamber contains three pads upon which players can stand, and three large monuments bearing Hive runes on the near side and carved images on the far side. Standing on all three pads simultaneously will summon the Warpriest, who is initially immune to all damage. A large number of Hive will also spawn in the area. After most of them are killed, three MajorKnights will appear, one in the area of each pad. Killing them will begin the glyph sequence that is used to make the Warpriest vulnerable.

One by one, in random order, the far sides of the three monuments will light up. A player must be in position to observe this because they will not be visible from the near side. Once a monument has lit, a Guardian must step onto the corresponding pad and remain there until the third pad has been activated.

If done correctly, the Guardian who steps on the third pad will receive an aura called "Brand of the Initiate." Any other Guardians standing near this player will be able to damage the Warpriest. The brand will last for ten seconds, after which the branded Guardian is killed, unless they kill an enemy before then, which will reset the timer to ten seconds. This reset may be performed five times, granting extended time for the rest of the team to damage the Warpriest, so the resetting kill must be made at the last possible moment. After five kills by the brand holder, the Warpriest will use an attack that kills any Guardian not standing in the shadow of a monument. The easiest way to get into the shadow of a monument is to stand on a pad. The monument will save the team from wiping, but will be destroyed in the process.

More enemies then spawn, and the cycle repeats four times, destroying one monument each time and with Taken replacing the Hive halfway through. At the end of the fourth cycle, there is no cover remaining, so the Warpriest's final attack will wipe the team if he has not been killed by then.

Heroic Changes

Each time a monument is destroyed by the Oculus, the warpriest will gain a new type of attack. The left one will grant him tracking orbs identical to those of TakenCenturions. The center one will grant him seeking bolts in response to attacks, identical to those of TakenHobgoblins. The right one will grant him balls of blinding darkness identical to those of TakenCaptains.


A different guardian must take the Aura for each damage phase and cannot hold it a second time. The Warpriest has a higher fire rate and spawns stronger enemies throughout the fight.

Possible rewards:

Golgoroth's Cellar[]

The team will make their way to a dark maze. The entire fireteam must navigate it while avoiding bottomless pits to gather at the door at the far side, causing it to open and let them into the next chamber. Flying insects appear over the pits as indicators of their position.


Hanging from the ceiling is a bubble of darkness. Shooting it will cause it to drip onto the floor and summon Golgoroth and a large number of other enemies.

In the rear of the chamber is a large black column called the Tablet of Ruin. Any player death (even if immediately resurrected) will activate a rune carved into it. If all six runes are activated, the tablet will blind and then kill the entire fireteam.

Golgoroth is a large mutated ogre who fires his beam attack constantly. He possesses two weak spots, one on his chest and one on his back. Above him are six more bubbles of darkness, each of which if shot down will produce a small pool of light on the floor of his arena which greatly increases damage done to him. Golgoroth will kill any Guardian jumping down to take advantage of that unless his Gaze is held by another player. Capturing his gaze is accomplished by shooting him in the back, which will cause him to turn his attention to the shooter and switch from firing his ogre beam to firing seeking projectiles similar to those of a Taken Centurion. The player who has drawn his attention must not seek cover or break Golgoroth's line of sight at this point, but instead stand their ground and shoot down the projectiles, thus holding his gaze. Golgoroth's attention will be focused on that player for a short time, indicated by a timer on the HUD. During that time, the remaining players are free to shoot down a bubble, enter the pit, and shoot Golgoroth's chest without reprisal from him. Once the gaze timer runs down, a second player on the opposite side of the area should capture his gaze, to maintain the safety of the arena attackers; this will cause Golgoroth to turn around so another bubble must be shot down and the attackers relocate to the new pool to continue attacking. This handoff may be done six times, after which there are no more bubbles and the attackers must leave the arena. Cursed thrall will pour into the arena to make damaging Golgoroth during this attack difficult. Alternatively, only one player can be a dedicated gaze holder, with the other five players damaging him in the pit and needing only one bubble per damage cycle, thus avoiding the Cursed Thrall until the Taken phase.

After a short time, the bubbles respawn and the cycle may be performed repeatedly until Golgoroth is dead.

When Golgoroth has 35 ~ 40% health left, Taken will spawn instead of Hive, making Golgoroth harder to kill. Stormcallers are great for this part.

Heroic Changes

While attacking Golgoroth from the pool of light, two random players will receive a debuff called "Unstable Light." These players will explode, damaging or killing other nearby players (but not themselves) when their timers reach zero, and must leave the pool early to separate themselves before this happens.


All six players must capture and hold Golgoroth's gaze in each cycle (unless he dies before the cycle is complete).

Possible rewards:

  • 2 Moldering Shards
  • Antiquated Rune
  • King's Fall Gauntlets
  • King's Fall Chest Armor
  • King's Fall Leg Armor


The players must traverse a large space between two of the Dreadnaught's hulls. There are platforms extended from the slanted walls which may safely be stood upon, while avoiding the piston-like devices which will knock players to their deaths. At certain points are power plates which must be occupied to cause floating platforms to appear. A Guardian must remain on each plate until all of them have been activated, at which point the floating platforms become permanent and all Guardians may continue. Gathering the fireteam before the final door of the area will unlock it and allow passage to the next encounter.

Daughters of Oryx[]

This final room contains the two Deathsingers, protected by force fields on elevated platforms. Elsewhere in the room are four power plates on pedestals, which may be activated by players to cause semi-transparent platforms to appear in the air. Hovering high above one of the platforms is a spark of light. Stepping onto any of these platforms will cause enemies to spawn and one of the deathsingers to begin casting a spell, which will wipe the team after one minute.

One player at random will be "torn between dimensions," distorting their vision and making them appear translucent to the other players. This player is the only one who can traverse the floating platforms summoned by the power plates. In order to create a path to the spark, the platforms must be activated in a counter-clockwise sequence, starting from the one immediately after the spark and proceeding around the room to the one immediately preceding it. The torn player must reach the spark, leap onto the platform containing the Deathsinger which is not casting the spell, and use the spark (by holding square or X) to steal the deathsinger's protective aura. This will leave the deathsinger unprotected, allowing the team to damage it, and will protect any Guardians standing near the stealer from the wipe spell. After the wipe spell is cast, the aura will return to its rightful owner. The cycle will then repeat with the other deathsinger casting the spell and the spark in a different location.

The Deathsingers must be killed on consecutive cycles. Once one is killed, its aura will disappear and the players will not be able to protect themselves from the next wipe spell except by killing the remaining one before its timer expires.

After both Deathsingers are dead, a loot chest will appear and a spark will appear at the far end of the room which triggers the final encounter when approached.

Heroic Changes

Subsequent cycles will begin immediately after the wipe spell and aura fade, without the short delay present on normal difficulty.

Possible rewards:

Oryx, the Taken King[]

Oryx appears when a player approaches the spark. After the players kill the enemies that spawned near the front of the arena, Oryx will move to near one of the platforms and punch it. This will create a mote of light on that platform, and four special enemies called Light-Eater Ogres will emerge from the ground, one near each platform.

One player must claim the spark, becoming torn between dimensions, as in the Deathsingers encounter. Their role is to navigate the summoned platforms and reach the spark hanging overhead.

At the same time, four other players must summon the platforms the torn player needs. Just as before, the platforms must be triggered in a counter-clockwise sequence starting from the platform on which the mote appeared. However, the four activators must also kill the ogre near their platform, and make sure to do so well away from the path that runs down the center of the area. This is because each ogre will drop a sphere of Corrupted Light when killed, and players must avoid going near it until the proper time. The remaining player may "float," killing any remaining enemies and assisting activators with their ogre kills.

When the torn player reaches the overhead spark and claims it, a Tombship will fly through the arena and deliver a special Knight named Vessel of Oryx, which will run up the central path. The torn player must jump down to intercept it, and then hold Square or X, depending on console, to discharge the spark and steal the knight's aura (note that there is no onscreen prompt for this, just do it when close to the knight).

Stealing the Knight's aura makes the knight vulnerable to all players, and also offers protection from damage to all players standing near the player who stole the aura. At this point, every player must converge on the Vessel of Oryx and kill it as quickly as possible. It is recommended that this be done near the center of the arena, to avoid the Corrupted Light spheres.

Once the Vessel of Oryx is killed, Oryx prepares to use his ultimate attack by opening his chest, emitting a shining white light. Every player must unload as much firepower as possible into Oryx's chest, aiming for the dead center of the glowing area to be sure to hit the vulnerable spot. With sufficient damage, Oryx will stagger. (With insufficient damage, the fireteam will wipe.)

Now, the Corrupted Light spheres dropped by the Ogres may be used. Four players must each run to one sphere and stand near it for about five seconds, until a message acknowledging this appears, and then run back into the aura carried by the torn player to be protected from the Corrupted Light detonation. During this time, at least one other player needs to continue to damage Oryx. As long as Oryx is taking sustained damage while the Corrupted Lights are detonated, the detonation will do a significant amount of damage to Oryx. Any remaining normal enemies will be killed and Oryx will shudder and fall off the side of the area.

Oryx will rise at the end of the arena and begin firing on every player at once, as indicated by white circles that appear at their positions and then explode. This may be countered by sprinting around the arena. After a short time, the barrage will cease.

When Oryx is below 50% health, he will no longer do the barrage attack after the Corrupted Lights are detonated and will instead create a bubble of darkness at one end of the arena, and one by one every member of the fireteam will be teleported into it. Within the bubble is a small arena with a foggy perimeter and a Shade of Oryx. Guardian health does not recharge while inside the bubble. Guardians not yet teleported into the bubble may assist those that are by killing the other enemies in the arena, who will try to enter the bubble and interfere with the fight. If the echo is defeated within one minute, the arena will dissolve and return the players to the main encounter.

When Oryx reaches less than 1% health, he will appear at the far end of the arena and open his chest. The fireteam must deal a small amount of damage to his chest in order to kill him and complete the encounter.

Heroic Changes

Every time a Light-Eater Ogre is killed, a Light-Eater Knight will spawn by the opposing platform and try to prematurely detonate the corrupted light orb.


Oryx must be fully damaged (from % health to 0%) in a single run; this can be done by detonating 16 Corrupted Light spheres at once. After Oryx has been staggered, the orbs should not be detonated but instead must be allowed to remain until enough ogres have been killed to produce 16 orbs.

Possible rewards:

  • 2 Moldering Shards
  • King's Fall Helmet
  • King's Fall Class Item
  • Kingsbaneemblem
  • King's Fall Primary Weapon

Heroic Difficulty[]

The Heroic difficulty setting was made available at 10am PDT on October Enemies now have a recommended light level of , rising to for the final encounter with Oryx. As in the other raids, fireteam members may not revive each other and can only be brought back via victory, wiping, or the Warlock's Fireborn skill.



Chest 1[]

The first chest is located at the end of the Tombship jumping area, next to the forcefield that must be lowered to pass. To the left of this forcefield is a long spar running up the wall that is reachable from the passing tombship with a carefully timed jump. Walking up the spar will lead Guardians to a small door which is only open while the forcefield is being held down by the plates. Through the door is a chest and an opportunity to jump to the landing platform on the opposite side.

Possible rewards:

Chest 2[]

The second chest is found in the dark maze before the fight with Golgoroth. Hidden in the maze are four large circular floor plates, which must be stepped on in the proper sequence. If the direction from the entrance to the exit is taken to be north, the plates must be stepped on in this order: west, southeast, southwest, northeast. This will open a door (found by traveling to the exit and heading south) revealing the chest.

Possible rewards:

  • 2 Moldering Shards
  • Wormspore
  • 1 Antiquated Rune
  • 1 Mote of Light
  • 2 Special Ammo Synthesis
  • 2 Heavy Ammo Synthesis

Chest 3[]

The third chest is found in the platforming section immediately following Golgoroth. When reaching the first activation plate, a small ledge can be seen on a nearby freestanding column. If Guardians jump to this ledge, they may use their Ghost to reveal a set of nearby invisible platforms. This will lead to a new jumping path, across several sets of platforms and revisiting the freestanding column, that eventually leads to a door set into the sloping hull on the far side of the area. The chest is in the room through this door.

Possible rewards:

  • 2 Moldering Shards
  • Wormspore
  • 1 Antiquated Rune
  • 1 Hadium Flakes
  • 2 Special Ammo Synthesis
  • 2 Heavy Ammo Synthesis
  • Exotic weapon or armor

Loot Drop Points[]

  1. After entering through the first Portal
  2. After the Totems
  3. After killing the Warpriest
  4. After killing Golgoroth
  5. After killing the Daughters of Oryx
  6. After killing Oryx

List of Loot[]

All loot obtained in Normal mode drops at a random Attack/Defense rating between and






All loot obtained in Heroic mode drops at a random Attack/Defense rating between and Armor and weapons are given the prefix "Harrowed" and have a darker appearance than their normal-mode counterparts.

In addition to Harrowed gear, the emblemThe Ascendant will drop when Oryx is defeated on Heroic. Oryx is also guaranteed to drop an item on Heroic, so Moldering Shards are neither dropped nor consumed.


The Light version drops everything from the Light version as well as the following:

Challenge modes have a guaranteed drop of one of the following:


Each boss challenge has a separate loot drop associated with it. The drop will contain one item from the boss's normal loot collection with an attack or defense of , as well as an Artifact at If the challenge is completed on Heroic, the drop will also contain a Harrowed item at and an artifact at

There are also items which may only be earned from specific challenges.

Warpriest Challenge
Golgoroth Challenge
Oryx Challenge




Map of Golgoroth's Cellar, including the entrance, exit, plates, and chest.


Map of the Oryx encounter.


Kill the initial enemies that spawn.


Jump on the platforms in a counter-clockwise motion starting from where Oryx pounds his fist. Kill Ogres and detonate the Corrupted Lights.


Keep moving to avoid Oryx's attacks. Don't cross paths with other players.


Kill the Shade of Oryx within the arena. Kill Thrall before they can make their way into the arena.



Destiny’s King’s Fall Raid guide - How to kill the Daughters of Oryx

Oryx smells the blood of his son on your hands. When you’re through here, you’ll carry the stench of all his offspring. The Daughters of Oryx will summon all within their power to stop you. Here's how to beat them.


You're done with Golgoroth. Now it's on to the Sisters.

Ignore the guys in your headset shouting “This is easy! What’s wrong with you?” A perfect execution does only require around seven minutes, but an ideal run proves elusive more often than not. Also, pay no mind to the guides that simply instruct to weaken Ir Anûk, slaughter Ir Hanak, and then finish off Ir Anûk on the next round. The real trick here is in knowing how to carry on with fireteams that fall short of maximum DPS. Hold your concentration, stick to the routine, and all will be fine.

Your basic requirement for defeating Ir Anûk and Ir Hanak is to survive while weakening them as much as possible before finally killing each one. Ideally this'll be over inside three rounds, by weakening Ir Anûk, killing Ir Hanak, and then killing Ir Anûk. Usually it takes four, weakening Ir Anûk, weakening Ir Hanak, killing Ir Anûk, and finally killing Ir Hanak. The crucial piece of knowledge to ensure a smooth drive is that the death of the first daughter results in the entire room being filled with a fiery blast. To survive this, everyone in the fireteam should remain within the protection of the Brand Claimer.


The Raid machine gun, Qullim’s Termimus, is ideal for DPS in this section of King's Fall.

The Brand Claimer is chosen at random before each round, at the same time that a Spark appears hovering high above one of the four activation platforms. Whoever the Brand Claimer is becomes Torn Between Dimensions, revealed to that player as a monotone Taken-style view of the world, while to the rest they appear transparent. The remaining team helps the Claimer reach the Spark that shatters the shield protecting one of the Daughters of Oryx. This is achieved by summoning a series of transparent steps, in an exact sequence, that climb toward the Spark.

To help with your organisation, allocate one team member to each platform, so that it is always that person who’ll remain on that platform to build the steps. Next, choose one person to concentrate on clearing the floor of adds, ensuring that the platform guys don't die and the steps don't vanish.

Finally decide which among you will serve as a substitute for whomever becomes the Claimer. So, if it’s the adds-guy who gets chosen, they’re clearing adds. If it’s a platform guy, they're going to take over that platform. When the round resets, everyone resumes their starting roles before kicking things off once more.

Activate the platforms in a counter-clockwise direction from where the Spark has appeared, calling out to teammates that this is done. Do not move your feet from this position, not even by jumping. It is essential that steps are built in the correct sequence so that the Claimer can reach the Spark.

As soon as the first platform is lit, adds appear and one of the Deathsingers begins a song that lasts for 60 seconds, being your window of opportunity to cause damage to the other. Ir Hanak always sings her Hymn of Weaving first, surrounded by a flaming aura, meaning that Ir Anûk becomes your initial target.


The Claimer sees the game world as if through Taken eyes.

The Claimer begins their assent while the team below works on the adds, that include problematic Acolyte’s Eyes and a Tortured Centurion. At precisely 45 seconds, Vandal snipers appear from the ether behind each of the four platforms, ready to shoot when the counter reaches Take them down quick. At around 35 seconds left to go, the Claimer should have the Spark in their possession and seeking the fastest route to Ir Anûk’s dais. It’s best to slam dunk the shield from the final step, using the subclass jump option for gaining distance. Use the base of the pedestal for access should the slam-dunk option fail.

Have the Claimer announce to the rest that they have the Spark, which is their instruction to gather as one unit and begin firing upon the unprotected Deathsinger. We’ve found it best to assemble below and in front of each Deathsinger, which in the case of Ir Anûk is the far-left corner of the map. For Ir Hanak, it’s far-right. Tuck behind one of the platform’s four ledges, making it easier to clear remaining adds afterwards. While the Claimer is in possession of the Brand, everyone is shielded by an Aura. Take note of remaining adds' positions before emerging to kill as many as possible before everyone resumes their original roles and a new Brand Claimer is chosen.

The second, third and likely fourth rounds proceed exactly as before. The adds include that Tortured Centurion, while the Vandal snipers arrive from 45 seconds on the clock. Your most likely scenario is that Ir Hanak only becomes weakened while Ir Anûk sings her Dirge of Unravelling. Ir Hanak will then be the last to die. Just prepare for that instant-death blast however in case you have enough DPS to eliminate Ir Hanak on the first try and stay safe within the Aura of Weaving. It’s always worth going for, using Shadowshot supers and Weapons of Light to buff the effects of your best sniper rifle shots and heavy machine gun in concert with scout rifles and high impact auto rifles. Preserve supers, including the Warlock Stormcaller and Titan Sunbreaker, to clear the floor of adds for the next round.

Whichever Deathsinger is killed last is surrounded by the flaming aura of her song while the fireteam remains under the Aura of that same song. Since we have not experienced a scenario where the final Deathsinger does not die, we cannot tell you the consequences. Some speculate that the final Deathsinger is somehow tougher to take down owing to her flaming aura. Since she is left until last with such little health remaining, it is not a contributing factor worth worrying about.

Head back to our King’s Fall Raid guide, part of our complete guide to Destiny: The Taken King.

Sours: https://www.vgcom/destinys-kings-fall-raid-guide-how-to-kill-the-daughters-of-oryx-ir-anuk-ir-hanak

Kings fall sisters destiny

Destiny: King's Fall - Daughters of Oryx boss, how to navigate Transept and Threshold

The Daughters of Oryx is the pen-ultimate battle, and takes you from Golgoroth's cellar to a jump-puzzle that is much harder than that involving the Hive Ships, mainly owing to the tiny ledges that you have to spot before you can even attempt to reach them.

How to navigate Transept and Threshold

First of all head left out of the corridor. The first narrow ledges are below, and in front of you. The next move requires a running jump, for two reasons: distance, and the fact that standing too long gets you blasted into the chasm thanks to a bumper that slides from the wall. Two more bumpers present obstacles on the ledges below.

Walk along the ledge while avoiding the sliding bumpers. This leads you to an activation plate, which can be used to summon a bridge across the gap. Although your Ghost reveals the location of this bridge, stepping onto it does not keep it tangible. The only way to progress is to have a team mate stand just on the edge of the plate to avoid being bumped into oblivion.

Five guys make it across to the other side, allowing four to make it further from there. And so it goes until only one person reaches the end of the final jump sequence, revealing all the bridges so that everyone can regroup.

After this, everyone should exit the Transept and head into an area called Threshold, in which the team leaps upwards toward the penultimate encounter with the Daughters of Oryx.

The Daughters of Oryx boss

As with Golgoroth, once you've done this fight once it feels easy afterwards. Coordinating everyone to reach that stage, however, is another matter, and what will one day be a crack minute operation can become an hours-long fruitless struggle. Here's our preferred strategy.

In the centre of the room are two large pillars upon which stand the Deathsingers, otherwise known as Daughters of Oryx - Ir Anûk and Ir Halak, positioned respectively left and right from the entrance. These pillars are flanked by four lower activation plates - two on the far side, two near.

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For the sake of consistency, elect the same guys that were in the pit for Golgoroth to own one lower plate each. This position remains theirs for the duration of the encounter, unless they are chosen to carry the Spark (more on this below).

One of the remaining players should be the sole substitute for one of the plate guys, should they find themselves on Spark duty. The final player is to focus solely on the adds, operating mostly over on the far side area where most of the enemies tend to spawn, keeping the floor clear with assistance from the guys on the plates. Now that you have the team's basic positioning and roles down, the next most important decision is to decide where the fireteam will gather after dropping the Deathsinger's protective shields.

It is always Ir Anûk that becomes the first target in this fight, and our fireteams found success by gathering behind the base of the plate on the far left corner of the floor to aim up at her. When next targeting Ir Halak, we've found it makes sense to gather on the far right-hand side of the floor in a similar position, just behind the base of that plate.

Before kicking things off, one player is chosen at random to carry the Spark. Their world becomes hazy black and white with a message on screen that says &#;Torn Between Dimensions&#;. To the rest of the team, they appear transparent. The Spark itself is seen hovering in the sky above one of the activation plates.

The event begins when the next plate along in an anti-clockwise sequence is activated by having its owner hop onto it, then remain standing. They can move from here on, but not jump. The last three activate theirs in sequence, making sure to wait for the previous player to land on theirs. Communicating this clearly is very important, and we shall explain why.

The order is set out in such a way to build a series of translucent platforms that climb toward the Spark. If the plates are activated out of sequence, the platforms will be built in the wrong order, which means that the runner will be unable to reach the Spark, no matter how skilful they are. Similarly, if any of the plate holders die, or abandon their position in any way, their section of platform will disappears.

(IMPORTANT: Be sure to take out the snipers that spawn approximately 10 seconds after the event is initiated. They appear in the air, behind each of the four plates.)

For the Spark runner, this becomes a race against time. As soon as the first plate is activated he may begin his ascent, while the Deathsingers' "Dirge of Unravelling" counts down from 60 seconds. The sooner he can deliver the Spark that shatters the Deathsinger's shield, the sooner the entire fireteam can get to work shooting at her head.

Ideally, the Spark should be delivered with a slam dunk from the final platform. Should you fail at this though, it is possible to hop up from below. As soon as the Spark runner is heading in for the shield, the fireteam should assemble at the base of the designated activation plate. Your attacks are boosted by the Aura of Unravelling.

The strategy is first to weaken Ir Anûk so that she only has a sliver of health remaining. After the next Dirge of Unravelling, it is essential to swiftly kill Ir Hanak. It's advised to hang onto any Supers, especially the Nightstalker Hunter's Shadowshot if possible, for taking down Ir Hanak. Finally, you'll target and kill Ir Anûk.

Between times there is another wave of adds to clear, during which the Spark resets and another player is randomly Torn Between Dimensions. Check to see where the Spark has appeared, and have your plate holders get to their positions. Activate them counter-clockwise, and pray that your Spark runner retrieves the prize in good enough time to ensure the successful completion of this encounter.

- Keep reading for our guide to beating Oryx, the final boss of the King's Fall raid.

- Head back to the first page for the rest of our King's Fall raid guide.

Destiny Kings Fall Raid: DAUGHTERS TUTORIAL! How To Defeat Ir Anuk \u0026 Ir Halak (Completion Guide)

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