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Cancers are emotional and Aquarians are too weird. These are a few of the blanket statements out there about the zodiac’s Sun signs. While astrology memes are totally entertaining, there’s more to your birth chart than your Sun sign. Did you know your birth chart consists of multiple planetary placements in 12 different houses? No two charts in the world (not even twins) are exactly alike!

It’s always a good idea to see a professional astrologer for a reading, but if you’re astro-curious, the best way to begin dissecting your own birth chart is to look it up on a free birth chart calculator site, like or You will need your birth date, time, and location for accuracy.

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If you don’t have your birth time, you can estimate: Look up the time of sunrise on the day you were born for something called a “sunrise chart” or put 12 p.m. for something called a “noon chart.” And if you’re super into astrology and you don’t know your birth time, you can pay for an in-depth reading with an astrologer for something called a “natal chart rectification”—where an astrologer asks you detailed questions about your life to essentially work backward to discover your birth time.

Okay, so you’ve put all your birth info into a birth chart and you have your result—a circular chart with a bunch of symbols and lines all over it. Let’s get into the details!

First, look at that chart. See how it’s divided into 12 different sections? Those are the houses. Yep, your birth chart is divided into 12 houses. Your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs and each planet are located in both a house and a zodiac sign—you might have your Sun in Leo in the 5th house or your Mercury in Libra in the 3rd house. Once you have your chart, use the guide below to start interpreting your own cosmic DNA!

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The Planets

When you think of your sign, you’re thinking of your Sun sign—aka where the Sun was when you were born. But your birth chart also shows the position of the Moon and the planets when you were born, and each of these signs also reveals something about yourself.

The Sun

This is where you shine the brightest in your life. This is basically what you want to be when you “grow up.” Understanding which house this is placed in can clear up many of your life path and career questions.

The Moon

Your reactions, emotional needs, and comfort zone are all lunar energy. If you don’t feel like your Sun sign, look to your Moon sign. It describes what you need to feel nurtured. P.S. If you were born before sunrise, you have something called a “night chart” and you may resonate more with your Moon sign.


Your mind, thoughts, and communication style are associated with the planet Mercury. This sign reveals how you express yourself, and it can give you the self-awareness to learn from and interact with others.


Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and romance. Its position in your birth chart indicates how you give and fall in love—no surprise it’s many people’s favorite planet! Venus also describes what you need to feel joyful and happy in your romantic relationships and trysts plus your relationship with money.


Yup, you guessed it—on the opposite end of love, you have your sex drive. Mars is the ruler of attraction, sexual appetite, and how you take action. Want to know what turns you on? Check out your Mars!


Stability, structure, lessons, and discipline: Saturn sounds like all work and no play, but there is a bright side. Saturn can show you where in your life you can reap rewards through steady and solid work. It can also represent stability in relationships.


The planet of growth and abundance means exactly that! Jupiter’s place in your chart indicates where and how you can experience abundance in your life. Essentially, it’s your cosmic pot of gold.


Say it with me: “Ur-ay-nus.” Regardless of how you say it, this unique planet is the only one in the galaxy that spins on its side! It’s all about new technologies, innovation, and society. Your Uranus sign describes if and how you can embrace the unconventional side of life.


Spirituality, healing, and creativity area all Neptunian themes. This planet can add a dash of Hollywood fantasy or an escape from reality. If you have your Sun or Moon near this planet, creating your own dream world on Earth may come naturally to you!


Pluto indicates where you can experience tremendous growth. Seeing Pluto can stress an astrologer out, but don’t be afraid of change! Transformation is good and we cannot evolve in life without it.

The Zodiac Signs

So, you probably know your Sun sign…and maybe your Moon and Rising signs too. But you have every single zodiac sign in your birth chart—even if you don’t have any planets in it.

Stay with me: Your birth chart is basically a snapshot of the cosmos at the moment you were born, including all 12 zodiac signs. The zodiac sign the Sun was in when you were born = your Sun sign. The same is true for every other planet, from Mercury to Pluto. When reading your birth chart, look at the sign each planet is in to better understand the area of your life that planet rules. For example, you might be a guarded Scorpio Sun, but if your Mercury sign—which rules communication—is in freewheeling Sagittarius, you might still have a tendency to tell it like it is or even put your foot in your mouth.

As a refresher, here are the 12 zodiac signs and a bit about each one.


Leadership comes naturally to Aries—it’s the first sign of the zodiac, after all. This sign is known for being courageous, direct, and competitive, sometimes to a fault. But Aries is also warm, loving, and trusting. Aries has a biiit of a temper but doesn’t hold grudges.


Taurus energy is both practical and luxurious. This earth sign is smart and level-headed but also appreciates ~the finer things in life~. Taurus values safety and security and is not afraid to work hard. One more thing about Taurus: This zodiac sign is stubborn AF.


Gemini gets a lot of hate, but it’s (mostly) undeserved. This air sign is witty, sociable, playful, and adaptable—which gives this sign its “two-faced” reputation (but really, they’re just social butterflies who can match the energy of the group they’re in!). Gemini energy = major for communication.


The first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer is emotional, caring, and compassionate. This placement brings intuition and emotional intelligence. Represented by the crab, which carries its house around with it on its back, Cancer is a natural homebody.


Leo lives for the spotlight! This fire sign is outgoing, playful, warm, and loyal. This zodiac sign is a natural leader and protector. Leo has a biiit of an ego, but TBH, everyone really does love this kind of energy, so it’s deserved!


Virgo energy is disciplined, practical, hardworking, and analytical…but not boring! This earth sign can be a bit reserved but it’s also loyal, honest, dedicated, supportive, and kind. As an earth sign, Virgo is also sensual, as in very ~in touch~ with the senses.


Represented by the scales, Libra is all about ~balance~. This placement is diplomatic, harmonious, and adaptable, with a passion for justice and fairness. Ruled by Venus, Libra is all about beautiful things and being in love.


Intense Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and the occult. This energy is powerful, strong, resilient, and reserved. As a water sign, Scorpio is also intuitive and emotional—those emotions are just sometimes hidden beneath a more guarded, intimidating exterior.


Sagittarius is the sign of travel and philosophy—which means that whichever planets fall in this sign get a big dose of fun. This kind of energy also tends to be blunt, adventurous, spontaneous, and even a lil bit flaky.


Hardworking Capricorn is the CEO of the zodiac. This sign is known for its strong, hard-working, practical, ambitious nature. It’s concerned with status, respect, and security. But just like fellow earth sign Virgo, Cap is an earth sign with a ~sensual side~.


Aquarius is actually an air sign, not a water sign, meaning it’s intellectual, playful, and smart. This energy is adventurous, open-minded, philanthropic, and a tad eccentric (or a lot eccentric). This sign is often linked to science and technology as well as humanitarianism.


The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is an old soul. This water sign is known for its intuition, emotion, creativity, and head-in-the-clouds nature. Pisces is often linked to spirituality as well as compassion for others.

Uncover the 12 Houses

As you look at your chart, you will notice a circle broken into 12 small sections with zodiac symbols and interconnecting lines. Looks confusing, I know. Let’s start with these 12 sections called the 12 houses. Each house is ruled by a zodiac sign and planet, although they likely don’t match up in your own chart. The houses explain which area of life a planet’s energy will manifest for you, whether it’s your identity, career, love or relationships. For example, the 1st house is ruled by Mars and Aries, representing your personal drive and identity. Regardless if you are a Leo or Gemini Rising, this house explains your unique personality and why certain experiences happen to you.

1st House

Ruled by Mars and the fire sign Aries, this is the house of your identity and personality. It’s also the location of your ascendant or Rising sign, a notorious hot spot in your chart. Your 1st house and Rising sign represent how you show up and present yourself to the world. This is an area to pay attention to when you want to understand personal changes coming your way.

2nd House

Want to see if a raise is on the horizon or dollars are in your bank account? Look at the 2nd house. Ruled by Venus and earthy Taurus, your earned income and self-worth are closely tied together here. Understanding the energy of this house can motivate you to lean in and ask for the coin you deserve!

3rd House

Communication and short-distance travel are highlighted here, so naturally, buzzy Mercury and Gemini rule this house. Your 3rd house can explain relationships with your siblings, how you relate to your neighbors, and the ways you communicate with others.

4th House

Your emotional foundation and family life are in this extremely personal house. Ruled by the nurturing water sign Cancer and the Moon, this house can explain events in the home. Feeling a move coming on? This is a great place to look to understand the type of environment you thrive in.

5th House

Indulgent Venus is the 5th house, but it’s technically ruled by the Sun and Leo, due to the playful and creative nature of this house. This area of your chart shows how you want to flirt, be romanced, and have fun. For example, when you experience a Venus transit—aka when Venus moves through your Sun sign—you could go on a passionate date or start a steamy fling.

6th House

This house represents your daily grind, health routine, and work. It’s ruled by Virgo (no surprise here) and Mercury. Understanding this area of your chart can help you navigate if a desk job is more your speed or if you’re a free-spirited entrepreneur.

7th House

Venus is the ruler of this house, and it’s associated with the sign Libra. Your relationships, both love and business, live in this house…now this is where it gets juicy! This area of your chart represents marriage and long-term partnerships.

8th House

Welcome to Scorpio’s domain. This is the house of Pluto and, yes, it can get intense. It rules sex and mystical practices like tarot, astrology, and magic. This is a place in your chart where the most transformation and growth occurs. If you have planets in your 8th house, you notice massive changes in your life more often than others.

9th House

This is the home of lucky Jupiter and optimistic Sagittarius. Wisdom, philosophy, and travel fall in this house. Your 9th house can describe if you prefer to learn from life experience or take the standard university route.

10th House

Career, prestige, and your public appearance are ruled by the 10th house, and naturally, Saturn and Capricorn are in charge. To understand the best career for you or why you’ve made certain decisions, look at your 10th house.

11th House

Social groups, friends, and your network are in this house. Ruled by Uranus and air sign Aquarius, the 11th house describes what type of connections you bring and how you mesh with society around you.

12th House

This is the house of the unseen! This area of your chart is ruled by dreamy planet Neptune and watery Pisces and is extremely intuitive. You may not have any planets in this house, but if you do, there is a mystical element to their energetic expression.

Reading Your Birth Chart

Now that you have the astrological foundation, it’s time to add the color. You can now combine your knowledge of the 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs, and planets. Take a look at each house in your own chart and see if there is an astrological symbol placed inside. If so, compare with the key on your chart to match up where each planet is placed and in what sign.

To understand the key components to your own personality, start with your Rising, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars placements. These energies are the beginning to uncovering your life path, emotional needs, what turns you on, and how you love. Nothing is more important than understanding yourself!

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Tips for Entry of Birth Data:


For best results, enter your birth city ONLY in the birthplace location field. Depending on the device you're using, locations with that city name will drop down automatically or you may need to click the arrow at the end of a selection to see the full list. Select your exact birth location from the list. For example, if your birth place is Dallas, Texas, try entering "Dallas" only. A list will appear and you can then choose the correct Dallas location. Once you're happy with your selection, click the Submit button.


IMPORTANT: Double check your data by sending an email to [email protected] with your full birth information. Please tell us why you're writing (example: Double check birth data). We can help you with time zones if needed, as there are some issues regarding the accuracy of time zone information in all astrology software programs. It's a good idea to check that the time zone offset is accurate.


"Time Zone Not Sure" field

Occasionally, a Time Zone Not Sure field appears. Some time zones in the database are either unknown or are subject to special issues or exceptions outlined in this Historical Time Zone Issues article. If after selecting your location and clicking Submit the software refreshes the same screen, you will see a new field under the time field titled "Time Zone Not Sure." In this case, you may need to adjust the numerical value in the field. If the value is correct, simply click Submit again to get to your report.

If you're uncertain, send us an email at [email protected] with your full birth data for help. It's important not to alter the +/- of the entry. Keep in mind that the program converts local time to UT, not the other way around. An example of Time Zone Not Sure dates and locations occurs in the late forties and through the fifties in Illinois when an odd law was in effect regarding recording CDT times in CST. The Time Zone Not Sure field allows you to choose -6 for CST or -5 for CDT. The article referenced just above gives more tips for ambiguous historical time zones.


Please also take special note if a body is at 0 degrees and 00 minutes of a sign. In this case, the program may have rounded up, and the sign may actually be 29 degrees and 59.5 (or greater) of the previous sign and technically in that sign! If you are in this situation, please write to [email protected] with birth data for confirmation.


Do you have questions about this chart service? Please see the Free Reports FAQ. You can also write to [email protected] For more details about the natal chart report, see Understanding the Free Natal Chart Report.


See also video instructions for how to use this Free Reports section of the site here.


Unknown birth times: Checking off "Time Unknown" instructs the program to leave out the Ascendant and house positions in the report, as these cannot be determined with any accuracy without a birth time. For most users, there is nothing special to do - the report is produced without the time-sensitive data.

For those interested in knowing the possible range of signs and degrees on a particular day, read on. The time in the birth time field is used to calculate the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets. If you are interested in using the best average for the day, you can enter noon. If you are interested in knowing the possible range, you can note the planets' positions for 00:01 and then for 23:59, which will give you this range. On many days, the Moon can be one of two signs, as the Moon changes signs approximately every 2-1/2 days. Less likely but still possible are changes of signs with the Sun and other planets (they may be on a cusp). Again, you can check the range of possible positions. However, without a birth time, you cannot know the precise positions with any certainty.



Chart data is saved in a cookie in your browser. If you clear your cache, the data stored will be erased. However, if you take note of the Profile number and PIN directly below your list of charts, you can log in to a profile with these numbers in order to retrieve the chart data. This is also useful for retrieving stored data on other devices. ***Please note that chart data is saved for convenience, but this storage is temporary, and we cannot guarantee that it will be stored perpetually.*** It's always wise to keep data anonymous by using an initial or pet name in the name field.



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You probably know your astrological sign, also called your sun sign. That’s the one you most commonly associate with your zodiac.

But your sun is only one part of your birth chart. Also called your natal chart, you can think of your birth chart as a screenshot of what the cosmos looked like the moment you were born. To get the whole picture of your personality, you need to take into account the position of each planet. In astrology, an Aries with a Pisces moon and Cancer rising is very different from an Aries with a Sagittarius moon and Leo rising.

To find your birth chart, you’ll need three things: the date, time, and location of your birth. (Yep, you’ll need to text your mom or dig up your birth certificate.) Once you have that information, head to an online birth chart calculator, such as Cafe Astrology, and fill out the form. You’ll get a complicated-looking circle-within-a-circle with numbers, astrological signs, and symbols scattered across it. (Some chart calculator sites and apps just tell you what your signs are; look for one, like Cafe Astrology, that actually shows you a chart.)

The major areas to focus on first are your sun, moon, and rising signs. These are the planets that exercise the most influence over your personality. Then you’ll take into account which Houses — which represent the different areas of our lives — those planets are in.

It sounds intense, but it’s actually not so difficult to get the hang of. We asked astrologer Lisa Stardust to help us put together a primer on the birth chart basics to help you get started.

As we said, your sun sign is your “main” sign. Locate the sun symbol on your birth chart; it’s the circle with a dot in the centre. Then look to the outer edge of the natal chart circle to find the astrological sign in which your sun resides. 

Our sun signs indicate “our ego, our drive, and our needs in this lifetime,” says Stardust. Each sign is associated with different traits. For example, Scorpios, my sun sign, are known for being obsessive, mysterious, and fascinated by sex, death, and the occult. 

In your birth chart, your moon sign is represented by a crescent moon symbol. Look to the outer edge of your birth chart to see where sign your moon is located. Mine is in Sagittarius, a sign known for being impulsive, adventurous, and a little blunt. If your sun represents your ego, your moon reveals your id: “your internal feelings and emotions,” as Stardust puts it. 

She adds that your moon is also associated with the way you nurture and care for yourself and for others, your memories, and your comfort foods. Like me, Stardust’s moon is in Sagittarius. “When I’m really upset, I crave spicy Mexican food or macaroni and cheese with hot sauce,” she says. Makes sense. Sagittarius is all about a kick.

Your rising sign, also called your ascendant, represents “the face we wear to the world, how people perceive you, and how you want to be perceived,” Stardust explains. On the chart, it’s represented by the letters “ASC” or “AC.” My ascendant is in Virgo, a sign known for being organised, detail-oriented perfectionists. (As every Virgo will tell you, Beyoncé is one.) 

The last pieces of the puzzle are the houses. For these, you look at the inner circle on your chart. There, you’ll see numbers one through 12, moving counterclockwise. These are your houses. Some of these sections will have multiple planetary symbols in them. Some will have none. That’s all normal. 

Take note of which of your houses have many planets in them, Stardust advises. And then get specific: look at where your sun, moon, and rising signs are located. Once you get more familiar with astrology, you can also look up the meanings of Venus, Mars, and every other planet in your chart.

Here’s how it works: Your houses each represent different areas of your life. When you layer on the meaning of a planet, you get a nuanced view of your personality. 

For example, the third house tends to stand for communication, information, gossip, and news, as well as siblings, transportation, and short-distance travel. My sun is in Scorpio in the third house. That’s pretty on point for a writer who covers both sex and astrology. “Where the sun is, that’s where your ego shines,” Stardust says. “You shine in writing and enjoy it.”

Everyone also has “empty houses,” or houses on our charts with no planets in them. They represent areas of our life that can be a challenge for us. For example, my eighth house is empty. This house represents spending habits, as well as sex, death, transformation, and debt. My empty eighth house indicates that “if you had a million dollars, you might go wild and spend it all,” Stardust says.

If your eleventh house, which represents friendship, community, humanitarian endeavours, and astrology, was empty, you “might need to put extra effort into working with other people,” Stardust says. In other words, you might really hate group projects.

For your reference, here’s what each house represents. Of course, remember that you have free will, too. After all, if I win the lottery, I can choose to hire a financial planner to help me curb the reckless spending habits of my empty eighth house.Knowing that this is an area I’m predisposed to struggle with might encourage me to take preventative action.

The First House: Self, identity, and how you present to the world.

The Second House:Money, childhood friends, and self-esteem.

The Third House: Communication, news, gossip, siblings, and short-distance travel.

The Fourth House: Home, personal beliefs, family traditions, and ancestors.

The Fifth House: Creativity, inspiration, parties, and children. (Keep in mind that astrologically speaking, “Having a business can be like having a child,” Stardust says. A novel or an art project could also count. )

The Sixth House: Daily routine, health, self-care, and the people we see every day, from your local coffee barista to your morning trainride crush.

The Seventh House: Partnerships — including romance, friendships, and business contracts — and open enemies.

The Eighth House: Sex, death, taxes, transformation, and debt. 

The Ninth House: Long-distance travel, philosophy, intellectualism, higher education, religion, and values (such as honesty).

The Tenth House: Career, public image, and what you give to the world.

The Eleventh House: Friendship, community, humanitarian endeavours, and astrology.

The Twelfth House: Secrets, lies, psychological struggles, and hidden enemies.

This is just the beginning when it comes to decoding your birth chart — if you’re interested in learning more, you can read about the meanings of the other planets, learn about aspects (that’s the angles the planets make with each other), and find out how comfortable each planet is in each sign.

If you’re willing to spend some cash, a professional astrologer can give you an in-depth reading — or you can check out some astrology books from the library and begin studying on your own. Astrology can seem overwhelming at first, but before you know it, you'll be interpreting the positions of the stars like a pro... or a Virgo.


The Sixth House of Health

The Sixth House corresponds with health, wellness, and daily routines, including odd jobs. Where the body you're born with exists in the First House, the choices made over a lifetime create the body found in your Sixth House. Naturally, our environment and life choices affect our health, such as self-care, having a good work-life balance, and whether you spend enough (or too much!) time in the sun, so let this house remind you to pay attention to your physical and mental well-being. Those with natal planets in this zone are often fueled by organization and structure and tend to focus on time and calendar management. Planets transiting the Sixth House help us form habits and redefine our schedules. This House corresponds with Virgo energy.

The Seventh House of Partnership

The Seventh House (the Descendent) sits directly across from the First House Ascendant and represents life-changing partnerships. Up until now, all the Houses have explored an individual's immediate world: their money, home, and friends. In the Seventh House, however, the concept of perspective is introduced. Simply put, the Seventh House symbolizes your "cosmic plus one," and yes, that refers to romantic partners, as well as other important relationships in your life. Those with natal planets in the Seventh House tend to be very focused on relationships, gravitating towards partnership in all areas of life. Planets moving through the Seventh House help us close deals, securing our bonds by signing contracts, and making things official. This House corresponds with Libra energy.

The Eighth House of Sex, Death, and Transformation

What do sex, death, and transformation have to do with one another? Well, they're all animalistic instincts. Those with natal planets in the Eighth House are often attracted to supernatural or occult topics, have intense romances, and will likely go through several fabulous makeovers within their lifetime. The Eighth House reminds us that it's okay to give in to our desires, we're going to die one day after all, but to always be adaptable and ready to let go of the past to make room for the present and future. Planets transiting this area help us understand the underbelly of any situation and serve as a reminder of life’s complexities. This House corresponds with Scorpio energy.

The Ninth House of Philosophy

Travel, philosophy, and higher education all define the ninth house. In medieval astrology, this region was linked to places and people outside of your village. Now, we interpret this area as both literal and intellectual exploration. Those born with natal planets in the Ninth House are extremely curious and inquisitive, with deep-rooted wanderlust. When planets move across the Ninth House we often begin studying a new topic, move to a foreign location, or adopt a completely different perspective. The Ninth House encourages you to keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things as your world changes and expands. This House corresponds with Sagittarius energy.

The Tenth House of Social Status

The Tenth House, located at the very top of the birth chart, is the apex of your unique story, and yes, is basically the House of popularity. The Tenth House also governs public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements. Natal planets in the Tenth House reveal an ambitious individual, and changes in the profession often occur when planets transit this zone. This House corresponds with Capricorn energy.

The Eleventh House of Friendship

As the houses begin their descent, the Eleventh House helps us remember the purpose of our hard work, and with who we share the joy of our accomplishments. The Eleventh House is linked to humanitarian pursuits, as well as our personal network. This covers our dear friends and support system who help keep us moving forward. Technology and innovation also exist within this zone, so those born with planets in the Eleventh House are often defined by their revolutionary ideas. Transiting planets through this domain help us broaden our reach as we define our role within society. This House corresponds with Aquarius energy.

The Twelfth House of the Unconscious

In the sky, the Twelfth House exists just beneath the horizon: It's quite literally the darkness before dawn. Likewise, the Twelfth House is considered the "unseen realm," and governs all things that exist without physical forms, like dreams, secrets, and emotions. Those born with planets in the Twelfth House are often highly intuitive, perhaps even psychic. We attract karmic people into our lives when planets transit the Twelfth House, but during this time, we must also remember that not all relationships are meant to last. This House corresponds with Pisces energy.

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Horoscope natal chart


Named after the enchanting Roman goddess, Venus is the vibrant planet that represents beauty, love, and abundance. Indulgent Venus is happiest when luxuriating: Fine wines, extended baths, and aromatic moisturizers align with the Venusian spirit. This planet's highbrow tastes reflect our interest in art and culture, while its romantic sensibilities reveal our idealized perception of love. Both earth sign Taurus and air sign Libra are ruled by Venus, each representing a different side of Venus's expression: sensual Taurus is physical, while flirtatious Libra is cerebral. It takes approximately four to five weeks to transit a zodiac sign and goes retrograde every 18 months. During Venus retrograde, try to avoid making major changes to your appearance, such as getting a tattoo or plastic surgery. 


The Red Planet is known as the warrior of the zodiac. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars symbolizes action, determination, and aggression. Its impassioned spirit often manifests when we're racing to meet a deadline, running to catch a flight, or competing for a selective position. Mars is the fire under our ass, providing the adrenaline-charged boost of energy that fuels movement. It also reflects our physical passion and lust. This planet governs Aries, the impulsive fire sign known for its high-octane vivacity. Mars takes approximately six to seven weeks to transit a zodiac sign and goes retrograde every two years. When it goes retrograde, we may have trouble standing up for ourselves or experience a lack of motivation in the bedroom. 


The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter — or Zeus, in Greek mythology — is recognized for its colossal presence. Lucky planet Jupiter symbolizes fortune, philosophy, abundance, and spirituality. This generous planet governs expansion, encouraging us to widen our scope and broaden our horizons through philosophy, spirituality, and education. It governs Sagittarius, the adventurous fire sign known for its thrill-seeking disposition. Jupiter takes approximately 12 to 13 months to transit a zodiac sign and goes retrograde each year for around 120 days. Its retrograde is often a time of philosophical growth. 


The ringed gas giant is associated with time, regulations, and restrictions. On a good day, Saturn symbolizes hard work, professional achievements, and steadfast resilience. On a bad day, however, it can be harsh and unemotional, forcing us to learn through tough love and difficult challenges. Though this planet has an odd way of showing its affection, Saturn does have our best interest in mind. It simply wants us to play by the rules. Saturn governs regimented Capricorn, the enterprising earth sign known for its tireless ambition, and takes approximately two and a half years to transit each sign. It goes retrograde each year for around 140 days. During Saturn retrograde, life may feel more restrictive, and we must work harder to launch projects. 


Uranus is unusual: as Science Museum reports, it’s the first planet discovered by a telescope, the only celestial body named after a Greek deity, and is tilted so far on its axis that it essentially orbits the sun on its side. Fittingly, Uranus symbolizes technology, rebellion, and innovation. This revolutionary planet hates the rules and is always eager to facilitate groundbreaking, dynamic change. Uranus can have surprising effects (after all, the planet loves shock value). It governs Aquarius, the free-thinking air sign recognized for its eccentricity and nonconformity. Uranus takes approximately seven years to transit each sign and goes retrograde each year for around 150 days. During the planet's retrograde, we are asked to leave the past behind and continue onward with life. 

HOW TO READ YOUR BIRTH CHART (For Beginners) #Astrology #NatalChart #BirthChart #AstroFinesse

Mankind has been using astrology for millennia as a way of telling and recording time. The Bible’s Old and New Testament, as well as the Qur’an, reference lunar phases to mark certain months and dates in the year — a practice also used by Ancient Chinese, Maya and South Asian civilisations.

Meanwhile, what may be the oldest drawing of a birth chart was found in a cave in Croatia, dating back more than 2,000 years, which suggests an early interest in harnessing astrology as a tool for unlocking knowledge about the individual. In modern times, we use birth charts as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of the self, our relationship with others, and our place in the world.

What is an astrology birth chart?

An astrological birth chart maps the planetary alignment at the exact moment you were born, so no two charts are ever the same. There are 12 signs of the zodiac — Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces — and 12 houses in a chart (1st House, 2nd House and so on).

Each zodiac sign has a different vibe and each house represents a different aspect and area of our lives (education, family, love, health, work). As well as the sun and the moon, there are 10 planets that astrologers take into account to understand a person’s psyche: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node and South Node (more on those later).


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6 Places to Get a Free Birth Chart

Even if astrology isn't your thing, it's likely you've had someone ask you your zodiac sign on a dating app, or said something like, "Oh, you're such an Aries" in response to your go-get-'em nature. But even if you know a thing or two about your zodiac sign (aka sun sign) -  which influences your confidence, self-image, self-esteem, sense of self, and identity - there's a lot more to your astrological makeup.

You also have a moon sign (representing your emotions), a rising sign (which controls your first impressions), and a whole house system to unpack.

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So, in order to discern your exact astrology ID, you need a birth chart. And while this is something you can visit an astrologer to have drawn up, these days you can also find it online for free. Also called a natal chart, this astrology report outlines the specifics of your zodiac based on your date, place, and time of birth. It provides a more detailed point of view about the day you arrived on this planet and how you became, well, you.

Here are a few places where you can get a free birth chart and learn a bit more about what makes you tick.

The site notes that a birth chart "is a celestial snapshot of the universal energies at play the moment you arrived on this planet." By entering your details, you'll discover what the placement of planets like Mercury and Mars means in terms of your personality and the connections you make with others.

"Each planet has a specific energy that governs various areas of your life," according to the site. "For example, if you have questions about your love life, the placement of Venus in your zodiac chart could hold the key."


There's nothing fancy required to get the details you want when it comes to this easy-to-use site. All you have to do is enter your birth date details - date, time, and place - and you'll get a downloadable birth chart that includes interpretations of sun, moon, and rising signs. For $25, you can also get a professional birth chart interpretation, which includes details on your strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for maximizing your unique qualities.

Co-Star Astrology

This iOS and Android compatible app allows you to plot your birth chart for free and includes analysis for your sun, moon, and rising signs, as well as Venus, which "determines how and what you love," according to the Co-Star site. This one doubles as a social network, of sorts; you can connect with your friends and lovers to see what aspects of your personalities play well (or horribly) together.

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Cafe Astrology

Like the other sites, Cafe Astrology simply requires you to enter your date of birth, time, and place to determine your astrology positions, including a list of planets and the signs they occupy in your chart. But even if you don't know the exact time you were born, the site can help you figure out some of the basics that are included in your birth chart. This site also tells you your ascendant sign - also known as your rising sign - which is the zodiac sign that was rising on the horizon at the exact time you were born.

Chaos Astrology

Once you obtain your free birth chart - which includes info about your rising sign, as well as the positions of the planets in the signs and houses - you have the option to invest in a membership that allows you to check out other astrological analysis, like compatibility reports where you can compare and contrast astrological charts of partners, friends, and family.

Astromatrix Horoscopes

In addition to your birth chart, Astromatrix allows you to check out the specifics of your individual personality traits, as well as details on the social environments that best suit you and challenges you might face down the line. Chart your birth report on the site or by downloading the free app for iOS or Android.


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