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Experience the refined tastes and artistic styles of Venice when you put these gorgeous handmade Murano drinking glasses on your table. Sporting radiant green color on the outside complemented by the milky white of the inside and simple yet elegant form, this delightful tumbler combines the best of classic Murano glass workmanship with contemporary Italian design. Great for wine, water, highball cocktails, or soft drinks, these tumblers will be the highlight of your dining table or wine party and will have your guests instantly talking about dreamy and beautiful Venice. To impress them even more, get one in each color and set your table aflame with all the gorgeous hues of Venice. Highly unusual and artistically bold, these glasses make a great special occasion gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or a career milestone.
This drinking glass is handcrafted in a traditional Murano workshop using complex Incamiciato technique developed by Murano Glass artisans in the 1920's. In Incamiciato a layer of milky lattimo glass is combined with an outer layer of colored transparent glass to obtain opaque yet radiant chromatic effect.
Attention: These glasses are not dishwasher or microwave safe and cannot be used for hot drinks or washed in very hot water.

Measurements: This Murano tumbler measures approximately 4 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter. It holds 12 oz or 350 ml of liquid. It is signed by the master, has attached sticker proving its Murano origin, and a certificate of authenticity. Each drinking glass comes very well packaged to avoid damage during shipping.

Because each Murano Glass piece is a unique work of art made by hand, slight variations of colors, patterns, and shapes are possible. These are not defects but the distinguishing features of authentic Murano Glass.


Most recently, Sersale went on a mission to produce a line of Murano drinking glasses for the famed hotel Le Sirenuse. It’s one of the pastel-colored structures dotting the sea-side hill in Positano, and the swirl of color issued by the Murano glassware filling the tables on the terrace each evening only adds to the ambiance of a sunset cocktail. Sersale also sells a selection of Murano glassware at the hotel’s shop, Emporio Sirenuse.

Her desire for drinkware in colors that evoked the purple-pink Positano sunsets led her to historic glassmaker NasonMoretti. “Every workshop will have its own colors. One will have a red that goes slightly towards pink or cherry; another will have a sort of Ferrari red. This factory will make that red and that factory will make this red,” she says. Sersale ended up developing many of her own colors, but explains it’s rare for Murano glassmakers to veer from their playbook. “It’s hard to make a new shape, it takes time and effort, and workshops tend to be suspicious that you might make them lose time.”

Through Sersale’s experience sourcing finery for Emporio Sirenuse (and through her general embodiment of all things chic and Italian), she’s helped us to compile a sort of directory of Murano glassmakers. There’s Giberto Arriavebene, whose utterly divine glasses Sersale deems “very sophisticated pieces...and best for use in the city.” There’s LagunaB, which was recently taken on by the late founder Marie Brandolini’s son Marcantonio, who Sersale calls “an artist himself.” And then there’s Carlo Moretti, who sort of started it all for Sersale. The workshop’s Bora glasses were what first brought Sersale to Murano, and what ignited her interest in the material. “You know,” she tells me, “it has an attraction—the more you see, the more you’ll get addicted to it.”

Everything you need to know to shop (or just appreciate) Murano drinking glasses, below.

Giberto Arrivabene

Giberto Arrivabene grew up in Venice, surrounded by the Giambattista Tiepolo frescoes that decorated the walls of his family home, the Palazzo Papadopoli. He still lives there, on the top floors, with his family—you might be familiar with two of his daughters, Viola and Vera, and their chic slipper line, ViBi Venezia. At the bottom of the palazzo, you’ll find the Aman Venice hotel, where Arrivabene sells the line of glassware that he launched in 2014, when he took his glass connoisseurship to the next level. “They are made by a man from Murano who blows glass with a thousand-year-old technique and engraves them like it used to be done five hundred years ago,” explains Arrivabene of his process. Arrivabene sketches his designs then sends them to nearby artisans to come to life. Look to him for tumblers and carafes that seem to reverberate with elegance and modernity.

Giberto Arrivabene Laguna glass, set of 6

Giberto Arrivabene Roi water glass, set of 6

Giberto Arrivabene Rothko water glass, set of 6

Giberto Arrivabene Lola green pitcher

Giberto Arrivabene Alessandrite Spring water glass, set of 6

Giberto Arrivabene Mina water glass, set of 6

Carlo Moretti

Established in Murano, Carlo Moretti was founded by brothers Carlo and Giovanni in 1958. The glassmakers are best known for their Bora Tumblers, which notably dot the tables at Le Sirenuse’s cocktail bar. The Bora collection takes its name from the wind that blows in the Venetian lagoon, and the cups and candy-colored stripes they feature are somewhat askew, as though a gust of wind helped to shape them. Though both brothers have passed away, the company is still in operation, offering the same glassware that earned Carlo Moretti a place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

Carlo Moretti I Diversi glasses in blue, set of 6

Carlo Moretti Bora drinking glass

Carlo Moretti Bora drinking glass in red

Carlo Moretti Patterned Stripe glass in blue


NasonMoretti (no association with Carlo Moretti) is another historic Murano glassmaker founded by brothers—Antonio, Giuseppe, Vincenzo, and Umberto Nason—in 1923. The latter was the visionary of the bunch, specializing in dual-colored bowls and glasses. The company is now owned and led by a third generation of Nasons, who were clever enough to align NasonMoretti with the fashion industry (note their collaborations with Valentino, Armani, Bottega Veneta, and Hermès). They also work with Le Sirenuse; in 2020, Carla Sersale sought out NasonMoretti to make Emporio Sirenuse’s first-ever line of drinkware.

Nason Moretti drinking glasses, set of 3

Nason Moretti Montrachet Air Force Blu Peach, set of 6

Nason Moretti Signed Murano glass stemware

Nason Moretti Alexandrite flutes, set of 6

Emporio Sirenuse Aria pink stem glasses, set of 2

Emporio Sirenuse Aria green tumblers, set of 2


Founded in 1859 by a Venetian lawyer named Antonio Salviati, the glass manufacturer has been one of the premier workshops in Murano ever since, based for the last 60 years at Fondamenta Radi 16. Like many Murano glassmakers, Salviati produces far more than drinkware; there’s also lighting, vases, and other decorative objects. Salviati was the glassmaker of choice for JJ Martin, who looked to the historic house to help her produce tabletop for La DoubleJ. The collection included intricate tippetti goblets that blossom with glass flowers as delicate as lace, and rainbow-colored stemware meant to be mixed and matched.

La DoubleJ x Salviati glasses, set of 8

Salviati Nove tall drinking glasses, set of 6


LagunaB is unofficially considered fashion’s favorite Murano glass purveyor. Here at the Vogue offices, guests offered water might very well get it in a LagunaB glass that swirls with psychedelic Murrine polka-dots. Founded in 1996 by Marie Brandolini, the Murano glass atelier caught fire in the design world and in a certain echelon of society, and after her sudden passing, Brandolini’s son Marcantonio began helming the company. Most known for drinkware squiggling with color and Murrine details, LagunaB also makes a lovely striped pattern. Plus, there are exclusives with some of our favorite retailers; for Casa Cabana, there’s a lovely pattern that evokes marbelized paper, and for Land of Belle, there’s a delightful range of glasses speckled with tiny daisies.

LagunaB White Daisy tumbler

LagunaB Goto Baby glasses, set of 2

LagunaB Doge carafe in blue

LagunaB Large Berlingot striped glasses, set of 4

LagunaB Goto large glasses, set of 2

LagunaB Endless Summer Collection, red and white

LagunaB Black Daisy Collection, cinnamon

Stories of Italy

New to the scene is Stories of Italy, a four-year-old company founded by Matilde Antonacci and Dario Buratto. The pair met while studying at Polimoda, the fashion institute in Florence, and between the two of them, they’ve cut their teeth at Helmut Lang, Acne Studios, and Costume National. In 2016, Antonacci and Buratto decided to shift their attention to Murano glass, which proved a wise transition: Today, the young label has already collaborated with the Four Seasons Hotel, Diptyque, and Vivienne Westwood. Stories of Italy is known for its speckled glass—a technique that looks like splatterware and even sometimes like terrazzo flooring.

Stories of Italy Ivory and Pink glasses, set of 2

Stories of Italy Nougat Autumn glasses, set of 2

Stories of Italy Macchia glass tumblers, set of 6

Stories of Italy Macchia glass tumblers in ivory and blue, set of 6

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Murano Glass Tumblers 

Murano Glass Tumblers: real Venetian glass tumblers

Murano glass tumblers are a perfectly stylish addition to any home or workplace. The Murano Store stocks a wide variety of unique glass tumblers which can all be purchased individually to create a valuable collection of glassware. Some of the glass tumblers available include the extravagant Kandisky tumblers, featuring a design inspired by the artist Kandinsky with abstract colours and silver leaf in handblown and freehand shaped, irregular glass designs.

Pastello tumblers feature an abstract, colourful design on a glass made with an irregular design and featuring a solid block of pastel colour. The Pastello tumblers were designed by Fabiano Amadi and feature the use of traditional murrine techniques to create a warm glow.

The Baloton Goths set of matching glass tumblers has a perfectly classic design and a warm amber glow that's enhanced by the gold leaf used in the glassmaking technique. A matching Baloton pitcher completes the traditional Murano design of this stylish glassware.

Take time to browse the complete collection of individual Murano glass tumblers available at the Murano Store. All products feature the traditional glassmaking techniques used on the celebrated Italian island of Murano and these tumblers make ideal gifts for a variety of occasions and celebrations.

The unique shapes and colors of these Murano Glass tumblers and glasses will provide a unique decor to your home and can also be offered as precious gifts to loved ones, family, friends and coworkers.

Welcome to our online store's beautiful collection of Gothic furnace Murano Glass Tumblers!


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Glass tumbler murano

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Daniele and His New Murano Glass Tumbler

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