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Light your fire! SLP Ignition Wire Kits consist of the highest quality wires and caps to maximize your ignition system output. This kit provides a more complete burn for better peak horsepower and throttle response. It also comes with special spark plug boot retainers, which firmly hold the spark plug to the boot. Never lose a race again from a spark plug boot vibrating loose. A must for modified or racing sleds. Comes complete with dielectric grease to ensure a reliable, long lasting connection.




 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Spark Plug Boots & Terminals

Home>> Spark Plug Wire Sets & Accessories>> Spark Plug Boots & Terminals

  • Blue, black or grey high temperature 8mm silicone spark plug boots
  • Vibration proof spring lock spark plug terminals
  • Complete boot/terminal kits and bulk packages for engine builders

Spark Plug Boots and Terminals

90 Degree Spark Plug Boot/Terminal Kit8460614600146081
135 Degree Spark Plug Boot/Terminal Kit (Gray boots are 115 degree)8460654600546085
180 Degree Spark Plug Boot/Terminal Kit8460634600346083
90 Degree Silicone Boots2544796  
135 Degree Silicone Boots2544806  
180 Degree Silicone Boots2544696  
90 Degree Spring Lock Spark Plug Terminal only5044409  
135 Degree Spring Lock Spark Plug Terminal only5044389  
180 Degree Spring Lock Spark Plug Terminal only5044399  

*To buy a specific product, simply click on the part number listed above.


Distributor/Coil Boots & Terminals

All boots & Terminals fit 8mm-10.4mm wires except as noted with **

Low Profile HEI 90 Degree Distributor & Coil Boot/Terminal Kit w/o holdown1146051
HEI 90 Degree Distributor Boot/Terminal Kit w/holdown 946055
180 Degree HEI Boot/Terminal Kit946068
LS Coil/LT Optispark/Vortec-180 Degree Boots with Terminals1046052
LS Coil/LT Optispark/Vortec-135 Degree Boots with Terminals1046069
LS Coil/LT Optispark/Vortec-90 Degree Boots with Terminals1046067
Impala SS/Camaro SS Optispark (5ea)- 180/90 Degree Boots with Terminals1046066
90 Degree Distributor & Coil Boot/Terminal Kit - Socket Style (Fits 7-9mm)1046057**
90 Degree Distributor Boot/Terminal Kit, 10.4mm - Socket Style (Fits 10.4mm)946053**
180 Degree Distributor & Coil Boot/Terminal Kit - Socket Style1046059
90 Degree Coil Boot/Terminal Kit - Socket Style146056
180 Degree Coil Boot/Terminal Kit - Socket Style146058

*To buy a specific product, simply click on the part number listed above.



Bulk Pack Distributor & Coil Boots

90 Degree GM Type HEI Distributor Boots w/holddown2544056
90 Degree Distributor Boots - Socket Style 5044166
180 Degree Distributor Boots - Socket Style 5044029
90 Degree Coil Boots - Socket Style2544066
180 Degree Coil Boots - Socket Style2544076

*To buy a specific product, simply click on the part number listed above.



Bulk Pack Distributor & Coil Terminals

90 Degree Distributor Spring Lock Terminals for HEI5044409
90 Degree Distributor/Coil Terminals - Socket Style2544216
180 Degree Distributor/Coil Terminals - Socket Style10044301

*To buy a specific product, simply click on the part number listed above.


Cancer Warning Labels Based on California’s Proposition 65 for Taylor Cable Products in Kansas City Missouri


Spark Plug Boots & Terminals


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Plug boot kit spark

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How to Build Spark Plug Wires - Hagerty DIY

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