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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is taking a shower and we see her bare breasts & nipples. (mostly from a side view). Lasts around 4 seconds


  • A woman gets on top of a man on a bed. Sex is implied. (No nudity, both characters are clothed)


  • A man has a dream (quick montage sequence) where he has sex with different women. He is seen thrusting on top of them from behind. Characters moan & talk sexually. They are naked but nothing is seen. (Lasts around 10 seconds)


  • A man's bare buttocks is seen for around 15 seconds. It is the main focus of the scene.


  • A man & a woman are heard moaning & giving eachother directions during sex. The man is seen thrusting between the woman's legs. The man's buttocks is seen from the side. (This last around 30 seconds)


  • A woman smells a man's penis to see if he has recently had sex. We hear her unbuckling his pants & see her head going out of frame and sniffing is heard. No nudity.


  • A man & woman have sex (we see them mostly from the chest up). The woman's bare breasts & nipples are seen. Heavy moaning & sexual talk is heard as the man is thrusting & spanking. The woman is then heard climaxing. (This lasts almost 1 minute). However, male nudity is unfortunately avoided.


  • A man & a woman are seen "spooning" naked in bed (we only see the side view of their buttocks). We see the man's bare buttocks as he gets in bed & gets behind the woman.


  • A woman places a man's hand on her buttocks.


  • A man passionately kisses a woman's body & then takes off her pants, she is then briefly seen in her underwear. The man then performs oral sex on her (we hear it, but his head is out of frame for most of the scene). The woman moans until she climaxes. No nudity. (This lasts around 1 minute & 30 seconds).


  • A drunk man drops his pants (we then see him in his underwear) & comes behind a woman. We then see him thrusting behind her as she moans. No nudity. (This lasts around 5 seconds)


  • A naked woman gets in bed with a man & lays on his chest. Her buttocks & nipple are briefly seen. No male nudity is offered.


  • A man is seen naked in a fetus position as if he was in a mother's womb. The side of his buttocks is briefly seen.


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Violence & Gore

  • A gunfight between some characters, a man is shot and blood is coming out of the bullet wounds as he collapses.


  • Characters get into a few wrestling holds and fist fights. Most of these scenes are pretty intense.


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  • At least 134 "f" words (33 used with "mother," use sexually 29 times), 94 "s" words, 12 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck"), 4 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 93 asses, 12 damns, 7 hells, 3 S.O.B.s, 8 uses of "G-damn," 6 of "Oh my God" and 1 use of "God" as exclamations.


  • Nigga is used frequently.


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Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman is seen rolling a marijuana joint.


  • Two characters are seen smoking & passing eachother a marijuana joint.


  • A close up of a woman lighting up a marijuana joint in her mouth.


  • Characters drink wine & smoke cigarettes/cigars throughout.


  • One character has his liquor stolen by some thugs


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Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few scenes would be considered frightening for children and adults alike, including: domestic violence amongst couples and a drive-by shooting.


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The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man attempts to rape a woman, he violently pins her down, but they are then interrupted. (no nudity, both characters are clothed)


  • A woman pressures a man to have sex with her. Her head goes out of screen & unbuckling is heard (oral sex is implied) The man moans.


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Violence & Gore

  • A man is chased down and shot in his legs, blood spurts from the bullet wounds. He is then shot several times off screen.


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Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A woman finds a marijuana plant in her garden.


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Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where Rodney (Snoop Dogg) tries to rape Yvette (Taraji P. Henson) infront of her son might be disturbing for some.


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Drama: A young and unemployed black man learns that he must grow up and take responsibility for his actions, behavior and life.
Jody (TYRESE GIBSON) is a 20-year-old African-American who is unemployed, misguided and has yet to grow up. The father of two children by two different women -- Yvette (TARAJI HENSON) and Peanut (TAMARA LaSEON BASS) - Jody still lives at home with his single, 36-year-old mother, Juanita (A.J. JOHNSON), and spends his time - when not sleeping around - hanging out with his thug friend, Sweetpea (OMAR GOODING).

Things change in his life when his mother starts seeing Melvin (VING RHAMES), a former gangster and convict who's changed his lifestyle and become a self-employed businessman who's trying to do the right thing. Jody fears that Melvin, despite his seemingly gentle demeanor and street-honed philosophical ways, will eventually beat his mother like her boyfriends before him, or at least cause her finally to kick him out of the house.

To make matters worse, Yvette wants Jody to stop sleeping around - something he doesn't want to do - and he must also deal with Rodney (SNOOP DOGG), an "acquaintance" of hers who's just been released from prison and has stopped by for an unexpected and prolonged visit. As Jody tries to deal with all of that and make something of his life, he eventually realizes he must take responsibility for his past, present and future.

Unless they're fans of someone in the cast or of gritty, urban dramas mixed with comedy, it's probably not very likely.
For strong sexuality, violence, language and some drug use.
  • TYRESE GIBSON plays a young black man who's yet to find his place in the world. He's already fathered two children by two different women but hasn't married or moved in with either of them as he still lives with his mother. He also smokes pot, uses strong profanity, sells stolen clothes and takes justice into his own hands by shooting someone who's wronged him.
  • TARAJI HENSON plays his girlfriend and mother to one of his children. She has an abortion, uses strong profanity and wants Jody to stop sleeping around.
  • A.J. JOHNSON plays his single mother who smokes, has sex with Melvin, uses strong profanity and tries to give good advice to her son whom she hopes will soon move out.
  • VING RHAMES plays a former thug who's now changed his life around and is a businessman, dispensing "I've been there and done that" advice to Jody. He also smokes cigars, uses strong profanity and has sex with Juanita.
  • OMAR GOODING plays Jody's best friend who uses strong profanity, shoots and kills someone, smokes pot and threatens and punches others.
  • SNOOP DOGG plays a recently released convict who uses strong profanity, tries to rape Yvette and kill Jody, and basically acts like a thug who won't leave Yvette's place.
  • TAMARA LaSEON BASS plays the mother of one of Jody's other kids. She smokes a joint with him and uses strong profanity.


    Here's a quick look at the content found in this R-rated drama/occasional comedy. Profanity is listed as extreme due to at least 134 uses of the "f" word, while many other expletives and colorful phrases (some occurring in songs on the soundtrack) are also used. A great deal of dialogue is sexually explicit and concerns the protagonist's girlfriend confronting him with sleeping around. Various sexual encounters are seen (intercourse and/or oral sex) and include nudity, movement and related sounds. Some nonsexual nudity (bare breasts & butts) is also present, and a woman is noted as just having had an abortion.

    Violence consists of a man being chased and shot to death (with bloody results), various people punching/hitting others, a drive-by shooting (no one is injured, although a fantasy moment shows a person being shot with bloody results), and an attempted rape. Some of these scenes may be unsettling or suspenseful to some viewers, and the perpetrators of them, along with other characters, have varying degrees of bad attitudes (some of them quite bad).

    Various characters smoke and/or drink, while some smoke marijuana (and one is caught growing it). Some tense family moments are also present. Due to the content that's present in the film, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed content listings should you still be concerned about its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home.

  • Jody and Peanut share a joint, and we later hear them asking people on the street if they want some "weed."
  • We see various people coming out of a liquor store with their purchases.
  • Jody and Sweetpea smoke what look like joints.
  • Juanita drinks some wine, and Melvin then has some as well.
  • A woman smokes a joint.
  • Jody buys some liquor at the liquor store.
  • One of Rodney's friends has a joint in his mouth.
  • Juanita finds a cannabis plant growing in her garden and accuses Jody of planting it, but it turns out that Melvin was the culprit (and Jody makes a comment about someone "getting blazed").
  • Rodney smokes a joint.
  • Rodney's friend drinks liquor straight from the bottle.
  • Juanita has some wine.
  • Jody has a dream of a person shooting a gun and then sees a dead person on the ground with some blood from their mouth.
  • We see blood on a man's shirt from being shot twice, but this turns out to be a fantasy and the man isn't harmed.
  • Blood squirts out as a man is shot twice in the legs and we then see a pool of blood next to him on the street after he's shot dead.
  • Those opposed to abortion probably won't like a scene where Yvette leaves a woman's clinic after having had one.
  • We learn that Jody has children by two different women, but isn't married or living with either. He later states that while he loves Yvette, he does have sex with other women, and makes no apologies for that.
  • Jody isn't happy about his mother seeing Melvin and makes that point very well known many times.
  • We see that Jody is paying some guys to sell him clothes off the back of a delivery truck (meaning they're illegally selling them to him).
  • We learn that Melvin was a former criminal and spent ten years in prison, but has now (mostly) turned around his ways.
  • One of Yvette's co-workers comes on to Jody, trying to get him to have sex with her.
  • The boyfriend to one of Yvette's friends is disrespectful to the latter as she talks to Yvette on the phone.
  • Some young thugs steal Jody's bike and the liquor he just bought before attacking him and repeatedly kicking him as he lies in the parking lot.
  • Rodney has both for being a released convict who stays at Yvette's house (uninvited), won't leave, nearly rapes her and then tries to kill Jody (after stealing Yvette's car and money).
  • Juanita finds a cannabis plant growing in her garden and accuses Jody of planting it, but it turns out that Melvin was the culprit.
  • Jody and Sweetpea take justice into their own hands, shooting and killing a thug.
  • Scenes listed under "Violence" may also be unsettling or suspenseful to some viewers.
  • After Yvette rejects his romantic/sexual advances, Rodney nearly rapes her (after smacking her down to her bed), but stops when she asks if he's going to do so in front of her young son (who repeatedly pleads with Rodney to stop and get off his mother).
  • Jody walks up to Yvette's car (that has tinted windows), not realizing that Rodney and his thugs are inside waiting to ambush him. Rodney then lowers the window and opens fire on Jody, seemingly hitting him (we see blood on his shirt, but the wounds turn out to be a fantasy). Sweetpea then runs out into the street and fires many shots at the car as it speeds away.
  • Jody briefly aims a gun at Melvin who calmly, but slowly removes it from his hand.
  • Handguns: Carried and/or used to threaten, wound and kill people. See "Violence" for details.
  • Phrases: "What the f*ck are you talking about?" "F*ck you," "You little dumb m*therf*ckers," "You're so f*cking selfish," "F*ck that," "Get the f*ck out of here," "You're f*cking crazy," "Get the f*ck off of me," "That's f*cked up," "Shut the f*ck up," "Who the f*ck are you talking to?" "I f*cked up," "You don't know sh*t," "Bullsh*t," "You're so full of sh*t," "I didn't do sh*t," "I don't wanna hear that sh*t," "Talking sh*t," "Oh, sh*t," "Nigger(s)" (said many times throughout the film), "Whores," "Thug ass nigger," "Bitch(es)" (said many times), "Tight ass," "Broke ass," "That's a big bitch," "Bastard," "Old ass," "Hell no," "Kiss my ass," "Black ass," "Shut up," "Little ass," "Bitch ass nigger," "Stupid ass," "Lazy ass," "Whores," "Nuts" (testicles), "Punk ass" and "Get your ass up."
  • The actions/behavior of various characters (such as running after and gunning down a rival, being promiscuous, etc.), if seen as role models by certain kids, may be enticing for some of them to imitate.
  • Both Melvin and Jody have various tattoos on their bodies, while Juanita has a pierced nostril and navel and Yvette has a small tattoo on the inside of one breast.
  • A woman gives "the finger" to Jody.
  • Melvin suddenly grabs Jody around the neck.
  • A mild amount of suspenseful/ominous music plays in a few scenes.
  • A song has a lyric about "getting p*ssy" and uses the term "niggers" repeatedly, while another uses the "f" and "s" words several times and a third may use the "f" word repeatedly, but it was hard to tell exactly what was being said.
  • Other songs that play during the film have lyrics that couldn't be understood, thus offering the possibility of them containing additional objectionable material.
  • Due to the rapid fire delivery of some of the dialogue/profanity, the following should be considered a minimum: At least 134 "f" words (33 used with "mother," 29 used sexually as are the terms "hitting" and "doing it"), 94 "s" words, 12 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck"), 4 slang terms using female genitals ("p*ssy"), 93 asses, 12 damns, 7 hells, 3 S.O.B.s, 8 uses of "G-damn," 6 of "Oh my God" and 1 use of "God" as exclamations.
  • We see the side of Jody's bare butt as he lies (as an adult) in a womb in a fantasy/dream.
  • Jody walks in and sees Peanut in the shower (we see her bare breasts). Later, she shows cleavage and straddles him on a bed (both are clothed).
  • We briefly see a photo/magazine page on a wall in Jody's room that shows a bare breasted woman.
  • Jody has a dream where we see a brief view of him on top of a woman/from behind her, with some thrusting.
  • After Yvette tells a friend on the phone that Jody still lives at home, the friend replies, "Let him f*ck his momma."
  • Juanita shows some cleavage in a form-fitting dress she wears, and then does the same later in the film.
  • During a discussion, one of Juanita's friends mentions that something they're talking about sounds like sex.
  • While trying to sell women's clothing to ladies in a salon, Jody runs some fabric over a woman's bare back to show her how soft it is.
  • Jody finds Melvin cooking breakfast in the morning at his house, suggesting he spent the night with Juanita. We then see that Melvin is doing so buck naked (and we see his bare butt, but a towel on the tray he carries covers up any related frontal view of him).
  • Jody hears Melvin and his mother having sex with related sounds and exclamations. We then see them in various stages of having sex, with him apparently giving her oral sex (not explicitly seen but he jokes that she's going to give him a cavity - or something like that). We then see her with her legs wrapped around his waist (with her saying she loves to ride) and then them jumping through a room in that same position (we see the side of his bare butt).
  • Yvette asks Jody if he's been "f*cking around." He states that he hasn't but she then tells him that she wants to smell his "d*ck" to see for herself. She then unzips his pants and smells down there (just below the camera shot), but doesn't find any evidence (causing her to state that he probably washed it off). More sexual uses of the "f" word occur during their argument. She finally gets him to admit that he was at a strip club where he got a private dance (but she suspects more happened). She then reminds him of how many "d*cks" those dancers suck every night.
  • After they continue this argument, we then quickly cut to a scene of them having sex with her repeating, "I love you." We see various, quickly edited shots of them having sex in many different positions (him behind her while standing, him lying on top of her from behind, her on top, etc.) with several views of her bare breasts. Various sexual comments are also made (her stating she's about to come), sexual sounds are heard and sexual movement is seen. We also see the side of her bare butt and then his bare butt as they get into the "spoons" position after they're done. We later see him standing nude, with his crotch just barely below the bottom of the camera shot.
  • Jody mentions that Yvette thinks he's "f*cking" somebody.
  • Melvin tells Jody (after grabbing him in a headlock) that if they were in prison, Jody would be on his knees fixing their problem (meaning oral sex).
  • Melvin playfully slaps Juanita on her clothed rear end.
  • A woman shows a great deal of thigh in her short skirt as she tells Jody that they don't need to talk as all she wants is his "d*ck." He then asks her, "Why do you want to f*ck me?" This woman then keeps coming on to him, kissing his face and it seems that she has her hand on his crotch. He then gets up to leave, but she tells him not to be like that and for him to cover over to her to "get this p*ssy." She then puts his hand on her clothed butt, asking that he doesn't want to be "hitting this." He states that he doesn't have any condoms, but she shows some. She then pushes him down onto the sofa, we hear her undoing his pants, and then see his reaction to her apparently performing oral sex on him. She then opens her robe to reveal her in her bra and panties just before she straddles him on the sofa. She then opens the condom and apparently puts it on him (not explicitly seen), all while he keeps stating that he can't go through with this. He eventually pushes her off, stating "I can't f*ck you." She then states that she can get "d*ck" anytime she wants, causing him to eventually state that she doesn't know how to "suck d*ck."
  • Yvette finds wrapped condoms in the back of her car and confronts Jody about whether he's having sex with other women in her car (this includes a great more sexually explicit dialogue using the "f" word), as she notes there's only one condom left in the three-pack.
  • After getting into a fight, Jody pulls off Yvette's pants (we see her in her black panties), spreads her legs and then lies on top of her (clothed). He then pulls up her shirt, kisses her belly and then apparently performs oral sex on her (we see her thigh up over his shoulder) and we see her pleasured reaction (as she imagines all sorts of future events as this occurs) up to the point of orgasm.
  • We see a small tattoo on the inside of Yvette's breast.
  • Someone makes a comment about "doing it."
  • As Yvette talks to her girlfriend on the phone, that woman's boyfriend is mad at her for being on the phone and makes some sexually related comments to her (he states something about her coming over to him so that he can "drop it" in her drawers, about her putting his "nuts" in her mouth, etc.) before eventually having sex from behind her while standing while she's still on the phone (we hear some sexual sounds and see movement, but don't see nudity).
  • Yvette tells Jody that she's not "f*cking" Rodney if that's what he's thinking.
  • Jody calls up Peanut and tells her he wants to give her a "sample." She replies, "When I want some d*ck, maybe I'll call you."
  • As Rodney tries coming on to Yvette sexually (smacking her clothed butt), she says he'll never "taste this."
  • We see Juanita on top of Melvin in bed and see the side of her bare breasts (no sex occurs, just caressing/cuddling as she's upset).
  • Juanita smokes around 10 times, Melvin smokes cigars around 5 times, Rodney smokes a few times and Jody and Sweetpea each smoke once (although they could be joints instead), as do some miscellaneous characters.
  • Jody briefly mentions a brother of his whom his mother kicked out of the house and is now dead.
  • We hear that Melvin doesn't get along that well with his kids.
  • The relationship between Jody and his mom becomes strained as he constantly rides her about Melvin and she's growing tired of him still living at home (he eventually and abruptly decides to move out).
  • The film's early claim that thanks to society and the terms that black men use for their women, friends and residence, they think of themselves as babies.
  • The fact that Jody has children by two different women but has neither married nor moved in with them, but instead still lives at home, and has sex with many different women.
  • Abortion (we learn that Yvette had one near the beginning of the film).
  • We briefly see what looks like a transvestite working in a beauty salon.
  • Jody and Sweetpea take justice into their own hands, shooting and killing a thug.
  • Jody has a dream of a person shooting a gun and then sees a dead person on the ground with some blood from their mouth.
  • Yvette pushes Jody backwards during an argument.
  • Melvin suddenly grabs Jody around the neck, putting him into a one-arm chokehold that he keeps on him for several moments until slapping him on the head.
  • While arguing about him cheating on her, Yvette punches Jody in the chest. She then pushes him away and punches him several times, finally quite hard in the face. He then backhands to the floor, causing her to break out crying.
  • Some young thugs attack Jody and repeatedly kick him as he lies in a parking lot.
  • Sweetpea and Jody then find those thugs and hold their guns on them. Jody then pushes one backwards before punching him and hurting his hand. Sweetpea then decides he has to teach Jody how to punch people. Accordingly, he punches one, sending him to the ground. Jody then punches the same thug again in the face, with Sweetpea then punching another and sending him to the ground. Sweetpea refrains from punching the last standing thug, but instead pulls out some sort of rod/stick and repeatedly hits the thug quite hard with it.
  • During a heated argument, Jody pushes Melvin backwards, causing the much larger man to punch Jody and send him flying across the room where he lands on and breaks a coffee table. Still mad, Melvin then repeatedly punches a door.
  • After Yvette rejects his romantic/sexual advances, Rodney nearly rapes her (after smacking her down to her bed), but stops when she asks if he's going to do so in front of her young son (who repeatedly pleads with Rodney to stop and get off his mother).
  • Jody walks up to Yvette's car (that has tinted windows), not realizing that Rodney and his thugs are inside waiting to ambush him. Rodney then lowers the window and opens fire on Jody, seemingly hitting him (we see blood on his shirt, but the wounds turn out to be a fantasy). Sweetpea then runs out into the street and fires many shots at the car as it speeds away.
  • Rodney punches Jody in the face.
  • Jody and Sweetpea chase after a man with guns. Sweetpea fires a shot that blows out the back window of a car and Jody does the same. Two shots then hit the fleeing man in the legs (with blood squirting out) and when Jody can't finish the job, Sweetpea fires several shots, killing the man (we don't see the impact, but we do see the pool of blood next to the man on the street).
  • Jody briefly aims a gun at Melvin who calmly, but slowly removes it from his hand.

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    A Guide for First-Time Parents

    You've gone through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and now you're ready to go home and begin life with your baby. Once home, though, you might feel like you have no idea what you're doing!

    These tips can help even the most nervous first-time parents feel confident about caring for a newborn in no time.

    Getting Help After the Birth

    Consider getting help during this time, which can be very hectic and overwhelming. While in the hospital, talk to the experts around you. Many hospitals have feeding specialists or lactation consultants who can help you get started nursing or bottle-feeding. Nurses also are a great resource to show you how to hold, burp, change, and care for your baby.

    For in-home help, you might want to hire a baby nurse, postpartum doula, or a responsible neighborhood teen to help you for a short time after the birth. Your doctor or the hospital can help you find information about in-home help, and might make a referral to home health agencies.

    Relatives and friends often want to help too. Even if you disagree on certain things, don't dismiss their experience. But if you don't feel up to having guests or you have other concerns, don't feel guilty about placing restrictions on visitors.

    Handling a Newborn

    If you haven't spent a lot of time around newborns, their fragility may be intimidating. Here are a few basics to remember:

    • Wash your hands(or use a hand sanitizer) before handling your baby. Newborns don't have a strong immune system yet, so they're at risk for infection. Make sure that everyone who handles your baby has clean hands.
    • Support your baby's head and neck. Cradle the head when carrying your baby and support the head when carrying the baby upright or when you lay your baby down.
    • Never shake your newborn, whether in play or in frustration.Shaking can cause bleeding in the brain and even death. If you need to wake your infant, don't do it by shaking — instead, tickle your baby's feet or blow gently on a cheek.
    • Make sure your baby is securely fastened into the carrier, stroller, or car seat. Limit any activity that could be too rough or bouncy.
    • Remember that your newborn is not ready for rough play, such as being jiggled on the knee or thrown in the air.

    Bonding and Soothing

    Bonding, probably one of the most pleasurable parts of infant care, happens during the sensitive time in the first hours and days after birth when parents make a deep connection with their infant. Physical closeness can promote an emotional connection.

    For infants, the attachment contributes to their emotional growth, which also affects their development in other areas, such as physical growth. Another way to think of bonding is "falling in love" with your baby. Children thrive from having a parent or other adult in their life who loves them unconditionally.

    Begin bonding by cradling your baby and gently stroking him or her in different patterns. Both you and your partner can also take the opportunity to be "skin-to-skin," holding your newborn against your own skin while feeding or cradling.

    Babies, especially premature babies and those with medical problems, may respond to infant massage. Certain types of massage may enhance bonding and help with infant growth and development. Many books and videos cover infant massage — ask your doctor for recommendations. Be careful, however — babies are not as strong as adults, so massage your baby gently.

    Babies usually love vocal sounds, such as talking, babbling, singing, and cooing. Your baby will probably also love listening to music. Baby rattles and musical mobiles are other good ways to stimulate your infant's hearing. If your little one is being fussy, try singing, reciting poetry and nursery rhymes, or reading aloud as you sway or rock your baby gently in a chair.

    Some babies can be unusually sensitive to touch, light, or sound, and might startle and cry easily, sleep less than expected, or turn their faces away when someone speaks or sings to them. If that's the case with your baby, keep noise and light levels low to moderate.

    Swaddling, which works well for some babies during their first few weeks, is another soothing technique first-time parents should learn. Proper swaddling keeps a baby's arms close to the body while allowing for some movement of the legs. Not only does swaddling keep a baby warm, but it seems to give most newborns a sense of security and comfort. Swaddling also may help limit the startle reflex, which can wake a baby.

    Here's how to swaddle a baby:

    • Spread out the receiving blanket, with one corner folded over slightly.
    • Lay the baby face-up on the blanket with his or her head above the folded corner.
    • Wrap the left corner over the body and tuck it beneath the back of the baby, going under the right arm.
    • Bring the bottom corner up over the baby's feet and pull it toward the head, folding the fabric down if it gets close to the face. Be sure not to wrap too tightly around the hips. Hips and knees should be slightly bent and turned out. Wrapping your baby too tightly may increase the chance of hip dysplasia.
    • Wrap the right corner around the baby, and tuck it under the baby's back on the left side, leaving only the neck and head exposed. To make sure your baby is not wrapped too tight, make sure you can slip a hand between the blanket and your baby's chest, which will allow comfortable breathing. Make sure, however, that the blanket is not so loose that it could become undone.
    • Babies should not be swaddled after they're 2 months old. At this age, some babies can roll over while swaddled, which increases their risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

    All About Diapering

    You'll probably decide before you bring your baby home whether you'll use cloth or disposable diapers. Whichever you use, your little one will dirty diapers about 10 times a day, or about 70 times a week.

    Before diapering your baby, make sure you have all supplies within reach so you won't have to leave your infant unattended on the changing table. You'll need:

    • a clean diaper
    • fasteners (if cloth prefold diapers are used)
    • diaper ointment
    • diaper wipes (or a container of warm water and a clean washcloth or cotton balls)

    After each bowel movement or if the diaper is wet, lay your baby on his or her back and remove the dirty diaper. Use the water, cotton balls, and washcloth or the wipes to gently wipe your baby's genital area clean. When removing a boy's diaper, do so carefully because exposure to the air may make him urinate. When wiping a girl, wipe her bottom from front to back to avoid a urinary tract infection (UTI). To prevent or heal a rash, apply ointment. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly after changing a diaper.

    Diaper rash is a common concern. Typically the rash is red and bumpy and will go away in a few days with warm baths, some diaper cream, and a little time out of the diaper. Most rashes happen because the baby's skin is sensitive and becomes irritated by the wet or poopy diaper.

    To prevent or heal diaper rash, try these tips:

    • Change your baby's diaper often, and as soon as possible after bowel movements.
    • Gently clean the area with mild soap and water (wipes sometimes can be irritating), then apply a very thick layer of diaper rash or "barrier" cream. Creams with zinc oxide are preferred because they form a barrier against moisture.
    • If you use cloth diapers, wash them in dye- and fragrance-free detergents.
    • Let the baby go undiapered for part of the day. This gives the skin a chance to air out.

    If the diaper rash continues for more than 3 days or seems to be getting worse, call your doctor — it may be caused by a fungal infection that requires a prescription.

    Bathing Basics

    You should give your baby a sponge bath until:

    • the umbilical cord falls off and the navel heals completely (1–4 weeks)
    • the circumcision heals (1–2 weeks)

    A bath two or three times a week in the first year is fine. More frequent bathing may be drying to the skin.

    Have these items ready before bathing your baby:

    • a soft, clean washcloth
    • mild, unscented baby soap and shampoo
    • a soft brush to stimulate the baby's scalp
    • towels or blankets
    • a clean diaper
    • clean clothes

    Sponge baths. For a sponge bath, select a safe, flat surface (such as a changing table, floor, or counter) in a warm room. Fill a sink, if nearby, or bowl with warm (not hot!) water. Undress your baby and wrap him or her in a towel. Wipe your infant's eyes with a washcloth (or a clean cotton ball) dampened with water only, starting with one eye and wiping from the inner corner to the outer corner. Use a clean corner of the washcloth or another cotton ball to wash the other eye. Clean your baby's nose and ears with the damp washcloth. Then wet the cloth again and, using a little soap, wash his or her face gently and pat it dry.

    Next, using baby shampoo, create a lather and gently wash your baby's head and rinse. Using a wet cloth and soap, gently wash the rest of the baby, paying special attention to creases under the arms, behind the ears, around the neck, and in the genital area. Once you have washed those areas, make sure they are dry and then diaper and dress your baby.

    Tub baths. When your baby is ready for tub baths, the first baths should be gentle and brief. If he or she becomes upset, go back to sponge baths for a week or two, then try the bath again.

    In addition to the supplies listed above, add:

    • an infant tub with 2 to 3 inches of warm — not hot! — water (to test the water temperature, feel the water with the inside of your elbow or wrist). An infant tub is a plastic tub that can fit in the bathtub; it's a better size for babies and makes bathing easier to manage.

    Undress your baby and then place him or her in the water immediately, in a warm room, to prevent chills. Make sure the water in the tub is no more than 2 to 3 inches deep, and that the water is no longer running in the tub. Use one of your hands to support the head and the other hand to guide the baby in feet-first. Speaking gently, slowly lower your baby up to the chest into the tub.

    Use a washcloth to wash his or her face and hair. Gently massage your baby's scalp with the pads of your fingers or a soft baby hairbrush, including the area over the fontanelles (soft spots) on the top of the head. When you rinse the soap or shampoo from your baby's head, cup your hand across the forehead so the suds run toward the sides and soap doesn't get into the eyes. Gently wash the rest of your baby's body with water and a small amount of soap.

    Throughout the bath, regularly pour water gently over your baby's body so he or she doesn't get cold. After the bath, wrap your baby in a towel immediately, making sure to cover his or her head. Baby towels with hoods are great for keeping a freshly washed baby warm.

    While bathing your infant, never leave the baby alone. If you need to leave the bathroom, wrap the baby in a towel and take him or her with you.


    Circumcision and Umbilical Cord Care

    Immediately after circumcision, the tip of the penis is usually covered with gauze coated with petroleum jelly to keep the wound from sticking to the diaper. Gently wipe the tip clean with warm water after a diaper change, then apply petroleum jelly to the tip so it doesn't stick to the diaper. Redness or irritation of the penis should heal within a few days, but if the redness or swelling increases or if pus-filled blisters form, infection may be present and you should call your baby's doctor immediately.

    Umbilical cord care in newborns is also important. Some doctors suggest swabbing the area with rubbing alcohol until the cord stump dries up and falls off, usually in 10 days to 3 weeks, but others recommend leaving the area alone. Talk to your child's doctor to see what he or she prefers.

    An infant's navel area shouldn't be submerged in water until the cord stump falls off and the area is healed. Until it falls off, the cord stump will change color from yellow to brown or black — this is normal. Call your doctor if the navel area looks red or if a foul odor or discharge develops.

    Feeding and Burping Your Baby

    Whether feeding your newborn by breast or a bottle, you may be stumped as to how often to do so. Generally, it's recommended that babies be fed on demand — whenever they seem hungry. Your baby may cue you by crying, putting fingers in his or her mouth, or making sucking noises.

    A newborn baby needs to be fed every 2 to 3 hours. If you're breastfeeding, give your baby the chance to nurse about 10–15 minutes at each breast. If you're formula-feeding, your baby will most likely take about 2–3 ounces (60–90 milliliters) at each feeding.

    Some newborns may need to be awakened every few hours to make sure they get enough to eat. Call your baby's doctor if you need to wake your newborn often or if your baby doesn't seem interested in eating or sucking.

    If you're formula-feeding, you can easily monitor if your baby is getting enough to eat, but if you're breastfeeding, it can be a little trickier. If your baby seems satisfied, produces about six wet diapers and several stools a day, sleeps well, and is gaining weight regularly, then he or she is probably eating enough.

    Another good way to tell if your baby is getting milk is to notice if your breasts feel full before feeding your baby and less full after feeding. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about your child's growth or feeding schedule.

    Babies often swallow air during feedings, which can make them fussy. To help prevent this, burp your baby often. Try burping your baby every 2–3 ounces (60–90 milliliters) if you bottle-feed, and each time you switch breasts if you breastfeed.

    If your baby tends to be gassy, has gastroesophageal reflux, or seems fussy during feeding, try burping your little one after every ounce during bottle-feeding or every 5 minutes during breastfeeding.

    Try these burping tips:

    • Hold your baby upright with his or her head on your shoulder. Support your baby's head and back while gently patting the back with your other hand.
    • Sit your baby on your lap. Support your baby's chest and head with one hand by cradling your baby's chin in the palm of your hand and resting the heel of your hand on your baby's chest (be careful to grip your baby's chin — not throat). Use the other hand to gently pat your baby's back.
    • Lay your baby face-down on your lap. Support your baby's head, making sure it's higher than his or her chest, and gently pat or rub his or her back.

    If your baby doesn't burp after a few minutes, change the baby's position and try burping for another few minutes before feeding again. Always burp your baby when feeding time is over, then keep him or her in an upright position for at least 10–15 minutes to avoid spitting up.


    Sleeping Basics

    As a new parent, you may be surprised to learn that your newborn, who seems to need you every minute of the day, actually sleeps about 16 hours or more!

    Newborns typically sleep for periods of 2–4 hours. Don't expect yours to sleep through the night — the digestive system of babies is so small that they need nourishment every few hours and should be awakened if they haven't been fed for 4 hours (or more often if your doctor is concerned about weight gain).

    When can you expect your baby to sleep through the night? Many babies sleep through the night (between 6–8 hours) at 3 months of age, but if yours doesn't, it's not a cause for concern. Like adults, babies must develop their own sleep patterns and cycles, so if your newborn is gaining weight and appears healthy, don't despair if he or she hasn't slept through the night at 3 months.

    It's important to always place babies on their backs to sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Other safe sleeping practices include: not using blankets, quilts, sheepskins, stuffed animals, and pillows in the crib or bassinet (these can suffocate a baby); and sharing a bedroom (but not a bed) with the parents for the first 6 months to 1 year. Also be sure to alternate the position of your baby's head from night to night (first right, then left, and so on) to prevent the development of a flat spot on one side of the head.

    Many newborns have their days and nights "mixed up." They tend to be more awake and alert at night, and more sleepy during the day. One way to help them is to keep stimulation at night to a minimum. Keep the lights low, such as by using a nightlight. Reserve talking and playing with your baby for the daytime. When your baby wakes up during the day, try to keep him or her awake a little longer by talking and playing.

    Even though you may feel anxious about handling a newborn, in a few short weeks you'll develop a routine and be parenting like a pro! If you have questions or concerns, ask your doctor to recommend resources that can help you and your baby grow together.



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