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Mini® Round Magazine

Excellent qualityExcellent mag, functions flawlessly. Shipped out very quick. Nice tight fit.- Robert, VA AnnoyingGood Great magazine! Works without a problem!The magazine works great and will last a lifetime. May be expensive, but will never fail and can take a beating.- Nick, OH Just spend ythe money.I use only factory magazines in my Mini Aftermarket magazines just do not function correctly in the Mini I dont know why, I just know that they dont. Ruger magazines perform flawlessly for me.- Mike, VA StainlessI have 2 stainless 30 round mags for my mini they look perfect despite over 20 years.good mags are worth the money. Bite the bullet you will be glad down the road.plus the mini is stainless.James Always use real Ruger magsI have a 38 yr. old series Mini and nothing but real Ruger mags will run reliably in it. Ive tried aftermarkets and should have saved my money. Stick with the real thing, youll be much happier, even if you are a little poorer because of the price.- Chuck, NC DisappointedI am very disappointed with this item. It wont take more than 16 rounds, and then it binds. I have other ruger mags,5,10,20 rounds that work great. Ill stick with them.William Heberling Wont hold bolt open after last shot or with empty magazine.Very unsatisfied! Bought two of these thinking they would be better quality than my aftermarket clips. Both of them wont hold the bolt open after the last shot or with an empty magazine in place. My original 5 rounder and all the after market clips hold the bolt open like intended. Whats the point of paying extra money for these if they dont function! Not sure if I will buy Ruger products the future!- Greg Haldy, WA No more aftermarket magazinesI learned my lesson with cheap aftermarket magazines. Tried several aftermarket magazines in my Ruger Mini with very disappointing results, but have never had a malfunction with factory magazines. Yes, they are expensive, but they are dependable, and thats important to me. Ive gotten rid of all my aftermarket mags and now use only factory mags.- Lester Scates, FL Work greatI have a number of the 30 round, 20 round, and 10 round mags for my Mini / Have never had a failure in feeding. Will these mags also work ion the Ruger Gunsight Scout Rifle Model ? Im thinking of buying one in Nato/ rem and would like to be able to interchange mags.- Lonnie A, TX Different followersOverall the construction of these magazines is good, but I notice when I get down to the last 2 to 4 rounds in the magazine the rifle will jam from time to time. I notice that the followers tend to tilt down when the rifle is chambering another round causing an occasional jam. It would be a real good move for Ruger to developed an anti tilt type follower similar to those found in the ar magazine platform to alleviate this issue.- William, PA Never try after-market with RugerI have a supply of 20 round Ruger mags. Several years ago, due to price I purchased a 30 round after-market magazine for my Mini. First trip to the range with the new mag was a disaster. I threw it in the garbage, went home and ordered the Ruger 30 round magazine. Ive since purchased several more. Why just 4 stars? Simple, price. Theres no reason for these magazines to cost so much, but again, they do work. I live in Florida where it is always humid. I store my magazines in surplus military ammo cans with a dessicant pack in each can. You might want to try this to keep them from rusting when not in use.- Les, FL A Must OwnI just had to share that this mag is the best I have ever used! Ive been using these for about six years now and no hang ups yet. I have 17 of these, and they digest EVERYTHING, just like the mini its self!!! Unlike my ARs that I love, these I keep loaded for home invaders, they are much more trustworthy mags!!!Charles Great mags keep them comingI always go for the factory mags. Yes they are alittle high $$$$ but they always seem to work. I have 2 mini 14`s, 1 mini 30, and a older AC full auto keep up the good work Ruger- Ed` gun sales, GA StainlessMake these stainless! That would make this an amazing magazine, instead of just a good one. magazineskeep the black magazines in your gun safe and the wont rust thats what I do. but if you put them up wet they will rust need I say more. and you can buy magazines at your local gun shop for less money and they are made by RUGER.- bill, MT Stainless?I too really need a good stainless version of this! The blued steel is normal but if you store them in the damp -use on the real ranch- the mags rust and have to be replaced all the time. Please make a stainless versionI have tried multiple aftermarket 30rd stainless and have numerous reliability problems. I live in MN and stainless is a must. Please start offering these in stainless.- Eric Crear, MN Only Magazines that workOrdered a few of these, the factory ruger mags are the only ones that work without any issues, I just wish they werent so expensive, but they are great quality!VA verry goodthese 30 round clips are very good. but I have found a place where I can buy them for a lot less money so I bought two more of them. 
Sours: https://shopruger.com/

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Magazines 30 round m14

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Magazine Insertion Issues M14 M1a

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