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Gangster Disciples
The Black Gangster Disciples, often abbreviated “BGDN” “GDs”, is a gang from the South-side of Chicago that was created in the 1960s. It was formed by the leader of Supreme Gangsters, Larry Hoover, and the leader of the Black Disciples, David Barksdale. The two groups merged in the 1960s to form a new gang alliance called the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN).

The BGDN has in the past made several attempts to clean its name and image. Some of the Gangster Disciples members have taken out ‘B’ from the gang’s name, and go simply by Gangster Disciples (GDs). The GDs spent some time in the political world working with other gangs such as the Vice Lords, Young Lords, Black Disciples, and Latin King through the ‘Growth and Development Movement”. Many GDs gang members not located in Chicago often go by the original name Black Gangster Disciples (BGDN). BGDN is also part of a phenomenon taking place in the army, where gang members are joining the army. The GDs are said to be found in the U.S. and American bases oversea. The gang often leaves their graffiti in bases.

Gang Name Gangster Disciples
TerritoryUS NationWide
Years Active1960s-Present
EthnicityPredominantly Black
Symbols6 Point Star, Pitchforks, Heart with wings, Tails and horns
AliasesGDs, GDN, 7-4, 7-4-14
ColorsBlack, Blue, & Gray
PhrasesGD till the world blow
Criminal ActivitiesDrug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, prostitution, Boosting (d-queens)
AlliesFolk Nation, Crips, Zoe Pound, Black Guerilla Family, and Black Mafia Family, Some Black Disciple sets, Some People Nation sets
EnemiesPeople Nation, Black P.Stones, Vice Lords, Four Corner Hustlers, Bloods, Latin Kings, Nortenos, Surenos, White Supremacist gangs, & Black Disciples

The Gangster Disciples’ history can be traced back to the 1960s. Larry Hoover, often regarded as the founder of the Gangster Disciples, was born in November 30, 1950 in Jackson, Mississippi. Larry Hoover moved with his family to Chicago when he was 4, when he turned 13, he joined a gang called the Supreme Gangsters which was located in his neighborhood. While a sophomore in high school, Larry Hoover was gunned down by a rival gang member on his first day of school and got kicked out as a result. While out of school, and with no job, he turned to a life of crime, ranging from prostitutes, gamblers, and drug dealers. Larry Hoover eventually became the leader of the Supreme Gangsters, and in 1966 Hoover and the gang overpowered the King Cobras , which forced the remaining cobras to ally themselves with the Black Disciples Nation which was under David Barksdale’s control. Larry Hoover would later merge the Gangster Disciples with numerous other gangs to form the Gangster Nation. Gangster Nation was a merge between the Supreme Gangsters, African Sniper Gangsters, Raven Gangsters, High Supreme Gangsters, Maniac Gangsters,Russian Gangsters, Mafia Gangsters, 75th Street Syndicate Gangsters, Gent town Gangsters, Outlaw Gangsters, 95th Street Supreme Gangsters, the Dells Gangsters, East side Syndicate Gangsters, West Side Supreme Gangsters, Racketeer Gangsters, Imperial Gangsters, and the Black Pimp Gangsters of the West Side.

The Gangster Nation’s size was increasing; however, they were still trailing the Black Disciples and the Black P. Stone Rangers. David Barksdale was the leader of the Black Disciples, and Jeff Fort was the leader of the Black P. Stones. Jeff Fort wanted to join forces with Larry Hoover and promised a high leadership in the new, realizing that his new position would be lower than his current, Larry Hoover declined. In 1969, instead of joining forces with the Black P. Stone, Larry Hoover formed an alliance with the Black Disciples which caused them to adapt a new name “Black Gangster Disciples”(BGDN). The BGDN alliance ended the war that was going on between the Gangster Nation and the Black Disciples in the 60s.

The BGDN started turning their ways around after the formation of the new alliance and participated in numerous community programs. The gang opened restaurants and gas stations and even went as far as to steer young kids in school toward the right direction. On the surface, it looked as if the BGDN was moving toward a positive direction; however, in beginning in the 1970s, massive amount of drugs started to flood the very same black community they were helping. The BGDN was deep in the drug trade, many of their members started to get rich off the drug trade, while some of their members fell victim to the addicted substances they were selling. Larry Hoover and Andrew Young were found guilty of Murder in 1973 and were sentenced to 150-200 years each for murdering William Young, a drug addict believed to have stolen one of the gang’s supplies of drug. Joshua would later test testify against both Hoover and Young, and saying that he witnessed both of them kidnapping William Young.

David Barksdale would later die on September 2, 1974 due to Kidney failure from a gunshot wood he suffered in 1968. Due to the death of Barksdale, a new leader needed to be appointed to run BGDN, the decision came down to Larry Hoover and Jerome Shorty Freeman, it was decided that Hoover would be the new leader. Four years after Hoover became the leader of the BGDN, Jerome Freeman decided to dismember the alliance, resulting in the Black Disciples and the Gangster Nation heading separate ways.

With King Barksdale dead and King King Hoover in prison, the police were baffled as to how the GDs were stll able to amass massive amount of profits and keep growing. Hoover’s power reached a pinnacle when he created a new alliance of gangs known as Folk Nation, and managed to order a prison riot in Pontiac prison located in Illinois which resulted with the death of 3 dead officers. The new folk alliance resembled that of BGDN and consisted of both BGDs and GDs as well as numerous other gangs. Hoover succeeded in bringing in some of the major and fastest growing gangs in Chicago into the alliance. Within that time period, Hoover also managed created a Latino faction of the gang which went by the name Spanish Gangsters Disciples.

The alliance between the BGDs and BDs was shot lived, in 1991, an inter alliance war was started and they started shooting at one another. The war between the two gangs set bad precedence for the folk nation, which would later cause multiple other inter alliance wars to happen. When the war broke out between the BGDs and the BDs, the BGDs were so mad that they removed ‘Black’ from their name and went simply by ‘Gangster Disciples’(GDs). The GDs also became the biggest gang in Chicago in the 1990s. Larry Hoover’s power over the gang was so great, that in 1993 about 10,000 Gangster Disciples showed up to hear Hoover speak on a phone from prison. During the meeting Hoover pushed Growth and Development concept, which claimed that GDs were no longer operating in the criminal world. However, in 1995, in an effort to hurt the GDs’ leader ship, operation Headache was launched, which took down 39 high ranking Gangster Disciples members. As a direct result of this operation, Hoover was given a life sentence and moved to a more secured prison location.

About every major gangs have a unique system of symbols to communicate their respective rivalries and alliances. Gangster Disciples use a mix of symbols that represent the GDs and/or the Folk Nation, they also use symbols from that of rival gangs, usually in inverted manner as a sign of disrespect. Gangster Disciples are said to wear blue and black as their color, they are often seen wearing the Georgetown Hoyas and Duke Blue Devils clothing

Gangster Disciples’ main symbol is the six-pointed star which looks very much like the Star of David. The Star of David is often said to be a tribute to their founder David Barksdale, the star’s six points stand for love, life, loyalty, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom.

LOVELove of the Nation is greater than mere love alone, because we have a brotherhood in which love is as deep as the deep blue sea. TRUE BLUE LOVE
LIFELife commitment to the Nation for the betterment of ourselves as well as the Nation and each committed brother within the Nation, and our Nation's teachings, laws, creeds, symbols, philosophy and defense.
LOYALTYTo yourself, and each committed brother of our Nation.
UNITY Collectively embraces all concepts, ideas, and actions that apply to our Nation. Togetherness is essential in order for us to continue our survival.
KNOWLEDGEIs insight, therefore it is priceless, it gives one the ability to apply rational judgement. Knowledge is the ability to have a conscious awareness, and knowledge gained and not passed along is wasted knowledge.
UNDERSTANDINGShows that we are able to communicate effectively, bringing about agreements, and a positive state of mind.
Gangster Disciples Ranks/Organizational Chart
At the height of their reign, the Gangster Disciples gang was a well structured organization. The gang has an organizational structure similar to that of a fortune 500 company. As most of the leaders of the GDs ended up dead or incarcerated, the gang became less structured.

The Gangster Disciples ranks are:

  • Chairman Of the Board
  • Board of Directors (2) (Prison & Street)
  • Governors/Area Coordinator
  • Regents
  • Street Enforcers
  • Soldiers/Non Members

Like all gangs, gangster disciples has its fair share of enemies which includes but not limited to People Nation, Black P.Stones, Vice Lords, Bloods, Latin Kings, Surenos, White Supremacist gangs, Nortenos & Black Disciples. Black Disciples often refer to themselves as GDK, meaning Gangster Disciple Killers, and Gangster Disciples often refer to themselves as BDK meaning Black Disciple Killers. The main allies of the Gangster Disciples are Folk Nation gangs, Crips, Zoe Pound, BGF, as well as numerous other gangs.

Lil Jojo

Lil Jay|Geto Boyz|Lil Mister|Larry Hoover|||

STL/EBT/Tookaville/Tutu Gang/Boss City
Bricksquad/D Block/Aikiville/JoJo World
M.O.B/Junebug Gang/Scrapp Gang/Bay Bay World
50 Strong/Dell World/Dougo Gang
CMB/Crazyville/Joc Block
PBG/Insane Cutthroats/Freakyville/Pappy Town/Mosey Squad
075 Wuga World
Killa Ward/Freako World/LY City/BK Gang


Table of Contents

What are the GD colors?

The predominant symbol of this gang is the six-pointed Star of David. The Gangster Disciples also use the upward crossed pitchforks (“rakes” or “pitchforks”) and a heart with. The organization’s now wear black & Grey their old colors were black and blue.

What is the GD we pledge?

We believe in the teachings of our honorable chairman; We believe in all the laws & policies set forth by our Chairman & his executive staff; we believe in the concept; we believe in organization; we believe in aid & assisting all the fellow brothers of the struggle in righteous endeavors, as we stand strong upon our …

What do Gangster Disciples call each other?

Male members of GD are referred to as “Brothers of the Struggle,” and female members are referred to as “Sisters of the Struggle.” Law enforcement officials said GD is a highly organized and sophisticated gang.

Who are the 3 Kings of Gd?

Following Barksdale’s death, the leadership of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation was taken over by two men; King Larry Hoover and King Jerome ‘Shorty’ Freeman. They divided the Gangster Nation into the Black Gangster Disciples, led by King Larry Hoover, and the Black Gangsters, led by ‘Shorty’ Freeman.

Who is more powerful Bloods or Crips?

Crips are more powerful in Compton/LA but Bloods have more nationwide/worldwide members.

What does the number 74 mean spiritually?

Number 74 is one of hope, encouragement, peace, and love. The divine realm, through angels, is letting you know that they are always with you. The guidance of the divine realm will enable you to make the right decisions and choices in life. Seeing 74 everywhere in your life is encouraging.

Is Bloods better than Crips?

Bloods was found in 1972 by a group of breakaway crips in Piru, Compton. In west coast the crips outnumber bloods by 5:1 but in east coast,the united blood nation, another form of bloods are dominant among African American gangs. Bloods are generally more violent but crips are better organized and form better networks.

What does number 74 represent?

The numerology number 74 is an intuitive relationships number. It is introspective, spiritual, a good companion, and pragmatic. 74 finds satisfaction in teaching. And it strives for perfection. The essence of the energy the number 74 represents is the energy of relationships.

What is the angel meaning of 74?

Angel number 74 serves as a sign from your angels that you are on the right path in every aspect of your life. Angel number 74 is spiritual and mystical, yet practical and stable. When your angels communicate to you using this number, they are telling you to keep up the good work.

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Gangster Disciples

American Street Gang

Gangster Disciples.gif

Gangster Disciples symbol

Founded1968; 53 years ago (1968)
FounderLarry Hoover
Founding locationSouth Side, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Years active1968–present
TerritoryNortheastern, Midwestern and Southeastern United States[1][2]
EthnicityPrimarily African American[3]
Membership (est.)25,000–50,000+[4]
Leader(s)Larry Hoover, Devon Rodney
ActivitiesDrug Trafficking, assault, auto theft, firearms violations, fraud, homicide, prostitution rings, money laundering[5]
Folk Nation[1]
Simon City Royals[7]
RivalsBlack P. Stones[1]
Latin Kings[1]
People Nation[1]
Vice Lords[1]
Black Disciples[9]

The Gangster Disciples are an African Americanstreet and prison gang, which was formed in the South Side of Chicago in the late 1960s, by Larry Hoover, leader of the Supreme Gangsters, and David Barksdale, leader of the Black Disciples. The two groups united to form the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). The BGDN divided into different factions known today as the Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples. Today, the two gangs are bitter rivals.[10]


The predominant symbol of this gang is the six-pointed Star of David.[11] The Gangster Disciples also use the upward crossed pitchforks ("rakes" or "pitchforks") and a heart. The organizations now wear black and Grey.[3]


The Gangster Disciples were established on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois in 1965 by Larry Hoover. Larry Hoover was the leader of his own gang called the Supreme Gangsters while David Barksdale was also the leader of his own gang called the Devil Disciples. They later united the two gangs in 1969 and called themselves the Black Gangster Disciples.[citation needed]

The Gangster Disciples are active in 110 cities and in 31 states, predominantly in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States, and also maintain a significant presence in the U.S. prison system.[3][1] The gang has between approximately 50,000and 90,000 members.[4] The Gangster Disciples first emerged in significant numbers in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1980s, the first modern street gang to do so.[12]

In January 2021, seven alleged members of Gangster Disciples including national and state leaders of the gang were indicted on charges of racketeering, murder in aid of racketeering, attempted murder in aid of racketeering, and weapons charges.[13]

Gang violence[edit]

On July 3, 2005, members of Gangster Disciples street gang killed Sergeant Juwan Johnson of the U.S. Army in the small town of Hohenecken near Ramstein, Germany. Prosecutors accused U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Rico Williams of being the first one to start attacking Johnson in a six-minute beating that he had to endure to join the gang. After the beating Johnson asked one of his fellow gang members to take him to the hospital, Williams then ordered his gang members not to take him there. Johnson later died from multiple blunt-force trauma injuries.[14][15][16]

According to the government's investigations, Williams was the leader of the gang set operating on base. Senior Airman Williams was sentenced to 22 years in prison, while other servicemen faced sentences ranging from 2 to 12 years. Some of the charges against the servicemen were: Williams, second-degree murder and witness tampering; Air Force Staff Sergeant Jerome Jones, conspiracy to commit assault, gang participation, and other charges; Airman Nicholas Sims and Army Sergeant Rodney Howell; involuntary manslaughter; Private Terrance Norman, voluntary manslaughter.[17][15][18]

The Gangster Disciples featured prominently in the 2008 murders of member Cecil Dotson Sr., his fiancée Marissa Williams, fellow member Hollis Seals, and his girlfriend Shindri Roberson. Also killed were Cecil and Marissa's 4-year-old son Cemario and Cecil's son with Erica Smith, 2 year old Cecil Dotson II. The toddler had been spending the night with his father and siblings. Severely injured in the attack were Cecil and Marissa's other three children nine-year-old Cecil Dotson Jr., five-year-old Cedric and two-month-old Ce'niyah.[19]

Allegations were originally made that the Gangster Disciples were responsible for the event which came to be known as "The Lester Street Massacre" and was featured in two separate episodes of "The First 48" on A&E. It eventually came to light that the horrific attack was a case of fratricide between two brothers, with the Gangster Disciples uninvolved in the crime. Cecil and his family were butchered by Dotson's own brother, Jessie, who eventually confessed to the killings. He was convicted on all counts and sentenced to six death sentences plus 120 years for the three children (his niece and nephews) that he attempted to kill. The Gangster Disciples were cleared of any involvement.[19]

On April 27, 2016, 32 members of Gangster Disciples were arrested on RICO charges by federal agents. Among the 32 arrested was a former Atlanta-area police officer who prosecutors say was a hit man for the gang. The indictment alleges that Gangster Disciples members committed 10 murders, 12 attempted murders, 2 robberies, the extortion of rap artists to force the artists to become affiliated with the Gangster Disciples, and fraud resulting in losses of over $450,000. In addition, the Gangster Disciples trafficked in large amounts of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, illegal prescription drugs, and marijuana. The indictment also seek forfeiture of 34 different firearms seized as part of the investigation.[20]

On July 21, 2020, a car pulled up at a funeral home in Englewood, Chicago and at least two gunmen inside opened fire. 15 people were wounded, with no reported fatalities. The funeral was for a victim killed a week prior, and was allegedly involving a dispute between two Gangster Disciples factions.[21]

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Also asked, what nation is black disciples?

Black Disciples

Founding locationChicago, Illinois, U.S.
Years active1966–present

Beside above, what colors do Bloods wear? The Bloods gang color is red. They like to wear sports clothing, including team jackets that show their gang color.

Just so, how many black disciples are in Chicago?

There are estimates of as many as 30,000 Gangster Disciples in the city, according to the Chicago Crime Commission — by comparison, the Black P Stones membership is about 20,000, the Latin Kings about 10,000 and the Black Disciples 4,000.

What colors do Vice Lords wear?

The gang colors are black and red and black and gold, serving under Vice Lords. They associate themselves with a black diamond with "points" at each corner.


Colors gd gang

GD is an acronym or, abbreviation, most commonly for a well known Street Gang. The Term GD means "Gangster Disciple". "GD", started in Chicago Illinois, mainly South Side. Some of the gangs symbols are as follows :

* SIX Pointed Star, The star of David (main symbol)

* Playboy Bunny With Right ear folded down or Bent down

* An upward facing pitchfork

* A three pointed, Rounded edge crown

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstandings with GD. GD is usually what most would call, a "Crip". You may also hear, them refered to as FOLKS GD's Gang colors are Black, and MAINLY Blue. A member will ALWAYS wear any attire, like hats, or anything with a "bill" on it, or sometimes, earrings, to the right side of the body. With a member of GD, which is also slanged as a, "G", anything MUST be blue, black, or white (neutral color), and hats MUST be worn to the right. Anything to the left, or any RED colored attire is considered a violation from the Gang, and the gang will deal with the "violator" accordingly. GD can be very organized, and have Laws, and rules that each member MUST follow strictly. Any "rule breaking" may also result with violation. GD has many different branches, that are usually considered, G's or GD's or "Crip Orientated". These "branches" are usually called "clicks" such branches might be as follows.

* BOS or BOSS - Brotheres Of The Struggle / Brotheres Of The Strong Struggle

* BGDN - Black Gangster Disciple Nation

* SICC or SICCMADE - Soldier In A Crucial Click

* IGD - Insane Ganster Disciple / Imperial
Gangster Disciple

* BGD - Black Gangster Disciple

* 08 ball - Eight ball Posse

* Hellraisers - No Abbreviation used

* SSB - South Side Boys

GD is very feared in some areas by the general public. They are usually the types of people who "wont start no shit, unless you bring it" They sometimes have a moto of...Dont go looking for trouble, let trouble find you. GDs are also well known weapon carriers. The preferred weapon(s) of a member of GD is usually a .9mm hand gun, .45 handgun, mac 10s (rare), and sorted knives and "shanks".

GD or any GD related gang revolves around the number SIX (6). In reference to the six laws a member of GD must follow. These Laws must be followed at all times by a member. The GDs are usually at "war" with VLs, or commonly known as Vice Lords. Gds are also very territorial and dangerous at times.

That guy is in GD, represent your six!

by imbored1123 May 29, 2007

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GD is Gangsta Disciple, shortened from Black Gangsta Disciple, the Chicago based organization that has reached far deep in the south, east coast and out west. It is the realest of the real , because of our loyalty to structure in the organization, i say organization because gang belittles the nation..GDN...6^

GD.."all is one but all is not well"

by jt September 02, 2004

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