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PashtettLand rover defender in Russia


shahrilVintage Transport


shuravayaLand Rover


TKKurikawaJaguar Land Rover


durktalsmaFarm jeeps on Carcass Island, the Falklands, returning home.


vzmazeBig jeep's wheel on a grass


sliwowski.mOld Land Rover Defender driving in the mud




angelsimon4x4 extreme driving.


strelokDesert Safari on the car


CoqrougeLand Rover Defender


angelsimonAction with an old 4x4.


Editorial4 x 4


PixellioOld classic cabrio car


durktalsmaOverview of the central part of Carcass island on the Falklands. Two other passengers from our group, as well as the farm house, can be seen.


iampixelsLAND ROVER


alefbetSUV rides on the country road in forest, Israel


Steve_AllenDriving in the Falkland Islands


AShkanovRover on Mars


PashtettLand Rover Defender, Russia


PixellioOld Land Rover


PashtettJeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender, Russia


rigamondis4x4 off-road journey


angelsimon4x4 in action.


lspencerGroup of people enjoying amazing sunset


PashtettJeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender, Russia


man64Car drive speed fast on the dirty off-road range rover


paulmaguireCar in winter


alefbetSUV rides on the country road among hills and meadows, Israel


ndenisovSUV on a Russian winter


sliwowski.mOld Land Rover Defender in the mud


Steve_AllenAdventure tourists - Namib Desert - Namibia


sliwowski.mOld Land Rover Defender driving off road


gors47304x4 SUV


durktalsmaCarcass Island, Falklands. Carcass Island is essentially a farm. Fences separate the different pastures.


sliwowski.mOld Land Rover Defender in the mud


mikolajnAll-terrain car parked on the street


cla1978Off road car


bizoonLand Rover logo


Eagle2308FRANKFURT - SEPT 2015: Land Rover Range Rover presented at IAA I


teddyleungLand Rover Discovery 4 Test Drive on May 13 2014 in Hong Kong.


teddyleungLand Rover Freelander 2


teddyleungRange Rover Evoque 2014


ndenisovLand Rover Discovery I


alexfan32KIEV, UKRAINE - 13 OCTOBER 2017: black Land Rover Defender car with satellite dish parked near expo centre


lucidwatersWadi Rum Jordan


philipusRange Rover at offroad rally competition


ndenisovLand Rover Freelander


RyanFaasBeat Up Old Safari Truck


piccayaThe car and the desert


MaugliJeep safari in mountains


josekubeLand Rover car company logo on dealership building


DendenalLand Rover old model 4 W vehicle in Golden Gate Highlands National Park of South Africa.


ventanamediaGreen Jeep


durktalsmaImpression of Carcass Island, the Falklands


oneinchpunchICELAND, KIRKJUFELL, 16TH APRIL 2018. The land Rover defender parked in front the kirkjufell. The Defender is a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle developed in the 1980s


man64White premium car stay on snow road at sunset


oneinchpunchICELAND, KIRKJUFELL, 16TH APRIL 2018. The land Rover defender parked in front the kirkjufell. The Defender is a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle developed in the 1980s


ArenaCreativeBig chrome rims


PhotoWorksGoing Anywhere, Anytime


lucidwatersFour-wheel drive


chatchaiBig Motor Sale 2015


lucidwatersLand Rover jeep journey in Wadi Rum, Jordan


UlfWittrockAn image of a Land Rover Logo - Bielefeld/Germany - 07/23/2017


alexfan32Kiev / Ukraine - 6 February 2018: Land Rover Discovery SUV is parked near stone wall



Land Rover Stock Images – SUVs and Sports SUVs

Most cars are designed to just get you from point A to point B, either in a lot of style or as quickly as possible. There are some other vehicles that can even do the job when the tarmac ends and the going gets a bit rough. However, if the terrain is truly brutal, most vehicles simply grind to a halt. Unless, of course, you happen to be in a Land Rover.

This British marque has been renowned for producing vehicles that are so prodigious at driving off-road, that even the military swears by them. After Land Rover’s recent revival, several new stylish and cool SUVs have been added to their fleet, and practically all of them can get you where you want to go, regardless of the terrain in between.

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Land Rover came into existence in 1948 and they almost immediately built a rock solid reputation for their vehicles. Land Rover SUVs were so well acknowledged that, just 3 years after their establishment, in 1951, the company was granted a Royal Warrant. This warrant is provided to those who supply goods or services to royal court or a member of the royalty, thereby lending the company a huge amount of prestige. The company was initially merged with Jaguar Cars to form Jaguar Land Rover, and this entity was purchased by an Indian firm called Tata Motors in 2008.

Land Rover Vehicle Line-up

Land Rover SUVs

Land Rover SUVs

The most famous and highest regarded SUV ever manufactured by Land Rover is, unquestionably, the Range Rover. Over the years, the Range Rover has undergone several transformations and is now available on sale in four distinct variations.

The first among them is the proper, full-sized Range Rover. This SUV is luxuriously appointed, has a ton of tech on the inside, and can take you wherever you please to go. For USD 85,650, you will be the owner of one of the most versatile vehicles on the planet. If what you require is a slightly smaller version that has sportier credentials, you can have the Range Rover Sport for USD 65,650.

The latest addition to Land Rover’s fleet is the all new Range Rover Velar. Beautifully designed and engineered, the Velar carries forward typical Land Rover DNA in a completely new package. Prices for the Velar commence from just under USD 50,000. The softest vehicle in the Range Rover portfolio (although there’s no denying its off-road prowess) is the Evoque. Interestingly, the Evoque is also available as a convertible. USD 41,800 is the amount you’ll need to fork out to purchase one of these.

In addition to the Range Rover family, Land Rover also has the Discovery series of SUVs. Currently, this series includes two vehicles, the first among them being the all new Discovery, which is priced at a touch below USD 50,000. Although the Discovery was always looked down upon in the past as the Range Rover’s rural cousin, it has now been modernized and is one of the most contemporary SUVs out there today. However, if the price is a bit too steep for you, Land Rover will sell you the Discovery Sport for a much more affordable USD 37,695!

Land Rover SVO

Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) is Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house tuning division that specializes in taking their existing models and turning them into super luxurious or super sporty vehicles. Currently, this division produces the Range Rover SVR, which is a 550 hp beast of an SUV; and the Range Rover SVAutobiography, which provides its occupants a luxury experience unlike almost any other SUV in the world.

SVO has also tied up with gun-maker Holland & Holland to create a bespoke, ultra luxurious version of the Range Rover. This vehicle features exclusive leather and walnut trims, and stunningly engraved interior door handles. If you write a check for approximately USD 237,000, which is what this SUV costs, Holland & Holland will chuck in a couple of their handcrafted guns as well!

Land Rover Sales and Special Offers

In June 2017, Land Rover sales in North America had a slight increase from its June 2016 figure to 5,760 units, which was the best June sales month for the brand. Although the new Discovery achieved sales of 845 units last month, the Range Rover Sport was the volume leader with 1,594 units sold. The company also has made leasing plans and low APR financing for several vehicles in their fleet, which also apply to many of their certified pre-owned SUVs.

For more images of Land Rover vehicles and to view the image gallery of the full Land Rover model range, Click This Link


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Introducing the New Land Rover DEFENDER

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